This isnt actually my story this story was posted on storiesonline (dot) net by the author cazna rochester and was posted on xnxx by someone else but they didnt post the full story and i will be posting it all
Day 06 - Wednesday

Waking to his internal clock at 6.00 am John fondles Gwen's breasts to wake her. With her awake he signals for her to help remove the covers. Gently they lift them straight up and off the sleeping Wendy. She's on her back with her legs wide apart. Standing beside the bed they look at her lovely body. Placing a hand over Gwen's mouth he whispers in her ear, "Get an eyeful of my latest upgrade." Opening his mouth he thinks, 'dickman stong.' Her eyes go wide at the sight of his long tongue. He takes his hand away.

Lying on the bed between Wendy's thighs he plays with her pussy. Her juices soon flow as her vagina opens up and she moans in her sleep. She's having an erotic dream. Curling his tongue into a tube he slowly inserts it in her vagina and waves it from side to side as he stimulates her sheath. With it nearly all in he moves up the bed a bit. Holding her labia apart he lays his tongue along its length. With her clit trapped between his teeth and tongue he starts sucking as he flattens his tongue and spreads her tunnel wider as he curls the tip up to tickle her 'G' spot. She comes hard and her juices flood over his tongue. He holds her hips down as she comes again. Suddenly she sits up in bed, screaming, "Fuck yes," and collapses back on the bed. A herd of elephants races down the hall and split up to flow round the bed, well that's what it sounded like. They look down at John with his mouth over Wendy's pussy while she writhes on the bed in orgasmic overload, coming and coming. He lets up on Wendy and returns his tongue to normal, she relaxes.

Giggling, Gwen says, "Well, talk about dramatic responses. You'd think no one had ever eaten her pussy before." Janice and Mary realize he's what he's done and laugh. They others stare at them.

Mary says "Last night he tried out a new technique on Peta and got a similar response. I can't wait for my turn." They all lick their lips in anticipation of this new technique, whatever it be.

John stands and leads them to the bathroom for the morning baths. Brooke supervises and dries as he washes. The new arrivals appreciate the process. Gwen and Sera's clothes are in the master bedroom for the moment. So the three are getting dressed together. He and Gwen notice the way Sera puts on her silk bra and panties. She gets them in place and caresses herself. Noticing them watching, she says, "They make me feel so sexy. It's not the same as when someone else fondles my breasts but it's close and I like it." They smile. She says, "Uncle John, why do we all like having you wash us so much more than washing ourselves."

Smiling, he says, "It's many things. But the main part is you're being pampered by someone you know loves you and cares about you. It takes you back to when you were a little baby being washed by your mother. You appreciate being pampered by a loving friend."

Breakfast is a lively event with nine people talking and eating at the same table. Mary, Janice, and Liz head off to work in the same car at 8.10 am as the rest get in the mini-bus. Gwen drives them to school via the Masters house for Paula, Jacqui, Lorna, and Peta. Lorna and Peta look tired and they wink at John as they get on. Gwen comments they should have got more sleep. At the school they follow the new routine of John giving each girl a thorough kiss as they get out of the mini-bus. Jessica, Melissa, Natalie, Rachel, and Mandy join the line for their kisses. More of the student population are on hand to watch the show again. Also Eliza and Kira have joined the line, the two girls from the basketball team that work for Pizza Hut. Grinning, he switches to his internal air bottle as he takes Eliza in his arms and kisses her. Clamping his mouth over hers he pushes his tongue into her mouth followed by sucking her tongue into his and clamping it in place while running his all over it. Her keeps the kiss going until she's weak from lack of oxygen. Breaking the kiss he comes up for air while she lies in his arms gasping for air.

Giggling, Rachel says, "Yeah, his kisses are a bit radical the first time but they're easier to handle once you get enough practice." The rest laugh. Gulping, Kira steps forward for hers. He repeats his trick on Eliza for the same result from Kira. Brooke helps Kira walk to her first class as the bell will go soon and she doesn't have time to stand around gasping for air. He switches back to normal breathing mode.

In the car Gwen says, "You didn't use your new tongue on them, did you?"

"No, that's not for first kisses. But they'll know about it when I do. It's long enough to wrap around their tonsils and tug." Gwen sighs and laughs. They go to the bank to organize a new account for the daily housekeeping costs as they're all going to chip in. He makes Gwen the main signatory and has them issue a credit/debit card to both of them for use against it. Stopping at the Opportunity Shop they drop off Sera's old bras and panties with lots of old clothes from them all. They stop for an iced chocolate at a coffee shop.

Seeing a woman walk in to order a drink, John calls out, "Laura." She turns and he waves. She turns to get her change and suddenly spins back to stare at him. Absent-mindedly she takes her change and drink. In a trance she walks to their table as she looks him up and down. As she sits down he says, "Haven't spoken to Grace for a while, have you?" She shakes her head no. "Yes it's me, no it's not a miracle. Some marvelous new prosthetics and Preston Industries are moving to put them into production as we speak. I'm the test bed." She calms slightly as she has a long drink, she needs it. She's talking to a man with two legs, a man whose legs she cut off to save his life and then doubted if he'd live. "If we can find somewhere private you can have a better look. Please don't talk to anyone about my injuries. It's hard enough managing without them pitying me for a cripple, which I'm not." She nods.

She finds her voice, "My office is upstairs if you don't mind me looking." He smiles and shakes his head. They finish their drinks. Laura leads the way upstairs to go through her waiting room and waiting patients into her office. He quickly strips. She looks him over but sees no joints. Gulping, she says, "Was it that bad." He nods as he removes his left arm. Taking it from him she examines it in detail and hands it back. He reattaches it and gets dressed.

"By the time they got rid of all the damaged parts what was left was a brain, spine, one lung, heart, and balls. Most bones shattered and the spinal column was cracked its full length. They split the fractured bones off and wrapped it in Kevlar tubing. The chest contains my biological parts, the bio-interfaces, and a computer. I send general commands to the computer which breaks them down to specifics and gives those to the prosthetic limbs. Everything is a modular design so making individual prosthetic arms is easy. The hard part is installing the bio-interface and attachment may involve operations to strengthen the bones to take them. Placing simplified computer controls into the arms means a reduction in sensor capability in comparison to what I have. But still much more than what the other prosthetics offer. Doctor Mary Jones at Preston can give you better details." All through this Gwen is sittings there ashen faced. She'd been told he was a cyborg and intellectually she knew it but this forces it home emotionally and she's hurting for him. "The muscles are memory plastic and take up very little room. They can be inserted into tissue and controlled by induction. As you saw the finished product is very light. I thought you may like to know some info in advance as it may change how you plan some patients' care. I'd appreciate it if you could let some of the other specialists know about the coming gear and let Mary know what associations and journals she should inform to get the message out. By the way, none of what I've told you is commercially confidential."

Laura shows them out and nods in agreement, "Thank you for sharing that information. You're right, this will change patient care a great deal. I have a few patients who may not need amputations if you have a suitable product coming out soon enough." Several patients look up at this. She turns to her receptionist, "Please contact Preston Industries, I wish to talk to Doctor Mary Jones as a priority issue." The receptionists nods as he grabs the phone book. Laura turns to her next patient, "Mr Jennings, do you mind waiting a little longer. I've just heard about something new. It could affect your options and I want more information before going any further?" He nods as he really would like to avoid losing his arm. She takes the following patient and her file into her office. She's showing that patient out when Mary calls back. Taking the call, she says, "I've heard you're coming out with some new gear and treatments. When can I have some technical information and specifications?"

Mary replies, "It's all right, John told me he spoke to you. He's our new Executive Marketing Consultant, on commission only so he's eager for us to get some sales. My people are working flat out putting together some preliminary technical specifications packages for advance publication. If you'll fax me a list of associations, journals, and people I should send them to, I'll send you all we have as we get it ready. In the mean time, if you've got some urgent specifics, I'll try to answer them over the phone."

Relieved she's not getting John into trouble, Laura says, "I've two patients facing the amputation of their arms because of serious traumatic damage to the upper arm's nervous system. Below the elbow all is OK, but the upper arm has no sensors and the muscles are atrophying very badly, very fast."

Mary says "I think we can do something about that now. The only snag would be the Health approvals. We have memory plastic inserts that are safe for human use but we haven't processed the paperwork yet. The development was along other lines until Monday when John took over his new job and turned us around. I'll fax you what info we have from our files and start paperwork for Health. If we class these as human test cases we can cut on your costs and shorten the Health processing. We may even be able to just rewire around the damaged nerves, have to have a look." They hang up to organize the faxes.

A minute later Laura's fax is printing paper and she's reading the pages as they come out. By the third page she's grinning. Looking at Mr Jennings, she says, "This looks very good, please come in Mr Jennings, we can save your arm after all." Smiling, he stands and walks into her office.


Home Again

Gwen and John arrive home. A white delivery van is parked there. A big man in dirty jeans is holding a long flower box as he rings the doorbell while another man is sitting in the van. They don't look like florist delivery men. He tells Gwen to wait in the mini-bus. Turning on a mini-recorder he puts it in his pocket and gets out of the mini-bus as he calls out, "Can I help you?"

Looking up the delivery man says, "This the Smith residence?"

"Yes it is, I'm John Smith."

"I got a delivery of lilies for you and Wendy from Roddy." Whipping one hand from under the box he points a sawn off double barrelled shotgun at John. But John's not there as he's beside the man. He lifts and turns the man's body to face the van. The other man is standing beside the van pointing a light sub-machine gun at them. Both weapons discharge at once with the shot gunner catching several 9 mm rounds in his chest as the fellow at the van catches the shotgun blast in his stomach and groin. Both fall. John checks the man's pulse, he's dying. The man looks at John, "Get fucked."

John smiles, "I do, every night by Wendy. She's great." The man chokes on the reply and dies. Walking over to the other gunner John checks his pulse, dead. Siren's can be heard in the distance and approaching fast. Looking across the street he can see his neighbors standing in their doorways watching. Walking to the mini-bus he opens the driver's door. Gwen falls out into his arms, shaking and crying. He holds her tight and lets her cry it out. Looking in the mini-bus he sees Gwen's video camera still running. Reaching out an arm he grabs it to turn it off and put it in his other coat pocket.

The police and an ambulance arrive. They quickly determine the men are dead. At John's request the paramedics check Gwen and give her a very mild sedative for shock. The police call crime scene investigators, the coroner, and homicide. Sergeant Steve Katz is amongst those who turn up. Seeing Steve, John yells, "Sidewinder." Hearing his nickname, Steve walks over and nods at John. "When we're finished here I want you and two other cops to drive me over to see Roddy. I want witnesses he's alive when I leave." Steve starts to speak and John takes the recorder out of his pocket. He rewinds the tape and hits play. They hear the exchange of words and bullets. Looking at Steve, John says, "YOU take me and bring me back. You know I won't kill him in front of you. Right." Steve nods as he knows how deadly John can be when he feels he has to be.

An hour later the police are still clearing up the scene when two delivery trucks arrive, the fridges and lounges. John directs them around the side and they carry the gear in through the pool's double doors. Gwen supervises their placement and starts filling the fridges, glad to have something to do. John goes upstairs and gets changed. Back downstairs he tells Gwen he has to go out for a short while. Steve leaves two officers in the house with her while they go for a drive with the detectives. The dead men aren't known acquaintances of Roddy but are known acquaintances of those that are.

At Roddy Ruiz's house they find Roddy with his local preacher and several other witnesses. Walking up to Roddy, John says, "Stokes and Piston are dead, they died very painfully. But not nearly as painfully as you will the next time you're stupid enough to try and hurt Wendy, me, or any of my people. The police will now have some questions for you. Why you ask? Well listen to Piston's final words." Holding up the tape player he hits play as he'd rewound it in the car. This is the first the detectives know about it. They all hear the exchange of words and bullets. John pops the tape out and tosses it to the detectives. He faces Roddy who's sitting back in his chair, "Be smart, pack up and leave town. Go live somewhere on the other side of the country. That way you can live. Be dumb and try to hurt us, then I'll tear your arms out of their sockets to shove one up your ass and one down your throat so they can shake hands in your stomach." Picking up Roddy's favorite aluminum baseball bat from a nearby corner John holds it up and snaps it in two. Everyone's eyes pop. Turning around he leaves the building. The detectives ask Roddy to accompany them to the station for a few questions. Steve calls for another police car to take them back as he's not having John and Roddy in the same car.

Very quietly, Steve says, "All right Cobra, you were never strong enough to snap liquorice, how'd you do that?"

John stands there staring into space. Stepping around him Steve sees he's crying with the tears are rolling down his cheeks. John says, "Did the police ever get any leads on who blew up the lab or who blew up my parents and brother. I was at both explosions and they were the same. Also dad was working secretly for Preston Industries at the time, I think I'm the last person alive who knows that. Pass that along and see if they can find any links please. If the police find them first the courts can have them. If I find them first you'll need a sponge for them." Turning around he looks at Steve. As they stare at each other Steve remembers why the Snake Gang took such a young boy into their gang and called him Cobra. They all had younger brothers, all older than John but he was the only one who fitted, and fitted so well. He was, by far, the quickest mind they all knew and the most deadly, especially when it came to the crunch. Cobra was the only snake that came close to matching what they all saw in John, even then it fell short of the mark as John is much deadlier when he wishes to be. It all changed when one of the gang died in a car accident and his body was never found as the river washed it away. John breaks the stare and looks out at nothing again, "I'm sure you've heard the expressions nerves of steel, muscles of iron. Mine are made of carbon filament and Kevlar, much stronger. If it weren't for my brain and balls I'd be a robot, that's all that's left of me, Sidewinder, that's all. Even the tears are fakes triggered by the emotional centers of my brain." Steve doesn't know what to say. This is way beyond him. They stand there in silence as they wait for the police car to take them back to his home.

Arriving back at John's home Steve takes his leave. He arranges for the police to keep an eye on the house by doing frequent drive bys. He doesn't like what John told him as he long suspected a connection and now John confirms it. John and Gwen go upstairs and lie down for a couple of hours rest together, hugging each other on John's bed.

They get up with enough time to eat and change before they go to the basketball training.


Basketball Not Training

As they eat John reviews the video recording Gwen made. Looking up, he says, "I hope you had no plans to give this to the police." She looks at him as he turns the recording around and hits play. She goes bright red at the scene before her. He laughs at her response. She'd forgotten to download and clear her video of Peta deep throating his dick. Before he leaves he downloads its memory to his computer and encrypts it. He clears the recorder's memory and hands the camera back to Gwen as they get in the mini-bus to go to the school.

At school Gwen and John check in with the office and get permission slips to go to the gym. No one's allowed on the school grounds without permission. At the gym they meet the girls coming out of the change room dressed for their sports activities, the teachers haven't arrived yet. A senior girl is having some strong words to say to Melissa when they walk into the gym.

Melissa waves to them and they walk over. Melissa waves at the girl, saying, with a great deal of venom, "This is the head cheerleader, she's a bossy, hypocritical, lying bitch called Clarissa." All look at Melissa as they've only ever heard her say four bad words about anyone, just now. "She tells me sex is wrong yet fucks herself senseless with her dildo each night Sunday to Thursday. Fucks herself brainless on the tongue of one of her lesbian girl friends every Friday and Saturday. Derides all males and promotes lesbianism. She's also my older sister, she uses mother's name while I use father's." Waving at Tina, she says, "Clarissa, that's Tina and she's a much better lover than that whole pack of yours." She waves at John, "And this is John, our lover, his dick makes you instantly forget Tina's tongue, it's heaven." Turning to John, "My sister needs to be taken aside and fucked senseless, please do so." Clarissa snarls and swings at Melissa, John quickly grabs her hand. He pulls her to him as he turns her arm behind her back and pushes her groin against his.

Letting go of her arm he grabs the back of her head as he pulls it back and lowers his face to hers while using his knees to spread her legs apart. Sliding his right hand under her very short cheerleader skirt and into her panties he slips it between her labia to grip her clit with his thumb and forefinger. Looking at her shut mouth he thinks, 'dickman snickle 2 R.' The current washing through her clit stimulates her libido. The suddenness of it causes her mouth to open. He places his open mouth over hers as he thinks, 'dickman stong.' His tongue extends into her mouth and slides along hers as it pushes hers down before going into the back of her throat. She starts to gag, so he curls his tongue into her mouth and tickles the roof of her mouth at the same time. Her eyes are wide while her hands are beating against his back and her pussy is rubbing against his hand as it seeks relief. Her mouth is filled with his tongue. He moves it about over and under hers to wrap hers up in his. She finally makes a sound as she moans her way through her first orgasm. With his thumb on her clit he presses down hard as he moves his finger down her slit and into her pussy, she comes again. Thinking, 'dickman storn, ' he drags her tongue into his mouth as he closes his mouth to trap it there while he tickles it all over with the tip of his tongue and sucks on it. After her fifth orgasm she's laying limp in his arms as he breaks the kiss and thinks, 'dickman snicked.' The netball team, cheerleaders, basketball team, and both volleyball teams with their six teachers are standing in a circle watching them. All have very wide smiles as they're happy to see Clarissa being taken down. She's been a major problem in the school for a few years.

The teacher in charge of the cheerleaders waves at an open office door, saying, "My office is over there if you want some privacy while you fuck her brains out. About time a real man showed her what a pussy is best used for. We can manage without her for a session."

Picking her up John takes her to the office as Gwen follows them in and shuts the door. The office is a dingy little thing with a desk, chair, and file cabinet that has a coffee warmer on top of it. Clarissa has her eyes open as he lays her on the empty desk. Gwen gets out her camera and makes sure Clarissa sees her videoing the action. Her eyes go wide and her mouth flaps but no sound comes out. Rolling her over he undoes the zipper of her outfit to slide it off her shoulders and down her arms. Rolling her back he pulls the outfit all the way off her arms and down to her waist. Slipping one hand under the small of her back he lifts her while using the other to strip her outfit and panties down to her knees. Lowering her to the desk he grabs the clothes and finishes stripping her. Spreading her legs very wide he steps back and takes his clothes off. Gwen walks around her getting good shots of her naked body. She's a tall, well endowed, honey blond with an athletic build. Bringing a 2M into play John walks up and places his dick head on Clarissa's mouth. No response so he takes hold of her jaw and pulls it down as he pushes his dick inside. She starts to suck it and he smiles down at her, she sucks harder. Pulling his dick out he walks around the desk and runs his hands over her body as he does. Fondling her breasts in the process. She shivers at his touch. Stepping between her thighs he rests his balls on the edge of the desk. He slides her down the desk until the head of his dick is touching her vaginal entrance. Running his hands over her groin and chest he plays with her clit and tits. She moans and writhes at his touch. Smiling, he says, "Don't worry, I won't fuck you until AFTER you beg me to. You'll get very aroused but no more orgasms for you except on my dick after you beg for it." He continues to stimulate her body as he takes her up to the edge of coming but not over it. When she tries to play with herself he grabs her hands to hold them together above her, and waggles a finger of his other hand, "Naughty, naughty, I never said you could play with your pussy. Baad girl." Lowering his right hand he spanks her groin. He hits across her aroused clit so the pleasure / pain of the hit arouses her without sending her over. For several more minutes he plays with her tits and clit.
Finally she can't stand it any more, she says, "Please fuck me, please." He stops and stares at her as he licks his lips. She says, "I'm begging, please fuck me, fuck me good."

Smiling, he says, "Ask properly - slave."

Her eyes go wide. She has to acknowledge being his slave, his sex toy. Collapsing within herself and crying, she says, "Master, will you please fuck me, I'm your sex slave to fuck as you wish, please fuck me, master." Letting go of her hands he grabs her hips and pulls her onto his dick, hard and fast he impales her. His dick isn't the longest things she's had in her cunt but it's the thickest. His dick quickly stretches her sheath wide as they both feel the delicious contact all the way along her vagina. Yelling, "Fuck yes," she comes twice during the entry. He quickly starts fucking her; no tender loving, straight out fuck her ass off thrusts. She's coming constantly to her own chant of "Fuck yes, fuck yes," over and over again. He keeps her constantly coming for fifteen minutes.

He stops as his dick fills her with sperm, saying,"Come in mommy."

Realizing he's about to come in her she screams, "No." Feeling his warm sperm in her pussy makes her come again, twice. Causing her to yell, "Fuck yes, yes." Pulling his sperm coated dick out of her cunt he walks around and places it on her lips. She opens her mouth and wraps her tongue around his dick as she sucks it clean. Looking up at the grilled vent space above one wall he runs his eyes along all the girls' faces. He picks out Paula's face, "Paula my sweet, I've a nice cream pie here. Care to come and eat it up, please."

A shocked gasp goes through the large crowd of spectators. A moment later the door opens as Paula walks in. She drops to her knees and eats Clarissa's pussy, sucking the excess sperm out while John dresses as Clarissa comes four more times. Licking her lips Paula stands up, "Uncle John, why did you want me to eat her out and eat all that tasty sperm after going to so much trouble to get it in there to make her pregnant. With the sperm out she shouldn't get pregnant."

Smiling at her, John says, "You're wrong. There's no way you can suck out the sperm that's in her womb as it's just too far in. All you got was the excess that couldn't fit and would have dripped down her legs to make a mess. Also having an orgasm or two after the sperm is placed in the womb greatly increases the chances of impregnation. Check with your sex education or biology teacher, the vaginal action during orgasm works to push the sperm further in." Looking up at the spectators, he says, "Isn't it time you lot stopped playing with your pussies to hit the showers and play with each other's." The gallery quickly departs. The teachers walk in and they're all sporting soaked crotches. Smiling, John says, "Well, that was clearly a very reproductive class." They giggle. He continues, "The girls all learned several things, got lots of exercise, and are leaving feeling very happy." They laugh.

With tears falling down her face Clarissa stands up, saying, "Master, do I have to leave you?"

He turns and looks at her, "You must go shower and get dressed to return with Melissa." She nods and leaves. Turning to the teachers, he says, "Any psych grads here?" One steps forward and nods.

The Basketball coach says, "She's always been a demanding in absolute control person. In getting her to give you control you broke her to the core. She's surrendered total, absolute, permanent control to you. Until she spoke then I would've expected her to bounce back by screaming abusive threats at you and leave. I would guess she's never before been denied anything or ordered about in her life, so she has no experience to deal with this."

Thoughtfully John considers her words, saying, "Thank you." He turns about and walks out the door. Shortly they hear the girls scream as he walks through the girls' locker room. Finding Melissa in the shower washing Brooke, he says, "Melissa, leave that to get dried and dressed. I have to talk with you, NOW." Turning to Clarissa, he says, "Rissa, take over washing Brooke and do as she tells you." He turns about and leaves. The teachers that followed him in are awed by his casual approach to all the naked girls. Walking out he playfully slaps a few girls behinds. They squeal and giggle. A few minutes later Melissa walks out still drying her hair. He takes her across the gym. Looking at her, he says, "Who runs your household at home?"

Gulping, she looks away. She turns back and says, "Clarissa, she's been in total control since dad left when she was seven and I was five. Mother broke down and has been totally useless since."

John swears, "I was hoping you wouldn't say something like that." Melissa looks at him with concern, he says, "I gather you needed to shock Clarissa and shake loose some freedom for yourself." She nods, "Well she broke completely. She has no experience with give and take, her whole life has been total dependence or total control. We just kicked her control persona in the guts for the final count. She's now totally dependent upon me." Melissa's shocked as this isn't what she expected.

She says, "I'm sorry, I never meant for that, what can we do?"

"Nothing yet, I'll have to keep her as a slave or give her to someone else as a slave."

He looks up to see the rest of his girls grouped around Gwen. Brooke has Clarissa beside her and looks worried, he leads Melissa over. Standing beside Clarissa he puts his arm around her neck, over her shoulder, and cups her right breast. She smiles at him. He says, "Come along Rissa we'll go home now." She grins widely as they leave the gym. The girls' basketball coach (Miss Stoner) is with them, he says to her, "You better go tell Mr Harding about this afternoon. The girls are going to talk and he'll find out. It'll go better for you if you tell him first." She nods and hurries off.

Outside they find the rest of the gang standing at the mini-bus and talking. His fucking Clarissa is already the talk of the student body. Quite a few students stop to watch John walk up with Rissa's breast in his hand. They think he's tamed the hardest of the school dykes. Some of the girls think he must be some man to do it. Principal Harding comes hurrying up as the girls climb on the bus. He tells Rissa to sit in the middle at the back and to save him a seat beside her. He takes Melissa and moves away as he has her tell Mr Harding about their home life. He swears very extensively. Then he tells Melissa off for organizing this to happen at school during school hours. While they're standing there they can hear sirens nearby and approaching fast.

Looking up he sees a car speeding down the road with police in pursuit. A young girl from a nearby junior school is crossing the road and she stands still in the middle of the road, frightened. John turns and sprints to her. He picks her up and wraps an arm around her. He's moving off the road and clear of the centre when the car reaches them. The driver swerves hard to hit John. He's tossed into the air and sent flying towards the school. Everyone turns at the sound of the speeding car. Many girls scream when it swerves and more scream when it hits him. Holding the girl tight with his left arm he holds his right out to cushion the landing. The car's left wing collapses onto the wheel at impact. It punctures the tire to cause the car to spin and roll. It goes down the road, rolling over several times while John is still in the air. He spins in the air four times. Coming down towards the cement footpath he turns his free hand in and under slightly. His hand hits and fractures the cement. His body rolls over the bent arm and moves sideways onto the grass to leave a deep indentation as he hits on his back. The girl is unharmed - she's shaken but not stirred too badly. Her frightened older sister is much more in need of comfort than she is. Standing up, John places the girl on the grass, he smiles at her, "In future I think you best wait on the other side of the road until your sister comes for you." Both nod. Principal Harding stares at the broken cement and the hole in the grass. The police arrive and deal with the driver.

Turning to Principal Harding, John says, "Some good comes from even the worst of experiences. If I hadn't needed so much rebuilding that girl would be dead. If you'll excuse me I need to get my Kevlar prosthetic leg checked out after that hit." Harding gulps and nods.

Climbing on the bus John sits between Rissa and Brooke. He fondles a lovely breast with each hand. All the girls are smiling at him, even Eliza and Kira who've added themselves to the group.

Turning to Rissa, he says, "Rissa, when I'm not around I want you to obey Gwen and Brooke. They're next in charge after me, do you understand?"

She nods, "Yes, Uncle John. Brooke explained a lot of things in the shower and how I should call you Uncle John instead of Master."

He smiles and squeezes her breast as he pulls her to him, "That's right, you're a good girl." She grins. "When we get home Rachel will have to drive Melissa and me into town. Gwen will be in charge. You can swim in the pool and study with Brooke and the girls until I get back." She nods.


Parents and Dinner

At the house they all get out. Rachel, Melissa, and John go to Gwen's sedan and they drive off. The rest go inside to study. Pulling out his mobile phone he calls Mary, "Mary, I just got run over by a speeding car, do I need to come in for a check up?"

"Can you walk and does everything feel OK. If so, don't bother. I'll bring a test kit home and check you over tonight. If a problem develops, call me. You're designed to survive being run over by a speeding freight train so a car should be no problem."

"It was a car but it felt like a freight train. See you later." Turning to Melissa, he says, "Give Rachel your address." She does and Rachel changes direction at the next corner. "Melissa, does your family have a regular welfare officer who calls in?" She shakes her head no.

Arriving at Melissa's home they park and go inside. Melissa's mum is sitting there watching TV. As they walk in, she says, "What's for dinner and when is it?" John and Rachel look at each other with concern, much concern.

Walking over to her mother, Melissa says, "Stacey, we're going out for dinner tonight and staying with some friends for a while." Her mother smiles and turns back to the TV.

Rachel goes over and says, "Stacey, stand up and take your clothes off." She stands and strips. "Stacey, get dressed." She turns to Melissa, "I'll help you pack as you can't come back here." John nods agreement. Melissa can't look after her mum by herself and have a life too.

They pack the boot. They make sure everything is turned off and secured before locking the house. As they go to the car Stacey says to John, "Will you sit in the back with me and make me feel good?" Nodding at Melissa, she says, "Her daddy was very good at playing with my titties and making me feel good. No one's done that for some time, not for such a long time."

John says, "How old were you when Clarissa was born?" She looks lost, as if she doesn't understand the question.

Melissa says, "Stacey, how old were you when Boss was born?"

She says, "Oh, fourteen when I had Boss and sixteen when I had you. I was twenty-one when your daddy left. He wasn't happy when I didn't get control of mummy's estate, he hurt me bad and left."

John activates the child proof lock on the passenger's door before sliding across the back seat and inviting Stacey to sit beside him. Smiling, she slides in. Melissa closes the door. John fits both their seat belts and places an arm over Stacey's shoulder to fondle her breast. She sighs and snuggles into his arm with her head against his shoulder. She's thirty-two years old but appears to be stuck around fourteen or fifteen. Melissa and Rachel climb in the front.

John makes a call on his mobile phone, saying, "Sidewinder, Cobra, I need a really big favor. I urgently need what your system can tell me about a Stacey Goddard about thirty-two years old."

Computer keys click, Steve answers, "OK, the public stuff address etc, I think you'd have that. Only heir to the Goddard business empire. Parents disliked her choice of husband. The will has it in a trust until her death or she turns thirty and lodges a claim. Eleven years ago she was badly hurt, mild brain damage in an explosion and fire at her home. Would have died in the fire with her two daughters except the eldest, seven years old, bossed her sister into helping her drag their mother out of the building. Scuttlebutt has it she's been in charge since. The investigators went to talk to the husband as the fire was arson and the place he worked at stored the materials used in the fire. Anyway, he took a runner and is wanted for questioning, whereabouts unknown. FYI, I'm handing your two fires to the special investigation team and this one too as it has some similarities."

John replies, "Thanks Sidewinder. The poor woman is stuck in a mental trap in her mid teens. Non-functional. Ask the trustees to contact me, I'm sure you have that info there."

"Ten four buddy, see ya. Oh, almost forgot. Due to this morning's incident the judge has yanked Roddy's parole and he's back inside for the next four years. We don't have enough to take him to court on new charges but it was enough for the judge to see a major violation of his parole and send him away for the rest of his term. His missus was screaming blue murder in the court room. But was very quiet with a huge smile as she left the court house. One of his newest mates had one hand down her dress and the other up her skirt in the back seat of the taxi taking her home. I doubt she'll sleep alone tonight."

John says, "Thanks for that, she won't cause any trouble. But I'll call in tomorrow and confirm a reason for her to stay away. How did things go with that traffic accident near the high school today."

"Funny about that. The car looks like it hit a wall with its left wing but no other damage in the area and the wing had cloth caught on it. Witnesses say an unidentified male saved a young girl from being run over and the driver swerved to hit him but no one reported injured. The grass near the collision shows an indentation like someone landing hard. The driver was high on drugs and is going down big time if he lives. He's critical and they don't have much hope."

John replies, "He didn't hit a brick wall, he hit something harder than steel. If I'd been only human that girl would be dead. It seems some good does come out of the worst experiences."

Steve is silent for some time, finally he sighs, "Take care friend."

He hangs up and puts the phone away. Stacey reaches up and squeezes his biceps, "Your arms do feel as hard as steel. I bet they can hold me real tight while we fuck." She smiles at him as she drops a hand down to rub his dick and lean into him further. Melissa is embarrassed by her mother's behavior.

Looking up, John says, "Don't worry Mel. She was used to a bed mate and regular sex. She's now done without for eleven years, I would guess Boss saw to that. So she wants to feel good again and taking any opportunity. I bet Boss didn't include Stacey in her bed mates either." Melissa nods. John reaches across and plays with both of Stacey's breasts as she smiles at him.

Getting home at 4.30 pm they find everyone in the dining room or lounge studying. Brooke looks up to see the new face and figures the score. She sends a group out to unload the car and changes her bed roster. John gives her a weak smile. She smiles back, saying, "At least these stray kittens are fun to play with. Now we have a clear two to a room, better get those renovations done quick." He smiles and nods.

Sitting down, Stacey points at Rissa, saying to Melissa, "She looks like Boss but doesn't act like her. Have things got better, has Boss left too?"

Seeing Stacey is causing Rissa issues too. John walks over. He has Rissa stand in front of Stacey and fondles Rissa's breasts while saying, "Rissa, this is Mel and Stacey. Mel is a very good friend of mine and Stacey is a new slave on equal footing with you. If I ever catch you giving either of them an order you'll be in big trouble, do you understand?" She nods. "I care about all three of you. You're all to care and love each other as equals and get on. I want no trouble from any of you, understand Mel, Rissa, Stacey?" They all nod and smile at him.

He looks at Brooke, she nods towards the pool and smiles. He says, "OK, I'm told you've all studied hard and earned a relaxing swim. As the official head of this house it's my great pleasure err, solemn duty to initiate all new swimmers to the pool. First timers line up here." Eliza and Kira look around as they walk over. He smiles, "If you wish to back out now you have 1,000 nanoseconds to leave the house. Sorry, times up." All laugh at this idiocy by John. Turning to Stacey he pulls her too him and kisses her as he undoes her dress. She's a brunette of medium height with an average build and firm breasts. Stepping back he slides the dress off her shoulders and lets it fall to the floor. He undoes her front clip bra and slips his hands inside to fondle her breasts before sliding the bra off to fall on the floor. Kissing his way down her body he gently sucks each breast as he slides her panties down. He lifts and spreads her legs to take the panties off as he takes her shoes and socks off too. Leaning in he kisses her clit before standing. He turns her towards the pool as he lightly slaps her bum and says, "Go have a fun swim." Yelling with joy she races to the pool and dives in. Turning to Eliza - a tall, well endowed, blond of athletic build, he repeats the process. Kira is a short redhead with a slight build and small breasts; she's undressed in a similar manner, as is Rissa. In a few minutes all the ladies are nude and in the pool except Gwen. Taking his clothes off John heads to the kitchen to see how Gwen is going.

Helping her prepare some vegetables he explains the problem with Stacey. She nods in understanding. He says, "Gwen dear, I'm fast collecting a strange assortment of stray kittens. I just wonder how many I would have collected years ago if I'd but opened my eyes and had a close look at Brooke's friends then." She gives him an odd look. "Once I opened my eyes and really looked at Melissa I could see she had home problems and I'd have taken the time to find out and help, but I didn't look. Has the delay caused her any long lasting troubles. The same with Wendy, Sera, Lorna, Peta, Tina. Now I'm waiting for Rachel to accept she can trust me to help with what it is troubling her and approach me. I hope she does before it goes critical as the vibes I get are it's nearing critical mass."

From the kitchen door way behind him, Rachel says, "Yes it is and I doubt you can help. You're not superman."

"That's what I thought too. But according to my designer, Mary, I AM superman. I'm stronger than steel, can catch a speeding bullet, and survive being hit by a freight train. Only today I survived being shot gunned, machine gunned, and run over by a speeding car. What more do you want?"

Rachel turns an appealing look to Gwen. She shakes her head and says, "It's reaction. Some months back he got blown to bits, literally. Wakes up to find he's a cyborg, his body is gone and is having trouble adjusting to it. He suddenly realizes good friends have long standing problems and he didn't see them. Next, two men try to kill him, miss killing me only because he redirected their fire. Gets deliberately run down by a car while saving a little girl's life. In the process he realizes the girl is alive simply because he's not really a normal human any more. Yeah, a little bit of emotional shock. Oh, add in he really does care and love you all but you won't tell him what's wrong, that worries him the most. Typical human male having troubles coming to grips with his emotional side and wigging out a touch. But he's better than most, he'll sort it out some time soon."

Rachel shakes her head then snaps it up, saying, "Two men tried to kill you today? Sheet."

John says, "Yeah, and for violating his parole in organizing it, Roddy is back in prison."

Shaking her head in wonder, Rachel says, "And I thought I had the world on MY shoulders. OK, if you insist here it is. Mum and dad still love each other but they had a big argument last year and neither will shove their pride aside to apologies. Dad's almost a workaholic and mum's on her way to being an alcoholic. They plan to divorce when I graduate high school and go away to uni. What can I do?"

John thinks and looks up, "Can you skip half a day tomorrow?" She nods, "Good, we call on your parents tomorrow. Organize the time with Gwen please. Until I get time to learn to drive again I'm reliant on Gwen." He turns to Gwen, "Gwen, please don't think I'm using you or don't appreciate you. But in an odd way, you and I are the de facto mother and father of a rather unusual family. I'm the father figure and you're the mother figure. I don't expect you to do all the cooking and washing etc. If you want to do it, well and good, but it's not expected. I do expect you to see that it's done. Either set up a roster of people or organize to hire people. Which ever you're happy with. Brooke is adjutant and organizing the administration simply because she likes doing it. If you want a cleaning roster you may do it or ask Brooke to arrange one. Your call. Is that acceptable to you?"

She nods, "I'm glad you said something as I wasn't sure and was just slipping into what I think is a typical wife role. And I don't like it, but I do like cooking occasionally. I'll organize a cook soon."

Smiling, John says, "Good, I don't want anyone unhappy because of feeling put on. Before advertising to hire people check our gang first as they may know of someone suitable."

Rachel says, "Do you want me to keep an eye on these while you have a swim?" Smiling, Gwen hands over the apron.

Walking to the pool area they jump in the water. John swims to where Eliza is talking to Sera. Rising out of the water behind her he reaches around and fondles her breasts. She squeals and relaxes into his embrace. Creating a 2T he slides his stiff dick between her legs and along her pussy slit. Her eyes go wide, surely he's not doing THAT here in a semi-public place.

Sera leans in, saying, "Feels lovely, doesn't it?" Eliza nods. Her mouth opens as Sera pushes his dick against her clit, "And that's even better." After cuddling her like that he goes limp and swims over to where Rissa, Stacey, Melissa, and Brooke are talking.

Slipping between Brooke and Melissa he cups a breast in each hand, "OK, Brooke love, whose bed do I share tonight?"

Brooke looks at him, "What happened this morning? The neighbors asked if you were really OK."

"Nothing to worry about, just the town contract assassins trying to kill me for Roddy. He's back in prison as he broke parole and they're in the morgue."

Nodding, she says, "I suppose you were going to tell me this later."

"Yes, when I got you alone, I don't want any secrets between us. I wanted to work out a strategy with you in private before telling the others."

She nods, "Smart thinking. OK, tonight I figure you need the comforting. Stacey, Rissa, and me in your bed. Right."

He nods, "OK, I think you, Gwen, and I need to sit and talk about a few things. I just told Gwen she's not my wife and doesn't need to think she is. Although I do want her to act as domestic commander and see to order in the house, she doesn't have to do it herself. But is responsible for seeing that supplies are obtained, meals ready, place cleaned, etc. She can hire people or organize others to do it. I see you as the adjutant coordinating things like bedrooms, etc. And I'm the commanding officer who does what his two top commanders tells him he needs to be doing and solving problems. OK."

Brooke smiles, "I'm glad to see you understand your place. Right now I better organize to have someone replace Rachel looking after dinner while you play with Rissa and Stacey."

As Brooke swims off John moves around to play with Rissa's and Stacey's tits. They smile at the contact. Looking at Melissa, he says, "Mel, how long can you hold your breath." Smiling, she sinks below the water as he provides a 3M. Mel slips her mouth over his dick and sucks on it, a lovely feeling. A few minutes later she surfaces for air. Stacey drops down and sucks his dick as he fondles Mel's breast. Brooke looks over, not seeing Stacey she's about to speak when Stacey surfaces and Rissa slips below the water, Brooke leaves, smiling. Stacey moves over for some tit play. Half an hour later all three have had several turns sucking his dick when Brooke calls them in for dinner. He goes limp and they all get out of the pool to go eat.



They're sitting down to dinner when the doorbell rings. John puts on tracksuit pants and answers it. Two people in their early 40's are standing there. The man angrily says, "Is this Smith's brothel?"

Smiling at the man, John yells out, "Hey, is anyone here getting paid to have sex?"

Tina yells back, "No. Why, are you angling to get paid? I hope not as I don't earn enough to pay you what you're worth."

General laughter from the dining room and both the people are getting angrier. John says, "Who are you and what do you want?" Liz, Mary, and Janice arrive. John opens the door wider to let them in, "You're just in time, dinner's on the table, roast beef and four veggies. Smells lovely." They walk in and undress as they leave the entry. The couple stare at them. "For your information we're practicing naturalists here. We swim and walk around nude, getting dressed only to go outside or answer the door. Now, who are you?"

The man snarls, "We're here for our daughter, Rachel."

John calls out, "Rachel, did you send out for two angry parents?"

She replies, "Sheet, no I didn't, nor did I tell them anything about what we do. Just a moment while I dress."

Heatedly, he says, "No, finish your meal first. I'm not letting anyone go anywhere with such angry people. They can either sit in their car until they calm down. Or they can come in and sit in the lounge room until we finish our meal. Or they can come in and undress to join us for dinner. I'm taking no more crap today. I've been shot at by two murderers, run down by a drug crazed motorist while saving a girl's life and yelled at by the man who hired the killers. I'm well and truly pissed, I'm taking no more. And being hungry isn't helping. Now, you two can get in or get out, stop blocking the door."

The man inhales and is about to yell when the woman pushes him into the house. She says, "I caught the news and you didn't. This does look like the house in today's shooting and the school with the motorist was Rachel's. I think he's telling the truth, in which case the gossip may be just that. And I'm hungry too." They walk in so John closes the door. The woman starts undressing, John slips the man's coat off and puts it on the coat rack.

Pointing towards the dining room, he says, "Dinner's in there when you're ready." Taking off the pants he drops them over a nearby chair and walks off. A few minutes later the couple walk in. A touch embarrassed as they sit down at the two vacant places Brooke set for them a moment before.

During the meal everyone discusses a lot of things. John fields a lot of tricky questions about school work and those he can't handle are dealt with by Gwen, Mary, Janice, or Liz.

During desert, a fruit platter with sorbet, Mrs Marshall says, "Mr Smith, we've been hearing some odd rumors about you the last few days. This afternoon we had a call from a teacher telling us you raped a student at school and nothing was going to be done about it. Added to the previous talk, we decided we didn't want our daughter here. What we see is nothing like what we expected."

John says, "Don't worry, things are a bit slow tonight. Because of the intense activity today I cancelled the daily orgy for tonight." Seeing their shocked looks, he says, "I'm not going to lie to you, nor am I going to pander to any prejudices. Yes, I've had sex with most of the people at this table during the last week. Apart from yourselves, Eliza, Kira, Stacey, and Brooke are the ones I haven't. I won't ask them nor will I reject them if they ask me. This afternoon I did have sex with a girl on the school grounds, there was a control issue involved in the matter that may have caused some concern. We were in an office but a large number of students found ways to look in and watch. I got the impression they enjoyed the show. I didn't know until afterwards that the office walls didn't go to the ceiling."

Eliza interrupts with, "It sure was some show and we all loved it. Everyone I know who watched had several comes watching and playing with themselves. Even the teachers."

"Rissa, did you beg me to have sex with you today in the gym?"

She nods, "Yes, Uncle John, I did. I'm glad I did as it was the best sex I've ever had. And now you've accepted me here as part of your family. For the first time in many years I feel loved."

The Marshalls stare at her during this statement. John says, "Every day when I see Rachel arrive from her home she's upset, after being here a while she's happy and relaxed. Whose doing what wrong? She tells me you two fight all the time. That and your incipient alcoholism with his being a workaholic makes her very unhappy at home. I've offered to relieve the pressure by killing one of you, which should it be?" They sit up in shock, the whole table is stunned and silent.

Mrs Marshall stares at him, saying, "Rachel needs her father's income, neither of them needs an alcoholic. It best be me."

Stunned, Mr Marshall says, "And I should live without the woman I love more than life? Make it me, the insurance will see them right."

Surprised, Mrs Marshall stares at her husband. Rachel giggles, "I'm sorry Uncle John, it seems you ARE superman. That's the first time daddy's said he loves mother in years. If he's smart enough to say it again they may stop arguing and we can go back to being a family."

Her parents turn and stare at her for a moment. Turning to each other they smile weakly and hug. John says, "Loving someone means you don't have to be right, you don't have to have the last word, and you don't have to say your sorry. But it does mean there'll be times when you should say you're sorry because you're right."

They look at him with mouths open and nod. Standing, John says, "OK, dinner's over. Those leaving get dressed, collect their things, and be ready to leave in five minutes. The rest, check with Brooke for bedding assignments. I know forced sharing is tough, but it's only until we can get the extensions approved and built. Be thankful all the beds are doubles." Giggling, they all stand and split off to do things, Tina and Wendy clear the table.

Five minutes later Kira, Eliza, Natalie, Mandy, Jessica, Rachel, and her parents are all ready to leave. Janice will drive all but the Marshalls home. They all leave happy.

Mary gets some equipment from her car and takes it to the pool area where she sets it up in a corner of the grassed area near the house. John lays down and unlocks. Removing his right arm she plugs a tester into it. She does the same with his right leg and plugs a tester into his torso where the leg was removed. While the diagnostics are running she physically examines his whole body. She gives him a clean bill of health. She closes up the testers and leaves them there.

Going inside he sits with Gwen, Mary, and Brooke to discuss his mental balance. After a few minutes Mary leaves and sends Liz to talk with him. They convince him it's part of the normal acceptance routine all amputees and trauma patients go through, what some call 'the emotional reality strike' phase.

He goes to bed early and Brooke has him lie down with his arms spread wide. Rissa lies on her side on his left arm, head on his shoulder and his hand reaching around her to cup her breast. Stacey takes the same position on the other side. Brooke climbs up his body and lies down on him, her head on his chest just below his chin. Gwen lays the covers over them. Within minutes they're all asleep and looking like a group of puppies.


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