This isnt actually my story this story was posted on storiesonline (dot) net by the author cazna rochester and was posted on xnxx by someone else but they didnt post the full story and i will be posting it all
Day 05 - Tuesday

Waking to his internal alarm clock at 7.00 am John gently fondles Brooke's breasts to wake her. After several minutes, she says, "I was awake before you started that and if you think I'm getting out of bed while that feels so good, you're crazy. But if we don't get up soon I'll be late for school." Grinning, he stops and they get up.

They go to his bedroom and Brooke goes to start the bath while John wakes the others by gently fondling their breasts. Laughing, Gwen says, "That's the best damn alarm clock I've ever had." They're laughing as they bathe. John washing and Brooke drying until they're all clean, Brooke washes John and he dries her.

As they dress John stops Sera putting her old underwear on and makes her wear a set of her new day wear sets, saying, "Before breakfast I want all your old underwear in a plastic bag to go to the opportunity shop. If you need more than what we have now I'll buy you more of these." Grinning, she does as told as she loves the feel of the silk on her skin almost as much as her new look.

As they're eating, Sera says, "Why do these bras make such a difference to my appearance?"

Smiling at her, he says, "There's a few reasons, some perceptions, some physical, some emotional. First the physical. Gwen will you help out here by taking off your top and bra please." She stands and strips to the waist. John turns her to be side on to Sera, "Look closely at her profile." Standing behind Gwen he runs his hands down her breasts to pull them down and back slightly. Her breasts flatten as her shoulders hunch and she bends over slightly, which pushes her stomach forward until it's only a couple of fingers short of her breast line. "That's what your old bras do to your figure." Releasing Gwen's breasts he cups them in his hands to lift them up and push them forward. Her shoulders go up and back as she stands straighter with her stomach pulled back. "This is what the new bras do. The old ones pull your breasts back and your shoulders down as they push your stomach out, making you look shorter and fatter. Your breasts draw the eye to your waist line. The new ones make you stand up properly which makes you seem taller as your stomach is pulled back; you look thinner, also your breasts are pushed up and out to look a few sizes bigger. The overall effect is a perception of a slightly taller and thinner person. The more prominent breasts draw the eye away from your waist to your nipples. I'm sure the old ones must have made you uncomfortable as you rarely smiled. These ones make you feel happy and that shows on your face. A smile makes a big difference to a woman's overall look and appeal. Most importantly you know they make a difference, you know they make you look sexy and you feel sexy. This gives you more self-esteem and confidence in yourself. Knowing you're sexy is more than half of being sexy." She nods at his explanation as it's all visible with the demonstration. To Sera, knowing why is important. "Hopefully you'll feel enough extra self-confidence to speak to Barry and ask him out." Blushing, she shakes her head no.

At 8.15 am they pile into the mini-bus with Gwen driving and head for school via the Masters house, picking up Paula, Jacqui, Lorna, and Peta. At the school they follow the new routine of John giving each girl a thorough kiss as they get out of the mini-bus. Jessica, Melissa, Natalie, Rachel, Tina, and Mandy are already there lined up for their kisses. Most of the student population are on hand to watch the show again. With the welcomes over, Rachel says, "Brooke, I'll be very late on Friday as I've a date with a new boyfriend and he's too fragile to risk a deferment at short notice. Sorry." Brooke smiles and nods.

John sees Sera watching a young man watching the show. As he turns to walk away John calls out, "Barry Stevers, can I have a word, please?" Sera turns and glares at him as the young man turns and walks to him. "Hello Barry, I'm John Smith, Brooke's uncle and Sera's father figure. I'd like to ask you a few questions, please." Sera's eyes go wide and she blushes. Brooke takes hold of her hand and gives a squeeze as she knows of her crush. "I believe you do some tutoring with Sera, is she good?" Smiling, he gives Sera a fond look and nods. "Do you like Sera's new look?" Smiling, he nods again. "Do you like Sera?" Another nod. "Do you want to take her out on a date?" A blush and another nod. "Have you wanted to do so for some months?" Another blush and very vigorous nod. Sternly, John says, "Then why the hell haven't you asked her out?"

Blushing hard, Barry says, "Because I'm afraid she'll say no, be offended, and stop tutoring with me."

John nods, "Thought that might be it. Do you have a girlfriend?" A shake of the head. "Are you free Friday night?" Another nod. "Good, you have the hots for her and she has the hots for you, so Friday you're taking her out, right." This is a statement, not a question.

Blushing, Barry nods, "Yes please, but I've never been on a date before. What do you do?"

Rachel says, "That's easily fixed. We'll double date, you can join Max and I. Meet us at the Smith's house at 4.30 pm Friday afternoon. Right?" He nods yes. Blushing, Sera steps up to John and waves a fist in his face. Smiling, he grabs it and kisses it. Exasperated but happy with the result, she turns and goes to class.

Climbing into the bus, Gwen says, "She's angry with you but happy with the outcome. You better think of a way to get on her good side." They drive off to an appointment with a builder.

John says, "I know, but neither of them were going to start things. Left to themselves neither would've had a date for the prom. I've been thinking you may want to have an agent rent your house out instead of selling it. That way Sera will have a home of her own in the area if she wants it. She can always sell it later. By the way, can Rachel borrow your car on Friday night?"

"The house makes sense and yes I can loan Rachel the car. Why?"

"I doubt any of them have their own car and if neither boy can borrow one then they have one available for the date." Gwen grins and nods.

Parking, they go to the builder's office. John has the current house plans. They spend two hours discussing things. The builder's designer will draw up plans. The house, as you face it, has a single storey, double, side by side garage on the left, a two storey main house across the block with the lounge room in the right hand corner and the master bedroom above the end half of the lounge room. The en suite, bathroom, and five more bedrooms make up the top floor which is two thirds the width of the ground floor, with the back walls on the same plane. The ground floor has the kitchen, pantry, laundry, dining room, and play room. The pool area runs back from the right hand side of the house and is half its width.

The new work will include a two and a half meter wide driveway around the block, close to the fence, to give access to extra parking in the back that'll be behind the left hand edge of the garage; three meters wide and twenty-five meters long angle parking for several cars. Above the garage will be a large bedroom and a large multi-unit bathroom. The ground floor to be twenty-five meter by six meter wide with folding walls that divide it into three games rooms with an exterior exit to the car park at each end. The four meter wide area between the games room and the pool will be grass with a clear cover. Five French doors will open onto it from the games rooms, two doors to the pool area and one to the driveway. Upstairs to have eight three meters by three meters bedrooms on each side of a two meter wide hallway. The left hand set of bedrooms will be over the car park. An inside stairway at the back of the extension will join the floors. Exterior walls to be double brick for insulation and strength. Other changes include two existing large bedrooms, the linen closet, the current bathroom, and the en suite to become a standard three by three bedroom, a larger bathroom, larger en suite, larger linen cupboard, and a kitchenette alcove in the walkway to the extension hallway. Also a balcony and ladder off the master bedroom into the pool area which will go to the outside wall and include an emergency fire stair down the side of the house. Last is a doorway from the rumpus room into the games rooms. Insulation, sound proofing, and electricity supply will be improved in all rooms. Wiring for a house wide network, phone system, burglar and fire alarm system. All windows to be double glazed with security screens and heavy tinting. With a complete interior repaint. The extension to be completed first.

After a lovely lunch they stop at Victoria's Secret for John to buy three more sets of the day wear underwear for Sera and a nice casual dress for Friday. For the dress he relies heavily on advice from Gwen and Elise. When asked, Elise admits Rachel is a regular client and she knows her sizes. Again relying on the ladies, he selects a dress for Rachel for Friday night. He's smart enough NOT to buy bras and panties without the intended wearer trying them for style and size fit, but he does get a set of underwear for Rachel in shades to match the dress of a style and size she recently bought there, but in silk this time, not her usual cotton. The staff are fast becoming very happy with John, another $3,500 sale. Elise gets a manager's commission on all sales at the store and the staff commission on sales she makes personally goes to the staff who calls her in.

With today's business finished they go to Preston Industries to find out how the finance meeting went. Instead of bothering Liz, John and Gwen go to Janice's office. Arriving arrive at 2.30 pm to find she's in a private conference and her secretary won't disturb her. John steps around the desk and has the secretary watch him punch in Liz's direct number, known only to the top executives and their secretaries. When she answers, he says, "Hello Liz, can you please tell this person I can disturb Janice no matter what she's doing?" He hands her the phone.

The secretary listens for a moment, saying, "Yes, ma'am," just before hanging up. Turning to John, she gulps, "Janice is in a very personal private conference. If you know what I mean."

John laughs,"Is it her usual lover or an extra? Are you one of hers?"

Smiling weakly, the secretary says, "No, I'm not that way inclined at all; the deciding factor on my getting this job. It's her current girlfriend and I do mean GIRL friend, if you get my drift."

"That's a shame. For a moment I had a nice picture of you as the meat in a triple, me deep in your pussy with your mouth buried in hers, I get your drift. For your information, she no longer has any personal private conferences unless I approve them. Yesterday she became my sex slave and her body belongs to me now." The secretary's eyes go wide, and she has a huge grin.


Another Productive Meeting

Using her key she unlocks the door and opens it, letting John and Gwen into the room. They all get an eye full of a naked Janice straddling the face of a very lovely looking girl on the couch, she's a teenager. The body looks familiar but he can't place it. The girl's doing a real number on Janice's pussy and Janice has her eyes shut as she moans while playing with the girl's clit. Signing for the secretary to leave, John quietly closes the door behind her. Undressing as he walks across the room he signs for Gwen to do the same. Smiling, she does. Being careful not to alert the girl John leans over and plants his mouth on Janice's. Her eyes go wide as his tongue enters her mouth. She goes through a gamut of emotions, anger, fear, worry, embarrassment, and finally acceptance. Breaking the kiss he indicates it's Gwen's turn. Eagerly, Gwen kisses Janice and fondles her breasts. Janice responds just as eagerly. Kneeling between the girl's thighs John bends down to lick her pussy and suck on her clit. Her flavor is familiar too. She jumps with the contact as she can tell it's not Janice. With Janice on her face and John in her groin she can't move much. Pretty soon she doesn't want to move as John pushes her over the edge to an orgasm, followed by several more. Her moaning into Janice's pussy makes her come as well. Rising from the girl's pussy John signs for Gwen to back off and for Janice to get off her. He goes to a 2M and stands between her thighs with a nice stiff dick ready for action. Janice moves clear of the girl and he can see her face as her eyes go very wide. John says, "Hello, Come Sponge." He lowers himself and slides his dick into her juicy pussy as she grins while she wraps her limbs around him.

Sitting down on the coffee table with her legs spread wide, a grinning Gwen says, "Well, ain't it a small world. Your turn to eat pussy, Janice." She pulls Janice between her thighs, Janice resists.

John glances up, quietly saying, "Fuck Toy, eat Gwen to five orgasms and I'll go lightly on your punishment." Tina's eyes go wide as Janice dives into Gwen's pussy. John sets a up a good rhythm. A few more strokes and Tina's moaning her way through more orgasms.

A few minutes later Gwen moans in orgasm, "She's not bad, but nowhere as good as Tina."

John is really enjoying the feeling of Tina's tight cunt squeezing his dick as she comes. He laughs, saying, "I don't think it's wise of me to ask how you know how good Tina is. But based on how well she sucks dick I'd expect her to be a great muff diver."

Giggling her way through another come, "After you set her up with Sera I had to do some quality checks to make sure Sera was getting a good service. By the way, you should know Tina has already enjoyed the top five on her pussy parade and is working through the team."

he smiles back, "That's good news. She got up the confidence to ask, huh."

"Well, not really. After you set her up with Sera, Brooke cornered Tina, saying 'Where am I on your pussy parade list?' Tina blushed and replied 'top.' Brooke smiled as she took her by the hand and says 'show me what I've been missing out on.' An hour later Brooke has a Tina Tasting Roster made out and shuffling girls into bed with her. So far everyone has reported a good time."

"Good, now I won't feel like anyone is missing out if I don't get to them every day." They both laugh.

Tina's orgasm response is getting less as she gets tired. He comes and pulls half out of her pussy. With the head just inside her vaginal entrance he comes again and fills her velvet tunnel with sperm. Withdrawing from Tina he places a cushion under her ass. Walking over to Gwen he spanks Janice on the ass five times - hard. She squeals and jumps with each one but keeps eating pussy as she's too scared to stop. He caresses her head, "Well done, Fuck Toy. Now I have a lovely desert for you." Lifting her from Gwen he takes her to Tina's pussy. Janice shivers at the sight of the sperm oozing out of the pussy. "Now eat up this cream pie. Not one drop is to fall on the couch when she stands, suck it all out." He pushes her face into Tina's pussy. She starts licking and sucking with a will as she doesn't want any more punishments. Tina had heard all this and is very surprised her very controlling aunt is being ordered about. It turns her on and the pussy eating soon makes her come again. John places his dick on Tina's lips, she smiles as she opens her mouth and sucks his dick clean. Smiling, he withdraws and goes limp. He and Gwen get dressed.

Opening the door he latches the lock back and steps out to talk to the secretary. He finds Mary at the desk and Liz approaching it. To the secretary, he says, "Please remember what I said about no more private conferences for Janice unless I approve them." She grins and nods. He looks up, "Liz, Mary, come in." They grin when they walk into the office and see Janice with her face buried in Tina's pussy.

While the door is open, Liz loudly says, "You'll be pleased to know your special negotiations yesterday worked wonders. We're still in business. At this morning's meeting Masters Financing said they'll support us. We've two years to pay back half the current debt. The other three companies weren't prepared to wait so Masters bought them off by writing off what we owe them against what they owe Masters. Not quite the cash in hand they wanted but they couldn't argue. They also extended our line of credit by another $10 million to get the new range into production a.s.a.p. We now have one debt, Masters and it's $78 million. Our analysts think we can do this easily, thanks to the new product ideas of yours."

Grinning, John says, "Do you think you said that loud enough for everyone to hear?"

A voice floats in from the general office, "No, but those of us who did hear can spread the word." There's general laughter all round as everyone's happy they're keeping their jobs.

Closing the door, he says, "OK, what sort of housing do you two have?"

Grinning, Mary says, "We both have small apartments on the same floor of the same apartment block. That's handy of late." Both are grinning, obviously their personal relationship is changing.

He replies "Good, work out what you want to do with them as you're moving in with me tonight."

Both smile as Mary says, "I think we should keep one. They're within easy walking distance and very handy when working late. We can sell or rent the other out. We'll work out which one to keep. By the way I've finished all the programming changes and included an extra width and length, X for 100 mm width and 5 for 500 mm length. The current hardware will handle that."

Eyes popping, Gwen says, "And which horse do you expect him to be fucking with that monster."

With an ear to ear grin, Mary replies, "Me, please."

John says, "I doubt you'll be the only one." They all look at him, "I know a sixteen year old girl who loves to deep throat. She took a 4T and kept trying for more. I'd like to see how she goes with a 5T." They stare at him in awe.

Gwen says, "I saw that, but 500 mm with your balls against her chin. She's so short you'll just about have the head in her womb from the top. Oh hell, just thinking about that is making me hot."

Mary holds up a flash disk, saying, "Time for a software upgrade? The new hardware is ready. We can fit it in five minutes in my lab."

John turns to Janice, "Stand up, Fuck Toy." Janice does. He examines Tina's pussy and the couch. Patting Janice on the head, "Good girl, no more sex with anyone without my prior approval. Do you understand?" Meekly she nods. "Good, tonight I'll expect you at my house by 6.00 pm for dinner with what you need to live there for several days. You're moving in with me, understand." She nods again.

Tina says, "Goody, since I live with Aunt Janice I'll have to move in too."

John nods at her, "And no more skipping school, understand? Whatever your grades are I'll expect to see an improvement." She nods. "OK, you two get dressed. Gwen, please wait for Tina and I'll see the both of you downstairs in the lobby in about fifteen minutes." They nod as he leaves with Mary.

In her lab Mary has John activate a set of special protocols that allow her to remove his head. She starts the software upgrade while she does his tongue. The upgrade loads and tests OK just before she finishes with the tongue replacement. She reattaches his head and gives him a sheet with the new commands. She has him check out all the changes while she adds the Taser hardware upgrades to his arms. As she designed the system for modular replacements it's quick and easy. All done ten minutes after leaving Janice's office. Six minutes later he's in the lobby. They leave to collect the girls from school. Dropping Tina at home to pack. Picking up the girls they go home. Everyone is going for a swim before their homework and dinner.

In the lounge room everyone gets undressed and dives in the pool. They play pool tag for a while. John spends most of the time fondling breasts while avoiding whoever is it. After forty minutes they break for drinks. John asks, "Does anyone know how Tina's grades are?"

Rachel replies, "Not as good as last year as she's had too many afternoons away and can do much better."

Smiling, he says, "That all changed today, no more afternoons off. Also Gwen said you can borrow her car on Friday night if you need wheels." Rachel smiles at this. John and Gwen tell the girls about the planned renovations and the four new house guests.

Wendy licks her lips, saying, "Hmm, new flavors." They laugh.


Afternoon Games

Calling Sera and Rachel to him John makes sure that they're well and truly dried. Standing up he takes them into the lounge room, the rest are intrigued and follow. Sitting them down on the lounge he sits in a chair opposite them. He looks at Sera, "Sera love, I'm very sorry if you felt embarrassed this morning but I felt something had to be done to get you two moving or you'd have no date for the prom and that's only six months away." They all laugh. "Am I forgiven?"

"Barry and I had a chat at lunch time because he was embarrassed as well. But he's glad you forced the issue, so am I. I didn't like it, still don't. But I know you acted out of concern for me and forgive you."

"Good, thank you. Since I'm getting rid of all your old panties and bras I felt I should replace them. Gwen agreed." He hands her the sets of underwear from the bag hidden beside his chair. Smiling, she gets up and takes them from him. She sits in his lap and kisses him.

"Thank you. But you didn't have to buy these to get into my good books."

"I know that. I decided to buy them at breakfast, to replace your old ones." Lifting his arm up from beside the chair he holds up the dress and matching underwear, "This is what I bought you to get out of the dog house." Squealing with delight she grabs the dress and holds it to her chest as she spins around. All the girls comment on how lovely it looks. Suddenly she stops and looks at Rachel. They smile at each other, both turn and look at him with a raised eyebrow each. Laughing, he holds up the other dress and underwear, "I felt Rachel needed a thank you for being so quick to help out and bought her these. Elise says they're your size and styles." They both exclaim how beautiful the dresses are and, naturally, have to try them on by getting dressed right there. They're stunningly beautiful in the dresses.

Laughing, Rachel says, "When mum sees this she'll be positive you're after me to move in as your lover."

Laughing, Gwen says, "Well, if you want to we'll have the space once the renovations are done, so you're welcome if you want. But tonight he has four more regular live-in lovers moving in. So we'll have to sort out beds for four women, four girls, and John. AND five of them are, or about to be, pregnant with his babies."

They stop and stare at him. Giggling, Wendy says, "With us all due at once you could have a VERY interesting time in the maternity wing running from delivery room to delivery room." They all laugh at the picture she paints. "I wonder how the staff will react to it."

"I'll need a bigger car or a car fleet. OK my beauties, put those away for Friday night. And the lot of you get on with your studies. Brooke, since you're working out all the bedding and sleeping arrangements please prepare a list for tonight and place it on the upstairs notice board." She nods as she walks up the stairs with Melissa's hand in hers. He turns to Peta, "I've got something extra special for you to try if you want." Grinning, she licks her lips and nods yes. They go upstairs with the rest following to watch the show. Seeing the pack circle behind them, he says, "All right you voyeuristic vultures, but no kibitzing." They all grin.

Upstairs he lays the pillows on the bed in a row and lays Peta on them. She's lying across the bed with her head off the bed on a cushioned stool beside the bed. He kisses her and says, "You're sure you want this." She vigorously nods. He goes to a 5T. The girls' eyes widen at the length of his dick. Jacqui swoons and sits down.

Smiling, Peta says, "Can you make it thicker please. Oh, before I forget, mummy said to tell you she's having a special party tonight if you wish to go. Remind me later and I'll tell you more." He changes to a 5M. Peta reaches her arms over her head and starts playing with his dick. He moves forward as she licks her lips and takes a firm hold of his dick. She opens her mouth and sucks on his dick. Slowly he creeps forward and slides his dick down her eager throat.

They can see the huge lump of his dick head in Peta's throat as it moves along it. Looking up he sees Gwen shaking her head in wonder as she video tapes them. A few minutes later his balls are resting against Peta's eyes as her tongue is wrapped around his dick tickling it. Carefully backing up he pulls it out. With only the head in her mouth she sticks her tongue tip in his piss hole as she motions with her hands for it to be wider. He changes to a 5W and Natalie’s eyes pop while she moans and slides to the floor as she comes. He slowly moves forward and slides his dick back down Peta's throat. He's half way down her throat when she starts heaving. He starts to withdraw as he thinks she's having trouble. He stops when she gets a good grip on his dick and pushes it down her throat and he realizes she's coming. She comes twice more before his balls are again on her eyes. She comes again during the withdrawal. With her mouth stretched almost as wide as it can go she motions for more width. Shaking his head he switches to a 5X. Her mouth is at maximum stretch to take in this width. He slips it down her throat. She comes six times as it goes down and he can't believe she's taking this all in. With his balls up against her eyes again he checks she's breathing OK. He thinks, 'dickman slom 4X, 5X, 5R, 30S.' This sets his dick changing from 400 mm to 500 mm and back again five times a second for thirty seconds. This will be like him very quickly sliding it back and forth. She starts having orgasms as soon as the program starts. She comes for the whole thirty seconds. Her arms fall to her sides in exhaustion. Carefully he pulls his dick out. She lies there smiling. He walks around the bed and places the head of this monster dick at her pussy. Eyes wide with pleading she shakes her head. He smiles, "Now let's see how far we can go at this end." Rubbing his dick up and down her wet pussy he changes to a 2T. Placing the much smaller dick against her pussy he leans in and slides his dick along her velvet tunnel. She comes as their groins meet. Smiling, he rubs his groin against hers as he thinks, 'dickman slom 1T, 2T, 15R, 90S.' Her eyes roll back in her head as she comes, their groins are mashed together and it feels like he's fucking her with a speeding piston. She lies there coming for ninety seconds. As the program ends he comes. She moans as his warm sperm shoots forth into her. He pulls out and walks around to place his dick on her mouth. She sucks it clean and is very relieved to know he didn't fuck her with the monster she sucked earlier.

Picking her up he takes Peta into the bath and runs the water to wash her. While being washed, she says, "You probably know our mums are into BDSM. They have a nice dungeon where they take our dads for sex. We're not supposed to know but I sometimes sneak in and watch them. They would like you to help them 'play' with our dad's tonight and / or tomorrow night if you can fit it in. I'm supposed to just pass along a request to play games either or both nights." He nods at her message and lifts her out of the bath. He's about to stand when Brooke and Melissa walk in supporting Rachel. He washes her while they dry Peta. Brooke cycles the girls through the bath.

While Brooke and John are bathing each other, she says, "Uncle John, I think you should tell the girls about being a cyborg." He raises an eyebrow, she giggles, "We're all getting good at that technique. Seriously, at lunch today some of the girls were talking about sex and how great you are. One of the older girls, a real bitch of a senior cheerleader, said they had to be lying as no human can have that much control or range. Later in science someone asked the teacher as he's very cool with such questions and was very surprised at what they described. He didn't say it was impossible but said it would be an extremely rare skill. Now they're wondering." He nods as he thinks. By the time everyone's bathed it's 5.00 pm.

Downstairs he has the girls ring their parents and get permission to stay for a pizza dinner before he orders twenty-four pizzas for delivery at 6.10 pm. They sit and chat. Mary and Liz turn up at 5.30 pm and are introduced. Janice and Tina turn up at 5.55 pm and are introduced too. John has the new arrivals undress upon arrival so everyone's nude. They set up the grass area for the pizza dinner, plates, drinks, and napkins. The doorbell rings and John puts on a T-shirt to answer it. It's Eliza and Kira with their pizzas, they giggle when they see the bevy of naked females hurry forward to take the pizzas off them. Smiling, John pays for them.


Philosophical Dinner

Between bites of pizza, John says, "Let's have a nice philosophical discussion over dinner. Ladies, unless I directly address you I want the girls to answer the questions. First, what's intelligence, not the IQ they measure, but the differences between an intelligent animal like man and a dumb animal like a bigot?" Giggling at that comment the girls argue this around a bit and have no clear answer.

He looks at Mary and she says, "In the scientific community we have an even bigger problem answering that question and fail. So I'm not surprised you lot can't. The best accepted answer to date is an intelligent animal uses tools to change their environment. Many don't accept that as dolphins are very intelligent and beavers change their environment but aren't as intelligent as dolphins. Also, otters use tools to break shell fish open but aren't seen as that intelligent either."

He says, "OK, let's use the premise that intelligence involves self-awareness, the ability to think in abstract terms, and to solve complex new problems. What's self-awareness and how does it occur?

Mary interrupts with, "Hey, I like that definition of intelligence, best I've heard. And that question is unfair. Not even the top scientist working on artificial intelligence have defined, let alone created, self awareness. Ask a question that they have a chance of answering."

Smiling, John says, "OK, point taken. What's a human and what's a man?" Liz's and Mary's eyes go wide as they can now see where he's headed. They nod in agreement as they know how important this group is to him and his mental and emotional balance.

After much discussion with comments certain people look human but aren't, like Roddy Ruiz, they reach an agreement. Humans are a diverse group of animals that are intelligent, as defined by John earlier, and come in two basic sub groups - male and female. The female can have children and the male can impregnate the female. The group doesn't accept any other gender based roles to define the differences as they see everything else as being inter-changeable between genders. Man is a male human.
It's been a lively discussion and the pizzas are nearly gone. John asks, "What's a prosthetic device?"

Lorna replies, "A mechanical or electrical device to replace or assist a damaged part of the body. I know some people with prosthetics, one has a pace maker and the other has a prosthetic leg."

Smiling, he says, "Very good Lorna. What's a cyborg?" Peta and Rachel both stare at him and their eyes go wide; obviously they're now ahead of the conversation. Both nod at him and give him weak smiles of encouragement as they realize how difficult this must be for him and how hard it must be to let them know this truth.

Tina says, "I read about cyborgs in a science fiction story last year. It's where you have a mechanical body that's controlled by a human brain through a computer interface as the brain has no working human body. One author has a series about human brains that control very advanced computer run space ships. The whole ship is a cyborg and the brain's body, the brain can't exist outside the cyborg due to illness or injury." Her voice tapers off at the end as her eyes go wide with understanding. Some of the girls look at her in puzzlement because of the voice change. She continues, "Being a cyborg doesn't make them any less human, it's no different to someone in a wheel chair like that scientist Hawking." She suddenly jumps up and races to John, Dropping into his lap she cuddles him, crying and quietly saying, "Oh, Uncle John, you poor thing."

He holds her tight, softly saying, "It's all right Tina, it's all right." Many of the girls are sitting there wide eyed and staring as they finish adding 2.00 + 2.00 + 2.00 and getting 6.00 as an answer.

Quietly, Jessica asks, "Does it hurt?"

Looking at her, he says, "Only in the middle of the night my heart aches a lot. An arm full of loving friend makes the pain go away." She nods in understanding.

Jessica says, "You must be cutting edge technology. I've a very hard time believing it. Oh, I know you wouldn't lie to us, but you look perfectly normal. Would you mind proving it?"

Smiling, John shakes his head, "The give away to some people like Gwen and Grace was that I look normal. I was in the middle of a major explosion followed by having a three storey cement building fall on me. I have no scars from that - not real people, not real." Concentrating, he activates his arm release before grabbing his left wrist with his right hand to turn it anti-clockwise and remove it. Mary reaches over and takes it off him. She passes it around the circle of girls. Carefully they exam his arm and notice it still feels warm. "All of what you see is engineered and the biological me is in a protected box in my belly. Advanced technology explains my versatility in certain things." They all grin as it's clear what he's talking about. "Mary and Liz here built me." The girls look up and smile at the women.

Brooke walks over and gives them both a hug each, saying, "Thank you for giving him back to me." The others nod in total agreement.

He looks around the group, "Although this isn't a national secret and a lot of people do know, it's not public knowledge either and not for general discussion around town. I would appreciate it if you kept this to yourselves and only discussed it whilst in this house." They all nod and some are starting to smile again. " Preston Industries and some new subsidiary companies will be marketing parts of what went into building me as prosthetics and other devices. Soon you'll be able to buy..." He stops short as his eyes go wide and he starts laughing. Turning to Liz, he says, "I just had an idea for a range of novelty devices. Simple computer controlled arms and legs. You can control them with a joystick and record the actions for continuous replay or replay on demand. Imagine an executive toy that's a spare arm secured to your desk as it holds your cup of coffee or can of drink and tips up when you want it to, etc." They all laugh at the idea but Liz is racing inside to write it down while they remember it. He receives the arm back and re-attaches it.

Mandy says, "I like the idea of being able to buy a copy of your dick and have it all to myself. But I get a feeling it won't be the same as you."

Mary sighs, saying in a strong accent, "Ain't dat da truth." They all giggle. "What makes the big difference between a mechanical dick and a human controlled one is the mind behind it. A lover who reads and responds to your mood and your desires. A lover who can also lead you down the path of pleasure instead of following. John's dick may be mechanical, and I already have some just like it at home, but when his mind is controlling what it does - well, it's a whole different ball game, literally." Everyone laughs and agrees.

Grinning, John says, "Hey it's almost 7.30 pm so we better be getting you lot back home."

Melissa, the most quiet and shy member of the team, softly says, "Can you please come to basketball practice tomorrow afternoon, it starts at 2.00 pm?" He nods, she continues, in a harder voice, "Good, there's a cheerleader I'd like to introduce you to and I want you to fuck her senseless." All stare at her. They've known her for years and this is the first time she's ever acted aggressively, except in the middle of a game on the playing field.

As they stand, Gwen says, "I better drive everyone home. You haven't had your driving lessons yet." They smile as they now know why he needs driving lessons, as he has to train his computer controls in how to drive the car.

As they dress in the lounge room, Rachel says, "Well, being a cyborg you don't tire easily do you?" He nods in agreement. She continues, very assertively, "Then there's no reason why, once you've taken Brooke's cherry on her birthday, you can't line us all up and fuck our brains out, is there?" He agrees with her assessment. They all leave with wide smirks as they have access to a tireless lover, one who knows how to really push their sexual buttons.

As they're getting in the mini-bus, Natalie says, "Sheet, he can do it too. He can fuck us ragged and do it again without stopping. He could fuck us to death." She sighs, "Oh well, what a way to go." They all laugh loudly as they climb aboard and sit down.


Night Games

In the lounge room John turns to Liz, "Liz, stay here and keep an eye on Brooke, Sera, Wendy, and Tina, please. Mary, Janice, put on tracksuits and no underwear. Oh Liz, don't wait up for us. Brooke isn't sixteen yet so it's unlawful for her to get involved in sexual activity with an adult or to watch the same. Got it?" She nods.

Dressed in tracksuits John, Mary, and Janice walk out the door. As they leave Brooke takes Tina's hand, "The notice board in the upstairs hallway has tonight's bedding arrangements. Tina you're eating, err sleeping with me tonight." Grinning, they go upstairs. The rest laugh at the intended truthful, error. Checking the roster they find Sera and Liz are sharing a bed tonight while Wendy will be with John. Wendy decides to spend the time until John returns with Liz and Sera.

Walking down the street John and company soon arrive at the Master's residence. They ring the doorbell and it's answered by an attractive woman in her late 30's. She says, "This is the Master's residence, they don't usually accept callers except by appointment. How may I help you?"

He says, "You're Alice, right?" She nods and her eyes open a bit as he says, "Good job you did yesterday. Please tell Mistress Barbara Master John is here for some fun in the games room." Alice steps back and opens the door as she waves them in. Giving Mary and Janice the once over as they enter.

"Please wait here." She leaves the room. A moment later she's back, "Come this way please." She leads them through the house to a side room and down some stairs. The basement room is like a torture chamber with lots of interesting equipment installed in the fifteen meters by fifteen meters room. It's nicely heated to keep the occupants comfortably warm. Three men wearing only restraints and dick clamps are tied to some equipment. Barbara and her sisters are wearing nothing but slippers and a smile each. Alice says, "Mistress Barbara, Master John and two slaves." She turns to leave.

John says, "Alice, please ask Miss Peta and Miss Lorna to join us." Alice looks at Barbara and she starts to speak. He walks over and grabs the back of Barbara's head as he kisses her. His right hand is rubbing her clit. He thinks, 'dickman snickle 1R.' The Taser in his right hand starts to feed a very low voltage current between his thumb and forefinger through her clit. Her eyes open wide as she squirms but can't break free. Finally her mouth opens fully as she relaxes into the kiss. He thinks, 'dickman stong.' His tongue lengthens and enters her mouth. He curls it up to tickle the top of her mouth as it extends further in and he slides it down her throat. He moves his tongue around inside her mouth as he tickles her whole mouth and the back of her throat. Her mouth has NEVER been so thoroughly invaded. She struggles to break free but can't. After a minute of this double assault she's coming as she humps his hand and writhes in his grip. Thinking, 'dickman storn, snicked, ' he relaxes his hold as his tongue returns to normal and the current stops. He breaks the kiss and steps back. Alice watched wide eyed as Mistress Barbara is ALWAYS in control, but obviously not tonight. Looking at Alice, Barbara nods. Alice turns to get the girls. John says, "Wait, Barbara, tell Alice that when I'm here I'm in charge of the whole house. Clear."

Nodding, Barbara says, "Alice, please tell the staff when Master John is here he's in charge. Also, Miss Gwen is now a welcome guest at any time. So are Sera and Brooke." Grinning, Alice leaves to get the girls and pass the word. Looks like some interesting and fun changes are in the air.

John signals to Mary and Janice as he strips, they undress too. Shortly Peta and Lorna are shown in by Alice. They're surprised at being shown into their parents' games room, previously forbidden territory. They smile on seeing John. He notices Alice's eyes are glued to Mary's large breasts. Grinning, John says, "Peta, Lorna, get undressed please. Alice, if you wish you may stay as my slave for tonight." She looks up and smiles as she turns to lock the door before getting nude. She walks over to stand beside Mary. Turning to Peta, he smiles, "Peta my pretty, if you could have anything within reason, what would you ask for?"

Smiling, she says, "That's easy as we'll all have licenses soon and I'd like us to have a car that only we can use - for school, dates, and things. I don't expect a car each but one or two we can all share."

John faces Barbara, "Alice, the well endowed woman beside you is Mary, my other slave is Janice known as Fuck Toy. Fuck Toy, Alice, suck Mary's tits." Behind him the two women do as instructed and Mary starts to moan. Barbara licks her lips. "Barbara, if Peta and I can put on a show to make you come without anyone, including you, touching your breasts or pussy, will you get her such a car?" She nods. "The three of you stand against that wall so we can chain you to it and stop you playing with yourselves." They do as told and are chained to the wall. Calling Mary over he chains her to the wall. Janice and Alice don't move. "Alice, Fuck Toy, did I tell you to stop sucking tit?" They race over and return to Mary's breasts. "I suppose it's not really your fault as I didn't tell you to move either, so I won't punish you - this time. When I tell you to do something you do it until I say to stop, even if things move." They both nod. The girls are wide eyed. He examines the equipment Steve, Peter, and Jerry are on. He sees they have wheels and moves them closer to the action. He also wheels over a slightly angled table with restraints. He locks all the tables in place and makes sure they can't move.

"Peta, lie on this table please. Lorna my luscious, for tonight you're the senior mistress just below me. Mistresses Barbara, Deborah, and Julie are just below you unless they get down graded to be slaves. Julie, you WILL stay awake and watch. If you faint again I'll know you don't have what it takes to be a sub-mistress in my dungeon and rate you as only a senior slave. Understand?" She nods. "Good, Peta is a neutral volunteer, neither slave or mistress tonight, none but I can order her about and she can order slaves about. Everybody else is a slave responsive to anyone above them. All clear on their status and the pecking order?" They all nod. He says, "Fuck Toy, Alice, you may kiss Mary or suck her pussy if you wish, no arguing. No one is to touch the chained mistresses until I say so. Mistress Lorna, you may enjoy yourself during the show by playing with any of the slaves."

She grins and moves to her Uncle Steve, saying, "Uncle Steve is always flapping his tongue and ordering us kids about, now he can flap his tongue in my pussy." Climbing onto the table he's strapped to she lowers her pussy to his mouth. He does nothing. Taking his dick in her hand she digs her nails in, "Suck my pussy slave or I'll shred this tiny dick." She grins as his tongue goes to work. Deborah's eyes go wide at her quiet daughter's aggressive behavior.

Seeing the reaction, John says, "I thought Lorna was a natural dom, she'll be very good. Won't you my sweet."

She looks up, "Hmm, yes I will, but don't worry, I already know how to control it. Slave, move that tongue around and apply more suction as I know kids who can do better." He must have hearkened to her advice as she starts to smile and moan, "Hmm, better, not as good as Tina or Uncle John, but OK for a trainee." The comment stuns Barbara and Deborah. Seeing their expressions, she says, "Master, do I get to try out the other mistresses' pussy eating techniques tonight?"

John smiles, "Yes, after you taste their pussies and show them how to eat pussy properly." Barbara licks her lips at the prospect of having Lorna eat her.

Turning to Peta he leans down and kisses her. He works his way around the table and kisses down her body. Spreading her legs apart, he says, "I've had a new upgrade today you'll like." Peta looks at him as he opens his mouth and thinks, 'dickman stong.' His tongue sticks out and continues coming out.

Seeing the very long tongue sticking out at her causes Peta's pussy to flow as she exclaims, "Fuck yes." All the women are staring at his tongue and licking their lips, even Janice and Alice as they'd turned to look at Peta's comment. He curls it upward and touches his forehead with the tip before dropping down to her groin. He straightens his tongue and pushes it into her vagina. He slides his tongue into her sheath and moves it about as he licks and tickles the sides with the tip. She comes before it's all in. She grabs his head and pulls it into her groin. He moves the tip and tickles her inner most parts. She's heaving in orgasms and screams, "Fuck yes." He loved the taste of her pussy before, but now her juices flow over his whole tongue and he can savor the full delicious taste. Taking her hands off his head he pulls back and moves his head up her body. His tongue is slowly dragged out of her pussy and up her slit. Trapping her clit between his upper lip and tongue he curls his tongue up to tickle her 'G' spot. She heaves and screams during a multiple orgasm. He thinks, 'dickman storn' and his tongue shrinks as it slides down her sheath. It moves up her slit and over her clit on its way to his mouth. She looks up and smiles, "Now that's a licking." All laugh.

Standing up he looks around. Steve is doing all he can to not choke on Lorna's copious fluids. All the ladies' legs are drenched in pussy juices as Barbara says, "It may have cost me a car but that was one hell of a show and well worth it."

John laughs, "That was only to loosen Peta up for the main show." They've just seen the hottest sex show in their lives and it's the intro, what's he up to? He goes to a 5X and his 500 mm x 100 mm dick sticks out like a huge club. He lays it on Peta's stomach with his balls against her clit. His dick head is just under her jaw. "Don't worry, I'm not going to shove this monster in her juicy cunt," as he walks around the table waving his dick in the air.

Licking her lips, Peta lays her head right back. He places the head on her lips as she opens up and he slowly moves forward. Julie, her mother, screams, "You can't shove that monster down her throat, you'll choke her to death."

Smiling at her, he says, "Yes I can and she loves it. It's her idea and favorite form of sex." Peta waves her hand to show it's OK. He slowly slides more in. They soon see a distinct lump moving down her throat. Julie is swaying in her chains. A few minutes later his balls are resting against Peta's eyes and he can feel the breath from her nose on them. He flexes his groin muscles and they watch her belly button rise as the head of his dick pushes it up from inside. He goes up onto the tips of his toes and they watch as he lifts her off the table with his dick. Julie faints. He lowers her to the table and thinks, 'dickman slom 4X, 5X, 5R, 60S.' He stands there as his dick quickly shrinks and expands to give Peta the feel of a very thorough throat fuck. She's soon coming for the full minute. It's the feel of his dick filling her throat that she likes so he slowly removes his dick. With his dick out she sits up to turn around and smile as she hugs him. It's clear to all she really enjoyed the action. He looks around, "OK, now we have three chained women whose pussies need sucking. Julie is no longer a mistress but a slave. Anyone not chained may choose anyone chained." Alice and Janice smile.

Peta gets off the table to walk over to her mother and rub her face to wake her up. When Julie's eyes open, Peta says, "Slave mommy, you fainted and missed the best part of the show. I must have come a hundred times so far tonight." Stepping back she runs her hands down her mother's body to fondle her breasts, "Slave mommy, I'm really going to enjoy you eating my pussy." She reaches up to undo the chains holding Julie's hands to the wall and steps back as she pulls her mother's hands forward to force her to her knees. Moving her hands back above her mother's head she steps forward to grab both wrists in one hand. She places the other behind Julie's head to push Julie's face into her pussy, "Eat pussy, mommy, eat my pussy well." John walks over with some wrist restraints to put on Julie's wrists and locks them together. Peta smiles at him as Julie eats her pussy. "Uncle John, please fuck me. I think mommy deserves a nice cream pie."

Changing to a 2T he spreads Peta's legs apart as he places his dick at her vaginal entrance and steps forward. His dick slides into her juicy cunt and his balls hit Julie's chin as Peta moans. He fucks her for several minutes before coming in her three times as he pulls out. He lowers the angle of his dick and slides it forward into Julie's mouth. She gets the hint and sucks it clean. He pulls out and she goes to sucking his sperm out of her daughter's pussy. Both seem happy with the situation. Looking down, Peta smiles, "Good mommy, suck my man's sperm from my cunt. We don't want me to have his babies yet. Do we?" Julie nods as she sucks.

John looks around to see Janice kissing Barbara and rubbing against her. Alice has pushed Jerry's table against the wall and has him eating her pussy while she kisses Mary and fondles her breasts. Lorna is eating Deborah's pussy as she says, "That's my girl, eat mommy's pussy. Oh, you eat pussy so well." She heaves in orgasm, screaming, "Yes, suck mommy's cunt."

Getting up a video camera on tripod from near the wall John takes it to Steve and sets it up with the angle he wants. He turns it on as he looks at Steve, saying, "You're going to suck my dick until I come. When I do you'll open your mouth so we get a good shot of me coming in your mouth. The better job you do sucking my dick the quicker I'll come. Take too long and you'll have a wider and longer dick to suck. Take way to long and you'll have to deep throat me the way your daughter just did. Understand." He nods his understanding. The cock sucking and the fact John knows all their secrets, the paperwork shows Peter as Peta's father. A moment later John comes in Steve's mouth. Going to Peter he repeats the process. When he's ready for Jerry Alice is happy to release him and sixty-nine with Mary. Meanwhile Lorna is eating Barbara while Janice has Julie between her thighs and Peta is eating Deborah's pussy. He sets the men up to watch the ladies enjoying each other's charms and skills.

By 9.45 pm all the ladies have eaten all the pussies and enjoyed the evening. John has spent the last half hour having the men take turns sucking his dick. He now sets them up in a circle sucking each other's dicks. He told them the first one to get a mouth full of come from their partner will get to fuck Alice. However he didn't remove any of the dick clamps so it'll take a minor miracle for any of them to collect. They're trying as they're very afraid he'll punish poor performance.

Going over to where Alice and Barbara are eating each other's pussy he changes to a 2M. Kneeling behind Alice he rubs his dick against her vaginal entrance and thrusts forward, hard and fast. Her head is only half turned as his dick races up her satin sheath. Hitting bottom he stops as she shivers. Using a quick long stroke he gives her a furious fucking. She has great control of her vaginal muscles and he feels her rippling them back and forth to increase the pleasure as he enjoys the action. She soon heaves and comes. She moans and comes with every stroke after that. After several more minutes he withdraws and lowers her to the floor. Barbara looks at him wide eyed and shakes her head no. She sits up as he grabs her legs to spread them apart and pull her to him. He releases her legs to grab her hips and lifts them up as he pulls her hips towards his groin. He quickly impales her on his stiff dick. Running his hands up her back he lifts her up and stands to place her on a table. He fucks her hard and fast. On the fifth stroke she starts a multiple orgasm and comes for the ten minutes he fucks her. When he stops she can't move as she's too exhausted. Stepping back he bends down and picks Alice up to put her on the table. He places her head at Barbara's breast and Alice immediately starts sucking it. Barbara softly moans. Walking over he taps Janice and Mary on their shoulders, at his nod Janice gets up from Peta's pussy and Mary rises from Deborah's. Tapping Lorna on the shoulder he motions her off Julie's face. In response to his silent command and pointing finger Julie crawls between Deborah's thighs and eats her sister's pussy. Picking up the clothes of Peta and Lorna he hands them over, quietly saying, "Time for a bath and bed. If I ever hear you talked about tonight to anyone anywhere without my prior approval you'll be very, very sorry." They both nod in agreement.

Lorna says, "As long as we act responsible can we look forward to more nights in the future? The sex was great but I really loved being in charge."

Quietly, he says, "Yes, you can expect more games nights. But you won't always be in charge." They nod. "Your sisters won't understand the extra dimensions this represents yet. When they're ready we'll introduce them." During this talk John, Janice, and Mary are getting dressed. Smiling, they all leave with Lorna showing them to the front door and making sure the house is properly locked for the night.


Back Home

Back home at 10.15 pm and they find Gwen watching TV. She turns the TV off, saying, "We've made a change to the sleeping roster. Janice and Mary are in the green room. The only doors open are that room and the bathroom." They leave to have a bath and go to bed. "You were down to sleep with Wendy and Sera while I slept with Liz. When you left Brooke changed it to Sera and Liz. They can't make up sleep tomorrow while I can. Wendy went to bed early so you owe her an early morning fuck. Got it mister." Laughing hard he nods. Sternly, she says, "Mind explaining what's so funny?"

Smiling, he says "I've just come from a couple of hours of mind blowing sex as the Master of the Universe in total control of the best damn personal BDSM dungeon I've seen or heard about. I had your cousins, Mary, Janice, Alice, your cousin's husbands, Lorna, and Peta running around fucking like crazy. All at my beck and call, doing my slightest whim. Then I get back here to find you laying down the law and telling me to behave. I couldn't think of two more opposite ends of the spectrum if I spent all night trying."

Laughing, she says, "I see what you mean. I wish I'd thought to call in. It must have been good."

Still laughing, he says, "It was good but it was better that you didn't call in this time." She raises an eyebrow, everyone seems to use that in this house. "This was the first visit and I had to make sure that I put all six of your cousins in their place. If I didn't immediately subdue them they would work at subduing me. I make a great equal and a marvelous master but a lousy slave. Lorna is a natural dom and Peta will make an even better one. So I included them and created a situation with them in control of your cousins. Made for an extra hot time by all. I also got some good footage of the husbands sucking my dick and slurping up my sperm as I came in their mouths." She smiles at this last item. After checking the house is locked up they turn off the lights and go to bed.

Climbing into bed John cuddles up to Wendy as he reaches over and cups her breast, saying "Goodnight love." She snuggles back and sighs without waking up. He's soon asleep too.


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