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Who would you like to be in this tale of nightly fun?
This story is my entry in the third forum writers challenge.
I tried to push the boundaries on anonymity and keep it vague enough so that either gender could be the main lead and nothing extreme was done, keeping it believeable.
Or at least, that was what I was aiming for, judge for yourself

It is still dark when you wake me up with your soft moans.
The first thing I notice is that the night has become chilly and that I feel pleasantly aroused.
With a soft yawn I stretch my arms, tensing my body for a stretch.
Relaxing in the short afterglow of a good stretch, I bury my head in my pillow again, listening to your breathing.
You breath is short and shallow, a soft gasp breaks your rhythm and I feel your body twist a bit next to me.

A quick glance at the alarm clock on the nightstand tells me it’s only been two hours since we had gone to bed.
I shudder for a second as goose bumps form on my skin in reaction to a draft in the night chill.
As usual you have hogged the covers again but this time not for the warmth.
Slowly I turn around to face you.
In the soft starlight that shines through our bedroom window I can make out your beautiful body, pressed around the twisted covers as in a lovers embrace.

A thin layer of perspiration covers your skin and you make small movements as in response to some erotic outside stimuli.
For a moment I wonder to whom you are making love in your dream but that feeling of jealousy is nipped in the butt quickly.
Your dream may have started this midnight play date but I am going to reap the benefits and finish it.

As quietly as I can I make my way to the bathroom and freshen up a bit, a quick brush of the teeth and a splash of water over my face.
I grin at my reflection in the mirror, I know that look well, a dash of lust and some love sprinkled over my trademark naughty look.
When I return to the bedroom, you have taken my absence as a sign to take over the entire bed.
It matters not to me, it will only give me more access to your naked body.

For a moment I consider my options and where to start, quickly coming to the conclusion that the most fun would be to arouse you even more while letting you dream on.
Taking great care not to disturb you, I remove part of the covers from your body and softly blow over your exposed moist skin.
Goosebumps form where my breath caresses your skin and a soft shudder passes through your body.
Your hand lazily rubs over the spot where my breath chilled you and you turn to lie on your back.
I take a step back and look upon your sleeping form.

Once more I am reminded of how lucky I felt when we met and how deeply we fell in love.
My eyes travel over every inch of your body, enjoying every detail.
I cannot help but play with myself for a moment, the anticipation of what is to come is very strong.
The pleasure I create with a few movements of the hand is nothing compared to the ecstasy you manage to create for me but it helps me get my focus back to my task at hand.

Touching your feet with my hands ever so softly, I stroke the skin in such a way it relaxes and not tickles.
A sigh escapes your lips and I can feel you relax in your sleep even more.
Gently I slide on the bed next to you, bending over your legs, my hands tracing your muscles from your feet to your thighs.
Again I take my time, especially with your erogenous zones.
The hollow of your knee is almost as sensitive with you as your inner thighs are and I enjoy playing with you there.
My fingers caress, circle and stroke each area softly, always stopping when you get too active.
I want you to stay in slumber land for a while longer, your body and mind hot and ready for me when you wake.

Carefully I lean over your stomach and trace a line from the top of your pelvic bone to your bellybutton with my tongue, drawing a circle around it.
Feeling a bit more brazen, I lick each of your nipples softly and quickly, watching them get harder in the cool air after my warm tongue has left them wet.
You moan softly each time my tongue touches you and I can smell your arousal in the air.
Not that I needed that to know you were aroused already, your body had shown the state it was in quite clearly already but I love the scent and it is a welcome addition to the mood I am creating for us.

I move over to your neck and with the barest of touch, I kiss your neckline all the way up to your jaw.
You growl in delight as you feel my tongue tracing the same line down again.
For a moment I fear that I might have woken you as your hand presses my head closer to your neck.
The lack of strength with which you do it however eases my mind, you are still within your erotic dreamscape.
I comply with your unspoken demand in the hope to keep you there a while longer.
Your hand tousles through my hair in absent minded motions as I lick and suck the skin at your neckline.
The sounds you make are like music to my horny soul and with my free arm I caress your stomach and side tenderly, avoiding all your sensitive areas.
For a few minutes you keep me there with your hand, the force with which you hold me slowly dwindling until your hand drops back to the bed.
In a whisper near your ear I confess my love to you and I can tell by the movement of your jaw that you are smiling.

Rising up a bit I stare at your face, your smile wide and your eyes just barely open.
Like a kid caught with its hand in the cookie jar I see your smile grow and your eyes open further.
Your hand gently pulls my face closer to yours and we kiss, almost chaste.
I lick your lips, wetting them before we lock them, our tongues teasing each other with soft touches.
The tease turns into passion as we kiss harder, exploring each other’s body with our hands.

Our pulses shoot up as we get caught in the passion of the moment, each stroke of the hand is a masterful passion play, every kiss like the first time we kissed.
We roll over the bed trying to get as much skin contact as we can.
There is no more intellect at play, we have become creatures of instinct and we are completely tuned in to one another.
Our lips no longer joined, our mouths seeking other avenues of pleasure, biting licking and sucking.
Sensitive areas are ravaged by tongue and teeth as we twist on the bed, on the hunt for that heavenly release.
Your skill with your mouth tears down all my resistance and I can feel the orgasmic heat gathering.
With my last bit of willpower I alter our position and the moan you let go when I do, tells me you are very close too.
Our heads close together again we quickly set the rhythm, our bodies at just the right angle for maximum pleasure.
Even our rapid breathing is almost synchronized as our bodies collide over and over again.
Muscles tense up as we get closer to the point of no return.
Each breath becomes an effort, every impact of our bodies raises the delight to above and beyond.
Until the threshold is passed.

We move for a few more times before we cry out in each other’s mouth as the bliss of orgasm hits us.
Every convulsion and pulse is felt, we hold tightly on to each other as if we would be torn apart if we did not.
Our bodies shake as we ride wave after wave of bliss until we feel our muscles relax and our senses return.
Quietly we lie still for a while more, sweet sweat running down our bodies, wetting the bed.
You smile and kiss me when we part, both feeling happy and relaxed as we hold hands.

It doesn’t take you long to fall asleep again and in the afterglow I wonder, who seduced who?

anonymous readerReport

2010-10-26 09:30:47
Yes, this is quite a tale. Good writing, very entertaining, a winner.

anonymous readerReport

2010-09-28 13:51:05
I liked the story but I agree, more Josh please

anonymous readerReport

2010-09-27 23:35:43
good story but i want to read some more lucky josh please.


2010-09-27 04:51:57
Weird and fun read, its like watching sex through a curtain

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