Father unable to resist Babysitter's charms
When I was a teen, I had a voracious appetite for sexual attentions. I could not get enough of men touching me, playing with me, and letting me touch them. I had been introduced to sex from a very young age by a step dad, two different uncles, several different neighborhood teens, a couple of friends, a female cousin, and a sibling. The earliest encounter I can remember was when I was 4. Although I was not penetrated, I remember distinctly sitting on the lap of a step-dad while he played with me under my clothes.

He would touch my little button and make me squirm on him until he said his "worm" was so happy it would spit. Once, he even let me sit directly on his worm with no clothes on between it and my privates. Looking back on these times gives me such a thrill between my legs I cannot describe the sensations. He never hurt me, or tried to enter me until years later when I was 7.

Between those early times and the age of 7, another person would play with me and let me sit on his lap. He was an uncle and often encouraged me to wear skirts so he could easily slide inside my undies with his "worm". He wiggled me all around until we were both breathing heavy and I was begging him not to stop. His "worm" would be so happy it would spit inside my panties every time.

Before I turned 7 there was another besides Uncle that would play with me. He was a neighborhood teenager that would take me for walks. We lived near the beach so he would often take me there and we would walk along the rocks until we couldn't be seen by anyone. He would then take off his shorts and my bathingsuit so we were both naked. He licked my body all over including my special magic button and make me feel like Step-dad and Uncle did. He would slide his "worm" all over my crack too until it squirt on me.

I loved all these attentions and often looked at others wondering if I could get them to touch me like that too. I wanted to sit on everyone's lap and let them play with me. I soon learned who I could do that too and who got angry at me for trying. Mom never had a clue what game I was playing, and never knew anything was going on under her nose. Many times, she would be in the house or car with us as we were all going on a ride somewhere. She never had any idea this was happening with her right there.

When I was 7, Step-Dad came back in the picture and woke me late on night by trying to get inside my front hole. It hurt so badly so he stopped and told me that would be our secret and never to tell anyone. All day at school I was throbbing down there and couldn't help but think of what happened. I started to dislike Step-Dad then because that was when he started to hurt me. After that, he didn't try to do that again. Sometimes, I wished he would, but most times, I wanted him to go away and never come back. Today, when I look back on that, I wish he had come back in the next night and tried again. The thought of him sticking that massive tool inside me when I was so tiny and tight turns me on incredibly. As a teenager, however, I hated him for what he made me become.

Instances like this continued until I was about 11. There was a man that would sneak into my room when everyone was sleeping and he would lay in my bed next to me. He would always start to play with my using his hands on my button. As my body responded he would open my legs and start to slide his "worm" between them. He would put pressure against my holes, but never actually tried to enter them. He would stick his fingers into them until I was going crazy wanting more. He never let his "worm" spit at me. Looking back on this time, I wish he had done more to me too, but when I was a teen to early 20's I hated him too.

This brings me to about 13 when I was a babysitter for the neighborhood children. For the record, NO - I NEVER WANTED TO DO ANYTHING WITH THEM, AND NEVER WANTED THEM TO DO ANYTHING WITH ME. It was their fathers I was after as well as the older males in their lives. It had been about a year since I had any sexual contact with anyone, and I wanted more. This time, I would have eagerly let someone stick their tool inside me I was so mad with desire. One babysitting job in particular was truly magnificent.

I was an accomplished masseuse at this time having been taught by friends and family. I was always told I had magical fingers. Well, I would sit for a neighborhood 5 year old, and before he came home from school, his dad would come home for lunch. It started by me massaging his shoulders and pressing my "B" cup forming titties into his back as I reached up for his shoulders. He was quite taller than I was, and I was developing quickly for my age. Today my boobs are "DDD" so it isn't surprising that at age 13 they were already "B"s.

One day, he unexpectedly turned around while I was massaging him so my boobs pressed into his belly instead of his back. He reached around me and grabbed my ass squeezing me to him so I could feel his hardness against my belly. I tilted my head up and he mashed my lips with a kiss. I responded to him by kissing him full back and wrapping my fingers in his blond curly hair. He broke the kiss and headed off to work without a word.

He came home the next day for lunch, and this time instead of going straight into the kitchen he came over to me. Lifting my face to his he ground his lips against mine as he painfully groped at my boob with one hand and pressing my waist to him with his other. I eagerly responded to him by lifting one leg up his and wrapping it around him so tightly we were pinned together. He lifted my by my ass-cheeks so I wrapped my legs around his waist and ground my tiny teenage pussy against the entire length of his shaft.

We never said any words. None were needed. We both had an unbridled passion that needed release. He always stopped me before he came in his pants, but he always made me cum. The next day I decided to wear a skirt, and when I saw him pull up I headed to the kitchen, removed my panties, and sat at the breakfast bar waiting for him to come in. He stopped when he came in, looked appreciatively at me and lifted me off the stool and against him. Realizing I had no panties on he sat me on the bar and used his hand to play with me there as he released my titties from their bra prison. He bit them and sucked on them as I reached for his hard-on. I stroked him through his clothes until he could take no more. He pulled me to him and ground against me as I rode him.

This became our daily routine. Sometimes I would wear dresses and sometimes I would wear very tight jeans that showed off everything I had. (What I have recently come to find is called camel-toe). This continued for months without his wife or my mom suspecting anything. Finally one day, I decided I would have him. He would be the one to take my cherry.

I wore a short skirt, a tight tank top that would easily stretch out of the way and no bra. I removed my panties as planned, and sat on the stool waiting for him to come in. I had opened my legs and was leaned back with my skirt up as I started to finger myself. He came in and dove between my legs licking and sucking and biting my clit and lips until I was screaming for him to take me. He carried me into the bedroom and lay me face down on the bed. I was so riled I didn't know what to expect and didn't care. I wanted to feel his hard dick between my legs and wanted something to put out the fire there.

I felt him lay on my sliding his hardness between my froglike open legs and pressed up to meet him. He stroked his length all along my slit. Then he lifted up off of me and pulled me up by my hips so I was kneeling on the bed. I felt him put something cold and slimy on my back door and immediately started to panic.

"No, not there - the front hole - please not the back one - that one hurts too much..." I started to cry terrified that he would go there and I would not be able to do anything about it.

"Relax, Ri, I won't hurt you I promise," He reassured me as he pressed something small into my back hole. That didnt' hurt - that actually felt good. When I got used to that and started to enjoy it, he put something else in there a little bigger and slid it in and out until I got used to that. He was playing with my clit and my front hole all the while driving me crazy. I was really getting into it when he put something even bigger in my back door. I tried to pull away at first but stopped. It didn't hurt as much as I anticipated it would.

I was rocking on his hand and whatever he was pumping in and out by butthole when he decided I was ready for the real treat. He pulled out whatever was in my back door and I felt more cold gooey slimy stuff against me. He pressed his cock against my stretched hole and slid in easily. I cried out as an orgasm took me. One of the most powerful of my life. It started deep in my belly and the second he slid his shaft in my back door a wave of fluid gushed out of my front hole. I felt tingly and sweaty and like I couldn't move. Every muscle in my body stiffened up as another wave of fluid poured out of me.

He slid out of my back door sending chills up my spine and into my scalp causing me to jerk and spasm as my orgasm continued. He pressed back into me pulling on my hips and a wave of darkness washed over me causing me to see pinpoints of light like little stars and the chills traveled all over my body. I was paralized and my arms gave out beneath me so my neck was twisted on the bed below me making it hard to breath. He pulled my hair back making me arch my back and I felt him go in deeper than he was before. Shots of electricity traveled up my spine into my scalp and down my back into my arms and legs.

My legs were threatening to give out as he began hammering me hard and fast. I knew he was getting ready to cum because all men start to move blindingly fast right before they cum (at least all the ones I had so far). He was breathing ragged breaths and I was grunting with each thrust he made. Finally, I felt him swell inside me and knew any second he would splash inside me. Suddenly I wanted to feel his cum inside me. I pressed into him as he started to pull out and clamped my muscles on him so he couldn't get out of me so easily. He rammed into me hard and I felt the first splash deep inside my bowels.

Crying out our bodies collapsed with him deep in me and my butt milking his cock for every last drop. My body was tingling and shivering with the new sensations and my butt was really starting to hurt now. I was afraid to move to make the pain worse. He must have realized my predicament because he pulled out even before he was completely done squirting and covered my ass cheeks with his cum. Looking at the clock he realized he needed to go back to work and his son would be home soon so I needed to get cleaned up.

He stripped the bed and took the comforter with him so his wife would not find the wet evidence of his infidelity while I took a quick shower to clean myself up. Thus began the beginning of a wonderful summer.

Every day he would come home from work and would tease me and torture me until I was begging for him to drive his hard rod into my ass. He would never deprave me, and never call me mean words. One day, after he filled me with his seed he rolled me over and held me.

"You're a special one, Ri," he began, "Don't ever change. Someday you are going to make a man a very happy man. I loved our summer together, but summer is over and you have to go to school this year. I know you're in high school now, but you will have too much homework to do to come and watch our son. I will always remember this fondly."

I knew he was telling me the truth. School wasn't an easy thing for me to begin with, and shool work would be impossible to do if I had to babysit too. I would miss our fun, but who knows, maybe we would find a way to have fun once in a while for old times sake.

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more please and would you like to come watch my daughter?

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