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“Damn Chris, you're one hot bitch,” he murmured in my ear.

I was blushing. “Thanks, Matt.” His dick was starting to go soft inside me, and his cum was giving me a warm glow in my belly. What else could I say?

I heard something over by the door, and there was Josh in a shirt and boxers, one hand on the bulge in his boxers and the other on his phone with the camera aimed at us. I didn't know how long he'd been there, but when he saw me looking at him he grinned and vanished before Matt saw him.
I wiggled again.

“I need to pee.”

“Fine with me, bitch. Just don't do it in my bed.” He pulled out of me and lay on his side, watching me get up. My butt felt weird, and it was making me walk funny. As soon as I went upright his cum started trickling out of my butt and down my leg, leaving a glistening wet streak.

“Gimme my underwear, Matt.”

He held it out to me, but as I grabbed it he held on for a second.

“Promise you'll be a good bitch later.”

“Fine, whatever.”

“Say it.”

“I promise I'll be a good bitch.” I heard myself say it without really thinking about it.

He let my underwear go and lay back in bed, grinning at me past his semi-erect, wet dick. He didn't say anything as he watched me struggle into my underwear and go out the door.

I did head to the bathroom first, because I really did need to pee, and I wanted to clean up the icky trail of cum dripping out of my butt too. I didn't really mind how it got there but it was just gross, walking around with juice all over my butt.

After I'd spent a minute in the bathroom, I peeked into Josh's room. He was looking at a picture on his computer. I came in closer and I saw that it was a picture of me splooging onto Matt's hand with his dick in my butt.

“Dude,” I told him.

“Damn, dude,” he shot back.

“What are you gonna do with those?” I asked, curiosity mingling with fear in me.

“Dunno. Show em to the whole school, I guess.”

“Please don't. I'll do whatever you want.” I started to panic.

“Suck my dick, bitch.”

“Fine, OK.” I don't think he really expected me to do it, and he spun around in his computer chair and stood up.

I knelt in front of him. My only experience sucking dicks had been Matt sucking mine briefly twenty minutes ago. I looked at the bulge in his shorts. Tentatively, I reached out and took his dick out. I held it there in my hand, staring at its hard length.

“You gonna suck it dude or just stare at it?” I looked up at him past his cock and he grabbed it and slapped my face with it impatiently.

“I'd rather be your bitch than Matt's anyway, he's a douche.” I don't know why I said that, just then. His dick smelled great, and I leaned forward and licked it experimentally, and I got rewarded with a drop of salty fluid.

He reached a hand around to the back of my head, his fingers in my hair, and I closed my eyes and licked his shaft. It tasted surprisingly good, and I was starting to enjoy it.

“Dude, come here.” He led me to his bed and lay down, his dick at attention. I hunched down on top of him and kept licking him. He put his knees up around my head, and I experimented with different ways of holding and licking his cock. My eyes were closed and my world focused down to the taste of my best friend's dick.

It wasn't long before he pulled my head down onto his cock, his pubic hairs in my face, and shot off his load. I wasn't ready for it and the first couple gobs went all over my face before I could wrap my lips around his pulsing dick and start swallowing.

It took him a minute to catch his breath.

“Damn, dude.”

“You taste good.” I still had the aftertaste of penis in my mouth, and I looked around for a tissue or paper towel or something to wipe my face off with.

“Here,” he handed me a towel and watched me wipe off his cum.

“You really are...then?” he asked.

I looked at him. “Is that OK?”

He grinned at me. “You can suck my dick, bitch. And maybe if you're good I'll sex your butt, too.”

I smiled at him, feeling better about the whole thing. “I'd like that.” I looked down at the bulge in my underwear. It looked like I was ready for another round. “You want to help me take care of something...?”

He slapped at my dick and missed, but only barely. “Get Matt to do it.”

I shook my butt at him and headed for the door. “Maybe I will.”

Matt grinned as I crept into his room. “Hey bitch.” He was still lying on his bed, but he'd thrown some boxers over his proud member. It still stuck straight up like a flagpole though.

It looked like I had a new nickname. “Hey.”

He looked at the bulge in my shorts. “Come over here bitch.”

I suddenly felt a whole lot less certain about the whole thing, but I did go over to him. If nothing else, the room was cold and he was warm. When I was close enough, he grabbed my butt and pulled me closer, nuzzling my hair and reaching into my shorts. I wiggled to make it easier for him to take them off, so that I was butt naked. He moved in to kiss me, but I didn't want him to taste the penis on my breath, so I moved down on him and started licking his cock. It tasted like ass, so I stopped after a few licks. He still wanted to kiss me, so I let him, opening my mouth and taking his tongue. He started jacking me off again and I moaned against him.

“You ready for it again, Chris?”

“Mmmph.” I could barely speak.

“You gonna ask?” He was teasing me. Bastard.


“Please fuck your ass? Say it...”

“Uh uh...”

I couldn't see what he did, but it felt really good.

“Say it...”

“Please fuck my ass Matt, I'm your bitch.” I got on all fours to prove it.

“Good bitch.” He rubbed my butt again and pushed me down, my shoulders on the mattress and my butt in the air. He stopped jacking me off and stuck a finger into my butthole, making sure I was ready. I grabbed his pillow with both hands, cushioning my shoulders and head with it.

“Please...” He entered me a lot harder than last time, and I stifled a moan into the pillow. Once he was inside me he grabbed my hips and started pulling my butt towards him as he humped me. My whole body clenched with each stroke, and his cock inside me shot sharp waves of pleasure through me. It wasn't long before my cock released its hot load all over the bed, even though neither of us were jacking me off.

Matt felt me cum, of course, and felt the shift from me pushing against him with each stroke to relaxing into it as he fucked me. He eased off a bit, petting my butt instead of pulling it to him. “Yeah, that's a good bitch, isn't it, Chris?”

“Mmm...” I closed my eyes and pushed my butt at him, holding that position as he moved inside me. In, out. In, out...It wasn't the sharp pleasure from earlier, but it still felt nice. I could live with being his bitch for a while. I rolled the thoughts around my head while he pleasured me. I like it up the butt. Matt's fucking my ass. I'm his bitch...Somehow, with his hot manhood filling me up, it was hard to be afraid of the words. I could just lie there and let him do me.

It took a lot longer this time, and the morning was well started by the time he pumped his second hot load inside me. I wiggled in appreciation as his dick pulsed inside me, filling me up with warm goo.

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