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So having both your parents die in a terrible crash when you were a baby, and being sent to live with your aunt and uncle and their four older boys; is not the childhood I would have liked to have but did. Being that my uncle played football in high school and college, his four sons played too. I was the one who needed to play defense against them and being that I was not built like them; I never stood a chance. Growing up in their home was like that every day. Being picked on and pushed around was something I was used to from them. Since the youngest of my cousins three years older then me; I was always the one too young to do what they were doing growing up. Even thou I was only thirteen when the youngest of my cousins started to date and bring home girls. I never would look at those girls and think how good looking they were or how I wish I was older to date myself. Now I’m not saying that I was gay; no I looked at older women and wanted to get with them. So let’s get to my story of how my life changed forever a couple of months ago.

My name is Jon and I’m seventeen years old. I will be turning eighteen next month and I can’t wait. Even thou all my cousins have moved out for college; I still am known at school as the shy kid that my “world’s greatest football players” cousins had to take in against their will. I was always made fun of by them and picked on at home and in school. I would make it known that I would never be like them and never make the football team because I was not great at the game like them. I was and skinny kid that would get killed on the field by the other players. I would try out for other sports, but they would show up at try outs and call me a pussy because track wasn’t a “real” sport to them. I stopped trying and would just go to school and keep to myself. It was hard to because growing up in their shadows people looked at me like I was a looser.
So I was driving home one day from work and you would think a kid with the shitty life I was living. I would get a break at some point. No I was hit by a drunk driver and knocked out at the scene. I woke to the sound of machines beeping as I laid in a bed not being able to move all that much. I heard someone talking but couldn’t make out what was being said. Next a bright light was shined in my eyes and I was told to follow the light with my eyes.

“Well welcome back” said the person who had the light still in my eyes. “How are you feeling?” she asked as she moved back and dropped the light.

For the first time I could look and see where I was. I was in a hospitable room and the person talking to me was a very good looking nurse. She had to be in her mid thirties and had a beautiful face. She was about five-two and a hundred pounds with a nice set of “c” tits and a great ass. If you would asked me what type of woman I would go for if I had the balls to talk to one she would be it, what a smile she had. “I’m fine, I guess” Still not able to feel a lot of my body, I started to sit up but I couldn’t get more then my arms to move.
“Well I have bad news for you” the nurse started. “You lose all feeling from the mid chest down and you will be in a wheel chair for the rest of your life”
“What the fuck” was all I could get out “this fucking sucks, if my life couldn’t get any shittier I found a way”
“Relax I’m just messing with you” the nurse said. “You’ll fine its all the drugs you are on for the pain from the crash, you’ll start to get mobility in no time” she explained.

She told me that her name was Mary and that was would be my primary nurse as I was in the hospital. I asked if my aunt and uncle was here and she told me that they were here right after the crash, but had to leave for a game up north for my cousin. Mary told me how pissed she was to hear that and I told her that that was my life and I was used to it by now. I started to get feeling back and the first thing I was feeling was that I had to go pee like crazy. I asked Mary if I could use the bathroom and she said that she would help me walk over to the toilet since I wasn’t fully back yet. I started to sit up and move my legs, they felt numb but I could move them. Mary helped me to the toilet and asked if I wanted help and told me that it was normal as she could see me turning red in the face. I stood in front of the toilet and Mary help me by moving my robe to the side.
Now I’ve never been with a girl before. Being the shy kid I was; girls were not knocking my door down to get to me. So being this close to a woman and a fine one at that, I didn’t know I was going to die or if I did die already and this was heaven.
So Mary told me to hold on to the rails on the side of the toilet and she would to the rest. She started to pull the robe back when she let out a gasp with a “oh my god.”
“What?” I asked. “Is there something wrong?” “No, it’s just I never seen one that big before” Mary told me. “Uh?” “Don’t you know how big your dick is?” Mary asked.
I told her that I never been will a girl before and that I never seen another dick so I didn’t know that I had a big one. It started to get bigger and hard with Mary give it so much attention now. I told her that I really needed to pee and she grabbed hold of my dick and helped me get my piss in the toilet.
After she cleaned my dick with a moist towel and helped me to my bed again. As I sat in the bed I still had the boner that I got from this beautiful woman see and touching my dick for the first time. Mary could see my face turning even redder as the boner was not going away anytime soon. Mary asked how a kid with a dick as big as mine never got with a girl before. I told her how my parents die when I was a baby and going to live with my cousins who picked on me growing up and had the girls think I was a loser didn’t help things much. I told her that since my cousins were football players and bigger then me that I had a normal size dick. Mary told me that my dick was not normal and most guys would kill to have a cock as big as mine and think girls wouldn’t real women would go crazy for a cock that big.

Talking to Mary was so crazy for me since I never really been able to talk to girls before. And I thought that my dick would go down but it was still hard and still standing up making a tent with the robe in my lap. Mary saw this and asked how I fix this type of problem in the past. I told her that I never really like girls my own age, but I would look at older women and think of them as being truly sexy. I told Mary how some time I would steal a pair of my neighbor’s panties out of her hamper when I would be force to go over there and help her with things around the house. I loved the smell of her used panties and would smell them as I would jack off. Mary just looked at my like I was a pervert and I started to turn red again.
“It’s okay Jon” she said. “I like guys who are a little naughty at times”
Mary smiled at me and said “I know just what you need” and with that she walked into the bathroom and close the door. About a minute late she came back out of the bathroom holding something blue in her hand. Mary said that she needed to go and check on the other people she had on her list, but she would be back a little late to check on me and talk more if I wanted to. She then handed me the blue panties that she was holding and told me that this was to help me with our friend and whispered in my ear that she could be a little naughty too. Mary then turned and handed out the door closing it behind her. I looked down and my hand to the blue panties that I was now holding, then looked out my hard dick. Did I really have a dick that was bigger then most? I did measure it one time when I was sixteen and it was eight inches long and three inches thick, but no knowing about other guy’s dicks I never thought I was big.

So I was holding Mary’s panties and could start to smell that wonderful smell that I enjoyed from sniffing used panties. So I started to bring them up to my nose, but I could feel that the panties were wet in the crotch area and I though that maybe Mary pee a little in them. As I brought them to my nose I could smell the smell I loved but not of pee. Not knowing that when women get horny they can let out some wetness from their pussies. I wrapped my hand around my cock and started to stroke it as a sniffed at her panties and the smell was driving me over the edge. I was about to cum when someone walked into the room. It was too late to stop but when they enter I tried to hind my dick from them. If they would of came in five seconds before or after the point I was at; I could of stopped what came next, but of course my life doesn’t happen like that. I was so horny when I started to jack off and I was so far pass the point of no return. That when I tried to pull my dick back to put it under the sheet I stopped thinking about holding back the cum and my dick went off. I came so powerful, that I shot it up my chest, onto my face and some into my mouth. Now there was a lot of cum because I don’t get a lot of time at home to myself; that I go about a week in between jerking off. So for a seventeen year old boy I usually have a lot of cum in me when I burst.

So here I sit with a beet red face, my now soften cock in my hands, and my own cum all over me, my face and the taste of warm salty cum in my mouth. I just want to die for I don’t know how many times with my doctor standing in front of me. He just stood there for a moment before he turned went in the bathroom and returned with a wet rag to give to me. I had my dick covered by now and didn’t know if he saw it or not. He handed me the rag and I wiped the cum from my face.

“Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Green but you can just call me Dr. Green or Doc.” he told me. Still as red as I could be I finished cleaning myself and he grab the rag and throw it back into the bathroom. He then closed the curtain around us so no one coming in could see me or the doctor. He told me to relax and sit back, and that he wouldn’t tell anyone about what happen when he walked in. The blood started to leave my face and I started to relax a little. The doctor started to examine me to see if I was healing ok; he told me that the ER doctors told him that I was pretty banged up when I came in and that I was out for three days. He pulled the sheets from me and looked over the band aids on my legs. He told me that I had some on the side of my hip and that he wanted to remove my rode get a good look at them. Being that he was a doctor and this one had cum on it; I took it off and sat naked in the bed in front of another man for the first time in my life.

“Wow that’s a big dick you have there” he said. “You don’t have a single hair on you down there” he started to say as he looked at my dick and not paying any attention to the band aid on my hip. “Do you shaven your cock and balls so it looks even more like a monster then it already dose?” he asked. “No, I never had hair down there, but nobody ever say that I was different for not having some.” No, some people don’t get hair or it’s really thin, but the size of your dick is not common to see” he told me.
All this attention to my dick started to make me get hard again and I moved my hands to cover my dick before he saw it. The doctor cut me off and wrapped his hand around my cock and stroked it a little bringing it to its full eight inch hardness. Today was the first for many things in my life and they just kept coming. The doctor just kept looking at my dick as he jerked his hand up and down on the shaft. I could feel his hand move with the skin on the shaft over the meat of my cock as he pumped it up and down.
“Have you ever had a man jerk your cock before?” he asked. “No” was all I could get out. He continued to jerk my dick and started to pull on my balls. “Have you ever had someone go down on you before?” he asked. Again all I could say was no and with that he lower is head and put my cock in his mouth. It was so warm the feeling was like nothing I have ever had before. He worked the head of my dick with his tongue and bobbed up and down on my cock. He continued to pump my cock with his hand as he tried to put as much of my cock in his mouth as he could. The doctor pushed down on my cock with his mouth till he had six or seven inches of my cock in and hold it there for a moment. He then would pull his mouth from my dick and jerk as hard as he could on the shaft; the feeling was incredible. Never have a felt this way; never had I had this happen to my dick. My cock was now covered in his spit from deep throating my dick and then jerking it as hard and as fast his hand could go. All I could do was moan and take the beating he was giving to my cock. I started to feel the cum in balls again and told him that I was about to cum. The doctor told me to open my mouth all the way and he jerked my cock as hard as he could and I shot the cum up into my mouth again. I didn’t know I could cum as much as I didn’t for the second time, but I came and came even more then before and a lot this time was going into my mouth. He jerked my cock to a soften state and I had to push his hand away because my cock was too sore for his hand to keep stroking it.
He told me to lick the cum around my lips into my mouth and eat it all. I did as I was told, too much in a high to do different. I used my finger and got the last of the cum from my face in my mouth. The doctor fixed his shirt and coat and cover me with the sheet and told me that that was fun and he would stop back to see me later.

I laid there trying to wrapped my mind around what was happening to me, but just couldn’t. Mary soon came in and asked how I was doing. I smiled and said ok; she walked up to me and whispered in my ear that she told me that she could be naughty too. She pulled her head back and smiled. I asked how and she asked me how the blowjob was. She then told me that my doctor loved dick and he loved to suck big dick, but it was hard to come by. She fixed my sheet and as she was heading out the door said that since she was a naughty girl that she would be back in a bit and I had one wish for her as a little form of pay back.
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