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then proper finish to Chapter 10, and then the next chapter for your enjoyment
WHEN I BECAME A WOMAN - CHAP. 10 - (a continuation of where the previous one left off...)

Fifteen minutes later, Cassy was getting tired of waiting. She wondered what was up. Puzzled. Then Daddy came in, followed by Mommy. Cassy suddenly remembered that yesterday was the day she was the Boss, not today. But, she thought to herself, I’m gonna get a hundred bucks every time they want to fuck me. Cassy didn’t really need the money, or even especially wanted the money since she was happy to get fucked by Mommy or Daddy whenever they wanted, it was so fun. But… she just wanted to see what she could get out of it. Maybe I went a little bit too far…but I know we all had a good time.

Daddy sat on the quilt chest beside the bed. He looked at Cassy’s naked body and smiled. She knew, she absolutely knew, he’d take his clothes off and she’d get the fucks she wanted from him. Mommy came in the bedroom, sat beside her husband on the quilt chest. She smiled at Cassy, too, travelling her eyes up and down her daughter’s naked body. She licked her lips as her eyes met Cassy’s again. Oh boy, this is gonna be fun, just like last night, Cassy thought as she grinned back and pinched her nipples to tease her parents a little.

Daddy put one leg over the other, relaxed back against the wall and put his arm around Janice’s shoulder. He began talking about the three days when they had taught Cassy how to be a Real Woman. Janice took up the narration, relaxing against her husband’s shoulder. The message and theme soon became clear even to Cassy – yeah, those were the days when sex and love and all that touching and stuff was free and clear. Easy.

Daddy now was saying, “yep, it’s not like it is now, a business, you know,” and Janice responded, “yeah, I know what you mean; sex is so much different when you are dealing with professionals, you know, women who need to get paid for it. It’s just not as much fun then.” And Daddy said, “I know what you mean, and it gets so expensive, too.” And his wife said, “That’s certainly one thing about being married – you always get fucks whenever you want them, mostly any time, without having to pay a hundred bucks just for a half-hour’s fun.” Daddy stretched and said, “Yeah, too bad Cassy Lee hasn’t quite realized that yet. She’s probably gonna get a hundred dollars now and then, but not very often ‘cause me and you can do it for free anytime we want. How about later tonite, honey?” And she told her husband tonite was just fine and how glad she was they were saving that hundred bucks and could use it for some new clothes or a weekend vacation and they could still get their fucks with each other.

By this time, Cassy’s frustration level was in the stratosphere and she finally realized her mistake. She hadn’t thought out all the options of her new plan. This was one option she definitely did not want. She sat up, crossed her legs and sat Indian-style on the bed –“hey wait…you won’t stop giving me fucks, will you?” And Mommy said, “but honey, it’s so expensive now that you’ve turned professional and are making us pay. That’s what professional whores do, make you pay for it.” Cassy’s expression went blank. Daddy said, “oh sure, baby, we’ll still give you fucks, but it’s gonna be few and far between ‘cause it’s so expensive now. Maybe in two weeks I’ll have the extra money for another time.”
It took Cassy two more days of thinking about it to announce at breakfast on the third day that she was not going to be a “professional” any more.


So I’m awake and naked in bed between Mommy and Daddy, one of my favorite sleeping things they let me do sometimes. He’s on my right, in his Minnie Mouse boxers he got for his birthday because Mommy thought they were funny when he sometimes pokes his erecting out with Minnie all around it. Mommy’s on my left all curled up in a feedal ball, that’s what Daddy says, and he says he likes that coz it makes her pussy “excessabble”. I think that’s how you spell it. I just now scootched down and gave her butt a big wet kiss, but I did it soft so I wouldn’t wake her up. I know how much she likes it when I do this, so I’ll tell her about it later today.

Well, dear Diary – hey wait. Just thought of something. I think I’ll start writing to DD instead of Dear Diary, that’s shorter. WAIT – DEEDEE! My new BFF!!!! Now it’s like I’m really writing to a Real Friend. From a Real Woman. Hi, Deedee!!

Anyway, back to me. Mommy’s still asleep and is wearing her light-green babydoll outfit that Daddy likes coz it’s mostly transparent, but she doesn’t have the panties on coz they were doing fucks last night when I climbed in bed with them. He was doing her pussy with his fingers when I came in, and Mommy took his hand and started licking the fingers and then told Daddy “do me, baby, Cassy likes to watch it go in.” So he did. They were both pretty tired when he got done. I like to watch.

It’s so warm in the bed between them, so cozy, I wish I didn’t have to get up, but then it’s Saturday anyway, so we don’t HAVE to get up. Maybe I can get some sex stuff going…..

Daddy usually wakes up all hard and erected, like he’s filled up with pee or his tentacles are loaded with some come and wants fucks, I guess, so I think I’ll just check. Slide my hand in that cut in front of his boxers. Yep, Deedee, he’s got a hard-on alright. That’s what they call it, and now I know a lot of other names for it, too. I rub a little bit on the end, and there’s the slippery stuff. It really doesn’t have any taste at all, you know, it just makes it nice and slippery. I bet I can get fucks this morning!

I slide over on top of Daddy and his hard-on is right under my belly. He kind of grunts. Hey I’m not FAT! I rub my slippery finger over his lips and he’s waking up now. “Hi, Princess, what a nice surprise.” I like rubbing my cheek against his scratchy one early in bed like this. He lets me. Minnie must be grinning, too. Daddy likes me being on top of him. It’s thrills being naked and rubbing against his belly like this, and even sucking HIS nipples! He thinks that’s real sexy. He usually leans his head forward so he can watch me lick his nipples. Sometimes he tells me I have a pretty tongue. Mommy told me guys really like it when you get your tongue just loaded with spit and then do that. I don’t get it, but it works, Deedee.

I guess we’re making too much sucking noises, coz Mommy wakes up and stretches out and turns around to find me practically fucking her husband and she goes my my you’re getting an early start on the day, honey, and I go well Daddy’s got a boner and she rubs the sleepers out of her eyes and goes I should check it out and so she scoots down by his knees behind me and goes sure enough there’s seven inches of boner here, sweetheart, you’re right, and Daddy and I giggle like insane idiots coz I’m rubbing my butt against his belly and sucking his boobs. I know, Deedee, I know – Daddy doesn’t have boobs. It’s just that I don’t know any other word for nipples and I get tired of all the time saying nipples nipples nipples!!!

Mommy watches for a minute while I rub my butt on Daddy’s stomach , and she’s got his cock pulled out so it bumps against my butt every time. Daddy goes baby you’re the ginchiest, and I don’t know what that means but anyway he pulls my face to his and plants a big one on my lips, so I do that spit thing – I work up spit in my mouth and then work it onto my tongue and then open my mouth and let it kinda drip down onto his lips and tongue and then of course Deedee he starts sucking my tongue too. Mommy has already moved up beside Daddy to watch this. She says do it to me too honey, so I do and Daddy says oh this is hot fucking stuff baby. I’m really happy. Daddy’s naked skin underneath me is very warm.

Mommy must be real woke up now and getting “turned on” coz she’s moved around behind me again and I hear those slurping noises behind me. Daddy’s stomach is moving a bit more, so she must be sucking cock. After a minute of hard kissing, Daddy goes turn around on me baby and help Mommy, so I switch around and start sucking cock with Mommy and we share it and my Daddy is licking all around my cunt and making me feel real good down there. We’re all having a good time this morning, and Janice and I are just getting the suckiest with Daddy. Sometimes I got it in my mouth and just sucking away like a baby bottle and Mommy is licking up and down the “shaft” – that’s what she calls it, Deedee. And then she’ll take my hand and help me stroke it while she’s got a tentacle in her mouth and just sucking away to beat the band.

Daddy pulls my hips down a bit and opens up my butt and I can feel his tongue trying to poke into my butthole. He says that’s an erotic thing to do. We’ve done this before, and I know he likes to do this. Deedee, ever have your butthole sucked before????????? Well of course not coz you’re my diary BFF. It’s not much different than getting fucks, coz he likes to do it to me and to Mommy, and I know she likes to watch him do that, she says honey it really turns me on when Daddy’s face is buried right in your cute little ass. She says it makes her real proud of me and that I am definitely a Real Woman. Mommy says my tight and skinny little butt just fits right into Daddy’s mouth, so that makes me feel real good.

Well, Deedee, we’re having a wonderful morning in bed and then Daddy starts his UH UH UHs and his hips are going crazy and his white come starts blasting out and Mommy goes take it baby and I get a juicy gob right in my mouth and then she takes it for a gob and he shoots a pretty stream onto her cheek and another on her tongue and then I get it again and take one more stream that hits the top of my mouth and then his jerking stops. Mommy rubs the head all over her face and some more kinda dribbles out. It’s funny to watch the head of it get bigger when he shoots it out, it’s like a shotgun of white stuff like in a Krispy Kreme donut. Now there’s an idea, Deedee – we could make donuts and fill them with Daddy’s come. Wouldn’t that be a great breakfast?

Daddy’s kissing all over my butt now, and Mommy gives her cheek to me to lick off, so I do, and then she kisses me coz Daddy’s penis is just all little and wobbly and soft. We’re sharing Daddy’s come, and I’m kinda turned now, too, so I see Daddy has raised up and watching us kissing and giving each other his come. Mommy lets it drip into my mouth and then she licks my lips and kisses my cheeks some more and goes swirl it around baby and enjoy Daddy and then she goes open your mouth and sticks her mouth on mine and puts her tongue in and starts trying to lap it up like a dog would lap up water from his dish, and Daddy is going oooh, I love it, don’t stop, and then she does it some more and then she moves up to Daddy and starts smooching him real hard, too, so I just swallow the rest and sit up and watch them play kissing for a while.

He’s squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples and she’s saying oh oh baby don’t stop I love it like that and he keeps squeezing and she’s kissing on his neck and licking it like she’s trying to give Daddy a bath or something! She says make me come honey make me come and she climbs on top of him with her legs straddling one of Daddy’s thighs and she starts humping it and rubbing her pussy back and forth. Daddy’s got his hands on her butt now and is squeezing that instead of her boobs, and then Daddy tells me to come sit on his face. I climb around and face Mommy, who’s mostly sitting up while she’s doing all this rubbing. Daddy helps me climb on his face and he starts eating me out and making a lot of sucking noises and Janice is going AH AH AH AH and OH GOD OH GOD. She’s right in front of me and I can feel Daddy’s tongue going in me and out and in, and Janice’s eyes are closed and her mouth is open like she’s gasping for breath like some fish that’s out of the water and I can tell she’s gonna blast pretty soon coz she’s getting’ pretty noisy.

And then she lets it rip with a real big UUUNNNNNGGGHHHH like she’s dying or something, which is what happens when you’re a Real Woman, Deedee, and get one of those orgasms. They’re great, you feel like you’re a rocket being shot off to Mars, your body just EXPLODES on you and you just have to go into the ozone and take a ride. I mean, some burglar could just come right in and rob your whole bedroom and you wouldn’t even care.

Mommy’s getting over it now and all her shaking and jerking is stopping and she’s still gasping for air but she’s got a big smile on her face. She falls over, off of Daddy and just lays there and her belly is really heaving, Deedee. So….I fall over, too, and I start giggling and then she’s giggling and then Daddy has his hands on his stomach and it’s shaking so hard from all his laughing, too. Deedee, it’s just eight thirty in the morning on Saturday and me and Mommy have both had great fucks and breakfast, too!!!!!
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