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Day 10 - Sunday
Waking at 5.30 am John carefully climbs out of bed. Going down the stairs he goes to a 3M. Walking through the sleeping girls he finds Vanessa, the VS staff member who challenged him yesterday. She's awake and on top in a sixty-nine with her overnight bed mate, Fiona.
Walking up to the bed he climbs on behind her. Placing his hand on the back of Vanessa's head he pushes it in Fiona's pussy. With his other hand he rubs his dick against her vaginal entrance. Feeling the contact of a dick on her nose Fiona lowers her head. Smiling down at her he slides his dick into Vanessa's wet pussy. She's so close to coming, despite the anxiety of not knowing who's fucking her, she comes as he slides in. He's balls deep with his dick nudging her cervix. Leaning forward he lays along her back. With his mouth against her ear, he says, "You're in just the right position for me to fuck a bitch like you." She moans as he withdraws and thrusts back in, hard and fast. She comes on each thrust with her cunt squeezing his dick as she writhes in orgasm. For several minutes he rapidly fucks her to many orgasms. She collapses onto Fiona, exhausted. Pulling out he lowers her to the bed. As he walks around the bed he rolls her off Fiona. Reaching the side of the bed nearest Vanessa's head he places his dick on her lips. When she doesn't do anything he reaches down and pulls her mouth open as he slides his dick in. Resignedly she sucks his dick and licks it with her tongue. He smiles, "You've a lot to learn about that." Holding her mouth closed around his dick he comes in her mouth. She glares at him as she's forced to swallow.
Withdrawing his dick from her mouth he climbs on the bed. Spreading Fiona's legs as he lowers his face to her drenched pussy. Licking her clit he places his mouth over it and sucks hard. She heaves her hips at him as she has three quick comes. Releasing her clit he kisses his way up her body, giving both breasts a good kissing and sucking when he reaches them. Reaching her mouth he kisses her as he slides his dick into her eager pussy. Slowly he gently slides the length of her vagina as she's very tight. Fiona is almost eighteen years old but very short for her age, a short and petite brunette who looks much younger, very elfin looking. As she's so tight he goes very slow to allow her body to adjust to his dick in her. He feels no hymen but knows from earlier questions she's a virgin and never used a dildo. He takes four minutes to slide his dick the full length of her vagina, spreading it wide as he goes. With his balls not quite against her bum and his dick head touching her cervical entrance he breaks the kiss. She makes no sound during all this. They just lie there like that for five minutes.
Finally she says, "That didn't hurt but it wasn't as pleasurable as I expected. I sure feel full."
He says, "The first time it takes a bit for your body to adjust, that's why I went so slow. To let you adjust as much as possible. Soon, once I think your body's adjusted, I'll start to really fuck you. Then you'll know the pleasure but you've one very small and tight pussy. Just lying here feels marvelous as it's like your squeezing my dick, it feels nice." She grins at him. Slowly he withdraws and re-enters her. In the next few minutes he withdraws and re-enters seven times, each time a bit quicker than the previous one. On the ninth entry she pushes her hips at him and he speeds up his thrusts. A few more minutes and he's fucking her hard and fast as she writhes and moans with ecstasy. For several minutes he fucks her and she comes frequently. Withdrawing he smiles at her, exhausted she smiles back and blows him a kiss. Standing up he looks around the large area. All the girls are awake and watching them as they play with a pussy, mostly their bed mate's pussy as only a few are playing with their own.
Looking at the clock on the side of the house he sees its 6.40 am. Grinning, he says, "OK people, bath time. Bernie, you know where the money is, find someone else to buy the papers today and give the lad a new thrill." All laugh at the joke. Some start to rise. All are watching his stiff dick bounce as he walks to the house. Walking along the upstairs hall he looks out the window to see the curtains pulled back in the front bedrooms of the Bellingham and Lincoln residences. He smiles as Sera and Rachel walk out of their rooms to cross the hall and open the windows as they stick their heads out to judge the weather. Hearing the paper boy's whistle next door he thinks they'd missed him until he looks out to see a nude Beth a few steps outside the front door waving a ten dollar note and calling the boy back. John enters his room with a large smile.
In the bathroom he finds Brooke and Tina waiting beside a hot bath. Brooke is taps her foot, and says, "You're late, next time start extra activities earlier."
Climbing into the bath he nods, saying, "Yes ma'am." He motions Tina in for the first bath and sits her in his lap facing him with his dick rubbing her pussy. She moans as he washes her breasts. Pulling her towards him he squeezes her against his chest as he washes her back. She comes twice while being bathed. Brooke dries Tina while John washes Sera as Barry watches and learns how to wash her. He washes them all the same way and everyone comes a few times while being bathed. They all agree it's the best way to have a bath. At 9.20 am he's finished washing everyone and says to Brooke, "I think we're going to have to do something about how long this takes." She grins and shakes her head no. Dried, they head for breakfast.
At breakfast he finds Harry sitting in Steve's lap with an ear to ear grin. Augmenting his vision John detects Steve's stiff dick is well embedded in her pussy. Chortling, John says, "Steve, Harry, don't you know fucking at the breakfast table is tantamount to an announcement of engagement to marry." Most have had breakfast so only the mixed couples and some of the core family members are left in the kitchen.
Steve smiles, saying, "No I didn't know, but it'll do." Turning to look at him Harry smiles and nods. Janice is sitting next to Fred and playing with his dick while eating toast with her other hand. Smirking, she stands and holds his dick up as she sits down on it while making sure it slides into her vagina. He nods, smiles, and fondles her breasts as she leans back against him, feeding them both toast with her right hand. Sera stands to face Barry as she holds his dick still and slides down onto it, moaning with pleasure. He holds her to him as they kiss.
Max looks at Rachel and she shakes her head no, saying, "I'm not sure yet, Max. But we can fuck after breakfast without it being a permanent commitment." Smiling weakly he nods.
John sits down as he pulls Brooke to him and slowly lowers her onto his still stiff dick. She smiles and comes twice on the way down into his lap. Seeing this Gwen nods as do many others. It's clear what those two would like but it's not possible as the law won't permit them to marry. So they'll manage as best they can. Everyone spends a relaxing time swimming after breakfast.
At 11.00 am everyone is in the pool area having fun watching Brooke open her gifts. Naturally she has to do a fashion show of the clothes she receives. Everyone has a good time. A late lunch starts at 1.00 pm followed by short first aid and water safety training courses by the local volunteer emergency services education unit people as John is paying them well to deliver the course. The course is focused on what to do when someone is drowning and other pool related injuries as well as basic first aid. For the rest of the afternoon the girls settle down to watch movies, starting with the Princess Diaries.
At 1.45 pm John and Steve go to police headquarters. Deputy Commissioner Williams has all the police files on Big Jim brought together. Most of the special unit team leaders are there too. John can read the files then quiz the police about what they know and isn't in the files. Two police officers are in the house with the girls and another two are in a car outside while John and Steve away.
Police Work
John's soon introduced to DC Williams and in the eighth floor conference room reading the files. He quickly goes through them; the drug squad, organised crime, homicide, robbery, and SCIT, all have files on matters they think are connected with Big Jim. As requested they brought everything they weren't sure about as well. Being a speed reader he's quick with them. After going through everything, taking notes as he reads, John goes back through a few and stacks everything into three piles for each unit. He ties them up with little notes on top. Each unit gets its files back, divided into Big Jim related, nothing to do with Big Jim, and not sure. Turning to the drug squad leader, he says, "OK, tell me what isn't in the files and why." DC Williams indicates he has to so the officer explains intelligence from sensitive sources that isn't documented. He tells John the information and sources. After hearing what he has to say John identifies two of the sources as being plants by Big Jim, a shock to all present. Their information is at odds with everything else known about Big Jim.
Sitting back he thinks a while before asking the SCIT for all that they have on the other matters Steve put before them. They brought the files to the meeting so they hand them over. Going through them with care John suddenly sits up. Going back to some of the other files he starts comparing information. Sitting back he stares off into space. Twenty minutes later he looks at the assembled police officers and says, "You've got big troubles people. Each of you MUST have someone on Big Jim's payroll in your squads. Otherwise you wouldn't keep missing his operations." Sighing, he writes down a name and hands it to Steve, saying, "Get everything you have on this person, they'll be in the archives." Steve looks at it and is shocked by what he sees. Shaking his head he leaves to get the files. To the others, John says, "I need a list of who owns all properties in the city, who rents any property, a list of the owners, senior officials of all companies on those two lists, and one large map of the city." They're stunned but race to get the information when DC Williams motions them to.
While waiting John and DC Williams walk out onto the balcony of the conference room, John says, "I think that room may've been bugged." Handing over his mobile phone, he says, "You've a good contact in the Department of Justice Organised Crime Unit, call them. Arrange a meet in the park down there a.s.a.p. Also we'll need twenty officers for raids tonight." DC Williams isn't so sure about taking directions from John but makes the call and sets the meet up for 4.30 pm while he remembers the quality of the John's previous work from years ago. He starts arranging for officers from general duties to be called in to make up the raiding party.
Steve is back with the file ten minutes later. John goes through it and marks a name. Asking Steve to get a current address for the person and to bring them in. He leaves to do so. Going through the lists of property owners and users John identifies five companies. Reviewing the corporate officers list he lists two more companies that have many of the same officers. Using colored dots he starts marking the city map with the properties owned or used by those companies and their officers. Going back to his notes from the files he marks off the properties that are mentioned in the files. Closely examining what properties are left and what they're used for, he then notes down four addresses.
At 4.00 pm Steve returns with a sixty year old woman. Steve sits her down in a chair. John walks up and says, "Mrs Delling, it's John Smith, do you remember me?" She nods, "I need to know who JT's father is, will you please tell me?"
Looking about her, she waves for the rest to leave, Williams motions them out. Smiling, she says, "It shouldn't matter now but his father was Franco Di Georgio." John nods and smiles, Steve and DC Williams take deep breaths. She continues, "You probably want his sister's name and heritage, too?" John nods, she says, "Carmen Bradley, she's six years older and also Di Georgio's child. I was still married when she was born and my husband is down as the father. But my husband divorced me just after that. When JT was about seven Franco tired of me and I moved here. JT's father is listed as unknown." She looks closely at John and her smile slips as her hands go to her mouth, "Good grief, you think he's still alive, don't you?" John nods, "You could be right as we argued the week before his accident. He wanted to work for Franco and I argued against it. He wouldn't want me to know if he started working for Franco."
John smiles, saying, "I think he's still alive. Hurt in the accident but still alive. I don't think he's working for Franco but for Carmen." She smiles at his reassurance. She knows John wouldn't say it unless he meant it. "Thank you for coming and thanks for your candour." He turns to Steve, "Please take her home and provide some police protection for a few days." They all leave, John and DC Williams have a meeting to go to and Steve to take Mrs Delling home.
In the park DC Williams introduces John to Special Investigator Alan Hedges of the Justice Department. John opens the conversation with, "Sorry, but one of Big Jim's spies in the police department is probably photographing this meeting and trying to record it."
Alan replies, "That's OK as I'm not undercover any more. So, what can I do for you gentlemen?"
John asks, "Who's the head of the Mob for this area and where is he? Is it still Guido? Also would you be able to quickly find out where Senator Carmen Bradley is and where Franco Di Georgio is?"
Alan says, "Now that's an interesting little group and a correlation we haven't made." Taking out his mobile phone he calls a number and asks for a location on Franco and Carmen. Turning back to John, he says, "The local Capo, or Don as some people like to call them, is still Guy Franks, born Guido Francesco. He lives on the edge of town and was at home twenty minutes ago. Mind telling me why you're connecting those three?" His phone rings and he answers it, the caller tells him something. He tells them, "Interesting, a tall, good looking, smartly dressed woman, just climbed out of a green and white helicopter at the Franks mansion. She was greeted by the big man himself." The phone rings again and he listens, suddenly he looks up at John. Hanging up, he says, "Franco's in prison and they're watching his senior people but can't work out who's running the show now. The good senator, a tall good looking woman, flew off in a green and white helicopter an hour ago, destination unknown. This is looking interesting as she's on the Senate Law and Order Committee."
John says, "We need a car as I've got to speak to Guido, urgently." Alan turns and leads them to his car which is parked nearby. They get in it. His partner is at the wheel and he tells him to get to the Franks' mansion - urgently. Pulling out from the kerb he sticks the light on the roof as he turns on the siren and speeds off. John tells Alan the family relationship between Carmen and Franco. He explains why it's not on the birth certificate. Alan swears at the news. Fifteen minutes later they're at the Franks villa and John tells them to wait in the car.
He gets out and walks up to the gate security guard, saying, "I urgently need to talk to your boss about his current house guest." The guard calls the house and a senior guard drives down in a golf cart. The guards confer as both give the cops a long look. The senior guard nods at the car, saying, "You law enforcement?"
John says, "No, my friends are and they'll wait here. You can check me for wires and weapons etc. But your boss is in great danger and he doesn't know it. His current house guest, Carmen Bradley, is affiliated with Franco Di Georgio."
That gets a reaction as his boss is in the middle of a tussle with Di Georgio's people. Opening the gate he motions John in to pat him down for weapons and wires then motions him to the golf cart. They drive up to the house and John waits in a side room while he goes to speak to the boss. A few minutes later Guy Franks bursts into the room, he's angry and demands, "What's this about my house guest being in my enemy's pay. You better have some proof mister."
Smiling coldly, John says, "I can prove it and when I do I want the senator as my prisoner. You'll want to kill her while I want her to live a long time." Guy is stopped dead by the expression of hate on John's face and the venom in his voice. "I'll get her to tell you herself. Despite what her birth certificate says her biological father is Franco Di Georgio and she's taking over the running of his operation. Her full brother has already set up shop in this city and has been preparing for her to take over this area for some years; he calls himself Big Jim now days." That gets a reaction from Guy Franks as well.
Guy isn't sure to believe him or not. He turns, saying, "Come with me and ask her." They leave the room and go down a hall to the back of the house. In a luxurious office they find a tall, good looking woman. Guy says, "Senator Carmen Bradley meet John Smith." Her eyes narrow at the introduction as the name clearly means something to her. Both men notice her reaction.
John walks up to her and stands almost toe to toe as he reaches out to run his hand down the side of her face, "Did JT ever tell you what my street name was or why? Did he ever tell you his street name?"
Gulping, she shakes her head no, softly saying, "No, he never told me anything, except he has to kill you or lose everything. He said you were the only one who could pin him or find him. Seems he's right."
Focussing on her John keeps eye contact and nods, saying, "Yes, he's right. And I'm after him now. If he hadn't tried to kill me I may not have realized he was still alive. However, now I know and I also know your part in all this. Look at me, look into my eyes." She stares at his eyes - unblinking, she starts to sway. He smiles, saying, "You're now mine, heart, mind, and body, you're my slave. Understand, you no longer have a will, you're mine to command. You'll always answer me truthfully with the whole truth. Do you understand?"
She nods, saying, "Yes, master. I understand I'm your slave and will always tell you the truth."
Guy gulps, saying, "Shit, how'd you do that?"
Keeping his eyes on Carmen, John says, "I don't know how, just that I can. Sit down Carmen. Tell us who your biological father is and your current working relationship with him. What's your purpose in being here today?"
She sits, saying, "Yes master. My father is Franco Di Georgio and I'm taking over the running his operations as none of his sub-capos has enough balls to do it right. This visit is to let Guido bribe me and I'd record it on the hidden recorder in my purse. That would later be used to put him in prison so we can finish taking over this city and start on the rest of his territory."
Turning to Guy, John says, "Do you believe me now?" Guy nods, "You'll take no action against her as she's my property now and no longer a threat to you. In the past you haven't dealt in drugs, continue that policy and I have no reason to take action against you. I strongly recommend you legalise your operations and clean up your act. Tonight I start action against her brother and father. Very soon it should be easy for you to take over Di Georgio's territory without any trouble. Officially her brother died in a car accident nearly seventeen years ago. He now calls himself Big Jim, I know him as James Thomas or Tiger Snake." Guy reacts to that, they never bothered him but he'd heard of the Snake gang. John says, "My name was Cobra because of my ability to mesmerize people like I just did to Carmen. I've nothing against you or your operations. I suggest you keep it that way." Turning to her, he says, "Slave, get your things and follow me."
Carmen stands and follows him out of the room, she picks up her laptop computer before leaving. Guy walks out with them as he tells an aide to have the helicopter return to its hanger. He shakes hands with John at the front door and they say goodbye. A golf cart takes John and Carmen to the front gate. They exit and get in Hedge's car.
They return to the police headquarters and go to DC Williams' office where John starts debriefing her by himself. He has her use the laptop to access the Internet and all the bank accounts she controls. He has the money transferred into one account for each country, she changes the passwords for each account as she does so. While she's doing that he contacts Barbara Masters and gets her to provide details of accounts he can use, she empties three of her own accounts, giving him the details and passwords - one local, one in Switzerland, and one in the Cayman Islands. After changing the passwords he has Carmen transfer all the money into those accounts. Calling Williams and Hedges in he places three high security tape recorders on the table.
He starts the recorders and says, "My friend is going to give you all the information she can, however there are conditions. Neither she or her brother will be charged or prosecuted. Do you agree?" Both men verbally agree for the record as they can afford to let these two off if it closes down large chunks of the networks they're involved in. He turns to Carmen, "Where will your brother be in two hours time?" She names a night club and where in the club he'll be. He smiles, "You'll now stay here and tell these gentlemen everything you know about unlawful or corrupt operations that go on in this city, all you know about Big Jim's network, and all you know about explosive fires in the region. You'll then tell them all you know about Franco Di Georgio's network and operations. You'll answer any questions they have." She nods and starts talking. Quietly John says to Williams and Hedges, "Let her talk herself out before you ask questions, keep her here and keep an eye on her. I've a raid to conduct."
DC Williams takes John outside to where the SCIT team leader is waiting, he'll lead the raid under John's directions. They discuss the raid parameters so the officers can prepare. John doesn't give them the address yet.
They get the raid team together and go to a nearby McDonald's for dinner. Over the dinner John gets a feel for the team members. Back at headquarters he has them pair off then switches the pairs around so they're not paired with a long term friend. Everyone but John suits up in body armour and day-glow vests saying 'police.' They won't need heavy weapons but do include equipment to break down doors. In the police garage John turns from the assigned truck and picks a bus at random. After loading up they drive out. Ninety minutes after asking Carmen for an address they pull up around the corner from a busy night club. Getting out of the bus, John sends teams to cover the back and side entrances. The rest are to wait two minutes and follow him into the club.
Big Jim's Fall
Wearing normal day clothes John walks around the corner and enters the club. At the bar he orders a drink and turns around to inspect the premises and the crowd. A disturbance at the door announces the arrival of the police. While everyone is concentrating on them John places his drink on the bar and picks up a drinks tray from the end of the bar. He quickly walks towards a section of mirror wall. Reaching the wall he holds the tray on the flat of his hand and punches the mirror, shattering the safety glass it's made of. Stepping through the broken observation mirror he walks into a dark office as the man behind the desk stands to leave. John says, "Forget it JT, I already have your sister." The man stops, sighs, and his shoulders slump. John handcuffs JT's hands behind him as he says, "Which room has the drugs shipment?"
JT replies, "Down the hall, third on the left." Looking behind him John sees the raid leader nod and move off. He has JT give him the combination to open the office safe. Removing the money and records stored there he places them in a nearby briefcase and grabs JT's laptop computer. Leading JT out through the night club he notices some white faced patrons, he smiles and waves at them.
Back at the bus he has the driver call in extra vehicles to carry prisoners. A few minutes later officers start bringing out evidence and stacking it in the back of the bus. Boxes of money, weapons, and drugs. When two prisoner vans arrive they start bringing out prisoners. With all the prisoners and evidence removed some officers are left to secure the site as the rest return to police headquarters. Later they find out they've confiscated eighty weapons, $1.5 million cash, twenty kilograms of pure heroin, and fifty kilograms of pure cocaine. Most of the local middle level drug dealers are arrested in the same room as the drugs. A very significant result for one raid. More than worth all the overtime for today's work.
At police headquarters John tells JT, "You'll now use your laptop to transfer all the money you have control of to these bank accounts." He does as told as he knows while he cooperates he'll have some free will. Disobey and he'll be enslaved. John introduces his prisoner to Williams and Hedges, saying, "This is Big Jim, aka JT, aka James Thomas Delling, aka Tiger Snake." Turning to JT he says, "You'll now tell them everything you know about corruption and unlawful operations in this city. Also tell them everything you know about explosive fires in the region." He nods and starts talking to the tape recorders on the table.
Williams asks John how he was able to work out JT was alive and involved with Di Giorgio. He replies, "I read all the information in the files you had. Evaluated their contents and looked for correlations. With that done it was simply a matter of profiling the mind behind it all and assessing who that may be. The profile matched JT's so it seemed reasonable to think he was alive. That then begged the questions why, who with, and how did he get financed. He double crossed the Snake gang and he'd only do that for family as he knew how dangerous and risky double crossing the Snakes was. He's in a large criminal organisation so he must have links with a major crime family but I didn't know which one until after I spoke with his mother. He waits until Williams and Hedges have milked both Carmen and JT dry of information. He leaves for home at 11.15 pm, taking his two new slaves with him. During the debriefings, Williams and Hedges take turns to organize raids that relate to time critical information like drug shipments etc. Williams has over half the city's detectives working overtime doing raids and arresting people.
Arriving home John finds everyone getting ready for bed. He has JT sleep on the floor while tied to the end of the bed as Carmen sleeps with John and Brooke. No fun tonight as he just cuddles up and sleeps.
Note: During the next few months the state and federal law enforcement personnel make serious inroads into the operations of Big Jim's and Di Georgio's organisations. Tonnes of drugs, weapons, and stolen goods are confiscated. Hundreds of people are arrested, charged, and convicted; 45% of the unsolved crimes are resolved. $240 million of cash and assets are confiscated under the racketeering laws. As the person responsible for breaking the case John is given 5% as a reward, $12 million. The federal and state police get 25% each for their use and the rest goes to the state government. John doesn't mention the $440 million Carmen and JT transferred into his bank accounts. He does make donations to local charitable organisations and other worthwhile causes from it. If he hands it out the people will get a lot more benefit from it than if it goes through the politicians and bureaucrats.
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