First story -- remember, this is FANTASY.

Maria’s fingers reluctantly hitched under her panties and she slowly pulled them off. I could barely restrain myself from grabbing her right there and fucking her tight pussy. But I tried to relax and told myself; ‘get a grip, old boy.’ Easier said than done considering I had a raging erection that wanted, no needed, to be inside Maria’s wet slit.

She looked at me innocently and spread her legs. Her finger flicked her little clit and I felt my cock twitch. She circled her clit slowly, rubbing up and down to make her pussy slick with her juices.
“You want to fuck me, don’t you?” she said, almost a whisper. She smiled at me, a slight giggle escaping, and continued playing with her bare pussy. She was enjoying herself. “I know you want to put your big, fat cock inside me.”

I struggled to control myself. Father’s don’t have these sort of feelings toward their fourteen year old daughters. Hell, father’s don’t watch their daughters expertly play with their pussies either. And they’re not meant to get hard. I should be disgusted. Ashamed. But I wasn’t. I wanted to fuck her, to sink my cock deep inside her and hear her moan in my ear.

I remained silent. Her slight moans and the wet noises her fingers made every time they plunged inside her hole were all I heard. My eyes darted back and forth between her face and cunt. I licked my lips.

“Wanna touch my pussy, Daddy?” She removed her hand and I saw a clear shot of her exposed pussy. Pink, neat, tiny and very wet. Her clit peaked out of its hood from her arousal. That beautiful sight was taunting me. Her clit poking out, inviting me to touch and taste her. “Aww. It’s OK Daddy. It’s plain to see you want it and your little girl will let you have it.” She sat up and lay her hand on my thigh, inches from my cock. I thought I’d explode right then and there.

Was it possible to get any harder then I was? I didn’t think so until Maria slowly and deliberately moved her hand towards my crotch. I said nothing but I heard myself groan from the contact.

“Here, Daddy, let me release your cock. He wants to come out and play. It‘s not fair he‘s all locked up.” She reached her hands into my boxers and worked them off. I was now naked in front of my daughter. My cock stood at attention before her. She let out a small gasp and reached for my dick.

“Sweetie, this is wrong,” I finally managed to say. I was grasping at straws. Trying one last desperate attempt to work up the control to walk away.

She shushed me and put a finger to my lips. The aromas of her pussy went up my nostrils and that did it. I made up my mind. I let all sense leave me as I reached for Maria and lunged into a passionate kiss. Our tongues caressed one anothers. Her mouth tasted sweet.

“Ah baby, touch Daddy’s dick.” I murmured between kisses.

Her warm fingers enclosed around my shaft and worked up and down. Very slowly. We continued to kiss until she pulled away.
“Daddy…” she said slowly.
“Yes baby?”
“Can I taste your cock?” Maria looked down between us at my concrete prick poking her belly.
“You can do anything you like baby.” I whispered in her ear. My mouth found her neck and I kissed her there before letting her explore my cock.

Maria stared for a few seconds at the engorged, purple cock head before slipping her lips around it. She started by hesitantly sucking my knob like a lollipop. It felt incredible to have her wet, pliable lips enclosing my cock head.

“Take a bit more into your mouth baby,” I coaxed, pushing into her mouth, “keep your mouth nice and wet so it feels good for Daddy.”

Maria had half my cock in her mouth which she was busily bobbing up and down on. I wanted to get more in but there was plenty of time to teach her deep-throating. Right now I was enjoying the sight and feeling of her sucking my cock.

Before long I knew if I didn’t get her mouth off my dick I was going to blow a load down her throat. Not ready to cum yet, I thought. I pulled her off my prick by the shoulders. She reluctantly let go and sat back up. My wet cock was about ready to explode.
“Did I do something wrong, Daddy?” She asked. Worry was etched into her face.
“No sweetie, you were doing good,” I said, leaning in and wrapping my arms around her, “so good in fact, that if Daddy didn’t stop you right then you would have made me cum. I thought it a better idea to wait a little before climaxing.”

Maria smiled and her eyes lit up.

“Be a good girl and spread those sexy legs of yours so Daddy can tastes his baby’s pussy.” I dived between her legs, took a long look at her pink pussy and immediately tasted her. My tongue flicked her clit briefly before I rapidly sucked it. I could feel Maria quivering. She was so incredibly wet. Her pussy juices were sweet. They clung to my lips.

Maria began raising her hip. I placed a hand on her tummy and pushed her down. “You like what I’m doing to you baby?” I asked. She was moaning by this stage.

“Oh god Daddy it feels amazing but please, please don’t stop.”
I did as my baby said and continued licking her pussy. My tongue ran up and down her lips, poking into her hole occasionally.

I focused on her clit again, running my tongue in circles around her special button. My hand crept over her thigh and I placed a finger before her wet hole, poking her a little bit. Just enough to tease her. “You want Daddy to go all the way in, pumpkin?”
“Yes, yes,” she moaned.

I plunged the finger into her pussy and looked at her again. “Like that hon? Is that what you like -- your Daddy to finger fuck your wet cunt?” I pumped my finger into her and before I knew it I had three inside her tight hole. I couldn’t believe how amazingly wet and tight my baby girls pussy was. I could hardly wait to fuck her with my prick.

Her pussy muscles clenched my fingers in preparation for an orgasm. She arched her back while my fingers fucked her ruthlessly, delving as deep as possible. I sucked on her hard clit. Maria began to climax. Her pussy juice flooded out of her coating my fingers in her slime. I didn’t stop sucking on that delicious love button the whole time. She cried out and pushed my face away from her pussy, murmuring about it being sensitive.

“Fuck. That was great. You’ve got one helluva nice tasting pussy,” I said, pulling my fingers out of her cunt. She looked at me shyly and giggled. “Don’t believe me? Here,” I said, reaching my fingers to her face. I rubbed my slick fingers across her lips and slipped them between. She sucked them, taking more and more into her mouth until she cleaned her pussy juice off. I laughed and planted a kiss on her cheek.

We lay in my bed, talking. I was impatient to be inside her. Maria would occasionally play with my still hard cock. After ten minutes I could stand it no longer; I had to be inside my baby girl.
I sat up in bed and beckoned for Maria to sit on my lap. She obeyed and her pussy pressed against my cock. Fuck, I needed to be inside her. ASAP!

I scooted her down a little, so she was now resting on my thighs and began playing with her nipples. Rolling them between my fingers. “Daddy needs to fuck you now baby. It’s gonna feel great for us both.”

I sucked her nipples before laying her on her back. I positioned myself between her legs. My cock was oozing pre-cum. I rubbed my plump cock head up and down her slip. Mixing her juices with mine. In circles I rubbed her clit with the side of my knob. She moaned. “Put it in me, Daddy.” She pleaded. I smiled and complied.

I slid my cock down her slit one more time before resting it at her entrance. I poked the fat tip into her before finally plunging in. I wasn’t going to last long so I built up the pace and thrust deeper and harder. Gradually my thrusts got faster and before I knew it my baby girl was taking the entire length of my cock; 8 inches in that tight sex hole.

“Fuck me, Daddy.” She chanted over and over.
“Oh God, your pussies so fucking tight baby, its like a vice.”

Her pussy contracted and milked my cock. I thrust a few more times before covering my daughters insides with my jizz. Spurt after hot spurt poured into her while we both orgasm, moaning from pleasure.

We fell asleep together. Naked and sweaty -- my cum leaking out of my daughter’s pussy.

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