This isnt actually my story this story was posted on storiesonline (dot) net by the author cazna rochester and was posted on xnxx by someone else but they didnt post the full story and i will be posting it all
Day 09 - Saturday
Waking up at 6.00 am John fondles Brooke's breasts. She moans in her sleep, suddenly she sits up and just as quickly falls back to the bed. Rolling her over he kisses her. She says, "Boy, am I sore, and am I glad to be so sore."
Grinning, he says, "I didn't mean to make you sore but I did mean to fuck you senseless and I succeeded. And before you ask I went and did the same to Rissa and Wendy before I put Vera to bed with them and joined you. So they didn't miss out." She giggles and nods. "OK, we need to start the baths. Organize Melody and Gwen first, next the other adult women and have everyone line up in the hall. Ask a few to check the weather occasionally." She giggles again. "I want Sera, Beth, Vera, and you last. The boys can use the main bathroom and Janice, Sera, and Rachel can join them if they wish. Gwen and Melody can start breakfast with others to help when bathed. Tina can dry today while you organize."
She nods and gets out of bed. Opening the window, she calls out to wake everyone and issue the bathing instructions. After that she wakes up the occupants of the other bedrooms and gives them their instructions.
John enters his bedroom and wakes up the trio there. Vera is surprised to find she changed beds during the night. She tries to leave the bed but Wendy pulls her back, saying, "Not yet sweet tits, it's a long queue for the bath and I'm spending my waiting time sucking on your lovely tits. Got it kiddo?" Vera got it all right, she smiles as she lowers her breast into Wendy's mouth. Rissa shuffles over and sucks on the spare. Vera moans with pleasure.
John lifts the phone and calls Mrs Bellingham. When she answers, he says, "There's a warm front moving in, well along my hallway there is. Soon I'll have a hall full of nude schoolgirls waiting to take a bath. They'll be there for a while as I can only wash one at a time."
Laughing, she says, "You lucky boy. I'll let Celia know as well."
A few minutes later John is in the bath washing Mary while Tina dries Liz. Gwen and Melody are already washed, dried, and getting breakfast. The hall and master bedroom are full of nude school girls with some peering out the windows to judge the weather.
Looking out the window Mrs Bellingham phones Mrs Lincoln and tells her about the scandalous goings on across the road. She's using the phone in the dining room and Mr Bellingham is in the kitchen, well within earshot. Mrs Lincoln loudly repeats the news as she's apparently shocked at its import. Within a minute Jessica and Mandy report Mr Bellingham and the pool boys are staring out their bedroom windows. All the girls laugh and enjoy the fun. Bernie races into the bathroom and asks John for a few dollars. He tells her where he keeps his change by the bed, top drawer nearest the front. Grinning, she runs and grabs a handful. She opens the front window to half climb out and call to the passing paper boy to bring some newspapers to the door. Closing the window she races downstairs to open the door - nude, and pay him for the papers. The poor boy leaves with the biggest erection he's ever had. She takes the papers to the kitchen as they all laugh at her joke on him.
Everyone enjoys a good bath. It's nearing 8.30 am when Brooke climbs in for hers. She dried Tina midway through the line. John took the opportunity during the baths to check out Beth, Sera, Brooke, and Vera. They're all a bit sore but no damage. He tells them all no more genital sex for twenty-four hours. None are happy with the orders but accept them. Over breakfast he reinforces that order with Barry. He agrees as he doesn't want Sera hurt.
After breakfast everyone helps with cleaning up. All the dirty towels go in laundry bags as the rubbish bins are emptied to the skips outside the pool side door and new bags inserted. Another skip gets the recyclable drink containers. The empty pizza boxes go in this skip as well. John is amazed at the amount of rubbish created since yesterday afternoon. The beds are made. Clean towels put out as Gwen overruled him on towel usage. It's nearing 11.00 am so everyone goes off to get dressed, no bras allowed. Panties with minimal clothes. It's a nice warm day and extra clothes will only be a problem later.
At 11.30 am everyone is very skimpily dressed and headed for the buses. As they approach the buses John looks down the road and an easily forgettable car flashes its lights at him. Brooke and Gwen see his look and figure, correctly, he has someone watching their transport when they're not. On the drive to the shopping centre Brooke sorts everybody into five groups with fifteen or sixteen people in each one. Four have two adults each while the fifth has Bernie, Max, Barry, Rachel, Sera, and Brooke in it. John is free to keep an eye on everyone. This way it's easier to make sure no one is lost. They form up and are sorted into their groups in the car park before they leave the bus area. Harry and Fred lock the buses and join the shopping expedition. They still move from store to store like a huge pack that instantly fills or empties a store as they enter or leave. The horde visits just about every shop on the upper level before breaking for lunch.
John's booked the party room and warned the McDonald's people so they're ready to deal with nearly eighty people for lunch. They arrive at 12.45 pm and leave at 2.00 pm after a very filling lunch. During lunchtime discussions John learns Harry, Bernie, and Melody are all very good with make up. So he gets them to select some large kits at a specialty shop and they'll do the girls' make up as they dress.
At 2.30 pm the group is nearing the Victoria's Secret store when there's a commotion on the other edge of the sea of school girls. John moves through the pack to find Barry facing his parents. John steps up to Barry, saying, "Did you pass the message on yet?" Barry shakes his head no. John turns to Mr Stevers, "What have you got against Sera Weatherall?"
Duke Stevers snarls in reply, "She comes from bad stock."
John responds, "Surely you don't still believe Gwen was every involved with the Snakes do you Maidenhair?" Duke spins around and stares at John, Mrs Stevers looks at them both. Clearly she didn't know about her his past. John says, "Marmaduke, you'd be surprised at what my brother told me, but then you'd also be surprised to know his street name was Diamond Snake."
Duke pulls back in surprise as he's speechless. John turns to Mrs Stevers, "Do you have anything against Sera or Gwen?"
She shakes her head no, "I've known Gwen for years through the Parents and Citizens Association and met Sera many times. I think she'd be a good match for Barry but Duke is dead against them both. I had no idea why until now. But then, until now, I never knew he'd been in a street gang."
Duke is very angry, especially about having his past made known to his family. Before he can speak, John says, "I knew of your dislike for Sera, I also knew of your dislike of Gwen and why. Unlike you I know every member of the Snake gang and know she wasn't ever involved with them. I've spoken to some of the living Snakes and have a message for you. Essentially they regard the past as finished and over. However if you wish to keep it alive by using that as a reason to hate good people like Gwen and Sera, then Cobra and Sidewinder are quite happy to continue where they left off. Well, what shall I tell them Duke?"
During John's statement Duke goes pale, gulping, he says, "Seems I was wrong. Sorry Gwen, Sera. I withdraw my objections." Barry, Sera, and their mothers are happy to accept this grudging approval.
John says, "That's good, then the past can stay buried. What was isn't that relevant today. We're dining at The Fatted Calf tonight if you'd like to come. It's for Brooke's birthday today. We're booked in for a 6.30 pm start."
Mrs Stevers nods, "I'm sure we can fit it in, see you there."
Gift Shopping
Nodding at her they move off to enter Victoria's Secret a little bit early. John waves at Elise and staff as the girls spread throughout the store. They all closely examine the clothes as most can't afford to shop here and this is their first visit. Rachel, Mary, Liz, Janice, Stacey, and Bernie have small groups form around them as they discuss different styles and designs. The staff not involved with other clients also join the girls to deftly lead them towards the styles and designs John and Elise had designated earlier in the week.
The experienced VS shoppers realize what's going on and look at John. He winks at them and they keep quiet as it's clear he wants them to shop in the dearer section. They smile wider and move in that direction and lead the newbies over too. Elise approaches John. He smiles weakly, "Sorry, I've got a bigger crowd than I expected. Have you got enough staying to help out?"
She smiles, "All the staff wanted to stay and help so we were going to draw straws once you arrived. I won't be organizing that now as we'll need them all. Oh, that deposit check arrived and cleared. I thought you were being a excessive but now I'm not so sure."
"I figured any unspent check balance could've been turned into gift vouchers or store credit as I intend to shop here a lot more often. Now I think I'll probably be paying more." They both laugh.
Elise says, "If that's the case I can probably offer you a dealer's discount and save you a bit. Oh lordy, will I have enough stock to cover this lot?"
John grins, "I don't care as they all look absolutely scrumptious uncovered." Again they both laugh.
By 3.15 pm the staff have the girls' measurements and a fair idea of what styles each wants to look at. Elise has moved the display stock around so the girls can stand or sit to watch those on display. After checking all other clients have left the store she locks the front door.
The experienced VS shoppers have all made their selections as have the other adult women and many of the girls. One by one they walk to the centre of the 'show' area to undress and fit their selections. Wearing only bra and panties they strut up and down the 'walk' before putting on the dress of their choice and taking another walk. Since John is buying Brooke several outfits she has to model more than one outfit. She finishes with her choice for tonight's dinner. They all look absolutely beautiful. The staff take turns assisting the girls so they also get time to stand around enjoying the show. During one of Brooke's displays John stands beside the young woman who helped her select the outfit.
He reaches across and gently squeezes her ass. She turns and looks at him for a moment before saying, "The boss doesn't approve of clients playing with her staff. Or staff dallying with clients. However I don't approve of anyone starting anything unless they intend to finish it properly."
They jump when Elise says, "What May, my daughter, means, is let go of her ass unless you intend to fuck her brains out. I strongly support her position."
Looking over his shoulder at Elise John reaches down to place his hand on May's leg below her skirt and deftly slides it up. Reaching the middle of her back he slides it down into her panties to go between her thighs and slip a finger between her labia so he can play with her pussy. He says, "Oh, I'll screw her senseless later. But not now or we'll start an orgy. Why don't you both, and any others who wish the same treatment, joins us for dinner at the Fatted Calf and afters at my place? Those I don't fuck tonight I'll fit in later."
May's so aroused by his touch she's wriggling and moaning. Tina is sitting on the floor beside May's leg and can see what he's doing. May's short skirt is at Tina's eye level. Looking up, she says, "Naughty Uncle John, we don't have enough time for you to do her properly now and you can't leave her like that."
"You're right Triple T. Please take May and settle her down for me."
Grinning, Tina stands and takes May's hand, "May, where can we have some privacy?" May leads her off to a small show room.
To Elise, he says, "Tina is the second best pussy eater in the state. She'll settle May down. Seriously, any of your girls who want to can join us for dinner. If they wish to spend the night with us they have to select an outfit and model it." Elise's eyes go wide at this invitation. Smiling, she nods and walks off to inform her staff. All turn and look at John when told, most smile and nod. A few minutes later he can hear some muffled moans from the private show room. He smiles.
One of the older staff walks up to John, saying, "You think you can fuck the eight of us senseless, what do you offer when you can't?"
Grinning, he says, "I tell you what. I'll give you a challenge. I fuck the other staff first, two more, then you. I'll fuck you all ragged. If any of you have the energy to get up and have a swim within five minutes of being fucked by me I'll pay that person and you $5,000 each. If none can, I win. Your share of today's commission is shared amongst the rest and you become my sex slave. You have until the end of dinner to accept." She stares at him wide eyed. She backs up shaking her head as he's too confident of being able to do it, way too confident.
Suddenly he reaches out to grab her wrist and pull her to him. He bends her over and kisses her. With his left arm holding her to him his right hand snakes under her skirt and into her panties. Pulling her legs apart he slips a finger between her labia and plays with her clit. Rubbing her clit with his thumb he slips a finger into her vagina. Thinking, 'dickman stong, snickle 1R, ' he teases her clit and pussy with a low power electric charge as his tongue slides into her mouth to wrap around her tongue to squeeze it. Using his tongue to stimulate her whole mouth he keeps it on the move, even having it go down the back of her throat. She struggles ineffectively in his grasp. As she starts to moan he wraps his tongue around hers and drags her tongue into his mouth. Closing down with his lips he traps it there while he tickles its surface with the tip of his tongue. She moans as her body humps at his hand as she comes, again, and again. During her fourth orgasm he thinks, 'dickman snicked' and slides his hand down off her clit to insert his whole hand into her vagina. Carefully he slowly pushes his arm in until he has his whole hand inside her pussy giving her a fist fuck. She comes several more times. Returning everything to normal settings he removes his hand and breaks the kiss. She lies on his left arm exhausted and unable to stand up.
Looking down at the thoroughly satiated twenty-five year old shop assistant, he says, "Do you still doubt my ability to deliver on my promises. And that's nothing to what you'll feel when I eat your pussy or fuck you." She lays there gulping for air. Effortlessly lifting her up he carries her to a nearby chair. Paula stands up to allow him to place her on the chair. The other shop staff are watching him with eyes full of wonder and anticipation. He says, "If you agree to be my sex slave you'll get serviced like that once a month or more, as I wish. The rest of the time you service the women of my family with your tongue. The challenge I issued before is withdrawn as you refused it by shaking your head." He turns back to the fashion parade.
Some time later the fashion show is nearing its end when Vera walks out, she normally wears very modest clothes on her tall thin body. After undressing she puts on a pair of high hip panties that only just cover the small triangle of her pubic hair with a narrow strip of cloth between her legs and up her ass. John wonders why as the very light blue silk is so sheer you have to squint to see the blue of the material as it's totally see through. Next is a half bra that ends just below her nipples. She finishes with a mid blue pull on knitted dress. Its large 'U' shaped head hole comes down to show most of her breasts. Her nipples are covered, just, but clearly visible in the material as it's a very close weave. The skirt ends mid thigh with a slit just right of the centre of her left thigh. A very sexy outfit. As she walks up the strip of carpet being used as a cat walk her left leg comes free of the dress and you can see her hip bone. Long strides cause the right leg to open the slit so much her pussy is visible through her panties.
John looks to where Fred is to see Janice busy as he comes in her mouth. Rachel and Sera have huge grins while they do the same for their boyfriends. Vera reaches John at the end of the 'walk, ' he turns her around to see Fred, Max, and Barry, saying, "Seeing you in that outfit caused that as they were about to come in their pants." Not believing him she walks over to Fred.
He watches her walk over as he obviously comes again. He says, "Damn you, you super sexy thing, you've made me come twice in two minutes just by looking at you." With an ear to ear grin Vera struts down the 'walk' to her place and stands aside for Beth to do her show.
Like the others Beth has chosen a silk half bra. Hers is a supported one to lift her generous breasts. She has see through low hip panties as she finds the low hip ones more comfortable. Her dress shows quite a bit of her cream colored breasts and ends mid thigh. She looks very sexy and is very happy with her new image.
Some people have more clothes to display later at home. All do the parade in their 'going out' outfits and that's what they're wearing now. He's buying Brooke three such outfits and some negligees so she paraded all the negligees first. However he's also buying all the live-in people full sets of day wear underwear and they'll parade those later. All the underwear is satin or silk. It's just after 6.00 pm when they finish the parades and the girls' make up.
The clothes they wore in and the extras are put in bags for each girl, and these are put into two huge bags for Fred to carry. The staff agreed to join them for the evening. Some are leaving with them and the rest will follow in their cars. John pays the bill. Even with a 5% discount he charges $23,600 dollars on top of the $25,000 check he sent during the week. Outfitting eighty-two females is not cheap, but he feels it's worth the cost to see the improvements in their self images and they do make such a lovely sight.
Vivacious Vera
They leave the store but being the last there they have to wait for a security guard to let them out the mall entrance. Elise will lock up the store and leave by another entrance. Walking down the side of the shopping centre they see a group of six people enter a seafood takeaway store that's located on the outside of the shopping centre. Vera stops and grins. She turns to John and opens her mouth to speak. He nods and pushes her forward as she obviously knows them. Turning back she strides to the store as everyone hurries to keep up as they want to watch the show. On reaching the store John signs for everyone to wait outside while he follows Vera in just in case of trouble.
In the shop Vera walks towards the group that just entered, saying, "Hello Charles." The whole group turns around and a very well dressed boy near the front has his mouth wide open when he sees her. He can't speak, he just nods as his dick comes to instant erection like most of those in the store. Their state is obvious to all. Strutting up to him she places a hand on his dick, "I see you carry a concealed weapon now days." She rubs it a few times. He comes in his pants. "Oh, my mistake, you were just glad to see me, but it's gone now." Turning to the girl at his side, she's on the short side with a smaller breasts than Vera but they seem much bigger on her small frame and she has no bra on. Vera says, "I see my dear cousin Patty Pricktease is still hanging off your arm. Patty dear, isn't it time you let Charles see all of your tits and you gave him a blow job." Wide eyed the girl shakes her head. Vera says, "I think it's well past time." Suddenly she snaps out, "Take your top off." Gulping, Patty removes her top. Vera takes it off her, "Good girl, now get on your knees, pull his dick out, lick it clean and suck on it until he comes in your mouth."
Everyone in the shop knows Vera but they've never met this Vera. She's very sexy and very commanding. Patty is crying as she kneels in front of Charles and takes his dick out. She licks up all the sperm on it and starts sucking it. Charles was staring at Vera, now he turns and looks at Patty's breasts before reaching down and fondling them. Vera leans forward and tweaks Patty's nipples as she says, "Now Charles, I know you've not had much practice but you do it this way." He does as his told. Soon it's clear he's erect again and Patty is getting turned on. Very soon he comes in her mouth as she moans around his dick. She swallows all his come. She puts his dick back and stands. Vera hands the top to Charles. He pulls it down over Patty as he gives her breasts a good fondle in the process. Vera smiles, saying, "Now Charles, you should get your meal, take Patty home, feed her and fuck her well without a condom. I know she's not on the pill as she can't take it. Make sure you come inside her and then tell her parents that you're getting married. You two deserve each other but you should be in control of this little whoring bitch. I've seen her fuck just about everything with a dick except you. You should change that so she fucks just you."
Turning to leave she sees her mother standing just inside the door. Striking a pose, she says, "Hi mum, like the outfit John bought me." She spins around and a few of the obvious erections vanish as their owners come in their pants on sighting her pussy. Her smile widens as the reactions are seen by Vera. This little stop is doing wonders for her self esteem, talk about sudden changes. Looking at Jane, she says, "Oh mum, John fucked my brains out last night, but good. I fainted and then needed hours of sleep to recover." She struts out of the shop.
Jane turns to John, saying, "Well, you did say you'd improve her self image and confidence. It's going to take a bit of time to get used to the new Vera but I like her. Much better than the old Vera who let her pushy cousins stomp all over her." She turns to Patty and Charles, "Don't worry Patty, Charles, I'll tell your parents you're engaged. You must be or you wouldn't be performing sex acts in a public place, would you?" Both gulp and nod. Clearly Charles is now sorry he dumped Vera for Patty at some point in the past.
Approaching the buses John gets the OK from the private detectives he'd hired. They all climb aboard and fifteen minutes later they're at The Fatted Calf, one of the best restaurants in the region.
Entering the restaurant they're recognized as the birthday party and shown to where a long table for ninety is set up along one side of the restaurant. John is seated at one end with Brooke at the other, nearest the door. The rest are spread along the table in an order set out by Brooke. The menu is restricted to a choice of four items for each course. However there's total choice within that selection and they can also change side items to match their own tastes.
Everyone is seated with orders taken and drinks delivered before the entrees are served just before 7.00 pm despite arriving late at 6.40 pm, a very efficient staff. Mr and Mrs Stevers are seated in the middle with Barry and Sera opposite them between Gwen and Rachel with Max beside Rachel. The newbies and regulars are evenly spread around. John has a newbie on each side of him. As they finish the main course at 8.15 pm everyone is chatting and enjoying themselves when a group of four men enter the restaurant.
Out of habit John's watching everyone walk in and something about this group worries him. He scans them with his sensors. All have fast pulses and are carrying hidden hand guns. He says to those near him, "No matter what happens don't stand up or move. Pass that along the table." Picking up the knife from his setting and one beside him he signals to a waitress. She walks over and leans down, he says, "Those four men who just walked in, they're armed and worried about something. You best warn the staff." She nods at him as if taking an order. She picks up his hardly touched drink to sniff at it and take it over to the bar. Once there she talks to the bar staff. One sniffs at the drink and pours her another one. She brings the drink over to John.
She leans down, saying, "Thank you, Georgio is spreading the word, he also detected the weapons. But only after I told him to look for them." She stands and walks into the kitchen to warn them.
The four men have reached the head of the line and they're constantly looking at the party table. With so many sexy looking women you can't blame them. But it worries John. He pushes his chair back from the table a bit. Something about their movements and build worries him. Then he realizes they're wearing light weight body armor. He also realizes one is watching him very closely.
Standing up, John walks towards the manager. The group leader speaks to his people. Suddenly they're all moving apart and reaching into coats while looking at him. He leaps towards them as he swings his right hand across his body. The steak knife in his hand leaves his fingers like a silver streak. He continues the motion to grab the other knife from his left hand and throws that with a backhand swing. Reaching the leader the first knife easily penetrates his coat and his hand to pin the hand to the vest just as his fingers touch the revolver inside his coat. The man behind him has time to draw his gun before the second knife hits his eye and slides into his brain to kill him. John arrives behind the knife. He hits the third man hard in the chest with all his might. The man is thrown back so hard the gun is knocked free before he can fire. He flies backwards a meter and slams into a brick support pillar. There's a dull thud and he slides down the wall leaving a bloody streak on it as the back of his head is crushed. The fourth man gets time to fire one round into John's chest from a few centimeters away. The round is a high velocity dumb dumb made of lead. It's designed to break up on contact and penetrate deeply, ripping the body apart as it goes. These are messy sure kill rounds. It hits John's chest and shatters but the impact is enough to force him backwards off balance. John can't allow any more rounds to be fired. With his left hand he grabs the man's gun hand, his right. Squeezing hard he crushes the man's hand onto the gun to stop him from firing again. John staggers backwards and trips over a chair to fall down. Due to his tight hold on the man's hand the gunman is dragged after him. As they fall the man swings his left hand forward towards John's chest. He's using a martial arts blow intended to be a fatal strike to John's heart. The man's strike is perfect, right on target just at the lower ribs, aimed to penetrate and rupture the heart. The attacker's hand shatters, breaking every bone in his hand, wrist, and forearm. He screams in pain. Rolling onto him John tears the gun from his hand and puts it in his pocket. Placing his right hand over the gunman's chest he hits him with a Taser charge. The gunman screams again as his body heaves with the jolt. He's going nowhere in a hurry. John stands and walks over to the the leader. He's standing there covered by Georgio.
Stepping up to the leader John turns his head to face him. He stares into his eyes and says, in a deep commanding voice, "Who sent you?"
The man cringes, shivers, and whimpers, "Big Jim, he wants you dead. He wants it real bad." All within hearing are surprised as no one working for Big Jim dares open their mouths. But this guy is more scared of John than Big Jim. John motions for him to sit still, he does. They wait for the police to arrive. The police arrive and are soon followed by a disheveled Sergeant Katz in plain clothes. He's obviously called in while off duty. The responding patrol calls in the detectives and other specialists needed. Statements are taken from all the witnesses. This is going to take some time so the staff continue with serving the customers their meals and drinks, many of them feel the need of their drinks after the incident.
Dragging an unused table for two close to his seat John has Steve sit down and orders a meal at his expense. He says, "OK mate. This is a definite kill team sent by Big Jim. I need to know what you have on him and I want some help from the commissioner. I've got to take him down before he hurts one of the girls." Steve nods and asks for a phone. He calls the commissioner.
The manager is ex military. He's surprised John survived the bullet and the kill strike. He comes over to John, his intent clear. John says, "Don't worry Eric. You know I'm just out of hospital after a long stay." He nods, "My ribs didn't survive what put me there. I have a new rib cage of a Kevlar plate as it has a lower rejection rate. Now I wear permanent body armor in my chest. Both hits hurt, they hurt like hell, but they didn't penetrate." Eric smiles as he nods and leaves. He's not completely happy with the answer but accepts it.
John makes a few phone calls to the other Snakes to explain the situation and ask for all they can find out about Big Jim. After the calls he asks Steve if there's a low life in the place who can spread some information. Steve points one out and gives his street name.
Crossing the restaurant John pulls out a chair and sits at the table the man is at with a woman. He hands over a hundred dollars, saying, "Hello Sharpy, my name's John Smith. I want you to spread the word around town for me. Tell everyone who I am and David Smith was my brother. Years ago he went by the street name of Diamond Snake." That gets a reaction from Sharpy, "I've just finished talking to some friends of his Taipan, Krait, Viper, and a few others. They're not happy about someone trying to hurt me. They're now finding out all they can about such people and intend to take action against them. Spread the word the Snakes are on the move again and will bite anyone who hurts me or my people. Make sure you get the word out and fast."
Leaving the table he returns to Steve and tells him about the warning he's just issued. Steve looks at him and nods. The warning won't stop Big Jim but it'll make his people nervous and the freelance people will back off. Steve tells him DC Williams is prepared to help with anything that's legal. John can view their files on Big Jim tomorrow and Steve'll take him to Police Headquarters to see them. There's not much there as they don't know his real name or where he operates from. He's a real shadows person, literally, no one's seen his face as his office is always in dark shadows.
The police take about an hour to do what they have to do. The rest of the dinner is quite ordinary after that, to everyone's satisfaction. Everyone settles down and gets back into a festive mood. When Mr and Mrs Stevers get up to leave John has Steve sit down at the table, shuffling people to sit him beside Harry. They get on real well as he thought they might. He invites Steve back to the house for the rest of the night. Earlier Fred and Harry decided to stay on as they don't have any more work booked for some weeks and they're having fun.
They finish dinner about 9.30 pm and leave The Fatted Calf. Boarding the buses after getting the OK from the bus watch dogs and head home. Arriving home just before 10.00 pm. John makes a special exception and allows everyone to stay dressed until they go to bed if they wish. They look and feel so sexy he doesn't want to discourage that feeling. However he undresses as he's more comfortable nude.
Home Again
They settle down as Gwen puts a movie on to watch, High School Musical. Naturally the girls have to organize the dance sessions and each one gets replayed several times. It's after midnight by the time the movie and dancing is finished but everyone has had a good day despite the trouble at the restaurant. The girls'll give Brooke her gifts in the morning as it was planned that way from the start.
For the movie John sits between the two girls near him at dinner, Tracey and Jill, they're nude. He sits with an arm around each and fondles their breasts, neither are interested in joining in the dance sessions, I wonder why? Towards the end of the movie Jill says she's bored as she's seen it many times before. Smiling at her he apologises to Tracey before lifting Jill up and sitting her on his thighs facing him. He fondles both her breasts and often moves his hand down to play with her clit. Soon Jill closes her eyes and moans as she comes. Winking at Tracey, he creates a 3T. Holding Jill's labia apart he moves her closer to him and rubs his dick against her pussy. Her moans increase in tempo and she comes twice. In response to whispered instructions Tracey takes hold of his dick and guides it to target while using her other hand to play with Jill's clit. John lifts Jill up and slowly lowers her towards his dick. He holds her there waiting as Jill has another orgasm. He lowers her onto his dick, she's wet and ready. She doesn't understand what's happening as he enters her because she's lost in the pleasure of coming. No reaction as he broaches her hymen. He kisses her as his dick slides in her vagina. Her eyes open wide as she realizes what he's done and she comes again. Smiling, he changes to a 3M. She comes as his dick widens within her. He thinks, 'dickman slom 2M 3M, 5R, 90S.' He holds her tight to him as his dick starts to quickly shrink and lengthen within her to give her ninety seconds of a very quick fuck. He has her so tightly held she can't move anything but her arms and legs, they thrash about during her ninety seconds of multiple orgasm. The program ends. He breaks the kiss and she leans back totally exhausted and barely awake. The feel of her pussy squeezing his dick while she comes is heavenly.
Brooke sees what John is doing and waits until he's finished. She makes a big show of walking over to him. By the time she reaches him everyone is watching her. She lifts Jill's limp arm and lets go. It drops like a limp rag, which she is. With a stern look Brooke says, "Tch, tch, tch, Uncle John. We've spoken about this before, must you break all your toys. She won't be any use to anyone until tomorrow now. What will her bed mate think or do tonight?"
Grinning as everyone else laughs John stands as he lifts Jill off his dick and places her on a nearby mattress. He pulls a sheet and quilt over her. Walking back to Tracey he smiles at her and says to Brooke, "Simple, just match her up with Tracey. Shortly she won't be in a position to care either."
All grin as Tracey's eyes go wide. She sighs and lays back with her legs apart, "Yes please, I think."
They watch as he drops to his knees between her legs to lean forward and place his mouth over her pussy. After two minutes of using his tongue on her clit, vaginal entrance, and all adjacent areas he clamps his mouth over her clit and tickles it with the tip of his tongue while he sucks on it real hard. Screaming her orgasm to the world she humps at his face and collapses. Releasing her clit he kisses his way up her body and gives her tits plenty of attention on the way. It takes a few minutes for him to reach her mouth. She has her breath back just in time to lose it again as he slides his stiff dick into her sopping wet vagina. She gives a little squeal as he broaches her hymen. He wonders if Brooke made a point of inviting virgins. Reaching full depth he waits for her to adjust to the feel. A few minutes later he slowly withdraws. He re-enters and sets up a slow thrusting. He speeds up a bit on each thrust. For the next several minutes he vigorously fucks her while she's coming and coming for all but the first minute or so. Again he's in heaven as her cunt ripples along his dick with her orgasms. When he stops she's a totally exhausted limp rag and has an ear to ear grin. Withdrawing he stands and picks her up to put her to bed with Jill, cuddling them up to each other. He covers them with the sheet and quilt. There's not a dry pussy in the house as everyone had a come or two or more while watching them.
Turning to Brooke he smiles, saying, "See problem solved, two happy campers." Everyone giggles.
Bedtime and Talks
Shaking her head Brooke gives the bedding assignments. Steve is surprised to be told he's sleeping in room two with Harry. Fred and Janice in room five, Barry and Sera in room three, Max and Rachel in room four. Gwen and Melody in room six. May and Elise with John in room one. Everyone else gets a change.
Taking May and Elise by the hand John leads them upstairs. They quickly undress in the bedroom. John slows them down by fondling their breasts as they're getting undressed. Grinning at Elise he gets some restraints out of his drawer and hands them to her. May wonders what they're for as Elise places them on May's wrists and secures her hands together behind her back. Elise is surprised when John does the same to her. He stands them together, face to face. Getting a long wide belt from the the drawer he places it around their waists and pulls it tight so their breasts are pushing hard against each other. Undoing May's cuffs he puts her arms around Elise and secures them again. He repeats the manoeuvre with Elise's cuffs but ensures one arm is between May's arm and her body. Placing restraint cuffs on their ankles he pulls May's right leg between Elise's and secures May's ankles together. He does the same with Elise's ankles. Now they're face to face with their breasts rubbing each other and their pussies rubbing along the other's thigh. Both are getting aroused as any movement stimulates their nipples and clits. Picking them up he carries them to the bed and places them on it with them lying on their sides. The only freedom of action they have is to kiss. They make a real cute looking mother daughter setting. Looking at them John says, "Enjoy yourselves for a while as I have something else I must do first. I'll be back shortly." Before leaving he runs a hand down each spine to play with their ass cheeks and slip a finger into their pussies. He gives them both a very quick, light, finger fuck. He leaves them both moaning and wet.
Walking down the hall he quietly enters room three to find Barry and Sera arguing. He doesn't want to hurt her and is saying no. She's horny, wants a fuck, and is really applying the pressure by rubbing her lovely breasts against him. Smiling, John shakes his head. They both jump when he says, "Be quiet and behave yourselves." They turn to look at him and he says, "Both of you off the bed." They stand beside the bed with classic 'kid caught in the act' expressions. Moving the pillows to the middle of the bed he places them on top of each other. Picking Sera up he places her face down on the bed with her hips on the pillows. She realizes what he's up to and smiles at him. Getting the KY out of the drawer he hands it to Barry, saying, "Use this and fuck her ass ragged, literally. Make sure you reach around and play with her breasts and clit while you do."
He stands and watches until Barry is well inserted in Sera's ass and fucking like mad. Both are enjoying the situation. John says, "You don't need a condom when you do it this way but wash thoroughly as soon as you withdraw. And if you ever use a condom while fucking this way don't let Sera eat the contents. The risk of contamination is too high and not worth it. In future come prepared with a bowl of water, soap, and a towel. That way you can clean up and come in her face. I suggest next time you let her give you a blow job first." They both nod at him while they continue to enjoy themselves. Smiling, he leaves.
Walking into room four he finds Max and Rachel well engaged. They're both moaning as Max fills her with his come. Rachel sees John and smiles as Max withdraws. Max rolls off and is about to go to sleep. John says, "Lazy bugger it's not sleep time yet." Max jumps at the sound. "On your knees so she can lick that dick clean and get it stiff again." Gulping, Max does as told. John takes the pillows and puts them in the middle of the bed. At his signal Rachel moves around so her hips are on the pillows with her ass in the air and her mouth still on Max's dick as she sucks to get it stiff. Going to the bedside table John removes a tube of KY as he has one in every bedroom now. Coating his stiff dick he also rubs some into Rachel's ass as he says, "Cock sucking, pussy eating, and ass fucking are three things you need to know. Because genital sex isn't always possible due to menses and late stages of pregnancy. When ass fucking use plenty of lubricant and make sure she's relaxed, always go slow at first." Max watches as John moves up behind Rachel and gently spreads her cheeks as he places his dick at her rear entrance. Max's dick is starting to come back to life. Slowly John pushes his dick into Rachel's ass. It's her first time at this and he's taking care to be gentle despite having kept the 3M size.
At first Rachel is a bit uncomfortable at the new contact but soon settles down and likes it. She really starts enjoying it when John reaches around to play with her clit. A few minutes later he's thrusting back and forth at a fast pace as she comes for the third time. Max's dick is now fully awake. John stops with his dick in Rachel's ass and his balls against her cheeks. Pulling Rachel up onto her knees he fondles her breasts, "Now for a special treat. Max, slip that stiff dick into her cunt. We'll show her what it really means to be full of dick." Rachel's eyes open wide at this as he pushes the pillows out of the way. He slides forward to rub his dick along her pussy before he slides into her wet pussy. He's balls deep with his first stroke. John leans back further to give him more room. All three are on their knees on the bed. John is leaning back at a 45% angle with Rachel's head on his shoulder. His dick's well up her ass while he fondles her breasts. Rachel's knees are just off the bed as she's held in position by John. Max is leaning forward with his dick right in Rachel. She comes on his fourth stroke. He keeps fucking her for several minutes before her clutching pussy forces him over the edge and he comes again. During her orgasms her ass squeezes John's dick, not a good as her vagina but nice. As Max settles down and starts to collapse John leans Rachel forward, making sure Max's dick stays in her. With her lying full length on Max he to fucks her ass again. While Max was fucking Rachel he could feel Max's dick inside her moving back and forth. Now Max can feels his. Rachel is going crazy with pleasure as her vaginal wall is stimulated from two sides. She continues to come as John gives her another five minutes of solid ass fucking. Withdrawing from her ass John stands and walks to the door. He says, "Now you know how to ass fuck properly, I expect you to practice at least twice in the next twenty-four hours. I also expect you to eat or finger fuck her to three comes before you enter her, OK?"
Both nod and Rachel says, "Hmm, yes." Max grins.
Exiting the bedroom he goes to the bathroom and cleans his dick before he goes to bedroom five to find Janice and Fred in a post coital rest. They grin as he enters the room. He sits on the side of the bed, saying, "Janice, what's your understanding of the current situation?"
Fred watches as she smiles, saying, "Master, I know you told me not to have sex with anyone without approval. But you placed me with Fred in a situation where sex is expected. I've been assigned to his bed at night with, I believe, an expectation I'm to have sex with him. Since you didn't give me explicit orders to fuck him I thought you'd left it up to me to decide if I want to. I do want to. I like him a lot, more than any man I'd known before." John nods. "Master, unless you object I'd like to spend more time getting to know Fred, looking to a long term relationship if he's interested." John nods again. He turns and looks at Fred, raising one eyebrow in an unspoken question.
Fred takes a deep breath and smiles, saying, " I like Janice a lot and would like to get to know her a lot better as a person. I'd like to be her boyfriend but I don't like the idea of her being your slave."
John says, "Do you wish to formally court Janice?" Fred nods. He turns to Janice, "Do you welcome his courtship?" She nods. "I thought that was the case. I approve of the courtship and while he's courting you our agreement is on hold. So long as you're true to him during the courtship. If you want to have sex with any of the ladies then it has to be with his full prior approval for each specific incident. Understand?" They both smile and nod. He says, "That means if all parties are willing you could have a few threesomes or foursomes etc." Looking at Fred, he says, "Are you happy driving that big bus for yourself or would you and Harry be interested in driving something smaller for someone else?"
With a pensive look, Fred says, "You'd have to ask Harry as I won't leave her in the lurch. But work has been harder to come by lately and expenses are going up. We're hardly making basic wage now, not after operating expenses. And I'd like something a bit easier. She's our bookkeeper and any sell out etc would have to be on terms she agrees to. If she says yes then I'm all for selling out. I even know someone who'd be interested and he has two kids to help drive. But they'd want the entire operation and we'd have to find somewhere to live damn quick as we live in the same building that's our office, shed, and workshop."
John says, "Good, I'll speak to her. I want a couple of twenty-five seater buses and would like two or three drivers to drive them and a limo about. I'll ask how she feels about the idea. I'd pay award or better and would help find housing." Fred nods agreement. "Janice is probably pregnant with my child, conceived this week. I'll provide for the child regardless of whatever happens with you two, OK." They both nod. Standing up he leaves the room.
Knocking on the door of room two he waits until Steve calls 'Enter' before walking in. Steve and Harry are in bed together but not intimately involved. John sits on the side of the bed, saying, "Harry, how would you like to get out of the bus business and take a job as driver for an eccentric millionaire?"
Her eyes go wide as she grins, saying, "Yeah, I'd like to do that. I love driving the bus but the business is too thin. I see no future for us in it, not now. A competitor would like to buy us out and expand his family operation into our clients. I'd have to check with Fred though."
John smiles, "He says 'sure, but only if Harry agrees.' So here I am asking you." he turns to Steve, "And you. You're almost at a common retirement age for the department. Why not take all your owing recreational and long service leave, get approval to take on other work, and become a driver / armed security guard for an eccentric millionaire who's as mad as a cut snake."
Laughing, Steve says, "Eccentric, yes, mad, yes, but you're not as mad as a cut snake. And yeah, I'd like that. But when did you become a millionaire?" Harry gives Steve a strange look then turns to John.
"Compensation for being blown to pieces and murdered." Harry stares at him, "And the royalties for the marketing ideas I've given Preston will bring in several million more. I'll pay award for each qualification plus bonuses. I figure to have you three cross trained as drivers and armed security. I'll have a range of cars for the family to use but want two twenty-five seater mini-buses, a limo, and a sedan for regular use, chauffeur driven." To Harry he says, "About nine months back I got badly hurt when the building I was in blew up and fell on me. I was legally dead in the emergency room, three times they resuscitated me in the ER. What you see now is mostly Kevlar and plastic, I'm a cyborg with a few bio parts stored inside; mostly my brain and balls. That's why I wasn't killed tonight, bullet proof body." Shocked, she nods. To Steve he says, "Harry's a nice person and I think you two could be good friends so be friendly to her. People are paired off by Brooke so they can have someone to cuddle with. Anything beyond that is up to the people if they want to. But friendly cuddling is a requirement, especially if you want to be fed breakfast." Steve stares for a moment, laughs, and nods.
Leaving them to get to know each other he returns to bedroom one. To find May and Elise highly aroused and trying not to show it. He grins as he climbs onto the bed and gives them both a good finger fuck to make them come twice. They're both quiet as he smiles while pushing Elise's legs forward until they're at right angles to her hips. Her thigh is pushed into May's pussy and both are squirming at the contact. Moving up beside Elise he lines his dick up with her vaginal entrance, saying, "Now for a nice fuckfest." He slides his dick into her pussy. She starts moaning and writhing as she comes three times before he's fully in. Her actions send May off into an orgasm as well. He grins, "That's nice, two coming on the one fuck. Wonder how long we can keep that up." Moving into a fast fucking action he soon has her coming on every stroke. He enjoys the sensation as her pussy tries to squash and milk his dick during her long orgasms. When he stops both ladies are exhausted as they'd both had some serious orgasms. Elise sighs as he withdraws. Moving to the other side of the bed he pushes the ladies legs into the reverse of what they just had and slowly slides his dick into May. She's all set to come again and starts coming as he enters her. She's having a multiple orgasm before he's fully in her and her writhing is setting Elise off again. He fucks May hard and fast for some minutes and both come continuously. They're both extremely satiated when he withdraws and releases them from the restraints. Both collapse on the bed as he goes limp. He removes the restraints and puts them away.
Smiling, Elise says, "NOW I know what it's like to be totally fucked." Smiling, John has them cuddle together and climbs in beside Elise as he pulls the covers over them. It's 2.30 am as they fall asleep.
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