This is the continuation of the true story of my youth. You might want to read some of the other chapters if you have not already to get some of the info. If you are uneasy about the subject matter above in the themes, please do not read on. Also, I am by no means a writer, so be easy on me. I just want to be able to share my stories with someone, as it is not something I could really talk about otherwise!

I suppose I was no longer confused about much at all. I could not have fathomed in my wildest dreams the events that took place so far this summer, and gave up wondering what it all meant. The truth is, I didn't give a shit what it all meant. I was having fun, and lots of it. Beyond the fun, I had amazing and deep feelings for someone else. Screw that it was a boy; it was still incredible.

After the last crazy day, I kept wondering about what else was in store for me. I went from being pretty much a virgin to being a total slut. I was with Matt, his brother, my brother and even got watched by a lifegaurd while I was sucked off in a public shower! All of this, and only 12 years old. "Holy shit my life is messed up!", is all I could think these days.

Matt was going with his mom for a long weekend all the way down to Miami to visit family. After the day we had before, I was very sad to see him go for a few days. I went over as they were leaving, and he snuck in a little peck of a kiss and a sly smile. As always, it made my heart flutter just a little bit, and really reminded me of what exactly I would be missing the next few days.

I walked back into the house and went out to the balcony over the ocean. My mom was in her office, and Ty was in the family room watching TV. Being the two of us both seemed bored, I went in to see what he was up to. He looked cute just lying there like he always did, and did not really pay much attention to me asking him questions. I finally went and sat down on the couch he was laying on.

"What's wrong dude?" I asked

"Nothing, just bored. I figure you were spending the day with Matt again." he said in a sad voice

"How about you and I hang out today? You are my brother and I love spending time with you too, and you know that." I answered with a smile

He perked up a bit, and sat up quickly. After debating for a while about what we were going to do, I mentioned riding bikes down to the park at the end of the beach. He was excited, so I told him to go tell mom we are going and to fill the water bottles. I would go get the bikes ready to roll.

We headed out, and I felt a little sexual excitment just thinking about riding the same route as yesterday. We got down to the end quickly, and Ty wanted to go walk out onto the Jetty a bit and look for crabs. I agreed, and we spent a good hour climbing over slippery rocks as we were nailed by the surf crashing over us. At that point, we were tired and stunk like fish from all the mussels and seaweed we were walking all over. We jumped into the ocean to clean off, then laid down for a bit next to our bikes.

I was fully relaxed and almost sleepy when all of a sudden I feel a shadow over me and hear, "Hi Tyler!" I open my eyes, and I am literally looking up the red bathing suit of lifegaurd I "met" yesterday. My heart beat out of my chest and then it felt like it totally stopped. Why the hell did he come over, and how does he know my little brother?!

"Oh hey Max! I forgot you worked over here." Ty responds with in a nonchalant way

"Yep, just about everyday. And you are Matt, right?" Max says to me

After a long gulp, I just said, "Ummm, yeah."

"OK, I have not seen you for a while so I was not sure. Tyler and my little brother Daniel are in the same class, so he is over to play all the time. I dropped him off a few times at your house. I had the BMW 325 you liked, remember?"

"Ohhh, yeah. Ummm, I remember, sure. It is good to see you." is all I could muster out while still looking up at him and seeing straight into his bathing suit.

With a well placed adjustment of his bathing suit while looking at me, he says, "OK, well I have to get to work in a little while so I will catch you guys later. Have fun!"

What the fuck? Can my world get any smaller or weirder? I watched as he walked towards the bathroom area, and he kept looking back at me. After my fear and shock subsided a bit, I was left arosed and a bit confused. I continued to watch him, and when he was about to enter the bathroom area, he made what looked like a "follow me" type motion with his hand behind him. Shit, was I really going to follow him? I was in this deep already, I would roll the dice and go follow him.

Ty was closing his eyes once again getting ready to chill, so I told him I was going to use the bathroom and would be back soon. I told him not to leave the bikes alone and to wait until I get back. He just nodded, so I huried and ran through the sand as quickly as possible to the bathroom.

Max was standing by the sink and washing his face off. He looked over and looked me up and down, and asked if I really didn't recognize him the other day. I told him that I didn't, but that I was really too nervous then to be thinking about what you actually looked like. I did make him smile when I said, "All I remember was seeing a hot lifegaurd checking me out as I got sucked off."

Max then says he wants to rinse off before he starts his shift, and goes into the second to last shower stall. This stall had a concrete partition one the one side, then the stainless steel one on the other side. He then opens the door, and points me into the last stall like I should have known what to do. I was confused, and figured maybe he wanted to watch me shower through another small hole. As soon as I get in, he takes off the soap dispenser and voila, there is a big hole between the two showers. My heart races, and it did not take a rocket scientist to figure out what would happen (and that this was not his first rodeo in these showers).

He whispers through the space, "Come on, let me suck you off! No one can see us over here, this spot is perfect!" He did not have to ask me twice, I stood on my toes a bit and put my cock and balls right through the hole. It only took a second for him to totally engulf my complete package. I had never been sucked with such eagerness and fury. His tongue was everywhere, and his big warm mouth just covered every milimiter of my boyhood. I could hear the small moans and heavy breathing as he went up and down my shaft. He would go all the way down, take in even my balls, hold it for a bit, then go slowely up. It.Was.Amazing.

I knew I could not take too much more, and quickly had a mind blowing orgasm. I was sweating, panting and shaking all at the same time. As soon as I pulled my dick out, I looked through the hole to see a dick aimed right at my eye. The biggest dick I had seen to date was not invading my shower stall, and was literally dripping with pre-cum. I took the base with my hand, and put the head into my mouth. I started pumping with my hand and licking his beautiful head. I heard moans that were anything but discreet, and knew he had been working himself as he sucked me, and that this would be a short lived BJ. A minute later and all of a sudden, it was like a garden hose was turned on.

The first three shots hit the back of my throat with authority. I kept my hand on his shaft, but quickly pulled off so as not to gag. The next few shots hit my face, head and shoulder. After he emptied a full clip, I put my mouth back over his swollen head and sucked the last couple drops out. It tasted so sweet, and was a lot thicker than the others I remembered. As I sucked the tip of his glistening dick, I pumped my fist as fast as I could on my own pole and quickly had another orgasm. He carefully pulled him member back through the hole, and looked through back at me giggling a bit.

"Damn, I hit you good!" he said laughing. "Don't worry, you will shoot that hard in no time too! I've gotta get to work buddy, but good to catch up. Maybe the next time you and Matt are riding we could catch up too!" And with a snap, he pulled his shorts up, put his tank top on and exited the stall." I was catching my breath and wiping my face off with my hand when I heard him say, "Catch you later Tyler!" as he walked out. I peaked my head out of the stall and saw Tyler by the sink.

"What the fuck are you doing in here asshole?!" I shouted

Taken back, Tyler just said, "I...I...I...had to pee and wanted to wash the sand off our water bottles...I'm sorry! I brought both bikes up, they are right outside!"

I could see the tears welling up in his eyes and I instantly felt terrible. Still, I was a bit panicked. I quickly asked how long he was there and what he saw. The total look of confusion on his face set my mind at ease that he was none the wiser to what just transpired in the last stall. I quickly apologized for yelling, and explained that mom would be super pissed if the bikes were stolen. He still seemed sad though, and I still felt shitty. I washed my hands beside him, and we both walked out. My hard on was pretty much gone now, so I was able to walk out the door without an embarrassing tent in my suit.

We got back down to the beach, and laid the bikes down and had a drink. I asked if he wanted to ride a bit more before going back, and still in a depressed kind of tone said he would like to. I told him I wanted to hang out for a few more minutes to chill before going. I laid on my stomach, and looked up to the right where I could see Max sitting high in his chair, and occasionally looking my way with a smirk.
I turned back over and closed my eyes to soak in some more sun before heading out. The next thing I know, Ty is grabbing my hair. "What is in your hair dude?" I open my eyes to see a wad of cum in his fingers. Oh shit, he took me by surprise in the stall and I didn't even wash out my hair. Holy shit. Panic number 3 for the day, just what I fucking needed!

"Oh, um, I guess that is just some of my sunblock from this morning. Just wipe it on the sand." Before I could finish though, he puts it to his nose and has a funny look. "This is not sun block, it smells weird." he says still analyzing the gooey whitish substance. I quickly reach for his hand and say, "Yes it is, it is a different kind, just wipe it off and lets go." Before I could reach him, he proceeds to rub it on his nose.
I did not know whether to laugh or cry at this point. My bro just got a facial from his friend's brother and did not even know it. I took my hand and wiped down his nose and just said, "It has been in the sun too long and isn't good. Come on, let's split." That is all it took though to get me horny as hell once again though. I was looking at my shiny hand and sniffing the goodness I just had in my mouth a few moments before, and seeing some quickly drying on his face. Oh, the tangled webs we weave!

As we rode from the beach to the trails, I kept thinking about the events of the last half hour and I was hard the whole time. If you have ever tried to ride a bike with a boner, you understand how uncomfortable that really is. Also, if you ever had a boner in swim shorts with the mesh underwear built in, you also know how good that doesn't feel! Two strikes, and I needed an out!

We went another 1/4 mile further into the dense vegetation, and I yelled to Ty in the lead I needed a break. We pulled off the path and took a seat back to back on a palm tree stump. "Sorry buddy, I needed a drink and needed to relieve myself." Being we had done it before, I just figured "what the hell" and pulled out my boner and started to jerk it quickly. He turned around and started to giggle a bit and said, "I thought you meant you had to pee!" I laughed and told him the shorts were rubbing me and giving me a boner, so I wanted to take care of it. As expected, he asked if he could join and I told him sure.

Without me even asking, he started to divulge the info that since we "played" last, he had been "playing with himself" a few times a day and was getting good at it. I laughed and told him I was happy he was enjoying his new found toy. I watched as he vigorously went at himself with his two fingers. I instructed him to slow down a bit, and showed him how to spit in his hand to slide it around. He did so, and leaned back a bit more while closing his eyes. "Yeah, this is good alright!" I smirked as I too was busy and about to bust a nut. As his breathing got a bit quicker, I pulled his hand away and dropped to my knees in front of him. His eyes stayed closed as I took his little boner in my mouth, and after only a few bobs his body was shaking with a powerful orgasm. I quickly followed suit and came while his boner was still in my mouth.

"Wow" is all Ty said with a deep sigh as he pulled his shorts up. It was odd, but that is all I could think about as well. "Wow." How did I get into this in such a short amount of time? Really, I was trying to figure out what I was thinking, especially playing with my brother. I knew he was not that much younger than me, but still, he was my brother and what would he think of this as we got older. In a way though, it really did not seem sexual with him. It might sound odd, but it was not the same feeling I had with the others. This was more playful and innocent, where the others were passionate and hot. That had me feeling better about myself, but I did tell myself this MUST stop with Tyler. There was too much guilt already, and we had just finished a mniute ago. As I watched him climb back on his bike, I remember thinking how lucky I was to have such a cool brother though, and I did not want to do anything more to ruin that or to taint him in any way.
We continued on our way that day, and headed back to the house for lunch. The rest of the day was a summer day like normal brothers had, with playing football on the beach and surfing for a bit. It was a nice break for me actually, where I could feel more like a 12 year old and less like the slut I was becoming.

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