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Day 1 - Friday

John Smith is a tall blond man of average build with fair looks who lives a quiet life. It's like he's hiding from the world, which he is. Despite this lifestyle he's well known and liked in his local community. His only family is his niece Brooke. His older brother married a much younger girl while in high school, she was pregnant at the time. John was nine and his brother eighteen when Brooke was born. She was nearly eight when her parents and grandparents died in an explosion and fire that destroyed the home of John's parents. Both John and Brooke were injured too, and Brooke needed blood transfusions to survive. She's type A while both parents were type O; thus, John's brother isn't Brooke's biological father and she's no blood kin. As the only living relative to either parent, John takes on responsibility for the young girl. They've lived together since and are very close. Since she was released from the hospital after the fire, John has been living his life centered around her care and welfare. He's extremely devoted to her and she to him. John's determined she won't suffer due to those events and has surrounded her with all his love. They were close friends before the fire and have grown closer since. He thinks of her as his little girl. Brooke's no longer a little girl, but he doesn't know that - yet. She's short for her age and a 'late bloomer.' A slim brunette with an athletic but petite build who looks to be twelve or thirteen years old but will soon be sixteen years old. John took a job as a security guard at Preston Industries when he took over Brooke's care.

Several years later he's working night shift when he suffers serious injuries as a wall falls on him when part of the facility explodes and is destroyed in a fire. In order to save his life and give him some sort of quality of life, Dr Elizabeth 'Liz' Preston uses John as the humanoid element in her Powerman Project, she owns Preston Industries. Without this help he's a basket case as he has no limbs and is on permanent life support. His extremely damaged body is replaced with a fully integrated mechanical one. Surviving core elements of him are retained inside this mechanical body, making him a working cyborg. This is possible because his brain, spinal cord, and some essential organs are intact. These are safely secured inside the Kevlar torso with his nervous system connected to the computer and mechanical components. To save on weight, control circuits, and cost, full sensitivity nerve receptors are placed in limited locations. Much of the cyborg's arms, legs, and body have only one tenth of the overall sensory capability of normal human limbs. The control and feedback parts of the nervous system normally used for surface sensitivity are used to control the various other mechanisms in the cyborg body. The artificial outer covering looks, feels, and reacts like normal skin. Full sensory capability is extended to areas where Liz feels they're absolutely needed; hands, face, feet, neck, and groin. With a body made of carbon fiber and Kevlar, John is a lot more durable than his original body. His sight and hearing are augmented, as are strength, speed and endurance. Other built-in tools are activated by verbal or mental commands, most use a command prefix of 'Pman.' To ensure he gets the command right he's trained to vocalize it. The system is tuned to respond to commands by his and Liz's voices. One good side effect is he'll never again be hurt by something being over hot or over cold be it a drink or the environment, his body will adjust. He has microscopic and telescopic vision, he also has infra red and ultra violet vision; all at will. He can hear the full audio spectrum and imitate any voice range. The eye, ear, and voice enhancements require simple thoughts to activate without the formal command formats of many other components. He no longer needs sleep to rest his body, but still needs a few hours sleep each night to rest his mind.

The firm's injury insurance company is unaware of the top secret project and doesn't expect him to survive or be productive if he does live. John is paid $1.6 million compensation based on the table of payments in the company injury compensation insurance policy. It's a one time payment for all injuries and medical costs. Preston Industries also pay for the medical costs.

He spends many months in hospital recovering from the trauma. During this time he's often visited by Brooke and they talk of many things. They even plan some changes to their house and Brooke organizes builders to visit John in the hospital so they can get it started. This helps to distract him from his other concerns. The only real change they do is the building of a swimming pool twenty meters by ten meters with a grassed sunning area of a similar size beside it. Its amenities include four toilets and a shower rinse area abutting the house as part of it. All this is inside a roofed structure built against the back of the house. The structure has three meter brick walls topped with tinted Plexiglas for two meters and a tinted Plexiglas roof. Also the whole structure is designed and built as energy efficient as they can with minimal heat loss through double layered windows. It's designed to stay at nice short sleeve weather with automatic heating and cooling controls to maintain the temperature. The walls have murals of hedges painted on them, to make it look like an outside area. It's completed before John is ready to be released from the hospital.

During his time in hospital John is extremely worried about Brooke's welfare and has asked an old friend, Police Sergeant Steve Katz, to keep on eye on her and their house. John's aware of a great mental turmoil going on inside him because of what happened and his biggest concern is hurting Brooke by leaving her alone with no family. Adding to this is his thoughts that the destruction of the building at Preston Industries is likely to have been aimed at killing him. But he can't concentrate too well on these thoughts due to his current emotional mess about Brooke and life in general.


Testing Times

When John is recovered from the physical trauma, Liz puts him through an extensive set of training and testing procedures to ensure he knows and can safely use all the mechanical aids built into his new body. This is a complex procedure as he's been given a prototype Search and Rescue (SAR) body. Most of the testing is done in her main lab with many specialist assistants on hand. He handles normal movement OK but has trouble mastering the use of some special equipment, as he'll often think of one item while saying another. This is due to him changing his mind about which to use and causes some interesting results. For example, to check something in a pile of material he starts to vocalize the command to use his infra red sensor while he thinks the command to use the ultra-sound sensor may be better, and this confusion activates the remote pulse sensor. This takes some weeks, but one Thursday afternoon he's finally passed as having an acceptable level of control of his body and the SAR sensors within it. From now on he'll always have the right tool for the job, whatever the job is.

The next morning Liz and her assistant Mary Jones take John to their special lab to verify the working and control of some special equipment that uses a different set of control commands. Leading Mary and John into the smaller, warmer, and more comfortable lab that looks more like an executive office than a lab, Liz double locks the door so no one can disturb them now.

Liz says to John, "John, please don't get embarrassed but we now need to conduct some special tests. I've been putting them off until you had full control of the rest of your equipment. In the accident your penis was severed and badly damaged but your testicles are perfectly OK. We've retained them within your new body, installing a very realistic mechanical penis and testicles that look and feel real." He looks at her with surprise and is slightly embarrassed by the talk. "Your genitals have full sensory capability and are as sensitive as your original equipment. However, you have a much higher level of control in reaching an erection and in maintaining it for as long as you wish. Ejaculation is solely at your command and your sperm is highly potent, you can get your partner pregnant as we tested that before including them. To allow you to better satisfy a wider range of partners your penis has four lengths and three width sizes. Also, being erect or flaccid is now at your discretion, you may ejaculate and keep your erection." John is embarrassed as he can see where she's heading and isn't sure he wants to get this personal with his boss yet, especially at such short notice.

Liz says, "You control your penis in the same manner as your other mechanicals, by using verbal or mental orders. The command is the word 'dickman' not 'Pman, ' followed by one of the instruction word. They're 'Floppy' to go flaccid for a limp 150 mm long and 30 mm wide dick; 'stiffy' for an erection, with numbers and letters for size and width. If you leave out the number or the letter 'stiffy' will give you the default setting of a 1T. The length settings are '1' for 200 mm, '2' for 250 mm, '3' for 300 mm, '4' for 400 mm. The width diameters are 'T' for thin of 40 mm, 'M' for medium of 60 mm, and 'W' for wide of 80 mm. The command to ejaculate, is 'Coom.' Each ejaculation is a set amount so it'll take over a dozen ejaculations to empty your storage. We now need to test the settings and sensors work. Mary and I will assist you in this. Please get undressed. You may as well relax and enjoy this session as you can't leave without me opening the door and your penis will also respond to my voice commands."

John is embarrassed as he hums and haws while backing up. Mary slides up from behind to reach around and start undoing his shirt buttons. While he's distracted Liz steps up and undoes his trousers. She quickly slides his trousers and shorts down his legs. Between them they soon have all his clothes off. The women start to undress. They're both lovely women and John is no longer against this test. He's always liked them as people and always found them physically attractive, but he can now see all their physical charms properly as they remove their clothes. He really likes what he sees. Liz is a tall willowy woman of athletic build with lovely firm well shaped breasts, more than a handful each. Mary is shorter and very Junoesque with much larger breasts. Both are very pretty. Looking at all this lovely flesh has only raised a smile on his face.

Mary slips her hand down his chest and starts playing with his penis. It feels wonderful, but no erection. Liz says, with a grin, "Dickman stiffy." He instantly has an erect penis that's 200 mm long by 40 mm wide and the sensitivity doubles. Dropping to her knees Mary examines his penis, leans forward, kisses it and takes it in her mouth. The sensation is marvelous. As Mary lifts her mouth away from his penis Liz says, "Dickman 4W." They've obviously worked out the tests in advance. His penis is now 400 mm long by 80 mm thick. Stretching her mouth wide, Mary goes back to sucking it. She's so good he moans with pleasure. She tickles his balls, he moans louder. Mary releases his penis and Liz changes it to a 1T. His penis shrinks. She puts his penis through all the length and thickness combinations. Mary gives it a good sucking between adjustments. After thirty minutes she has his penis at the 3M setting and Mary is giving it a good sucking. She has an excellent deep throat technique. Liz drops to her knees and starts sucking his penis. Mary stands up, walks over to a couch, and pulls it out into a bed. She lies on the bed with her legs spread wide as the next test is obvious.

This situation has reawakened thoughts he had in the hospital. His life is completely changed because of the explosion and fire. His body is different and he's now a major public figure in the city as he's been front page news for some months. He's no longer one of the faceless mass. He'll have to take more control of his life and go back to controlling it, not just living it. Also, he's not happy with the idea of Liz having control over his dick, it's just way too personal. Time to make a permanent change to his behavior again, and one he thinks he's going to like a whole lot more than the last one he made. Putting his hands on the back of Liz's head, John holds it still and looks down at her as he comes in her mouth. She continues to suck as she swallows and glares at him. When he finishes ejaculating into her mouth he stands back, saying, "I want your voice activation of these commands removed, NOW." Neither woman has seen John acting in such an authoritative manner before and they're both surprised by his 'take command' approach at the moment. He's always been so shy and unassuming, so quiet and obedient, a very retiring type who you instantly over look.

Looking up at him, Liz gulps and says, "Pman, program command, security protocol, root access authority change. User ID Preston, delete access DM command authority." A short wait, "Dickman 1W." His penis doesn't change at all. He smiles down at her, his smile makes her feel happy.

Smiling, he walks over to Mary and waves his dick at her. She says, with a smile, "I'm a size queen, can you please use 4W and fuck my brains out."

He grins down at her and changes to a 4W as he kneels on the couch bed to settle himself between her thighs while thinking, 'this looks like being a very nice test.' He places his dick head at her vaginal entrance and slowly lowers himself into her waiting pussy. He easily slides in until his groin rubs up against hers. Slowly he pulls out and slides back in. With each thrust he increases the pace until he's pounding her pussy at top speed. She's moaning and coming on each thrust. At first she heaves her hips up at him on each thrust. Many minutes later she's tired and lies there unmoving with a huge smile on her face as he thrusts in and out. She's having an orgasm on each inward thrust. Deciding it's time to pleasure Liz properly, he thrusts into Mary and holds still. As she reaches another orgasm he comes in her - twice. He holds her tight with his dick head at her womb's entrance while he fills her with sperm. Her eyelids flutter as she moans in orgasm. When he finishes flooding her womb with his sperm he withdraws and stands up. He smiles at her and she smiles back at him.

Mary softly says, "Bastard, you weren't supposed to come in me. I've been on antibiotics for the last two weeks and not taking the pill. You were so far up me it's most likely you got me pregnant." She's smiling as she really loves being fucked hard and fast just like she was fucked by him; she also loves his current alpha male action and behavior as she finds it a real turn on.

Smiling, he says, "You should have spoken to me about this BEFORE organizing to mouse trap me into fucking you senseless. I expect you'll be available whenever I want to repeat this exercise."

She grins, "Bloody hell yes. That's the best fucking I've ever had."

He turns to Liz, "Your turn now Liz. What size and where do you want it, desk or floor?" Shaking her head, she backs away. He leaps across the room and grabs Liz by her arms. Lifting her up he holds her to him, so close her breasts are pressing into his chest, a delightful feeling. Bending his head down he kisses her as he swaps to a 1T. His dick shrinks to half its length and width. John slides his hands down to her ass. Cupping an ass cheek in each hand he lifts her slightly off the floor. He maintains the kiss as he walks to the nearest wall. He keeps his mouth on hers as he leans her against the wall while moving his hands wider to grasp her thighs. She struggles as he pulls her thighs apart. He keeps up the pressure until her legs are wide apart in a 'splits' like position. Slowly he lifts her whole body and moves her vagina up along his dick. With the head of his dick pressing at the entrance to her vagina he lowers her until his dick head is just inside her love tunnel. Her eyes are wide in fright and she's struggling hard. She prefers to be in control and his aggressive behavior scares her. It scares her a great deal, but it also excites her a greater deal, and that worries her much more.

Like this he can't lower her any more without increasing the risk of dropping her. He changes to a 2M and his penis enters her. Her eyes go wider as she realizes he's fucking her by adjusting the size. He changes to a 3M. His penis lengthens inside her vagina, filling it. Realizing he's going to fuck her regardless, she resigns herself to the situation by relaxing into his embrace and returning the kiss; and enjoying herself as she does. He breaks the kiss, smiles at her, and carries her over to the desk. Laying her down on the empty desk he commences to really fuck her brains out. Within a few minutes she's having an orgasm on every inward thrust. Some minutes later she's laying there unmoving, tired and thoroughly fucked, with a huge smile on her face. She's never before had sex this good, never has she been so overwhelmed with pleasure. Smiling, he holds her tight as he thrusts forward and comes in her - twice. Her eyes grow wide as he comes and shoots his sperm into her womb. He slowly withdraws, "You'll be available when I want you." It's a statement, not a question.

Although she didn't like it when he took control, she finds she liked it more because he did. She nods, "At least up to the last trimester, I was going to give you a condom to wear as I wanted you to come in me, but I'm not protected at the moment either."

He picks her up and he nods at Mary. She's now able to stand by herself due to having had a thirty minute rest. They all go into the attached en suite for a group shower. He holds Liz up while Mary washes and rinses her. He and Mary have fun washing and rinsing each other. He holds Liz while Mary dries her and they then dry each other. Dried, they return to the main room and get dressed. While the ladies sit on the lounge John gets them drinks from the small kitchen concealed in a cupboard. Hot chocolates all around, as they need the lift and energy it gives.

As John sits down in a chair after handing out the drinks, Mary studies him closely and says, "John, I've always liked you but weren't interested as you were such a quiet person and I like my men more assertive than you've been in the past. Where the hell did Commander John come from today?"

With a concerned tone, Liz adds, "Your personnel file psych test shows you as being quiet and easy to command. Nothing about any possibility of giving orders or taking control like you just did. I wanted to help you with the Powerman body but some of the other board members were concerned. They only agreed because the psych profile said you were very submissive and would be easy to control as they were worried you'd go berserk or something. I can't understand how the psych people could get it so wrong."

John grins, "Those psych tests can be easily fooled when you know what they're for and how they work." Both ladies look shocked at this. "I don't think you were aware of it Liz but I knew your father fairly well and spoke with him at length before applying to work here. He advised me to rig the psych test as a true evaluation would have caused a lot of trouble. I knew your father through my parents. In the three years prior to their deaths they did a lot of secret theoretical work for your father. They usually met on weekends when everyone was out in the woods having a weekend away. Since I was usually with my parents I got to meet him too. I wouldn't be surprised to learn some of what they worked on has ended up in this body as they were two of the top theoretical scientists in the country, some would say in the world." Liz is astounded to hear all this, it's all news to her. "Your father even offered me a good salary to go to MIT and study, provided I signed a ten year contract with Preston. I'd accepted but the death of my family changed all that. Your father offered to employ me in a way that allowed me to look after Brooke. He even had a new job created to allow that. One of the reasons I was the main guard on his lab during the day was because I sat inside with him and we discussed his work. Until the day he died I was his main discussion board. I knew a lot about various aspects of the Powerman project, but not it’s current state or the intended final product. Your father was the only person in the company that knew I'm a genius. He got me a copy of the psych test two days before hand and I worked out how to answer it to give them the profile your father suggested I give them. After mum and dad died he was like a father to me and Brooke. I liked him a lot and miss him almost as much as my own parents." Both ladies are stunned by this revelation.

Gulping, Liz says "Well that explains how you could rig the test results, but not why."

"I suspected the people who killed my parents also wanted to kill me. I wanted to vanish, and a low profile was the next best thing. Your father helped me develop such a profile and advised me on how to maintain it. I've been living a lie for eight years, living in a way to make people forget me. It's clear I can no longer do that, so I now have to take charge of my life again and take full control. To do that I have to go back to being what I was before my parents' murder and be my real self. You just happened to get caught in the first instance of it." Liz nods in understanding. Putting down his cup, John stands and heads towards the door. Liz stands and goes to unlock the door to let him leave the lab. He's on his way home now he's been released from medical care.

The ladies sit around resting for an hour before making notes in the high security computer files on the 'test' and the results. It's just going on noon and they feel like they've done a full days work already. The test didn't go exactly as they planned and they got a few surprises, but are extremely happy with the test results and the outcomes. They're happy with the results from both a technical and personal perspective.


Day 01 - Friday

John arrives home for the first time since the explosion eight months ago. He's spent the time in hospital or the Preston labs. The house is clean and tidy. He'd expected it to be slightly messy as Brooke is living here on her own. Walking through the house he looks out into the backyard. The pool and enclosure is finished, ready for use and very inviting; probably used by Brooke already, he thinks. Sitting down in the lounge room he goes through the mail Brooke hasn't yet taken to him at hospital or the labs. Nothing of interest except the one saying his new credit/debit card is awaiting collection at his local bank. It was sent there for safe keeping until he's released from hospital. It's lunchtime and he decides to have something to eat. Liz had explained he needn't eat anything as his body has a power cell in it and vials of drugs needed for this biological parts. The system can also derive some power, minerals, and vitamins from what he consumes. Eating will extend the life of all the built in resources. After checking what food is in the house he heads to the bank for his card and some money. It's only a short walk and it's a nice sunny day, ideal for taking a walk in the sun.

At the bank he gets his card and withdraws some money. He does some grocery shopping and walks home. He smiles as he knows he'll never get tired by walking now. While putting the groceries away he thinks about what to do for Brooke's sixteenth birthday in eight days time. He goes upstairs to lie down and think about the events of the last year. He takes a nap as well as old habits are hard to break, and this is an ideal nap time.

Some hours later some talking nearby wakes him up. Getting up off his bed he isolates the sounds as coming from the bedroom window overlooking the back of the house. John's room is upstairs at one end of the house which runs across the front of the large block. His room is the full width of the top floor of the house with front windows looking down onto the lower roof of the front half of the lounge room, the front garden and the street. The back window used to look into the backyard. It now opens into the pool enclosure. He goes to the window and looks down.

Three nude teenage girls are swimming in the pool and four more are lying on the grass sunbathing. He wonders what's going on until he sees Brooke walking out from the house with a tray of glasses and bottles of drink. She puts the tray down on a pool side table and the girls gather around for drinks. Using his telescopic eye ability John focuses on the girls' faces. They're all friends of Brooke he's known for some years. He smiles as he suddenly realizes they're not little girls any more, but very lovely young women, including Brooke. He's wonders, 'When did they grow up so much?'

He has a thought; smiling, he quietly walks down stairs, through the house and into the lounge room. There's plenty of noise from the girls as he walks through the lounge room and into the pool area. The girls are sitting around the pool side tables talking and laughing. No one notices him walking up to them. When only two meters away he smiles, saying, "Well Brooke, I see you've christened the pool." The girls turn towards him when he speaks, then scream and dive into the water to hide their nude bodies. Sitting down on a chair at the tables he pours himself a drink, "Suddenly, sitting around the pool nude seems to be a problem for you ladies, why?"

Stammering and stuttering, an embarrassed Brooke says, "Because you're here now, Uncle John."

He laughs, "Yes, I am. And walking over from the door I've already had a very good look at what all of you have to offer." They calm down as they realize he's not angry with them. Brooke and some of the girls start to smile at his choice of words. "You know I'll get an even better look when you decide you'll have to leave the pool to visit the ladies or get hungry or go home. So you may as well be comfortable, accept I'm going to enjoy viewing your physical charms and get out of the pool."

One of Brooke's friends, Rachel, sighs and walks up the pool's entrance steps. She strikes a pose at the side of the pool and gives John a good view of her lovely body. She slowly walks over to the table and sits down opposite him. She says, "He's right girls, bite the bullet and come get your drinks. Who knows, we may even be able to talk him into playing games with us." They think over Rachel's words. One by one they slowly leave the pool and walk to the tables. Mandy, Jessica, Melissa, Natalie, Wendy, and Tina. The girls represent the full range of teenage beauty. Their skin tones go from very fair to a lovely milk coffee color. Short or tall, average build or slight, they're all fit and trim with nice firm breasts of varying sizes. Soon they're all sitting around the tables chatting, except Brooke; she's still very embarrassed and not sure what these changes in her Uncle John's behavior mean.

John puts his drink down. "Excuse me a moment." He walks over and squats by the side of the pool where Brooke is holding onto the edge of the pool. "You'll get out of the pool now, Brooke." She blushes, stammers, and shakes her head no. He grabs hold of her wrists and stands up to raise his hands above his head, lifting Brooke out of the pool until her head is above his. Very surprised at this show of strength, as he's much stronger than she remembers him being, she looks at her friends while he stares directly at her peach sized breasts. Quietly, in almost a whisper only she can hear, he says, "Very lovely, Brooke." She blushes from head to toe. Putting her down on the side of the pool he places a hand in the small of her back and gentle pushes her towards the tables. As they near the tables he slides his hand down to give her bottom a gentle squeeze and pat before pushing her towards the last empty chair. He sits down, saying, "Brooke, you look beautiful with that full body blush. Come to think of it, you're all beautiful in your own ways." They all smile and blush, being both embarrassed and happy about the compliment and the change in his behavior.

They sit and chat for a while. When it starts to get late, he asks, "Brooke, when do the girls have to be home?"



She laughs, "Silly Uncle John, have YOU lost track of the days. Today's Friday, they're staying overnight so we can go to soccer together in the morning. Rachel has her license and is driving us in your mini-bus. They go home Sunday evening. But it's about time we had something for dinner. Can I order pizzas please?" He nods and she picks up the cordless phone to place an order for twelve pizzas with several large bottles of drink. They all like cold pizza and you get a 10% discount for ordering twelve. The Pizza people promise delivery in twenty-five minutes. John sits there admiring the girls' charms as they all grin back at him. When the pizzas arrive he pays for them. Once the door is closed behind the delivery boy the girls come through and help carry the plunder out to the grass. They sit down on the grass to consume pizzas and drinks as they chat.

After eating they lie around talking. One of the girls, Mandy, raises the subject of sex. They all get embarrassed by John's presence but continue with the topic, some watching him out of the corner of their eyes. He's well aware of their interest. Brooke is the youngest of the group and Rachel is the eldest as she recently turned seventeen. The discussion reaches a point about why some of the experienced girls at school say sex hurts and others say it doesn't, that it's great. The girls are used to asking John questions about school work and he always gives them a full answer, often helping them to understand the work. But they've never tried asking about anything very personal before. Mandy decides today may be a good day to try because of his more relaxed behavior, and turns to John, "Uncle John, you're older than us, surely you've had some experience with this, do you know? Can you tell us why this is so?"

He smiles as he likes this turn in the conversation. "I think I can, only I won't give any practical demonstrations in front of anyone who hasn't yet turned sixteen. Since that only applies to Brooke and she's your hostess, you don't get to start an orgy tonight." They all nod and a few have slight smiles when they realize he hasn't ruled out private activities later. "Who here's a virgin, someone that's never had a real penis inside her vagina?" All but Rachel put up their hands. "Whoever has inserted something like a dildo, vibrator, or hairbrush handle, etc inside their vagina is to lower their hands." Two girls blush and lower their hands. He turns to them, "The first time you slipped something into your vagina did you feel a resistance and did it hurt slightly?" They both nod. "That's because you broached your hymens, busted your cherries. Most girls are born with a small flap of skin that partially seals the vagina at the entrance, that's their hymen. When you first have sex this is broached; it can hurt a bit or a lot depending upon how the broaching is done. This is called 'losing your cherry, ' understand?" They nod. "OK, well some girls are born without a hymen, some break them by accident through sport or exercise, some by self exploration. But most don't broach it until they have sex for the first time. If their first partner is loving and careful it'll hardly be noticed when it's broken. Most will experience some small fleeting pain, some nothing. But if the partner knows little and rushes things, the sudden broaching can be very painful. Also, sex is like any other exercise activity. You use muscles and you have to work the muscles in carefully until they get used to the activity. Added to this the vagina needs to be stretched. The first few times it has to be done slowly and carefully." He stops for a drink as they nod. "Usually, it takes a few times before a young woman can enjoy a casual or quick sexual encounter because it takes her body that long to adjust to the new activity. With a knowing and careful first partner the situation is totally different, the pain is minimized and the pleasure maximized as he takes his time making it 'just right' for you. The important thing is to make sure the vagina's internal fluids are flowing freely before attempting to enter. Few boys know this. A lot of pain comes because he's in a hurry and the girl's almost dry. No fluids and you have too much friction in a very sensitive area, causing lots of pain. Rachel, have you had enough experience to understand what I'm saying?"

She smiles, "No, I lost my cherry about two months back and haven't had sex since as it hurt. But I think I'll be learning the rest of what you said in the very near future." She winks at him and the other girls smile at her intentions. Realizing he's likely to have a bed mate tonight, John smiles back. Brooke watches this interplay and bites her lip because she just realized she'd like to spend the night in bed with him, doing exactly what Rachel wants to do with him.

He turns to the group, "Until now we've been talking about genital sex where the male places his penis in the female's vagina. But there are other forms of sex. Oral sex is where a male or female uses their mouth to sexually stimulate another person and is called pussy eating, pie eating, muff diving, head job, blow job, and cock sucking. Digital sex is where someone uses their hands and fingers to sexually stimulate another and is called feeling someone up, finger fucking, and a hand job." John stops for a drink and he notices some of the girls' pussies are damp while some are squirming as they obviously like the subject. "When someone has a finger working a girl's pussy and a mouth wrapped around her clit with their tongue working her clit to a fare thee well so she's having an orgasm, it doesn't matter if the mouth and hand belongs to a male or another female. The same applies to a hand fondling a breast or kissing, gender of the people doesn't affect the sensory input. When a male's penis is enclosed in a warm wet mouth and a tongue is wrapped around it teasing the piss hole, the gender of the mouth owner doesn't change the pleasure of the act. The difference between giving head and a blow job is simply a case of keeping your mouth on the penis and you keep sucking as you swallow while he ejaculates, that's a blow job. Stop sucking before he comes and it's giving head or cock sucking. For a heterosexual female, knowing how to suck cock is very important. After a male ejaculates it normally takes a few hours before he's stiff and ready to have sex again. When you deftly suck his cock you can get it stiff and ready to go much quicker. Also it'll stay stiff and ready to use much longer." The girls all stare at him in wonder. He's answered the questions they wanted answers to but were too afraid to ask.

Brooke quietly asks, "So, being a lesbian or gay isn't wrong?"

John smiles at her, "There's a difference between enjoying the pleasures offered by a member of the same gender and being a lesbian or gay. Many people are bi-sexual and enjoy sexual encounters with both men and women as individuals or in groups. It all comes down to respecting your partner or partners and not forcing them into doing something they really don't want to do. For example, if Rachel's boyfriend walked in here and asked to suck my cock, I'd probably let him. If he asked me to suck his I'd say no as I don't like doing that. But if Rachel asked me to eat her pussy I'd take her upstairs and you'd shortly hear her screams of pleasure as she orgasmed." They all look at Rachel as she sits there smiling and licking her lips. Her pussy is sopping wet at the thought of John eating her. "Being lesbian or gay simply means you don't want to have any sex with members of the other gender. I think that's foolish as we're designed for the maximum sexual pleasure from a member of the other sex. Most people are against homosexual encounters because of early training and cultural conditioning. One thing against homosexual behavior is it does nothing to propagate the race. It takes heterosexual encounters to breed." John suddenly stands up, "Anyway, we better do some more swimming, because if we continue this discussion much further I'll have to take Rachel or someone upstairs and fuck their brains out."

Stripping off he lets them all get a good look at his flaccid penis. He goes over to the pool and dives in. All the girls follow and get in the pool. They're soon playing a game of water tag; one person is 'it' and they have to tag another, the rest have to keep out of the way of the person who's 'it' without leaving the pool while swimming about as part of the chase. This is a nice fun way to get exercise. Many people take opportunities for private talks during the game.

After an hour of this they take a break, staying in the pool and talking in small groups. Mandy and Rachel are in the same group as John. He feels a hand on each thigh and both are moving towards his penis. The girls glare at each other when their hands meet at his dick. He quietly says, "Easy girls, no fighting, there's plenty for both of you." They both turn to him and smile.

Rachel says, "After all this, how come you haven't got a woody?"

He smiles, "I've much better control than most. Get a good hold and feel what I can do." Waiting until they both have a good hold of his dick he makes it go stiff. Their eyes go wide when they feel it go stiff, they go wider again when he changes to a 2M. For a few minutes they enjoy themselves playing with his dick. A couple of the other girls notice the action and he soon has four hands on his dick as they talk. He feels the pressure of a wave front wash over his dick, followed by Brooke rising out of the water in front of him. She'd swum under water and got a good eyeful of his dick.

She looks him in the eye, blushing and saying, "Very lovely, and quite impressive, Uncle John."

He smiles at her, "I'm glad YOU approve. While you're here, have you thought about what sort of party you want for your sixteenth birthday and what sort of presents you want?"

She grins, "For a present, I want your dick. For a party, how about a pool orgy with all my friends? Think you could manage that, Uncle John?" The girls around her are at first shocked, then they all smile.

He returns her grin, "If memory serves me right your birthday is tomorrow week and next week is the last week of school for two weeks. So what say we make it a two week long party? The girls can arrive here any time from Friday after school and stay as long as they want. The whole two week holiday break if they want. Only rules being they keep the house tidy and they're available to me for sex when I want them. They can also ask me for sex when they want. No jealousy about who I fuck. No one not yet turned sixteen as I don't want to go to prison. You can sell the idea to the parents as a way to get the girls out of their hair for the holidays and have some time to themselves. Put it in terms of me allowing you to have an extra long sleepover because you've been such a good and brave girl while I was in hospital. OK. Oh, we can go shopping Saturday and I'll buy everyone a 'thank you for coming gift.' I think Victoria's Secret would be a suitable shop for that and your birthday present." Brooke has an ear to ear grin, as do the few girls nearby who hear his offer.

Saying, "Oh yes please, Uncle John," Brooke surges forward to give him a hug and a kiss, he quickly makes his dick flaccid. The girls holding his dick are surprised as it goes limp and slips from their hands just before Brooke reaches him. Rachel smiles when she realizes if he hadn't made his dick limp Brooke would have had a pussy full of Uncle John dick well before she got her arms around him.

He smiles and winks at Rachel, "I told you I had a much higher level of control than most. And it works both ways." Rachel is stunned and very pleased by this news.

He lets go of a jubilant Brooke. "I think it's time we got out of the pool, have showers or baths, and get ready for bed, don't you?"

Brooke laughs. "What that means is you want to sneak Rachel and Mandy off to your room to fuck their brains out, don't you?"

He laughs, "No it doesn't. I wasn't going to sneak anyone off. I intend to be quite open about it." With that he places an arm around each of the girls and fondles a breast with each hand. "Well ladies, want to join me in the bath, followed by a brain destroying fuck?" Smiling, they both nod yes, and they exit the pool as a group of three. The rest of the girls watch them go, with huge smiles. The trio stops to pick up John's clothes before heading into the house.


Private Fun

John leads them upstairs to the large bath in the master bedroom en suite as it's big enough for four people. They sit in the bath as it fills with water. He picks up a washer and enjoys washing Rachel. They're all washed by the time the water is up to their bellies. John switches to a 2M and has his stiff dick poking out of the water. Both girls are smiling as they look at it. Reaching forward he turns Rachel around to pick her up and slowly lower her onto his rigid pole.

As she slowly slides down she leans back onto his chest. Mandy watches Rachel moan in pleasure as his stiff dick vanishes inside her. Once she's well seated with his dick filling her and his arms around her fondling her breasts, he switches sizes between a 1M and a 2M over and over again. His dick is growing and shrinking inside her as if he was thrusting in and out. After a few minutes of this she moans and melts back against him with her first orgasm, quickly followed by two more. He lowers one hand to play with her clit. Wanting to get in on the act, Mandy leans forward and starts sucking on Rachel's breast. Rachel has several more orgasms in quick succession. He stops all action and lets her settle down. At his signal Mandy sits back up.

Rachel moans softly, "How did you get that fucking action without moving, it was heavenly."

He smiles, "I'm glad you liked it. It's all a matter of control, I doubt anyone else can do that. Was that a much better experience than your last heterosexual genital sex encounter?"

She says, "Oh yes, way better, I wish I'd had you before him."

"So do I. Are you protected or should I come in your mouth."

"Yes, I'm on the pill but I want to be greedy and have both."

Mandy smiles, "Me too, please. I'm on the pill as well."

John grins, "Let's get out and dried." Lifting Rachel off his dick he goes limp and stands with her still in his arms, their impressed by his strength. Mandy stands and they all get out of the bath. They have a fun time drying each other before moving to his king sized bed.

On the bed he reaches around Mandy and fondles her breasts. He turns her around and kisses her. Their tongues dance in their mouths as he caresses her. Breaking the kiss he lowers her to the bed and lays beside her while he caressing her body. Rachel lies on the other side and fondles Mandy's breasts. Mandy lies there with her eyes closed and moaning. John signals Rachel to kiss Mandy while he sucks on one breast and plays with her pussy. Mandy writhes under their twin pleasure assault. As he kisses his way down her body he spreads her legs. When her legs are wide enough he spreads her labia and kisses her clit. She humps her hips at him as he sucks her clit. Slipping a finger into her vagina he finds it wet and ready so he adds a second finger and starts to finger fuck her while sucking her clit. Leaning his weight on her hips to hold them down as he adds a third finger and then a fourth. Rachel stops kissing her to suck on one breast as she fondles the other. Mandy moans and writhes with pleasure. She suddenly heaves as an orgasm washes over her, then another and another. He stops working on her vagina and kneels between her thighs. He goes stiff with a 1T. Rachel watches his dick go instantly from flaccid to rigid pole. She smiles at the sight, in anticipation of what's to come.

Seeing movement in the corner of her eye Rachel turns her head and sees the bedroom door is open, four of the girls are watching them while playing with their pussies. John whispers, "Signal them to be quiet and to come closer to watch as they're next after you again." Rachel smiles and looks at her voyeuristic friends. She puts a finger to her lips and motions for them to move closer. They quietly approach the bed to stand at the side near John and Mandy. Smiling, they look down at his stiff dick. Brooke and Wendy are still swimming.

John lowers himself on his knees and one hand until his dick is touching Mandy's pussy. With his free hand he reaches down to rub the head of his dick up and down her pussy, to get it wet. Each time he rubs it over her clit she moans and writhes. With it at her vaginal entrance he lowers himself further and slides his stiff dick into her pussy, she smiles at the feeling of his entry. She experiences a short and small pain as he pushes through her hymen. He continues until their groins are rubbing against each other. Mandy is moaning and saying, "Fuck yes." He withdraws until only the head of his dick is in her then slowly slides back in. After doing this several times he speeds up; she's soon humping her hips up during his forward thrusts. She starts coming each time their groins meet. He switches to a 2T as he starts to thrust forward again. This time his thrust is slower, so the head of his dick has time to expand along her love tunnel. Her eyes open for the first time since lying down on the bed as they go wide at the feeling of his dick filling her vagina, and bigger on seeing the audience - she has her biggest orgasm yet. Several times he withdraws and re-enters her, she comes again on each entry. Each time she comes her pussy squeezes his dick in the most delicious manner as her muscles ripple along his dick. He's in heaven and so is Mandy.

Stopping with his dick deep in her while she heaves in orgasm he waits for her to finish coming before he comes in her. Feeling him shoot his sperm into her causes her to come again. As she writhes on the bed he reaches down to play with her clit and starts her on a multiple orgasm. She comes for several minutes. When she settles down again he goes flaccid and withdraws his limp dick.

He moves off the bed and stands up. The girls can see his dick has some drops of sperm on the end and they lick their lips. He walks around the bed to beside Mandy's head to lay his dick on her lips. She opens her eyes at the contact and seeing his dick on her lips she opens her mouth to take it in. Turning her head slightly she takes more of his dick in her mouth and sucks on it. He tells her how to suck dick as all the girls listen carefully, very carefully. After a few minutes of this heavenly exercise he makes it stiff. Mandy smiles around his dick as it goes rigid while she sucks on it and the watching girls sigh. Pulling his rigid dick out of her mouth he tells her to sit up. When Mandy is sitting up against the bed head he places his dick back in her mouth and she sucks it again. A minute later he tells her to open her mouth wide, to keep it open and be ready to swallow. Mandy sits there with her mouth open as the head of his dick rests lightly on her lips and points at her tongue. The girls are watching closely as he comes. His sperm shoots out, hits her tongue, bounces to the side of her mouth, up to the roof, and falls onto the back of her tongue before sliding down her throat. She moans in pleasure as she likes the taste and the feel of it. The watching girls are fascinated with this as they play with their pussies. Two come just from watching him shoot into Mandy's mouth. As he finishes coming he goes flaccid and slips his limp dick deeper into Mandy's mouth. She starts sucking on it again, making sure to get as much sperm out of his dick as she can. A little later he goes to a 2T and withdraws his stiff dick from her mouth.
Rachel is lying on the bed beside Mandy and playing with her own sopping pussy. She watches as he slowly walks to the end of the bed, fondling each girl's breasts and bottom as he walks by. Standing at the end of the bed and directly in front of Rachel he reaches up and grabs her ankles. He pulls her down the bed until her ass is rubbing against his dick and her legs are straight up in the air. He lowers her legs to the sides and rests his dick on her pussy. Slowly he rubs it up and down her pussy, she moans each time it touches her clit.

Thinking this is a fun evening, he smiles at her, "What do you want, slow and easy or quick and hard?"

In anticipation of the pleasure to come, she gives a cheeky grin, and says, "Quick and hard with plenty of cream please."

He thrusts hard and fast the full length of her vagina. She's so hot and ready she comes immediately their groins meet. He changes to a 2M as he commences his next thrust. The extra girth makes a tighter fit and she comes on each thrust. Several thrusts later he switches to a 3M and starts her on a multiple orgasm. The feel of her pussy clutching at his dick and rippling along it is exquisite. Waiting until she starts to settle down he comes and shoots her full of his sperm. The feel of his warm sperm starts her coming again. Some minutes later she settles down and he goes flaccid.

Withdrawing from Rachel's juicy pussy he walks around the bed and pulls her up the bed to rest. Sitting her up against the bed head he places his limp dick against her lips and she starts sucking his dick. Rachel has an interesting technique. She holds his dick head in one side of her mouth while wrapping her tongue over the tip of it and running her tongue around it. He waits until she's drawing her tongue back from exploring his piss hole and comes. Rachel is surprised and almost chokes when his limp dick shoots warm, tasty sperm onto her tongue tip and along her tongue. She swallows as it bounces off the back of her mouth and goes down her throat. He waits for her to finish swallowing his sperm and sucking his dick clean. He changes to a 1T and leaves his stiff dick in her mouth for a minute before pulling out.

He walks around the bed and approaches the watching girls. Seeing Jessica has fluids running down her legs he steps up to her and rubs his rigid pole along her wet pussy as he takes her in his arms and kisses her. He lifts her up and kisses his way down to her breasts. She closes her eyes and moans. He leans forward and lowers her to the bed, laying her across it as he kisses his way down her body while he spreads her legs wide. Reaching her groin he licks the length of her pussy. She comes as his tongue slides over her clit. His sucking on her clit makes her come again and again. He stands and rubs the head of his dick along her pussy and clit, causing another orgasm. He slides his dick down her pussy to her vaginal entrance and pushes in through her hymen. She opens her eyes and starts to speak. He leans down and kisses her as he continues to slide his dick into her wet pussy. It seems she wanted to enjoy the show but not join in quite so much, or she's still scared about sex. Either way it's too late. She clenches her vagina a bit. She's so wet he easily slides in anyway. With his body on hers and his mouth on hers, she can't move or object. Gently and slowly he continues to move his dick deeper into her tight velvet love tunnel. He breaks the kiss, "Jess, relax, it was way too late when you walked in here. Tensing up like this will only make it harder on you. Relax and let your body tell you what it wants and how it feels." She gives him an uncertain look, they stay like that for a minute. Then her pussy relaxes and her whole body seems to go boneless. Reaching between them he fondles her breasts, one after the other. In a few minutes she's moaning and smiling. He lowers his hand to play with her clit. Her eyes open and go wide as she has her first orgasm with a dick inside her. Rubbing her clit again makes her come again. This one is harder and longer, she humps her hips up at him and achieves a slightly deeper penetration as she shoves her pussy up. She drops back to the bed with a huge smile. He follows her down, pushing his dick all the way into her vagina again. He reaches her full depth and stops for a moment. It's still enough to cause her to come again and to hump at him as she tries to get more dick in her. He gently withdraws, re-entering her a bit faster. On each forward thrust she comes and moans. Several orgasms later he stops with their groins together as he enjoys the feel of her heavenly pussy. In the middle of her next orgasm he changes to a 2T and delves deeper into her. The feeling of being so full sets off another orgasm, followed by a third when he comes in her and she feels his warm sperm shooting into her, filling her up. They stay like that for a few minutes as she catches her breath.

Looking down at her smiling face he goes flaccid and starts to withdraw from her. As he does she looks up, "I better call mommy to ask for one of her 'morning after' pills and arrange to get on the pill." Seeing the sudden look of concern on his face she realizes he hadn't intended to get her pregnant and is concerned for her. "Don't worry, if I do get pregnant I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have as the father. That was marvelous despite my worries about my first fuck."

Looking at the crowd John picks out two,"Do you want to sleep here with me in case I want to fuck someone during the night or first thing in the morning?" One nods yes and the other shakes her head no, but the one not asked nods yes. So he has two bed mates for the night. "Right, everyone needs another bath, come along." He picks up Jessica and carries her to the bath, with the rest following.



He runs more hot water and sits in the bath with Jessica in his lap. Picking up the wash cloth he washes her all over. He must have done a good job as she has another orgasm while being washed. He stands and grabs a towel from the pile beside the bath. After drying her upper body he picks her up out of the water and places her on the bath mat before drying her lower body. Picking up Mandy he washes her the same way, doing the same with all the girls. Each gives the same reaction to how he washes their breasts and pussies, they come. When he starts to wash himself the girl who didn't wish to sleep with him, Tina, takes the washer off him and washes him. She leaves his dick until last. After washing his dick she leans in and takes it in her mouth, giving it a good suck. He gives her a stiff 1T as something better for her to suck on. She smiles around his dick as she sucks on it harder and licks the head with her tongue. He looks down, "Do you want me to come in your mouth?" She lifts her mouth off his dick and nods. He waits until she sucks on his dick again. Reaching down he holds her head still and pulls back until the very end of his dick is resting on the tip of her tongue. He comes and shoots warm sperm into her mouth, it bounces off her tongue and onto the top of her mouth, only to fall back down on her tongue. The next spurt hits the pool of the first and splashes sperm all around the inside of her mouth. She doesn't swallow, the inside of her mouth is soon coated with his sperm from the next few spurts. She takes her mouth off his dick when he stops coming. Smiling, she stands and opens her mouth to show them how her mouth is coated with sperm. With her mouth open she runs her tongue around her mouth and swallows.

She turns to John, "After I tell mum what I'm going to do I'll spend the night with you and expect a couple of loads in both my mouth and pussy. OK." He smiles and nods. The girls all leave for the beds they'll be sleeping in.

He gets out of the bath and is drying himself when Brooke walks in. She takes the towel off him and finishes drying him. "The news all over the house is we now have three non-virgins and will have two more before breakfast. With another one or two lining up for tomorrow. You're not wasting much time seducing my friends. How come the sudden change in behavior, Uncle John?"

Giving her a gentle smile, he says, "Many things, Brooke love. The explosion at work has made me realize how mortal I am. Also I've known you lot for several years and still thought of you as little girls. But seeing you all out there in your natural beauty made me realize you've all grown up and are now young women. Seeing so many sexy young women at once, added to my mortality, made me want to spend a lot of time making love to a lot of sexy young women. And here they are - ready, willing, wanting, and waiting."

She gives him a pensive look, "Uncle John, you never have been able to lie worth a damn. I know what you said is all true, but that's not all. What's the rest of the story?"

"Sorry Brooke, I'm not sure you're ready for the rest. You may be and probably are. But I'm not ready to talk about it yet. Please, let's leave that alone for now. Ask me on your birthday as I may be ready to talk then." Picking her up he kisses her on the forehead, puts her down, and pats her bare bum as they leave the en suite. She leaves the bedroom as he climbs into bed between two sexy sixteen year old girls. He's soon asleep with a big smile on his face, which is matched by his bedmates' smiles.

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