This isnt actually my story this story was posted on storiesonline (dot) net by the author cazna rochester and was posted on xnxx by someone else but they didnt post the full story and i will be posting it all
Day 04 - Monday

Waking up at 7.00 am John wakes Wendy and Brooke by gently fondling their breasts. After a good morning kiss they go to John's bedroom for a group shower. Once dry, John wakes Paula, Jacqui, Lorna, and Peta by fondling their breasts. He gives them a wake up kiss and sends them for showers. He dresses and goes to wake Sera and Gwen, their beds are empty so he goes to the kitchen. Gwen is cooking breakfast for everyone. They're soon joined by Wendy, Brooke, and Sera with the Masters girls only a few minutes later.

Everyone is dressed for the day with the girls in their school uniforms as they they pile into the mini-bus at 8.15 am. Gwen drives as they head for school via the Masters residence. Paula, Jacqui, Lorna, and Peta dash in to drop off their clean soccer clothes and collect their school books. At the school John gets off the bus first and gives each of the ladies a thorough kiss as they get off. He's about to go to the administration area with Gwen and Wendy when Rachel and Mandy arrive wanting a kiss each. Noticing a large number of students are watching them, John takes Rachel in his arms, bends her over, and thoroughly kisses her for a couple of minutes as quite a few students whistle. Returning Rachel to an upright position, he breaks the kiss. She stands there fanning her face while John does the same to Mandy. More whistles from the audience. They come up for air to find Jessica, Melissa, Natalie, and Tina lined up behind Mandy. About ten minutes after parking all the girls have been kissed good morning and they're on their way to the School Administration Office.

With over half the student population and a fair number of teachers witnessing the greetings, it's the main topic of before school conversation.

In the School Administration Office John asks to speak to the principal. While they wait Wendy changes her school records to list Gwen and John as her emergency contacts and to give the Smith's address as her new home address. Gwen gives the same address as Sera's new address, also listing John as an approved contact and collector. John does the same for Gwen in relation to Brooke. The school clerk makes the changes without comment. When the principal returns from a before school meeting with teachers they're shown into his office. They all sit in some lounge chairs in a corner of the office.

Wendy says, "Principal Harding, as is my legal right, I've moved out of home. My mother's husband is violent and abusive. I'm not taking any more of it. During the weekend I moved into a room in the Smith's house and am now living with John, Gwen, Brooke, and Sera. I'll be missing some classes today to see Child Welfare Services and get a court order to keep mother's husband away from me, my new home, and the school." The principal nods. "As you know John is just out of hospital after a serious accident and is still recovering. I've wanted to get out of home almost as long as I've wanted John to be my lover." The Principal's eyebrows go up at this and she blushes, "I thought he would take me in but wasn't sure. I seduced him during the weekend. I'm not using any protection and it's my fertile time. I did my best for him to get me pregnant. I'd intended to use pregnancy as a lever to get out of home. John has let me know I was silly not to realize he would've taken me in anyway. The situation is that I'm probably pregnant and if I'm not already I soon will be or John'll be back in hospital." All the adults try hard not to laugh at that clear statement of intent. "I'll be attending school until the last day the doctor says it's safe to do so. I felt you should know now as you'll probably have to make special arrangements for my exams."

Smiling, Harding says, "Thank you for telling me of your changes and the reasons. On a personal note, I know John would've taken you in regardless of a personal relationship. You should've realized that but you may not know how much he changed his life to take Brooke in." Wendy glances at John and looks back at Principal Harding. "John had a very good college scholarship and was in the process of moving interstate to a very prestigious college when Brooke's parents died. He immediately informed the college of his change of circumstance moving into Brooke's house to minimize her disruption and finding a job. Not much available for people without a college education in this city. Anyone with a heart as big as his would gladly accept and help out anyone else in a bad situation or in need." He turns to Gwen and John, "I'll let all the staff know by lunchtime that neither Mr or Mrs Ruiz are to be allowed access to Wendy and they're banned from the school grounds. I'd appreciate a copy of any court orders you get. I'll leave discussing pregnancy until after I see a doctor's certificate." Standing up they thank him and shake hands prior to leaving the office. They're soon on the way to Child Welfare Services.

The Child Welfare Services interview is short, sweet, and easy. Sergeant Katz had already informed them of what he knew. The CWS provides a case officer and lawyer to help with the court orders restraining Mr and Mrs Ruiz from being within 250 meters of Wendy, the school, or her current residence. An interim order is immediately issued and it'll become permanent unless they object within seven days. In the case of an objection a full hearing will be required and the interim order will stay in place until after the hearing. Wendy is dropped back to school at 11.20 am with a copy of the court orders.


Adjustments and Meetings

Gwen drops John off at Preston Industries on her way to give the police a copy of the court orders and do some business of her own.

John is greeted by everyone he sees as he enters the Preston Industries offices. He was a well liked member of staff before the accident and they're happy to see him up and about after so long a time in hospital. They know the injury was work related but not the extent. He goes to Liz's office and asks her secretary, Diana, for a time to speak with the boss. After checking with Liz she sends him in. Entering the private office he smiles and takes a seat in the discussion corner as Liz walks around her desk to join him. He knew the offices at Preston were well above the usual standard because the original owner, Liz's father, wanted to ensure the staff were happy by making the environment they worked in safe and happy. But this office is more like a luxury suite in a five star hotel. Leather covered furniture and a large picture window overlooking the front street. Smiling, he says, "Morning Liz, can you tell me what plans you have to get a financial return on the research that resulted in my new body? I would also like to make a few minor changes."

Grinning, she replies, "I think it's safe to tell you our marketing plans. Some changes already? I better get Mary in here too." Standing up she steps to the door and sticks her head out as she asks Diana to call Mary and have her come straight up. Also to rearrange her schedule to clear the rest of the day. Her secretary's surprised by this sudden change. Closing the door she chats with John until Mary arrives. In the chat she explains their only marketing plans are to sell variants of his body to police, military, and emergency services groups.

When Mary arrives, John says, "Changes, I think they'll be simple. Mostly program adjustments and maybe a few extra control circuits. First, the Tasers built into my fingers. They currently have a simple pre-set pulse activation control. I want that changed so I can use a separate setting to run a very low trickle charge and be able to adjust the strength of the charge a bit. I have a few reasons for this but one you'll appreciate is it'll allow me to recharge external battery operated devices if needed." They both nod at this concept and can see the advantages. "Regarding the Dickman commands, I want a routine where I can set two sizes and a time frame of 'x' times per second so it'll automatically switch between the two sizes at that rate until I tell it to stop." Both ladies eyes go wide at this idea. "I also want an addition in my tongue. I want to be able to make it about double its length and give it a bit more rigidity, making it better for licking and exploration." Both ladies sigh as Mary starts squirming in her seat.

Mary says, "Oh, hell yes, why didn't I think of those. Yes, they're easy small programming changes and little hardware changes. The Taser idea is mostly a control program change as well. But I think your idea of a separate control link adds a safety margin. One link has high charge and limited time while the other has a low charge limit and no time limit. Put in an extra control circuit with a hard wired limit and they only come together at the device. I can have everything ready and tested by Wednesday, OK."

He grins, "That's good, I'll be back Wednesday morning for the upgrades." They all laugh at his attitude as they'd been a bit concerned on that issue. "I've had to tell a few friends I'm a cyborg but not the extent of it or the capabilities, they had to know." Liz isn't happy with this but nods acceptance as it's his life. "Now, regarding the marketing. I've had a few ideas and I want some royalties from them. In most cases a dollar or two per unit sold will do but in one case I want a hundred dollars per unit sold under certain circumstances. In each case you can charge heaps and start reaping some financial returns the moment you can ship them."

Smiling, Liz says, "That would be nice and solve our current cash flow problems, talk to me."

"First, my fancy dick can be made by itself with a remote control unit, wired or short range wireless control unit. Sell it as a top end dildo at a few hundred dollars over production costs, even if it goes as high as a thousand or two thousand dollars you'll still sell hundreds of thousands. You can apply the same memory plastic technology to a vaginal version that adjusts width and depth as well as being set to have a ripple effect by a pulsed squeeze and release." Both women look shocked, turn to stare at each other, and nod as Liz writes it all down. "The absolute top of the range version will be worth tens of thousands of dollars and be a whole body with simplified weak muscles so the arms and legs do a few set movement. The body is little more than a shell but the mouth, tongue, genitals, and rectum are full working components. The rectum and mouth being a smaller version of the vagina. These will be limited action sex dolls of both genders, high end market and high profit. The existing whole or part limbs can be prosthetics or computer controlled for remote work."

Wide eyed, Liz says, "Yes, that can be done. The delay with this program has been developing strong muscles. I can see we need weaker muscles in the sex toys to avoid law suits. I think we would need to set up another company to market these, but yes, millions of dollars of revenue. We've been so focused on the military and rescue service sales needs we failed to see these civilian opportunities. And what's the high end big royalty idea?"

He smiles, "You may want to check with a doctor but I'm willing to bet the memory plastic inserts that gives my dick a woody can be reduced to some narrow strips activated by an induction current." He looks at Mary, she nods. "Then they can be surgically implanted in a human dick and activated by an external control, giving a man a constant erection until turned off."

Both ladies smile at this. Liz says, "OK, I can see how that would help someone with penile dysfunction, but that's a limited market and we can supply that very cheaply for a good result. Why so much?"

Smiling, John says, "I'll accept one dollar for each one you sell as a penile dysfunction device. However for each one you sell as a high end sex toy I want one hundred dollars royalty. Take a moment to think about how many rich people around the world are into BDSM. Every single dom, male or female, will want one. The dom males to have a constant woody to fuck their slaves ragged. The dom women to have a constant woody on their slaves to fuck them ragged. You can also look at doing a similar trick for vaginas once you've worked out your artificial vagina. Just imagine a vagina that's wireless set to give a rippling milking action to work a dick dry. Every high class hooker will have to have one just to stay in business. I figure you're looking at dom sales of a few hundred thousand at least. And you can over charge for these units, several thousand bucks each as they'll pay. You can even set up sales via an overseas service before the Health Department approves the devices for use as a medical treatment. I think I can set up a contact for the sale to rich doms but I'll need one as a free sample to show them."

Liz's eyes are wide open and jaw hanging down as she nods. "Hell, I never even thought about that aspect, but you're right. Wednesday we'll have a price and a procedure worked out. With a time and place for a sample insertion. I won't ask how you have a contact in the rich dom circuit. What's the real reason for the Taser trickle charge?"

"Just imagine my thumb and forefinger are rubbing your clit while I put a very low trickle charge through them. I think it might be a bit arousing, especially if you're already a bit aroused." Both women smile at the thought. Their smiles grow bigger as John stands and starts taking his pants off. They stand and get nude before he can finish undressing. As they undress, he says, "Also the plastic inserts can be used to treat muscular dystrophy." They nod.


Reproductive Meeting

The three are on the couch in a nice cuddle, kiss, and grope session when the intercom chimes. Answering the call, Liz says, "I said I wasn't to be disturbed."

Diana says, "Sorry boss, but Janice is here and insisting that you two HAVE to talk and work out a strategy for tomorrow's finance meeting NOW. So she can get everything ready for the meeting if the company is to avoid a bankruptcy hearing tomorrow afternoon."

Looking at John, Liz says, "Damn it, fuck her. I wish we didn't have to have this meeting at all, especially now you've shown us a way to make big money quick and get our finances sorted out."

Laughing, John says, "One, you should deactivate the intercom before making comments like that." She looks down at the intercom to see it's still open, and goes white. "Two, invite her in and I may fuck her. At the very least we can see how she handles distractions. And three, I may be able to help you solve this." He speaks while clearing the desk of objects.

Staring at John she leans down, saying, "Sorry, but this is a very bad time for an interruption and I'm pissed at the timing, not at either of you. Send Janice in and we'll have both meetings at once."

Janice, the Chief Finance Officer, enters to find Liz sitting on her desk nude and Mary, the top research designer, lying nude on the desk while a nude John is giving her a good fisting. As she crosses the office she shakes the folder in her hand, "I can't see any way to save us this time. My spies tell me Masters Financing is going to insist we shut down and sell up. They realize they'll take a $10 million loss but are prepared to wear that instead of hanging out and take a higher loss later." She's staring at Mary's breasts and licking her lips while talking. John recognizes the behavior from Tina on Saturday night. So Janice has the hots for Mary, hmmm. He also notices Diana is very slow closing the door as she flicks her gaze between the nude women and him.

Catching the key company name, Masters Financing, John says, "Get your gear off and sit on the desk so we can talk while Mary eats your pussy." Mary's eyes go wide and she starts to shake her head no. He stares at her, "I think it's time you acknowledge I'm your master and you're my slave. You'll do as I say, won't you." He goes to a 4W and places his stiff dick across her lips, "Or would you rather I never let you play with this again?" She shakes her head no.

Standing, Mary turns to Janice and gives her a thorough kiss while undoing her dress. Mary continues to kiss and caress Janice's body while she undresses her. Janice is a well endowed honey blond of average build and height. She has a lovely body blush due to being embarrassed by John watching. But she's too intent on finally getting to have Mary to let anything stop her.

Smiling, John says, "How much do you owe Masters Financing? If they turn from wanting to shut you down to supporting you will that be enough to keep going for a year or so?"

Placing the folder on the desk Janice steps out of her panties and sits on the desk. She reaches out and pulls Mary's head into her groin. "Oh yes, lick my cunt." She turns to John and smiles, "If you can pull that miracle off I'll be your sex slave for a year. And I've not been near a man for several years. The situation is summarized on the first page of that report."

"If I pull this off I'll accept you as my slave and you'll get a thorough fucking in what ever hole takes my fancy when, where, how, and by whom I chose. Got it?" Janice nods. He picks up the folder and opens it, "Liz, suck Janice's tits while you play with Mary's please." Smiling, she happily jumps into the grouping. He reads the front page.

Picking up a pencil he crosses out lots of text. He leans over to hit the intercom, "Diana, can you please come in here?" Quickly the door opens as Diana walks in looking at the nude ladies and licking her lips. She stops short when he turns around and she sees his huge woody. Her mouth opens wide and her nipples nearly tear through her blouse with her arousal. He hands her the sheet of paper, "Can you please make several copies of this sheet without the text I've crossed out. Once they're ready please bring them in. After that, if you wish and can arrange someone to watch your desk, you may join us."

She nods as she turns and leaves at a very brisk pace. Picking up the phone book he looks up a number. Lifting the phone he dials the number. While waiting for an answer he moves behind Mary. Janice watches him as she moans. Checking Mary is as wet as she looks he places his dick at her vaginal entrance and thrusts in, hard and fast. Janice is surprised his huge dick goes into Mary's cunt at all, let alone so easily and quickly or so deeply. It's almost all in before she feels Mary jerk with the impact of the dick. He sets up a hard and fast full length thrusting. The sight of his huge dick going in and out like that is exciting Janice as much as Mary's tongue on her clit. She starts coming and coming and coming. Moaning hard, Janice falls back onto the desk as her body goes into orgasmic overload. John smiles. The phone stops ringing and a woman's voice says, "Yes, may I help you?"

John continues to pound Mary's pussy, "It's John Smith here, I wish to speak to Barbara please."

The woman says, "I'm sorry sir, Mistress Barbara is not available at present, nor will she be so for some time."

"And I bet Mistresses Deborah and Mistress Julie are also unavailable?"

"That's correct sir."

"May I have your name please?" By now both Janice and Mary are moaning as they come.

"My name is Alice, sir. And I know you won't be able to get me into trouble over this."

"I don't intend to cause you trouble for doing your job well. I just wish to ensure Mistress Barbara she provides the most important staff, you, with the updated priority protocols later. Can you hold on for a moment please?" When she replies she can he picks up another phone and calls Gwen's mobile. Diana returns to find Janice laying back in almost constant orgasms as Mary continues to eat her pussy while having orgasms of her own. John's pounding Mary's pussy with a phone to each ear. And Liz is sitting in a chair watching while she plays with herself. Diana puts the papers down on a side table and undresses before diving in to eating Liz's pussy, something she's wanted to do for a long time, as John watches. Diana is a short brunette of athletic build and small firm breasts. When Gwen answers her mobile phone, he says, "Hi Gwen, I urgently need to speak to one of your cousins. But I can't get past an extremely efficient filter by the name of Alice. Is there an old family code phrase or something that I can give to get immediate access?"

Laughing, Gwen says, "Yes, tell her 'monkey balls are gooey, ' that should get a quick response."

Thanking Gwen he hangs that phone up and turns to the other, "I need to speak to one of your mistresses urgently. I'm told the phrase 'monkey balls are gooey' will get me a quick hearing."

Alice sucks in her breath, "That's an extremely old code, sir. But it's not been recalled. I'll have to disturb mistress for instructions, please wait." He can hear her walking away, shortly he can hear bare feet running to the phone.

Breathlessly, Barbara says, "Sorry John, I'll inform Alice that you have the right to disturb us. Now, what's so urgent?"

"If memory serves me right you, your sisters, and your husbands own 90% of Masters Financing and can direct its actions. If so I need to urgently talk to you about a deal at Preston Industries."

"Your memory is correct and yes we do control the company. Is this about tomorrow's pre bankruptcy meeting? If so it better be some deal to make us not recover what we can now."

"Yes it is. I've taken on a new position as a special advisor in marketing and have come up with several ideas that can generate large revenues within a few months. They use existing research and patents. Given a bit of support and money to get into production you can recoup your money and interest within a few years. Also I'm sure you'll have a profound personal interest in one of the items. It's right for your special play room." That gets a few stares from the ladies in the room. During this talk Janice pulls Mary's face from her pussy to listen in while Diana and Liz have changed places. "I'm in a meeting with the Preston CEO, CFO, and senior researcher at the moment. Can you please hurry down here so we can speak about this in a more secure environment. Just listen to what we can offer and then make a decision. I promise once you see the offer you'll want it at any price."

Barbara thinks a moment and replies, "Warn security we'll be there in twenty minutes."

"Thank you." Hanging up the phone he turns to Janice, "Warn security Barbara, Deborah, and Julie Masters are on their way here and I want them immediately escorted into this office."

Janice picks up the phone and calls security to brief them on the important visit. Hanging up the phone she reaches for her panties. John reaches out and takes them off her, "No, when they get here they'll see me with some lovely nude ladies at my beck and call. Mary is already my slave, as is Liz. And by the end of the meeting you'll be my slave as per your promise. Diana is a temporary for the meeting." He looks around the ladies as they all gulp and nod yes. Smiling, he says to Janice, "What contraceptive protection do you have?"

She gulps, "None, I'm a lesbian. Have been for years.

"Not any more, mummy. That'll make you, Liz, and Mary three very pregnant executives in a few weeks. All to the same daddy, me. Care to join the crowd Diana?"

Laughing, she says, "I'll have to wait a few months. I'm bi with a girl leaning. So I'm on the pill." John goes to a 2T as he spreads Janice's legs and pulls her across the desk to him. With her legs wide open and her ass just on the desk he steps between her thighs. Placing the head of his dick at the entrance of her vagina he slowly pushes in. She shakes her head no and tries to pull away. All in vain as he slowly impales her wet pussy on his stiff dick. Still shaking her head, she says, "No," but doesn't scream. He continues to pull her to him, off the desk and onto his dick. Her eyes go wider as his dick enters her body. Her mouth and eyes are open very wide as their groins meet. She lies there panting with a juicy, sopping cunt full of his dick. Holding her hips he lifts her off the desk and steps forward to lay her back down. Leaning over her he looks into her eyes as he withdraws. With only the head of his dick still in her he pushes in again. She lies there. Motioning with his hands he has Diana play tonsil tongue with Janice as Mary and Liz suck a breast each. Half way back into her he reaches down and pinches her clit. Moaning and screaming into Diana's mouth Janice heaves up in an orgasm and impales herself the rest of the way onto his dick. He lowers his hips as she drops back to the desk. Pinching her clit he triggers another orgasm in her. Again she heaves her body at him and forces his dick further into her. He continues to pinch and play with her clit. Each touch making her come again. With each orgasm her pussy squeezes his dick and slams against him. She's crying; partly frustration, partly humiliation, partly pain (each heave feels like his dick is tearing her insides apart), but mostly pleasure, a great deal of pleasure.

She's a woman who's always been in total control and in full charge during sex. Here's a man who's forcing her, yes forcing, he's raping her in front of her friends, it's extremely humiliating and she wants more. She's never been so sexually aroused before, already he's given her more comes than she has in a week. He's raping her in the most humiliating way possible, and she wants more. That's playing merry hell with her psyche. Diana breaks the kiss, Janice screams, "Yeeess, fuck me master. Fuck me good." As her words echo round the room the others stare at her in amazement. John waves the ladies back, smiles at her, and sets up a fast full length fuck stroke. He's not making love this time, he's fucking her ass off. She's heaving, writhing, screaming, and coming on each thrust. Several minutes later she's hardly moving as she's too worn out. He thrusts once more and fills her with his sperm, a moment later he comes again to give her a second load. As she feels the second load of sperm filling her she looks at him and smiles. "Thank you, master." Oddly enough she means it. He goes limp and withdraws from her. Looking around he can see everyone's had several comes from watching them. They all sit down catching their breath and talking.


High Finances

A short time later there's a knock on the door. Wearing just a dress, Diana opens it to let in Barbara, Deborah, and Julie. They survey the messed room, the nude people, and the smell of sex. Smiling, Barbara says, "Damn, we arrived a bit late for the good fun."

Smiling, John goes to a 4W as he says "Oh, I think I can rise to the occasion." They all look at the huge erection he's suddenly sporting. Julie faints. Laughing, John picks her up and places her on the couch. Slipping her panties off he changes to a 1T. Sitting on the couch he picks Julie up and lowers her onto his dick. Giggling at his trick Barbara wakes Julie up. She quickly realizes she has a pussy full of dick and looks over her shoulder at a smiling John. Thinking he's shoved that monster dick in her she faints again. Slipping her off his dick John sits her down and places her panties back on before lying her on the couch. Everyone quickly dresses. A few minutes later Julie wakes up again. She looks around as everything looks OK, no one is nude and no monster dick while she wonders what happened?

With a concerned look, John says, "Julie, are you all right? You walked in here and fainted." Shaking her head she looks around, nothing is like it appeared when she walked in. Did that really happen, was it a weird dream, what's going on? Leaving a confused Julie to sort herself out he hands out copies of the memo, saying, "Is this summary how you see the Preston financial situation?" Barbara nods. "Preston has a whole new range of high quality prosthetic devices and specialty devices ready for production. We just need to stay in business and borrow a few million to get things rolling. Within a year or two all the debts should be cleared. The really big profit earners are going to be a special prosthetic device to be sold to doms." All the ladies look at him with great interest, "A special insert controlled via induction circuitry, it'll give a man an erection that stays up until turned off." Everyone but Mary and Liz sit up and take notice at this. "Working prototypes of most of these items are available for study if you need to. The only thing we don't have a prototype for is the dick insert. I thought one of your husbands might be volunteered for that task and you'll get the unit free. All we need is for Masters Financing to support the company through this."

Barbara says, "That all sounds good, but under the circumstances we'll need more than just some verbal assurances. Can you offer some security? Can we see one of these new level prosthetics?"

Smiling, John says, "You can have me as security. If the deal sours you get to keep me." Barbara smiles and starts to speak. He waves her to silence as he concentrates and activates a release control before grabbing his left hand with his right. He turns it 180 degrees counter clockwise and pulls his arm out of his shirt. Handing it to a shocked Barbara, "Here's a sample of the prosthetic devices." Julie faints again as Diana, Janice, and Deborah stare at him in shock. After a moment they turn their attention to his removed arm as he takes his shirt off. They notice it still looks and feels normal, except for the attachment unit at the end. After they've examined it they hand it back and watch him reattach it before he put his shirt on.

With a serious expression, Barbara says, "So now we know why you were so long in hospital. How much is you and how much is prosthetic?"

"I'm over 90% prosthetic as is all you see. What's left of me is safely secured in a compartment in my chest. I'm a cyborg, little more than a human brain controlling a very complex machine. Even then much of it's computer controlled and I issue general command instructions. Most of the devices to be sold can be made from existing materials stocks. The penile insert device and a few others are little more than the special materials that are my new muscles which are electronically activated by computer control. I figure we can sell them to doms for themselves or their slaves at around ten or fifteen thousand dollars each, making a few thousand dollars profit on each."

Nodding, Barbara says, "That would work and I know the market source you want to use. I need a medical doctor's opinion on the viability of the inserts since it hasn't been done yet."

Mary says, "It can be done, in the early stages of development we tested the material in animals as substitute muscles for atrophied ones. They worked and had no rejection problems. A few days would be required for us to just confirm the best place to put them in a live dick and the best way to insert them."

Barbara looks at Deborah and she nods, Julie is still out. She reaches for a phone and calls her husband. Once he's on the phone, she says, "Steve, I'm at Preston Industries. They've come up with a way to trade out of trouble. All the research is ready to be harvested. They need more time and a few million more to do it, we'll get everything back plus more interest and some special bonuses. Set things up to support them tomorrow and extend their credit by another $5 million. Also be ready to buy out anyone not prepared to let them trade out." A pause, "No, there's no point in trying for a take over. The patents belong to individuals and all the company has is first right to exploit them with the owner's approval. They're prepared to sign royalty contracts but only with the existing owners." Another pause, "I'll inform them. Oh, one of you boys is taking leave to have a special operation, if you haven't come to an agreement by dinner time I'll make the choice." Hanging up she turns to Liz, "We all know how this company does its patents, your father set it up so a hostile take over never got the patents. Smart man, he even had the patents he developed placed in your name, though few know that. You've got two years to pay back at least 60% of the debt and another $5 million to get into immediate production. Make sure it happens properly and soon. Steve'll see all goes well tomorrow. Eventually I'll want three free insert sets as a negotiation bonus." Liz nods.

Janice groans, Barbara stares at her, Janice says, "Earlier I told John if he some how kept us in business I'd be his slave. We're still in business." She sits there thinking that she's slave to a machine. Her own ego won't accept that. So she worries the problem until she realizes she may have had sex with a machine very much like her vibrators, but the power controlling the machine is the human brain of John. It's his ego, his personality that dominated her and made her his slave, strangely this makes her much happier.

Grinning, Barbara eyes her over, licks her lips and turns to John, "John, may we borrow your slave some evening?" Janice's eyes go wide as she also licks her lips at the thought of time with Barbara.

John says, "No, but I may bring her over to help us play some evenings. I'll want to retain control of her and my other slaves. But I'm sure you'll be able to enjoy them." Barbara smiles and nods. He turns to Mary, "I just had a thought. Build secondary control circuits using short range radio like Blue Tooth. An emergency redundant ability." Mary nods and adds it to her notes. Suddenly she smiles as she realizes he's talking about the arm's special devices and having them still being operational if the arm is removed or severed high.

They stand up and John picks Julie up to throw over his shoulder as they say goodbye and leave, entering the elevator as Deborah phones for their chauffeur. At the security desk they run into Gwen as she's come to pick up John for a late lunch before collecting the girls from school. It's been a busy two and half hours. He carefully places Julie in the Masters limo. They kiss each other goodbye.

Gwen and John leave Preston Industries to have lunch at one of John's favorite restaurants. When they walk in the owner, who knows John well, just stares at him. After she takes his order, she says, "OK miracle man, how come you're walking around?" John gives her a strange look, "My best friend, Laura, was one of the doctors called into ER to work on you. She knows you well as her daughter plays on one of the other soccer teams and you often chat during the games. She told me about cutting your legs off in the ER."

With this information John can place Laura. Smiling at Grace, the restaurant owner, he says, "Advantages of working for a top flight company like Preston. I'm the test bed for some prototype prosthetics you'll see on the market in the next few months. You may wish to tell Laura to keep an eye open for them."

She smiles, "I'm glad to see you're taking it so well. And happy to see you up and about again."

"Well, I either have to take it well or kill myself, and that would upset Brooke. I can't have that." Nodding, Grace takes the order into the kitchen.


Sera's Birthday Presents

It's nearly 3.00 pm when they leave the restaurant. They go to school to pick the girls up. Arriving at the school they park opposite the main entrance. A few minutes later the final bell goes and the students seem to explode out of the school as they rush laughing and talking on their various ways home. The whole soccer team piles into the mini-bus as they're going for a swim and study session at the Smith house. After dropping everyone at the house Gwen, Sera, and John go to the main mall to the Victoria's Secret shop.

They enter the Victoria's Secret store as a group and one of the staff walks up to serve them. Examining the merchandise on display, John says, "This has all the hallmarks of being a very interesting shopping trip. Especially checking the fit and color." Sera blushes as she realizes he'll see her in only bra and panties as she tries them on. This is more embarrassing to her than being nude.

Sera and Gwen discuss what to check fits as John speaks to the manager, Elise, about next Saturday's visit. The store doesn't have any large fitting or display rooms so they arrange for them to use the main store after normal hours. John and the girls are to turn up just on 3.00 pm, their normal closing time, and some staff will stay to serve them. The store is 'L' shaped so they'll use the part not visible from the front window as an extra large private show room. Elise is looking forward to the potential sales as John expects to have fifteen to twenty girls buying one or more items each and this should run to $5,000 of sales or more, well worth the extra hour or two's work. The staff and manager are all on commission so they'll be happy to help out.

John turns to Sera and Gwen, and sees they've several items to try on. He carefully examines them and hands them back while asking Sera what she intends to wear them with. She tells him one is for under her school clothes and one for under her best dress when going out. At his request, Gwen describes the dress. Turning to the staff member, John asks to use use a private show room and could their best expert on supported silk bras join them. Smiling, she shows them into the three meter square private room and gets Elise.

John has Sera strip to her panties. Holding and lifting her breasts from behind he tells Elise they want to see what's available in silk or satin supported half bras that'll hold Sera's breast up in the manner shown. Grinning, she goes and gets several styles. Sera tries them on and finds two that are comfortable. Both bras leave her nipples uncovered. He orders one in white and one in light blue of each style. Both Gwen and Sera have light blue eyes. Next is matching panties. Sera wants thongs. He talks her into high hip panties instead and asks Elise's advice on a negligee for Sera. She returns with a baby doll, panties, and matching gown outfit in mid blue. Sera puts the outfit on, it's so see through they can see her nipples and fine pussy hair through all three items. Smiling, he says it's perfect and orders a matching outfit for Gwen. He has Sera dress in her new blue underwear and asks Elise for advice on a sweater dress. She returns with a light blue woolen sweater dress with a low cut front. Sera puts it on, it's knee length with the top of her breasts on display and her nipples are clearly visible through it. Although form fitting it isn't too tight. It makes her look much slimmer. John thanks Elise for her help in selecting the clothing, she thanks him for the custom. While he pays the $5,750 bill she says the choice of a supported uplift bra makes Sera seem slimmer by accentuating her breasts and drawing the eyes there. Sera is standing in front of a mirror admiring herself. Gwen can hardly believe the transformation. Smiling as she picks up the rest of the gear, Gwen says, "I thought you were buying three items?"

Gwen and Elise laugh when he replies, "Three items, I thought you meant three outfits. Then we had to get two sets of the daily wear stuff for when one is in the wash. And I couldn't take her home in just bra and panties, could I? We'd have been arrested walking down the street, although I'd have admired the view until we were arrested." Turning to Sera, he says, "Come on sexy, strut your stuff outside as we're leaving." Grinning widely, Sera turns and struts out the door. Gwen and John follow her with big smiles. She looks and acts so much more confident that they almost have trouble recognizing her.
After putting the rest of their purchases in the car they walk down the street to a large second hand goods store. Sera draws quite a few wolf whistles as they walk down the street. At the store he examines a number of commercial drink fridges and can vending machines they have for sale. Selecting the best ones for his purposes he buys two items and organizes a maintenance contract for them as well. They'll be delivered tomorrow afternoon. Next stop is a furniture store to order new lounge room furniture, enough to seat them all.

Arriving home at 5.00 pm they find Brooke and Wendy cooking dinner. The rest are getting ready to go home. They all stop to stare at the new Sera as they can't believe their eyes. She looks so much happier, slimmer, and sexier than what they're used to seeing. They all really like the new look Sera. They get in the mini-bus and Gwen drives them home.

After finishing dinner at 7.00 pm, Sera puts on a fashion show for Wendy and Brooke. To emphasis the difference in the type of bras John has Sera dress in her usual school clothes. Followed by her wearing the same uniform with the new underwear. The difference is startling as the bra makes her breasts seem three sizes bigger and her waist two sizes smaller. Gwen takes many photos during the fashion show. With the main fashion show over John asks Sera and Gwen to show their new night clothes. It's only when Sera can see how much of Gwen is visible through the clothes she realizes she must be just as visible. She blushes nicely. Sitting down, Sera says, "The silk feels so sensuous on my skin and makes me feel sexy."

Grinning, John says, "I don't know about the feel, but it makes you look very sexy." Sera smiles at him. Blushing, she nods towards the stairs, a very clear invitation. He stands, "I'll just lock up the house. Wendy, Brooke, please make sure you get to bed at a reasonable time. Sera, Gwen, I'll meet you in the bedroom in a few minutes." They all grin as they move off to their evening activities. Wendy and Brooke stay to watch TV


Keeping a Promise - Sort of?

After making sure the house is secured for the night John goes to his bedroom. Gwen and Sera are both sitting on the bed waiting and looking very nervous. His extra sensors tell him Sera is also very scared. Walking up to Sera he bends down and kisses her forehead. He sits down, "Sera, do you really want to do this or would you rather leave?" Gwen sits there as a quiet observer and lets John handle this.

She smiles weakly, saying, "I asked you and said I would."

Caressing her arm he gently says, "I know you did. However I can tell you're scared out of your mind. I also get the impression you really want someone else to have your cherry. Who is it?"

Lightly biting her lip Sera sits and looks at him. A few minutes later, she says, "Barry Stevers, he's in the year above me at school. We work together tutoring the slower students two afternoons a week. I know he's interested in me but he's shy and I've been too shy as well. I know he wants a virgin wife and I'd like to be his wife. On Saturday I thought I'd never get to have a boyfriend or sex. But since then you've convinced me I AM beautiful and can have a proper relationship. However I said I'd have sex with you, so I must."

Smiling softly, he replies, "And what would you say if I can make it possible for you to have both?"

Her eyes go wide as, she says, "How can you make that miracle occur?"

"If I promise not to place my dick in your pussy will you relax and do all I ask of you as I prove it's possible?" Biting her lip she relaxes and nods. "Good, because there are four ways to have sex; genital, oral, digital, and anal. A person is classed a virgin until they engage in genital sex. So all you have to do is suck my dick while I eat your pussy and then fuck your ass."

Standing up he pulls her to her feet and slips his hands inside the gown as he takes her in his arms to kiss her. She responds willingly as he slips the gown and the negligee off her shoulders. He breaks the kiss and moves back as he slips the clothes down her arms to fall on the floor before he fondles her breasts. Closing her eyes she gives herself over to the pleasure of his touch. Nodding at Gwen, John indicates he wants her to take his clothes off. She stands while slipping her gown and negligee off as she walks around the bed. Quickly and deftly she takes his pants and shorts off before removing his shoes and socks as she lifts the feet out of the pants leg. Standing up she undoes his shirt and slips it off his arms. He leans down and sucks on Sera's breasts while Gwen is sliding his shirt down his arms. Once John is nude Gwen slides her panties off as he slides Sera's panties to the floor. Rising up John goes to a stiff 1T as he takes her in his arms and kisses her while cupping her bum cheeks in his hands to pull her against his body. Her eyes open wide as she realizes they're both nude and she can feel his dick against her pussy. Breaking the kiss he keeps one hand against her bum pushing her groin into his as he slides the other up her spine while leaning down to kiss her breasts. She closes her eyes and moans. Kissing Sera again he slides his hand back down her spine as she shivers and moans into his mouth. He reaches down to move his hands to her legs and slip them between her thighs to start pulling her legs apart. Spreading her legs slightly parts her labia and allows his stiff dick to press against her clit. He has her legs very wide and Gwen tells her to wrap them around his hips and her arms around his neck. This changes the angle of contact so her labia are now spread very wide with his dick between them and lying the length of her pussy as it pushes harder against her clit with his balls against her bum. She moans as he breaks the kiss and smiles at her. Slowly he moves her up and down a few centimeters to rub her clit against his dick and her breasts against his chest. Her head falls back as her eyes close and she moans, she likes the feel of this. John continues rubbing as he carries her to the bed to knee walk up the middle of the bed and place her on it. Sera's unaware of the movement until she feels the gravity change as he lowers her to the bed. With them both flat on the bed his weight is now pressing down on her clit as he rubs his dick against it. He kisses her and their tongues dance in their mouths again. He sucks her tongue into his and partly closes his mouth to trap it there while wrapping his tongue around hers, tickling it with the tip of his. Her eyes open and roll back in her head as she has several quick orgasms during the kiss.

She's panting for breath when he breaks the kiss. Her arms and legs have fallen to the bed. She lies there smiling and moaning as she has her first orgasm with a man. Slowly he slides down the bed while kissing his way down to her breasts, belly, and pussy. She moans loudly when he licks the length of her pussy and sucks on her clit. The sounds of her pleasure are cut off as Gwen kisses her while fondling her left breast. Gwen uses her weight to maintain the kiss while Sera heaves in orgasmic pleasure as John applies some heavy duty suction to her clit and she bucks her way through a few orgasms. He lifts his head from her sopping pussy and Gwen sits up, smiling. Sera is exhausted by her pleasure, covered with sweat and smiling. Sera's a limp rag as John pulls her down the bed and rolls her over. He lifts her hips as Gwen places two pillows under them. Sera has no energy to resist whatever they're doing. It's all she can do to turn her head and look back at him as he reaches under her to play with her tender clit. She closes her eyes while moaning again. He smiles at her while Gwen gets the tube of KY from the bedside table and lubes up his dick. Gwen lays down beside Sera and takes over playing with her clit. Sera doesn't notice the change. John carefully places his dick against her ass hole and slowly pushes in. For a moment there's a slight resistance then the head of his dick is past the ring. Sera's eyes open wide and her mouth opens in an 'Oh' of surprise. He says, "Relax and enjoy." She does as she has too little energy to do otherwise. He continues the slow gentle pressure until his groin is up against her ass and his balls are touching her pussy. He stops and stays like that for a moment to allow her to get used to the feel of his dick in her ass. Slowly he pulls out. He changes to a 4T and Gwen's eyes go wide as she watches his dick double in length.

He starts sliding his dick back into Sera's ass again. He has just over three quarters of it in her ass when Sera quietly says, "That's starting to hurt a bit, Uncle John." On Sunday afternoon the girls had decided they'll all call him Uncle John. He changes to a 3T and she smiles as the pressure is relieved a bit. He starts moving in and out of her ass in a slow fuck. After a moment he speeds up, a few minutes later he's fucking her ass fast and hard. She's soon screaming, "Yes, fuck my ass," as she comes. After her third orgasm with him in her ass he pulls out. He's changing to a 3M when she says, "Who said you could stop so soon?" Carefully he slides his thicker dick into her ass. She moans, "Yeees, fuck my ass good." So he does. He gives her a thorough ass fucking as she has many orgasms. She's exhausted and hardly moving when he pulls out of her ass. As he goes to the en suite to clean his dick he notices both ladies have sopping pussies.

He returns to find Sera in the same position but with the pillows under her shoulders and chest while Gwen lies across the bed with her legs held up wide open, saying, "Fuck me, NOW." John walks up to the bed and grabs her hips to pull her to the edge of the bed. He places his dick at her vaginal entrance as Sera moves for a closer view. Smiling at Gwen he pulls her hips towards him and quickly impales her on his dick as it slides along her vagina to the end. She moans at this sudden intrusion as she feels full of his dick. He starts a fast thrusting in and out while rubbing her clit with his thumb. Within a minute she's heaving with her first orgasm and coming again on each subsequent thrust. After a few minutes he pulls his dick out and keeps the tip resting against her vaginal entrance as he changes to a 3W. Sera's eyes go wide as she watches his dick widen. Mimicking Sera's voice, Gwen says, "Who said you could stop so soon?" Sera and John laugh at her joke. There's some resistance as his thicker dick enters her pussy. Gwen says, "Damn, I'd only thought I was full before. Fuck me you bastard." Slowly his dick slides along her vagina and widens it as it travels the length of her vagina. She moans, "Oh yeah, now that's a cunt full of dick." Sera grins at her mother's language. She's never heard her say anything impolite before and didn't think she knew the words. He speeds up as Gwen heaves at him. They're soon fucking hard and fast again. She loves the feel of his dick sliding in her pussy and he loves the way her pussy squeezes his dick, they're both happy with the situation. After several minutes of orgasms Gwen wraps her legs around his hips and traps him in her. She pushes down with her feet as she tries to push him in further and says, "Come you bastard, come. Fill my cunt with your cream. Don't just stand there grinning, fucking come. Give me a fucking cunt full of your sperm. I want my cunt overflowing with your sperm."

With an ear to ear grin John smiles down at her, "I told you I have complete control of when I come. Why do you want it so much?"

Smiling back, she says, "Because I want to make sure you get me pregnant you stupid bastard. I'm unprotected and it's the right time. Now do it or I get up and we leave."

Grinning, he says, "Tch, tch, tch. I run this show, not you. Now ask properly and say please. Like a good slave would." Both women's eyes go wide at this.

Gulping, Gwen softly says, "Please master, fill me with your sperm and give me your baby?"

Smiling, John comes three times in a row. The feel of his warm sperm in her womb makes Gwen come again and again. He changes to a 2M and comes twice more as his dick shrinks back along her love tunnel. Her eyes go wide as she feels his shrinking dick still coming in her. He goes limp and comes twice more as he pulls out. He unwraps her legs from his hips and holds them high to keep her hips up as he turns her about on the bed. Seeing his intention Sera slips the pillows from under her and puts them under Gwen's hips. She's mesmerized by the sight of the white sperm oozing out of her mother's pussy.

Placing a hand on the back of Sera's head, he says, "A pussy filled with fresh come like that is known as a 'Cream Pie.' I think you look hungry. Have some pie, Sera." And pushes her head towards Gwen's pussy. Sera doesn't resist at all, in fact she's so eager she lowers her head faster than he can push her. Gwen is soon moaning as Sera eats her pussy. Gwen looks up at John with a huge grin. He goes stiff again and places his dick on her mouth. She opens up and starts sucking. Her eyes go wide as he says, "Swallow," and comes. Her mouth fills with his sperm and she swallows it. He pulls his dick out, "Enjoy yourselves. I'll just go and check on Wendy and Brooke."


Night Games

Neither girl is in her bedrooms. Going downstairs he finds them asleep on the lounge. Both have wet pussies and faces. Getting a cloth damp with warm water he cleans them both up. They murmur but don't wake. Picking Brooke up he carries her upstairs and puts her to bed and kisses her on the forehead as he draws the covers up. She mumbles "Night, Uncle John."

He replies, "Good night, Brooke love." She smiles and goes back to sleep. He goes back downstairs.

Rearranging Wendy on the lounge he sits her up with her legs spread wide. He goes to a 3T and places his dick at her vaginal entrance. He bends down as he reaches his arms around her to pick her up and impale her on his dick. Her pussy's so wet he easily slides in. She stirs in her sleep when her breasts meet his chest. Laying her head on his shoulder he stands up and walks upstairs. He holds her firmly to him with one hand under her ass and the other across her back. However she slides up and down on his dick with every step, just a few centimeters but enough to be a pleasant feeling for them both, she moans slightly. Walking up the stairs triples the length of the movement. As they reach the top of the stairs, Wendy says, "Lets go up and down stairs a few times, that was great."

Grinning, he says, "I've got a better idea." He proceeds to lift her up and down the full length of his dick. She moans and nods. Part way down the hall he gives a little jump in the air. At the top of the jump his dick almost comes out of Wendy When he hits the floor she comes after quickly sliding back down its length. Going down the hall he does this four times. In the bedroom he sees Gwen and Sera lying side by side with the pillows still under Gwen's hips. Smiling at them he lays Wendy on the bed and starts fucking her hard and fast. She's starts a multiple orgasm with the second stroke and is enjoying herself while he loves the feel of her cunt squeezing his dick. After a few minutes he comes three times and fills Wendy with his sperm. She comes again and has another orgasm with each shot of sperm.

Smiling at him, she says, "Trying to stay out of hospital, huh?"

He nods, "I've seen more than my share of that place." He turns to Sera, "Sera love, in the cupboard nearest the corner are some more pillows, please get them." She climbs off the bed and brings back six pillows. She places one under Gwen's head before putting two more along the bed head and sliding two under Wendy's hips. She helps John slide Wendy up the bed and into the centre of it. With Wendy set to retain his sperm he pulls his dick out and knee walks up the bed to place his dick on her lips. She opens up and sucks his dick clean.

With a grin in her voice, Sera says, "You know, I feel like some desert." And promptly lowers herself to Wendy's pussy, licking and sucking like crazy. Wendy can't see Sera because of John's body and wonders what she's talking about until she feels Sera's tongue on her pussy. Her eyes go wide and she moans around John's dick. Grinning, he goes limp and withdraws from her mouth.

As he climbs off the bed, Gwen says, "Isn't that nice." Wendy smiles and nods. Gwen and Wendy give Sera advice on pussy eating.

Smiling at them, John says, "I think I'll leave you three ladies to rest here. Make sure you pull the covers up before you fall asleep." They nod in agreement. Going down the hall he climbs into bed with Brooke and snuggles up as he reaches a hand round to cup her breast. He goes to sleep.

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