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Melissa was doing some yoga in her living room when she heard a knock on her apartment door. She opened the door to see this absolutely gorgeous guy standing in front of her. He had shaggy brown hair, green eyes and very tanned skin. And was very built. She could see his pecs stretching his t-shirt a bit and could see his biceps were big too. He smiled at her and she saw a perfect smile!  She smiled back and said "what can I do for you?" he chuckled and said "I'm your new neighbor and I was just wanting to say hi and introduce myself. Which I guess I should do. I'm Matthew" she laughed and said "well hi Matthew, I'm Melissa but I tend to go by Missy, wanna come in and have some coffee or something?" He grinned and said "oh sure!" she opened the door wider and watched as Matthew walked in. She saw he had a flat stomach with a hint of a six pack under his shirt, and as he passed her, she saw muscles rippling across his back and saw he had a nice firm looking ass. She shut the door and followed him to the kitchen and got out two mugs. As she did, the two of them started chatting about what they did for work. She told him about her teaching job and saw his eyes light up briefly and she asked him what he did for work and he said "I work construction". She nodded and thought "so that's how he got so ripped" she finished pouring the coffee and asked "take anything in it?" he shook his head and said "black please". she handed him a mug and then walked to the fridge to get some creamer. As she did, it gave Matthew a nice veiw of her ass in her tight yoga pants and he liked what he saw. She grabbed the creamer, added some to her coffee and put it back. She motioned towards the living room and said "please feel free to get comfy, I'll be there in a minute". he nodded and walked into the living room. She quickly straightened her halter top and smoothed her hands over her yoga pants and then casually walked into the living room and sat on the couch opposite of Matthew. She slowly sipped on her coffee while subtly watching how he did things. she got disracted and accidentley burnt her lip. She quickly put her mug on the coffee table and pressed her figertips to the burn. Matthew put down his coffee as well and walked around the coffee table and sat down on the couch beside her. He pulled her hand away from her lip and looked at her lips and said "it's just a lil red, should stop aching in a minute". she nodded and said "yeah I know, it just startled me". he chuckled and said "burns tend to do that". she giggled and said "guess you have a point there". then she looked up and met his eyes and got lost in how gorgeous they were. he slowly leaned closer and she leaned in as well and kissed him. tasting his lips as her hand slid up his chest and around his neck as they started kissing harder. He gentely pulled away from her beautiful lips and said '"if I keep kissing i'm gonna want to go waaaay further, just figured since I'd just met you I give you warning". she giggled and said "I'm fine with it as long as you are". he grinned and said "ever since you said you were a teacher and I imagined your amazing body in a sexy teachers outfit I've wanted to!" she winked and said "wait here, I'll be right back" she quickly got up and rushed into her room. She emerged a minute later wearing a tight black mini skirt which accentuated her curvy legs and ass, a tight white blouse that showed off her curvy waist with the buttons undone enough to show alot of cleavage and a lil of her black lacy bra, heels, glasses that made her blue eyes stand out, and her wavy brown hair flowing over her shoulders. As she walked out of her room and started walking towards Matthew, his mouth popped open and he started stammering. she casually looked at his crotch and saw a bulge starting to happen and got turned on herself. she stopped right in front of him and slowly turned around and when she was facing him again, she leaned down placing her hands on his thighs an kissed him deeply. He ran his hands up her arms and cupped her breasts and lightly massaged them as they kissed. She moaned softly and slid her hand over the bulge in his pants, she gasped and pulled away from the kiss. he chuckled and said  "never had one that big before?" she shook her head and started undoing his pants to get a better look at his monster cock. as she slid his pants off of his cock, it sprung up further making a tent in his boxers, she started lightly rubbing his cock through his boxers. He moaned and the sound of him moaning turned Melissa on immensely, so she pulled off his boxers and his big 10 inch cock sprung straight up. She started salivating seeing it and she looked at him and seductively bit her lip, then softly kissed the very tip of his cock and blew a very quick burst of air. he shuddered slightly and moaned. she then started sucking on the head of his cock while swirling her tongue around the tip as she did, he worked his fingers into her hair and she got the hint. She started bobbing, taking in more and more of his cock till she was bobbing on at least 5 of his 10 inches. He brushed the hair out of her face so he could watch and she looked up at him and winked. then slowly slid his cock down her throat till she had all 10 inches in her mouth and throat. She hummed a little while deep throating him and Matthew nearly blew right then. he moaned and gentley thrust his hips forward not being able to control himself. She pulled up a bit and started bobbing again. As she did she stuck her tongue in the hole and started wiggling it as she gentley carressed his balls. He leaned his head back and moaned loudly. She pulled up off of his cock and started stroking the shaft as she said "i want you to cum in my mouth, I want to feel your cum spurting on my tongue". He moaned and she felt his cock start throbbing and she realized he liked dirty talk. She leaned back down and engulfed his cock in her mouth and started deepthroating again, as she kept lightly carressin his ball. he let out a loud groan and she felt his hot cum shoot down her throat. She pulled up and started sucking on the head as he kept shooting. After he was done he let out a big sigh and she kissed the tip of his cock again then said "damn you taste good!" he chuckled and said "that was AMAZING! no girl has ever been able to deep throat all of me, they all gagged at about 7 inches and couldn't go further. You got it ALL in and didn't even gag! It was so sexy!" she grinned and winked then said "I have no gag reflex whatsoever." he nodded and said 'i could tell! But I want to return the favour now". he then pulled her up and sat her on the couch beside him and started kissing her neck softly. as he did he undid and took off her shirt and bra. Then he stopped kissing her neck, took a long look at her beautiful 34C perky breasts with cute, hard nipples and cupped one breast in each hand and started kissing and sucking on the right nipple. She bit her lip and moaned, getting lost in the feeling of him sucking on her sensitive nipple. He switched and started kissing and sucking her other nipple. as he did he slid his right hand down her flat, smooth stomach and undid the button and zipper on her skirt. Then he started lightly rubbing her pussy through her thong. She moaned even louder and pulled his face up to hers and started kissing him intensely. He gentley pushed his body against hers until she was laying on the couch. She slid her hands up his back and slid his shirt off to show off his tanned and muscled torso. he slowly moved down her body till his face was near her pussy. He slid her skirt off and saw there was a dark spot on her bright red g-string and he could smell the amazing musky smell coming from her pussy, he knew it meant she wanted him. He teasingly ran his fingers along the inside of her legs as he started kissing just above her thong and she moaned and said "stop teasing!!" he gentley grasped the top of her thong in his teeth and pulled it off. As he did he saw her gorgeous pussy. Shaved all but a thin landing strip and had soft supple looking lips with a swollen clit and a soaked but tight looking hole. Once he had her thong off her completley, he spread her legs and kissed up her left thigh and kissed her pussy lips. He then stuck his tongue out and started flicking it across her clit. She moaned and her hips thrust forward with pleasure. He licked down the slit and quickly thrust his tongue in her hole as he started lightly rubbing her clit with his thumb. She wove her fingers into his hair and moaned loudly again. He started tongue fucking her as he rubbed her clit faster. He felt her body tensing and started going faster and faster till she screamed out in pleasure. he felt her pussy walls spasming on his tongue and pussy juices flowed into his mouth. He licked up the rest of the delicious juices and kissed her pussy once more. He then looked up at the beautiful girl he had just pleasured an saw her panting but smiling. Then she said "my god Matthew, no one has ever made me cum so hard! You're so fucking good at that!" he smiled and said "wait till we get to the real thing"  she grinned and looked down at his cock and said "looks like he's ready" he laughed and said "hearing you moan got him ready again right away!" then he got up and leaned over her and kissed her passionately. She started lightly stroking his cock then pulled away from the kiss and said "I've always  wanted to try it against a wall...." he grinned and said "me too! But first, do i need a condom?" she smiled and shook her head "I've been on the pill for two years now, so theres no worry" he smiled then helped her up and realized with her heels, it made her regular height of 5'8 the same as his 6'. She wrapped her arms around his neck and started kissing him again as she slowly started backing towards the wall, which was only about 3 feet behind her. When she gentley bumped into it he pressed his body against her, his raging hard-on was pressing against her beautfiful pussy. She slowly wrapped one of her legs around his and slid it up till it was wrapped around just under his ass.  She then seductively whispered "i want that big hard cock in my pussy" he gladly obliged and lined his cock up with her hole and slowly pushed the head into her tight, soaked pussy. When it slid in she let out a low moan and said "oh god yes!! Keep going!" he kept slowly pushing in till he was at about 6 inches. She was moaning and panting and said "fuck! You're so wide! It feels sooo good! Put it all in!" she couldn't believe how full she felt and she knew he wasn't all the way in yet. he grunted and thrust the last 4 inches in. She clawed at his back and moaned really loud. It was the biggest cock she'd ever had and she loved every inch of it.  She then started thrusting her hips against his and he took the hint, he started thrusting in rythm with her so it went in further and pulled back almost to the point of coming out. They sped up till they were both moaning and panting, then Melissa moaned "i'm gonna cccuuummmm" and her pussy started spasming on Matthews cock and he felt her pussy juices flow as her pussy tried milking his cock.  He moaned and focused on her tits bouncing as he kept fucking her thru her orgasm so he wouldn't cum yet. When she came down from the height of it, she panted "that was so good! Now you fuck me doggystyle!" Matthew grinned and she took that as an 'ok' and got on all fours on the couch with her knees spread and close to the edge so he would be able to move properly. He looked at her perfect ass and pussy and grinned then slowly pushed his cock back into her amazingly tight pussy and moaned softly as he did. "damn Missy! You're so fucking tight!" she moaned too as he slid his cock all the way in and said "fuck me Matthew! Make my tight little cunt cum all over your big hard cock!" he moaned again hearing her say that and started pumping in and out nice and fast. She grunted with each thrust and started pressing her ass back everytime he pushed in, for full penetration. He had been holding her hips for balance and slid his hands up her sides and cupped a breast in each hand and massaged them while he kept thrusting in going in all the way each time. He started thrusting harder and faster loving how her tight pussy made his cock feel. She moaned when he grabbed her breasts and when he sped up she felt herself getting close again. She dropped onto her forearms instead of her hands so the penetration was different and when she did, he hit her g-spot just right and it sent her over the top. Screaming in pleasure, she clawed at the couch as her pussy spasmed intensley on Matthews cock. He moaned as well when he felt her pussy milking his cock and with a final thrust, shot his load deep inside her. She gasped feeling his load inside her and said "ooooo that feels good!!" Matthew then pulled his now deflating cock out of her pussy and helped her up again. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and said "that was THE best sex I've ever had! You're soooo good!" he smiled and said "that was actually my best sex too. You're SO tight! And just so sexy!" he gentley turned them around and laid down on the couch pullin her onto him so he could hold her a bit longer. Then said "i actually kind of feel bad that we had sex the first day we met... I'm normally more polite than that... But damn it was good!" she kissed him softly and said "i normally don't either but you were too sexy to pass up" he chuckled and said "can I at least make it up to you by being one of the few guys who will cuddle after sex?" she nodded slowly and said "i've never actually cuddled after before" so he cuddled with her for close to an hour, kissing here and there. Then he dozed off. He got woken up about 45 minutes later by this amazing, tingling pressure coming from his cock and looked down and saw Missy bobbing up and down nice and fast on his cock.  He was already hard and about to shoot and when she deepthroated him, he lost it and blew his load. She looked up at him, licked her lips and "how was that to wake up to?" he grinned and said "great!" she winked and said "i hope I didn't suck all your cum out cuz I still wanna ride you!" his cock got rock hard again instantly and she noticed and said "i guess you like that idea!" he smiled and said "hell ya!" so she climbed on his lap and they went at it. After they both came. Matthew looked at Melissa and said "i know we barely know each other, but I can't imagine someone else having you... Will you be my girl?" she grinned and said "i was hoping you'd ask! I don't want some other girl getting that amazing cock of yours" so they started going out and fucked whenever they got a chance. They never got bored cuz they'd always switch things up. But they both did realize that against a wall was their favorite postion.


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Yeah sorry bout that, I thought I had put the spaces and paragraphs in but somehow it got formatted wrong. :/

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Good story but very hard to read as one big text block. You must learn about paragraphs and line spacing.


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good story, but try and use paragraphs.

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Ooh it got me hard farm girl

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