A father and daughter's bond intensifies after her mother passes away
So this is my first incomplete post. If you like it, I will finish it and/or write/post others.

It all started back when her mom Joan was still alive. Frequently our daughter would be up in her room masturbating while we waited for her to get done so we could get somewhere like grandma’s house or a dance class or even school in the morning, but Anna wouldn’t leave until she’d brought herself to orgasm or “earthquakes” as she calls them. Eventually Joan had the idea to “help” her. I’ll never forget what she said.

“It works like a charm, I tried it yesterday,” Joan said with a wicked grin on her face.

I was astounded. “How did you … you know, do it?”

“With my tongue. By the way, her pussy is really sweet.”

This was our daughter she was talking about! I didn’t really know how to react but Joan just grazed her fingers along my swelling cock and purred, “Why don’t you try ’helping’ her this afternoon?”

Joan stood in the doorway and watched as I licked my little girl’s quim and probed her tight little hole with my tongue. The juices that flowed from her folds were insanely delicious.

It wasn’t just my wife and I who enjoyed orally stimulating our daughter till she gushed; Anna loved it so much it got to the point where she pretty much only came if one or the two of us were eating her out and fingering her. My wife’s suggestion to get her a little vibrator only made matters worse. Suddenly we had a horny 7-year-old daughter with an addiction to sex toys.

My wife and I had had a consistently good sex life up until that point but after we starting “helping” our little girl masturbate we had the best sex of our lives. Sadly, it didn’t last long. Joan had a tragic accident that spring and, in the blink of an eye, I became a single parent.

Anna and I comforted each other through the shock and the grief as best we could. In the months that followed, bringing my little baby to orgasm became a regular pastime. When your life just turns upside down, things that probably don’t make any sense suddenly start to seem natural and, after time, Anna and I just kind of got into a routine.

I established (at least for myself) a set of rules. I would cum, of course (how could I not?), but never on – let alone in – her. I wasn’t going to get my dick anywhere near my angel’s little pussy. In fact, in the beginning, I would always cum in my boxer-briefs. Of course my little girl was smart and curious and knew that I masturbated too. She wanted to watch and who could blame her? It didn’t take long before I let her give me hand jobs. And so things evolved. By the time Anna turned 8 I had learned that she loved anal stimulation (just like her mother) and, being so young, she was essentially devoid of inhibitions. There was no bullshit in our conversations. Needless to say, I was very clear with her about the ramifications of anyone finding out about our bedroom activities.

Not long after her 9th birthday, Anna discovered porn. She was at her friend Lucy’s house and they found Lucy’s parent’s secret DVD collection. When she came home she had so many questions. When I confessed that I had videos like that, she wanted to watch them all and wouldn’t take no for an answer. You have no idea how convincing a 9 year-old can be, especially when she lets you feel how wet her little pussy is.

From the first second she saw the porno girls she had to get naked too.

“Daddy! They’re so pretty!” she exclaimed.

“Will you get me an outfit like that?”

Jesus! She was amazed by the women’s bodies, the hairless ones, the big tits, the little tits, all the variations. And she loved how excited I got. She kept asking me questions. We often had to pause and rewind. She wanted to know what all the different positions were. Oral sex and anal sex seemed to particularly fascinate her given that she knew the basic mechanics of human reproduction. I came five times that first night we watched all those dirty movies together naked in bed. I get hard just thinking about how my little angel looked, flushed and spent after a body racking orgasm.

She realized a few things that night. She realized that her daddy is an ass man and that she had a power over me.

I don’t know why it never occurred to me before, but once my daughter understood who called the shots (her from then on out), it was a whole different ball game. It’s a good thing that she was self-motivated in school and more-or-less well behaved. We didn’t get into big struggles over homework or household chores but Jesus she would push the limits. For example, she loved being sexual in public. I mean it’s one thing to fuck your girlfriend at the mall in the GAP dressing room. It’s another thing to finger bang your daughter while she gives you a blow job in the Kid’s GAP dressing room!

I still wouldn’t fuck her though, not even the tip. She didn’t understand but somehow, to me, that meant something else entirely. Maybe, somehow, I could tell myself that all the other stuff was OK (even though as that year passed we just got raunchier and raunchier) but she was so little, so sweet, that was one line I would not cross. But oh the things we would do.

She loved porn and she loved to go to the video store with me to pick it out. Obviously I couldn’t bring her into the adult section because they had cameras so I would surreptitiously bring a few out for her to choose from though usually she’d just tell me to get them all. Too often, though, when I wasn’t looking, she’d just sneak right in there to look at the walls of smut.

She learned the art of talking dirty and in no time was a master. There is nothing like a pre-pubescent slut begging her daddy to work her tight little ass hole and make her cum on her daddy’s face. And though it was difficult, I found or altered outfits to fit her tiny frame. Her blow jobs rose to a whole new level after porn also. She learned that I like it slobbery and she got so good with her hand that she hardly had to move her head, just hold her mouth so the tip bumped in as she drooled on it. But mostly she just would get up on and ride me. Slipping up and down. Her bald, smooth little pussy spread over my big veiny shaft. I loved watching her get off while straddling me. I’d squeeze her and kiss and caress her and pet her tight little bottom. It was a strange life, just the two of us, and it never occurred to me that I would need anything else.

It was Anna who suggested I get a girlfriend.


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This is the second story i have read. Love them so far

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I do feel her cunt, but just to tickle it for her. She loves that.

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