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Mary takes Kelly to the gloryhole in Central City


When Kelly heard from Mary about the trip to Central City gloryhole, she jumped. Literally.

“TAKE ME THERE!! Talk about Heaven!”
“Oh, Kelly, can you imagine two hotties like us walking in there and asking for one of those rooms? We’d start a riot!”
“Maybe we should go real trampy, you know, dress like sluts.”
“Do you think a girl could drown in come?” giggled Mary.
“We could ask Puttana. Well, you know I have a big appetite…and I KNOW you do too.”
“You little slut.”
“You big whore.”
“Only to John,” she pouted. “Oh – and you. Oh yeah, and to James. Uh, and to Teri…and Anson -- geez, I AM a big whore!”
“Yeah,” replied her friend, “c’est la vie!”
The trip to the big city would be next Wednesday.


None of the men in the aisles knew that the blonde with the Mia Farrow-pixie and the older brunette with the killer body were in costume. Kelly’s her hair was styled short for the adventure, and Mary’s was skinned back in a tight ponytail. They strode in like they owned the joint. The mature brunette wore tight pink shorts featuring a prominent camel-toe, a clingy white spaghetti-strap camisole, and brown sandals strapped halfway up her calves. Her blonde companion was brilliantly lit in pale green eyeshadow, forest green capris she’d poured herself into, a lime tube top, and green flipflops. A pair of green heart-shaped sunglasses rested atop her head.

It would be safe to say every head in the place turned as they entered, watching every move. Tramps, but classy tramps. It was like Halloween for the two adventurous girls intent on sucking as much dick as they could hold. It was Go-Time for The Drowning-In-Come Tour.

Securing a room back in the hallway was easy. In fact, the clerk suggested that since they wanted to be in the same room together -- an extra $5 -- maybe they’d prefer room #4. The girls were intrigued, especially when he said that if they got “good reviews from the gentlemen callers”, he’d refund their fee.

Now inside the room, Mary and Kelly grinned at each other and looked around. The same clean black-and-white tile, the toilet and sink, chair and Kleenex. But this room had a gloryhole on both side walls. Two for one. A narrower room, too – barely six feet across.

“I guess you have to give up some space to get something extra around here, ya think?” said Mary.
“Ohmigod, Mary, I can’t believe this! Perverts really do stick their dicks through these holes and expect to get sucked?”
“Yep, they pay for the privilege …and then it’s your Toy to play with, girl. You do look like the biggest tramp this side of Main Street, you know.”
“Did you see the way everyone was watching us?” gloated Kelly. “We’re stars already.”
“We’re gonna have to think up a new name for us – the Twin Cocksuckers? The Whore Girls?”
“How ‘bout – Sluts ‘R Us?”
“Ha! I like that. Remember the commercial? ‘Sometimes I feel like a slut…’ ”
They switched on the red light outside the room – open for “business”.


“This is more fun when you’re naked,” said Mary, the experienced gloryhole fan.

Kelly responded by kicking off her flipflops, sat on the chair and slipped off her capris. She was always ready to take her clothes off with Mary. Of course she had no panties on. She turned around -- ”Do me, hon”. Her friend lifted the tube top over the girl’s head, reached around and pressed her hands into her breasts, and buried her lips on the blonde’s neck. Kelly was such a fun Toy. “Now it’s your turn,” Mary said. “Wait a minute, I have to do something first,” Kelly responded.

The girl took something out of her purse, a small video camera, surprising Mary. Set it on the sink at the end of the room to capture the action. Turned it on, then slinked toward Mary, swaying her hips in her best imitation of a hot, sexy tramp. She knew the cam was watching from behind.

“Ooh, what a hot little bitch you are,” said Mary, leering openly at the girl’s tits and shaven pussy. “I suppose we’ll be showing the movie to some guy we know?”

“John shouldn’t have to miss out on all the fun,” replied the naked blonde. She knelt before her friend, pulled the pink shorts off and put her lips to the panties. “I love your smell, honey,” she cooed. “You ARE a lot of fun, girl,” replied Mary, facing the cam. They worked the panties down together, and then the sandals and camisole came off. They turned directly to the camera, giggled and bowed, and then just for fun and teasing the potential audience, hugged and deep-throat kissed each other. Breasts smashed together, hips grinding, mouths working avidly. All calculated for the eventual male watcher… and both girls thoroughly enjoying the intimacy. Mary’s hands clasped Kelly’s butt firmly. “I love it when you do that, baby.”

Just then, they heard commotion in the rooms beside them. Two circumcised dicks poked through the holes on the walls. White ones, six or seven inches long. “Oooh, look – one for you and one for me.”
The camera recorded as the narrow room forced their rears to actually touch as they knelt opposite each other. Kelly giggled again, pleased at this unexpected pleasure, and wiggled her ass against her friend. Mary wiggled back. “I like your cute little honey-buns,” said Mary. “Your butt is so warm!”
“If you push any harder, you’ll be fucking me!” said Mary. “Promise? Hey, that’s something we need to try next time you invite me over for John -- wanna kiss my ass?” Kelly giggled.
“Later… got my mouth full right now.”

The cam silently recorded the tasks in hand. Loud sucking noises took over the small room as hands and mouths got busy.
Outside the red-lit room, customers of the adult bookstore lined up after paying the hippie their twenty dollars for the privilege of the gloryhole rooms. They chatted, talking of the two hot tramps they’d seen. It was fun for all, and all for fun.
Mary and Kelly worked like pros, and pulled off as they planned when the guy was ready to shoot. The videocam caught every come-shot as the men sprayed and spurted. Come dripped from chins and cheeks as the third set of dicks poked through. They took a break, pulling the circles down temporarily over the holes in the wall. It was necessary to report to the camera.

“Oh baby, we are such sluts!” said Kelly. “I never imagined something like this – all you can eat dessert! It’s penis-smorgasboard, and I’ve had three helpings so far!”
Kneeling now close to the camera lens, Mary said, “Clean me up, you dirty little cocksucker,” to her friend.
Kelly also kneeled, applied her tongue to Mary’s breasts first, then her neck and face, sucking up the glistening come from her friend. The camera silently recorded Mary’s turn at her friend. Mary seemed to take her time, especially on the younger girl’s tits. She knew John would like watching this part. Kelly noticed, and caressed Mary’s hair, arched her back to make them stand out more. “Ummm, suck my nipples some more, I love it. Suck my left titty harder, hon.” She too knew John loved to hear the girls talk dirty. Kelly made sure the camera caught all the close-ups, especially when Mary’s tongue flicked out and played around her nipples.

“Is your jaw sore yet?” Mary asked.
“Nope! I think I’ll take ten more cocks before that happens….and then I won’t need any dessert.”
Mary laughed. “Didn’t your mama tell you to eat your meal before you got dessert?”
“Honey, my mama never thought I’d be one half of Sluts ‘R Us. I say it’s dessert first today!”

A soft knocking came through from the wall. They smiled at each other, moved back to the holes and reopened them, waiting for the next dicks to poke through. “So,” said Mary, “do you feel like a real honest-to-god whore yet?”
“Nope, whores get paid. Remember, we had to pay for this privilege. Are we havin’ fun yet?”
“You bet.”

Two more penises came through. Cock heaven. All sizes, and now colors, too. Kelly jumped to the other side as a chocolate one came through – “Let me! Let me! I’ve never had a black one before!”
Now both had dark colors. Short ones and long ones. Several were uncircumcised, a new thing for both girls. They played to the camera, rubbed hard against each other. Every single minute was taped. Mary thought as she finished off her seventh man, this must be what caused so much ‘swooning’ in the 1800s. She figured she’d have to share this thought with Kelly later on as she succeeded in bringing her latest dick off in a spouting frenzy.

At last a soft knock came on the door, and a voice said, “Ladies, your hour is almost up.”

They closed the circles reluctantly. Mary looked at Kelly, said, “Lay down – be my bitch. I need something more from you.”

The camera recorded as John’s Toy laid out on the warm tile, arms and legs spread. Both girls were hot and horny. It was pure lust and a physical need for relief. Mary spread herself over the girl, licking come off her and offering wet parts to the girl. Physical touch was everything now – both girls skin-hungry and hyper-sexed. She turned and spread her legs over Kelly’s mouth, clamping her own lips between her friend’s legs. Sucking her clit. Licking her labia. Kelly’s legs faced the camera. Kelly drove her tongue deep inside, too, fucking hard and masturbating her friend’s clit. Tongues, fingers and mouths worked furiously – women knowing how best to do the deed. They took each other and came hard, completely satisfied. They rested, breathing the scent of sex, each with a tongue buried deep in a crevice.
“Baby, I love it when your tongue plays with my ass,” said Mary. She gently shifted the girl’s body at a slight angle so the camera could catch the action back there.

“Well, I love it when you squeeze your sphincter, then loosen it,” advised her friend. Mary promptly obliged. “Oh stop, stop! I can’t take any more. It’s like you’re fucking me,” moaned Kelly.

Nothing was hidden as Mary raised her head to the camera, her swaying breasts framing the center of Kelly’s spread legs. “This is today’s correspondent Mary reporting live from downtown Central City’s hottest joint. In fact, you can see the joint right below my chin. (Mary spread the pussy’s lips with her fingers, and momentarily dipped her head down to kiss there.) My assistant and I just completed a tour of this local diner and we give this smorgasboard an A+. And the dessert is even better.” She dipped her face down again to make the point clear. “It’s ‘come as you are’ around here, and you won’t go away hungry. We guarantee it. For my cute little bitch Kelly and me, this is Mary, your horny correspondent who just got her rocks off, reporting and signing off for today’s presentation of ‘Sluts ‘R Us’ ”

The videocam silently watched as Kelly actively enjoyed the dessert spread before her during her companion’s broadcast.

“Please say we’ll do this again!” begged Kelly.
“Oh you darling little girl, I am so full of come…and then doing this with you, too – of course.”

Kelly rose and turned off the videocam. They cleaned up quickly and dressed at the sink, primped in the mirror. Turned off the red light. Exited.
As they left the hallway and entered the main room of shelves and aisles, customers again ogled. Blatant stares followed them as the walked over to the clerk.

“Ladies. Thank you for stopping by today. Here’s your money back, and I want you to know that if you ever come in again, no payment is necessary. I’ll even give you 20% of the take.”
Mary looked shocked at him. “No shit?!”
Kelly said, “Hey, I blew seven guys, and I know my friend did, too. At twenty dollars each, that means you grossed close to three hundred dollars in the last hour because of us. No way we’re gonna do this again for a freakin’ measly sixty bucks and you get two-forty!”
“Yeah, what she said,” chimed in Mary.
“Okay, okay… thirty percent,” said the hippie. Other customers standing nearby were starting to listen now. Several gave serious looks to the clerk and edged closer.
“Oh give me a huge fuckin’ break. You make this kinda money in an hour and we get a tiny piece? We did all the work! Forget it!” said Kelly with eyes wide, louder voice, and legs spread in a stance guaranteed to draw looks from more customers.
“Look,” said Mary, now taking up the fight, “we did all the work, you just stand here behind your counter and take the cash. The next time we come in – if we EVER do again – it’s seventy percent. We’re worth it. Take it or leave it.”
“I’ll give you sixty.”
“We’ll think about it. Just remember, you’ve got guys creaming all over the place for us now, and we musta done every guy in here. And word of mouth is gonna bring more to your little shop. We’re worth it, man.”
“Fork over two hundred dollars,” said Kelly.
The clerk looked at the customers nearby, listening in. His head dropped, he looked away…stalling. They were right, and he knew it. It was his store, and he needed them now.

“Please come back,” he offered, and counted out ten Andrew Jacksons. Kelly picked them up, tucked them inside her blouse. She licked her finger and touched it gently to the hippie clerk’s lips, surprising him and drawing chuckles from the men gathered around.
The girls turned away and marched out, winking at the men as they went.

“Oh cripes, we really are whores now, aren’t we?” said Kelly.
“Oh, let’s just think of it as a fun hobby that pays off. After all, we didn’t fuck anybody.”
“Mary – please let’s do this again. I absolutely loved today.”
“Honey, I don’t give a good goddamn if he pays us or not – let’s wait a month and then come around again. Now I know what Puttana feels like when she has a dozen Japs beating off around her.”
“…Maybe you and I should try that, too?”
“We’ll see, you sexy little whore.”

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