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Keira reached her slim arm across the bar to the shot glass filled with hundred proof tequila that the bar tender poured for her. She smiled at the woman on the other side of the bar between them and she smiled back. Keira put the glass to her lips and shot her head back, taking the shot before the pretty bar tender could get her something to chase it with. With an eye brow raised the bar tender leaned over, putting her elbows on the bar and smiled, waiting for Keira to ask for something else.

Every friday night for the last five weeks Keira had come into the bar at the same time, and sat in the same spot at the bar. Her drinks changed as she got recommendations from the pretty bar tender. She had been admiring her the entire time that she had come to this bar. Keira always noticed what she was wearing, it normally consisted of low cut shirts that ride up her hips as she worked. It made her smile watching the woman fidget with the shirt pulling it back down every few minutes. Her pants were tight around her firm ass and slid down her legs showing every curve that there could be. What Keira loved the most was that she wore sexy seven inch heels even though she could tell that she was at about 5’10” in height before the heels. She wore these clothes that would look slutty on any other girl, in a way that made it classy.

Keira was a shy business woman that never really went to a bar before she needed a change from the monotony of every day life. This was the closest bar to her house so she decided it would be fairly safe to go here since she would only have to drive a mostly straight shot back home.

But tonight she was having stronger alcohol than usual. She normally could take hard liquor with enough dignity to leave the bar walking in a straight line. But she could already feel herself swaying with the four shots she had taken. She saw the pretty bar tender bend over to grab something under the bar and she couldn’t help but stare at her sexy plump ass. Her cheeks reddened at her boldness to openly do this with out caring who saw. But just as she smiled thinking about her ass again, the bar tender stood up and turned around to check on her, noticing her gaping at her. Keira’s cheeks became even more red and she could feel her ears burning at the embarrassment.

The bar tender just smiled and walked over to her, leaning over the bar further than last time, only inches away from her face.


“How can I help you hun?” Leigha asked, her smile broadening as she watched the buzzed Keira’s gaze move from her full lips to her cleavage.

Keira was taken aback. She had never talked to her before, she could barely speak being in such close proximity to the woman that she had been admiring.

“What is your name?” Keira asked, realizing that is all she wanted to know in that moment. She only wanted to know what she could call this beautiful creature that had eyes of a silvery blue.

Giggling, Leigha said, “ My name is Leigha, and what is yours hun?” Leigha leaned in closer to hear her because she was being very quiet in this very loud environment.

“Keira,” she whispered back, barely breathing now because of how strong the urge was to kiss those full lips. Leigha leaned closer, about to ask again because she couldn’t here her but just then a very drunk young man yelled out that the two women were going to kiss. The young man put his arms around Keira’s shoulders and pushed her forward slightly, and with how close their faces were, Leigha took the opportunity to fake an accidental kiss. Their lips bumped, a soft amount of her tongue slipped over Keira’s sweet lips.

Leigha looked at the woman across from her and noticed her shock. In that moment, she felt so bad that she leaned over, grabbed the back of her head softly, pulling her closer. Leigha whispered in her ear, “wait for me until my shift is over, it won’t be too long. I want to talk to you.” The excitement of the soft brush of her voice in Keira’s ear was apparent in the goosebumps on her arms. Leigha smiled at her again, but there was something else in it, something Keira was a little too buzzed to realize.


As Leigha moved away, Keira could feel her body follow her, but instead of seeming desperate, she asked for another shot. Gladly, Leigha grabbed her glass and poured her another.

Not long after the incident of the kiss, Leigha was off work, and Keira was still sitting there waiting. Keira watched her as she moved toward her, swaying her hips with each step. Leigha grabbed Keira’s hand and lead her away as some of the men in the bar yelled after them with cat calls. Leigha looked behind her and gave the men the sign that they were her number one.

The girls walked out of the bar together, hand in hand, out to the parking lot and to Leigha’s car.

“I am sorry about the guys in there.” Leigha said as she leaned against her car facing the very drunk Keira.

“Don’t....worry about it,” Keira stumbled over her words and swayed back and forth. She had never had that much hard alcohol and was really feeling the effects of it tonight. Suddenly she was falling, but Leigha was fast enough to catch the small girl.

“Woah, are you okay there hun?” Leigha asked as she pulled Keira up into her arms to brace her body. Keira moaned against her chest and she wrapped her arms around the bar tenders back and held herself up by holding onto her shoulders. Leigha was a little shocked at the moan, smiling she said ”damn, I haven’t done anything to you and you are moaning.”

“You smell amazing,” Keira looked up into Leigha’s eyes as her fingers found their way into the dark hair of Keira’s loosening ponytail.

“I am so tempted to take you home with me tonight.” Leigha whispered, her breath caressing Keira’s face. The small woman laid her head on the bar tender’s chest, mumbling something under her breath. “I didn’t hear you, what did you say?” Leigha’s voice was soft and sweet, brushing up against her ear.

“I live only a couple miles from here, if you just want to go there.” Her hands were slipping down Leigha’s back, firmly pushing into her as they followed every curve.

In the next few minutes, Leigha had gotten the directions from the innocent looking girl and had strapped her in the passenger seat of her car. Soon they were on their way to the house.


When they got into the house Keira didn’t feel quite so drunk anymore but she wasn’t going to let Leigha know that. To Keira, she felt like she could only get a woman as beautiful and cool as Leigha with out some influence of alcohol.

“Do you mind if I take a shower really quick?” Keira asked, dropping her purse on the floor and taking her shoes off.

“Not at all, I will just wait here for you.” Leigha winked and smiled taking off her coat and laying it over the couch. Keira walked over to her and kissed her cheek softly before turning and walking into her room. Keira removed her clothing and left them on her bed, her black thong and bra left right on top in case Leigha came in. She turned on the water to the hottest it could get and let the steam envelop her as she stood in the closed bathroom.

As soon as she knew it was ready she jumped in and felt her body completely relax to the will of the water. She dipped her head into the stream of water, her long hair swiftly sticking itself to her body as the water weighed it down. The water rushed down her body, caressing over her perky breast, cupping against her mound and slipping across her firm ass. She didn’t plan on really cleaning herself up, but she was pulled out of her trance to hear the click of a bottle and opened her eyes to see Leigha right in front of her, naked and shampoo in her hands. Keira couldn’t speak in that moment, she was completely taken aback by the sight of Leigha’s beautiful body. She watched Leigha step closer and move her hands to Keira’s long hair.

Keira moved closer, closing the gap between them, caressing their wet bodies together, their tits mashing against one another and their flat stomachs pressing together. As Leigha’s finger tips massaged Keira’s scalp their lips met, to Leigha it was heart stopping, to Keira it was a bolt of lightning surging through her body. Keira felt Leigha push her back against the wall, feeling her legs being spread apart as Leigha’s thigh maneuvered it’s way to her pussy. The water streaming down them rinsed the shampoo out of Keira’s hair and down her face. The taste of the soapy water mingled in their kiss and that was the only thing to brake the passion. Keira laughed softly with Leigha as she finished rinsing out her hair and they turned off the water.


Leigha’s heart was still pounding from the kiss, she wanted more, and she needed to have it. As soon as they were dried off Leigha walked out into the bedroom to see the thong on the bed. She walked over to pick it up, and she could still feel some moisture on it from Keira. Her heart skipped and she knew it was going to be difficult to deny herself this girl for much longer.

She felt Keira against her back and saw her arms wrap around her waist. As Leigha turned around she was pushed onto the bed and was being straddled by her new lover. A towel was still wrapped around Keira’s torso, and all Leigha wanted was to slowly remove the cloth to reveal the round perky tits she had been craving to taste. She reached up to the cloth, but found that her hand didn’t stop there. She kept moving it up to Keira’s collar bone, sliding her hand up until it reached the wet mess on the back of her hair. Keira’s eyes were closed as Leigha gripped her hair firmly, gently tugging her lover down closer to her own body.

Keira’s hands were placed on either side of her head, Leigha watched as Keira reacted to the slight kneading of her hair. Soft moans escaped her lips as she became more and more enthralled. As time passed Leigha reached up with her other hand and began to loosen the towel. Soon it fell open and Leigha’s mouth was pressed up against the small nipple that had only been exposed for a few moments. She was propped up on one elbow, her hand that had just been tangled in hair was now massaging the perfect hand full of breast that wasn’t being devoured by her crazed tongue.


Keira moaned out, her teeth clenching and her eyes shut tight. She bent her head back in pleasure, surprised by the actions of her lover. She almost collapsed, but she kept herself up so that they both wouldn’t slip. Instead she allowed one hand to wrap around Leigha’s head to keep her where she was. She pulled tight, then released when she realized she may be suffocating Leigha, though in the pleasure she found herself pulling tighter again. But she never heard one complaint release itself from Leigha’s full mouth.

After some time had passed too quickly Keira couldn’t take much more. She rolled over to escape the hunger driven Leigha’s experienced tongue.

“You are too much!” Keira exclaimed, her heart racing and her breathing ragged. She put her hand over her eyes as the other traced up and down her sculpted stomach.

Turning over onto her side and placing her hand on Keira’s stomach, Leigha smirked. “What are you talking about? We have just gotten started and you can’t take anymore?”

“Your mouth is just....amazing, the feelings were overwhelming and I needed a break. You have to understand I don’t do this very often...actually ever. I don’t ever do this.” She was speaking quickly making strange hand gestures between the two of them to exaggerate her point.

Keira could feel the bed moving along with Leigha as she slipped in closer to whisper in her ear. “Would you rather me not use my tongue?” Her voice was seductive, breathy and sarcastic. Shivers ran all the way down Keira’s body, covering her in goosebumps.


As Leigha had whispered in Keira’s ear she had began to slowly move her hand down. She made sure to follow every curve, firmly pushing on her soft skin until she reached Keira’s sweet treasure. Leigha was surprised to find that it was completely shaved, and her lips were extremely moist.

“Oh fuck hun, you shave.” Leigha almost lost it there, her eyes closing and her hand cupping around Keira’s soft wet lips. Keira couldn’t even talk, she didn’t remember the last time someone had touched her there, and it felt electrifying to feel Leigha’s hand resting against her.

Several moments passed as Leigha simply kept her hand against the warmth of Keira, time moving quickly for her. But for Keira, the moments were too long in her quest for Leigha’s slim fingers shoved into her cunt. Soon she was pushing and manipulating her hips against the teasing still hand.

“Oh, you want me to play with you? Tell me what you want.” It seemed to Leigha that she was moaning the words more than speaking them. Though she was given the response she wanted, though was surprised to hear it come from the soft full lips of this petite business woman.

“Please, fuck my cunt, you are driving me crazy, I want your fingers digging at my pussy.” Keira had her eyes shut and was about ready to grab Leigha’s wrist to move her hand on her own sensitive snatch.

“What if I want to tease you more though?” Leigha slipped one finger into the soaking wet slit of her lover and began to rub her clit gently, directly on the tip. A release of breath escaped from Keira before her breathing became shallow and fast.

Leigha loved to watch the different expressions pass over Keira’s face as she changed the motions of her finger. She watched her fingers curl around the blankets and release, just to repeat the process. At first Keira’s legs had been close together but as the minutes passed she had spread her legs in a silent request for more. Leigha was enjoying her torture of the girl too much now, but she couldn’t help herself when she just pulled her hand away from the drooling cunt of her sweet lover.

“You bitch.” Keira whispered, no malice in her words. In an instant Leigha leaned over to press her lips against Keira’s. They were locked in that same passion again, it was different when they kissed than when they were touching. Their emotions weren’t hidden when their lips met.


Keira was on fire. Leigha had began to kiss her again and her mind was blank. She couldn’t grasp any concept when this beautiful woman decided to kiss her. She was moaning as their lips moved and caressed against each other. Their tongues met and danced together, mixing each others taste and forming a bond that was driving them crazy together.

Her hands were in Leigha’s hair and Leigha was manipulating Keira’s hips in a grinding motion. Some how Leigha had ended up on top of Keira and her hips were between the small girl’s legs. Their moans joined together as the juices of Keira gushed onto her lover’s mound.

They wouldn’t brake their kiss until they were both were panting heavily. But that didn’t stop the passion of their bodies joining together. Leigha was grinding her mound against Keira’s lips, parting them to give way to her treasure. Leigha didn’t realize that she was rubbing firmly against Keira’s swollen clit, all she knew was that she wanted to pleasure this girl in any way she could.

Keira extended her arm around Leigha’s shoulders and pulled her tight against her. Leigha’s mouth latched onto any exposed part of Keira’s neck and she bit down. Keira squealed at the pain but was oddly excited, she lead Leigha’s head down her neck occasionally stopping for Leigha to bite down again, each time the bite was harder. It didn’t take long, Keira was overwhelmed with desire and sensations. Just as she was about to hit her climax, Leigha moved her hips away.

She was about to whine but soon found her pussy being fondled by Leigha’s fingers.

“I want you to come around my fingers.” Leigha hoarsely stated. In the next moment one of her fingers was three knuckles deep into Keira’s soaking wet hole. Keira’s moan was so loud that she was sure her neighbors could hear.

“Oh fuck, you are so tight. I just want to stretch you out.” Leigha moaned the words as she slipped in a second finger with some effort. As she was pumping her fingers in and out, smearing the juices all over, Leigha bit down on Keira’s nipple and sucked hard. This made the sweet innocent looking woman arch her back and squeal in an explosive orgasm that had been long anticipated. For what seemed like forever, Keira’s pussy clenched and massaged around Leigha’s slim fingers. Just before pulling her fingers out, Leigha grazed her fingers over her lover’s overly sensitive g-spot. Keira’s body twitched in a motion that seemed like she was begging for more.


Leigha crawled up the bed to lay with her lover. As she saw her face she became confused and worried seeing tears running down her cheeks.

“Oh shit, what’s wrong?” Leigha’s eyes were large with worry and all she could do was watch as Keira silently cried.

“Nothing is wrong. That was just amazing. Will you please hold me, just for a little while, so that I can get feeling back in my limbs.” Keira smiled softly, looking at her lover with shining eyes. Smiling back, Leigha leaned in and softly kissed the sweet lips that she was starting to fall for. It took all her strength to keep the kiss from evolving into another passionate wrestling match between their lips. She then moved her lover onto her side and cuddled her from behind.

“I am not sure how long I am going to be able to hold you with your ass in my lap. I may just start getting frisky.” Leigha breathed the words into the drying hair of Keira. She moved her arm around her small figure to grasp one breast and pull her closer.

Before they knew it, they were both fast asleep, not moving far from each other all through the night.

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having been a barmaid, and also being bi sexual, I loved the beauty of this story, I may have to write my own soon.

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My pussy is so wet after reading this! Keep it cumming

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My pussy is so wet after reading this! Keep it cumming

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