She waited for his call
Michelle sat and waited outside the principles office, she new that she couldn't be in trouble for she was a grade A atudent. She sat and waited admiring a group of boys walking past, they too were deeply amused by her mini skirt that revealed as much of her thighs as it could. Michelle the principal will see you now said the secretary from across the room.

Michelle entered Principal Shikly's office, Hello there
ichelle come have a seat i need to talk to you about something that has been drawn to my attention. Michelle sat down and studied the room, it was here first time in the office and she never expected to see it again so she took in as much as she could with her blue eyes. Michelle resently as you know the summer is approaching and as you are one of the most influencial students here i wondered if you'd like to help me organise a trip to the beach for a week, as part of the award scheme for a brillaint year. Michelle's face lightened up why sure i would love to... trying not to grin to widely. Thank you Michelle that will be all for today take these flyers and pin them up on the board outside, Michelle took the flyers and left.

2 weeks later and the class were on the bus down to the cool pacific ocean. Michelle sat with her best pals Kate and Lisa. Oh my god i can't wait to see all the hot guys out there all three said almost simultaneously. Then burst into giggles after.. around the bus singing and chattering filled the air the most popular guy in school was sat at the back glancing out the window. Do you guys think we'll see any more of Andy i mean god he's so hot i can just imagine what he'd be like in bed Kate said half closing her eyes for a second to picture what she had just said. Lisa and Michelle glanced at each other and back at Kate..well dream on gurl you know you'll never sleep with him he's the type that only likes them big titted sluts like Tina. Tina was the class slut big tits and a big list of people's cock's she had sampled in her what now maust have been very loose pussy thought Michelle. 3 hours later and the bus arrived at their beach huts. The group split and each went into their own huts before excitedly unpacking and heading for the shore. Michelle stripped into her bikini in a flash and was waiting at the end of her bunk for the others to get ready. Michelle was very well equipped with her 38c breast slim waist and cute lil ass it was amazing that no one had made a move for her well at least till now.

Michelle Kate and Lisa all went out and into the deep blue ocean that welcomed them. Almost all the guys rom their class were in the sea and many on the beach and Andy already had a crowd of girls surronding him as he layed out in the warm Florida sun. As the evening drew in everybody gathered in the dining hall and chatted over dinner. Michelle found herself on a table with some guys in her year that she didn't really know and started talking to them. So you guys got any plans for the next few days she said trying to raise conversation as kate and lisa and decided to skip dinner for a stroll on the beach. Well we might just chill and look for some fun. Michelle noticed that one fo the guys on the end kept glancing at her chest as he listened to them chat. She got up and went to leave as she got outside she heard a voice Hey michelle i think? michelle turned to face the guy who had called her name. It was the same guy from the table. I just wanted to so and i now this is weird but your so hot. michelle blushed immediately Thank you.. um and you are.. oh yea sorry im Jake. Michelle looked him down hmmm not bad she thought to herself. Mind if i walk you to your hut i know it's just there. Sure why not said michelle feeling rather turned on about the fact that this pretty handsome guy she hardly knew was hitting on her.

As they got up to the door michelle glanced over Why don't you come in for a bit my room mates are out and i would like the company.. if you insist said Jake now wondering if this is gonna go anywhere. They went into the dimly lit hut and sat on the end of the beds facing each other. So what are you look forward to most about the end of this year Jake thought for a moment not having wake up at 7 in the morning Michelle giggled and Jake just glared as her chest bounced in rhythem with her giggles. Michelle noticed this and wanted to try and take it further. So who have you done it with in the year she said half wondering why and half wanting to find out what he said. Jake sat there well that was unexpected well at the very start of the year i did it with Mary and Laura but that's it and you? Michelle didn't know whether it would be best to lie or tell the truth she quickly decided the truth well umm actually i haven't done it with any. Jake smiled and thoght about the fact that this girl was untouched ground. Mary leaned forward to slip off her sandles Jake stared in disbelief as her chest hang down looking twice as big as before he knew that if he didn't divert his glace Michelle would see and think he was a perv and he would get a greeting from his member. Michelle leaned back up and motioned for Jake to sit on her bed. Jake got up and slid over. Sure is hot she said with an air of suggestion in her voice, yea it is jake said mind if i help you cool off asked michelle as she leaned forward and unbuttton his few buttons on his shirt that he had bothered to do up. She slid the shirt off and admired his golden muscle toned body.

After a few seconds she realised that she had not moved and jolted back into life as if coming out of a trance. She slowly leaned forward again and put her hand on his chest. wow i never knew you were so muscly under that shirt. jake smiled as he tried to hold back his cock from going hard. By now Michelle knew that she wanted Jake he was perfect in her eyes and she started to slowly and sensitively move her hand arousing him further. Down onto his hard abs and around his sides. She tried to sneakily glance at his shorts and saw a little bulge appearing in the fabric.

She moved closer until her bikini top was resting on jakes arm. By now Jake had caught on and started running his fingers over Michelle's soft skin. Michelle could take no more and lunged forward kissing Jake as she forced her tongue into his mouth. Jakes cock almost immediately went rock hard and Michelle felt it press against her arm as she held Jakes waist. Take off my top Jake. He looked at her and slowly untied the back of her bikini letting it slip off to reveal her 38c breasts he lent forward and slowly teased her dark pointy nipples with his tongue. The feeling almost made Michelle moan alittle as she felt his warm tongue flcik her now hard nipples. While he licked and sucked her one nipple he squeezed her other with his big hands. Michelle meanwhile had started rubbing the top of his pants and wanted to see how big his cock was. as he lifted his head up she pushed him back onto the bed and crawled down to his pants before pulling them down and slinding her small gentle hands under his boxers and around his cock yankning it out she looked at his 7 1/2 inch cock. softly rubbing the head of his cock with her index finger while her thumb stroked the underside of his cock. she leaned forward and softly flicked her tongue on his balls he relaxed and let out a little groan as his cock waited for her warm wet mouth to engulf it and as she licked further up his shaft a little pre-cum dripped out and coverd the head of his cock she licked it up playfully with her tongue and slowly slid her soft warm lips over the head os his cock and further down his shaft. He slid his hand behind her head and started bobbing her head up and down his long hard cock he felt like shooting his warm stream of cum all down her throat but held out and lifted her head up before rolling her onto her back and proceding to pull on her thong. he pulled it down to reveal her small wet pussy with it's beautiful smell. She had a thin streak of hair down the middle leading to her little tight pussy hole. He rubbed her lips with his fingers before parting them slightly so he could lean forward and start licking her clit. she moaned and arched as he did this before sticking his tongue as far into her pussy as it could go he sucked up her pussy juices and played with her clit while he licked her deep inside. Michelle could take no more and she pulled him up to meet her i want to feel your hard cock inside me Jake Fuck me hard big boy Jake grabbed his cock and slid it between her soft pussy lips. hmmm she groaned i want to feel all of it as Jake slid his full cock into her tight wet pussy oh yea she said and grabbed the back of his neck as he slid his cock in and out her body rocking in time with his cock faster Jake faster!

Jake obeyed and immediately started fucking her faster lifting her slightly with his hand whilst his other pulled on her hard nipple oh yea she moaned Jake could feel her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as his cock kept sliding deep inside her. She started moaning oh yes oh yes ohh yesss hard Jake Hard i want to come all over your cock Jake grabbed her by the waist and started fucking her hard and faster oh yea oh yea Jake im Cumming oh god JAKE YES she screamed as jake felt her juices flow around his dick and started leaking out the side's of her pussy this was enough for Jake as he exploded inside of her releasing what felt like his entire supply of cum in her he stopped and pulled out. Michelle grabbed him and pulled him down stay here she said as she slid down and licked his cock clean. Jake just lay there and knew this was gonna be the start of an awesome summer


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2005-05-04 16:19:36
Next time use quotation marks...


2005-02-28 19:50:10
Um. That was stupid. There are such things called commas and quotation marks, and various other types of punctuation. And on top of that, you have you're facts all wrong. I can't believe you posted this shit. It has such a weak plot. You need to go to grammar school. Then go to writing school you fucking dumbass


2005-01-22 12:43:04
learn geography the pacific ocean is over by cali not florida thats the alantic


2005-01-12 01:58:38
fuck man in know it must sound redundant by now but u gata put some quotation marks for when the talk. other wise good very story just remember next tim.

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