This isnt actually my story this story was posted on storiesonline (dot) net by the author cazna rochester and was posted on xnxx by someone else but they didnt post the full story and i will be posting it all
Day 07 - Thursday

John wakes up at 3.00 am as his chest is wet. Brooke's mumbling and crying. He augments his hearing to hear her quiet words " ... lease God, heal Uncle John's soul, he's still in there, I know he is, he's really a good man, don't let me lose him too. Not this way, I'm... ," and he turns his hearing down. Lying there he thinks about a lot of things. Brooke's soon asleep again as he continues to think. He's only needs two hours sleep a night and he's already had more than that. He's still churning things over in his mind when his internal clock tells him it's 6.00 am. Expanding his attention to the world around him again he realizes Brooke isn't asleep but just lying there.

Softly, he says, "Brooke darling, please get up, it's time to wake up." She stirs and levers herself up on her elbows to look at him. He smiles, "Come on, get up, help get me untangled and start the bath while I make sure Rissa's pregnant." Smiling, she slowly backs down his body. She stands and lifts the covers before stepping backwards off the bed. Walking around the bed she places her hand on Stacey's mouth and shakes her shoulder to wake her. Stacey wakes and Brooke uses signs to get her off the bed. Now free to move, John rolls onto his side and gently lays Rissa on her back while withdrawing his arm. Sliding off the bed he winks at Stacey as he whispers, "Quiet please, first Rissa, then you." She watches him with a puzzled expression as he gently spreads Rissa's legs wide apart. He goes to a 2M and moves between her thighs. Stacey smiles in expectation as Brooke leaves the room.

Moving up the bed John balances over Rissa on his hands and knees with his dick just short of touching. He leans down to kiss her. She wakes and struggles. Opening her eyes she sees John and opens her mouth as she eagerly participates. As he starts to lower his hips Stacey grabs his dick to rub it along Rissa's slit and slips it in her. Rissa wiggles at the contact and wraps her legs about his hips as he enters her. She soon has an orgasm. He breaks the kiss as she moans and comes with each thrust. After five minutes of constant orgasms her legs drop from his hips as she's exhausted. He comes three times as he slowly pulls his dick out. Her pussy coming on his dick as he shoots his sperm into her womb is a heavenly feeling followed by her pussy trying to pull his dick back in as he withdraws. Rising up from Rissa he puts his arms under her shoulders and moves her up the bed to a sitting position against the headboard. Getting up he stands beside the bed to place his dick on her lips. She opens up and sucks it in. He smiles, "Good girl." She smiles back. "Stacey, Rissa has a lovely cream pie that needs eating. Are you hungry?"

She looks at him while wondering what he means, he points at Rissa's pussy. She smiles as she climbs on the bed and sticks her tongue in Rissa's pussy to eat her out. Rissa moans as she heads towards another orgasm. Walking around the bed John plays with Stacey's pussy and finds she's very wet. Lifting her hips up he spreads her legs and places his dick at her vaginal entrance. She lifts her head to turn and smile at him, saying, "Yes please, I so need a good fucking." Smiling, he slowly slides into her satin sheath. She shivers and goes back to eating Rissa. After a few slow strokes to start he moves to a faster rhythm. She's soon coming on every thrust and moaning into Rissa's pussy instead of eating it. Rissa doesn't mind as the moaning into her clit is more than enough stimulation. After several minutes of continuous orgasms by Stacey he slows down and withdraws. She rolls over and looks at him, saying, "I love what you've done to Boss, I much prefer her as Rissa. I want a good fucking each fortnight or more, please." John stares at her as she continues, "I'm not quite as far gone as I usually make out, close, but not quite." They both laugh as she moves into a sixty-nine with Rissa.

Going limp John walks to the en suite to find some ladies waiting for their baths. He apologizes and they chorus 'that's OK.' He gets in and the morning bathing ritual starts. When everyone else is bathed Brooke gets Rissa and Stacey for their baths. Everyone is downstairs and at breakfast by 7.30 am.

Finishing breakfast they stand up to get dressed, John says, "Mary, Liz, Janice, Sera, please get your clothes and get dressed in my room with me." Everyone looks at him, "I need to talk to Liz and company and I love watching Sera dress, it's so sexy the way she dresses."

Gwen says, "I think everyone who's seen her dress the last few days agrees. Why don't we all get our clothes and dress in the lounge room. You can talk and we can all watch Sera dress." Sera blushes while smiling because she loves the attention as she's not used to it.

Sera stands in the middle of the lounge room slipping her panties on, followed by her bra. She slowly slides her hand over the material smoothing it out and caressing her body. It's like she's using the clothes to make love to herself. It's so sexy to watch. She realizes she's the centre of attention and blushes the whole time, she really enjoys getting dressed in silk underwear. John is very distracted as he gets dressed with his eyes on Sera while talking to Liz, Mary, and Janice.

He says, "How long before you'll have technical sheets and costs ready?"

Enjoying the show, Liz says, "The cost sheets should be finished today. We've incorporated all the research and development costs into the price structure. Spreading them out over ten years of estimated sales, accounting's estimates are below yours so we should be more profitable as I think your estimates are more realistic. The good thing is the pricing sheets as they show an acceptable profit margin for each item. However 75% of the cost is the R&D costs we've already expended. So cash flow wise we're going to be rolling in it and able to retire the debts very quickly. Mary expects to have the majority of technical sheets finished today. Some were already in the files and have been sent to people. Thanks for talking to Laura, from that one contact we already have about $400,000 of sales for stuff we can ship off our shelves to over eighty doctors. I intend to show Masters those confirmed orders today. Production is already setting up product lines and the liaison team have started work on required government paperwork for ones requiring Health Department approval. I figure the first new products will be on the shelves within a month."

Smiling, he says, "Good, call me when the order paperwork is ready and we'll deliver it together."

At 8.20 am Gwen drives the loaded mini-bus to school after collecting Paula, Jacqui, Lorna, and Peta. At the school they follow the routine of John kissing each girl leaving the mini-bus. Jessica, Natalie, Rachel, Mandy, Eliza, Kira, Vera, Anna, Helen, and Miss Stoner (the rest of the basketball team and coach) join the line for kisses. Many students are there to watch. He gives all in the line a thorough kiss.

Lifting from Miss Stoner's face, he says, "OK, what's the deal?"

She says, "We're a team and do everything together for team spirit."

Laughing, he says, "OK, we've got a swim at my pool after school today, be there, no swimsuit." She blushes and nods.

He turns to look closely at Rachel and she seems a lot happier today. Smiling, she says, "It's all OK now. They made up last night, thank you Uncle John." The girls go to class as he, Gwen, and Stacey go to the administration building. They give the clerk the change of details for Tina, Rissa, and Melissa. John asks to speak to Principal Harding.

Once in the principal's office, John says, "I'm sorry if I seem a bit odd or acted a bit odd lately but I've had a lot on my mind. A lot of things have been flying about my mind. I settled a lot of things during the night. There's something you should know and have probably guessed." Removing his shirt he releases and removes his arm to hand it to Mr Harding. He examines it and hands it back as Stacey stares at him. John reattaches it, saying, "The fact I'm now a cyborg is NOT for public consumption. It's one of the side effects of being, literally, blown up." Mr Harding nods as John gets dressed.

Standing up, he shakes John's hand, "I'll put yesterday in the gym down to being an error caused by excessive emotions and not take any action unless I get complaints from any of the people directly involved."

From the school to the builders and review plans. John approves the plans and asks for them to design as if another floor of bedrooms was being built on top, then remove the top floor and build it, a.s.a.p. That way it'll be right to add another storey if required. He explains he's in a hurry. They agree to amend the plans and to get started on the council approvals today. They leave.


Ruiz Meeting

Arriving at the Ruiz residence John rings the doorbell. Mrs Ruiz opens the door, saying, "Well, Roddy's in prison now and I'm gonna get my daughter back. See ya in court." She starts to shut the door.

John holds it open and walks into the house, closing it behind him. Noticing a man in his twenties standing in the bedroom doorway in shorts with his right hand behind his leg, John says, "I have no intention of hurting anyone. Just stay where you are and keep that gun hidden so no one'll get hurt. I'll say what I've come to say and leave." The man nods and leans against the door frame. Mrs Ruiz looks at him and at John. He turns to her, "I've come to talk and only talk. But since you're angry, I'll show you a skill of mine. One Wendy doesn't know about. She left here to be with me of her own free will, asking me to take her in and to get her pregnant. I agreed to all of those and more. You're still getting her government student allowance as we haven't changed that. I'll be checking with the courts tomorrow. If there's an objection current we'll change the allowance to go direct to Wendy. That'll reduce your income now, not in two and a half years time. In court the judge may or may not rule in your favor, either way you lose all contact with Wendy as she'll not come back here and she'll never see you again. I'm prepared to allow for you to see her twice a month in a supervised situation and she's agreed to do it as a favor to me. We go to court and that offer is gone. Yesterday I showed your husband my strength, today I'll show you my real power. You ever do anything to hurt Wendy, and going to court will hurt her, or fail to stop anyone from hurting her and I'll return. I'll use my power to make you a very, very sorry slave. I don't make threats, only promises." She glares at him as she points at the door.

He smirks, "Oh, I'll go shortly, but first. Do you suck dick?" She shakes her head. "Do you hate sucking dick?" She nods. "Do you eat come?" She violently shakes her head. "So there's no way you'd agree to suck my dick until I come in your mouth, is there?" She nods her agreement. Her new boyfriend is watching very closely. Lowering his voice and putting some steel into it John stares hard at her as he pulls his dick out, saying, "Get on your knees and suck my dick until I come in your mouth." Her eyes go wide as she stares at him while shaking her head no without taking her eyes off his. He smiles as she slowly drops to her knees. She cries as she takes his dick in her mouth and sucks on it. Keeping eye contact he gives her a 1T. She jerks a bit as the dick goes stiff in her mouth. He tells her how to suck cock, she does as told. He smiles, "Open your mouth wide so we can all watch as I come in your mouth." She opens her mouth wide and keeps it open. He holds his dick just inside her lips as he comes three times. He and her boyfriend watch as she grimaces while his come shoots out of his dick onto the roof of her mouth to spill down onto her tongue. It fills her mouth and flows down the back of her throat. She starts to gag. Drawing his dick away, he says, "Swallow." She closes her mouth and swallows. Placing his dick against her lips he smiles as she opens her mouth to take his dick in and suck it clean. A minute later he goes limp and pulls his dick out to put it away. He smiles at her, "We all know you hated doing that. But you'll do it again if I tell you to. No court, no problems. Court and you get to do that several times a day as the whim takes me. Do you understand?" She nods. "Good girl, stay a good girl and we have no problems." He turns and leaves the house.

As he gets in the mini-bus, Gwen says, "Well, what happened?"

He smiles, "You'll be sorry you didn't come in. She said she was going to court, I told her not to. I asked some questions, she hates cock sucking and detests the taste of come. Without touching her I dropped my dick out then used eye contact and words to make her suck my dick while I filled her mouth and made her swallow it. I told her if we go to court she can expect to do that several times a day. She seemed not to like that idea. I think she'll withdraw the objection." Gwen nods and smiles as she drives off.

They stop at a bedding store to select and pay for twenty steel frame king sized beds with built in king single bunks above them to be delivered tomorrow. Also a made to order bed three and a half meters wide of the same design. The store manager checks with their suppliers and other branches, they can deliver the twenty king sized beds tomorrow for an extra freight cost and the special will be twenty-one days. They agree and buy some sets of linen for each bed as well.

Since leaving the school they've been sitting in the front seat of the mini-bus with John in the middle between Gwen (driving) and Stacey. He has an arm around each lady fondling a breast with each hand. Both ladies appreciate this method of driving around town. They head to a restaurant for an early lunch. While enjoying lunch, Stacey says, "How long do I have to stay with you and how long can I stay?"

Gwen replies, "You have to stay until we're happy you can look after yourself or have someone look after you and you want to leave. You can stay as long as you want or until you die of old age."
Grinning, Stacey takes a mobile phone out of her purse and selects a number to call. When it's answered, she says, "Hello Marta, Stacey here, please put Lita on." A pause. "Hello Lita, Stacey, I want you to draw up power of attorney papers for Gwen Weatherall and John Smith over my daily spending accounts and me, full authority. And a level 3three addition to my will for Brooke Smith and Sera Weatherall, I'm living with John Smith now. Bring the papers there for signature any time. I'll move our things out of the old house this weekend and you can hand it back to the agents for renting any time next week."

Smiling at John, she says, "You're stuck with me now."

He smiles, saying, "No, but I think I'll stick you often."

Both Gwen and Stacey sigh, saying, "Yes please." They all laugh.

John says, "Stacey, are you happy with being my slave?" She nods yes. He says "Mind telling us what happened with Clarissa and you."

Sighing, she says, "I'm unable to be independent as I need to depend on someone and you're the best choice. Being your slave, especially your sex slave, is the easiest and most fun way to do that. I found out the hard way my husband was only after my wealth. When my parents died in a strange explosive fire just before I turned twenty-one he was angry to learn I wouldn't inherit for another decade. He hit me on the head with a frying pan and set the house alight. The week before that Clarissa told me what he planned and I didn't believe her. Then when he did it, figuring killing us would make him the sole heir, I just broke down. It was a few years before I was able to sort of function. During this time Clarissa was running the family and it just stayed that way. We called her Boss as she bossed us. Yesterday I thought I'd play along and see what you'd do. According to my therapist I'm not independently functional and never will be again but I'm better than before. I can handle small decisions but not big ones. I love you, your family, and your dick, whatever it's made of. Your body may be metal but your heart and soul are more human than most people's."

Softly, John says, "Yeah, I knew that about my heart and soul but my emotions didn't. Not until about 5.00 am this morning." They smile at him and Gwen's glad his emotional crisis is happily over.


Afternoon and Dinner

As they leave the restaurant Liz rings to say the order paperwork is ready. They call by Preston Industries to collect her and the papers. On the drive to the Master's house Liz eats the sandwiches she bought for lunch. Parking outside they go to the door.

Alice answers the door and smiles on seeing John. She says, "Welcome Master John, Mistress Gwen. Mistress Barbara is in the games room. Please follow me." She leads them to the games room. Liz and Stacey are stunned by the dungeon. Barbara, Deborah, Julie, and Jerry are naked. Jerry and Julie are chained to tables with Barbara and Deborah sitting on their faces moaning. Alice goes to speak. John touches her hand and shakes his head no. Smiling, she closes her mouth and shuts the door. She stands in front of it.

Taking his clothes off John sports a 2M and climbs on the table behind Deborah, placing one hand over her mouth and the other on her left breast he tweaks the nipple as he bends her forward. He places his dick at her vaginal entrance and slowly slides into her. Looking at Gwen he nods at Barbara. She grins and whispers to Liz. Both get undressed. Gwen climbs on the table to stand just in front of Barbara as she grabs Barbara's head and pushes it into her pussy while Liz grabs Barbara's arms to pull them back. Unable to move she has no option and sucks Gwen's pussy. John says, "Hello Barbara, pussy eating time." She stops struggling and eagerly eats the pussy in her face. Deborah stops struggling and relaxes to his entry. The Master has arrived. Looking at Stacey, he says, "See anything you fancy?"

Smiling, she strips and turns around. She walks to Alice and kisses her. Alice eagerly responds. Taking Alice's hand she leads her to the table with Jerry. Placing her between his thighs she undresses Alice. Climbing onto the table she sits on his dick and pulls Alice's face into her pussy. Slowly she slides up and down on his dick while Alice licks both their genitals. She's soon coming and her juices flood out. Alice speeds up her licking as Jerry moans into Barbara's pussy, showing he's enjoying the action as is Barbara. Jerry is in a heaven / hell situation. Stacey's orgasming cunt is trying to milk his dick of sperm as his dick is trying to fill her cunt with sperm while the dick clamp is making that impossible. Every stroke is heavenly while not being able to come is growing more painful with each stroke. Deborah is moaning and humping at John's dick as she comes and comes and comes. He's enjoying the lovely feel of her cunt clutching at his dick. She's enjoying his dick sliding in and out while Julie is trying to suck her clit off. Several minutes later Stacey is tiring so she gets off and signs for Alice to mount Jerry. Grinning, Alice stands and leans close to Jerry's ear, saying, "I wouldn't fuck that Latino bitch with someone else's dick. She'll never know the pleasure of my dick. Remember those words in high school, Jerry. Try and stop me now." Everyone grins at her words as it seems there's more than one score to settle here. Alice mounts him and really works his dick with her cunt. He stops moaning with pleasure to groan with pain. Her ripple action cunt is working his dick well and the pain of not coming is more than the pleasure of her fucking him. Grinning, Stacey makes it worse as she takes his balls in her mouth to suck and tickle them with her tongue.

Withdrawing from Deborah John looks around. Everyone is getting a bit tired and the action is slowing down, all pussies are sopping wet. Unchaining Julie he rolls the tired Deborah off her. He sits in a comfortable chair without sides and has Julie mount him. As she slides her lovely pussy down his dick, he says, "Now fuck me for all you're worth and come as often as you like. Smiling, she places her hands on his shoulders as she lifts herself up and down his dick. In a minute she's coming and coming. Placing his hands behind his head he smiles as he enjoys the feel of her pussy on his dick. Looking around he sees the team working Jerry has changed. Barbara is riding his dick while Gwen is twisting his nipples, hard. Alice has Deborah eating her pussy while Stacey is eating Gwen's. Liz is tickling Jerry's balls while sucking Barbara's clit. Several minutes later Julie is too tired to move and collapses on his chest with a huge grin on her face.

Loudly, John says, "Now we've shown how pleased we are to see each other." All but Jerry laugh, "Liz has some good business news for you Barbara." Gwen and Alice continue to play with Jerry's tender dick as the rest take seats near John. He says, "Gwen darling, if you really wish to cause him pain, why don't you get one of those short whips from the wall over there and give him a light whipping?" Grinning, Gwen and Alice go to the whips and select one each.

Coming back they strike the tables with them and they make a hash sound. Standing on either side of the table they take turns to lightly whip Jerry across his dick and balls. Not enough to make him scream but enough for it to sting. John tries hard not to wince in sympathy and just manages not to wince.

Barbara smiles, "We got them for decoration. Never thought about using them, thanks for the idea."

Liz gets out copies of the paperwork and hands them to Barbara, "Thanks to the efforts of our new Executive Marketing Advisor we're already getting a return on the new lines. He's working on royalties and commission only so he's been working hard to get orders. These are copies of orders for items we currently have on the shelf so the only extra cost is packaging and shipping. We can start paying back some of the money straight away. These represent $415,000 of confirmed orders with the promise of more to come. The new non-medical stock lines should be in the shops soon, probably before the girls go back to school. Pre-release surveys indicate a good response, as shown in these papers. It was done by an independent body."

Grinning, Barbara says, "Well, good work, I did tell you to move. But this is much faster than I expected. I must find a way to thank your new Marketing Advisor." She grins widely at John.

He smiles, "I thought you might like prompt action to justify your faith in Preston. You need to decide over the next twenty-four hours which one of you I'm going to get pregnant first." All three sisters grin and lick their lips as they look at each other.

Liz hands over more papers, "Here's the costs, procedures, and specifications for the bonus insert. We can do it any time but you'll want your own doctor review these papers first." Barbara grins as she takes them. She puts all the paperwork aside for close study later.

John lifts Julie off him and stands up, "We have to leave soon. But first a final show." He calls Alice over and whispers, "Would you like to have Jerry empty his over full balls into your pussy and then have him suck it all out again?" Grinning, she nods as she loves the idea of humiliating him so.

He stands and goes to Jerry while waving Alice to the next table. As he unchains Jerry Alice lies down and spreads her legs. Barbara and Deborah play with Jerry's dick and balls to make sure he's ready. He places Jerry between Alice's thighs and Barbara slides his dick into Alice. He moans with the pleasure of her wet pussy. Barbara pushes on his ass until he's balls deep in Alice. Standing behind Jerry John goes to a 4W and coats his dick with KY. He places it against Jerry's ass and pushes the head inside. Jerry squirms at the contact. John says, "Jerry, you have three minutes to fuck Alice to three comes while also fucking your ass onto my dick. Manage this and we'll remove your clamp so you can fill her cunt with your sperm."

Jerry immediately pulls his dick out of Alice and shoves it back in, moaning with pleasure on the inward stroke and groaning on the backward stroke as he fucks his ass onto John's dick. Playing with her clit he soon has her coming. A few minutes later she has her third orgasm. John comes and releases Jerry's dick clamp at the same time. Jerry slams forward and sighs as his dick shoots load after load of hot come into Alice's pussy while John fill his ass with hot come. Soon Jerry's dick is deflating as his balls finish emptying into Alice. He sighs again. Barbara lift's Alice's hips as Deborah slips a cushion under it. John goes limp as he pulls his dick out of Jerry's ass. Leaning forward, he says, "That's a very big load of come you have there Jerry. Now kneel and suck it all out as you eat Alice to ten comes." Jerry's huge grin at shooting his load quickly vanishes as he realizes he now has to eat his own come second hand from Alice's pussy. Barbara pushes his head towards the pussy. Crying and sighing he kneels and starts sucking. Alice moans with pleasure.

Julie walks up behind Jerry and rubs her wet pussy against the back of his head to apply more pressure to Alice's pussy. "That's it my darling husband, eat her pussy. Mine will wait until you finish with hers."

As John, Liz, Gwen, and Stacey get dressed Deborah puts on a coat to show them out. As they leave she hands John a small bag. Opening it he sees some cuffs and restraints for portable use. Smiling, he nods his thanks. They have just enough time to go home and clean up before collecting the girls.


After School

They leave Liz at the house to rest while they collect the girls. On the way John suddenly sits up and makes a phone call. When Steve answers, John says, "Hey Amigo, we need to talk urgento plento, at Boredom Hall." Requesting an urgent meet at the school.

Recognizing the voice and the old codes, Steve says, "Hiss off, mate." Agreeing to the meet.

School is out and the girls are on the mini-bus waiting to leave while John stands on the footpath. All the family girls, the soccer team, the basketball team, and the coach is waiting to follow. Fifteen minutes after the end of school and Steve Katz pulls up in his police car. He gets out and they walk across the lawn together talking.

John says "Thanks for coming, Sidewinder." Knowing this is serious, Steve nods. "I've had some very bad thoughts lately about fire deaths. I want you to go to that special crimes investigation team of yours and get them looking into a few things. First, every single case of a fire and explosion in the region for the last twenty years. Make a list of everyone who got hurt, everyone who worked or regularly visited the place. Especially the ones at mum's, the Goddard's, both Stacey's parents' and hers, and the recent Preston one. List everyone hurt, not just the important people. Then make a list of all the people who worked at places where they could have got the materials for the bombs. Make a list of every member of the Fern gang, their siblings, adopted and blood, and lovers. Especially the families of those that died. Do the same for the whole of the Snake gang, even those that are dead. You may want to talk to the other living Snakes before you do that. Then compare all the lists and make a list of any matches. Get a detailed history of the matches. Look at all those lists and look for any direct or indirect link to Preston Industries and their research. Then I'd like you to talk them into letting me look at all that data. There's a link there somewhere but we just don't recognize it yet."

Steve says, "You're taking an awfully big chance there friend. Giving them names they don't have."

John replies, "Even with names they'll have no case as I left NO evidence. Even if I screwed up, can you see the prosecutor saying a six year old boy did all that and not have the jury laugh in his face? We need to do this before they kill any more people." Steve nods. "Oh, by the way, tell your people when they send a young cop undercover they should teach him not to fall into standard police practices. That cop at the Ruiz house, he couldn't declare his real job any more clearly unless he wore the uniform."

Surprised, Steve responds, "Shit, I don't know if you're right but you're never wrong on those. OK, about the fires I'll have to talk to the Deputy Commissioner and he may want to talk to you." John nods. They split up and head for their respective vehicles.

Climbing into the mini-bus John walks to the back seat to sit down between Rissa and Wendy. He reaches out and fondles a breast of each girl. Both sigh and lean against him. Before Gwen can start the bus Brooke stands up and stops her. Walking to the back of the bus she looks at him, "Spill it mister, when's the world coming to an end."

He stands, "We'll talk later." He adjusts his flaccid prick to run straight up his belly before picking Brooke up and cuddling her too him. "Place your arms and legs around me." She does as he drops his hands down to cup her bum cheeks and sits down. Keeping his left arm across her back he pushes her into his chest and cups her left bum cheek. He removes his right arm to put it around Rissa to fondle her breast. Both girls sigh. Gwen starts the bus and drives home.

At home they unload and go inside. Brooke checks everyone's homework status while they have a snack each, everything needed for tomorrow is done so they can swim straight away. Giggling, Kira has Vera, Anna, Helen, and Miss Stoner line up near the lounge. Smiling, John says, "Oh good, some more victims err guests to initiate. Oh, the pleasures err responsibilities of my job are many." The waiting four aren't sure what to expect beyond swimming, some fun, and some nudity.

Smiling, John undresses and goes to a 3M. The four new swim club members gasp on seeing his stiff dick. They gulp and look at the grins on the other girl's faces. Stepping up to Miss Bernice Stoner he takes her in his arms and kisses her while cupping her ass as he pushes her groin into his, she squirms and responds eagerly. Ending the kiss he undoes the buttons of her blouse and slips his hands inside to fondle her breasts. Slipping the blouse off her shoulders he undoes her bra and slides his hands around to fondle her breasts again as the bra falls to the floor. Stepping part way around her body he slips a hand down the front of her shorts and inside her panties to cup her pussy. Sliding a finger between her labia as he slips his other hand inside the back of her shorts and inside her panties into the groove of her ass. She moans as he angles his arms away from her body to start her shorts and panties sliding down his arms. Kneeling he pushes her shorts and panties to the floor. Lifting her legs he takes them off as well as her shoes and socks. He places her feet down with her legs well apart. Leaning forward he spreads her labia and licks her clit, she moans and shivers. Standing up he slides his dick along her pussy and rubs her clit with it. Taking her in his arms he kisses her again. Standing back he admires her tall athletic body and short blond hair.

Next is Vera. She's standing there in a one piece swimsuit with her school clothes on the seat behind her. Shaking his head in sorrow he takes her hand and lightly slaps her wrist, saying, "New initiates must wait to be undressed by the Master of Ceremonies and no swimsuits are allowed in this house." Her eyes go wide as she reads the sign he points to above the doorway - it says just that. Gwen got it made on Monday and put it up. Placing his hands on her breasts he fondles them before he slides his hands up to her shoulders to slip them inside the straps and slide the straps off her shoulders. Running his hands down her front he fondles her breasts. She blushes as he lowers his hands and exposes her breasts to general view. She tries to stop him removing the swimsuit but he easily gets it off her. Admiring her short slim body with perfectly proportioned breasts, he says, "Liz, please get that bag we got today." All stare as Liz carries it to him. Turning Vera around he draws her arms behind her. Taking a set of leather restraints from the bag he secures her hands together behind her back. He uses another set to secure her arms together just above the elbows. Her arms are now held close together behind her back and her breasts are pushed forward. He says, "Primary rule violation thirty minute or thirty plus comes restraint penalty." All stare as they wonder what this means.

Turning to Anna he undresses her and admires her lovely body; medium height and slim build with jet black hair. Last to be undressed is Helen - a tall well endowed blond with firm breasts and a Junoesque build which is mostly muscle. With everyone nude, he walks the line of the new girls as he fondles and kisses their breasts.

Returning to stand in front of Vera he shakes his head. He asks, "Were you told about the nudity, no swimmers, and waiting to be undressed?"

She nods, saying, "I thought Kira and Jacqui were just pulling my chain and wanted to embarrass me."

He says, "You saw I was undressing Bernice. Why didn't you wait for me to undress you?"

"I thought if I stripped you wouldn't play with my tits like you were playing with hers. I don't like people playing with my tits or seeing them as I'm ashamed to have such small tits."

He sighs,"Oh dear. Who hurt you so badly?" She looks at him with an odd expression. "You're parroting someone else with that, who lied to you so badly?" She stares at him. Reaching forward to caress her body and fondles her breasts, "Well, for the next thirty minutes you'll stay by my side restrained like that while I play with your pretty tits and sexy body. Unless you chose to go with me to see how long it takes me to fuck you to thirty comes more than one per minute of sex." Her eyes go wide as everyone stares at him.

Peta sighs, "Oh, yes please. I'd love to be fucked by you for an hour straight."

As everyone else laughs Vera softly says, "I think I better take the thirty minutes. I'm not sure I can handle the other as my first fuck."

Smiling, he nods. He walks behind her to slip his stiff dick between her hands and her legs. He slides it up her pussy and between her labia as he reaches around to cup her breasts. With her in place, he says, "We'll now walk in step, take a misstep and you will be an accidental non-virgin. To the pool my lovely." They take small steps as they walk in unison to the pool. Vera has a huge smile and is moaning before they get half way there. Everyone else races for the pool and dives in. Arriving at the steps John changes his hold to keep her in place while he carries her down the steps into the water.

John walks Vera down the pool until the water is at her nipples. She's now moaning as the stimulation of her breasts and clit is getting to her. A few minutes later Wendy, Tina, and Peta come up to them. Smiling, Peta places a hand on Tina's head and pushes down. Vera watches as Tina ducks below the water. She licks John's dick. Vera jumps as Tina starts to lick her clit as well. Peta stares at Vera's tits and licks her lips. Getting the message John slides his hands back from Vera's tits, saying, "They're really nice and suckable, aren't they?" Both Wendy and Peta nod as they lean forward and suck on them, Vera squeals and shivers just as Rissa swims up to them.

Tina rises from the water, saying, "Uncle John, can you please move your lovely dick. I can't get at her clit properly." Smiling, Rissa drops below the water and pulls his dick aside to suck on it. Tina vanishes below the waves again. John holds Vera tightly as she moans and writhes her way through several orgasms. Rissa and Tina keep coming up for air and changing targets.

Thirty minutes later, Brooke yells out, "Time."

Vera stirs enough to yell back, "Another ten minutes please." They laugh as she must be liking her punishment. John can't fault her as the girls have made her come numerous times. Releasing her he caresses her body as he slides his hands back and undoes the restraints. With her arms free Vera pulls them around and clasps Wendy and Peta to her breasts while she comes again.

Turning to take the restraints away to be rinsed and dried he bumps into Bernice. She says, "If that's a punishment, I'd love to see what a reward is."

Coming up behind her Brooke slips her arms around to fondle Bernice's breasts, saying, "Being fucked senseless by a dick that'd give most stallions a case of penis envy."

Slipping his hands between Brooke's hands and Bernice's breasts he takes over the fondling, "Brooke, go play with someone your own age. You can seduce Bernie on Saturday when it's legal to do so." Turning to Bernice, "In case you haven't heard, starting after school tomorrow we're having a holiday long orgy. If you haven't been invited yet, you are now."

Grinning, Bernice says, "I think the whole school knows about the party and that it's invite only. So far I've had only three invites, Brooke, Gwen, and you. And I plan to be here."

"Good, remember Miss Stoner gets left at the door, in this house you're Bernie. And Bernie WILL enjoy all the pleasures offered by all the inmates of this insane asylum." Her eyes go wide. Seeing her expression, "I mean it. When Tina or someone else wants to take you, you go and enjoy yourself. The detail of who does what to who in this house stays in this house or else."

Bernie jumps as two pairs of hands caress her legs and pulls them apart. Her feet leave the pool bottom and she tips back against a pair of soft breasts while a pair of arms fold around her body and spread her labia. Grinning, John removes his hands as others slide in from the side to fondle her breasts. Stepping closer John rubs the head of his dick along her pussy and pushes it against her clit. She moans despite herself. Laying back at a further angle she hears Peta, "Keep up the good work girls, she's nearly there." As another girl places her mouth on hers and kisses her she closes her eyes. She knows she shouldn't as these are school girls, school girls she teaches but she opens her mouth and allows the tongue free entry. The hands on her breasts are replaced by mouths. She moans and shivers as she comes.

She's coming again when she feels John's dick sliding into her pussy. Slowly, oh so exquisitely slowly, he slides it in. She comes several times before his balls rub against her ass. The mouth leaves hers so she gulps in air and softly says, "Oh fuck, yes please."

Standing with his dick balls deep in Bernie John watches Peta come in response to Bernie's statement. Peta is really getting off on the control side. She'd brought Wendy, Tina, Vera, and Rissa over in a concentrated attack on Bernie. Peta stands to the side quietly issuing orders and Bernie's submission made her come. Grinning at Peta John grasps Bernie's hips and starts thrusting in and out, Bernie comes again and again. Some time later he stops and looks around him.

Everybody but Brooke is spread out around him, clearly having just come. Bernie is lying there exhausted with arms and legs floating free as is her hair in the water. Sliding his hands up her back he pulls her upper body to him as he goes limp. Withdrawing he cuddles her and carries her to side of the pool. He places her on the tiles. Quickly he picks up all the ladies and places them on the pool edge. None have enough energy to climb out and most are just floating as they're exhausted by pleasure. With everyone safely out of the water he gets out to get towels and wraps them all up. He carries them over to the grass area to be more comfortable. It's nearly 5.15 pm and time to organize dinner. He must have been fucking Bernie for forty minutes or more so it's no wonder they're out of it.

Walking into the lounge room he finds Brooke spread out in a chair. Her pussy is wet while her legs are soaked in her fluids and a semi-glazed expression on her face as she speaks on the phone at her ear. "Yes, that's right, banquet number seven for thirty people delivered to my home by 6.15 pm. Thanks Gayle." Hanging up she looks at John, "I've ordered Chinese for dinner." He smiles at her. Grabbing another towel he dries her legs and wraps her up in it. She has the sense to blush as the insides of her legs and groin are the only parts of her that are wet.

At 6.00 pm he wakes everyone up and has them set up for dinner on the grass. A few of the more recovered ladies bring drinks and cups in. When the food arrives he makes an exemption to allow the two young delivery men to walk the food through to the grass area. Most of the ladies have wrapped the towels around their waists only so the boys get a good eyeful of breasts. He pays the bill with a $10 tip each for prompt service. All dive into the meal.

Towards the end of the meal, Bernie says, "I don't know what that was. But if the reward for exemplary conduct is greater than that I doubt I can survive it. Now I know what they mean by the expression being fucked senseless." They laugh and commiserate with her.

At Gwen's request, John asks, "Does anyone know of anyone seeking or willing to work as a cook, maid, or domestic help. We'll pay award wages as a minimum, depending upon the duties and conditions. We're not concerned about qualifications, just ability." They provide several leads. At 7.00 pm Brooke starts the bath routine with those leaving being first in the bath.


Steve's Story

Leaving John, Steve goes to the hospital and talks to Mamba. Together they visit Taipan. Krait joins them there. They get Viper on the phone for a conference. Steve explains what John wants. None are happy with their past becoming known. Only six out of nine are alive but this talk is between a decorated police officer, a decorated fire fighter, a well known doctor, a Senator, and a nationally recognized businessman with three of them being decorated ex servicemen. They bat it around for a while. It ends when Taipan, as an elected official he has the most to lose, says, "The key factors here are Cobra sees some sort of link but can't identify it due to lack of data. We're talking about people who've murdered over a dozen people, including Brown and Diamond. They may even have been involved with Tiger's death. They also tried to kill Cobra. Have any of you known Cobra to be wrong about anything important? Then I think we should go with this and do as he asks but do what we can to keep it under wraps. Maybe the police can do everything else and give the data to Cobra to compare with ours. See what you can do along those lines Sidewinder." They talk some more but agree with Taipan.

Arriving at Police Headquarters at 4.55 pm Steve goes to the eighth floor and waits in the outer office of Deputy Commissioner Williams. At 5.15 pm DC Williams walks out on his way home. Steve stands, saying, "Excuse me sir, can we take a walk together?"

After staring at Steve for a moment, he says, "OK Sergeant Katz, I'll just call home first." Picking up his secretary's phone he calls home and lets his wife know he'll be late. Together they go down to the lobby and walk out into the city park opposite the building.

Steve says, "It's a good thing the Special Crimes Investigation Team is your responsibility as I couldn't approach any of the other DCs with this. Earlier today I had a long talk with John Smith. He was at the scene of the Preston explosion and fire as well as the one that killed his parent's. He says they were very similar. A few other similar incidents have come to his attention lately. He's asked me to put certain matters before SCIT to look into as a matter of priority."

Williams interrupts, "Well give it to them and they'll consider it along with their other cases."

"No sir, I'll need your support to make them treat it as a hot priority. John sees a pattern that goes back over a decade but doesn't have enough information to make much sense. SCIT are the only people who have the expertise and access to get all the data together."

Williams stops and looks at Katz, "I know Smith is a particular friend of yours and why beats me. But why should I jump when an uneducated security guard asks me to?"

"He may be unqualified but he's not uneducated. In fact, if SCIT hired him to review cases I think they'd get more work done much quicker. Both his parent's were top research scientists. In school he won all the state's science competitions. He was offered fully supported scholarships from top universities around the country and overseas. He passed on them and took a job as a security guard at Preston as it was the only job he could get where they would promise him work hours of 9.00 am to 3.00 pm so he would be able to care for his newly orphaned niece." Williams stops and looks at Steve closely, "He threw away a promising career as a top scientist to care for a child he loved. They both should have died in that explosion. They didn't because they sneaked out of the house to get ice-creams and were just returning when it exploded in their faces. He saw it all."

"You've got my interest and I'm listening, convince me."

"He wants us to investigate every explosive fire in the region for the last twenty years and list everyone who was injured or at the scene. With special attention to the Goddard, Preston, and Smith fires. List all who worked at places where the bomb materials could have been obtained. List all the members and families of the Fern and Snake gangs. Especially the families of the dead gang members. Look for matches, look for links between any of those people and Preston. Also let him review everything that we put together. There's a link there and it's a conspiracy of some sort but he can't see who or why as he lacks the data. If we don't act to stop them they'll kill again and he's afraid they'll target him and hurt Brooke. I almost forgot. His parents were secretly working for Preston at the time of their death."

Williams considers the request, "I think he may be onto something. I worked the Goddard and Smith fires. I was never happy with the results and something about them still niggles at me. OK, I'll get them onto this in the morning as a priority item. I remember the Fern and Snake gangs well, we have full dossiers on the Ferns but nothing on the Snakes. So how does he expect me to add their names to the list?"

Smiling weakly, Steve says, "I'm hopping you'll approve John or me to do that last bit." Williams stops and stares at him. He gulps, "I know all the Snake gang names as I used to be in it. Sidewinder is my nickname, but I took it to Special Forces. I didn't get it there as most people believe. John and his brother were in the gang as well. His brother was called Diamond and John earned the name Cobra, despite being only six years old."

Eyes wide, Williams says, "Hell, you ARE full of surprises. All that mayhem was planned and carried out by a six year old. Damn, I best listen to the bugger. You may not know it but 80% of the anti-drug intelligence I got in those days was sent to me by Cobra. Most of it was just a thorough analysis of publicly available information. It bugged the hell out of me to know my best busts were handed to me on a platter by the person at the head of the department's 'must get' list. Now you tell me he was only six or seven years old. OK, I'll let you know when we're ready to add the Snake gang names to the pot and we won't tell anyone else why we're adding those names. And thank him for all those leads back then." After shaking hands they part to go their own ways. Steve heads for John's house. He stops for dinner and a change of clothes on the way.


A Serious Evening

Steve arrives at John's at 7.30 pm. Gwen lets him in and takes him upstairs. Steve is distracted by the nude ladies when he sees John bathing all the girls, to everyone's enjoyment. He says, "Damn you Cobra, you get ALL the good jobs." Liz and Mary look up at the comment. They turn and look at each other then turn and look at John. Their reactions aren't lost on John and he files it for later.

Looking at Steve, he says, "That's because I work hard at earning them and do them so well." Fondling Kira's breasts, "Don't I Kira?" Smiling, she nods and gets out to let Rachel in. Washing Rachel, he says, "OK Sidewinder, what's up?"

"It's started, I spoke to Deputy Commissioner Williams and he's going to do as you asked. He wasn't happy to learn about me or you and he said to thank you for all that intelligence back then. He'll probably call you or me in to add in the last set of names and won't tell the team why they're being added. Taipan requested we try to do it that way. Oh, don't be surprised if Williams contracts you to do some analysis work for him as he remembers the quality of your old stuff, Mr Genius." John nods.

In a puzzled voice, Gwen says, "Mr Genius?"

Steve looks at John who nods, "He's a certified genius, got a paper from MENSA lying around somewhere, youngest ever member. In high school John had offers of supported scholarships from across the country and overseas. One company wanted to pay him as an intern while he got a degree at MIT provided he signed a ten year work contract. He turned them down as family was more important." Everyone is looking at John, he blushes.

Mary suddenly jumps up and down, "See it works, I told you we could do it." Turning to John, she says, "You've no idea how hard it was working out how to trigger a blush response. How come you took a job as a security guard, surely you could have done something else."

Smiling, John says, "I took the only job I was qualified for that would let me work 9.00 am to 3.00 pm each day. At that time I had something more important to do with the rest of my time." Brooke blushes. The talk didn't slow down the bathing process. He says, "Sidewinder, thank Williams for me please. I hope this doesn't have an adverse effect on your career." Steve shakes his head, turns, and leaves. Rachel shows him out as John is washing Gwen.

Soon afterwards Gwen drives the girls home. John calls a family conference when she returns. They sit around the lounge room as he explains this is an extended family and the household command and management structure; him in overall command, Gwen is second in command with responsibility for domestic and transport services, Brooke is third in command as adjutant responsible for sleeping and coordination. They all nod in agreement. Smiling, he says, "Fuck Toy, stand." Janice stands, "This is slave Fuck Toy, between the hours of 9.00 pm and 6.00 am she must obey any order by any family member to engage in sexual activity, provided it's a mutual exchange come for come and it's not overruled by command." Janice blushes as the rest smile. "Also posted sleeping arrangements can only be changed by command and you must be in your assigned bed by midnight unless approved by command. You may make requests of particular bed mates to Brooke and her decisions are final." They all nod.

Brooke says, "OK Uncle John, what's all the secrecy with Sergeant Steve?"

"I was getting to that. I think I've found a way to identify some murderers, ones who've been hiding in the shadows a long time. The people who killed your parent's and mine, and recently blew me up. The trouble is to do it I have to give out some very secret information about some people. I'll also have to admit to some crimes I did a long time ago. It shouldn't go to court as they've no evidence but that may not stop them trying. I'm worried how this will fall back on all of you but I feel I need to stop these people before they kill again." They're all quiet.

Gwen says, "Pardon me if I find it hard to believe you ever committed any crime other than swiping an apple out of an orchard."

Smiling weakly, John says, "Oh, I used to be a real devil, on the side of the angels but a dangerous devil. The mayor at the time didn't know he was talking about me but he once described me as 'An amoral blight on this fair city.' Two months later he was in prison because of the evidence of corruption I found and got to the police. I didn't always do the work but I planned it. If they had enough evidence the list would include burglary, intimidation with menaces, unlawful phone tapping, theft, kidnapping, and murder. We concentrated on the drug dealers, pushers, and the corrupt people who protected them." All stare wide eyed. Here's good old, safe, dependable, honest John saying he's stolen and killed people; they can't believe it, even when he's saying it.

Putting her hands to her mouth, Brooke, gasps "Oh dear, it's true. You're not lying. Is this that dark secret you've always kept from me?"

He nods as he gives her a weak smile."Your father, his friends, and I were a very wild bunch. We did many things we shouldn't have. I don't regret doing them. I only regret that they may adversely affect you. I've worked hard to see you don't make the mistakes we did. We never hurt anyone who didn't hurt others first, but that's not enough for the courts. The police never identified us and those still alive are now upstanding members of the community. To check the data to trace these killers I'll have to expose the sordid past we've kept secret for many years. If we'd kept it up we would've been caught."

Brooke says, "But Uncle John, I've known you all my life. You couldn't have done much, not since you adopted me. And dad was always at work or at home with us."

"We stopped when your parents got married as I put my foot down and insisted we stop. A husband and father couldn't take those sort of risks, I wouldn't allow it. Since I was the planner they had no choice. We've been good boys since. It all took place between my sixth and ninth birthdays." They all gasp, one so young involved in crimes like that. "I've started the wheels moving, all we can do now is wait and see. Whatever it is it won't hurt you lot directly, so smile."

Liz says, "So you were in the Snake gang?" He nods and they stare as many of the Snake gang's doings are part of the city's street legends. Older criminals still shiver at the thought of having the Snakes after them. Since they were never identified or accounted for everyone knows they're still out there, watching, waiting.

Sera says, "Brooke, can I please sleep with Fuck Toy tonight?" Janice turns to look at Sera. She licks her lips and smiles.

Brooke makes a note on her pad, "Only if you both go to bed as soon as this meeting is over as I want you asleep by midnight in room three." They nod, Sera stands to walk over and sit in Janice's lap as she fondles her breasts. Janice returns the favor. Everyone smiles. "I numbered the bedrooms today, use the assigned rooms. Bedroom assignments are room four Tina / Rissa, room five Mel / Gwen, room six Stacey / Mary, room one Liz / Uncle John, room two Wendy with me, and you have to get up early to fuck Uncle John awake." All smile and nod as they accept their orders and lovers for tonight.

John says, "Oh, how many have been invited to the party?"

Grinning, Brooke says, "We have acceptance from the whole soccer and basketball teams with many others dropping in at various points. I'll give you lists later. The maximum at any one time should be sixty-two people." Gulping, she glances at Sera, "I've also invited Max and Barry to stay for the weekend and they accepted."

Sera stares at her, "You what? How did you get his parents to agree? They don't approve of me."

Grinning, she replies, "Well, they know he's going on a double date with Max and they're good friends. They've been worried about his not dating. Max was with him when he told his parents and Max said his girlfriend would bring one of her friends as a date for Barry. He also invited Barry to sleep over with him for the weekend as his girlfriend has invited them both to a birthday party the next day and they may be able to go out Sunday. He just neglected to name the girls or say where they were sleeping over at. Oh, I haven't told them about the no clothes rule yet." They all laugh. "I also told Barry I know you're a virgin. If he wants to have sex with you he'd better bring plenty of condoms and he better intend their use to be a proposal of marriage. The cheeky bugger smiled, turned to Max and said 'do you know where I can buy a gross of condoms?' Max smiled and promised to show him this afternoon. I do think Barry is serious." Sera blushes. Everyone laughs.

On that happy note John ends the meeting. They head to their assigned beds. John sits there and signs Liz to sit in his lap. She does. They kiss and cuddle for several minutes. Standing up, he says, "I have a slight detour to make, come along and join in." Smiling, they walk up the stairs hand in hand. He goes to his room. He creates a 3M and coats his dick with KY. Liz watches with interest.

A minute later he's quietly opening the door to room three. Janice and Sera are in a serious sixty-nine with Sera on top as both moan with pleasure. Silently crossing the floor he places a hand on the back of Sera's head to keep it in Janice's pussy. Sera struggles and tries to rise. She stops when she feels his dick touch her ass. Relaxing back into her pussy eating she hums against Janice's clit. At John's nod Liz spreads Sera's ass cheeks apart and guides his dick to its target. With it in place she moves to playing with the four available breasts while John grabs Sera's hips and pushes into her ass. Liz has trouble believing he's going to get that sized dick in his target. Slowly he slides in half way and he stops. Sera raises her head, "Don't fuck about, fucking well get on with fucking my ass off." Liz laughs. John thrusts the rest in - hard. Sera grunts, moans, and says, "Fuck, yes."

For ten minutes he rapidly slams his dick into her ass while Janice sucks her clit and Sera has many orgasms. Liz comes several times while playing with herself as she watches. Janice has several comes from Sera's moans into her pussy. Pulling out he lowers Sera's body to Janice's, "Sera love, it seems you owe Janice a dozen or more comes tonight." They all giggle. Turning to the door he watches it finish closing. Quickly crossing the room he sticks his head out. Looking down the hall he can see a shape in the dark closing the door to room two and it's too short to be Wendy. Smiling, he leads Liz back to his room. She closes the door to room three behind her as they leave.

Back in room one he goes to the en suite and washes his dick. He returns to find Liz has all the pillows piled up and is lying over them with her ass in the air. She says, "I've never been ass fucked so be gentle when you get there. Please fuck me to exhaustion then fuck my ass off. I really got off watching you two and want to try it now."

Smiling, he walks up to rub his 3M dick along her pussy and slide it into her juicy cunt. She's ready and comes twice before he hits bottom. He fucks her fast and furious. She comes on each stroke and her cunt squeezes his dick with each orgasm. They both moan with pleasure. Some time later she's collapsed onto the bed gasping for air. He pulls out of her pussy and changes to a 3T. He places his dick against her ass hole and spreads her bum cheeks apart before slowly sliding in. Reaching full depth he slides half out. He reaches around and plays with her clit as he proceeds to give her ass a good fucking. After she comes a few times he goes to a 3M and slides back in. As he reaches full depth with the wider dick she moans, softly saying, "Fuck, what a feeling."

Laughing, he says, "Since when were you a Toyota?" Setting to with vigor he fucks her to several more comes. Pulling out he turns towards the en suite to wash his dick. She softly says, "Bugger," they both laugh about car advertisements. He notices the door to his room slowly shut. Switching to infra-red he watches a heat source move to room two and enter.

After washing his dick he carefully places Liz on the bed. He pulls the covers over them and cuddles up to her as he cups her breasts before he goes to sleep. Liz is already snoring.

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