This isnt actually my story this story was posted on storiesonline (dot) net by the author cazna rochester and was posted on xnxx by someone else but they didnt post the full story and i will be posting it all
Day 03 - Sunday

At 7.15 am John's woken by Peta crawling over him on her way to the toilet. She's half awake and having trouble getting over him. Flipping the covers off he lifts her straight up and pivots in the bed to stand up beside it. He carries her to the en suite and places her on the toilet. She's awake enough to be embarrassed by him standing there while she's on the toilet. With a mischievous grin he tips her head back as he bends down and kisses her. She relaxes into the kiss as she opens her mouth and enjoys it. His free hand fondles her breasts before sliding down her body to push her legs wide apart and play with her clit. She's ready to come when he stops. She glares at him. He says, "Next installment is after you're finished." She blushes as he plays with her clit again. She starts coming and that starts her pissing. She blushes as she relieves herself. Her eyes go wide as he goes to a 1T and places his dick against her lips. She opens her mouth and sucks his dick in. She runs her tongue around the head into the piss hole and all over it. He looks down, smiling, "Good girl, now reach up and gently tickle my balls." She does. "In a moment I'm going to come in your mouth, continue to suck as you swallow." He comes in her mouth and Peta sucks as she swallows his sperm. By the time he's finished coming in her mouth she's finished pissing and no longer blushing. Withdrawing his dick he grabs a washer and leans down to clean her pussy for her. She smiles at him. Reaching down he lifts her off the seat and places her on the wash bench. He hugs her to him and they kiss. Breaking the kiss he kneels in front of her and sucks on her clit while slipping his finger into her vagina. A few minutes later and he's using four fingers as she reaches her third orgasm. He stops and stands up.

Stepping between her thighs he places his arms around her and kisses her as he gently slides his dick into her vagina. She'd closed her eyes when they started kissing but opens them wide when she realizes his dick is entering her. She has no hymen to cause any concern. He doesn't stop until their groins are touching. Setting up a rhythm he soon has her coming again and again. After keeping her in constant orgasms for some minutes he slows down and pulls out as her vagina is drying out. Breaking the kiss he smiles at her, "Like that?" She smiles and nods. Placing her in the bath he starts it running, "Relax and keep an eye on the water as I have to wake your sister." She nods as she knows exactly how he's going to wake Jacqui up.

Jacqui's lying on the bed and moaning with her legs wrapped around a pillow. Smiling, he rolls her onto her back to slip the pillow out and lower his face to her groin. As he licks her pussy her moans increase and her legs open wider. Her pussy is very wet so he slowly kisses his way up her body until he's ready to enter her. Placing his dick at the entrance to her vagina he kisses her and she returns the kiss. As he breaks the kiss her eyes go wide and she starts to leap off the bed, thus impaling herself on his stiff dick. The shock of the sudden entry into her vagina causes her to stop. He leans down and continues to enter her until his dick is fully in her with their groins touching and his balls are against her ass, no hymen and no trouble accepting him. Looking him in the eyes she wraps her arms around him, saying, "Bastard," and kissing him. He returns the kiss and starts to thrust in and out of her. A few minutes later she breaks the kiss and gasps for air as she has her first orgasm, then another and another. He swaps to a 2T and his next thrust delves further into her. She gasps at this deeper entry and starts coming again. Thoroughly enjoying the feel of her pussy milking his dick as she comes he's in no hurry to finish. For several minutes he thrusts into her and keeps her coming on each thrust. However a call from Peta in the bathroom asking for a back washer causes him to decide to let up on Jacqui. She's lying there smiling with her eyes closed and writhing slightly with each orgasm. Holding her still he comes in her. The warm sperm flooding her pussy causes her eyes to open as she comes again. She finally lets go of John and he goes limp. Slowly pulling out of her he stands and picks her up. He carries her to the bath and places her in the warm water.

Smiling, Peta reaches over to grab his dick as she leans in to suck it. Carefully he gets in the bath with his legs straddling her face as she takes all of his dick in her mouth. From the other side of the bath Jacqui reaches up and tickles his balls. He turns and smiles at her. Withdrawing his dick from Peta's mouth he picks her up and puts her between Jacqui's legs. Placing his dick back in Peta's mouth he hands Jacqui a washer, saying, "Wash Peta's back and breasts." A smiling Jacqui starts to wash Peta all over and soon settles down to fondling her wet breasts. Peta adds moaning around his dick to her oral action. Shuffling forward he uses his hips to push Peta back into Jacqui. He stops when Jacqui is laying against the bath side with Peta leaning back on her as his legs are level with Peta's bellybutton and Jacqui's hips. Peta's head is angled back, looking almost straight up with his dick in her mouth. All are smiling as Peta sucks his dick with real skill. He watches the look of glee in Peta's eyes as he makes his dick go stiff in her mouth. She adjusts her angle slightly to get it down her throat. He asks, "Do you like a big dick in your throat?" She nods, giving him a new thrill in the process. "Do you gag on it?" She shakes her head. He smiles, "Do you want a lot of dick?" Nodding, she lays her head back on Jacqui's shoulder, to give him a more direct line down her throat. He grins, "Remember, you asked for it."

He goes to a 2T and her smile widens as his dick lengthens down into her throat, Jacqui's eyes bulge as she sees the lump of his dick head in Peta's throat. He goes to a 3T and Peta comes as his dick grows bigger still. The visible lump is further down her throat. Not wishing to hurt her he pulls his dick half way out of her throat. She grabs his hips to stop him. He goes to a 4T and she suddenly has another 100 mm of dick in her throat. A noise causes both Jacqui and John to turn and look at the bathroom door. Gwen, Wendy, Sera, Lorna, Rachel, and Paula are standing in the doorway looking at the bulge in Peta's throat and a hand width of his dick still to enter her mouth. Peta is eyeing his dick and pulling on his hips to get it all in. Smiling at the spectators he slowly moves his hips forward and down. Soon, his balls are resting on Peta's chin and his dick is as far down her throat as it can go; a large lump is visible the full length of her throat. Peta is moaning around his dick and violently humping Jacqui's hand as she comes. Gwen vanishes and returns with a digital video camera.

She gets a good shot from the doorway before going to the end of the bath and walks around the bath to many angles of this deep throat action. Waiting until Peta has come so much her hands have dropped from his hips, John slowly withdraws his 400 mm stiff dick from her mouth. Jacqui licks it as it comes out. The girls in the doorway are agog and playing with themselves as Gwen gets it all on disk. With just the head of his dick left in Peta's mouth he angles her head towards the spectators and opens it more. He comes and fills her mouth with his sperm, two of the spectators come at the sight and Peta comes again as she swallows it. He comes again and Peta moans around his dick as she swallows while coming again. All the watchers have now come and are sitting on the floor with hands deep in their pussies. Gwen is working the camera with one hand and her pussy with the other. Taking his stiff dick from Peta's mouth he puts the come covered head against Jacqui's lips. She opens her mouth and sucks it in; she licks it clean as she smiles. Peta lifts her head up until she's looking at his dick, it's sitting there about a hand width in front of her eyes. Her jaw drops as she realizes how big it is.

Gulping, she says, "Did I have all that monster down my throat?"

Smiling, John looks at her, "Yes you did, and you gave me a clear impression that you wanted more. You definitely seemed to like the situation. You had many orgasms." She blushes hard. Pulling his dick out of Jacqui's mouth he sits down and pulls Peta to him for a kiss.

Picking up a washer he washes her face and breasts. Giving her pussy another quick wash he tells her to stand and get dried. As she gets out John sees Brooke standing beside the bath staring at his fully extended dick and her eyes are open wide with awe as she dries Peta.

Very timidly, Sera says, "Surely you don't expect to put that monster in me tomorrow."

Looking up and seeing the sheer terror in her eyes, he softly says, "No, I can control the size to suit the woman." He stands and shows the room full of girls, they're all here now, the full length before adding the full width. Wendy swoons at the maximum size. He puts his dick through the range of widths and lengths as he explains he can control the size to suit the girl. They marvel at this skill.

They take turns getting in the bath and being washed by John, then Brooke dries them. Finally it's down to Gwen to be dried and Sera in the bath with Brooke to have hers. John washes Sera while telling Brooke to join them. Both Sera and John wash Brooke. Followed by Sera and Brooke washing John. Getting out they form a circle and dry each other. They arrive downstairs for breakfast at 10.00 am to find half the girls have had breakfast and the rest are eating it. They join the happy throng.

After breakfast he tells Wendy to dress and asks Gwen to drive him to Wendy's mother's house to get her things to bring back to here. Gwen agrees. Rachel and Melissa look at each other and stand up as they say they're going too. In response to John's raised eyebrow, Rachel says, "We're the two best martial artists in the school, both black belt. If you're taking on the gorilla her mother married you'll need help. He's a tough bar room brawler."

John says, "You can come help Wendy pack and put things in the bus, but don't get involved in any fights. If her mother wants to cause trouble while I'm dealing with Roddy you can do what's needed to protect Wendy. She's moving to live here, not start a war." They nod agreement while thinking things won't go that way and they'll have to fight Roddy.


Wendy Changes Homes

Gwen pulls up outside Wendy's mother's house at noon and Wendy lets them in. It's an empty house and the adults aren't in sight. They quickly go upstairs and the girl's pack Wendy's things while John and Gwen put them in the bus. The last items are in the bus and Wendy is locking the front door when her mother and step-father arrive back with their arms full of alcohol. John motions Wendy to the bus as the others are already in it. John is about to step on when Roddy puts his load on the ground and walks over at the same time Wendy's mother orders her off the bus. Turning to face them John calmly says, "Wendy's moving out today and she's coming to live with Gwen, Sera, Brooke, and I. You should like this as it'll reduce your living costs with not having to clothe or feed her as I'll be looking after her from now on."

Roddy snarls, "Like hell, that slut's staying here to earn her keep as whore for my friends and me."

John laughs, "She's not a slut as she's had one sexual encounter, last night. The only whore around here is you. Why don't you let your mates fuck your ass at what you're worth, a dollar a go. But you've no friends as no one with half a brain would be friends with you. Wendy loves me and I love her more than you love anything but booze. So she's coming to live with us. If I ever find out you've been within two kilometers of her or the school I'll pay you a visit and make you so sorry you'll beg me to let you be a slave to anyone just so you can stay alive and have the pain stop." Everyone but Gwen is staring at him. He's just told the town's biggest ass hole and bully exactly where to get off. Roddy snarls and races forward as he swings a punch. John holds his left arm up to block the punch. The arms meet and Roddy screams as both his forearm bones snap in two. He drops backwards onto his ass holding his arm, screaming, cursing, and yelling threats. Smiling, John looks down, "I'd get that attended to at the hospital if I were you." He turns and climbs onto the bus. Gwen drives off as the girls stare at him in wonder. On the way home they stop for hot chicken and chips to take back as lunch.

When they get home the girls come out in their T-shirts to help take the load inside. When they bend over they flash their bare bums at the world. The fifteen year old boy across the road, Tom Lincoln, had been playing with his dog until he saw they had no panties on. After walking across the road he asks if he can help. Giggling, John hands the boy a box and tells him to follow Natalie. Hearing her name mentioned she looks over her shoulder and sees what's going on. Seeing the boy's attention is riveted to her ass she adds a bit more sway to her walk. He can see under the hem of the T-shirt and gets flashes of her pussy as she starts to climb the stairs to the bedrooms. Tina and Mandy are about to walk down the stairs. Grinning, they step to one side and tap their feet as if waiting impatiently. This causes their T-shirts to rise and give the boy a very good view of their bare pussies which are visible between their slightly parted legs. They smile when the poor boy comes in his pants as he nears the top of the stairs. After delivering the boxes Natalie turns to him and gives him a thank you kiss. He leaves happy.

Watching the lad walk back across the road, John says to Natalie, "You do realize for the next year or so his nightly dreams are going to consist only of the heavenly sight of your bare ass?"

She smiles, "I hope so. That or the bare pussies of Mandy and Tina as they flashed him on the stairs."

Laughing, John says, "Oh, he'll remember and appreciate those too, but he was watching your ass before he came over and he timed his question so he could follow you if I said yes." Laughing, they lock the bus and go inside to join in the feast of chicken. They're still laughing as they enter the dining room, Brooke asks what the joke is. She laughs when they tell her what happened. She suggests they hire the lad to clean the pool, everyone giggles at that. John just smiles.


Afternoon and Evening

After lunch everyone heads to the pool area to lounge around and chat. John sends Tina up to the guest bedroom. A moment later he gets Brooke, Wendy, and Sera. Sitting them down in the lounge room, he says, "I noticed on Friday some of the girls didn't like the idea of girl on girl love making. I want you three to help me change their minds." They smile and ask how. "First, I want Brooke and Wendy to sit near the Masters quartet and for Brooke to raise the subject. At the proper moment I want Wendy to comment that it's good, not as good as with a man but better than by yourself." He turns to Wendy, "Then you can start talking how good it was with Tina last night." She smiles and nods as the other two look at her wide eyed.

Wendy says, "What you said just about describes it except she's a much better kisser than you. Or maybe that was the circumstances."

Looking at Sera, he says, "Sera love, I want you to help me make one of Tina's favorite fantasies come true. There's a particular young lady in our group she considers very beautiful and has wanted to make love to for years but she's been too scared of rejection to ask her. I'll need your help to get the two together in the right situation. Will you please help me with this matter."

Sera says, "I don't know how I can help, but I'll do what I can."

Standing up, John says, "Thank you. Brooke, Wendy outside. Sera, I'll need your help upstairs."

Sera asks as they walk up the stairs, "Who is it Tina wants to make love to and how can I help?"

"You can help by being relaxed and follow my lead." Opening the door into the guest bedroom they see Tina sitting on the bed. "The young lady Tina thinks is so beautiful and has desired for so long but been too scared to ask is Sera Weatherall." Stunned, Sera stops half way across the room and a few steps from the bed. Blushing, Tina gets up. She walks over and stands in front of Sera. John lifts her hand and places it on Sera's breast, giving both a gentle squeeze. Seeing Tina is scared and embarrassed but also desirous of the encounter, Sera takes an uncharacteristic assertive action. Stepping forward she puts her arms around Tina and kisses her on the mouth. Tina quickly responds. A minute or so later they break the kiss, both smiling. John says, "I think it best you continue THAT discussion on the bed." They both look at him and blush. With a big grin Tina takes Sera's hand and they walk to the bed. Laying down side by side they go back to kissing. John walks to the bedroom window and looks out onto the grass area beside the pool. Grinning, he opens the window. Turning around he sees Tina is kissing Sera's breasts while playing with her pussy, both girls' pussies are dripping wet. He watches Tina kiss her way down to Sera's pussy and lick her clit. Sera moans with pleasure. He leaves the room and activates the privacy lock as he goes out.
He walks to where most of the girls are gathered around Wendy as she's discusses her encounter with Tina last night and he sits down. Soon after that Gwen walks up and asks if they know where Sera is.

With an expressionless face, John says, "Don't worry, she's OK. She can live without you for a hour or so." Gwen gives him an odd look, "I know you worry about her but you do tend to be a helicopter mum, you know - always hovering. I've also noticed she tends to eat more when she thinks you may not like something she is about to say or do. It's past time to back off and give her some room. Just because you had trouble doesn't mean she will." Gwen starts to respond, sighs, and nods. "I saw her a few minutes ago having a very lively private discussion with Tina and I don't think they want to be disturbed." Smiling, Gwen sits down as they continue talking about girl on girl love making and how good it is or isn't.

When asked by Brooke, Gwen says, "Oh, making love with another woman can be fun as it's very much better than by yourself. But a good, loving man is still much better than a woman. Also the feel of a handful of breast is nice, isn't that right John?" He eagerly nods as he pulls Lorna to him and sits her in his lap while he fondles her breasts, nodding again. They all laugh at his antics. The conversation moves to other subjects


A few minutes later they hear a faint "Oooh yes, I'm coming, fuck yes, I'm coming again. YEESS." The voice floats out of the guest bedroom window. All conversation in the pool area stops as heads turn to look up. The voice comes again, "Yes, suck my clit off, that's so GOOD. I'm coming again. Oh yeess, that's it, I'm coming again."

Looking puzzled, Gwen says, "That sounds like Sera."

John says, "Sure does, and it sounds like she's really enjoying herself." Gwen turns and gives him a hard stare, he adds, "I'd guess Sera and Tina have reached a mutual agreement in their discussion." Gwen gives him a glare, sighs, and relaxes back into her chair. All the girls are expecting her to explode as they all know how much she keeps a very close eye on Sera.

Sighing again, Gwen says, "You may be right. I should give her much more personal space and time to be with others. But I do wish you'd discussed this with me before hand."

"I made the arrangements to give them the opportunity, but the final decision and the initial action was by Sera. She's old enough to make a lot of decisions on her own, please let her. This is the only way for her to learn how to make the right ones, let her practice decision making." She nods.

About twenty minutes later they hear Tina moaning and yelling as Sera returns the favor. Thirty minutes after that the girls walk into the pool area. Everyone is looking at them and smiling. They look perplexed. Calling them over John points at the open window. They realize which room it is and blush, they stand taller and glare at them, daring them to say something. John says, "I don't think anyone is angry with you, but I think a few are jealous." They both smile at him and review everyone's expressions. Grinning, they nod and sit down.

Patting her lap, Rachel says, with a huge grin, "Tina, why don't you sit here." Smiling, Tina sits in her lap. Rachel lays Tina's head on her shoulder as she fondles her breast with one hand and her thigh with the other. Most girls can't believe how brazen Rachel is being about it but soon settle down as both girls have huge grins.

John says, "Rachel, do you mind not being quite so brazen in front of Brooke, at least not until after her sixteenth birthday?"

Smirking, Rachel responds with, "No problem, Brooke left with Wendy a few minutes ago."

Gwen watches John closely, he says, "As long as I'm not involved in having her witnessing or doing anything sexual until after she turns sixteen I can't get put in prison for corrupting her. I do hope they enjoy the game they've gone to play, whatever it is." They laugh as they all have a good idea of what game it is the two girls are playing.



The rest of the afternoon is spent swimming and talking. About 6.00 pm John and Gwen go to the kitchen and start cooking dinner for everyone. They have some long talks about parenting styles while cooking. Everyone sits down to a full meal at 7.00 pm. The meal finishes at 8.00 pm and most of the girls have to go home. Everyone gets dressed and they pile into the mini-bus. After dropping Rachel, Mandy, Jessica, Melissa, Natalie, and Tina home the rest go to the video store to return some movies and to get some more.

In the store they run into an old friend of John's, Police Sergeant Steve Katz. Looking at Wendy he smiles at John, saying, "You know the town ass hole, Roddy Ruiz, went to hospital earlier today. Has a broken arm. He claims you just walked up and broke his arm for no good reason."

John laughs, "Wow, really, what happened?"

"That's the part you'll like. The doc was 'Mamba' Black, I'm sure you remember him." John nods as Mamba was a good friend of his brother's, he knows him and the rest of the 'Snake Gang' very well. "Mamba looks at him and says 'seeing your face is a good enough reason for breaking any bone in your body.' Well, Roddy is about to swing at him with the other arm when the nurse chimes in with 'try that and you'll find this injection more painful than the arm.' Roddy settles for glaring at both." They all laugh at the images this brings to mind. "Seeing Wendy with you makes me wonder what did happen. He's an ass hole but not given to lying, except to avoid a charge."

Smiling, Gwen says, "Wendy moved out from home, he objected. John told him to shove his objections where his brain was via the nearest portal, his ass hole. Roddy swung at him, John put his arm up to block the punch. Roddy hit John's arm, Roddy's arm broke. Self defense officer. Rachel, Wendy, Melissa, and I witnessed it. I don't think John wants to charge him as that'll likely come back at Wendy."

Laughing, John adds, "Anyway, the story as is will be around town by now. Can you imagine how this'll go down with his usual crowd. Some dweeb half his weight and shorter than him broke his arm and is so contemptuous of him he's not laying charges. He's going to cop heaps from those bums." They all laugh, including the store staff in the next aisle putting movies on the shelf. "Tomorrow we'll be seeing the child welfare people, the school, and a judge. I want an order keeping him away from Wendy and her normal places of being; school, our home, and the soccer field." Steve looks up at the 'our home' but says nothing, he just grins and nods. Collecting the girls they pay for the movies and buy some nibblers before going home.

Getting home at 9.00 pm they have a group bath before watching two movies and going to bed at 11.30 pm. Wendy is a bit nervous so John puts the four Masters girls in his bed and joins Wendy in hers as the bedroom he placed her in has a queen size bed. Snuggling up to her, he says, "With school and everything tomorrow, no sex tonight, just a good comfort cuddle. OK." She nods. A few minutes later Brooke enters the room and walks over to climbs in with them.

Snuggling up to Wendy, she says, "I guess all the changes this weekend are a big shock for you, but you're much better off now. Just cuddle up and cry if you need to." They settle down for a three way cuddle and sleep. Brooke seems to have a very good emotional radar built into her.

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