This isnt actually my story this story was posted on storiesonline (dot) net by the author cazna rochester and was posted on xnxx by someone else but they didnt post the full story and i will be posting it all
Day 13 - Wednesday
At 5.30 am John fondles Brooke's breasts. She smiles as she wakes up. She quietly says, "Hmm, that's nice but how come you're not in your bed?"
Grinning, he says, "That's too crowded for me at the moment. Think it's time to wake Fiona with a surprise?"
Smiling, she replies, "Yes, dick only, a 3M I'd guess from how well she handled the vibrator last night."
Smiling, he gets out of the bed and lifts the quilt off to put it on the floor. Fiona's lying there with her legs parted. Brooke gently opens her legs wider. She moans and seems to be asleep. But from the change in her pulse rate he can tell she's awake. Slowly he spreads her legs wider as Brooke plays with her pussy. John climbs on the bed and makes as if he's going to eat her pussy. He motions Brooke to kiss her. As Brooke's head obstructs her view of him he quickly moves forward and lifts her hips to slide his 3M dick into her pussy until their groins meet. Just before Brooke's lips touches hers Fiona's eyes fly open and she screams, "Fuck yes, fuck me good, you bastard."
Brooke sits back, saying, "You little minx, you were awake all along." Grinning, Fiona nods. Brooke drops her mouth to Fiona's breast and sucks hard as John sets up a fast thrusting action.
Fiona screams, "Fuck yes, I'm coming." With a devilish grin Fiona can see John switches to a half length fucking action and slows down while he thinks, 'dickman slom, 3M, 4W, 5R, 300S.' Suddenly his dick is wider and deeper into her and it's also going in and out at the same time. The wild stimulation is driving her crazy. Her cunt goes berserk as it ripples along his dick and she goes into a continuous orgasm. She yells "Fuuuuck, I'm commming." A couple of minutes later she says, "Oh fuck, I can't take any more, stop making me come, please." The program ends and he withdraws. He moves up the bed and presents his dick for her to suck. Smiling, she takes it in her mouth and gives it a good sucking. Her smile widens when he comes in her mouth. Making his dick go limp he pulls it out of her mouth and stands up. Turning to the doorway he makes a bow to the crowd gathered there. He throws the quilt over Fiona as Brooke stands up.
They start the baths as the girls line up in the order Brooke has set out, she has one now. They take turns flashing at the neighbors as they check the weather. Today it's Kim's turn to get the papers and give the boy a thrill. The couples are taking turns in the main bathroom as a couple. John has mixed feelings on this as it lightens his load a little but he misses bathing Sera, Rachel, Harry, and Janice - oh well, you can't have it all despite wanting to.
Morning Tasks
After breakfast John organises for Harry to drive him about in Gwen's car. Sera is to come along for the ride as well. When Sera asks why she's going, he says, "So I can play with your pretty titties in transit." All laugh as she smiles. After breakfast as Sera is talking to Gwen, John gets Barry and Steve aside and says, "I'm taking Sera and Harry out so you two can get a special training lesson to surprise them with after we return. So don't get too upset." They both smile despite having no idea what's happening but know it'll be fun.
The demonstration units are moved to the car and John climbs in the back seat with Sera to cuddle up to. He fondles her breasts while Harry drives the car. He gives her the address of the adult shop.
They arrive at the shop and John has Sera and Harry help him carry some boxes into the shop. These are demonstration units of some of the products but not all. He has three demonstrator sets of most units and several of the dick. Entering the shop he sees the same useless assistant he first met on his last visit. He says to him, "Take us to Meredith's office." Gulping hard the assistant does. The door is open and she sees them coming to the office. She stands and smiles at the boxes. As the assistant turns to go, John says, "Stay here we need you to help with this." The fellow continues to turn away, sternly John says, "Go into the office, now." Gulping, the shop assistant does as he's told. John smiles and nods, "Good boy." The assistant gives a weak grin and the ladies have a hard time not laughing. John turns to Meredith, "I have some demonstrator units I wish to show you if you don't mind." Smiling, she nods. They put the boxes down on her desk and John has Sera shut the door. To the assistant, "Strip." The young man starts to shake his head no, John turns and stares at him, he quickly disrobes. Opening the boxes up John looks through them for a particular product as he says, "Harry, I think this wimp will need a hand, see if you can get an erection out of him." She starts playing with his dick. A few minutes later John is standing there with two devices in his hands and the fellow is still as limp as wet spaghetti. John looks at him and says, "What's wrong, are you gay?" The fellow shakes his head no.
Laughing, Meredith says, "I think he's just very nervous but I think I know how to get him up." She opens the door and calls out "Melinda." A moment later an eighteen year old girl walks into the office. She's of medium height with a slim to athletic build and small firm breasts. She has light red hair with plenty of freckles and is very cute. The assistant goes beetroot red as Meredith says, "Melinda, we need David to get an erection. I think you can manage where others can't. After all he spends half his day watching you and I think he fancies you." Melinda smiles and walks over to play with his dick, it responds. Stepping back she undresses, by the time she's nude he's at full attention. Smiling, Meredith says, "Good work, stay here."
John hands Melinda a dick clamp and says, "Put this on please." David's dick jerks as she touches it while she slides the clamp down his dick. She goes to clamp it in place but finds no latches or anything like that as it's a perfect circle of plastic. John says, "David, I want you to let me know when this becomes uncomfortable." Holding the control unit near the clamp he turns it on and flicks opens a cover to slowly rotate a dial. The clamp starts to close down on David's dick. He soon indicates it's uncomfortable. John says, "That's good, now let me know when it's unbearable." Gulping, David nods. John continues to turn the dial. A moment later David shakes his hand, John backs it up a bit and flicks a switch. Closing the cover he lifts a cover on a switch below that and flicks the switch to the lock position. "I need a volunteer to get David to come by sucking his dick." Grinning, all three young ladies drop to their knees and take turns licking his dick before giving it a good suck. In a few minutes he's all but crying.
David begs, "That hurts, I love the cock sucking but I want to come and the clamp won't let me. The not coming hurts. Please, stop it."
Turning to Meredith John says, "As you can see the dick clamp does its job well. It's made of memory plastic and is activated by an induction current from this control unit. It has minimal external protrusions to interfere with the lady's pleasure. The control has to be within 150 millimeters of the clamp to activate. Once adjusted to the right size, as you just saw me do, it only needs to be locked on or released by the more accessible switch. One size fits all."
Grinning, Melinda says, "David, you're about to have a fantasy come true. Lie down on the floor. This I just have to try out. I hate the latches on dick clamps catching me." Smiling and gulping, David lies down and Melinda straddles his thighs, lowering herself onto his dick. She start fucking herself onto his dick and his grin soon turns to a grimace. She's doing a good job and his need to come is very painful. Looking down at him, she says, "David, I've never really considered you worth noticing as you're such a wimp and I want a man. But you do have a nice dick and it fits so well."
John says, "Melinda, you're such an aggressive woman, why don't you take him on as a sex slave instead of a boyfriend. You'll both enjoy that - well, you will and he'll have the odd fun moment when you let him come."
Smiling, she looks at David, "That's a good idea, want to be my sex slave David?" He gulps and half smiles as he slowly nods. Lifting herself off his dick, she says, "Good, then eat my pussy slave."
As she lowers her pussy to his mouth he says, "Yes mistress."
Laughing, Meredith says, "I knew he was a wimp. He does very well making sales to certain types of customers, that's why I keep him on. But I never expected this from him or from Melinda."
John replies, "Oh, I think it's always been there. She just didn't recognise it for what it was, a need to dominate someone. I expect she'll keep him as a slave in the long term and also have other partners join them too."
Looking up, she says, "I like that idea and it can start straight away. Can't it Meredith, we're looking for a third flatmate to share the rent. David can move in and I'll share him with you at times." Both ladies smile at that idea.
John gets an item out of the box, "That's enough of that for now Melinda, I need David's dick for the next demonstration." Poking her tongue out at him she stands up and helps David up, he's smiling as his sex life just got a lot better. John says, "Behave yourself young lady or I'll poke you with something a lot more exhausting for you." She laughs and pokes her tongue out again.
Giggling, Sera says, "Uncle John, she needs a Candice treatment." Grinning, he nods and moves over to kiss her. Going to his internal air supply he kisses her and extends his tongue down her throat, running it all over hers on the way. He holds her mouth pressed to his for four minutes while he explores her mouth and throat with his tongue while sucking the air out of her lungs. Her arms wave and she beats on his back. As she starts to faint from lack of oxygen he lets up and breaks the kiss. He lowers her to a nearby chair and she sits there gasping for air as she stares at him in shock. Sera says, "I bet you thought his tongue was big, it's nothing compared to his dick. Nor is the pleasure it gives." Melinda and Meredith just stare at them both.
John turns back to David,"Now the peanut gallery is behaving and quiet. David slide your dick into this artificial vagina." He does as he's told and John uses another control to adjust the size of its interior, saying, "David, let me know when the walls are a nice and pleasurable fit for you." He soon tells John it's a nice tight fit. John goes through the same lock down procedure, "The devices use different control frequencies for each type so you don't have accidental actions; again one size fits all. The device is adjusted to a tightness that suits the client. David, fuck the cunt and tell us what it's like." He does as told and soon has a grin as he says it feels nice, not as good as Melinda's pussy but better than his hand. With an accent, John says, "You ain't seen nuthin' yet." And flicks the extra switch on the control. David moans as the plastic cunt starts to ripple along its length. "I've just activated the ripple effect, what I call the 'dick milker.' A pre-set program within the built-in control unit that causes the memory plastic strips to contract slightly and release in an order that seems like a ripple or Mexican wave from the entry point to the far end of the unit. It feels like it's trying to milk his sperm out of his dick. The deluxe unit which I don't have a demonstrator of can be adjusted for the amount of contraction and the frequency of ripple." David's standing there with his dick in the unit as John opens the outer casing. They all look inside and can see the unit rippling along his dick. Johns says, "As you can see, up here at the top we have a little container that holds oils to ensure the unit is lubricated. Down here we have a bag to collect all sperm ejaculated into the unit, these are easily replaced or cleaned. The unit is easily cleaned and can be sterilised as the electronic parts are all in sealed waterproof units. The batteries are also easily replaced. The oils are available in a range of fragrances. The expensive sex dolls have one of these units as their anus, one as their cunt, if a female unit, a modified unit for the mouth that has an active tongue installed." They're listening to what he's saying and David is grinning as he likes the feel of the unit on his dick. "You're free to try all these units on clients, just clean them off with hot water or antiseptic after each client.
Now for another aspect of the dick clamp, one only this unit can do." Turning to David he turns off the ripple effect, "David, pull out of the cunt and stand near the desk. Who wants a mouth full of sperm?" Sera beats the others to David's dick and sucks on it. David wasn't happy to start with but he's loving the attention now. On John's orders Sera holds his dick so they can watch him come in her mouth. She starts licking his dick and giving it a gentle suck, after all that's happened in the last thirty minutes or so his dick is soon jerking and he says he needs to come. Grinning, John holds the control near the dick clamp and hits the release switch. David sighs as he immediately comes in Sera's mouth. John hits the lock switch and the flow immediately stops. David moans as the pressure builds again. John says, "Only this unit can quickly cut off the flow in mid flow again." He releases the clamp again and nods at Sera. She lets them watch for a moment then closes her mouth to suck him clean. David smiles widely. When she's finished Sera slides the clamp off his dick and takes it over to the attached toilet to wash it in the sink there. Returning, she places it on the desk.
Opening the biggest box, John says, "This item has a lot of attachments." He places a mechanical dick on the desk with a several attachment systems. "This unit can be bolted, screwed, held down with strong suction cups, or just rested on something; this last is not recommended as you could fall over and hurt yourself. It also has one to let someone else hold it while they use it on you. We're still working on a battery powered type, these units all come with their own power transformers to limit the voltage and power levels for safety reasons. The control unit is more complex." He plugs the unit in and attach it to the corner of the desk with the suction caps. Turning to Melinda, he says, "Melinda, please lie on the desk a moment." When she does he slips his hand into her pussy and feels her up, carefully feeling the full length of her pussy and its ability to stretch. She smiles through it all. Withdrawing his hand, "Good, she should be safe enough. Melinda, please mount it." Smiling, she moves to the unit and slides her pussy down on it. Showing the control to Meredith, "As you can see this has a number of settings. The default setting is 1T, what it's at now, the full size details are in the manual in the box. You have the choice of five different length settings and can change them while in use. It uses encrypted radio signals for its controls and will work from up to two meters away." Melinda's eyes pop open as he adjusts it up through the settings. She moans as it lengthens inside her and she tells them it feels lovely having it grow inside her, both ladies grin. "There are four width settings." With it on a 3T setting he adjusts it to M, W, and X, Melinda moans and comes during this process. "The vibrator unit has four different speed settings." Melinda moans again as he turns the vibrator on and tests the settings. He turns it off and walks over to lift Melinda off, laying her on the floor. "David, thank you for your assistance, please get dressed and return to your regular duties. Here's a tip for your help." He hands David a $50 bill.
David takes the cash and gets dressed, saying, "Mistress, will you please drive me home tonight so I may get my clothes to move to your place?" Grinning, Melinda nods yes. David leaves the room with a huge smile.
Meanwhile John is demonstrating the actions again with the dick sitting on the desk so Meredith can see the sizes. "This is the basic unit and called the 'John Boy.' I'm loaning you two of them. The advanced unit has the ability to set two sizes, a frequency rate per second, and a length of time - up to ten minutes, and it'll switch between the two sizes for that period of time. We call that the 'auto fuck' capability. The advanced unit is called the 'Uncle John' despite my objections." Meredith stares at him wide eyed with a huge smile.
She says, "Damn, I wonder what that feels like?"
Walking up to the desk Sera fondles the dick and says, "Uncle John, this looks very familiar."
Grinning, he strips. Both Meredith and Melinda's recognise the shape between his legs. He goes to a 4M and kneels between Melinda's thighs as he slides his dick into her. She smiles and moans as he enters her. Stopping with his dick head touching her cervix he pins her to the floor and thinks, 'dickman slom, 2M, 4W, 5R, 300S.' Her eyes pop open and she moans as she starts heaving and writhing while he auto fucks her. She passes out before the program finishes. During this time he learns how nice her pussy feels on his dick as she comes many times. Withdrawing from her he stands and turns to Meredith, saying, "Want to know what it's like, strip and spread your legs?"
She backs up. Sera is behind her and she starts undoing Meredith's dress as she says, "You asked for it, now you're going to get it. Uncle John was killed some time back. They resuscitated him but his body was beyond help. What you see is mechanical and he has the advanced unit prototype."
Groaning, Meredith removes her clothes and lies down with her legs spread very wide. Smiling, John moves between her thighs and slides his dick into her waiting pussy. For someone who was playing hard to get she's very wet and ready for him. Their groins meet as he thinks, 'dickman slom, 2M, 4W, 5R, 300S.' She quickly starts a multiple orgasm and moans through the whole program. As it ends he pulls out and stands up to get dressed. He helps Meredith to stand and dress as Sera and Harry dress the still unconscious Melinda. Meredith says, "Oh fuck, that was so nice. I have to have one for myself now. Sheet, anyone who tries one will just have to have it."
John smiles, "Why do you think we're loaning out the demonstrator units. Once we get a full inventory in stock I'll loan you an advanced unit for clients to try. You may even want to set up a booth where they can pay to use one if they can't afford to buy one yet. These are all high quality units well worth the price but they're not cheap." She nods. "The male full body unit has the Uncle John dick built into it. You'll be able to sell them to women and gays; a working ass hole that milks their dick, a working mouth that sucks them dry, and a dick that won't stop, they'll love it. Both the male and female bodies will have a tongue that extends, it includes built in programs for cock sucking and pussy eating. They also include a light suction unit to assist in that."
Meredith says, "You trying to put the opposition out of business?"
"The company's marketing had been in other directions until I said we can put the technology to work in these devices. At that point the chief researcher's eyes went wide as she realized our full capabilities. Now she's a woman with a mission and a lot of people are going to gain a lot of pleasure from her work. She's a size queen and is very hard on her toys. She's been disappointed with the low quality products put out from others and has sworn we won't put out anything unless it's better quality and out performs anything currently on the market. So I expect most of our competitors to either improve their products or go out of business or sell to very low end clients who can't afford any quality units." Meredith nods in agreement as she shows them out of her office.
Tough Games
Walking into the shop John recognises a client and doesn't like the way he and some others are standing around as they all look like toughs. He says, "Sera, Harry, go back into the office, now." Without a word they turn and walk into the office, shutting the door behind them.
One of the toughs says, "We've decided a nice shop like this needs to pay $2,000 per week special troublemaker protection insurance."
Before Meredith can speak John steps up to the leader and grabs his groin. He can tell the man has on body armour so he grabs the sides of his balls where they're not covered by the cheap body armour. Activating his Taser he grabs the man's coat front and holds him up as he screams with the pain of the electric charge passing through his balls. One effeminate looking person just behind him starts reaching for a gun under their coat. John locks eyes with them and lowers his voice, saying, "Hands by your sides, on your knees, and don't move, slave." Gulping, the person drops their hands to their sides and drops to their knees. The others start to back up and he sternly says, "Freeze." They stop moving. He says, "Sharpy, I see you back there. Come up here." When he slowly walks to the front, John says, "Any of these people do anything real bad like rape or murder?"
Gulping, Sharpy points at one fellow as he says, "Only Thumper there, he's raped a few very young girls but the police don't have enough evidence. The rest of us have only lightly mugged some people and theft."
Thumper's glaring at Sharpy. John locks eyes with him and says, "Thumper, you're now my slave, get on your knees." Gulping, he drops to his knees. Turning to the others, John says, "Spread the word the Snakes have decided it's time to clean up the city again, no more protection rackets, no drugs. Franks doesn't get involved in them and that's why he's still in business. The Snakes have chosen me to be their liaison between them, the police, and Guy Franks. The Snakes have moved against Big Jim and Di Georgio as they were bringing drugs into the city. The police have been given their organisations and Guy Franks is taking over Di Georgio's territory. Anyone who wants to try and take their place will have to answer to the Snakes. I'm liaison as they trust me, my brother was known as Diamond Snake. Now go and tell people." The rest of the roughs make a concerted rush for the door and vanish outside. John calls out, "Sera, Harry you can come out now." As they leave the office he turns to the three roughs with him. Taking them one at a time he looks them in the eyes and says, "You're my slaves, you'll do exactly as I tell you, you'll do exactly as those I put in charge over you tell you, you'll not hurt anyone for any reason. Do you understand."
Each nods and says, "Yes master." Meredith stares at them all very wide eyed. Walking over to the effeminate looking one he has them stand and undo their pants to drop them to the floor. Sliding their shorts down he undoes the strap on double dildo and slides it out of her pussy. She stands there gulping as everyone looks at her pussy. Thumper stares wide eyed as he thought she was a guy. He tells her to put her clothes back on and she does. Saying good bye to a stunned Meredith and her staff John leads his people out of the shop.
Slave Games
At the car he has his new slaves get in one at a time and buckles them in. He sets the child proof locks and tells them to sit there quietly. He gets in the front to sit between Harry and Sera with an arm around each. As they drive off, he says, "It's a good thing I know where I can unload these slaves. If I take them home Brooke'll have a fit and kill me." Sera and Harry laugh.
John has Harry drive to the Masters house. Alice answers the door and smiles on seeing him. She says, "Good morning Master, I'm sorry, the mistresses are out and I don't know when to expect them home." John smiles on seeing JT standing in the hall in a skimpy maid's outfit without any panties as he holds the cleaning things for Alice. The younger Masters children are in the hall teasing him.
Entering, he asks Alice to call Barbara on the phone. When she does he asks her what they're doing. They're just shopping and getting away from the house for a while. He says, "Can you return to the house please. I have some more slaves for you if you want them." They agree to return and will be back in twenty minutes. He calls down to his house and asks Steve and Rachel if they wish to play dungeons. They agree and he tells them to bring Max, Barry, Peta, Lorna, and both sluts up with them. As they wait, he says, "Alice, what has Mistress Barbara told you about your new helper?"
Grinning, she replies, "Everything master, and he's to treat me as a mistress at all times. So I may play with him when I wish, provided my work is done. Which it is as he helps me with my work, don't you?" This last is said while she runs her hand down JT's body. He shivers and nods yes. The children all giggle.
John tells the new slaves to wait there as he leads Sera and Harry out to get a set of demonstrators from the car. A few minutes later the contingent from his house arrives. He says, "Alice, I'll lead these people to the games room. You may join us when Mistress Barbara arrives if she agrees and you wish to." She smiles and nods. Turning, she goes back to her cleaning. He's about to walk away when he has a thought. He sends Peta for a dick clamp and tells Alice to get a used toilet roll, another feather duster, and a roll of strong tape.
Giving him an odd look Alice does as told. When everything is on hand he has her suck JT's dick erect and apply the dick clamp. He cuts the feather duster handle down to 200 millimeters and slices a section out of the side of the toilet roll for its length. He wraps the remains of the roll around JT's dick, it almost meets at the bottom, and has Alice hold it in place while Peta holds the feather duster in place at the bottom of JT's dick as he runs the tape around the whole lot. The roll is now firmly held tight on JT's dick with the feather duster attached to it and the fan of feathers is only a few centimetres in front of JT's dick head. Due to the use of the toilet roll this device can be easily removed and will slide back on. The watching children think it's funny to see him with a feather duster instead of his dick. He takes JT to a hall table, saying, "Now carefully move your dick about to dust this table without damaging anything." Grimacing, he does as he's told. All laugh at the sight of him dusting the table. He's dusting the second table when Barbara and company return home. They burst into laughter when they see JT's duster dick. The children are quickly sent off to watch TV while everyone else heads to the games room. When they arrive there the new players all look around the room, stunned. JT is sent off to dust the equipment while they get undressed. John gives the new players the speech about who's in charge.
He explains about the new slaves and gives them instructions to obey Barbara, Deborah, Julie, Alice, Peta, and Lorna. They're not to leave the house and can only leave the room when a mistresses permits it. He places the men in the couples in charge of their partners today. Steve takes a moment to whisper they've passed the special training. He grins as he'd hoped that was done by now.
John takes Thumper to a short table and ties him down with his legs spread wide and bent down at the knees. Strapped to the table at hips, waist, shoulders, ankles, wrists, elbows, knees, and chest he can't move at all. John has Peta suck his cock and applies a Preston dick clamp, adjusting it to an uncomfortable level. He takes the girl from the shop and ties her to the vaulting horse device with the seat in front of it. She's of medium height and build with nice breasts and short dark brown hair. With her in place, he says, "What's your relationship with the fellow that was demanding the money at the shop? Are you a virgin?"
She says, "He's my brother Jim. I run the gang through him. I'm not a virgin."
"So, he's used to being bossed about by you?" She nods yes. He calls Jim over and has her suck his dick to a solid erection. She objects but does as told. With the dick stiff John slips one of the ordinary dick clamps onto it and clamps it in place. Turning to Jim, he says, "You have until I have the other slaves in place to eat her to three orgasms and fuck her to four more." Her eyes go wide as she obviously doesn't like the idea of having sex with her brother. He grins and dives into her pussy as he seems to like the idea.
John turns to Julie, "Julie, I've been thinking about your request and decided you can't have a full change of status. For each session you use a gift as a power gift you may have two mistresses act as your slaves for that session, be it long or short. Also you'll be a free radical for that session and not subject to anyone but me. Such gifts aren't automatic as they may interfere with my plans. You request them and if they fit I'll approve them. Also you have senior slave status to incorporate any not utilised slaves into your fun during the session."
She smiles and says, "Master, may I use one gift to have Peta and Lorna as my slaves today."
Smiling, he says, "I thought you may want that, so be it." He looks at the two girls and says, "You heard her, you're the property of Mistress Julie today." They nod. Julie lies on a table and has Peta eat her pussy while Lorna sucks her tits.
The couples have gone for an interesting situation. Sera, Rachel, and Harry are all chained tightly to the wall as their partners eat their pussies. Suddenly all three start thrashing and screaming. It's hard to make out a single voice or words but all three are having serious orgasms. Everyone but Jim turns to stare at them. The guys keep sucking for several minutes. When they stop all three ladies are hanging loosely from the chains. They're covered in sweat and exhausted. John walks over and runs his hand over their breasts, no reaction apart from the eyes following him. He smiles and says, "I gather the new technique works very well."
A stunned Alice says, "What did they do to them?"
John turns, "Remember how Candice kissed you?" She nods, "This morning she taught these guys how to kiss like that and how to apply it to pussy eating."
Alice's eyes go wide as she gulps, saying, "Hell, are their clits still attached?"
John kneels to closely examine their pussies. "Yes, attached, engorged, and very tender. I think we can class these three as being well and truly eaten." Everyone except the victims laughs.
Finally getting some breath Rachel says, "Damn, that was a deliciously nasty trick to play on us."
John smile, "Don't worry. Over the next few days I'm having Candice teach everyone that technique. You can get your own back when you learn it and apply it to sucking their cocks." The girls grin.
Barry groans, "Hell, Sera is already a great cock sucker, when she starts in with that she's going to suck my balls through my dick."
Grinning, she says, "No I won't, but I'll suck them dry as dust."
He groans and says, "Oh hell, yes please." They all laugh.
John says, "Please don't tell anyone about the Candice training yet. I have her training a few people at a time and I want to watch the fun when the trained people catch the untrained unaware, like you were." They all grin in anticipation of the pleasure screams to be expected tonight. "Now ladies, can I borrow your men for a little while." Grinning widely all three nod as they can guess what he's up to. "Barry, Alice; Max, Barbara; Steve, Deborah. Hit those clits boys."
All three ladies look stunned. Barbara turns to run but doesn't make it as Max very quickly gets her down on the lounge. Alice just opens her legs wide with a huge grin as she can't wait to try this. In moments all three are screaming with pleasure as they thrash about in strong orgasms. After a few minutes, John says, "Enough boys. Max, Peta; Barry, Lorna; Steve, Julie." The guys switch targets as the girls break up and try for cover but none make it far. All three are soon screaming and thrashing with pleasure. John is enjoying watching the fun and this now means the girls can get as much pleasure from someone else as they do from him. After several minutes, he says, "Enough, Steve, Slut One; Max, Slut Two; Barry, over here." Looking down at the girl from the shop, he says, What's your name?" The twins just lie down and spread their legs wide. They're well trained now. The girl from the shop can't move so she's no problem.
She replies, "Terri master."
John nods and pulls Jim away from her pussy, he'd been giving her a good fucking. He says, "Jim, grab some KY and go give Thumper a good hard ass fuck." Gulping, he nods and does so. Thumper grimaces in anticipation. John waits until Jim is well set fucking Thumper and says, "JT, grab that KY and fuck Jim's ass as he fucks Thumper." Jim turns and looks at John, grimacing before he goes back to his task. With a sour look JT greases his dick and starts fucking Jim. Waiting until the girls have been coming for some time, he says, "Enough. Back to your own lovelies, boys." They stand and have obviously enjoyed the change in flavors as they've some nice stiff dicks to present to their ladies. Barry stops for some condoms and puts one on as he walks over to Sera.
Raising his voice, John says, "What is it about the name Jim, that new slave Jim was setting up a protection racket as part of his bid to take over from Big Jim. Fitting isn't it, he's now fucking the ass of his chief enforcer while Big Jim is fucking his ass." Jim's head comes up at the comment and he looks over his shoulder. "Yes Jim, that's Big Jim in your ass. Get to know him well as you three will be spending most of your lives fucking each other's ass from now on." All three start to cry. Turning to Barbara John lowers his voice, "Give those two the same operations as you're giving JT please." She nods. "I hope you don't mind my bringing you three more slaves?"
She shakes her head no, saying, "Not as long as you don't mind getting Terri pregnant today."
He goes over to Terri and says, "What contraception do you use?"
Going wide eyed she starts to cry as she sees only one reason for the question. She says, "Dutch cap, master."
Barbara says, "I know how to remove that, I'll do it while you fuck Deborah."
Walking over he sees Julie has Peta eating Lorna while she uses a double dildo in Peta's ass. Steve has Harry facing the wall with Slut One eating her pussy while he fucks her from behind and she's moaning all ready. Barry is balls deep in Sera and she's egging him on. Max is giving Rachel a good ass fuck while Slut Two eats her pussy.
Kneeling between Deborah's thighs, he says, "I have a special treat for you today." Going to a 3M dick he slides it into her pussy until their groins meet, and thinks, 'dickman slom 3W, 1X, 5R, 300S.' He pins her body down with his own. Her eyes go wide as his dick stretches the very entrance of her vagina very wide then suddenly thins as it goes the length of her pussy five times a second.
She soon starts coming and screams, "Fuck, you bastard," as she thrashes about in her orgasm. When the program ends he withdraws from her and walks over to Barbara. She's standing there holding up Terri's Dutch Cap. He smiles and pushes her back onto Terri to spreads her legs as he slips his dick into her pussy. Holding her hips down he gives her the same auto fuck he just gave Deborah. She thrashes about on Terri as she comes and comes and comes. As the program finishes he withdraws. He lifts her up and carries her to the lounge to put her down beside Deborah.
Walking to Terri he goes to a 5X setting. Standing in her vision he shows her what he's about to shove up her cunt. She screams, "No." He smiles and nods.
Walking behind her he rubs his dick head along her slit as he says, "Yes, you're getting all of this. If it doesn't fit in your cunt it goes in your ass after I fill your cunt and womb with sperm." When she can't see his dick he reduces the size to a 4M. She's sobbing as he slowly slides his dick into her waiting vagina. He takes it very slow as her fuck tunnel is slow to expand to this width. It's a tight fit but she's never had anything this big in her before so her vaginal sheath is slow to respond and expand. He has only half his dick in her when he reaches her cervix. He thrusts in and out several times while playing with her clit. She doesn't come, but that's OK as she's already come several times before now. He holds his dick up tight against her cervix and applies pressure on it as he comes twice, blowing his seed into her womb. He comes twice more as he pulls out.
He's about to fuck her ass when Sera grabs his dick and says, "Can you please fuck her ass later as I want to eat her cream pie while it's fresh and I'd like to see her suck Barry's dick."
John smiles and nods as she licks his dick and gives it a nice suck before going for Terri's pussy. Barry walks around and plays with Terri's tits while Sera eats her cream pie. He climbs into the chair and slips his dick into Terri's mouth.
John gets the artificial vagina to take it over to the table where Thumper is as he says, "Thumper here likes to rape very young girls, this fake cunt can be set to ripple like a live one. I wonder if he'll like to feel what it's like to be raped?" He slides the plastic cunt down over Thumper's dick and adjusts the size down until Thumper is groaning with the pain of how tight it is. He activates the ripple effect. Thumper screams with great pain as the cunt squeezes his dick harder and tries to milk it of sperm that can't come past the dick clamp. John calls Jim and JT off Thumper's ass and has them grease his dick up as he goes to a 5X. He sends them to the attached toilet to clean their dicks and to return to him when clean. Getting Thumper's attention he shows him the size of his dick. Thumper's eyes go wide and he cries as John walks around between his legs to touch the huge dick to his ass. Slowly he slides his dick into Thumper's ass. It's a tight fit but he only takes three minutes to have the whole dick in his ass. Thumper is screaming his lungs out. Leaning towards Thumper's face, John says, "I hear most rapists laugh when their victims scream. Did you laugh when your victims screamed?" With tears streaming down his face, he nods yes. John says, "Not so funny now is it?" He shakes his head no. John fucks his ass for a few minutes. When Jim and JT return he has them put on condoms and go back to fucking Thumper's ass in two minute turns each. John goes to clean his dick.
Returning with a clean dick he places it in Thumper's face. He opens his mouth and sucks on the dick, swallowing when John comes in his mouth. Pulling his dick out he asks Thumper for the names of his victims. He knows them and tells them to him. John commits the names to memory. Going limp John goes to the entrance to the dungeon and finds the door cracked open.
Whipping the door open he finds Nola and Rena kneeling on the floor with Liz standing behind them as they'd been watching the games through the crack. He turns them around and gives each a smack on the ass as he sends them upstairs. They hurriedly leave. He sits on the stairs and thinks, for some time.
A little later he walks back into the dungeon and sits on the lounge. He tells Barbara how to turn off the cunt and clamp. She goes and removes the cunt. She has JT suck on Thumper's dick as she releases his clamp while Jim gets to eat JT's sperm. Then Thumper gets to eat Jim's sperm. Everyone is released and gathers around the lounge. None of them like the look on John's face.
Seriously, he says, "Julie, how would you like to redeem all your remaining gifts for the right to be a mistress in this dungeon again, but only when I'm not present?"
She says, "Does this mean I have to stop being your slave?"
He shakes his head no, saying, "What I'm thinking is you'll be a mistress here when I'm not here but with the right to give yourself up to another mistress as a temporary slave for a session when you want. The same'll apply to Peta and Lorna. They'll be mistresses but can surrender themselves to another mistress for a session when they wish. I've noticed you three like filling both roles and this'll allow for that. When visiting at my house or in my presence you're my slave."
She smiles, "On those terms I'll gladly redeem all my vouchers, master."
He smiles and nods. "I'd like permission for various members of my extended family to attend here for sessions in my absence; mostly couples like these, and under the couples rules I've already introduced here." Barbara, Deborah, and Julie all nod. "All the women and girls of this house are invited to attend my house at any time, in accordance with my house rules. Also when there, Julie and Alice attend as my slaves while Peta and Lorna attend as my junior mistresses." They all smile and nod. "Good, I'll still come here for some sessions but not as often. I'm finding there's something about this environment, it's bringing out a side of me, one I don't want to see out too often. So I may not be coming back to this room too often in the future. I'll be back to get some people pregnant but I may fuck them in one of the bedrooms upstairs. Don't worry Terri, I'll be back to make sure you're pregnant." She smiles weakly.
He stands and they start dressing. John explains he's leaving demonstration units for them to play with. They can drop them back when they've had enough of them. Barbara says, "I thought I noticed a dark side coming out, you like the domination but not the S/M, right?"
John replies, "Correct, but I find here I'm tending towards the S/M not the domination. I don't like the idea the S/M may increase and overflow to activities elsewhere." She nods agreement.
After getting dressed they all leave. Alice to take the slaves to find them outfits and to help with her cleaning. Barbara, Deborah, and Julie to go shopping again. The rest to go home for lunch. It's been a long morning. Steve and Harry drive the car back with Rachel and Max in the back seat as the rest walk back.
When they arrive back the cleaning team are hard at work cleaning the pool. Saul, Mr and Mrs Lincoln, Mrs Bellingham, and the girls are watching them at work. John's group is just in time to help carry lunch through to the pool enclosure, hot stew in Trenchers as discussed previously. They're a great hit with the girls, easy to use and they can take their time disposing of their used plates. They're also easy to carry as the Trenchers have got flat tops, so they stack easily.
After lunch John tells Brooke and Gwen about his morning and the effect of the Candice training, they have a good laugh. He tells them he has to go out again for a while so Gwen gives him a shopping list to bring back. He asks Steve to get information on the rapes and gives the victims names. Steve rings a Police Headquarters contact to get the information. John moves the demonstrators to the mini-bus and takes three of the 'John Boy' dildos into the house to explain their operation to Brooke. They're added to the list of toys the girls can borrow. She smiles and takes them to test them out. She has Lorna and Slut Two join her for the test. Also Gwen snares Max and Barry to help take the rubbish bags out to the skips and help with the general clean up. Unknown to them Candice has Sera, Harry, and Rachel training them while they're cleaning up.
Steve drives John, Peta, and Slut One to police headquarters with John sitting between the girls and playing with their breasts. At Police Headquarters they're asked to go and see DC Williams. As they walk in, Williams says, "What did you do to Commissioner Henry? He's very angry about letting you keep Big Jim and Carmen Bradley. He was happy until yesterday afternoon."
John says, "Captain Miller wants a three ring circus for the media with them at centre stage so she'll be seen favourably by the major political players. She has her eye on being the next Deputy Commissioner and replacing Henry when he retires. I wouldn't let her have Big Jim or Carmen so she brought him into the act. I don't know what she has over him but he found out the hard way I know what skeleton he has in his cupboard and let him know I know. It's sad he's scared of what I'd be proud of. Now she's mad and putting pressure on him. He's reacting against everyone else as he knows he can't attack me without being fried by me."
Steve says, "Anyway it's a waste of time, we've no evidence against either of them, she'll lose the case."
Williams swears, saying, "She's a good captain but she'd be a horror as a Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner as she has no grasp of the grey areas and terrible at handling troop leaders."
John says, "Commissioner Williams, you've seen the evidence we have against Carmen Bradley, could you get a conviction?"
He replies, "I couldn't even get an indictment but Miller might be able to steam roller them into one. But no one can get a conviction."
John asks Steve "Is there anything more to be got from Carmen or JT?" He shakes his head no. John turns to Williams, saying, "Can you get Henry to pop in here for a moment without telling him I'm here until he gets here." Williams nods. "Good, do so and give me the name and phone number of a top criminal lawyer that's honest, I'll get him to defend Carmen." They both smile as Williams calls through to Commissioner Henry's office. Steve leaves to get the information on the rape victims as he doesn't want to be present for this meeting.
When Henry walks into the office and he's unhappy to see John. John says, "Commissioner Henry, before you go off and start yelling, hear me out. Sergeant Katz and Deputy Commissioner Williams have been trying to talk me into letting you prosecute Carmen Bradley and Big Jim. I still have the objections I stated before. However I'm prepared to make you an offer, are you prepared to listen?"
Henry calms down and nod, saying, "I'll listen, talk to me."
"I know you're in a difficult position because of the pressure from Captain Miller. I propose you put her weights up. You've already got all the information Carmen Bradley can give you so there's no need for any more questioning. I'll permit more questioning provided I and her solicitor are present at all times she's with the police. I'll not object to Captain Miller obtaining an indictment for her to be charged provided it's the Captain and only the Captain who lodges the paperwork. Also you're to allow bail and Captain Miller is to head the investigation and prosecution. If she can prove a case in court she gets what she wants and I'll stand aside while she indicts Big Jim. If she can't get a conviction for Carmen she's publicly shot herself in the foot and she stops pressuring you about anything." Henry smiles and nods. "On that other matter we briefly touched on, I think you're wrong to consider it a problem. I think it'll help you if you admit it and go public. It'll also greatly help others. But that's your choice."
Henry looks at him closely, "I'll think about what you say. I've already been doing some thinking since our last conversation. Now I have to go and speak to Captain Miller, you don't mind if I let her believe that Williams and I convinced you to let her try the waters?"
John smiles, "Go ahead as I'm allowing this because of the situation you're in and what Williams has said to me. So it's a true statement, just not as direct as you'll indicate." They all smile and Henry leaves.
After Henry leaves Williams makes a phone call and asks for a specific person, it takes a moment to get the person on the line and he says, "Counsellor Hedly, thank you for talking to me. I have a gentleman in my office who'd like to hire you to defend what looks like being a very high profile case, one with plenty of national media attention. He asked me for a top quality, honest, defence attorney and I thought of you." He stops as the man at the other end laughs very loudly while he hands the phone to him.
John says, "Counsellor Hedly, John Smith here. I expect Captain Miller," he stops to listen, "Yes, that Captain Miller. I expect she'll be moving heaven and earth to get an indictment against Carmen Bradley for being in organised crime. I want you to defend her." He stops while Hedly speaks again, "Oh yes, she clearly was involved with the Di Georgio crime family and was the current head. However we struck a deal with DC Williams and Agent Hedges of the Justice Department, they can have the network but not her. She told them everything about the organisation in exchange for immunity. Captain Miller wants to drag her into court for her own political gain. I'm setting aside the immunity agreement to allow the Captain to kill her political future." He stops while Hedly laughs, "The police have no evidence linking Bradley to any of the criminal activities apart from her own statements about knowledge of them. Statements freely given as a citizen helping the police. She wasn't read her rights at any stage so those statements may not be valid evidence. I've spoken to Commissioner Henry and he's agreed to allow bail and any questioning will be done with myself and her legal representative present." They soon reach an agreement and Hedly will have one of his staff go at the Smith residence to be on hand when the indictment is served. He's looking forward to this case going to court.
Upstairs Commissioner Henry is telling Captain Miller, "You're the one who wants to keep pushing this case. We got her network on the agreement we left her alone. I'm not going to stab one of my best senior staff in the back. However I've spoken to Williams and we're prepared to stand aside while you carry the ball on this, all the way if you want to. This is an 'all or nothing' opportunity, either go and get an indictment and conviction for Bradley or shut up and forget about both cases. You handle the whole investigation by this department and the prosecution. If it fails you wear the can; if it wins you get the kudos. Convict Bradley and you can go after Big Jim. Fail and you leave everyone involved alone from now on. But you make sure you play by all the rules in this, legal representative etc present at all times and bail. No bending the rules." Smiling widely, Captain Miller dashes off to get an indictment issued. She gets it issued by a judge at 2.30 pm, a judge she has an in with. The judge doesn't think she has a case but issues it to her.
While Henry is with Miller Steve returns with the files on the rapes. Insufficient evidence to go to court so not taken any further. He confirms he has current addresses for the victims and they head off to visit them. All the rapes were during the last two years and the victims were fourteen years old at the time of being raped.
Arriving at the home of the first victim, Amanda Smithers, John asks her mother if he can speak to Amanda. Her mother refuses. He says, "I wish to speak with her about her rape. I know the police don't have enough evidence to get a conviction but I may be able to help her with dealing with the matter."
Her mother says, "I've already seen enough of your type, bastards who think a young rape victim is easy meat for their sex games."
Sighing, he says, "I have more than enough bedmates, I'm here to help her." Turning, he calls to the mini-bus "Ladies come and help me here please." Peta and Slut One get out to approach the door.
Peta walks up, saying, "What's up Uncle John, how can Dallas and I help you here. I thought we were to help makes sure you did the shopping before going home." John's surprised to learn the girl's name and upset that he hadn't asked before, he also likes Peta's approach.
"Amanda's mother thinks I'm out to harm her daughter and only after sex."
Peta laughs, "I know you're not recruiting for more bed mates, you already have a problem seeing to the house full you have now. You know the girls are bitching you're taking too long to go through the list of virgins." Amanda's mother is very wide eyed at this. She continues, "He has over sixty school girl virgins he'd promised to teach about sex and he's well behind in his fucking them. He needs to screw another dozen or so today if he wants to get back on schedule." The woman is shocked and there's a soft giggle from behind the door.
A young girl says, "Whatever this man wants it sounds like it'll be fun to talk to him, mum." The woman opens the door and invites them in. They all go into the lounge room and sit down.
John says, "I'm sorry if this causes you some pain but I do need to speak to you about your rape. I know the police don't have enough evidence to get a conviction." Amanda nods. He holds out a recent photo of Thumper, "Is this the man who raped you?" She looks at it and flinches, she nods again. He gives her a weak smile, "This man recently made the mistake of making me angry at him." He pats Peta's arm, "Peta here has a mother and two aunts who're into domination and BDSM games. They all live in the one house and have a lovely dungeon." Amanda and her mother are giving him strange looks and trying to work out where he's going with this. "When Thumper upset me I made him my slave and gave him to Peta's aunt as a slave to serve her in her dungeon. To give you an idea of what he now does apart from the house cleaning under the direction of their maid, Barbara ties him to one of her devices, gets him erect, attaches a dick clamp, and has him eat her pussy or she rides his dick for hours on end. He lies there getting sore thighs and a sore dick as he has a very painful time. She has a delicious pussy. He wants to come but the clamp stops him from coming and causes pain as his sperm backups in his balls. When she's really rolling she can use her whips or have one of the other slaves fuck his ass." Amanda's mother is shocked and wide eyed about this while Amanda is wide eyed and giggling.
Amanda says, "Oh, I'd love to be able to see this. It would so help me to deal with the pain."
"I thought that might be the case, that's why I'm here. To give you Barbara's phone number so you can contact her and organize to watch a session if you want. And to let you know I'll be organizing for a solicitor to send you a compensation payment. I'm very rich and think you'll need some expensive medical help to fully get over this." Amanda is surprised and nods her thanks. He hands over a card with Barbara's phone number (he set this up with her while getting dressed earlier) and leaves. The visits to the other two victims are very similar in process and all have the same results. They go do the shopping. Including getting Peta and Dallas a new outfit each from Victoria's Secret and making them very happy to have joined the outing. Arriving home at 3.30 pm they unload the mini-bus. John is amazed about how much food they're going through, Gwen isn't.
Evening Events
Just on 5.00 pm Captain Miller turns up to serve the warrant for Carmen Bradley, she's surprised to find a solicitor is there expecting her. She stammers when asked why it took her two and a half hours to get from the court house to this house. The courts usually close just after 4.00 pm and the judges are usually all gone by 5.00 pm. John, Steve, and the solicitor insist on going with Carmen to the station and are on hand for the whole of the processing. When the solicitor asks about bail the station officer refuses. He's stunned to learn one of the senior judges is actually holding a special night court tonight and the bail request can be heard now instead of having to wait until tomorrow. Both he and Captain Miller are upset to learn this. They knew nothing about it as Hedly arranged it earlier.
At the 6.15 pm bail hearing Miller tries to deny bail while the judge is happy for a high bail but won't deny it as he doesn't think the case is strong. Miller asks for $100 million bail but the judge refuses and asks for a realistic figure. John stands up and says, "Your honour, Carmen Bradley doesn't have the sort of money to lodge a large bail of any sort." Captain Miller smiles, "I recently helped the police bust two major crime networks. I'm told I'm entitled to a reward from these and it'll be in the order of eleven or twelve million dollars. Deputy Commissioner Williams can confirm the figures for you. I'm prepared to put all that up as bail for Ms Bradley as she's now my servant and my responsibility. I'm also a well known member of the local community with deep and strong ties to it. I'm prepared to take responsibility for Ms Bradley and ensure she doesn't leave the court's jurisdiction."
The judge has one of the staff call Williams in his office and confirm the rewards. The judge rules, "I'm setting bail at $10 million and accept the owed reward money as the surety of the bail. I'm also releasing Ms Bradley into Mr Smith's care, he's responsible for her. Every minute she's outside of his home she must be in his physical presence. The matter is to be put down for the next available date and all parties advised the date within forty-eight hours." Miller is very angry as she can't take Carmen in and sweat her the way she wants to. Back to the police station and Carmen calmly answers the questions the solicitor tells her she can answer. He refuses to allow her to answer any questions about matters she didn't personally do. By 7.30 pm Miller has given up on the questions and lets them go. They go home for a late dinner.
As they eat Steve tells John he's put in papers to take his owing leave and retire when it ends. His captain and divisional commander accepted and signed it all. He's now officially on leave owing prior to permanent retirement and has approval to seek other employment during his leave. John asks him to touch base with Harry so they can all use the same contract format.
After dinner John goes and dives into the pool. Coming up behind Brooke he fondles her breasts as he says, "I think you should start scheduling more of the extras through my bed. I found out today I'm behind schedule."
Brooke says, "Actually you're ahead of schedule. Everyone said they'll have sex with you but not all want to have sex yet. I've been scheduling those who most want to have sex with you and that list has grown since we started."
John responds, "Oh sorry, you should come up with a way for me to tell between those who do want full sex with me and those who don't. Maybe a particular collared hair band or something. Any who change their minds can either take the band off or come back later."
"I like the idea, a hair band is so simple. I'll get white ones for the no fuckers."
He laughs and swims away. A short time later he sees Gwen and Brooke walking amongst the girls handing out white ribbons for some to put in their hair. Going over to the pool edge he asks about them and Brooke says, "We've settled on white ribbons." He smiles and goes back to talking with the girls as he fondles their breasts.
Steve and Harry join him and Steve says, "I think we need to talk. You're still upset about something that happened in the dungeon. Best get it out and discuss it." John smiles and nods. They swim to a corner to talk in private.
Once out of hearing of the rest, John says, "Over the years we've caused a lot of people a lot of pain and I've used my skills to control many people. But I'd always targeted those that'd caused others pain first and with something of a sexual nature, as with Rissa, I ensured they enjoyed themselves too. I'm happy with seducing someone like Carmen with my skills but I don't use them when seducing someone who hasn't caused harm to others. I understand the use of pain and the need to use pain to force change in someone. But I've never enjoyed causing pain, not the way David or JT did." Steve nods as he knows John very well. "Today I found myself enjoying the pain I was causing and I was totally unconcerned about Terri's enjoyment of what we were doing. When I realized that I became very scared about what's happening to me. I'm worried I may be losing an essential part of my humanity."
Steve nods, saying, "I thought it might be something like that. You've always been a very deep thinker. The fact you're concerned about this tells me you haven't lost anything yet but may be close to the edge. Personally I think today was an abnormality caused by the accumulation of all the emotions and stress of the past week or two. Relax and just enjoy things for a few days. If you're still worried then talk to a psychiatrist about all this; better yet, talk to a psych anyway. Trust me, if I think you're starting to lose it I'll tell you."
John smiles and nods, "I wish I could relax totally. But I've got the issues with Miller and Carmen to deal with before I can." Steve nods and slaps him on the back as he heads towards the steps with Harry. John swims back to the centre of the pool and just floats. Leaving the pool Steve and Harry discuss the matter as they seek Gwen and Liz to discuss John's emotional state. They both realize he needs strong support at the moment as he's starting to have self doubts at a time when they need him to be strong and confident. Steve finds Gwen while Harry finds Liz and Mary, they all gather in the dining room to discuss the matter. Gwen brings Brooke into the conversation and they spend a long time working out a plan of action.
Meanwhile back in the pool Karen Black swims up to John and starts playing with his flaccid dick, saying, "I think it's about time I tried out this special toy. And before you say anything Dad helped work on you when you were brought in. I was in the Emergency Room at the time, visiting Dad. So I know there's something fishy going on with you. I think I may even know what it is. I know the inside you is the same, mostly, a bit more outgoing than you used to be. How much of the physical you is flesh and how much isn't?"
Smiling, John says, "Know what a cyborg is?" She nods, "All you see is Kevlar and plastics. The real me is locked up inside."
"I think you mean the flesh you is safely secured inside a Kevlar body. The real you is still helping and dealing with people, just as you always did. Now you have to work through a mechanical body, just the same as if you helped someone over the telephone or used a rope to pull them out of a bog."
John moves to a more upright position and turns to look straight at her, "What do you intend to be when you graduate from college?"
Smiling, she says, "I'm studying to be a clinical psychologist, specialising in trauma cases so I can work with Dad as he specialises in trauma injuries."
Nodding, "If your dad doesn't have enough money to send you to the best college or support you properly there, talk to me. I'm now rich enough to be able to help an old friend and his family. Just don't be as proud as your dad is, come to me for help. OK." Giving him an odd look she nods. "I got a huge payout from the insurance after my death, still have a lot of money left from my parent's estate, I'm getting a huge reward from the police for closing down Big Jim's network, and have a new job that's commission only and at 2.5% for confirmed sales I've already earned over $10,000 in the last week. So I can afford to help people and spend money. I expect my annual commissions to run to seven figures each year for many years to come." Karen's eyes go very wide as she smiles. She won't worry too much about spending his money now as he wants her to spend some on getting a very good education.
As they climb out of the pool Brooke walks up and gives John a very close scrutiny. She nods and says, "OK, Karen and Eliza tonight, Uncle John. Get to bed and I'll send Eliza up. Also you can expect some visitors early in the evening." He raises one eyebrow. She shakes her head no and says, "I suggest you sit around with the window open for a little while. I'm sending everyone to bed early." She has a very wide grin. He nods in understanding as she's setting the new trainees loose on the general group. Karen gives him an odd look and he just smiles as he leads her upstairs. In the bedroom he opens the window and stands there looking out over the pool enclosure as Brooke matches people up. About twenty-five of the young women have evil grins on their faces as they lead their partners to their beds early.
Eliza joins them and John turns off the light, softly saying, "Watch this." The girls are soon cuddling and kissing, shortly followed by some pussy eating. A few minutes later the partners of the specially trained girls all suddenly start to sit up, flop back, thrash about, and yell out as they have some very serious orgasms. They don't do it all at once but all are set off over a few minutes. They make so much noise everyone else stops what they're doing to see what the commotion is. They have odd expressions as they try to work out what's happening and why.
Eliza says, "Obviously you were expecting something like that. What's it all about? We haven't had a response like that before."
Smiling, John turns to her, "Candice has been teaching a few people her method of kissing, it's mostly to do with breath control. I also got her to practice and teach them how to apply it to pussy eating, clit sucking, and breast kissing." Both girls give him stunned looks, "Don't worry, she'll be teaching you all in small groups. But just imagine the impact this group of girls is going to make on the school social dynamics when school starts. They're all more knowledgeable about sex, sexually aware, and sexually skilled than the rest of the student population. That's got to have an effect when they start initiating their dates to their skills." Both girls grin widely.
They all jump when Gwen says, "Damn right it will, and for the better I think." They turn to see Gwen, Barry, and Sera standing in the doorway. "Did Brooke tell you we'd be visiting and why?"
John shakes his head, "She said I'd get some visitors but not who or why."
Gwen nods, "Simply put, Sera is pressuring Barry to try other bed mates and he's refusing. I can't seem to convince her to leave it be."
Nodding, John asks "Sera, is that it in a nutshell?" She nods. John says, "Remember my first talk with you about sex?" She nods again. "You should respect Barry's wishes in this. Some people are such that they can't become emotionally involved with anyone other than their lover. Many of these find they can't get physically involved with anyone they don't love. I'm not saying Barry is this way. But it's his body, his decision, and it's wrong of you to wish to impose something on him that he doesn't wish to do. And yes, I do feel I'm being a little bit hypocritical about saying that. But if you love Barry, don't push this as it could force him away from you."
Her eyes go wide with concern as she turns and looks at Barry, who says, "Sera, if I ever change my mind on this I'll tell you. But I don't want to have sex with anyone but you. It's you I love, not someone else. OK?" Smiling weakly she nods again. "If it'll help, I don't mind eating someone else's pussy or sucking their breasts as long as you enjoy yourself with them as well. But no fucking at this point." She nods and takes his hand as they leave the room.
Gwen smiles at John and is turning away when John says, "Don't worry Gwen, Karen has helped me out a lot since I spoke to Steve. Her father was one of my doctors and she knows most of the story. She was able to give me a different perspective on the situation and I'm seriously thinking about what she said as well as what Steve said. Please tell Brooke I'll speak to her before I go crazy." Grinning, Gwen nods and walks out. Eliza had been giving John an odd look through this last speech. He turns to her, "Eliza, did you enjoy using your dildo when you used it or someone else used one on you." She grins and nods vigorously. "Know what a cyborg is?" She gives him an odd look as she nods. "Some of us have skin that looks and feels very realistic now. So it's almost impossible to tell us from the real thing."
She nods, "So that's why you can get hit by a speeding car and walk away. Does that mean I can buy my own copy of your dick to take home with me for when I get to missing you too much?"
Laughing, he replies, "Actually yes. Preston are now selling them through a new subsidiary company and they're available through sex shops for advance order now. Stocks should be on the shelf in a week or two. Like me they don't come cheap, and Brooke has a couple for borrowing too."
Both girls smile as Eliza says, "We need to try the prototype so we can compare them, don't we." Smiling, he leads them to the bed and has Karen lie down in the middle with her legs spread wide with Eliza beside her fondling her breasts. Climbing onto the bed he extends his tongue and waves it at Karen as her eyes go very wide. Eliza glances up and blurts out "Sheet," when she sees the size of his tongue.
From maximum range John tickles Karen's clit with the tip of his tongue, she giggles and smiles. As he closes in he slides it down her slit and into her vagina. Her giggles quickly become pleasure moans as he tickles the walls of her vagina. Reaching her pussy he places his mouth over her clit, sucking hard while pushing his tongue down on it. The feeling of having a tongue so deep inside her while pushing on her clit is new and heavenly as she comes. After sucking her to several orgasms he shrinks his tongue back to normal and starts kissing his way up her body. As he reaches her breasts, she says, "If mum knew you could suck pussy like that she'd be fighting to get on this bed in place of me. So would her two girlfriends." John and Eliza laugh.
Lifting up in preparation to entering her he goes to a 3M and says, "After the holidays are finished they're welcome to visit for a trial as long as Mamba has no objections. I've known your father most of my life and I don't want to upset him."
"What is it about you two, you're younger than him yet he talks about you as if you were boyhood buddies. And when I told him about the party he said 'I've no problems, he won't rape you and he'll see you enjoy yourself. But even if that wasn't the case there's no way I could stop him, not if he really wanted you.' And that got me wondering since we both saw how damaged you were."
John places his dick head at the entrance to her vagina and starts to slide into her as he says, "I've known Mamba for nineteen years and I'm only twenty-five now. He was one of my older brother's best friends and I spent a lot of time with them." She tries to pay attention to what he's saying but is fast losing track of the conversation due to the sensations from her vagina.
She moans softly, "Forget the history for now, just fuck me." Being a gentleman he follows her orders. She's soon moaning and heaving as she comes again and again. After she's come several times while he slowly thrusts back and forth inside her he lays on her and thinks, 'dickman slom 1M, 3M, 5R, 300S, ' as he proceeds to give her an auto fuck. Karen heaves and writhes in orgasm while he pins her to the bed. When the program finishes she settles down and says, "Oh fuck. I'm not sure I could take that on a nightly basis."
He laughs as he pulls out. Eliza gulps as she eyes his dick while she lays back and spreads her legs wide. "I'm so wet and horny, don't bother with the pussy eating this time, just fuck me please. Fuck me before I change my mind about it." Smiling, he moves over and slides his dick into her waiting pussy. She grins as her vagina stretches to accommodate his dick. With his dick the full length of her vagina he lowers himself to kiss her. As he covers her mouth with his he swaps to internal air supply and thinks, 'dickman slom 1M, 3M, 10R, 480S.' He pins her to the bed as they kiss and his dick starts auto fucking her. Eyes going wide as she starts to come and come again and again. She has trouble breathing as her body heaves in orgasmic overload. She's almost unconscious when he breaks the kiss and allows her to gasp for air. When the program stops she's lying there limp and he starts a normal in out thrusting action. She grins as she softly says, "OK, I get the message. Next time you do it exactly how you want to. Damn, I'm so fucked I doubt I could make it to the toilet for a much needed piss."
Grinning, he withdraws and stands up to lift her up and carry her to the toilet as he says, "Karen, come and watch this." Eliza gulps as she realizes they're both going to watch her on the toilet. In the en suite he lowers her to the toilet and stands between her knees as he spreads his legs, pushing her legs very wide. Placing his dick against her lips he smiles at her. As she starts to suck his dick, he says, "Karen, fondle her breasts and play with her clit." With her legs spread wide and her head pinned by his dick Eliza can't move as Karen sucks her breasts and plays with her clit. She soon has her coming. As she starts her second come she can't stop herself from pissing at the same time. Karen brings her to four orgasms while she's on the toilet. When she's finished John reaches down with a damp cloth and wipes her pussy as he comes in her mouth. She sucks him clean.
As she stands, John says, "Eliza, put the plug in and start the bath please." She bends over the bath and puts the plug in. As she reaches for the taps she feels John sliding into her pussy again. She stops and grins as she never imagined she'd be fucked while bent over running a bath. John says, "Karen, place that seat across the bath and sit on it as you give Eliza your pussy to eat please." She does as told and Eliza is soon eating her pussy. By the time the bath is half full both girls have come several times. He withdraws and tells them to get in the water. Weak and smiling they do so. He has them both sit at one end of the bath while he sits in the middle. Picking Karen up he lowers her onto his stiff dick and washes her breasts as Eliza a washes Karen's back. He says, "Karen, what do you think of my bog rope now?" Eliza gives him a very odd look.
Karen laughs and says, "I love it and you can use that rope in my bog any time." They all laugh. After washing Karen to three orgasms he lifts her off and Eliza on. Both girls are well satisfied and tired by the time they're dried and back on the bed. He snuggles them up together and quietly walks out of the room.
Going to the pool area he walks amongst the girls, most are sleep while some are awake and playing. A few are lying there watching him. Finding Lorna and Slut Two in bed sixteen with Amanda he gently wakes up Slut Two and says, "I'm sorry, what's your name?"
Biting her lip she replies, "Slut Two, master." Lorna stirs and opens an eye as she lies there watching.
"No, your real name, the one your mother gave you."
Smiling, she says, "Houston, master."
"Thank you, Houston. Shortly I'll want you to help me reduce any noise Amanda may make. After that I'd like to make love to Houston instead of fucking Slut Two, if that's OK with you?" She smiles and nods yes. Lorna smiles as well. She'd been wondering how long before he'd get over his anger about her gate crashing the party.
Smiling, John moves towards Amanda's feet and gently spreads them apart. Amanda has a white ribbon in her hair and he intends to respect that, so he won't fuck her. When he said he won't fuck anyone who doesn't want him to he didn't say he wouldn't eat their pussy and he intends to taste Amanda's offering. Gently he starts kissing his way up her legs. She wriggles and moans in her sleep. Coming out of a pleasant sleep Amanda realizes her erotic dream of someone kissing and licking her legs is real. She opens her eyes and lies there enjoying the situation. Seeing she's awake Houston moves over and kisses her, she eagerly responds. Lorna moves over and fondles one breast while sucking the other. John has reached her pussy and is licking her clit. She moans and comes. He extends his tongue and slides it into her vagina as he pulls Houston's hand down to play with Amanda's clit. He slides his tongue all the way into her pussy as he clamps his mouth over her vaginal entrance. She moans and comes again. Amanda's eyes go wider. If Houston is kissing her and playing with her clit while Lorna is sucking and fondling her breasts, who's licking her pussy and how come they can get their tongue so far in. John opens his tongue out flat so it's touching both sides of her love tunnel. He curls the tip up and licks around her g-spot. She starts to heave as she comes. Sliding his left hand up he moves it under Houston's hand to grasp Amanda's clit between his thumb and forefinger as he thinks, 'dickman snickle L1.' The trickle charge is too much and she screams into Houston's mouth as she has a continuous orgasm. John keeps her coming for several minutes. Thinking, 'dickman snicked, storn' he lets up on her and lifts himself up onto his knees. Moving up over her body he goes to a 3M and places his stiff dick between her labia with it along her slit rubbing against her clit. She comes again as he lowers himself to her body. Lorna and Houston have moved back. He lowers his face to hers and kisses her, again she eagerly responds.
Breaking the kiss he lifts himself up and says, "Shame about the ribbon, but I'll respect your wishes and not fuck you." Lifting up off her he moves to Houston and kisses her.
Kissing his way down her body, he sucks on her breasts and plays with her clit. Reaching her vagina he spends several minutes eating her pussy and tickling her insides with his extended tongue. By the time he's ready to move back up her body she's had many orgasms and has a huge smile as she waits for him to enter her. Placing his dick at the entrance to her vagina he slowly pushes into her. She comes as soon as he enters her. In the few minutes he takes to slowly slide the length of her love tunnel she comes a dozen times. Reaching full depth he starts to slide in and out. After she has a few more orgasms he thinks, 'dickman slom 3M, 3W, 15R, 300S, ' and starts to have his dick widening and narrowing while he continues to move his dick in and out with his hips. As he's thrusting in his dick widens and narrows several times during the entry and the same as he withdraws. Her eyes go wide as she comes and comes. Gasping, she says, "Oh hell, what a fucking lovely way to fuck. It's delicious, Uncle John." By the time the program runs out she's exhausted and has a huge grin. She's almost asleep before he pulls out. He kisses her and smiles at them all as he stands up to head back upstairs.
As he enters the lounge room he hears Amanda say, "Oh fuck, what HAVE I missed out on?" Lorna, Houston, and a few others nearby softly giggle.
Arriving back in his bedroom John crawls between Eliza and Karen, to snuggle up and go to sleep.

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