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An angry girl says somewrong worrds
Victoria got and heart attack when her step daugh Laura slammed her room's door. She was furious because was the 5th or maybe 8th times she slammed her stupid door after she fought with her boyfriend. “It's enough!!” She washed her hands and went in the girl's room.

“young lady, how many times i have to tell you...” She stopped in the middle of the sentence because of Laura bursting in cry. “What's happened??”

“Mark drop me” Laura said. Usually the conversation between her and her step mom was just about pas the salt or get hurry because the bathroom isn't your propriety. Victoria sighed and sat on the bed. “what's the problem this time?? did he watch another girl?? or is he too much time with his friends??. Laura sobbed many times and added.. “he says I need to grow and I am not a baby.. he wants filthy things from me”

“” Victoria sighed again “what is the problem?? you should know, at 15, how a girl has to give relief to men.. you know.. If a man find nice meals at home.. he doesn't need to go at the restaurant.” she started to say bursting in laugh.

“I hate you.. I am not a whore..” Laura yelling and jumping on her feet “ You are and I know why dad marrie..” she didn't see Victoria's slap. Her head tilted and her nose and lip started to bled.

Victoria grabbed Laura's hair and pulled her to just an inch from her face, hissing “you stupid brat.. don't dare to call me in such way.. I was already living by myself when I was your age and nobody ever give me a shit for free.. Do you understand me??” Laura's face was blank . Victoria never reacted to her veiled insults before nor she ever been so angry and with an evil sight in her eyes.. She just nodded but as reward the woman grabbed her breast through the tissue, squeezing and twirling it badly. Laura screamed but understood immediately ..” I .. I am sorry Victoria..I apologize”

“Too late stupid girl. I am going to teach you what's the respect” She grabbed the hairbrush from the dresser, pulling the girl in position and removing her panties.

The girl started to cry hysterically “ No, No please.. stop it.. you can't.. I don..” The first stroke slamming on her butt broke her voice in a pathetic squeal, much more followed on the red girl's butt. “Whack, whack, whack” the sound of the hairbrush was over Laura's but was singing with the screams of the girl who was trying to escape but too weak for contrast Victoria's hand.

When the beats stopped, Laura was completely defeated, crying and with no force. Victoria too was without breath and her hand fall on the girl's tights finding the humid. She puzzled a little, smelling her hand.

The woman suddenly grabbed Laura's hair and pulled up the girls face until an inch from hers.”You little slut. You are wet.. Isn't it? It's right and now we will fix the problem”

Laura didn't know what to say or do until the time she felt something hard, and smooth against her pussy lips. Too late she realized with horror what it was. Too late she understood the evil sight in her step mom’s face because when she realized, the hairbrush handle was already spreading her labia's lips making itself room until it found her precious hymen, broking it and proceeding further on.

The poor girl was just able to watch in disbelief, with her gaping mouth, Victoria's evil grin when she felt the little resistance falling had the handle proceeding, with almost any resistance until the cervix of Laura. The pain was sharp but Laura was too surprised for register it as a serious one.
Just when the intruder hit her cervix she screamed and tried without success and with less force than before, to escape.
“Stay down whore..” and watching the sight of the girl she added “yes you are a whore else you shouldn't be so wet after the beats.” Victoria, with expert movements started to fuck rhythmically the girl as keeping her face on her ample chest, just hearing sobs and moans. She maneuvered the hairbrush for make it rubs, when it was coming in and out, against the tiny wall of prepuce. She did it hard. She wanted Laura addicted to hard thrusts and she wanted the girl could cum from them. She wondered how predictable Laura was because she felt her young body tensed, the breath more and more irregular and her legs trying to grip her hand. So increasing the rhythm she brought quickly the girl at the orgasm.

Leaving the hairbrush handle inside Laura's pussy, she rolled the girl's body on the bed, then she start to go to bathroom saying...“Good girl.. now stay her as I take an hot towel ..oh.. and from now I am Miss Victoria for you. Am I clear” she added puling much more Laura's hair before release them. The poor girl stood still on the edge of the bed, frighted as the woman was in the bathroom.

This story is just fiction. Any of the characters are real or facts are about something is really happened (also if I suspect many of the girls who started this, started in this way or for the same reason).
Please let me know what you think about this and how, maybe, this story should continue.

I apologize for my poor English but it's not my mother language.

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2010-12-31 18:41:19

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2010-12-30 13:33:53
need to work allot on grammer

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2010-12-30 09:46:35
Your spelling and grammar detract from the story.


2010-12-21 08:53:44
structure!! take your time and develop in your mind what you want to say. Hopefully you take more than 20 minutes to write your next strory. Good storyline but a little more detail would help the reader.

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2010-12-13 19:49:02
Hey anonymous - why do u hit the enter keys some many times. We can read you post the first time.
Sorry story - good idea - bad grammar - unreadable.

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