how i changed my wife into liking sex
Hi my name is Mike I got married 20 years ago to my wife Tina .Tina is a very pretty women she is 5 foot tall sandy blonde hair. Her body is perfect tight round butt and 34 b cup tits.Shortly after we were married she got religion and changed into a perfect little catholic lady wearing only long dresses and they button all the way up the front to the neck.

She became very conservative never wanting to have sex if I was lucky once a month.

When we decided to have children we had sex once and 9 months later she gave birth to Mark.
Tina did not want to have anymore children so mark was our only son. A few years went by Tina and I were celibrating our 15 wedding anniversary. Life went on don’t get me wrong Tina was a very nice person. She always was smiling and very kind to people. Its just that she was not interested in sex at all. I never see her naked. She always shut the door and locks it when she was in the shower. And would wear long nightgowns to bed.

This all changed when one day I was home alone mark was in school now he was in 2nd grade 8 yrs old now. I was browsing the internet and came across some studies on hypnosis. I spent all day reading up on it.
In my mind I was thinking that I might be able to hypnotize Tina and change her a little so that I could have some sort of love life with her.I learned all the different ways to put someone under and how some people were very easy to hypnotize.
Tina got home about 4 and the problem was getting her to let me try to put her under hypnosis.
I came up with the plan it was for Marks science project. So while Tina was fixing supper, I went to Marks room after he got home from school and talked to him.
Hey mark how was school today? Fine I wish summer was hear I am tired of school. It will be hear soon enough you only got 4 months till it is hear.
Mark the how would you like to help me play a trick on your mom? He smiled at me and said you what do you want me to do? Well remember your science fair project last year? Yea? Well we are going to tell your mom we are working on the one for next year and ask her if she wants to be the test subject. Then I will help you from there if she lets us which will be no problem if you ask her. Ok but will she get mad when she finds out I am not telling the truth. She wont find out. Just trust dad and leave it all up to me. We are going tell your mom you are working on movement and how the brain controls everything we do. Ok dad when do we start. Well lets talk about it at supper tonight with mom and mybe we can start after that.

About that time Tina yelled up to us that supper was ready.
Mark asked his mom and she was more than happy to helpso after supper we went into the living room and I told mark what to do as he sat in front of his was not working so I told them I would sit in and show mark what to do. I think me talking was to much distraction for tina to be hypnotized.
I sat in a chair across from my wife and told her to take my hands.ok while you are holding my hands look at the top button on my shirt. Stair at it. don’t take your eyes off it.
Now while you are looking at the bottton stay focused on it and push down on my hands.
While you are pushing down on my hands and looking at the button grip my hands and feel my touch on them.while you are looking at the button and pushing down on my hands and griping them listen to my voice. Listen to every word. Keep stairing keep pushing.
As I was saying this over and over the room got quiet and mark sat there watching his overload for the brain if you are calm enough I was using the senses at the same time touch feel hearing sight and at the same time making her try to push my hands down.

Tina’s eyes grew heavy and closed. I kept repeating myself over and over till her grip loosed and her head fell forward and I was sure she was asleep.Tina can you hear me? Yes.she said in a quiet voice.
I lean over and tell mark to leave and go to his room that I can wake his mom up with out him there..
After mark left I said Tina raise your head. She did.From now on you will do what ever I tell you. understand? Yes.

Ok stand up. She stood. Unbutton the top 4 buttons on your dress.I sit there in amazement as my wife did as I said. I could see her chest and a hint of cleavage .she would never do this on her own. Before I go to far I sit her back down and tell her.From now on what ever I say you will do. you wont question me or anything. When I wake you I will always be in control you will not remember this or anything about Marks science project. Only that you will do what ever I ask. Ok 1 2 3 wake up.

Tina woke and looked around and said I must of dosed off.I said lets go to bed then.we stood and she said its only 7.that’s ok just go to are bed room.she stood to go and noticed her shirt unbuttoned and covered her chest from me and I followed her to the bedroom.She started for the bathroom off the side of our room to get ready for bed and I told her to get undressed hear and she stoped at the foot of our bed and with her back to me pulled her dress over her head and droped it to the floor. Then she unhooked her bra and let it drop. I told her to turn around and as she did she covered her breast with her hands and looked down. I stood ther and looked at my near naked wife. All she had on was underwear. If we did have sex in the last year it was in the dark and I never got to see her.I told her to take off her underwear and she bent and slide them down off her feet and I said stand up and with your hands at your sides.she stood like a school girl her head down .uncomfortable with me staring at dick was rock hard I tell her to sit down on the edge of the bed and I drop my pants and stand in front of her. I say to her suck me.she reached up with her eyes closed and took me in her mouth for the first time ever.the felling was so intense I start rocking my hips and grab her hair and start fucking my wife mouth and all at once I cum hard and tell her to swallow it. She did every drop and then just sat there.I feel guilty she clearly did not like it and she just sat there looking down at her lap not saying anything.she was like a robot just doing what ever I said.
Then it came to me. Tina you like sex with me and really enjoy being in bed with are not ashamed of your body and want me to lust over it.
She looked up and smiled and took hold of my dick and started stroking it. I got hard again and she laid back and I climbed ontop my wife and slid into her. She wraped her legs around me and I fucked her as hard as I could. Like I never had and I fwlt her cum for the first time ever.
After a hour I fell to the side of her and we lay there.I few minutes she got up and went and took a shower.
She got out of the shower and went to get dressed and I said not she went to the door. Where you going? Tuck mark in its 10 his bed time. naked? You told me not to get dressed.before I could say any thing she left the room and went down the hall to marks room.I huried after her and peeked in the door.
Tina was sitting on the edge of marks bed and his eyes was glued to his mom tits. They were pointed at the end and sloped up slightly on the tips. She had a few freckles on wife was a sexy woman . More sexy than I could of ever imagined. Tina bent forward and kissed mark on the forhead and then got up and went to his window to shut it.
Mark just looked at his moms body as she struggled to shut the son is getting a good show from his mom. I go back to our room and Tina came in a few min later. It was a turn on for me to see her walk around naked in front of mark and I wanted to see it again. I was rock hard from my peeping in on them. I get my hands free cell blue tooth and put it on her ear and tell her to go back to marks room and close the door and lock she leaves I call the blue tooth and tell her to not to talk to me just do what I tell her.I go outside and peak in the window just as she was locking the door.Ok tina turn the light on and pick up marks toys on the floor.I watch mark watch his naked mom walked around his room and picked up his toys.Ok go to mark and pull his covers down. Mark was sleeping in only his underwear and could see he was hard from watching his mom. Pull his underwear off. She did so.Ok now suck him.Tina leaned forward and started sucking her son bobbing her head up and down . Mark just said nothing and looked down at his mom.I said climb on top him and stradle him stick it in you and grind yourself into him till you cum.
Tina climbed up on mark and started fucking him grinding herself into him. Look him in his eyes tina look at your son while you fuck him. Tina was rocking her hips back and forth and staring down at her son while she ground herself as deep into her as he could.I sat and listened to her as the bed banged the wall and tina was breathing heavy.ok tina as you cum tell mark you are tell him how it feels.Oh mark baby mommy is going to cum it feels so good baby fuck your mommy ohh ohh im cummming og mark you feel so good mm m oh im cumming again baby fuck your mommy.she was doing this on her own she was out of control and I did not have to tell her what to do. She rolled over and puled mark with her. She took her feet and put her heels on marks butt and pulled him into her deeper. Fuck mommy mark keep going. His little 4 inch dick was just going in and out of his moms pussy as fast as it could. Tina was helping him with her hand and feet pulling him into her .she was raising her hips to meet his thrust and started kissing her son passionately . Sticking her tung in his mouth like she was fucking it. Humping and moaning.she was sweating a lot and I could tell she was about done. She came once more and collapsed on the bed.she came out of her sexual lust and got up and covered mark up and sliped out of the room. I meat her in our room and said where u been. she said tucking in mark for the night not remembering I was telling her what to do.I am on fire now so hot my dick hurt I needed to cum before we went to bed so I grabed her and bent her over the bed and started fucking her from behind I slamed myself in and out of her till I came. Tina did not say a word just crawled up into the bed and we went to sleep.

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2016-05-04 19:33:33
Wow... thisstory is a terrible rip-off of another hypnosis story - except that ond had much betterspelling and grammar checked before being posted.

If this is genuine and not a rip-off, you clearly need to work on your story telling skills while you have someone proofread it for you.

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2013-12-20 04:59:48
u know, the best way to solve a problem like that is NOT hypnosis. thats just rape in another way

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2010-11-24 14:03:32
on a scale of one to ten i give that a seven

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2010-11-04 15:04:55
Learn how to spell!! I couldn't even follow the story because the spelling was so bad.

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2010-10-01 15:06:19
Mom and I are lovers. She let me have her mature pussy for educational/physical/spiritural enjoyment. She said that a little man like me(I am 13) needs to learn from a good teacher like her. Her cunt is fat, soft and juicy. Mom is the best. I love her.

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