This isnt actually my story this story was posted on storiesonline (dot) net by the author cazna rochester and was posted on xnxx by someone else but they didnt post the full story and i will be posting it all
Day 02 - Saturday

Waking at 6.00 am John is momentarily surprised to find two nude teenage girls in bed with him. It takes a moment for him to catch up with yesterday's events. Smiling, he turns to Melissa, the girl on his left. Leaning over he gently kisses and sucks her right breast. She moans and moves in her sleep. He carefully moves his hand down to her groin and spreads her legs. Using one finger he plays with her pussy and it's soon wet. It seems she's having one hell of an erotic dream as she humps against his hand. He inserts another finger, a third, a fourth, she's soon moaning and humping his hand. He keeps this up until her pussy is very wet. Getting off the bed he spreads her legs wider as he changes to a stiff 1T and climbs back on the bed between her thighs. Lowering himself towards her body he rubs his dick up and down her pussy, she moans softly. Placing his dick at the entrance to her vagina he enters her and slowly moves his dick into her love tunnel. He breaches her hymen and continues a slow gentle entry. Suddenly her eyes fly open and she gives a small scream as she realizes this most unusual erotic dream of her life is factual. Smiling, she heaves her hips at him and impales herself further on his dick. He maintains his position inside her as they drop back to the bed. She wraps her arms and legs around him as she kisses him.

She breaks the kiss with a huge smile and says, "I'm not on the pill, please don't come in me. But do fuck me senseless." Starting a good thrusting action he does as asked. Fifteen minutes and numerous orgasms later she's lying on the bed motionless and moaning softly with a huge smile. He withdraws from her and climbs off the bed. He moves to his other bed mate, Natalie.

Smiling at him, Natalie spreads her legs wide as she takes her hand from her wet pussy, "I'm on the pill and came three times watching you two. Fuck me good and fill me up please." He moves between her thighs and places his dick at her vaginal entrance. He slides straight in as she's one of the girls who admitted to popping her own cherry. She starts coming when their groins meet. He covers her mouth with his and starts their tongues dancing as he slowly thrusts in and out. She's soon writhing underneath him and unable to hold the kiss. He breaks the kiss and speeds up his thrusts as she moans while having orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. After some minutes of constant orgasms her pussy is starting to dry out. On the next thrust he changes to a 2T and fills her vagina with more dick. She heaves in her strongest orgasm yet. He greatly enjoys the squeezing action of her pussy on his dick. He comes and fills her as requested. Her eyes pop open again as she responds to the feel of his sperm shooting into her with another huge orgasm. He lays there fully inserted in her pussy for a few minutes before withdrawing his dick after making it flaccid.

He stands and enters the en suite to start a bath before returning and carrying the girls into the bath, one at a time. With them all in the bath he carefully washes them. He gets out of the bath before lifting them out and drying them all. He lets them lean on him as they walk back into the bedroom. The girls sit on the bed smiling as they watch him get dressed. He heads off to start breakfast as they go to get dressed. In the kitchen he finds Brooke cooking bacon and eggs for everyone. She looks up, "I gather Melissa and Natalie will be along shortly." He nods. She places a plate of food before him, "That was an interesting yell I woke up to about forty minutes ago, who was it?"

He smiles, "That was Melissa. She was surprised to wake up and find her erotic dream of being fucked was a reality. She seemed happy with things after the initial surprise." The girls around the table laugh. Melissa and Natalie walk in on the end of the laughter.

With a bit of feeling, Melissa says, "I heard how you unfeeling people reacted to my wake up call. I hope he does the same to you."

Brooke smiles and sighs, "So do I." John smiles at her as some of the girls nod in agreement.

John turns to Rachel, "I'm glad you've already agreed to drive today. I'm going to need some practice lessons before I try to drive again. I don't want to risk you lot, not while I'm relearning." Both Brooke and Rachel give him a funny look for that statement. Rachel nods and acknowledges her status as designated driver.

At 8.00 am they're all in his mini-bus and driving down the road with Rachel at the wheel. John is in the middle of the back seat with a girl on each side and a breast in each hand. Three blocks down the road Rachel stops to pick up four more members of the team, two are twins and the other two are their cousins. As they get on the twenty seater mini-bus the girls stop and stare at John. He has a young girl's breast in each hand, he hasn't done that before. They sit down in vacant seats and ask the others what's going on. They're quickly told as the bus is full of smirking school girls. Arriving at the playing field they meet up with the last member of the team, Sera Weatherall. Her mother, Gwen, always takes her to the games and practice.

Gwen and Sera watch with amusement as Brooke makes everyone wait on the mini-bus until she's ready for them to get off. Placing John at the foot of the stairs she gives him instructions and hustles Sera onto the bus. The girls line up in shirt number order, starting with number one, Melissa (the goal keeper). John lifts them off the bus from the next to last step, gives each a kiss and places them gently on the ground. He does this with every girl, finishing with number thirteen, Jessica.


Soccer and Hurts

The girls run onto the field to start their warm up routines and pre-game practice. John sits down on the sideline bench beside Gwen, saying, "Hello Gwen. The girls tell me you've been doing a good job of filling in as manager / coach during my hospitalization."

She nods, "Someone had to. The other mothers either work to make ends meet and don't have the time or they're not that interested in seeing their girls have a happy time at sport. Anyway, I heard you were a basket case." He gives her a sudden look of surprise as the extent of his injuries had been kept very confidential, "I have friends at the emergency centre you were taken to. Some of them know you and it broke their hearts to see you like that."

Very surprised at this knowledge he gives her a sickly smile, "Things aren't always what they seem to be. I'm not sure I'm ready to talk about it yet. When I am, I have to tell Brooke first."

Gwen gives him a weak smile back, "Yes, sometimes the hurts are too big. Maybe I should tell you mine first. I'll think about that." He gives her a penetrating look but she just shakes her head. They turn to watch the start of the game as Brooke and Jessica walk up and sit down. Being in a public place Brooke just cuddles up to John and pulls his arm around her to hold on to while Jessica puts her hand in his other hand. Gwen's eyebrows go up at this behavior.

Five minutes before the end of the first half Sera falls down with a sharp scream. The referee stops the game then calls John and Gwen onto the field to treat her. Sera is rolling about on the ground holding her right thigh and groaning loudly. Kneeling beside her John lifts her lower right leg and uses it to push her knee up into her chest. Reaching around her leg he starts feeling her thigh. It's clear she's strained the muscle. He rubs her upper thigh, fast and hard, the pain settles down. John picks her up and carries her to the sideline while Brooke takes her place on the field. Sera is the largest girl on the team, she's as tall as John with a solid Junoesque figure and well developed breasts; she out masses him by 15%. He easily carries her off the field to sit her on the bench. Gwen's surprised as last year she was needed to help him carry any injured girls off the field.

Back at the bench John rubs Sera's thigh with a liniment before strapping it up with a wide compression bandage. Setting her leg back down on the ground he sits beside her with Gwen on the other side of her and Jessica on his other side. It's soon half time and they gather around for a summary of the first half. Gwen and John mention some problems they'd noticed in the girls' play and ways to take advantage of the opposition's weaknesses.

The second half starts and Natalie is sitting it out so Jessica can play. The girls rotate who sits out. Natalie and Sera were quietly talking during the half time briefing by Gwen and John. The adults return to the bench as the team returns to the field. Natalie smiles at Sera and nods towards John.

Sitting between Gwen and John, Sera gulps and says, "John, am I too fat and ugly for you to fuck?"

Both adults look at her in surprise. John turns to look at Natalie as she tries to look innocent. "Did you put Sera up to asking that now?" Looking worried, she nods. "Natalie, remind me later to give you a ten hit spanking on your bare bum for embarrassing Sera." Gwen watches and listens with interest. He turns to Sera, "Sera, you're NOT ugly and you're not fat. Oh don't go on, we all know you eat a bit too much and are a bit over weight. But fat for a girl is when her belly sticks further out than her tits and she's not pregnant." Sera laughs at that description. "I'll also admit you're not in a position to push the top make-up models out of their positions, yet. Regardless of your physical beauty, true beauty is more than skin deep. Skin's the dust cover to the book that's the person. The person is their heart, mind, and soul; and true beauty is a person with a beautiful heart and soul. Remember, what you see isn't always what you think it is." He stops for a breath and she sits there looking at him. "Sera, if your mother doesn't threaten to call the police for my corrupting you. Although, I think Natalie has already done that. Then I'd be honored to make love to you and teach you the physical side of sex. Provided this is what you really want, you've turned sixteen, and you're prepared to stay at my house for a weekend or longer to do so." Sera smiles and hugs him. Gwen looks on with surprise at all this.

Sera grins, "Thank you, I do want learn about sex. Nearly all the boys I know say I'm fat and ugly. The girls on the team don't see me that way. But, like you, they say I could lose some weight."

Gwen stands up, saying, "Natalie, you and Sera stay here. I think John and I need to have a private talk." Then starts to walk away.

John also stands up, "Natalie, you may want to mention Brooke's birthday party arrangements to Sera while we're away talking." John follows Gwen to a point about thirty meters away.


Secrets Revealed

Gwen looks at John, "Sera and the girls are only sixteen or seventeen and Sera turned sixteen last Thursday. Don't you think that's a bit young for you?"

"I don't know how old you think I am but I turned twenty-five a month ago. I was only nine when Brooke was born. I'm not going out of my way to seduce the girls, nor am I going to reject them."

Gwen's surprised and it shows on her face, "Sorry, I thought you were about a decade older than that. I never met you until after Brooke's parents died and you've always seemed so sure and mature. And knowing your brother's age I thought your were older than him." She turns away with a very pensive expression.

She turns back, "John, I think it's about time you learned something about Brooke."

He holds up a hand, "I knew she's not my brother's biological daughter. The blood types don't match. They checked compatibility when she was in hospital after his death. However, I'd like to know how you know that and anything else you can tell me about her."

"Oh, I didn't know you knew. OK, here goes, and I may end up in court for this. Four of the girls on the team are my cousins." John's surprised, he wouldn't have guessed as their behavior never showed it. "Sera and Brooke are half sister to at least one of them. I don't know which and the fathers aren't interested in sorting it out. If I try to take any action the gratuity Sera and I get from them may be gone. Brenda, Brooke's mother, got a single payment when she married."

John's stunned, and his face reflects this. There's clearly more to this, he looks at Gwen and raises one eyebrow. She sighs, "OK, years ago, my parents went away for a holiday and left me with an aunt. My best friend's parents went with them, so my best friend Brenda stayed with me at my aunt's. The aunt had three daughters in their twenties, they were all married and six months pregnant. Their husbands were rich brothers who had very good jobs. One Saturday my aunt and cousins were off for the day at a charity event. The husbands were in the house doing something for my aunt. Brenda and I were out at the pool, swimming in small bikinis. Late morning we went inside for drinks and the men were sitting at the kitchen table. No one else was there, just us five. We were only thirteen but well developed for our ages and looked a lot older. The eldest looked at Brenda as she bent to get a drink from the bottom of the fridge. He said, 'that's one sexy schoolgirl ass, bet you guy's would like a piece of that.' Another said, 'I wouldn't mind a piece of both these cute chickies.' They stood up and we ran. But they soon caught us and removed our bikinis. One held Brenda and played with her breasts while another held me down on the table as the third tied me to the table. They tied Brenda to it too. They spent the next three hours taking turns raping us. My aunt wasn't feeling well and returned early. I've no idea how things would've gone if she hadn't. She saw what they were doing and pulling out a pistol she carried in her purse to chase them off. She called some friends and a doctor. The men returned thirty minutes later to find two armed security guards ready to blow their balls off."

She stops to catch her breath as talking about this is bring back all the old emotions. "The next week at school we were right out of it and get sent to the counselor. We're sitting there not saying anything when this high class counselor walks in and speaks to the school counselor. After that we're seeing that counselor instead of gym and sport each week. She was being paid $2,000 a week to come to the school to conduct our sessions. Someone recognized her as the top rape counselor in the state, so the whole school soon learned we'd been raped. Most kids and staff cut us some slack then."

Another short break to calm down again. "After six weeks we're starting to get through the thing when we find out we're both pregnant. Brenda had been the strong one until then, but she totally collapsed at the news. Somehow that news went around the school quickly. The next week we're in a counseling session and getting nowhere as Brenda is like a stone. Someone knocks on the door, very insistently. The counselor opens the door and there stands your brother the school captain, the big man at school. Walking in he stands in front of Brenda and puts out his hand saying, 'Hand it over.' She looks straight ahead, stone faced. He slaps her. She blinks and looks at him. He shoves his hand in her face, 'Hand it over.' She shakes her head no. He says, 'Hand it over or I'll spank you.' She shakes her head no again. The counselor has shut the door and is watching this with great interest. He's got more out of Brenda today than she did. Pulling up a chair he sits down and pulls Brenda to him. He lays her across his lap, lifts her skirt, and spanks her bum several times. She's crying and saying, 'no, no, you can't have them.' Sliding her off his lap he grabs her by the arms and says, 'Your mother's in the front office. She's hysterical because she knows you've taken her new bottle of sleeping tablets. Now hand them over.' Brenda says, 'no.' He says, 'You left your diary open on your desk and your mother read it, she knows what you plan to do. She showed me the diary and some entries in it.' Brenda's eyes go wide and she violently shakes her head no. He says, 'I now know you love me and have done so for some years. That's why your mother thinks I can get you to hand over the tablets. I think she's right and I'm not leaving here without them. I'll give you a strip and cavity search if I have to.' Brenda's eyes go very wide. She starts sobbing and reaches into her pocket. She pulls out a bottle of tablets and gives it to him. Smiling, he stands and sits her down, saying, 'thank you. You'll stop thinking of suicide right now, got it.' Walking to the door he says over his shoulder, 'I'm not having the girl I love and wish to marry kill herself.' Brenda's eyes go extremely wide as her mouth drops open and she faints."

She sighs, "The counseling went a lot better after that. Six months later a judge approves their marriage. A lawyer has us sign waivers and your brother gets a big payment. I've a monthly allowance for life and a house. Brenda and I remained good friends. We made sure to keep Sera and Brooke at the same schools etc so they would be good friends like we were. It's just coincidence my cousins have their daughters at the same school. And no, I don't know if they know. I've never asked as I was afraid of losing the monthly allowance and that would hurt Sera's living because I wouldn't be able to pay the school fees. The Masters girls are my cousins and I don't think they know that."

Having told her great secret she stands there crying. He takes her in his arms and hugs her until she settles down. The game's finishing so they go to the bench and Gwen sits down, still crying. John stroking her hair, "We have to tell them as they should know they're family." She nods. "Did you drive or catch a cab?"

She looks up, "I knew Rachel would have your bus so I caught a cab to simplify lunch." He raises his eyebrows, "We're all going out to lunch today to celebrate Sera's sixteenth birthday last Thursday."

The girls come to the bench happy. They just held the competition leaders to a 1-1 draw. The first game that team hasn't won this year, and the competition is half over. They're all very happy until they see Gwen crying.

John quickly gets them organized and onto the bus. As they drive away John finds out the restaurant they're having lunch at, The Great Dragon Chinese Restaurant. He hands his mobile phone to the Masters girls and tells them he has to talk to their mothers today at the restaurant as it's important and urgent. They look very surprised but ring their mothers and pass on the message. They agree to come to the restaurant in an hour or so.


Saturday Lunch

They're having a good time at The Great Dragon. They've many different types of dishes and everyone is having some of each. The girls have brought presents for Sera. John gets Sera's attention, "Sorry Sera, but I was only turned loose yesterday afternoon and no one told me about your birthday or the party until today. Will you accept a rain check to go shopping Monday. I think two items from Victoria's Secret may be enough to make up for not bringing anything." Sera is greatly surprised. She loves looking in the VS catalogue but can never afford anything. This makes her very happy and her wide smile shows it. Gwen is surprised and happy as well, especially for how happy it makes Sera.

Gwen twigs to what he said and sits up, "Three items and I tag along. You're not taking my daughter shopping for sexy underwear without me. I know your game, you just want to look at a pretty girl in sexy underwear."

John smiles, "Guilty as charged. But I'll only pay for three if the third is a negligee and I get to demonstrate the correct way to remove it that night." The Masters girls look stunned, surely he's not publicly offering to seduce Sera. Not in front of her mother.

Gwen smiles, "Sera, are you happy with that arrangement and would you like me to supervise the demonstration?" Every one except the Masters girls are grinning, the Masters girls are in shock.

Smiling, Sera says, "John, do you think you can handle a double team?"

Brooke chimes in, "Sure he can. He triple teamed Mandy, Rachel, and Jessica last night, then double teamed Natalie and Melissa before breakfast today. Why do you think they were so fired up and full of energy today. I wonder if screwing the whole team senseless before the game will improve our playing much." Gwen and the Masters girls are stunned by the news.

Sera turns to John, "Well then, what say you get mum a nice negligee as well and fuck us both senseless too." Both John and Gwen nod. The Masters girls can't believe what just happened.

John winks at Brooke, "You probably know we now have a nice pool at home." They all nod. "When we're finished here we can all go for a nice swim if you want." They all smile and nod again. "Oh, there's only one rule about the pool. I don't know if Brooke's told you but the pool area is textile free. No clothing allowed, none at all." They all smile, the Masters girls aren't sure what happened to John in the hospital, they're not sure if they like the change, but it does sound interesting and promises to be fun. Brooke takes the opportunity to explain about the school break long birthday party and its rules. She invites them all to attend for all or part of it, whatever they wish. They all promise to see what they can arrange with their parents to attend.


More Revelations

A little later the Masters girls' mothers arrive and wave at John. Their daughters are close friends of Brooke so they know him well from related school and sport functions as well as community activities. Although they live in the same street, they've never been inside each others houses. They walk in further and stop dead upon seeing Gwen in the corner. John stands and excuses himself as he goes over to them. Leading them to a table in another corner he asks if they want anything to eat or drink. They select some light snacks and juice drinks. He looks at them carefully, "I see you recognized Gwen, your cousin." They all start when he mentions the relationship, they nod. "Why do you avoid her?"

They look at each other and Barbara, the oldest, replies, "Because we all feel guilty about what our husbands did to her and Brenda. We don't know if she'll forgive us for leaving them there like that, and are afraid she won't."

He nods, "Well that answers the question about if you know what happened. I do hope you've made your husbands' lives hell for that."

Deborah, the youngest, smirks, "Mother made sure we knew. Those bastards only wanted to laugh about their fun. Well, we made sure they paid compensation, and then some." She sees his raised eyebrow, "After our girls were born we had them take some extended leave and visited a very special holiday resort. Two months at $20,000 each but they're now well trained submissives and we've come to like being BDSM doms. Care to joins us sometime?" She asks as she smiles at him while fluttering her eyelashes.

John laughs and smiles, "Sounds interesting and I'm sure Gwen would like to watch you put them through their paces. I'm sure I'd love to see the expressions on their faces as I come in their mouths after you make them suck my dick." They all smile at that thought. "But if I come along it would be with the expectation of being the senior dom in the house and getting to fuck the three of you senseless as well."

They all gulp and Julie says, "I do so love the idea of watching their reactions to your coming in their mouths as we've not thought to have them suck each other off. Don't know why we missed that and I like the idea. As to being submissive to you, I'm not sure I can do that now."

John smirks, "Oh, I'm sure I can make you do it, and enjoy it too. But the main thing I want to talk to you about is I need to run DNA scans on your husbands to ascertain which are actually Brooke's and Sera's fathers. I think it's way past time all the girls got told that they're cousins or half sisters."

The women look at each other for a moment, finally Barbara says, "You don't need to do DNA tests. Peter and Jerry are sterile, very horny, but sterile. All the girls are half sisters sired by Steve." The other two look at her in shock, clearly they didn't know this. "When we got married the boys wanted us to swing as a group. I was against it. Steve told me the situation. I checked it out by supervising tests at a top fertility clinic. Steve is the only one of them that can sire a child. I knew how much my sisters wanted children so I agreed to the partner sharing despite how much I hated it then. I couldn't deny my sisters a chance for children. Steve ended up getting us all pregnant, as intended. All of our children are his."

Sitting back, a stunned John says, "Well, that IS a revelation. I'll take your word for it. Now about telling the girls and letting Gwen know all the details too." They sit there for a moment, one by one they nod agreement. John signals Gwen to come over. When she arrives he tells her all he's learned. She's stunned by the paternity revelations and laughs at what happened to her attackers. She also accepts the offer to assist in some of their husbands' control sessions. He says, "Leave the girls to me. I'll sort it out over the coming weeks. Probably as I let them seduce me." The three sisters sit up and take notice at that line.

Gwen laughs, "The girls gave me the low down. Yesterday afternoon they talked him into giving them the male view point on sex and pumped him for knowledge of the problems when a girl loses her cherry. Turns out he knows quite a lot, especially about how to make it best. After that some decided to trick him into having sex with them. When they tried to sneak into his bed he made a point of making it obvious and gave an open invitation to anyone interested. Five of the girls are singing his praises, and very loudly at that."

John interrupts, "I've not put the word on any of the girls and I won't. Except, during the coming school holidays I'm giving Brooke a break long sleepover party. During that any girl who's staying over night is giving me permission to make love to her. Otherwise they can arrive at breakfast and leave by 8.00 pm. So far my problem seems to be scheduling volunteers through my bed at a high enough rate to keep them all happy. I won't seduce your daughters but I won't reject them either." The women stare at him and then slowly nod.

Gwen laughs, "Don't worry. Sera and I will double teaming him Monday night, her idea. I'll get back to you by next weekend about how good he is as a first for Sera and for an experienced woman like me. Also, can I assume we don't have to go on avoiding each other now?" They all nod yes. They stand and give her a long overdue hug each before they leave the restaurant.

Standing, John says to Gwen, "Please stay here for a moment." He goes to Brooke and brings her to the table with Gwen. He sits her down in Gwen's lap, "Better give her a hug Gwen as I think she'll need it." They both look at him with concerned expressions. He takes a deep breath, "Brooke love, there are some things you need to know. Some I can tell you now and some will have to wait a few days, OK." She nods yes. "First, you should know we're no blood kin as your father was my brother but he wasn't your biological father."

She says, "I know that Uncle John. I've known ever since mum and dad died. When the doctors were upset about some of the blood tests I asked a nurse some questions about blood and paternity. We may not be blood relatives but we're very closely related by love."

John's surprised and Gwen interrupts with, "She's real smart this one. I wouldn't be surprised if she knows it all too."

She smiles up at Gwen, "Don't worry, I won't say anything to anyone until you say I can. But I gather from the recent visitors we're all somehow related, correct?" Gwen and John nod.

John smiles, "Yes, Sera and the Masters girls are your half sisters. You all share the same father."

She smiles up at Gwen, "Is that why you always go to so much trouble seeing Sera and I spend so much time together?" Gwen nods. "Oh, Uncle John, I know what both a basket case and a cyborg are too. So you don't have to tell me the details, just admit it, OK."

Gwen is shocked by the mention of cyborg as that option had never entered her mind, but it makes sense. She looks closely at John. He says, "Yes, you're correct. They could only save my brain, spinal cord, half of one lung, and some other organs, including my testicles. They're safely lodged within my chest and stomach area. I don't need much sleep, food, or oxygen and even have an internal emergency air supply. The rest of me is computer controlled mechanisms activated by my brain, much the same as normal biological parts. Some bits have the same sensory capability, some don't, some have more. Like my new dick, it's much more capable than my old one. My surface material feels just like skin." Seeing the expression on Gwen's face, he says, "Before you ask, yes, I can keep an erection for many hours and I only come when I want to. I really enjoy the feel of an eager pussy on my dick more than that of an ejaculation." Both ladies smile. Standing, they all walk back to the party. Everyone is wondering what the conferences are about, but none are prepared to ask as they know they'll be told when they should be told. The rest of the party goes very well and all have a good time, especially Sera.

On the way to the Smith house Rachel stops to let the Masters girls off. Before she can drive away the girls come running back with small bags in their hands and climb in the bus.

The eldest, Paula, says, "Mother said we aren't to go home until we're on our way to school."

The youngest, Peta, holds her bag up, "Hey, the only clothes in here are my school clothes for Monday." The others check their bags and they're all the same.

John smiles, "Maybe your mothers figure you won't need anything else until then." They look at him for a moment then they blush as they realize their mothers intend for them to be nude with John for the rest of the weekend. "This looks like being an interesting and very beautiful weekend. Gwen, are you and Sera staying overnight as well?" She makes like she's thinking and then nods yes.


Back Home

Rachel parks in the driveway. The girls get out and run into the house. John stops them in the lounge room and tells them to get all the gear out of the bus; they can either do it now or later - nude. They go out to bring the gear in and put it away in the cupboard. As they troop back into the lounge room on the way to the pool he stops them and makes them undress, one at a time. The dirty clothes go in the washing basket at his feet while he measures their shoulder width, bust, and length from shoulder to thigh. They all regard him strangely. Sera is last and a bit unsure about going nude. He measures her and hands the pad to Gwen. He reaches around and fondles her breasts. She squeals and turns around. He takes her in his arms and kisses her. As she gasps for air after the kiss he whips her playing shirt up and off her. Dropping to his knees he slides her shorts and panties off. Stunned, she stands there in just her bra until Gwen undoes the clasp from behind and pushes it off her shoulders. Suddenly she's nude.

John turns her around and pats her behind, "Now go swim, I'll be along shortly to play with those lovely tits." Blushing, she takes a running dive into the pool. Taking the pad John measures Gwen as she strips. He has her measure him. Picking up the phone he calls a local shop to give them the measurements and names before taking the clothes basket to the laundry. After putting the dirty clothes in the washing machine he starts it and heads for the pool. He stops at the music centre and puts on some of Brooke's favorite music he likes and pipes it into to the pool area speakers before diving into the pool.

In the pool he comes up behind Sera as she's talking to Jessica. Reaching around Sera he takes a double hand full of her breasts and fondles them. She jumps and squeals before laying back into his embrace and relaxing to the sensation. Jessica reaches between Sera's legs and starts playing with John's dick. As she pulls his flaccid dick forward and between Sera's legs he gives her a stiff 3T to play with. Jessica gasps at the sudden change and Sera gasps as this big dick suddenly slides up her pussy slit until it's rubbing against her clit. He moves his hips back and forth to give her clit a real good rubbing. Gwen comes over to see what's happening. She dives under the water to see and resurfaces. Smiling, she places her hand on his dick and pushes it harder against Sera's clit. Sera soon moans as she comes - three times. John makes his dick go limp and carries Sera out of the pool. He carries her to one of the chairs and puts her in it. Returning to the pool he organizes a game of pool tag. Everyone enjoys the game for about an hour. Sera joins in after a twenty minute rest. As everyone takes a break John goes to get some drinks. He makes a mental note to get another fridge for drinks in the pool area. Bringing the drinks and glasses back he places them on the table and pours drinks for everyone. They're soon sitting around relaxing and chatting about many subjects. Around 3.30 pm John says he has to do some shopping and asks Rachel to drive him. She agrees and they go to get dressed.

They drive to a nearby shopping centre with a T-shirt specialty shop and John collects his order of twenty T-shirts, fifteen with names. While in the centre he visits the Pizza Hut store to order and pay for twenty-four pizzas to be delivered at 6.00 pm. He also stops at the grocery store to get boxes of drinks and nibblers for the hungry horde at home. They carry all the plunder back to the mini-bus and pack it in the back.

While loading the mini-bus Rachel opens the box with the T-shirts and asks why he paid so much for white T-shirts with an embroidered name. Everyone has one in their size with their name embroidered on it, centered on the bottom of the 'V' of the head hole. Picking up one of the shirts John places his hand inside it where the breasts would be. In a moment the heat of his hand causes deep blue letters to appear on the front and back. The front reads 'Fuck ME.' The back reads 'Please.' He does the same to the one with his name and its front reads 'Fuck ALL of you.' The back reads 'I hope.' Rachel has a good laugh at the joke.

Returning home they put the drinks in the fridge to get cold and take the snacks out to the troops. The box of T-shirts is left near the lounge room door. They sit around talking some more.


Pizza Parlor Trick

At 5.30 pm John asks Gwen and Brooke to help him set up for dinner. The the ladies open the table and he puts the extensions in. They put serviettes and glasses around the table with fifteen chairs. It's 5.50 pm when they get out bottles of cold drink and spread them around the table. John calls everyone in and hands each a T-shirt to put on as he'll need their help with the pizzas when they arrive. He quickly lines them up in a row, Gwen at one end and Brooke at the other. They stand there in white T-shirts that come down to the top of their thighs. Standing they look OK, but when bent over or walking their cute bums are on display. Playing the fool, he pretends to be an officer with his troops on parade. They humor him and stand to attention, just flashing the very bottom of their cute pussies. They laugh at the message they can see on his shirt back but the front one is only just starting to show.

At 6.00 pm the doorbell rings. John opens the door to find two girls delivering pizza. He knows them as they play on the school basketball team with Brooke. As the door opens all they see is a line up of their school friends in white T-shirts with deep blue letters saying 'Fuck ME.' Their eyes go wide. They laugh when they look at John and see his says 'Fuck ALL of you.' Calling the girls forward he has them take the pizzas from the delivery team and walk them through to the dinner table. As each one steps forward the others see the 'Please' on the shirt back and giggle. This causes some delight with the pizza delivery team as well. It's not until the girls are standing around the table that they see the message written across the others' breasts. Then pandemonium breaks out as they all start verbally abusing John. The delivery girls look at John. With a cheeky grin he hands them a $10 tip each, "New shirts, heat activated letters, first time they've worn them. Please don't say anything to anyone." They get the picture and nod as they leave, laughing very hard. He walks into the dining room and they get their first good look at his front message. Then they're all laughing so hard they forget to be angry at the trick he pulled.

Rachel and Gwen are laughing so hard they need to dash to the toilet before eating. Everyone else sits down and eats pizza. For about an hour they sit and chat while taking over dinner.

After dinner they sit in the lounge room to watch some DVDs. There aren't enough seats so some are lying on the floor, John makes a mental note to get some new lounge furniture. Still, thirteen girls, a man, and a women take up a lot of space, which is at a premium by the time the last arrive, the Masters twins - Jacqui and Lorna. Calling them to him, John has Jacqui sit on the floor leaning against his legs and Lorna sits in his lap with his arms around her.

Lorna says, "Even though mother sent us here without clothes, I'm not sure she meant for us to be sitting like this."

Sliding his hands under the T-shirt and onto her breasts he fondles them, "I think she does as I told her at the restaurant I'll fuck you girls senseless if you stay here overnight."

She half turns to stare at him then turns back and leans on his chest, softly saying, "What else did you lot talk about? I know mother and my aunts were upset when they first arrived. Then they were angry with you and then happy. And in all the years I've known Sera, that's the first time they've even spoken to Gwen. Now you're saying they approve of you having sex with us after being on our backs about being careful about sex for so long. Some thing's up, what is it?"


Telling the Girls

He sighs, "Stand up as we need to call your mother." They both stand and walk to the poolside tables, taking off their T-shirts as they enter the pool area. Lorna sits down and picks up the cordless phone to call her mother. When it's answered she hands the phone to John. "Hi Deborah, it's John, can you please tell Lorna you're OK about us fucking?" He hands the phone over.
Calmly, Deborah says, "Hi love, yes, we want him to teach you girls about sex. He's also to explain some other things to you, believe what he tells you. Put John on please." With a puzzled expression Lorna hands John the phone. "John, I think you best tell the girls everything this weekend, OK. I'll tell the ones you don't have and there's no need to mention father's names please."

"OK, I'll do that. May as well do it now." Hanging up the phone he stands and takes Lorna's hand. He enters the lounge room, "Gwen, can you keep an eye on things down here please. No one is to go upstairs except me and the following - Lorna, Jacqui, Paula, Peta, Brooke, and Sera. All of you get your cute arses upstairs and onto my bed, now." The Masters girls look at Lorna, she nods yes. Sera looks at Gwen, she also nods. The girls get up and head for the stairs. "Sorry Gwen, Deborah thinks I should tell them now instead of next week. I think it'll be easier without you, OK." She nods. Sera and Brooke are at the bottom of the stairs and hear this. Brooke takes Sera's hand and leads her up the stairs as Sera is now very concerned.

In the bedroom John has the girls sit on the bed. Sitting down, Lorna says, "I just spoke to mother and she says she wants John to fuck our brains out. We're also to believe what he's about to tells us." The other Masters girls are a very surprised with the instructions re sex, due to the day's events they're not as shocked as they would otherwise have been.

Pulling up a chair, he sits down facing the bed and looks at them, saying, "What I'm about to say should be a surprise and may shock you. About seventeen years ago three brothers raped two thirteen year old girls who were good friends and got them pregnant." The Masters girls know about their fathers' relationship and they instantly know who the men are. "The girls had daughters, one called her daughter Sera and the other called hers Brooke." Sera looks up in surprise and looks at Brooke who nods yes, they turn back to John. "The men were married to three sisters who were pregnant at the time and were cousins of one of the victims, Gwen." They all look at each other. "Since that day the sisters had been afraid to speak to their cousin, out of shame at their husbands' behavior. As you saw at the restaurant, today that silence was broken." They stop and stare at each other as they realize they're related to Gwen, Sera, and Brooke. "Another thing that has been a close secret until now is two of those men are sterile. You're all sisters, not cousins, you all share the same biological father." The girls are stunned by the news. "That makes you girls half-sisters, except Lorna and Jacqui who're full sisters." Suddenly it's group hugs all round. He smiles, "What Lorna said is true, your mothers now realize it's time for you to learn about the physical aspects of sex and approve me as your trainer if you wish, as they trust me not to get you pregnant. Until now they'd been concerned about teenage pregnancies due to the damage that they saw it do Brenda's and Gwen's lives."

Smiling, Paula says, "Well, I think we should handle this by age."

John grins, "No, Lorna has already staked first claim, but stay around as you're next." Brooke stands up and leads Sera away by the hand. Johns watches them go, "It's all right Sera, remember you're down for Monday night." She leaves with a big smile on her face. Jacqui and Peta just sit there smiling too.


Bedroom Games

Approaching the bed, John sits down and pulls Lorna to him. He kisses her and turns her around as he sits her in his lap with his dick between her thighs. She sighs and leans in to his chest as he fondles her breasts. He tells the others to get comfortable as he goes to a stiff 1T and gives them the talk about hymens and sex, the same one he gave the others yesterday.

At first Lorna is a bit distracted by his stiff dick rubbing her pussy but she soon becomes engrossed in the lesson. By the time he has finished speaking all the girls are playing with their pussies except Lorna. She's playing with his dick while pushing it against her pussy as he fondles her breasts. In reply to questions he learns they're all on the pill and eager to learn. The other girls take off their T-shirts at his request and spread about the bed.

Lifting Lorna up he turns her around and sits her on the bed. They stare at his erect organ. Leaning forward he kisses Lorna and kisses his way down her throat to her breasts. Sucking on her breasts he lays her down on the bed and kisses down her body to her pussy. Reaching her clit he tongues and sucks it until she has three orgasms. While doing this he slips a finger into her vagina. He finger fucks her, adding more fingers until he's using four fingers and her pussy is sopping wet. Kissing his way back up her body he gives her breasts another good sucking. He reaches her mouth and they start tongue dancing. With his mouth over hers he guides his dick to her vaginal entrance and slides it in to breach her hymen. As he enters her and feels the warm embrace of her velvet love tunnel her eyes go wide and her arms enclose his chest as she pulls him to her.

Despite her eagerness he enters her slowly and pauses. Her legs wrap around him, trying to push him in further; but to no effect and her eyes go wide at his strength. Slowly he lowers himself, pushing deeper into her love tunnel. She sighs when their groins rub together, he withdraws. Ready to slide forward again he changes to a 2T and slides back in. This time her eyes go wider as his dick reaches further into her. She humps at him as best she can, she wants more of him in her. Four more thrusts and she's coming on each thrust. She breaks the kiss to gasp for air with eyes closed and head thrashing from side to side as she moans. He loves the feel of her pussy as it embraces and squeezes his dick with each orgasm. After five minutes of continuous orgasms her arms and legs fall to the bed as she lies there with a huge smile, moaning as another orgasm washes over her on each thrust. He stops fully embedded in her and comes. Her eyes pop open again as the warmth of his seed in her triggers another orgasm. She moans, "Fuck yes," and faints. He gently pulls his still stiff dick out of her.

Looking about the bed he sees Paula, Jacqui, and Peta with glazed eyes as they lie in pools of their own pussy juices from having enjoyed the show. Gently pushing Lorna's legs together he moves her over a bit as he moves towards Paula. As her eyes slowly gain focus she sees John's stiff dick sway as he moves on the bed to her. Grasping her ankles he pulls her down the bed and spreads her legs. She's tired from coming several times while masturbating as she watched John and Lorna fuck, it was so sexy. He leans down to put his mouth over her clit and suck hard as he tongues it. She thrashes about with her biggest orgasm yet. He lifts his head as she flops back on the bed with her eyes closed. She's tired and smiling. He swaps to a 1T as he doesn't want to hurt the girls by accident. He'll start small and work his way up in size. He moves up the bed and slides his dick into her tight, wet pussy. Gently he pushes in and through her hymen, stopping when their groins meet. She gives a low moan that lasts for the whole of the entry. He pulls out then sets up a nice pace and she's soon coming on each thrust. He can tell as her vagina is squeezing his dick with each orgasm. She's not moving any other muscles because she's too tired to enjoy the situation in a more active manner. For several minutes he fucks her sweet pussy to the sounds of her moans. Stopping with his dick half in her he changes to a 2T. He waits a moment as it lengthens before sliding further into her and coming. His dick floods her pussy with his warm sperm. This causes her to have another large orgasm. Her eyes open as she humps at him before she moans and faints, with a huge smile still on her face. He swaps to a 1T as he pulls out of her and looks at Jacqui, she's unconscious with her hand in her wet pussy, as is Peta. Smiling, he goes limp and arranges the sleeping girls on the bed in a group cuddle. Making a mental note to change the sopping sheets later and to buy more sheets that are much more absorbent than these ones. After gently placing a quilt over them he goes for a quick shower and heads downstairs once dried.

Seeing John walk in the lounge room after only an hour, Gwen says, "One hour for four sexy nymphs. You bad boy, who did you short?"

He smiles, "Jacqui and Peta, they did something I didn't know could happen. I expected them to get turned on and come while masturbating as they watched Lorna and I then Paula and I. But I never expected them to come so much they fainted from doing it. Since both Lorna and Paula fainted when I ejaculated in them I now have four sleeping, exhausted, and very happy girls upstairs."

Gwen and the girls are stunned. Looking concerned, Gwen stands and heads for the stairs, "I think I better go check on them." The rest of the girls get up and follow her upstairs to see this wonder.


Saturday Evening

As they leave, John says, "Their heart rate and blood pressure are OK. Normal sleep patterns." A few minutes later a relieved looking Gwen walks into the lounge room, "I'm beginning to worry about Monday night. You fucked four girls into unconsciousness and never touched two of them."

Standing at the bottom of the stairs, Brooke says, "Since were changing all the house standing orders and starting a new set, there's one I want to start." They all look at her, "It's time for our baths and Uncle John has to wash us all in the big bath." They all grin at this.

He nods, "OK, but we'll have to be quiet. And I think I better get a plumber to build us a bigger bath." They go up the upstairs to quietly pass through the bedroom and into the en suite where everyone strips off their t-shirts while the water is running. John gets in the water and grabs the washer. He gives Brooke a thorough wash and rinse, next is Gwen, Sera, and the rest of the girls as Brooke directs them into the bath. As they're getting dried she assigns them sleeping quarters and sends them off to bed. When all the girls are done Brooke gives John a thorough wash and rinse before drying him.

As they leave the master bedroom, Brooke says, "Since your bed is full tonight, you better sleep in the guest bedroom." She opens the door and waves him inside before shutting it behind him.

The bedside lamp is on and he sees Wendy and Tina lying on the bed, eagerly awaiting him. As he walks towards the bed Tina stands up, saying, "I'm first and I want to be on top so please lie on the bed." He smiles as he goes stiff with a 1T and walks across the room. The girls lick their lips while watching his stiff dick sway as he walks. He reaches the bed and lays down. Tina goes to sit on him but he draws her hips to his face, giving her a good licking and sucking while he works on her clit. After her third orgasm he lifts her up and places her above his dick. He holds her just above his dick while she catches her breath. Both John and Wendy enjoy the lewd sight of his erect dick just below her wet and ready pussy as her juices drip onto his dick.

A moment later Tina places her knees on the bed, one on each side of his hips, and takes her own weight on her legs. Smiling at her he lets go of her waist and slides his hands up to her breasts as she eases herself down to rub her pussy on his dick. He fondles her breasts as she teases him by rubbing up and down against his dick. He lays there enjoying the feel of her wet pussy sliding along his dick and a double handful of teen breasts. He looks into her eyes, "How long do you think you can keep that up. Sooner or later you have to fuck me. If you don't do it yourself I need only wait until you're tired then lay you on the bed and slide all the way in. Stop having second thoughts and settling for second best. Get on with the action and learn how to really enjoy yourself." Wendy giggles as Tina had told her she wanted to try to have a good time and retain her hymen. He just told her she's wasting her time if she thinks it's going to happen that way. Tina stops all action at his statement of intent. He grins, "Tina love, believe me when I say I'm not at all like other men any more. I'm different and can do things others can't. Even like this I can take your cherry if I want to. If you don't want me to take your cherry all you have to do is say so. I'm not going to rape you or hurt you. Nor will I allow you to try and get the best of both worlds or back out once you make a commitment. Tell me now, do you want this or not?"

Lifting herself away from his dick she lays on his chest, "I don't know, part of me says 'Hell yes' and another part says 'not now girl.' I don't know what I want. When Brooke sent me in here, I thought 'Yes this is it, I can do this as I'm not in charge.' But once in here I had second thoughts. When you walked in and let me take charge I had third thoughts. I'm so mixed up."

John looks at her with concern, "OK, lets discuss this a bit. I don't think Wendy will mind a short delay." He looks at Wendy and she signals for him to go on. To Tina, he says, "If I can't help you sort this out, then we can find where Gwen is and she may be able to help you." He stops to get his thoughts in order, "First, I need answers to some questions. Are you afraid of the pain? Are you concerned about getting pregnant? Are you concerned what others may think?"

He looks at her as she thinks for a few minutes before she says, "I'm a bit afraid of the pain of when my hymen goes. I'm concerned some girls at school will think I'm a slut for sleep with a man old enough to be my father, and I'm worried the team will be upset if I don't fuck you. I'm on the pill for regularity, so I can't get pregnant and that isn't a concern. I think it's more a fear of the unknown and once I do this every boy will expect me to have sex with him."

He laughs, "Well, if any boy expects you to have sex with him because you had sex with someone else, then you tell him to go fuck a French poodle as he only deserves a little foreign bitch and not a lovely local lady." Both girls laugh so hard Brooke and Sera come in from the next room to see what's happening. John looks at their expressions and explains Tina is having second thoughts. Wendy tells them what he said and they laugh too. "Brooke, do you know my real age?" She shakes her head no. "How old do you think I am?"

Brooke says, "Daddy was nineteen when I was born and you always seemed so more mature. When mum and dad had a problem they decided to discuss with you, daddy would always say 'let's go ask the old fuddy duddy what he thinks.' So I thought you were his older brother and had a condition that makes you look younger, like that adult actor who looks like a ten year old boy. With me being sixteen and daddy's nineteen, making him thirty-five today, I figured you're four or five years older and about forty. Most of the girls think the same, which is why they see you more as a father figure than a potential boyfriend. At least we did until yesterday, now we want to list you as a prom date or boyfriend."

He laughs, "No love, nothing like that. For reasons I never knew my parents waited several years between children. I was only nine years old when you were born and I turned twenty-five a few months ago." They all look at him, stunned, then they smile as they think 'twenty-five is an acceptable older boy friend.' "Check my driver's license or birth certificate if you don't believe me. Because of various instances as a boy I've always been a lot more careful and mature than my age group or my big brother."

He turns to Tina, "So we just let the girls at school learn my real age and that'll resolve the age issue. But I think it's more than that. As to what this lot think if you don't have sex with me. If I was you I'd just stick my tongue out at them and say 'I'll do as I like with my body, when I like.' Then leave it at that. As to the pain, we can broach your hymen with something a lot thinner than my dick, if you want. We can wait until you're happy about it to go all the way, hence the expression. It means all the way in your vagina. Your call, Tina."

Tina thinks for a moment, "Can we breach my hymen with something else and let me think some more." He nods and has her lie down on the bed with her legs spread very wide apart.

John goes into the hall and returns with a fan style feather duster and a tube of KY. Rubbing the jelly on the handle of the duster he lies between her legs and gently inserts it into her pussy, she winces as he pushes it through her hymen. He moves it from side to side to widen the gap and pushes it in further until he feels it contacting her cervix. Stopping, he looks down at the girl with the feather duster fan growing between her legs. He tries hard but can't stop himself from giggling. Tina gives him a dirty look. He gets a mirror and shows her how she looks, she has to giggle too, as do the other girls. Gently removing the duster John slips one finger in and gives her a finger fuck, two fingers, three, four fingers, widening her vaginal entrance by spreading the fingers apart. Stopping, he gets a towel and wipes her clean. He stands, "Well, we've dealt with everything that you've said is a concern. Do you need to go elsewhere to think some more or do you need to talk to Gwen or do you want to stay here and think while I screw Wendy senseless? Then you may get so turned on you forget everything else until it's too late."

Laughing, Tina says, "I think it's mostly last minute jitters and fear of something unknown. I'll sit here while you and Wendy have fun. I'll see where things are at when you two finish."

Sera and Brooke leave the room while John kisses Wendy. As he lowers her to the bed, she says, "Doggy style please, I've no hymen to worry about, remember." She's the other self explorer.

He lays her down on the bed and kisses her breasts. Working down her body he kisses her clit and sucks on it while finger fucking her to three orgasms. Sticking his tongue in her pussy he licks along her slit. He reaches her clit and tongues her to a fourth orgasm. Standing up he rolls her over and spreads her legs as lifts her hips while pulling her body back so her legs are angled slightly forward to give him easier access. Reaching his left arm around her he holds her up while using his right hand to rub his dick along her pussy. Placing his dick at the entrance to her vagina he gently pushes in until his groin is against her ass. His current length but not her full depth at this angle. He looks up and sees Tina is mesmerized by the sight of his dick in her friend. Smiling, John says, "Tina, please lie on the bed with your head under Wendy's breasts to give them a good suck and fondle." Smiling, she licks her lips as she climbs on the bed and leans forward to give Wendy a good long kiss. When she breaks the kiss Wendy's gasping for air. Tina places a pillow under Wendy's breasts and lays down with her head on it. She needs to lift Wendy a bit; when she lowers her Wendy's right breast slides right into her mouth. She starts to suck on Wendy's right breast while fondling the left breast with her left hand and reaching her right hand down to play with Wendy's clit. She starts moaning in response to Tina's work on her breasts and clit.

Smiling, John now knows what Tina's problem is and how to deal with it. He slides his dick in until just the head is in Wendy. He swaps to a 2T and gently thrusts forward, she moans with the extra contact. Thrusting faster and faster he soon has Wendy coming with each entry. Her body writhes and she humps back at him too. Her pussy is squeezing his dick as it tries to milk it of sperm during her orgasms. He keeps this up for several minutes and she's soon too tired to hump back. Wendy is sort of standing with her feet right beside the bed but her ass pulled back at an angle away from the bed and John has his feet under her hips fucking her hard. He can hear Wendy moaning and Tina humming with their pleasure. He changes to a 3T and thrusts into Wendy again, making contact with her cervical entrance. Her head comes up and she yells, "Oh fuck, yes." Two more such thrusts and she's having a multiple orgasm as the slight pain gives her more stimulation while he's in heaven as her pussy squeezes his dick. Stopping with his dick deep in her he comes and fills her pussy. The warm sperm shooting into her makes her come again. Turning her head around she looks at John, "Fuck yes, give me your baby, I want it NOW. Fill me again, it's the right time and I'm not protected. Love, give me your child." He's very surprised to hear she wants to have his child and he's more than glad to help her. He comes again and sprays her insides with his seed. This causes her to have another multiple orgasm and collapse. The only thing stopping her from falling onto Tina is John's hands holding her up. Carefully he shuffles forward until her hips are over the edge of the bed and he lowers her down onto Tina. When Wendy moves forward Tina releases her breasts. When he stops Wendy's pussy is right above Tina's mouth and almost touching it. Also Wendy's face is resting on Tina's hip, right beside her pussy.


Tricking Tina

John grins, "Tina, start sucking and licking." She starts licking his balls, Wendy's pussy, and sucking her clit. Reaching forward he turns Wendy's head and moves it into Tina's pussy, "Wendy, lick Tina's pussy and suck her clit." Without any hesitation she does as he tells her to. He grins widely, "Tina, place you tongue at her clit and hold it there." When she does he slowly withdraws from Wendy's sperm filled pussy. Pushing forward he wipes his dick on Tina's tongue and slides it into her mouth as she opens wider and sucks on his dick. She does a good job. A few minutes later, he says, "I want to come in you mouth, swallow and keep sucking when I come." He comes and shoots his sperm into her mouth while she sucks harder as she swallows it. She sucks his dick clean and he goes limp. His dick starts to leave her mouth, so she sucks harder to keep it. He smiles, "I'm pulling out so you can work on Wendy's pussy." She lets it go.

Moving back from the bed he looks down to see Tina with a huge grin as she licks Wendy's pussy. Walking around the bed he finds a tired Wendy sucking on Tina's pussy. Kneeling, he spreads Tina's legs wider and gently moves Wendy's head aside. He licks the length of Tina's pussy and she shivers. Wendy lies there watching as he gives Tina's clit a real tongue lashing. Wendy feels Tina thrash about as she comes in response to John's work on her pussy and clit. Wendy smiles at John because she's happy to see him pleasuring her good friend. Standing, he goes to a 1T. Wendy smiles as his dick go stiff and he says, "Wendy, please turn around on the bed and kiss Tina. Stick your tongue as far down her throat as you can and try to wash her tonsils. Kiss her as hard and thoroughly as you want to kiss me, we'll catch up later. Make sure to keep your ass up and that sperm in if you really want a baby." She smiles and nods. She's a very sexy sight as she turns around with her ass held high. Tina is upset when Wendy's delicious pussy is taken away from her but is very happy when Wendy lowers her face to hers and gives her a most thorough tongue kiss. She's in heaven as she's wanted to kiss Wendy and the girls like this for ages but was too scared to do so. She loses herself in the pleasure of such a deep kiss. John places his stiff dick at the entrance to Tina's wet pussy and gently slides in. He uses a slow gentle pressure until his dick is all the way in her vagina. The mild bump of John's groin against hers gets Tina's attention for a moment but she's to involved in kissing Wendy, so she doesn't stop to wonder what it is. He gently withdraws. Several times John thrusts in and out while making sure to stop short of her groin. A few minutes later Tina breaks the kiss to gasp for air as she comes, kissing has never made her come like this before. Then she realizes it's not the kissing but John's dick in her cunt that's sending her over the edge. She comes again and again. Seeing they've stopped kissing he signs Wendy to suck on Tina's heaving breasts and she does this with joy. He thrusts deeper into Tina and grinds their groins together on each entry. She writhes and heaves in orgasm on each thrust. Wendy gives Tina's right nipple a good tongue lashing and sucks on it for all she's worth. Tina heaves hard as she goes into a multiple orgasm. John continues thrusting into her and enjoying the feel of her warm, silken vagina squeezing his dick.

She starts to settle down and he changes to a 2M as he thrusts back in. She heaves hard at this wider invasion and screams, "Fuck yes." He comes and fills her with his warm seed. She heaves in another orgasm as he comes and again sprays her insides with sperm, triggering another orgasm for her. She settles down as he goes limp and withdraws from her. At his touch Wendy backs off too.

Smiling, he looks down at Tina. The thoroughly exhausted girl smiles, "Bastard, you worked me to a T, didn't you?"

He nods, "When I saw how eager you were to kiss Wendy and suck her tits I knew you had a preference for girls and were hesitant because you thought you were a lesbian, right?"

She nods, "Yes, I thought I was a lesbian. I've had many sexual encounters with female cousins and an aunt which I enjoyed. I'm excited when I see the girls nude but nothing on seeing you nude. However I got confused as seeing your stiff dick excites me too. I also like sucking it and love the taste of your come."

He grins, "It's OK Tina, now you know you're bi-sexual with a preference for girls. Would I be right in thinking Wendy is your favorite wet dream star?" Blushing, Tina nods and Wendy looks surprised. "Who are your next two favorites?"

Looking embarrassed, Tina says, "Brooke and Sera."

Smiling, he nods, "Now I know, I'll see what I can do to help. However, I think it's going to be in a manner where I also spend a lot of time pounding that hot pussy of yours as well." Grinning, she nods yes. He turns to Wendy, "Not a word to anyone about this, right."

Grinning widely, Wendy says, "Whatever you wish my darling master, as long as I get a decent amount of time with your dick and her tongue as well." Both Tina and John look at her and nod.

"How long have you wanted me to father a child on you?"

Wendy blushes, "I've known you for six years and had crush on you since we first met when I joined the soccer team. When I started menstruating, mum sat me down to tell me about sex and babies. She said she can't stop me having sex but if I ever came home pregnant before I got married she'd throw me out of the house and lock the door. She got married again two years ago to a real bastard, Roddy Ruiz. He's been trying to get into my panties since the day he moved in six months before the wedding. After we heard about your injury I was talking to Brooke and confided how I wanted you to be my first and be the father of my children. Mum overheard me and read the riot act again, Roddy interrupted to say they shouldn't throw me out but keep me around as a whore for his friends at $20 a fuck. If they knew you were out of hospital I wouldn't have been allowed over."

John looks concerned, "You're an only child aren't you?" She nods yes, "Well, then it's no problem if you don't go home again, is it?"

She sits up and smiles, "You mean I can stay here permanently?"

"Yes, isn't that what you want to happen once you got confirmed pregnant?" Shyly, she nods. "You'll still be an unmarried mother but you'll be living here not there." He stops and thinks for a moment. He turns to Tina, "Tina, my little come Sponge. Please get Brooke and Sera from next door then find Gwen. I'd like to talk to them all." Grinning at the pet name she runs off to do as asked.


Planning the Future

Brooke and Sera walk in the door and sit on the bed. John says, "Brooke, you know when your parents bought this large house they expected to have many children in it." She nods, "How would you feel if I invited some other people to live here permanently?"

Brooke looks at him, "A lot would depend upon who, why, and the circumstances. Talk to me."

"You know Wendy is in a difficult home situation, also she has a very full womb of my sperm and, as I'm sure you know, trying to get pregnant by me." Sera looks stunned, Brooke nods. "From now on, no secrets Brooke, if you know something like this tell me straight away. If I'd known this yesterday I'd have probably started her baby in the pool area instead of talking." They're all stunned, Brooke nods. Tina walks in with Gwen. He turns to Gwen, "How serious are you about Sera and Brooke becoming very good friends, especially in light of them being half-sisters?" Wendy and Tina go wide eyed at that.

Gwen replies, "Very serious, much more so now. Why?"

"Then wouldn't it make much more sense for them to live together. You could sell your house and move in here, we can renovate to add more rooms."

They all smile as Gwen says, "That's a wonderful idea but I think you just want a housekeeper and an extra pussy or two handy."

"Oh stop complaining as you know this is what you want. It'll be good for the girls and you'll get laid regularly, as will the girls and I. And yes, having you here will help a lot, in many ways. I'll need a woman around to help with some other things. Wendy's moving in here tomorrow. She'll make one more trip home, supervised by me, to get her personal things. Then she's here permanently. She's made it clear she wants me to get her pregnant and made an excellent start on that. So she'll shortly be pregnant and could do with some womanly advice on pregnancy. I know nothing about it or on being a single mum, and I hoped you'd fill that gap. I also have a feeling a few others will be wanting to leave home soon and will look to us as a shelter. We need to think about what we want to do with renovations, but we can discuss them in more detail later. I'm thinking to extend the house backwards alongside the pool house, a wide bottom floor with a large games and play area that has an entrance into the pool as well. With a second floor of bedrooms."

They all smile and there's general chatter about what to include. They come up with some good ideas and make a note to speak to builders soon. They break up the party at midnight to go to sleep.

Standing up, John says, "Come Sponge, why don't you go with Gwen and you can discuss your little issue with her." Gwen, Sera, and Brooke give him an odd look, Tina and Wendy just smile. "I used that pet name earlier, she likes it, so it stays until she says otherwise." They leave shaking their heads. He directs Wendy to lie in the middle of the bed and walks out the door. He returns with Paula and places her in the bed on her side to face Wendy, with her mouth on Wendy's breast. Wendy smiles at him. He leaves and returns with Lorna, placing her in a similar way on the other side before laying a quilt over them. Leaning over he kisses Wendy good night, "Have pleasant dreams." She smiles and nods. He goes to his room and climbs into bed with Jacqui and Peta. He spends a little time pondering his changed life, but is soon asleep too.

Physically he doesn't need much sleep but his mind needs the rest and he's too used to sleeping most of the night.

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