This isnt actually my story this story was posted on storiesonline (dot) net by the author cazna rochester and was posted on xnxx by someone else but they didnt post the full story and i will be posting it all
Day 14 - Thursday
Waking up at 5.45 am John wakes up Eliza and Karen. Both complain about sore muscles. He kisses them and gets out of bed to carry them into the bathroom. He places them in the bath and starts the water as he pours some bath salts in. He climbs in and starts washing them as he massages their legs and back muscles. Shortly he hears the sounds of the household waking up around them.
6.00 am sees Brooke walk in with a hand behind her back. She stops and looks at John. He goes on with the massage. She says, "All right Uncle John, what the hell did you do last night?" He gives her a puzzled look, as do Eliza and Karen. "Gwen and I went to a lot of trouble to organize the white ribbons and distribute them. Now I have them all back in my hand. What's happened?" She holds her hand out and shows them all the white ribbons.
He says, "After giving Eliza and Karen a good fucking I went to bed sixteen to taste Amanda's pussy. I honoured her white ribbon and didn't fuck her. I just ate her out before moving to Houston. I ate her out and fucked her senseless then back here to sleep. Nothing major or serious at all."
Laughing uproariously, Brooke says, "You bastard. After eating Amanda to bliss heaven you made her sit there while you fucked Houston senseless. I bet she spent a long time swearing after she realized what she missed out on. And probably told the others early this morning. You've just messed up all my rosters." She turns away for a towel to dry the girls when she spins back around, "Houston, since when has she been Houston and how do you know that name?"
He grins back, saying, "I can ask a girl her name, can't I? And she was Houston just for last night."
Nodding slowly Brooke dries Eliza as Gwen climbs in the bath. The bathing ritual begins. John has some things to do today so he's quick with the bathing, he doesn't rush anything but doesn't go slow either. When the paper boy comes by a nude Irene struts out to buy the papers. Giving the boy a quick kiss on the check as she does, causing a deflation of his erection. When he's told about this over breakfast John looks at Irene, she nods at Brooke who says, "Part of a long term plan, Uncle John. For the next few days he gets a kiss, about this time next week we let Candice loose on him." John looks down the table to see Candice grinning.
John looks up, "Kira, can I steal you as my driver this morning?" She nods. He turns to Gwen saying, "I was thinking of a group booking to see the new girlie flick at the theatres tomorrow, just after lunch, probably eat at the mall before it. That OK with you?" Gwen nods. He turns to Harry, "Can you organize buses?"
She nods yes, saying, "Yes, I'll get a reduced rate as we'll handle it as part of the turnover training."
Turning to Bernice he says, "Bernie, will you come as my drive time entertainment please." She nods yes as they all laugh. He says, "Good, then I'd like to be going in about forty-five minutes."
After breakfast he quickly dresses and goes out the front door. Crossing the road he sees Mrs Lincoln and Mrs Bellingham talking over their front fence. Approaching them, he says, "How's the early morning wake up calls going?"
Laughing, Mrs Lincoln says, "The boys are up, bathed, and dressed by 6.00 am each day now. Oh, they go to bed early to be up that early but awake and at the windows they are. And Mrs Harris is a bit worried about her James. For the first time since he took on being a paper boy he's up and ready without having to be chased. She's very prudish so I haven't had the heart to tell her why."
They all laugh and John says, "That could be a problem. Brooke is setting up a very nice surprise for him for Thursday next week. He may not be able to deliver papers after stopping at my house." They both look at him, "One of the girls has super high voltage kisses. For the rest of the week the girls are going to be giving him a mild kiss. Next Thursday he's going to be hit with a megawatt kiss. I doubt he'll be able to walk, not for some time afterwards anyway."
The ladies laugh and Mrs Lincoln says, "Oh dear. Well both Tom and Theo used to do that run. I'll have them stand by to give him a hand." John thanks them and heads back, he'd spoken to see if he could arrange help for that day. Back inside he tells Brooke about it.
She smiles, saying, "I hadn't thought about that, sorry. If he needs help Candice can reward the helper after they return home." They both laugh at the picture that'll end up with.
Morning Trip
Leaving the house in Gwen's car at 10.30 am they drive to the main mall, park and go to the picture theatre complex with eight theatres. John asks to see the manager. Once inside he asks about booking one whole theatre for watching the designated movie at 2.30 pm tomorrow afternoon. That session is usually their worse ticket sales so he has no trouble getting the house. The only sticker is the movie is playing in a unit that seats two hundred people and he has to buy two hundred tickets to get the whole house. He organises for each ticket holder to be given a large popcorn, a packet of sweets of their choice, and a large drink of their choice too, paying for it all on his debit card right away. He leaves with the two hundred tickets in his pocket. John and the manager are happy.
Leaving the theatre he heads to the nearby swimwear shop and organises to deal with his crowd at 10.30 am. Kira and Bernie are surprised at this stop as they don't wear any swimsuits. Next the food court and organises to book the Chinese restaurant for a noon lunch banquet of two hundred people.
They stop at Victoria's Secret for a new outfit for each of the girls as his 'thanks for helping today' gift. While they select and try items, John says, "Kira, Bernie, do either of you know how to contact any of the girls who's family can't afford for them to see the movies much. I have so many extra tickets available?" Between them they know how to contact about thirty girls.
Elise says, "I know a girls' orphanage that has about one hundred girls in it and they'd love an opportunity to give the girls an outing." In response to John's question she gives him the address. Wearing their new outfits the girls are all smiles as they leave the shop. They drive to the orphanage to find Elise has called and explained the visit. The Mother Superior is a bit unsure about John's motives but is very happy to take the girls to lunch and the movie as he's also allowing her to bring her whole staff, one hundred and twenty-one people in all. She figures if he's up to anything he won't have a chance to do anything with them all there. On the way back into the city centre they stop at a down market mall near the poorer part of town and soon find girls to give the last tickets to. Making sure they know to turn up at the restaurant for lunch first. They're all wary of John but accept the assurances of Bernie and Kira who they know from school.
Back in the city centre they stop at a business that trains armed security guards and John organises for Harry, Fred, Steve, Gwen, and himself to undertake the training and current certification. He also gets the paperwork to apply for firearms permits for them all. At the next stop John has the girls help him carry some boxes into an adult goods store.
Shocking Shopping
As they enter he sees a man is talking to a young girl in dirty clothes. She's scared and he's very aggressive. She shakes her head no and the man grabs her arm as he starts to drag her to the back of the store. Putting his boxes down John dashes to the couple. As he nears them two bouncer types appear to materialise out of the displays. They all arrive at the couple together. John reaches forward and grabs the man's arm, saying, "I don't think the girl wishes to go with you."
One of the bouncers grabs John's arm as the man says, "I don't think her wishes matter, nor do yours." Reaching over John places his hand on the bouncer's chest and activates his Taser. The man lets go of John and screams before dropping to the floor. The other bouncer pulls out a knife and stabs John in the side. The knife snaps off at the hilt as John swings his arm back and hits the fellow in the face with the back of his hand. The man screams and staggers back with a broken nose and broken jaw. He grabs his face with both hands as he backs away. The original man has drawn a gun and is pointing it at the girl as he says, "Back off hero or I shoot her."
John's stares at the man who he stares back. John's voice drops down as he says, "Point the gun at the floor." The man does so, "Release the girl." The man lets her go,"Miss, go join my two friends over near the entrance please." The girl quickly darts over to Bernie and allows her to hold her close in a protective manner. "Why were you dragging the girl to out the back?"
"She's a runaway. Out the back I can fuck her and start her indoctrination into being a prostitute for me." At that point John sees another man standing in the back doorway holding a large hand gun.
"Shoot the man standing in the door to the back rooms." The man turns and fires three rounds into the chest of the gunman who'd come out to support him. With a shocked expression he drops his weapon and staggers backwards through the doorway dying as he falls.
Kira and Bernie are shocked and one of the other clients has a phone to their ear as they call the police. Another armed man comes out the door. John says, "Shoot him." Three more shoots and another downed gunman. "Lower your weapon and don't shoot anyone else. When the police arrive you'll surrender to them and tell them everything that happened. You'll also tell them all you know about any other criminal activities." The man lowers his gun and nods. Turning to the door John calls out, "Are you three OK?" Bernie nods yes. "Stay there until I return as I have to check out what's in the back." Another nod from Bernie. Walking through the door John finds a corridor with an open door to the outside at the far end of it. Going down the corridor he finds several rooms with view panels in the doors. They're all locked. He looks into each one. Six have dishevelled young girls in them and all are in some distress. Sticking his head out the open outside door he can see no one. He carefully closes and locks the door.
He returns to the front just before the police arrive. He knows one of the police officers from the encounter with the flower men. The officer stops when he sees John and comes over to ask what happened while another pair disarm the man with the gun. John quickly tells his story and leads the officer into the corridor. A fourth officer is placed at the back door to stop anyone leaving that way. Crime scene, detectives, vice, medical examiner, and child welfare are sent for. The detectives have the girls from the rooms taken out the back door and off to hospital where they'll be interviewed later with child welfare on hand. All witnesses give their statements and are allowed to go except the gunman and the staff. They have a lot of explaining to do and a lot more questions to answer. The police have a hard time accepting the gunman shot his own people just because John told him to. They accept John's involvement is peripheral as the dead men were a threat to him and there was no way he was forcing the gunman to shoot his own men. John, Kira, and Bernie pick up their boxes and take them back to the car. They take the girl with them. The police have no reason to take her in and she doesn't need any hospital care.
They head to a hamburger outlet and have lunch. The girl is surprised they're feeding her and eagerly eats the two hamburger meal deals John buys at her request. While they're eating John gets a phone call on his mobile and has them quickly pack up as they're going home in a hurry.
At Home
At the time John and company are entering the hamburger joint Captain Miller is arriving at the Smith residence with several officers and a demand for Carmen to go with her to the station for questioning. Gwen is flustered by her attitude and doesn't know what to do. Brooke refuses to allow her to enter and refuses to let Carmen leave the pool area. She sends Harry to call John's mobile and Hedly's office. They scramble an attorney to go over and send another to the police station in case the one headed to the house gets side stepped. John also heads home when contacted. Miller is still hard at work blustering her way into the house and has forced Brooke and Gwen to back up even as they're ordering her out of the house. Miller's strong arm tactics may have worked if Steve hadn't been there. As soon as he hears Miller's voice he shoves Carmen into one of the toilets and tells her not to open it for anyone but him or John. He dashes upstairs and throws on a pair of tracksuit pants. He opens his overnight bag and gets his carry licence out to clip it to his belt with both his handgun holsters and the hold down straps off. Going down the stairs in just tracksuit pants and guns he finds Miller four steps into the house and three worried officers following her in.
Drawing both hand guns he slips the safeties off and points them at the front door, saying, "Back outside captain. The owner has told you to leave several times. Your failure to do so makes your presence trespassing, the fact you're armed makes it a possible felony. And trying to take Carmen from this house without John puts you in violation of the court orders. So back up." When he starts speaking they all look up the stairs to see him walking down the stairs and pointing two pistols at them. They all know he's the current departmental pistol champion with either hand and he can accurately open up with both guns. Theirs are still in their holsters. He has the drop on them.
Captain Miller says, "It's an offence to draw a weapon on a police officer in the performance of their duty. You're in big trouble."
Steve says, "I suggest you check the law again. The section reads 'When in the performance of their LAWFUL duty.' You're not in the performance of your lawful duty. You're trespassing in an attempt to unlawfully arrest someone and force them to breach their bail terms. That puts you in the wrong and gives me the right to treat you like any other criminal."
Miller says, "I'll see you before a disciplinary hearing for this sergeant."
He says, "I doubt it captain. I'm on long leave taking all leave owing prior to retirement termination and have approval to undertake outside work while on leave. I'm currently employed here as an armed security guard to ensure a certain person doesn't leave this house except in full accordance with her bail conditions. So go do what you like captain, as long as it's elsewhere."
Harry's standing in the entrance to the dining room as she watches. Brooke is by the foot of the stairs and is glad Steve is providing strong back up.
Standing in the doorway of the lounge room with a baseball bat in his hand, Fred says, "And if any of you are alive to get past Steve you've got me and sixty teenage school girls to fight your way through. What sort of publicity would that be captain. Police captain initiates blood bath with school girls in private house. Back off captain, this is one you can't win. John will be home soon and you can speak to him about doing this according to the court orders." They all just stand there staring at each other for several minutes.
Two police officers enter the dining room from the kitchen after entering by the back door but stop when they see the scene in the entry area. Seeing them to the side, Steve says, "Captain, tell your people to behave themselves as I hold you fully responsible for everything going on here. If any trouble starts my first response will be to ventilate you and those with you before turning to the other threat." The two young officers in the dining room stop trying to slowly draw their weapons and move their arms away from their sides. They got his message loud and clear. The stand off continues.
A few minutes later Kira pulls up across the road from the house. There are several police cars parked in front of the house and police all over the lawn. John gets out and tells the others to wait in the car. Mrs Lincoln is standing near where they stopped and she says, "This is becoming better than watching the soapies. What's up John."
He says, "After the murder attempts last week I helped the police to locate and deal with a criminal network. One of the key witnesses is now my servant. A certain politically minded senior police officer is trying to use this as a major stepping stone in her career. She won't let anything get in her way, neither justice, the law, or what's right. But she's finding I'm a lot harder to shift than those three together." Several neighbors had gathered round and they laugh at this.
John crosses the road. As he nears the line of police cars an officer walks over to him. John says, "Take me to the senior officer in charge that's outside the building." The officer looks at him, shrugs and takes him to a SWAT officer near their van. On being introduced to the SWAT commander, he says, "This is becoming a stupid three ring circus. All Miller need do is follow proper procedure and the court orders. If she'd rung me I'd have had Carmen in at HQ. There's no way she's ever going to get her hands on Carmen without me being around. It's all over now I'm here. I suggest you get your people off of my lawn and back in their vehicles on their way to other duties before I get upset enough to make them get on their knees and fix the lawn."
The SWAT commander looks at him shaking his head while John speaks. He says, "Look, we've an armed gunman threatening to shoot police officers."
Sighing, he says, "You have a licensed armed security guard doing his job and keeping unwanted people out of my house while I'm away. He had orders to not let anyone in. Anyway, didn't they tell you the target is Steve Katz."
Eyes going wide the commander says, "Sidewinder is in there drawing down on Miller. Why hasn't the bugger done us all a favor and shot her?"
Laughing, John says, "Because I told him if I didn't agree the shooting was required HE has to clean the blood out of the carpet himself and not pay to have it done. So he won't shoot unless forced to as he hates cleaning. He'll put the guns away when I tell him to."
The SWAT commander looks at John for a moment. He orders his men to stand down and orders all the extra police officers to get back in their cars. They go on about their duty. To John he says, "He bloody well better do so."
Together they approach the house. John calls out, "Sidewinder, Cobra, I'm coming in with the SWAT commander. Stay loose." The SWAT man is a bit surprised when John identifies himself as Cobra because he remembers the city's troubles while he was at school. He wonders how long these two have been known by those names. But John is so young he thinks he couldn't have been involved and it must be just coincidental.
They go through the front door and squeeze past the officer in the entrance way. Passing Miller, John says, "Brooke, did you tell these people to leave?"
She nods, saying, "Yes Uncle John, several times. But the woman kept looking so intimidating and moving forward we backed up out of fear. I don't know what would've happened if Uncle Steve hadn't been on hand."
Nodding, he says, "I'm sorry this happened Brooke. You and Gwen best go and get some hot chocolate to calm down. Steve, put your guns away. Plenty of time to kill people later if they don't behave." As Steve returns his guns to their holsters John turns to the officers in the dining room, "You're trespassing on private property, leave." Gulping, they look over to the two captains. The SWAT commander nods at the door. They quickly make their way to the door and leave. Several of the other officers have already left. John says, "Steve, go stay with Carmen and make sure she's OK please." He nods and heads to the pool area.
Turning to the entrance way John sees all but the two captains and one assistant each have left. Walking up to Captain Miller, he says, "Why the big circus act Miller? All you had to do was follow standard procedure and ring her solicitor for an appointment." She sneers at him and starts to turn away. John says, "Stop misbehaving captain. Next time you try a stunt like this I'll make you my slave and put Carmen in charge of you."
Miller spins around and says, "Don't you dare threaten me. I don't know why you're helping out these criminals but I'll find out." She goes very red when John laughs at her. He laughs loudly as he waves her out of his house while shaking his head.
As she's about to leave John loudly says, "Steve, next time Miller forces her way into this house and I'm not here, waste her left knee cap. That may make her obey the laws. They're there to be obeyed by all at all times, not by everyone but her unless she wants to." Miller spins around and glares at him. He calmly looks back at her. She turns and stomps off.
The SWAT commander is still standing there when Steve comes in with Carmen. She's very distraught and races to John. Crying, she hugs him and says, "I'm so glad you're home master. Please, next time take me with you. Let's not take any chances with that woman, please master." The SWAT captain is surprised to see this nude woman begging him for protection.
John holds her close and says, "I'm sorry. I just didn't expert Miller to step so far out of line. From now on until this is over when I go out you go with me. OK." Smiling weakly, she nods yes. Shaking his head in wonder the SWAT commander nods at John and turns to leave.
Soon afterwards the attorney arrives. The whole affair is explained in detail. Also the video recording of the front door encounter is copied and given to him, Wendy used Gwen's camera to record it. He lets the other attorney know he can return to the office and also tells John the courts have advised a preliminary hearing for Tuesday morning. They make an appointment to go over the case tomorrow afternoon while the girls are at the movie. He soon leaves.
It's now early afternoon with most of the people having settled down and gone to watching the huge TV, swimming, or entertaining themselves. John collects Brooke, Carmen, and Gwen taking them upstairs to his room. In the bedroom he sits them on the end of the bed and asks them how they're feeling now. Gwen and Brooke have taken their visitor shifts off and John has undressed as well.
Carmen replies, "Very upset and worried master."
Gwen says, "Still a bit jumpy."
Brooke replies, "I'm in need of a cuddle."
John sits on the bed beside her as he says, "I think we all are." He picks her up and creates a 3M as he lowers her onto his stiff dick. He pulls her to him for a kiss and a cuddle. She grins as she feels his dick sliding into her pussy. Carmen is sitting on his other side and making sure he's aimed right. After breaking a long kiss, "I think we all have some nervous energy to work off." He holds Brooke to him as he turns and lays her on the bed. Her smile widens as he gently moves her up the bed. Once in place in the middle he holds her off the bed while Gwen slips a pillow under her hips. Grinning, she lies beside them and starts fondling and kissing the breast nearest her as Carmen does the same on the other side. Brooke's head goes back and she starts to moan. He starts sliding in and out as he gently makes love to her. Because of the slow speed it takes a while for her to reach her first orgasm but the second is soon after. Ten minutes later Brooke is hardly moving. He stops and kisses her. Breaking the kiss he comes in her as he withdraws. She smiles as she realizes what he's up to. Once out of Brooke he moves her up against the head board with the pillow back under her hips. He goes to the window and calls down to Sera and Barry to come to his room.
As they walk in Sera sees the cream pie, she smiles and dives right in. Barry gets an instant woody and runs to his room to return with a hand full of condoms. Everyone else smiles as he quickly puts one on and enters Sera. Both Gwen and Carmen are playing with themselves as he gives Sera a good long, slow fucking while fondling her breasts and playing with her clit.
John sends Gwen to get Beth and Paula as he lays Carmen on her back and fondles her breasts. She grins as she directs his dick towards her eager pussy. He enters her, saying, "Carmen, call me Uncle John or John, not master." She nods and smiles at him. Slowly he slides his dick along her love tunnel and she comes twice during the entry. He gently fucks her for some minutes and many orgasms. As he's finishing he lifts her hips and stops with his dick right against her cervix as he comes twice. She comes as each load of his sperm enters her waiting womb and he comes twice more as he withdraws. He climbs up from the bed, saying, "Beth, I know this is work time, but I want you to eat this cream pie now please." With a big grin she eagerly sets about this cleaning task to Carmen's great enjoyment. Sera has finished sucking all the excess sperm out of Brooke's pussy but she's still eagerly eating pussy and Barry is working on his third condom of the encounter. All players are clearly happy with the situation.
Turning to Gwen John takes her in his arms and kisses her. Paula stands there like a spectator at a tennis match while switching her vision from one set to the next and back again as she plays with her pussy. Grabbing Gwen's thighs John pulls them apart as he lifts her slightly and slides his dick into her eager cunt. She comes as their groins meet. He goes slow but she soon has several orgasms and he comes in her as he withdraws. Gwen smiles at him as she watches Paula move in for her pie. Gwen pulls his dick to her mouth and sucks it clean, tasting Brooke, Carmen, and herself. With his dick clean he walks around behind Beth and says, "Legs a bit wider please Beth." Knowing it's John and what he wants to do she quickly spreads her legs wider. He slides his dick into her as he slides his hands along her sides to fondle her breasts as he plumbs the full depths of her vagina. She sighs as she works on Carmen's pussy. He gently fucks her to several comes. Withdrawing he looks at a smiling puppy pile of Sera, Brooke, and Barry. There's five condoms on the floor. Reaching Paula he spreads her legs and slides in while she wiggles her ass as he does. Gently he fucks her to several comes. Withdrawing he looks at the pile of happy tired people on his bed, very much like a litter of puppies. Throwing a quilt over them he tells them to get some rest.
Walking into the kitchen he tells Belinda and Melody where Brooke, Gwen, and Beth are, saying, "Please don't disturb them until dinner time. They're all a bit unnerved by the incident with the police and are recovering at the moment."
Grinning, Belinda eyes his still stiff dick and says, "I don't think it's the police incident they need to recover from now. I think they need to recover from their recovery therapy."
"Whatever, they'll be much better after a rest." They laugh and nod.
Walking into the lounge room he finds Bernie, Kira, and the girl from the shop sitting on the lounge. Bernie says, "John, this is Carly. She'd like to go for a swim but isn't happy about the house rules."
The girl is trembling as she eyes John's stiff dick. He picks up a white ribbon from the pile on the table nearby. Brooke had dropped them there earlier in case any of the girls changed their minds again. He walks right over to Carly and she flinches as he nears her. Reaching down he ties the ribbon in her hair. His dick is almost touching her lips and his sensors pick up her heightened pulse as she licks her lips. He's about to step back when she reaches out and gently touches his dick, stroking it lightly. He softly says, "Carly, how old are you?"
She says, "I'm sixteen and afraid of sex. I left home because my step-father raped me a year ago and mum wouldn't believe me. When he did it a second time I took all the money out of his safe in the den and ran away. That man wanted me to work as a prostitute. When I said no he grabbed me and was going to make me somehow."
Gently, John says, "That white ribbon in your hair says you don't wish to engage in male - female genital sex. Don't remove it unless you mean for me to fuck you. The house rules are you're allowed to kiss anyone, also play with anyone's breasts and body, except you must stop playing with their genitals if they tell you to stop, the same applies to you. No clothes in the pool area and most of us wear no clothes in the house at all. You look like you need a bath. The normal process here is I bathe everyone first thing of a morning and I mean just that. They climb into the bath with me and I wash them all over, including their pussy. My niece Brooke usually does the drying. We can go upstairs and I wash you now or you can bathe yourself now."
She bites her lip for a moment, "I'll try having you bathe me if Kira and Bernie are there too." They go upstairs to the en suite. Looking at the large bath, she says, "Well it's big enough." They all grin. He runs the bath and climbs in, she slowly undresses and hesitates.
Kira says, "While you think about it I'm taking the opportunity to be pampered." She undresses and climbs into the bath. She slowly sits down on John's dick and sighs as she does. He picks up the washer and washes her back while hugging her to him. With the back finished he picks her up slightly as he turns her around and settles her back down. She leans back into his chest as he washes and fondles her breasts. She comes three times during this washing. He lifts her off his dick and sits her on his thighs as he slips his hand between her legs to wash her pussy. Fingering her to a few more comes in the process. She stands as he washes her legs and bum. She gets out and dries herself.
Stepping into the water Bernie says, "You don't have to sit on his dick to be washed. He usually doesn't give us an opportunity for a nice fuck while washing as he has too many waiting in the morning. I prefer this arrangement." She sits on his thighs and spreads her labia while pushing her groin against his stiff dick to rub her whole pussy and clit. Hugging her to him he washes her back. She stands up to turn around and sit down with his dick sticking up between her legs and still rubbing her pussy. She comes several times while he washes her front and her pussy. She stands as he washes her legs and bum. She gets out and Kira dries her.
Biting her lip Carly steps into the water and sits down facing away. John reaches forward and leans her back until her head is on his thighs. He washes her hair four times. He sits her up and pulls her back against him with his dick rubbing along the crack of her ass. She stiffens as he reaches around to fondle her breasts while washing her upper body. He washes her face. She stands to turn around and looks at him for a moment. Reaching up she finds the damp ribbon still in her hair and unties it to toss it aside. She moves towards him to lean on his shoulders and slowly lowers herself onto his dick. She grimaces slightly as her pussy is slow stretching to take his phallic offering. He says, "I can make it thinner if that's more comfortable?"
She shakes her head no and continues to slowly lower herself. Their groins haven't yet met when his dick head touches her cervix, she flinches. He grabs her waist to hold her still, saying, "My dick is up against your cervix. You can stop at this depth or I can shorten my dick or you can continue and have my dick enter your womb. I think you'll find the last option a bit painful." Her eyes go wide at his offering to shorten his dick and she wonders how he can do that. She thinks for a moment and waves his hands off. He senses her much heightened pulse rate. He says, "No, I don't think you can handle that much pain yet." Her eyes go wide as she feels his dick shrink inside her as he changes to 2M. He lowers her onto his dick. Smiling, he says, "Would you like to experience the unique Uncle John auto fuck sexual sensory assault?" Mouth agape she stares at him.
Bernie jumps in with "It better be a very low frequency cycle Uncle John or you'll blow her mind into next year. I found it almost too much to handle." Carly gives her a strange look.
John hugs Carly to him as he washes her back and thinks, 'Dickman slom 1M, 2M, 1R, 300S.' Her eyes go extremely wide as his dick starts shrinking and growing inside her to give her a 'being fucked' feeling while neither of them moves. She moans and starts to come, the first time she's come with a dick in her.
Some minutes later after being thoroughly washed and fucked she's helped out of the bath as she thinks 'damn, I'm lucky to have fallen in with these people. That was so lovely.' Bernie dries Carly while Kira dries John.
Smiling at Bernie over Kira's shoulder he picks her up and spreads her thighs as he slides his dick into her lovely pussy. Hugging her to him, he thinks, 'dickman slom 1M, 3M, 10R, 360S.' Kira's eyes pop open very wide as she starts to come. Her arms thrash about as she comes again and again for the whole six minutes. By the program's end she's a limp rag leaning on him and only held up by his dick and arms.
Smiling, Carly asks, "That style of fucking is lovely. But why has it affected Kira so much?"
Bernie says, "The frequency of thrusts can affect the amount of comes. Because your previous sexual experiences had been bad Uncle John took it slow with you. With Kira he gave her the equivalent of a very fast and furious fucking. That made her come a lot and she had the comes right on top of each other. That can be very tiring and extremely lovely." John carries Kira as they head downstairs while the puppy group on the bed is still sound asleep.
Poolside Playtime
Walking into the pool area John carries Kira to a bed and lays her on it. Amanda walks up saying, "I've taken the ribbon off, please."
Smiling, he lays her on the next bed and leans down as he kisses her while rubbing her pussy with his dick at the same time. Breaking the kiss he moves his hips forward and slides his dick into her pussy as her eyes go wide. She smiles and blows him a kiss. He gently slides in and out for a few minutes until she starts her first orgasm. Grinning, he thinks, 'dickman slom 2M, 3M, 10R, 300S, ' and continues his slow thrusting in and out as his dick rapidly shrinks and expands inside her at the same time. This rapid auto fuck while being properly fucked gives her a sensory overload and she starts a serious series of orgasms while thrashing about on the bed as she screams. When the program runs out he stops and withdraws, saying, "Is that what you were wanting?" Exhausted, Amanda nods yes, rolls over and curls up as she goes to sleep. He picks her up to place her beside Kira and cuddles them up together before putting a quilt over them.
Looking around the pool area he sees everyone has a 'just come' look and is playing with someone else's genitals. Including Mr and Mrs Lincoln and their son Lee. With an evil grin, he says, "Orgy time, volunteers for a fuck-a-thon line up here for action. New flavors only." He grins as Mrs Lincoln races over to head the line and a dozen girls are quickly lined up lying on the grass with their legs spread. Smiling at them, he says, "Better be sure about this. I'm not going to make love to you, just climb aboard and fuck your brains out." They vigorously nod as they smile. Some of the regulars are standing about watching and smiling. He kneels between Mrs Lincoln's thighs and enters her. Once he establishes the depth of her pussy he starts in with the same treatment he gave Amanda. Her eyes pop open and she screams her way through many orgasms. He comes just inside her vaginal entrance as he withdraws when the program ends. He stands up, saying, "Cream pie anyone." And moves onto the girl beside her as someone lowers their body to Celia's pussy. He spends five minutes auto fucking each volunteer. The line grows longer with each person satisfied; Natasha, Betty, Ann-Marie, Susan, Delilah, Ernestine, Opal, Trudy, Linda, Olive, Theresa, Maria, Eve, Ashleigh, Amy, Alexandra, Jasmine, Inez, Hannah, Irina, Heather, Kristy, Lola, Kimmy, Nikola, Samantha, Tara, Stephanie, Zoey, Sabrina, Lia, and Katia. In each case where he knows they're protected he leaves a cream pie and someone eats them out. He notices even those without cream pies are being eaten by those not in the fuck-a-thon. About three and a half hours after he starts he pulls out of the last volunteer and makes his dick limp. He notices the six party only girls who were entitled to but didn't volunteer are lying on the poolside chairs, he smiles at them.
Going over to Gabriela, Katie, Lori, Laura, Jade, and Ruth he says, "I'm surprised you lot didn't volunteer as well."
Smiling, Jade, says, "I don't know about the others but by the time I thought 'shit that's real fun' I was too worn out from coming to get up and go over." He laughs as the others nod in agreement.
"Brooke will be happy to slot you into my bed sometime soon." They all eagerly nod agreement. Turning towards the lounge room he notices several people still eating pussy, including Mr Lincoln, Lee, Harry, Steve, and Fred.
Walking over to where Belinda is leaning against the lounge room doorway with a dripping pussy. He winks at her and she says, "Once I saw what you were up to I had Melody slow down the cooking of dinner. It'll be late but only another twenty minutes now." She holds up Gwen's camera and continues, "I hope you don't mind but I got most of that on Gwen's camera for later enjoyment." He smiles and nods.
Going up to his bedroom he wakes up the group there. Somehow they slept right through all that despite all the girls who screamed out their pleasure. Once Brooke is fully conscious, he says, "Ahhm, sorry Brooke, but I think I've messed up your rosters again." She gives him a stern look and nods for him to continue, "While you were sleeping I went downstairs and gave some of the girls their first fuck. While we were out there was an incident and we ended up with a stray called Carly. I took her into the en suite and gave her a well needed bath as she's a runaway. She wasn't sure about the bath so Kira and Bernie had me bathe them first, getting in a good fuck at the same time. So Carly got in for a wash and fuck. I fucked Kira to sleep and took her downstairs to put her to sleep on a bed. Amanda then bounced me for a fuck." He stops and Brooke waves her hand for him to continue, somehow she just knows there's more. "After that I declared a fuck-a-thon and called for volunteers." All on the bed sit up straight with very wide eyed. He lists the names of all those involved. They giggle about Mrs Lincoln being the first in line but are very quiet by the time he finishes the list. "Belinda got most of it on Gwen's camera but she stopped when she found she couldn't focus while having constant orgasms herself."
Brooke gulps, saying, "Damn, I'd have loved to have seen it." With a grin he points to the window. She turns and sees the two digital cameras he recently bought; they're mounted on tripods and aimed out the open window. Both are connected to large external drives. She gives him an evil grin and he nods. "OK, I'll let you off that part. That only leaves only five or six virgins, so I can soon cycle them through and start our regulars back into the line up." He goes over and turns the cameras off as he'd started them by remote earlier.
Gwen notices the clock and jumps up, saying, "Sheet, dinner." She races out, Beth quickly follows.
The rest follow more sedately. They're half way down the stairs when Gwen sees them and collars them to help carry dinner through to the pool area. Luckily the meal was easily altered to be served in Trenchers and they had plenty on hand. They currently have one hundred being delivered each day, many are used for late night snacks and they stay fresh for a few days. What was going to be roast beef with peas, carrot, baked pumpkin, and baked potato on a plate became sliced beef with mixed vegetables in a Trencher. The girls love the changed delivery format as they all love the new ways of eating and new flavors they're learning at this party. Liz, Mary, and Janice arrived home between the orgy and dinner. They come several times while being told about the afternoon games.
During dinner Gwen announces the plans for tomorrow. They have to get up early to make sure they're at the mall in time. That means an early night tonight. Most nod acceptance as they feel they need it. As most people are down to eating their plates she puts a DVD movie on to play. During the movie John speaks to Mary and Liz about some more upgrades, to see if they're possible.
He wants an extra setting where his dick head stays at the T setting and the dick then angles out to the wider setting behind it. When Mary gives him an odd look, he says, "With that I can still stretch a size queen's pussy wide while not tearing her cervix apart when I enter her womb." She grins at the idea and this'll require some research. He suggests a special variant of the John Boy and Uncle John with this arrangement as well. He also asks about being able to have a control to have his Taser charge feeding from hand to hand and not just the finger contacts as that way he can use it as a defibrillator. They agree it's a good idea and simple to do. He tells them about the issues with the police today and the court hearing on Tuesday. Leaving them he finds Harry and confirms all is OK about the buses tomorrow. He also asks her to organize for them on Tuesday. They'll probably take everyone to the court as most of the adults will want to be there and so will many of the girls because they've become attached to Carmen.
After the movie music is put on as usual and bed assignments handed out. John is assigned Carly and Carmen with instructions of no sex tonight. Brooke feels Carly and Carmen are more in need of a comfort cuddle. He nods agreement as Carly blushes and smiles. John leads the girls to his bedroom, lies down, and spreads his arms wide. He has a girl lie on either side and snuggle up close as he curls his arm up and around them to fondle a breast of each. They both smile and snuggle closer. Brooke drops by to check on them and places a quilt over them. They soon go to sleep.

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