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Annabelle lay by the poolside enjoying the summer sun. She knew the summer was almost over and school was almost starting. What she didn't know was if Daddy was going to hire a tutor for this year or if he was going to actually send her to high school with other kids her age. If she stayed home, she could continue to enjoy Daddy whenever they had the chance. She could also monitor if he had women over as he discussed. If she went off to school, she would have the opportunity to make new friends. She was up in the air how she felt about this.

She wanted to stay home to keep Daddy to herself, but the thought of going to school with alot of other kids enticed her. If she went to school, would she make friends? Would she have alot of homework? Would the kids be nice or mean? Would the teachers be like her tutors? What was it like to go to school? What were the classrooms like?

Scott watched a very naked Annabelle with mixed feelings. They had been discussing the thought of her going to public school this year instead of being tutored through high school. He wanted her to develop friends and have all the things normal high school kids had. He had only one concern.

Would she slip and let someone know about their illicit love affair? They had always talked about their love having to be a secret because the world would not understand, and was confident she was old enough to understand the importance of not saying a word about it.

He did have another concern: Would his sweet horny little vixen become a school tramp? Had he made some grave errors by introducing her to sex? Would she seek out students - or worse - teachers - to have sex with because of her young awakenings? He would have to trust her not to, although the thought of her bouncing on someone else's lap did enthrall him. 'I wonder just how far she would go with someone else,' he was thinking to himself when next to him a sharp intake of breath caught him by surprise.

"Oh, um hi Peter. Sorry - I didn't hear you come in," Scott said clearing his throat. He watched Peter watching his lucious 13 year old daughter with a mixture of jealousy, protectiveness, and hot curiousity. Peter is a diagnosed sex addict - he would screw a pig if it were in the room and he reached the pinnacle of his needs. He could not contain himself when his passion started to flair. Peter had been in Scott's professional care for almost a year, and together they did make headway in helping control most of the urges most of the time, however..... An evil yet wonderful plan started to hatch in Scott's mind.

Annabelle looked up at her dad's office window and was startled at first to see a stranger looking down on her. Behind her shades, she knew they didn't know she saw them. The thought of a perfect stranger seeing her sun tanned sweat glistened skin turned her on incredibly. Knowing this was probably dad's last client for the day, she dove into the pool to do her final laps before going inside to shower and dress to make dinner.

"Ahem, um, uh - no problem, sir, um, you have a very nice um, uh, yard," Peter stumbled over the words entranced by Annabelle at the poolside. As if on cue, Annabelle dove into the crystal clear blue water swimming laps signalling she was just about done at the pool knowing that Scott was just about done with his clients for the day.

She chose her skimpiest skirt that didn't cover her ass cheeks completely, and a tight fitting button down top to wear over a black lace bra. She wore the black lace thong to match. It would be the most difficult decision of her father's life to send her off to public school, she would see to that. She would flaunt and flounce everything he would be missing by her not being home all the time.

Scott sat only half hearing Peter's voice at all. Instead he was watching his body language and hatching a most evil plan to see just how far he could push these two - his hot and horny teenage daughter, and his sex addict client - into having sex while he watched or maybe even joined in. Peter was already twitching in his seat and the mound in his trousers must be quite uncomfortable by now. Apparently, Scott was not the only one still thinking about Annabelle.

At the end of the session, on a whim so it seemed, Scott pounced on his idea.

"Peter, do you have any plans for dinner?" He asked hoping to sound cordial and not eager.

"Um, no, wh - why do you ask?" Peter reluctantly yet anxiously asked.

"Well, why don't you have dinner with us. Annabelle always makes way to much, and would love to have someone over so she doesn't have to look at her boring father all the time." Scott encouraged.

"Um, sir, -" Peter began only to be cut off by Scott.

"Please, call me Scott."

"Um well, Scott, do you think that is such a good idea? I mean, considering," Peter tried to explain.

"Please, it will be a good experience for both of you. She will have someone else to talk to over dinner, and you will have a wonderful meal if nothing else," Scott enticed. He couldn't help but notice the twitching in Peter's lap with each objection being denied. 'May not be as hard as all that. Just let them alone for a few minutes, and I bet they are all over each other - he could easily get her riled' Scott thought liking the idea more and more.

Peter was an attractive man with dark hair and eyes. He wasn't Mr. Universe, but he wasn't flabby either. He was a wiry slip of a man rather short - only coming to Scott's nose. Annabelle would probably not be able to deny him if he "lost control" of himself. Scott would monitor the situation making certain no one got hurt, and if Annabelle decided not to fall for this, then, Scott would be right there to put a kibosh on the entire episode. He knew this would probably put Peter back a few months of therapy, but maybe this would be therapy in itself.

"Well, if you think so, then ok," Peter reluctantly yet eagerly accepted the offered invitation. After all, it wasn't often he was invited to eat out, and to eat something better than he would make for himself would be a real treat. Getting to see the dreamgirl from the pool would be an added bonus.

"Good, it's settled, lets get down there. Smells like dinner is just about done," Scott said.

Annabelle heard the voices coming down the stair case heading into the kitchen instead of to the front door as usual. She instantly panicked regarding her choice in clothing having left nothing to the imagination. Dad had never invited any of his clients into the family quarters so she was always safe to stand in here completely naked if she wanted to. She felt like a rabbit in a hawks nest. No where to go and no way to hide.

Well, if this is the same stranger that already saw her at the pool, then he already saw everything she had to hide. That thought created an instant wetness between her legs. Suddenly she hoped it was the same stranger.

Scott entered first coming right over to her as if there were no company in the room, picked her up spinning her around causing her to wrap her legs around his waist so they didn't go flying awkwardly behind her. He planted a passionate kiss on her neck as his arms held her in a bear hug pretending to do this ritual every day (which wasn't too far from the truth actually). Annabelle could feel Scott's hardness immediately quite aware of her own bareness to this stranger in their kitchen.

Sliding her down his legs he introduced Peter to his daughter as Annabelle's skirt rose over her butt cheeks completely before being pulled down again by her dad. After her dad flaunting her as such Annabelle felt no shame in giving this stranger a hug so she sauntered right up to a very flustered Peter and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him close to her.

Peter felt very peculiar wanting to take this girl right then and there, but this girl was (A) only a girl, and (B) his therapists daughter - not to mention his therapist standing right there. Scott gave him a wink and a nod encouraging him to give Annabelle a hug in return.

Peter couldn't stop himself. He needed to feel this girl against him. He lifted her as her father did when they first came in the room and was rewarded as her legs instantly went around his waist. He could feel her scantily clad heat through his trousers and couldn't stop himself from dry humping her right there as her perky young boobs were mashed to his chest. He felt guilty by these actions, but her responsiveness and her dad not stopping this encouraged him.

Peter nibbled lightly on her neck causing her to lean back slightly affording him better access to her sensitive adams' apple area as she squeezed against him rubbing her wetness all over the front of his trousers. Scott was throbbing painfully as he watched this wanton display of passion. He was hoping for this, but didn't think it would have happened so quickly. Peter reluctantly set her on her feet before he messed his pants but not before kissing her lips and being rewarded by her pineappley tasting tongue sliding between his unexpecting lips.

Annabelle was surprised at her unabashed reaction to the stranger. She never thought she would be so eager to jump onto a person other than her dad. 'What is going on? Why did dad allow that to happen? Why is this person even here? Why did dad grab me like that when he first came in anyway?' She resolutely decided not to change her attire after these antics wondering just where this evening would take them.

"Peter, why don't we go upstairs and find something a little more comfortable for you to wear than those trousers, shall we?" Scott stated nonchalantly as if he didn't just witness his daughter and this man just about fucking in his kitchen. "Dinner is just about done then we can help Annabelle set the table."

"Um, yeah, sure," Peter said still unsure what was going on, but deciding to roll with the flow. This girl was very hot and Peter was very ready. Scott was obviously not going to stop them from touching and heavy petting at least. Maybe they could watch a movie and he could get her to sit on his lap and he could 'accidentally' dip his stick into her fill hole.

Peter watched as Scott hugged his daughter close again and pretended not to notice his hands squeezing her butt cheeks raising her skirt up again. He was almost surprised but not having a daughter of his own didn't know if that was how they showed affection or not - he knew some families were extremely touchy feely like that.

The two men left the room and Annabelle reeling in confusion at what was happening. Daddy had never ever introduced her to any of his clients before. Daddy had never ever touched her like that in front of anyone, and he never ever brought anyone home ever without telling her first because she sometimes surprised him by wearing little or nothing. Daddy wasn't even mad that she rode this man as he held her. Her confusion gave way to excitement as she set the table.

'I don't get it, I don't understand why daddy would let this man do this, or her for that matter. Was daddy testing her before she went to school? Was Daddy trying to get her to be with this man? This man certainly wanted to be with her, and he felt bigger than daddy when she dry humped him. Daddy certainly seemed to like watching it happen. The lump in his pants proved that.' Annabelle thought to herself as she finished up with dinner and started to pull it off the stove.

The men came back in wearing loose trunks and polo tee shirts that clung to their bodies like gloves. As promised they helped set the table with the dishes and they sat down to eat. Annabelle could hear the men talking, but all she could think about was what was hiding in the shorts of each man. She pretended to have an interest in the conversation, but wanted dinner to be over so they would all go into the other room.

Someone mentioned a movie when dinner was over, and she said that sounded good after the kitchen was clean. Scott said the kitchen wasn't overly important and he would help with it later. That made Annabelle very very happy. She loved being relieved of some of her chores even if for a little while.

Annabelle caught the men at several times looking at her chest barely covered by her lacey bra and buttoned blouse. She even pretended to have a button open by accident and not notice it happened. These antics were making her very antsy and all she wanted was to be alone with her dad, the love of her life, and relieve these feelings that were inside her. She wasn't so certain she could go through with doing anything with Peter, not that he wasn't attractive, just that she didn't know him and it made her feel funny.

They all retired into the living room after dinner to decide on what movie to watch. Flipping up the channels to the PPV guide and movie channels guide they finally settled on something and Peter and Scott sat side by side on the loveseat. Scott motioned Annabelle to sit on his lap, and she did. The lights were off in the room so the only illumination came from the TV. Scott planned this so Peter wouldn't see him working his daughter into more of a frenzy so she would be willing to do anything. Annabelle also didn't realize that Scott gave her a quarter shot of alcohol in her soda just to help her relax with the concept of what was going on.

The central air in the room cooled it to the point of wanting to have a light blanket covering their bare legs so Annabelle got up to get one from the hall closet. When she came back, she decided to try to sit between the two men. They each scooted to the ends as much as possible and she snuggly fit between them. Instantly, on each thigh was a hand caressing and teasing her. Her breath came quicker as she realized this must have been planned before hand.

As their hands slid higher up her thighs, she opened her legs and put one leg over each man next to her so her dripping pussy was open for attentions. Scott was watching from the reflection in the mirrors on the entertainment center as Peter pretended to watch the movie. Annabelle had her eyes closed as her hips started rocking trying to get either man or both men to touch her honey pot. Her hands were squeezing her generous boobs through the fabrics when one of her hands were guided to her right.

Peter could not take any more. He wanted to dive his hard throbbing cock into this not so innocent vixen. Coaxing her was easier than he thought. He realized the position of her legs raised the blanket up and the mirrors showed everything happening under the blanket. He decided to push this a bit farther and pulled her hand to his crotch. He groaned in instant appreciation as she grasped his raging painful hard-on through his shorts almost making him cum right then.

Scott unzipped the front of his daughters skirt showing the entire black thong to the mirrors and was rewarded when a hand not his own slid the fabric aside to play with a very erect clit. Annabelle was afire with passion and needed a thorough fucking by now as was evident by her rocking and whimpering against Peter's hand. Scott knew Peter should be at the point of no return by now as well.

Shifting in his seat he "accidentally" let his shorts slide off his hips and down his thighs. No one seemed to notice. He slowly slid the blanket off his daughter and Peter so he could watch the scene unfold with no obstructions.

Peter wanted to feel this girl on him - needed to feel her hot pussy tugging and sucking on his cock. He knew he would cum right away, but he needed it now. He started to gently pull her onto his lap and was rewared by her standing up, and straddling him, placing a knee on either side of his hips. He unbuttoned the last buttion holding her blouse on, and unsnapped her bra freeing her boobs to his waiting lips. As he did this, he felt hands tugging on his shorts and lifted his hips to allow them to be removed.

He groaned as his cock touched the hot wetness of her slit and pulled her nipple into his mouth alternatingly sucking and biting at it as if a child was nursing for milk. Feeling hands guiding him inside her, she cried out at his girth. He was fatter than daddy by alot and stretched her in a way she soon started to like.

Scott helped them only as far as sliding Peter's purple cock into his daughter and watched them fuck as if their lives depended on it. She rode him hard and fast and he grunted and groaned aloud already screaming his cumming. Scott hoped that wasn't going to be the end for this sex addict. He wanted to watch more, he wanted his daughter to be thoroughly fucked to exhaustion.

Annabelle was disappointed this stranger didn't last all that long and wanted more. She felt so hot and full of desire she was ready to fuck a horse if one was available to her. Tantalizing her guest by slowly sliding off his shrinking rod she stood and turned to Scott. The fire inside her was blazing in her eyes and only hot animalistic passion could quench this need.

Scott was temporarily taken aback by the stranger in his loving daughters eyes. He became frightened that he did a terrible thing by encouraging their tryst until she pulled his hair forcefully making her bend to her will. She ground her mouth to his sucking his tongue and raking her fingers over his back and through his well groomed hair. He found he was more turned on by this new fiery phoenix than he was by his lovely malleable daughter.

Laying her gently on the floor she wrapped her legs instantly around his waist drawing him in with her powerful swimming legs. He didn't fight her, but gave her the pounding she wanted. Their bodies moved with blinding speed and power as his balls slapped her ass loudly. Her pussy greedily sucked on his shaft each time he pulled out to pump forward again.

Peter was amazed and surprised at first with this display of wanton desire. He wasn't surprised when his monster awoke again begging for more. He watched father and daughter in their fever knowing they probably didn't even remember he was there. He began stroking his cock in tempo with them until he couldn't help himself. He needed more. He wondered only briefly if he would be able to get away with the images in his head.

He quietly got up, went into the bathroom and found some vaseline in the vanity. Their screams of passion urged him to quickly go join the fun. Hoping to have the element of surprise on his side he lubed his throbbing cock well and braced himself behind Scott feeling the heat of his passion burning his skin before he even touched Scott.

He grabbed Scott's hips slowing his movements enough to pace him and started rubbing his cockhead slowly against the pucker hole of Scott's virgin asshole.

"Mmm - different - but - not - bad," Scott said slowly as he slowed to experience both sensations. His cock being milked by his luscious daughter and something smooth teasing his pucker hole. He found himself pressing against this strange object trying to feel more. Taking that for encouragement Peter drove his cock to the hilt inside Scott.

Scott's shock, agony, and desire to get it out drove him to the hilt inside his daughter squishing her beneath him until she could barely get a breath inside. He began flexing his tortured ass hole trying to push Peter out unaware of his daughter's distress beneath him. Peter was soothing Scott as he was reaching around and playing at the base of Scott's buried shaft and Annabelle's clit.

Scott relaxed realizing the pain was subsiding somewhat and looked into his daughters bright red face. He lifted off her before she blacked out panicking that he had caused her severe distress. He was rewarded by her renewing her vaginal attack on his weapon squeezing and flexing tightening and milking Scott's twitching cock deep in her womb.

He began to pump her only to have the invading member in his ass start to pump him. The feeling was incredible. He knew with all these sensations he would not be able to last any longer than Peter when he first slid inside Annabelle.

Creating a rythm, the three bodies rocked against each other in an ever quickening dance. Peter had his 8" cock buried to his hairy balls then free to the tip only to have Scott's quivering ass suck it back in. Scott plunged his cock into his daughter hitting her cervix feeling the cock in his ass slide almost all the way out. He smacked his ass against Peter so hard their balls bounced together as Peter impaled Scott so completely.

Annabelle had wave after wave of orgasm with her father's new found depth and drive. She didn't know quite what Peter was doing behind her dad, but knew whatever it was, Dad seemed to like it - alot. He was screaming and pumping and diving and pumping hitting her deep inside. She had a new sensation that she never had before. She felt a huge pressure building and had the urge to try to push her Dad out of her. She could feel all her muscles inside tightening and trying to eject him from her.

Scott felt a new found tightness in his daughter as he watched a storm raging in her eyes and on her face. Her pussy seemed to develop a life and desire of it's own sucking at him and squeezing his cock to strangulation. He felt his balls tighening but didn't want all these sensations to end yet. He tried to slow down to hold off his building ejaculation, but his two lovers had other thoughts. Their bodies began moving in unison fucking his ass and his cock.

Peter grabbed Annabelle's hips around Scott and forced her to move faster and harder slamming up into Scott with each thrust of Peter's cock. Peter knew he was going to explode soon and knew Scott would not be able to hold off the waves of orgasm much longer. His balls tightened and he felt the first burst of cum as he rammed his cock deep into Scott's ass slamming Annabelle into Scott at the same time.

He felt a hot gush of water against his balls and legs making him scream in pleasure mashing Scott's body with Annabelle's and his. Scott felt Peter's cum splash deep inside his bowels and felt his own cum gushing out of his cock whose head was sucked deep inside Annabelle's womb. He felt Annabelle's cum flood out of her covering his balls and legs as it splashed the floor.

She had never cum so forcefully before. Their lovemaking had never been so violent and animalistic before. His cum was timed with the flex of the cock in his ass. He felt another twitch as another rope filled him and he sent another rope deep into Annabelle. Annabelle felt her dad's cum splashing deep in her belly where it had never hit before. She felt his cockhead squeezed by her cervix to the point of pain and felt total bliss. The pain increased her own orgasm.

Both Scott and Annabelle were seeing stars as wave after wave crashed down on them. Their bodies all three became a twitching cumming screaming mass of arms and legs trying to get deeper inside each other.

Scott was the first to collapse but was careful this time not to land on his fragile shivering daughter. He kept Peter inside him feeling Peter's cock start to wither. Reaching for the blanket that was cast off before he covered his daughter as he handed her a glass of water that was on the end table just in reach.

Peter was instantly remorseful of the entire incident and started to pull away as Annabelle dozed off to an exausted peaceful sleep.

"Oh, Scott, I- um - I- didn't---" Peter began. Scott cut him off by holding a finger to his lips signalling that Annabelle was going to sleep and they should not wake her.

Letting Peter pull out of his bruised and sore ass which oozed of Peter's cum he cautiously got to his knees. He certainly didn't want to sit on that for a while. Thank-goodness the weekend was here and there were no clients to attend. That would give him a few days to recouperate. Signalling Peter to follow him he headed into the bathroom to clean up. A shower was definitely in order.

"Peter, that was incredible - what made you do that?" Scott said slowly still trying to get his land legs back. He was all rubbery and wanted to lay down and sleep as well.

"I - couldn't help myself - I was just - so horny - I needed to.. I'm sorry - I will find a new therapist if you want," Peter was stumbling.

Scott couldn't help but chuckle at his new found friends suggestion. He also knew he would never be able to go back to having sex without the added stimulus of his ass being probed. He didn't think he was gay for a second, but certainly did enjoy the feeling of being full back there.

"You are not to blame for this. If anyone is, I am. I am not sorry though. Never, ever have I experienced something so - incredible as that. To feel you inside me as I was inside Annabelle... I know she has never had such an orgasm in her life. I know I haven't ever felt this feeling of rubberyness... no, you do not have to get a new therapist. Let's get cleaned up then get Annabelle to bed. It's late, stay the night and we can see where the daylight brings us." Scott said decisively as he ran the shower.

Peter was reeling. He just raped his therapist's ass, and he was being invited to spend the night. He just witnessed his therapist fucking his daughter, and he was being invited to spend the night. This was only a dream in a sex addicts life. Most times, charges were pressed, arrests were made, and hospitals were involved.

Scott got out of the shower as Peter got in. There was nothing more to say at this moment. Scott was looking forward to the daylight to see how his princess fared from such the abuse of a passionate night. Drying off he waited for Peter to finish in the shower instead of giving the other man a chance to escape.

Together they exited the bathroom naked as Scott indicated for Peter to grab all the clothes while he grabbed his daughter. Heading upstairs Scott felt his cock growing again from the closeness of his lovely daughter as well as the thoughts of tonights activities. He was sorry that she passed out so completely, then got an idea. She was already asleep, and he fucked her so hard once already - would she know the difference if he did it again? Would she react adversely if Peter pounded her sleeping asshole? He would have to find out and take the wrath later.

He was developing a passion all his own, he needed to see his daughter being fucked by other men. This could be an interesting past time for him. Especially with the school year starting.

He carried his princess into his room testing how asleep his lovely daughter was by telling Peter to come in with them. He lay Annabelle in the middle of the bed as he lay on one side, motioning Peter to lay on the other. Peter couldn't help but notice Scott's hard on pressing against his 13 year old daughter's leg as he caressed her nipple. Peter could feel his own erection growing.

Being encouraged to join in this dance he lay next to Annabelle following Scott's lead. He pressed his own growing hard on into her leg and teased her nipple. In her deep sleep she moaned her passion as her body began to react to the men's caresses. Peter became bolder as his passion began to take control again and reached between her legs finding her dripping swollen pussy. He began massaging her clit as he sucked gently at her puffy nipple.

Scott watched as Peter seduced Annabelle in her sleep. She reacted to each stimulus by moaning and her hips started to rock wth the clitoral orgasm Peter was building. He watched Peter lightly humping her leg and rolled the man onto his back. He lifted his princess so she was laying on her back on Peter. Scott positioned her so her slit was against Peter's eager hardon. He felt compelled to stroke Peter's cock against his daughters sleeping form.

Slowly and rythmically he stroked Peter's cock flicking it against his daughters swollen clit and pussy. Pulling out the vaseline Peter had earlier he coated Peter's cock as the other man groaned his delight pressing into Scott's hand. Scott prepped him only a few minutes more as he shifted sleeping princess Annabelle so her puckered hole was pointed directly at Peter's winking cock.

He could feel Peter's quivering anxiousness to dive deep inside her nether hole, but he didn't want her to experience it the same way he did. He was hoping he could control Peter's pace until his daughter was ready for more. He knew in her sleeping form all this would translate into a dream of sorts, but the mind truly was an amazing thing. Slowly pressing Annabelle's pucker hole onto the eager head of Peter's prick Scott groaned simultaneously with Peter as the head started to squeeze inside.

He watched as Peter's cock slowly disappeared inside her tightness and found himself strangling his own cock wanting to feel the pressures and tightness of an asshole sucking and milking his cock. He encouraged Peter to roll onto his side and helped to position Annabelle so she could breath, but Peter could fuck her ass easily. Scott started to prep his own cock to slide inside Peter's pooper. He pressed into Peter and understood just how Peter lost control when he drove his cock into Scott mercilessly earlier.

Peter pushed back against Scott signalling his readiness and eagerness to be impaled. Scott braced Peter's hips who in turn braced the sleeping form of Annabelle. Peter had pulled out just about completely of her ass eager to slam her onto him the same time Scott drove himself into Peter. He encouraged Scott by flexing and pressing onto Scott. Scott could not contain himself. He felt the constriction painfully squeezing his cock and needed more. He needed to feel the strain on his entire shaft.

Grabbing onto Annabelle's hips he replaced Peter's hands preparing to sandwich Peter the same way Peter sandwiched him earlier. Slamming Annabelle onto Peter mercilessly he also slammed himself into Peter. All three cried out in pain and exquisite pleasure.

Annabelle didn't waken although her body reacted eagerly to Peter's cock deep inside her. Both men knew they couldn't last long with the tightness constricting them. They both lost total control of speed as they pumped and fucked each other driving Annabelle onto Peter with each of Scott's thrusts.

Peter was the first to scream his orgasm after only a few strokes of Annabelle's tight tiny ass sucking and squeezing his cock. Scott was driven by Peter's orgasm feeling his own balls tighten in response. He spilled his seed inside Peter feeling darkness come over him as his sperm burst into Peter's bowels.

Annabelle was barely awake, and felt something ripping her butt apart. She wanted it out, but was too sleepy to move. She wiggled slightly hoping to find a less painful position only to feel it go deeper inside her. She realized when she felt the hands on her pussy that it was a cock in her ass. That realization brought a tingly sensation to her belly and a driblet of fluid from her pussy. She felt sleep overtaking her yet again as the cock in her ass twitched and she was being pumped on it.

Peter knew something had changed completely and forever. He was just hoping it was for the better. Not only had he converted a straight man to bi-sexuality, he had a hot vixen who seemed ready to go all the time awake or asleep. He fell asleep with Scott's cock still inside him and his cock still inside Annabelle.

He fell asleep dreaming of the evenings activities and a hopeful future.

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