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This is my first story, so i hope you like it... If you don't please give me advice! thanks!!

My name is Kelly and this is the story about me and my cousin’s best friend Jayson.

I was headed over to my cousins’ house one Friday which was common for me. I was best friends with the girl, Stacy (16) and her older brother was just like a brother to me, Dakota (18). Dakota constantly had hot friends coming over which made their house a common hang-out place for me. But my by far favorite of his friends was Jayson. Jayson was the type of guy who always flirts and needs attention from girls, and he got it. Jayson was 18 and has short blondish hair with a stunning pair of green eyes. He is about 6 ft even and is muscular from head to toe. He was a running back on the varsity football team for three years and was a star wrestler. Needless to say, he was gorgeous. Every time I would go over to their house he would give me all of his attention. I’m about 5’3’’ and have light brown long hair that has a natural wave to it. My body is slim and toned from a few sports (about 110lbs) and I’m tan from constantly being outside. My eyes are brown and on the medium-large side.. but in a cute way. I have been told that I have a cute face but an amazing body. I also have 32b boobs at my age of 16.
But this weekend felt different. I just got a new jeep and I was feeling great. I up my cousin’s long driveway (they live in the country) and my stomach lurched as I saw Jayson’s car sitting in the driveway. I parked my car and grabbed my bag I packed. I walked inside and threw my stuff into Stacy’s room. I walked into the living room and hugged my cousins and started chatting away with Stacy. When Jayson walked into the room his eyes lit up and he got a half smile on his face as our eyes met. I felt my face start to blush as he walked towards me.
“Oh, so I don’t get a hug?” he asked as he stood opposite me.
I felt my face start to burn even more and I reached for him into what I thought would be a casual hug. He pulled me close and I felt small under his strong, toned arms. His hand reached down and groped my ass making me push my hips forward. He pulled away and smiled and winked at me as he and Dakota walked outside to go down to the barn.. The barn was Dakota’s “hang-out” room and had a ping pong table set up for beer pong along with a cabinet stacked with vodka, whiskey, and other booze. I looked at Stacy to see if she noticed, but she seemed completely oblivious. I figured it’d be best not to tell her and I just acted as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.
That task is harder than it looks… Throughout the afternoon Jayson would make subtle moves on me when no one was looking and then acted completely normal. As soon as the sun went down Stacy and I headed to the barn with some extra vodka and mountain dew to surprise the boys. We walked in and saw Dakota and Jayson laughing and setting up cups for beer pong.
“Hey ladies, wanna play?” Dakota asked as I set the goods on the coffee table.
Stacy immediately smiled and nodded as she went to Dakota’s side.
The teams were me and Stacy, and Dakota and Jayson. As the night rolled on, Stacy and I constantly lost and were soon tipsy after about 5 beers. Dakota called it quits around 11 and said he had to work in the morning.. Stacy passed out in the spare bed, leaving me and Jayson in an awkward silence. When Jayson walked outside to answer his phone I walked into the smaller, cozier room in the barn. I pulled my sweatshirt off and threw it on the floor next to the couch.. I walked to the mirror and examined my body under my light jean shorts and a white tank top. I could see the pink lace of my bra peeking through and the matching lace on my thong slightly showing above my waistband. I pulled my shirt off revealing the light pink lace covering my 32b breasts. As my hand brushed over my smooth toned stomach, I thought of Jayson and watched as my nipples poked through the thin lace. I brought my hands up and undid my hair letting it fall down my back in soft bouncy waves.. as I ran my fingers back through it I heard a gasp from behind me. I spun around and saw Jayson standing in the doorway in basketball shorts with his boxers showing about an inch above them. I quickly covered myself with my arms and fiercely blushed as I noticed a slight bulge in his shorts. I half expected him to walk away embarrassed, but I was shocked when he walked towards me.
I stuttered as his hands wrapped around my waist and he pulled me close.
“you have no idea how much I want you. I’ve wanted you this whole night” he whispered in my ear as he nibbled on my neck.
I felt the beer start to kick in more and I pulled his face to mine and grabbed the back of his head as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. I ran my hands down his 6pack and pushed him onto the couch as his fingers unclasped my bra. I straddled his legs and let the bra fall. His hands found their way to my boobs and his fingers pinched my hard pink nipples. I moaned against lips as he rolled my nipples and massaged my sensitive breasts.
I stand up and turn around so my back is facing him and I bend over as I slowly pull my thong down about an inch and then pull it back up. I turn back around and pull my panties off and toss them to the side revealing my hairless wet pussy. Jayson swallows and pulls me towards him by my hips and plants kisses on my stomach down towards my pink pussy. He stands up and runs his thumb over my clit making me shiver in his arms. He lays me down on the couch and starts to suck on my nipples.
“Oh fuck baby! That feels soo good!” I moan as he softly nibbles on my nipples.
He smiles and moves down my body continuously planting kisses until he reaches my wet pussy. He runs his tongue up my lip making me gasp and grip onto the back of the couch. He slides two fingers into me and starts to move them in and out as I moan his name. He takes my moaning as an approval and simultaneously starts to suck on my clit making my body tense up and my hips buck.
“Ohhh Jayson!!” I scream as he sucks harder on my clit. My hips start to buck harder and he shoves his fingers into my tight hole one last time as I cum on his hand and chin. I flip him over so I am ontop and I pull his hand to my mouth sucking on one finger as a time. I taste my sweet cum and grind my hips into his making him let out a low grunt. He leans up on his elbows and says into my ear “just suck me off baby, I want you soo bad”
I pull his boxers and shorts down making his 8” cock spring out at me. My eyes widen and he smiles and laughs as my small hand wraps around it. I lean down and flick my tongue at the tip, tasting the precum. He exhales and rolls his head back as I start to take the head into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around the tip and moan making the head vibrate against my cheek.
“aw fuck Kelly” he grunts “you’re so fucking good”
I start to take more of his cock in my mouth as his hand finds the back of my head and grips onto my hair. He pushes my head down and I feel his cock hit the back of my throat as I suck in. he keeps moaning my name and groaning as I bob my head up and down the whole length. I massage his balls with my left hand and wrap my fingers around the base of his cock as I pull my mouth off of it.
“I can’t take it any longer Jayson just fuck me!” I pant… he smiles at my enthusiasm.. and horniness. He hesitates and lowers his head as he mutters “shit” under his breath.
“What’s your problem?!” I ask a little too abruptly.
“I.. I don’t have a condom”
“Fuck it. I’m on the pill” I whisper in his ear as I smile at him.
He grins and forcefully pulls me closer and my hips hover over his hard cock. I slowly lower myself and I moan as he fills my tight cunt up. His hands rest on my hips. He guides me up and down on his shaft as my hands grip onto his shoulders. He reaches towards my clit and presses down on it with my thumb making me dig my nails into his shoulders and arms. I nearly scream in pleasure as I feel my cunt tighten around his cock.
He pushes me up and presses me against the wall making my boobs press against his strong chest. He pulls my leg up and slides his cock into me slowly pumping in and out. He grabs my ass and pulls me up and my legs wrap around his waist as he starts to pump harder. I feel his cock start to pump into my gspot and I dig my nails into his back and scream into the nape of his neck. I arch my back and roll my head back as I scream “I’m gonna cum!” He thrusts harder and groans as my cunt tightens around his shaft and my cum runs down it to his balls. He lays me back down on the couch and fucks me hard making his balls slap against my ass. He grits his teeth and groans “I’m gonna fucking cum!” I tighten my grip on his upper arms and he grunts as he shoots his load into my wet pussy. I feel 6 strings of his hot cum hit my walls as he softens and pulls out of me. He sits up and leans his head back and we breathlessly say “wow” in chorus. I giggle and he smiles a wide cocky smile at me and pulls a blanket over us.
I wake up in the morning to his arms around me and my head nestled on his chest under his chin. I slightly move and he groans “no… stay”. I’m pulled back into him and he kisses the top of my head. Just as we close our eyes again we hear voices from the other room and footsteps coming towards the door…

I will continue if i get good comments

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2012-01-06 14:46:15
Alright aligrht alright that's exactly what I needed!

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2011-06-17 08:32:58
lol fuck it I'm on the pill.


2010-11-03 16:48:33
First, an 18yr old guy has more than one shot. Second, the first event he doesn't need oral; maybe the second or third yes. Third, after shooting a load or finishing for the evening, there is a need for relief (bladder). Fourth, the birth control is a good choice to include.


2010-09-29 07:45:34
Good, quick, story. I thought the stripping in the mirror to be a little contrived, but it still worked well.

One more thing, you readers leave a comment. Pos/Neg votes are good, but the comments are what helps improve the story.

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2010-09-25 10:48:20

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