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This is a true story of how my sex life began and progressed throughout the years. Just a warning my spelling and grammer skills are not perfect so please dont leave comments like that. Either you like it or you dont. Also this involves some young teen sex so if you dont like that then please leave now.

Our story begins when i was 12 years old. As is commen of that age i was being overrun with hormones and had really enjoyed playing with myself and exploring the nooks and crannys of my young body over the past couple of years. I knew by the age of 12 exactly how to make myself cum and how everything worked with the female anatomy. Though my breast were not really big i did have pretty big nipples that were super sensitive and would stay hard almost constantly due to the rubbing caused by the soft cotton of my bra.
By the time you reach the age of 12 you tend to notice the fact that boys quit avoiding you and if you really wanna be blunt about it start paying you lots of attention. Of course i knew from my study of the anatomy and talking to different people that this attention was mostly given with the hopes of them succeeding of getting into your pants and getting a feel of whatever was underneath. Not being one to brag but amoung my classmates i was one of the first ones to fill out as i guess you would put. This is one of those factors that tend to boost your status and put you in with the popular kids and i was no exception to that rule. Of course running with the popular crowd also meant having the best guys to choose from. I was lucky enough to get picked by Mark. He was one of those guys that would make a young girl melt every time she was close. He was great at sports, in top shape for his age, brown hair, blue eyes, in my opinion at the time perfect in every way.
After about 4-5 months of what was considered dating at the time Mark tried to start getting physical. At first i was pushing his hand away cause i knew where that would lead but it was also in the back of my mind that if i didnt let him feel a little that i was gonna lose him to some girl that would let him have his way. And that was gonna put a serious dent in my social status. So after a few weeks of moving his hands i decided to let my tits get some attention from someone other than me. Thinking that this would keep him satisfied i let him grab and kneed them like dough every time we were together and making out. Well this eventually ran its course like everything else and then he started going up under the shirt, which i was feeling alot more comfortable at that point and let him do also with no fuss from me. As most all you girls out there know boys get bored very easy so of course after a few times with that the hands started moving south towards my pussy.
I tried to reason with myself by saying that as long as he was not touching it bare then we would be okay. So most times around him i wore jeans or shorts that would prevent him from being able to get closer than that. One day though i was sitting at home watching tv and reading a magzine not expecting anyone to be there for hours. In that situation my normal attire was a t-shirt with no bra and a pair of panties. Well as my luck would have it who would drop by at that time but Mark. Letting himself in as he normally did i look up from the couch and see him standing over me staring with his mouth wide open and that look in his eyes that says.....I want some of that. I scrambled up from my laying down position and quickly sat on my butt and crossed my legs.
"What are you doing here"? I said
"I just missed you and was gonna come over and hang out". He said
"Well thats fine and all but you could have gave me a heads up." I said
"I dont know about that it seems like this worked out to my advantage". He said
"Now Mark i dont know if we should go that far with things. I mean i dont wanna get labeled as the class slut". I said
"Babe look i would never label you as something like that. Look i really like you and i know you like me. I just wanna see what that pussy feels like up close. Just let me have a feel and i will stop whenever you say deal".
At this point my head is spinning and i feel like my heart is gonna jump out of my chest. On the one hand you have this really hot guy who is really sweet. On the other you have my pussy that has been unseen or untouched by anyone but me about to be invaded by the hands of another. Throwing all caution to the wind for some reason that still unknown i uncrossed my legs and parted them open. Before i could blink good Mark was on the couch next to me pulling me to him pressing his lips into mine. But unlike all the other times previous this time he seemed more forceful. Not to the point that he was hurting me of course but just forceful in a passionate kinda way. At this point my body was telling me that it wanted to be touched so badly and he must have been able to read my mind cause his hand went straight between my legs and started rubbing and stroking my panty covered pussy. This was as far as I had ever been and as close as anyone had ever gotten to touching me. The feeling is so intense that I start getting wetter so the point my panties are soaking it up and I know that it is getting all over his fingers. And then he notices and it makes him rub it harder causing more and more juices to flow.
He never broke the kiss the whole time he was playing with me but decided to take the next step. I start feeling my panties getting slowly pulled off inch by inch. I go to object but could not bring myself to break away from the passion of the kiss. Once they were laying on the floor I quickly realized that I was not completely unblocked. Nothing could prevent me from being touched skin to skin. Before my thought had time to get fully processed there his hand was yet again rubbing and stroking the length of my hairless slit. I was in heaven. I wanted nothing more than to be played with. To be used as a toy for his hands. After getting his finger good and lubed, which didn’t take much, he found my hole and for the first time ever I was being penetrated by a finger not my own. Never in a million years would I have thought a feeling like this would have been possible. My whole body felt tingly and on fire at the same time. He slowly worked his finger in and out picking up speed a little at a time. I wanted to cum so bad but didn’t know if that alone was gonna do it for me so I took matters into my own hands so to speak and eased a hand down there and started rubbing my clit in the little circles that I knew worked every time. I felt my orgasm quickly rising but then I felt his hand grab mine and lay it in his lap. It was the first time I had ever felt a cock and at the time it seemed huge. Looking back it was probably about 5 inches but it still felt monsterous at the time. I want sure quite what to do with it so I just started stroking my hand back and forth over it. His hand returned to my pussy and this time he added a finger and resumed his work. After what seemed like an hour I felt myself about to burst and then I feel his cock start jumping inside his pants and a big wet spot covers my hand. At that point I lost it and start shaking and cumming all over his fingers. He kept thrusting until I finally grabbed his hand and stopped him due to being so sensitive.
We laid there for a little bit staring at each other both coming down from what had just happened. Not having a care in the world other than knowing the gift that we had just exchanged.
“Thanks babe, that was the best” was all he could say
“Anytime, and yes I mean anytime. Had I known it was gonna be this good you could have done that months ago”.
“I will definatly hold you to that babe”. He said
“Not that I want you to but you really need to go. If my parents come in and find us like this it will be the last time it happens. Call me later though okay”
We both got up and dressed and shared another passionate kiss and then he was out the door. I went to my room and laid on the bed and could do nothing but think about what just happened. My pussy was still tingling almost like it wanted more. But that thought was quickly shut down by the sound of the door opening and shutting downstairs. Wow we came so close to getting busted was all I could think. But I knew in the back of my mind that I would do it all over again.

This is only the first of many stories to come. So please just be patient and I will get them out one at a time. Hope you enjoy.

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2012-04-10 11:39:13
As a little girl I could masturbate to orgasm by the time I was 11 and when I did so I became very wet and slippery indeed. When I was only just 13 I was laid in the garden hammock and having a nice time when Anne from next door leaned over the fence and said she'd been watching me for ages. I was very embarrassed but she said she did the same and we should do it for each other, we did and it was lovely, especially when we could lick each others cunts. Some weeks later she told me her brother fucked her all the time and it was really nice and I should try it, so I did. Sue told me her brothers cock is 7 inches long and thicker than she could get her fingers round but it went all the way up inside me easily first time and sometimes he'd fuck both me and Sue together. Nowadays I love to fuck with Sue and other girls but the nicest of all is a long thick hard cock in my cunt with plenty of ramming and then loads of cum inside me.

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your actually a guy and that never happened :p

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2010-10-31 13:04:14
I would love to hear what happened next...


2010-09-30 21:24:26
Liked it a lot. Will there be a part 2?

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