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I start work and Becky comes into my life for a while and i meet my future wife
Six months later Tony and I left school, he went to work with his father in the iron works, I went to work at the local Golf club, this was a strain on our relationship and Diane and I broke up.

I was an assistant green keeper, but the head wouldn’t let me mow the greens, I could cut the rough areas down the fairways, but it was him and him alone who cut the greens. We were ahead of other courses in that we had a crazy golf area for the children to play, with sand pits and swings and slides. It was while I was mowing in this area I got chatting to a couple of sisters, Tiffany and Rebecca, 15 and 12, their parents were off playing 18 holes and had left them in the children’s area, to play by them selves. one day I could only see Becky, I asked about Tiffany, “She’s gone away to camp for two weeks with the guides,” I felt sorry for her being left on her own, but there was nothing I could do, I was working after all. Later that morning I stopped for an ice cream, I could see Becky still in the children’s area, I held up my ice cram and indicated asking her if she wanted one, she nodded her head, I waved to call her over, we sat together eating, she thanked me for being kind and with a quizzical tone, a friend, a few minutes passed and I had a call on the radio off the head, I was to mow the fairways, the captain was booked in for a round of gold just after lunch and he would have some important guests with him.

Collecting the ride on mower I was heading for the 1st hole when I saw Becky looking really miserable, I know I shouldn’t have but I asked her if she would like to ride on the mower with me, with only one seat she had to sit on my lap, I had to hold on to her around her waist, the 1st fairways was cut and I was heading to the second, the unevenness of the ground had her bouncing on my lap and I was starting to feel aroused, this didn’t go un-noticed by Becky because she looked back over her shoulder and smiled, having mowed down one side I cut around the back of the green and started up the other side, “Andy, I need a wee” moving down towards the wooded area I told her to go behind a tree, she looked puzzled, “Were too far from the club house, so have a wee behind a tree” funny thing here was I now needed one, I saw Becky go one way and I headed another, I was just finishing when Becky came out from behind a tree near me, “Your thingy’s bigger than Paul’s” being taken by surprise I could only say “What”? “Your thingy is bigger than Paul’s” I naturally looked down at my cock, “Is it”? She nodded her head, “Can I touch it? Paul lets me touch his” “Doe’s he now, and who’s Paul”? “A lad in my school” looking at my cock again she asks once more “Can I touch it”? I should have said “NO” seeing she was only 12, but I just stood there with it in my hand, it had been over six months since I last had sex, Heather having had her fill was the normal mother again and there was no more sex there.

I thought I would scar he for life if I flatly refused, well that’s what I told myself, so I pulled my hand away, she smiled and stepped closer, her fingers were so soft and gentle as she closed them around my cock, “Paul likes me to wank him, would you like me to wank you” my lack of no answer told her she could, she was good at this, she ran her hand up the full length and down slowly, the foreskin peeled right back exposing my purple head, she giggled, with her steady wanking of me, I didn’t last more than three minutes before I was coming all over her hand and splashing the tree.

I had some tissues in my pocket and we used tem to clean ourselves up a little, I was pulling my trousers back up when she said “Paul like to play with my cunt after I’ve wanked him, do you want to do it”? until then I hadn’t given it any thought, but here she was offering to let me finger her, “If you like” I told her, this sort of throwing it back to her to decide, she reached under her skirt and pulled her knickers down, putting them in my pocket, she leaned against a tree and opened her legs, I slipped my hand up her skirt, I don’t know what I was expecting, I suppose I was expecting her to be like Heather and Julie, but she was so different, I couldn’t push my finger into her and wondered why, I lifted her skirt and could see she had only a little slit, “Paul always suck’s his fingers before he can get them in my cunt” I sucked my fingers to moisten them and returned to Becky’s pussy.

This helped and I managed to get a finger into her up to my second knuckle, I fingered her for a few minutes and she told me she was feeling funny, I had no idea if she could have an orgasm, but this was answered when my hand was covered in little girl’s juice’s. “Paul can’t do that” my radio buzzed, this reminded me what I should be doing and I returned to the mowing, Becky accompanying me, knowing her naked pussy was over my cock had me hard for the rest of the afternoon.

The head called asking where I was, 10th I told him “Good, the captain is just teeing off so you’ll be well out of the way” as I was starting the mower he called back, “I forgot, there’s a young girl, Becky somewhere on the course, she’s gone missing from the children’s area” “It’s all right she’s with me”, he was pleased to here this but I could tell he wasn’t very happy, I was expecting a bollocking later.

Finishing the mowing I returned to the compound, the head was in his office, I went to see what he wanted me to do next, “I want to thank you for looking after Becky, her parents are important people and are investing money in the club” I thought if they knew what I had done, they wouldn’t invest a penny and I would be up in front of the judge in a flash. For three days I didn’t see Becky, then she was waiting outside the club house as I was heading off down the bottom of the course, there was a ditch that needed cleaning out, “Can I come with you” I thought it best if I asked the head, he was fine with it, so I set off with Becky sitting on my lap, I let her steer the truck as I held her, we had gone part the way and no one was out yet so we were quite alone, she turned and looked at me, “I’ve got no knickers on” I sucked my fingers, she giggled and opened her legs wider, slipping my hand between her legs I was soon slipping a finger into her.

We got to the ditch and I made a start, Becky sat on the bank and pulled her skirt right up and opened her legs wide, she kept talking to me so I would have to look at her, she had a mischievous look. I stopped for a break, she cuddled up close to me, “Can I wank you off now”? my trousers were down my knees in a flash, she closed her hand around my cock, after a few strokes she said “Paul sometimes tries to put his thingy in my cunt, but he can’t, do you want to try”? She lay back, arms held out to me and legs wide, I knew if I had trouble fingering her I would have trouble fucking her with out more lubrication, so I knelt between her legs and kissed her pussy, she giggled and said it felt nice, I kissed, licked and sucked her little pussy for ten minutes, she came twice, I thought this would have her wet enough, laying between her legs I pushed the head between her lips, “Ow” “Does it hurt, shall I stop”? “No don’t stop. It was a surprise” I eased a little more into her, then paused so she could get used to the feel of a cock, “More please” I pushed and hit her hymen “It’s going to hurt now for a little” she screwed her face up ready for the pain, I pushed and she was no longer a virgin.

I took my time as I fucked her; she cuddled me tight and kept saying she loved me, Becky had only now lost her virginity but something in her told her what to do, as I pushed into her she pushed down with her hips, her pussy muscle squeezed and released constantly, as I slipped more into her, when I had all I could get in I started pulling back, her arms came around my back and she pulled me close, “Don’t come out” “I need to, but just a little” before my head came out, I stopped then slowly pushed forwards, she smiled, as I moved this way, she was so tight I had that tingling after only three minutes, I pushed up on my hands and looked into her beautiful eyes, “Do you want me to take my cock out when I come”? “NO” well that told me, a few more thrusts later and I cum, Becky sucked in her breath long and slow, her back came off the ground and she squealed, “It’s filling my belly” my short jabs eased and I leaned forwards and kissed her, “Am I your girlfriend now” I didn’t want to hear this or answer her, but she looked at me expecting an answer, I didn’t want to hurt her and risk having her parents know, so I told her she was, but for now she shouldn’t tell anyone, because they wouldn’t understand, as I lay beside her she cuddled up to me and asked “Why”? “I’m 15 and they would think it strange that I’ve a 12 year old girlfriend” she squeezed me, “I wont tell then” she was with me all morning, when I went up for lunch her parents were coming out of the club house, seeing them Becky jumped off my lap and skipped to them, her parents gave me a wavy, as did Becky, I waved back and put the mower away.

I had some work to finish in the children’s area and was busy when Becky’s mother came up to me, “Thanks for looking after Becky, I hope she wasn’t any trouble as she can be a right pest some time’s” “No she behaved herself” she left and I preyed Becky didn’t mention about being my girlfriend.

For the next year, twice a week Becky and I had sex, and she kept this from everyone, then she came one day and told me “Andy, I’m sorry, but I can’t be your girlfriend any more” I had to play being upset asking what I had done and what had brought this on. “John at school has asked me out and he’s the best catch in the class, so I can’t see you as well” “If your sure, I’ll be sorry to see you go. But I understand, I just hope he make’s you happy” “Oh he does, we went to the pictures the other night and he bought me a burger first, and ice cream and popcorn” and we touched while the film was on, then we went to the park and he fucked me like you, he’s not as big, but I can’t two time him” she gave me a hug and kiss and said he was waiting for her so she should be going. I was relieved and upset at the same time, relieved because I knew any time she could let it slip we were sexually active and I would be in trouble, and upset, because I was enjoying the sex with her and she had matured so much in the year.

Tony and I were still best mates and we started babe hunting in earnest, going to clubs, the pictures, even visiting the library and museum, six months later we were still looking. One night Tony phoned to tell me his cousins were coming to stay for a while, his Aunty was having an operation and needed a few months to get over this, so she couldn’t look after the family, Debora and Felicity would be here on the Saturday. Tony hadn’t seen them for some time so when they arrived he was as surprised as I was, they were stunners, they held themselves with such poise their hips swayed as the walked and their eyes, they were a deep blue, I could have drowned in them.

It was naturally down to Tony and I to show them around and look out for them, and so we were close to them, they were here for 9 months at least, the first month we were just friends, we had a great time, all our other friends were envious, and the girls, so jealous, of their looks and poise.

We were invited to a party, the girls were too, when we got there everyone thought we were couples, so the boys stayed away from Debora and Felicity, and the other girls stayed away from Tony and me. So we ended up dancing together, Debora with Tony and obviously Felicity with me. Things weren’t to bad until the slow dance’s came on, the girls could see Tony and I were a little unsure about dancing with them, so they took charge, Felicity cuddled up close and we rocked to the music, she felt so warm and it just seemed right having her in my arms. After that one dance she kissed me to thank me, Debora kissed Tony, then the girls disappeared up stairs, Tony told me he was starting to have feelings for his cousin, I told him I was too, “Do you think anything will come of this”? I looked at him, “You mean” “Yes”, “I don’t know” little did we know but the girls were having the same conversation in the bathroom, I think we all had come to the same conclusion, test the water and see what happened.

The girls came back down, we got them a drink and sat the next dance out, with another slow one starting they asked us to dance, holing me close Felicity asked if Tony had said anything about her sister, I asked in what way, “You know has he said he likes her more than a cousin” my smile told her he had, “That’s good because she like him a lot” I looked her in her eyes “What about you”? She teased me a little saying “I like him as a cousin” seeing my expression she kissed me and said “I like you a lot, do you like me”? I kissed her long and hard, coming up for air she dropped her head on my shoulder, “I’ve took my knickers off, so if you want you can finger my pussy” the room was only lit by small lights that only lit the area around them, we danced into a corner and continued swaying to the music, I slipped my hand down, taking her skirt I pulled it up, my hand came in contact with her pussy lips, she jumped, “No boy has done that before” she quickly added “Only me” I slipped my fingers up and down her pussy, she was moist already, “That feels so good” working a second one into her she took a deep breath, “Oh God, will your cock feel this good”? “I hope so” “In that case I can’t wait” she took my free hand and headed for the garden, it was October and around half seven, so it was dark outside.

We had no idea where we were going but we walked away from the house, reaching a summer house she tried the door, it was locked, “Fuck it” “I would rather fuck you” I smiled, “And you will” she saw there was a bench and made for it, “Sit down” I did, she unfastened my trousers and my cock sprang free, “Wow” straddling my legs she pulled her skirt up and sat down, I aimed my cock at her pussy, she didn’t hang about, she wanted my cock and got it in one move, “OH God, it’s better than your fingers” she moved her hips back and forth, my cock slipping in and out of her well lubricated pussy.

We were getting close when we heard someone coming our way, we stopped, worried as to who it was, we were relieved seeing Tony and Debora coming towards us, “I see you have the same idea” “Yeah” it didn’t take them long to get connected, I had to laugh to myself, here was my best friend and I fucking his cousins, much the same as we had fucked his mom.

As Felicity was riding my cock she was telling me to shove it p her and make her cum, to send my cum deep in her pussy and fill her belly, I could hear similar thing being said to Tony, the girls were rocking in unison and I was getting close, I looked to Tony and I knew by his look he was too, I held onto her ass cheeks and pulled her down hard and my cock exploded, she gasped, “Yes, Yes, Fill my belly make a baby in me, make me a mommy” I was shocked hearing this but I could stop from coming and hearing what she was saying only made me cum harder. Tony had cum and Debora just sat there with a look of contentment on her face.

We remained in that position until my cock slipped from her, Felicity stood up and took her knickers out of her purse and wiped her pussy with them, she kissed me, “That was so fantastic, I wish I had known how it was before, I’ve got some catching up to do now”, we returned to the party, no one had missed us. On our way home in the taxi we smooched and I managed to have a feel of her tit’s, arriving at Tony’s I was saying “Good Night when Heather came out saying she had phoned mom and if I wanted I could stay over, she looked at her watch “It is after midnight, so I think it would be best, don’t you”? I agreed and the four of us went into the lounge, Heather asked how the party was, the girls looked at each other, “The best we’ve been to” Tony and I didn’t need to answer.

The girls stretched and yawned saying they were tired, “Come on you two, get up to bed and leave these young ladies to get some sleep, we had been settled down for about ten minutes when the bedroom door opened a little, Andy, Tony are you awake, “Yes” “Good, our pussy’s need filling” the girls crept in and Debora climbed into bed with Tony and Felicity crawled into the sleeping bag with me.

I woke in the morning with Felicity cuddled up in my arms; I lay there looking at her wondering what she was dreaming about, just then Heather came in to wake us, seeing the girls with us she just smiled and closed the door, about twenty minutes later Felicity started waking up, “Andy, I didn’t mean what I said last night about catching up. I only want yours” For the rest of their stay I was over Tony’s more than my own house, we were sorry to see them go, but we promised to write. We did for the next three years, we met up with them again on a family holiday and Felicity told me she had been with one or two boys but none matched me, we rekindled our relationship and two year later we married.

One more chapter to come

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