Are all surpises good?
This is my entry to MrFors' Calling All Writers Challenge.

“Oh!” I yelped as I stumbled on the steps. “Please slow down.”

“Now honey,” he said in a hoarse whisper. “You’ll have to trust where I lead you and keep up.”

“I don’t like this one bit. You said there was a surprise, but you never told me I’d be blindfolded.”

He dropped the hand he was using to lead me and moved behind me at the bottom of the stairs. His arm went around my waist and his breath was hot on my neck. I felt his excitement probing my ass.

“Would you rather I stop here and end the game?” he asked, sounding annoyed with me.

My “surprise” started in the car when he slid the blindfold over my eyes. I had no idea where I was.

“No please,” I begged. “Don’t stop. I’m sorry to sound impatient. I’m just a little uneasy, you know?”

“Don’t you trust me, honey?”

I leaned back against his hard body, “With my life.”

He now guided me though a door, which I heard close and lock behind us. The air was filled with a combination of musk and patchouli. He moved away for just a brief moment. Standing alone, I felt my body become excited. My hard nipples ached and the nub between my legs began to throb. I jumped when I felt him tie the silken fabric around one wrist, and then the other.

He pulled my bound arms and made me follow him, once more. I couldn’t have taken more than twenty steps before I felt him drop my arms, so I stopped. His strong hands went to my shoulders and pushed me forward until my legs touched the piece of furniture in front of me. Very gently, he pushed me forward to crawl onto a bed.

“Now lay down on your back, honey,” was his next order.

The bed was covered with what felt like eight hundred thread count sheets. I knew exactly what was expected of me. I spread my arms and legs, feeling my dress slide up my thighs when I did.

As I expected, I felt him gently secure my arms to the corners of the bed. My breathing became shallow and fast with excitement.

He was gentle when he removed my shoes, and I heard him drop them on the wood floor. Slowly, I felt his hands slide up my stocking-covered legs, grab hold of the lace-edged hose and begin to slide them down. He sucked on my toes after he set them free. I pulled at my restraints, writhing with pleasure on the bed.

“Oh baby,” I said panting. “You know what that does to me.”

“Yes I do, honey. Now be a good girl, lay still, and shhhh….”

His hands felt hot against the cool skin on my legs. I felt him loop more fabric around my ankles, and then secure them to the other corners of the bed. He inched his way up my body, lightly trailing his fingers around my ankles, up my shins, massaging my inner thighs with feather-like touches. And then, leaving me wanting more, he pulled his hands away.

I felt him pull at the belt tied at my waist that helped to keep my dress closed. Within seconds I felt it loosen and he opened my dress. In my mind, I could visualize him looking down on me. I imagined my head lying on a white pillow, my navy dress opened against white sheets. I knew from the way I was breathing, my chest was heaving, my nipples straining against the pale blue lace bra, and my thong was wet with my excitement.

I heard his breath catch in his throat and then felt his lips on my cheek.

“This is going to be so good,” he whispered, leaving a moist kiss near my ear.

I felt him get off the bed and strained to hear what he was doing. He was completely silent, and I tingled in anticipation of what was going to come next.

I felt it on my forehead first, then down along my cheek; soft fur across my face and onto my neck. I trembled at his touch. It was so soft and so sensual. I wanted him to wrap my entire body in the fur and hold me, but he wouldn’t. He just kept running what I imagined was a fur-covered mitt over my throat and shoulders.

With one quick movement, I felt him pop the clasp on the front of my bra. The light-weight lace fabric was pushed aside and he slid the fur around each of my heaving globes, barely touching my very sensitive nipples.

I clenched my teeth as I moaned, “Ohhhh, Mmmmiiii…..”

“Shhhh honey, just lay still and enjoy,” he said, interrupting my plea.

I forced myself to appear outwardly calm, but inside I was jumping. I wanted to grab him and kiss him and wrap my legs around him, but that wasn’t going to happen. He was going to do things the way he wanted, at his own pace.

Across my ribs, over my belly, he moved his hand. Occasionally, he would go back to my breasts, and another moan would escape my lips. Still he continued to move the fur over my thighs, calves, and feet.

The touching stopped and I was left in silence, with my body feeling like it was on fire. The cold touch of metal on my hip caused me to jump. I heard the “snip” of fabric being cut and then felt my thong fall away from my body. Knowing I was completely exposed, but not sure of my surroundings, caused a chill to run through me. The anticipation was almost more than I could take, when I felt “it” touch the bottom of my foot.

I don’t know what “it” was. It felt like it was probably a wheel with tiny spur-like teeth. All that popped in to my mind was a “pizza cutter”. He began running it up and down the bottom of my foot, then over the top of my toes, traveling up my leg, before repeating the movement on my other leg.

There was no pain, not even a minor prick. All I felt was cold, hard steel tracing my body. He ran the object up my shin bones and then softly around my knees, before continuing up my thighs. He paused, very briefly, when he reached the top of my leg.

I squeaked when he lifted it off my skin and placed it at the bottom of the crease where my pussy meets my leg. The cold metal in the crease made me squirm.

“Shhhh, honey, settle down,” he said.

Up and down, across the top of my mound and down the crease on the other side. I shivered again, wondering what was next. When he touched it to my puffy lips, I felt myself grow wetter. He never touched my clit, but what he was doing made it throb even more. It felt like he did this for hours, when I know it was only minutes before he moved further up my body.

“Oh, oh, oh,” I cried when he came to my hard nipples.

I cringed but yet yearned for the sensations being caused by the cold metal. Around my breasts, over my nipples, back down to my ribs and all over my belly before returning to my breasts, once more. My limbs trembled uncontrollably as he ran over the diamond-hard peaks of my breasts.

“Please babe, please….” I panted.

He stopped touching me and all I felt was his warm breath at my ear, “Not yet, honey.”

“I don’t know how much more of this I can take,” I began to beg. “If you don’t….”

Once more I was interrupted; this time by an icy cold kiss on my lips. When he pulled away, I felt cold water from a melting ice cube drip into my mouth.

“Oh God, no – you wouldn’t! Not ice,” I pleaded.

“Shhhh,” was all he said.

I tried not to panic while he began this new sensory game. My body felt like it was lying on a bed of coals, and now he began to move an ice cube over my neck, leaving trails of water behind. This didn’t hurt, and wasn’t intolerably cold, but I was caught up in the suspense. Being blindfolded and not knowing was driving me crazy.

He held the cube over my nipple until I thought I would scream, and then all of a sudden it was gone and replaced by his now hot mouth. I relished that feeling until I felt him cover my other nipple with ice, at the same time. The contrast of hot and cold on my breasts cause me to arch and pull at my bonds, again. And still, he stayed silent.

He released my breast from his mouth and moved to warm the other one. I sighed, feeling more at ease until I felt the icy cold moving down the center of my body, to my navel.

He let the ice melt, until it filled my little indentation and then trickled out, over my waist and hips. I shivered at the touch of cold water running around my body.

After he left my chest, I felt him suck the water out of my navel, then press his tongue deep. At the same time, the ice traveled ever south. He stopped at the top of my slit, holding the ice there, letting it melt. With my legs secured wide-open, its coldness found its way inside. It was icy wet meeting my hot moisture.

I thought he was through; the ice felt like it was just about gone, by the way he held it. He removed the chip from near my clit and as I breathed a sigh of relief, he pushed the remains deep inside me. If I could have jumped off the bed, I would have. As fast as he pushed it in, shocking me with its freezing touch, it was gone. The last of it had melted inside me.

There was silence. I couldn’t hear a thing. If he was moving, it was like a cat burglar. Not a rustle, not a jingle, nothing. My heart started to race and it was though I could hear it pounding in my ears. The hairs on my body were standing up. My breathing sped up and I was rolling my head back and forth, straining to hear anything.

“Open your mouth,” his deep whisper broke the silence. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”

I had no idea what he was going to do, but I knew I trusted him.

“Taste,” he said as warm drops hit my tongue.

I was confused. It was sweet, but without sight or smell, I couldn’t place it. I tried rolling the small amount he had given me around in my mouth, but still I couldn’t figure it out.

“Now smell.”

The spicy fragrance of the air was pushed aside by the warm, comforting aroma of chocolate. I smiled and stuck my tongue out for more.

“No honey,” he said. ‘This is for me to indulge.”

He kissed me long and slow. My mouth opened slightly, inviting him in. When he joined me, he pushed more chocolate into my mouth. Our tongues danced in the creamy sweetness.

When he broke away, that’s when I felt it – the drop, drop, drop of chocolate down my body. I could feel him place a straight line of sweet, down my middle. Then he dripped the chocolate around my breast in a circle - then another, and another, going ever closer to my nipple, finally covering it. He moved to the other breast and I wondered what my skin looked like, with the dots of chocolate all over it.

He finished the artwork on my chest and began to drop chocolate on my freshly shaved valley. It seemed as if he were creating an arrow, pointing down toward the pot at the end of the rainbow. I didn’t think it was possible, but I felt myself become even wetter, now.

I knew he was going to lick the chocolate off me, but I had no idea how turned on the touch of his tongue would make me. Starting at the base of my neck, he flattened his tongue and made a very broad, slow, firm swipe, removing the first drop of chocolate. He placed a kiss where the sweet drop had been. Oh God, I thought, he was going to do his best to drive me crazy with desire.

He traveled in a straight line down my belly, using the same deliberate movement he had from the start, lick then kiss. He stopped short of my mound and turned his attention to my breasts. His speed increased, his tongue was less broad and each of his licks was followed by a nibble. Round and round my breast, he got closer and closer to my chocolate covered nipple.

He paused for just a moment. I visualized him looking at me like a tasty treat, licking his lips before he licked me. I was shocked when he covered the end of my breast with his mouth. There was no licking – he was sucking and lightly chewing on me. My back arched and I again pulled at the silken ties that kept me his prisoner. I wasn’t sure of anything anymore – only that I felt like I would lose what control I had left, at any moment.

He feasted on my body. As his mouth devoured my other breast, his hand massaged the first. My hips began to move uncontrollably, with what little movement my restraints allowed. I was throbbing with sexual tension. It was that horrible feeling of having an itch you can’t scratch. I felt him get off my chest and move between my legs. I was moaning, trying to tell him what I wanted, but I know there was only gibberish coming out of my mouth. My begging made no sense at all.

I felt him start in the crease of my leg, near my hole, and lick all the way up. He did the same on the other side. I was trembling uncontrollably and I felt my juices begin to flow. When he started licking my mound with his broad flat swipes, I lost it. My abdomen began to undulate. I felt my pussy muscles begin to contract, trying to milk something that didn’t exist. I felt the perspiration bead up on my forehead and I gritted my teeth as I began to moan. I was in the midst of the most exquisite orgasm, without him ever touching my pussy or clit.

He never stopped; he covered my smooth skin with his tongue, lapping up the chocolate he had drizzled on me. I strained and panted and begged him to stop, but I knew he wouldn’t. Only when he was satisfied that he had properly cleaned me, did he back off, leaving me to calm down while my cum puddled at my ass.

“Oh my God,” I panted. “Never… never… oh God… please….”

“Honey, you’re not making any sense. What do you want?” he asked slyly. “Do you want this?”

I felt him open my lips and then felt his hot breath. His tongue started at my crinkled bud and moved straight up to my clit. He repeated the movement several times while I lay like a helpless victim; a victim who was receiving more pleasure than she had ever received in her life.

I knew my clit was distended and I felt it throb in time to my heart beat. Each time he touched it, I jumped, even though I anticipated his movements. Finally, on one of his journeys up my slit, he stopped to latch on, while pushing his fingers inside me, reaching my g-spot.

I immediately knew what would happen. He sucked and massaged until I cried out. Then he lowered his mouth to my hole, lapping the wetness as I squirted. He knew that rarely happened to me; only when I allowed all control to be removed. He was in control and I loved it.

He stopped everything and let me calm down. I couldn’t breathe normally. I was too excited. He lightly ran his fingers over my thigh and I lurched as much as I could, being secured. Then I heard him chuckle and felt him begin to pull at the silk that held my legs, until I was free to move them.

“Ready, honey?”

“Oh God, for what? What’s left?”

He picked up my legs and put them on his shoulders. I could feel him run his engorged cock up and down my slit. My clit was so sensitive; I still jumped when he touched it. Up and down he moved until I felt him stop at my waiting hole.

I couldn’t breath. He was silent, waiting, making me wait, and to the point I want to scream at him.

“Miii….,” my cry was cut short as I felt him move.

With one slow, sensual movement he pushed his hot dripping shaft inside me. I suddenly felt complete; my void filled by him. Taking his time, he began to rock back and forth, urging me to come with him on this adventure he created for me.

We moved together, slowly, allowing the other to feel every inch of pleasure. As he began to increase his speed, I pressed my legs into his shoulders, lifting my hips, urging him deeper. This spurred him on. All the foreplay he had performed was foreplay for him, too. There was a sense of urgency in his thrusts now and I could feel his need for relief.

Harder and faster he moved. His breathing came in pants, and I felt his sweat drip down on me. His cock became hotter and I could feel it swell. His legs began to tense and I knew from his grunts that he was close. I clamped my muscles around his cock and opened myself up to follow his lead. I wanted us to experience this together.

He drove himself into me, plunging in as deep as our bodies would allow. With one last heave, he released the passion he had kept inside all night. When I felt the heat fill me, my flood gates opened and we joined. He rocked and pushed, filling me until I could hold no more. As his body started to relax, I felt our essences seep from my body. My legs stayed on his shoulders because it was the only way I could hold him. When he gently pulled away from me and my legs fell on the bed, I felt so alone.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” he asked, seeing a tear slide out from under my blindfold.

He could hear the quivering in my voice. “I need you to hold me. I need to hold you.”

“Oh baby,” he said as he gently loosened my ties.

I moved to take the blindfold off, but he stopped me.

“Not yet,” he whispered as he pulled me into his arms.

Our arms were around each other, our legs were intertwined. For the first time that evening, I was able to bury my head in his neck and breathe his scent. I kissed him on his cheek, along his jaw and up to his lips. I couldn’t have held him closer if I had tried.

He smoothed the hair off my brow and ran his hands down my back. I shivered.

“You okay?” he asked.

“I still feel like every nerve ending is on fire,” I said, trembling in his arms.

He lifted the blindfold off my eyes. It took me a couple of minutes to focus and see we were on a four poster canopy bed, in a room filled with lighted candles. I looked at him, silently questioning, because I had no idea where we were.

All he said was, “Surprise honey – happy birthday.”
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