This isnt actually my story this story was posted on storiesonline (dot) net by the author cazna rochester and was posted on xnxx by someone else but they didnt post the full story and i will be posting it all
Day 16 - Saturday

Waking up at 5.45 am John fondles Katie's breasts. She moans in her sleep. A few minutes later she wakes up, saying, "Lovely alarm." John laughs and extracts his arms to roll over and commences to wake Carmen in the same manner. She quickly wakes up and rolls over to kiss him. They get up and head for the bath in the en suite, reaching the doorway just as Brooke walks in the bedroom door with the first of the bath line.

Today he takes his time bathing them, to their mutual enjoyment, but still averaging under four minutes per wash. Sera, Rachel, and Janice are washed in the main bathroom by their beaus. Nataly gets the papers today and gives the boy a kiss in the lips. Another set of damp pants for him but he doesn't seem to mind. He must be the happiest fourteen year old boy in the neighbourhood. For most of the ladies it's a simple basic wash; sit on his thighs, wash one side, turn around, wash the other, lie down, wash the hair, get out and get dried. However he's had the order changed so Gwen, Rissa, Mel, Stacey, Wendy, Liz, Mary, and Brooke are the last ones. They get a different wash today. He feels he may have been neglecting most of them. With these last eight he washes their hair first then sits them up as he lifts them and lowers them onto a 3M erection (except Mary as she gets a 5X). He gives them a two minute auto fuck by reducing in size to a 1M and back to the larger size at five times a second while he washes their front and fondles their breasts before turning them around and repeating the process. They all have a bit of trouble getting out of the bath afterwards but they wouldn't have had it any other way. They leave the bath room with huge grins.

John and Brooke arrive in the kitchen for their breakfasts at 10.25 am. On Gwen's orders everyone is wearing their new swimsuits today and helping with general cleaning duties. The rubbish skips are due to be replaced around noon today and everything suitable has to be in them. Gwen is also organising another fair sized grocery shopping expedition for Melody and Beth so they'll take the mini-bus with the seats folded up. The post breakfast task assigned to John and Brooke is to prepare the bus for the trip. John will go along to pay the bills. Today is definitely a 'make and mend' day. This afternoon Belinda and Beth will be taking the majority of the dirty linen to a laundromat with commercial sized washing machines to catch up on the washing. Belinda and Gwen are still investigating new washing machines and haven't yet decided on a model to buy.

Two mid-twenties men arrive with the truck to collect the skips at 11.30 am. They take their time unloading the new ones and happily wait for the old ones to be readied as the girls are still tossing bags of rubbish in them while wearing some of the skimpiest swimsuits you can buy. They're in NO hurry to rush the girls as they really enjoy the waiting and the girls are enjoying the teasing. Harry and Rachel are in the doorway directing traffic. Brooke set them to that task as they have the skimpiest of all outfits on, about ten square centimetres of material together; string with micro patches over their groins and nipples. Leaving the girls to their games the shopping team heads off. Belinda driving while John sits between her and Beth with an arm around each to fondle a breast with each hand.


Shopping Surprise

Arriving at the supermarket they enter and approach a supervisor. Since they're buying most things by the case it's easier to organise to get it from the back storage and not the shelves. The supervisors are familiar with John, Gwen, and Belinda now as this is the fourth such trip and they know why they're buying so much. The supervisor calls one of the storage staff forward. She hands them the list to organise the order for them. They browse the specials and fruit while waiting. They're called back to the front desk to pay for it when it's all ready.

While they're waiting a man at one of the checkout cashiers starts to gasp for breath and stagger. A woman in another checkout lane grabs her handbag and rushes over. She arrives just as the man falls to the floor and staff start rushing to the scene. They're only a few metres away from where John and the supervisor are. He takes a couple of steps and focuses his medical sensors to get readings. Turning to the supervisor, he says, "He's OK, it's a diversion, alert your security people." She turns and looks at him for just a second before turning to her desk. She picks up the phone and sends the discreet security alert. She also calls for the police. Looking along the checkout counters John sees three young men busy snatching the purses of people gawking at the collapsed man. He points them out to the supervisor who nods and starts directing some of their security people towards them. Walking along the check outs John reaches one of the thieves and grabs him. He hits him with a light Taser charge. The man shakes and collapses to the floor. Wide eyed the supervisor directs one of the staff to secure him. John catches up with the second young man and repeats the process. The third man turns and runs through one of the checkouts while looking back at John pursuing him. He runs straight into the arms of two mall security guards as they walk in the doorway. One handcuffs him while the other walks over and asks what's happening. The man on the ground starts to act as if recovering while John tells the guard the story as they walk over to him. The man is leaning on the counter and glancing around as they near him.

Like the majority of the people in the store Beth had wandered over to see what's happening. Many are now moving away and she's the closest to him except for the one who first rushed over. The man lunges at Beth and grabs her arm. As he drags her to him he pulls a revolver out of his pocket. Beth and some of the shoppers scream. John says to the guard, "Secure the thieves, I'll deal with this." The guard gives him an odd look but does as told as he knows he's not trained or equipped to deal with it and just hopes John is. Walking to them, John says, "Beth, calm down and stop screaming please."

Hearing John speak, she says, "Uncle John, he's hurting me."

He says, "I know and I'll deal with it. You'll have to wait while I do."

The man points his revolver at John, "Tell them to let my mates go and get out of the way or I'll shot you and this girlie'll catch any shots at me."

He smiles, "I doubt it as no one's going to shoot at you and you're all going to prison for armed robbery, it was theft until you pulled the gun."

The man replies, "Off duty copper, huh?"

"No, just know the law." His left arm flashes out and grabs the man's right hand holding the revolver. John grips his hand with his thumb on the face of the hammer, pushing it back and to the side to stop it from firing. Stepping closer he reaches out with his right hand and hits them man with a Taser jolt in the chest. The man screams and shakes as he collapses against the checkout counter. John says, "Now you know what a real heart attack feels like."

The young woman looks up and considers running away until she glances at John. She just stands there waiting to see what happens. John reaches across the man with his right hand and removes the revolver from his grip. Asking the checkout operator for a shopping bag he carefully places the gun in the bag and has her hold onto it for the police. He leaves the man gasping for air and leaning on the counter as he goes to Beth. She almost falls into his arms as she cries. Looking at the young woman, John softly says, "Tell the police only what you did after the moment he collapsed, nothing more. Come see me, later today." He adds his address and she nods agreement.

A few minutes later the police arrive and start removing the 'suspects.' They take statements from everyone and it's amazing how many of the shoppers just happened to be looking the other way when everything happened; some people just don't want to get involved in anything. The store security cameras got it all so the police take copies of them as they'll make the case. The 'suspects' all wore hats that hid their faces but the cameras show them from theft to being captured and making the identification simple.

John pays for the shopping and the staff are happy to help John load the mini-bus as it's not every day they get to see a robbery foiled. With the vehicle loaded they head home. As per instructions they stop for a load of deep fried chicken pieces on the way as Gwen had placed the order of 400 pieces when they opened at 10.00 am. John and company are a little late in collecting the order but it's been kept hot in the ovens. Arriving home at 2.00 pm they unload the mini-bus and get undressed to sit down for lunch. Beth sits in John's lap while they eat. She's still shocked from the robbery incident. They cuddle and eat. Everyone else is still in their swimsuits. Since she had to give special dispensation to wear the swimsuits while cleaning up Gwen's allowed the girls to continue wearing them.

When they start bring the shopping in Brooke goes to get Saul for lunch. He arrives, saying, "You girls are sexier and look more enticing in the swimsuits than when nude." They all laugh. John takes his time telling them about the incident in the store and giving Beth a little more time to get over it. By the time lunch is finished the full story is told and none are happy with the danger Beth was in. They're all happy with the outcome of no one hurt.

After a late lunch John takes Beth and Belinda aside to talk to Liz and Mary about the robbery and how they feel. They spend some time talking them through the incident. Beth needs the help to deal with the shock of being manhandled. They finish about 4.00 pm and Gwen sends Beth off to play in the pool, they can manage without her for the rest of the day.


Another Stray

They're walking down the stairs when the doorbell chimes. John puts on track suit pants from near the door and answers the door. It's the young woman from the shopping centre, the one that helped the man who collapsed. She has two suitcases with her. John leads her into the dining room and they sit down to talk.

She says, "Can you help me, I've no where to go now?" John sits there, "Yes, I was with them. The boy who ran was my boyfriend until today. He yelled abuse at me when I went to the police station to see him. We broke up then. The other two boys are his brothers and the man is his father. I've been staying with them since I arrived in town six weeks ago. I got back to their place as the police were searching it. They let me get my things and leave. I don't know anyone in this town and don't have any money to go back home."

Brooke walks in during her talk and sits with them. The girl keeps glancing across at Brooke because she's nude. Brooke says, "You can stop with the histrionics and the lies. Tell us where your parents live and why you ran away." John sits there letting Brooke handle this.

Wide eyed the girl stares at Brooke for a moment. Finally she sighs and give the name of her parents with an address across the other side of town in the poorer housing area. She says, "I left home because I didn't like the way my step-father and step-brothers kept looking at me. When I spoke to mum she didn't seem worried. She said, 'they're not blood kin so it doesn't matter.' But it does matter to me, I don't like them." John writes the names and address down. He gives them to Steve who checks with the police missing persons database, she's not reported missing. John decides to feed her while they make more enquiries.

Brooke is against her staying and John isn't happy with her either. There's something about her that's not right so this is one stray he's not taking in. Steve rings someone he knows at Child Welfare and tells them what they know. They contact the duty officer and check the records. She's known to them, the man is her step-father and the rest are his sons by another woman. The girl's been in and out of detention centres since she was eight years old. The Child Welfare people think they can still straighten her out but with a legal guardian on hand they have no legal reason to intervene. Steve notifies them of the charges against the step-father and his sons, and the current location of the girl. Child Welfare turn up at 5.30 pm to collect her and send her to a life skills course camp in the mountains. If this camp can't turn her around, nothing will. John offers to interview her and consider providing a home once she's completed the camp, if it has the desired effect on her attitudes and behaviours. She's angry about them calling in the authorities, but has mixed emotions about the offer to take her in afterwards. She has a lot to think about as she leaves for the camp with the Child Welfare people.


Dungeons and Dinner

Due to the late lunch Gwen decides to have a late dinner so John decides to visit the Masters and give them the paperwork on the new sales. He invites Brooke and Gwen along. They both ask for Mistress status. He agrees and asks Brooke who else to take. With a sly grin Brooke says, "Peta, Lorna, Dallas, and Houston with the twins above Peta and Lorna as that should be fun." He gives an evil grin in reply and goes to speak to Sera, Barry, Fred, and Janice. They all agree to join them. Sera quickly agreed, Barry took some convincing to join them. Liz also tags along as she wants to see Barbara's reaction to the orders.

Remembering his recent conversation with Dallas he asks her to ring her mother and tell her to drive over to the Masters residence to speak to John. She does and her mother readily agrees. Both Brooke and John think this is an interesting situation.

John is still concerned about his mental balance in the dungeon but he likes many of the games. He'd discussed this with Brooke in their last big talk about his mental state and she suggested they try a session with her along to help direct him if she thinks he's going off kilter. This trip will be the test of that idea.
It's a warm day and looks to be a warm night so they get out and dried before putting on light clothes; the ladies in just their shifts from Victoria's Secret. Gabriela watches them get ready and asks where they're going. Brooke says, "Oh, we're just going up the street to a friend's place. They have a lovely dungeon and we're going to have an orgy while we torture someone to death. Want to come along as another slave victim? I promise we'll make you scream with the torture we apply to you."

She looks at John for advice on how to deal with this. It's clear she doesn't believe a word of it. John examines her carefully, she's a senior and the most buxom of the school girls, very pretty and a nice body. Would've been on the cheer leading squad if she wanted, was actually asked to join. He reaches over to fondle her breasts as he says, "I still have to seduce you, don't I?"

"Yes, most people don't believe it but I'm still a virgin and I've a well worn dildo at home but not as good as the ones you have here though."

He grins, saying, "Come along if you wish but you'll be a slave in a dungeon at the whim of me and my mistresses. I promise I won't let them kill you tonight but make no promises about torture. Why go to a dungeon as a slave if you don't want to be tortured? I'll also promise to see you're thoroughly fucked before we return." She's not sure what to do. She trusts John and Brooke implicitly. She's never known them to lie about anything serious. This could be a joke but it may not be either. Gulping, she nods yes as she reaches for her shift to put on.

John lets the other adults know where they're going. He's leaving Steve and Harry here as security for the girls. He also takes Carmen with him as he's very wary of letting her out of his presence until after the court case is over. As they head out the door Brooke has Gabriela walk beside her as she says, "Uncle John, do you think Gabriela will look better with stripes from the thick whip or the thin one?" Gabby gulps, if this is a joke they're certainly taking it a long way and if it isn't a joke she's in BIG trouble. Worse, she asked for it.

They arrive at the Masters' house and ring the bell. Alice answers the door. Smiling, she says, "Good afternoon Master," as she opens the door wide and waves them all in, "Mistress Barbara is in the lounge while Mistress Julie and Mistress Deborah are in the computer room." Gabby gulps as this doesn't look like they were joking.

John replies, "Good afternoon Alice. Please show me to Mistress Barbara as I wish to talk some business before we play and inform Mistress Julie and Mistress Deborah we're here to visit the dungeon. You're invited if your work is finished." Alice smiles widely at this offer as she looks over his entourage for today. She licks her lips on seeing Gabriela, Sera, and Brooke.

She nods, "With the new servant slaves helping me my time cleaning is cut down a lot. I'd love to join you if Mistress Barbara accepts my work today is done." She leads John, Liz, and Janice to the lounge room while the rest wait in the entrance area.

In the lounge room they find JT, Thumper, and Jim wandering around with duster dicks cleaning the furniture under the directions of Nola, Liz, and Rena Masters. As they watch Nola says to JT, "You've missed a bit," as she grabs his dick and gives it a strong squeeze while dusting a section he just did. The girls' grins seem to be wider than their faces. Barbara is smiling as she watches them. Hearing footsteps behind her she turns around and grins wider on seeing them.

She says, "Afternoon Master John." Everyone in the room turns and looks at them. "I do hope you're here to play. The boys are recovered from their operations and are ready to have the changes fully tested. As you can see, the initial action works well."

So the boys are ready with 'on demand' dicks. He says, "Janice and Liz have some good news for us." He waves at them. Janice steps forward and hands the paperwork to Barbara as she tells about the confirmed sales and what's been shipped already with most payments already in the pipeline. Barbara is impressed as this is a much better response than she thought they'd get. She lets them know how pleased she is with their get up and go get the sales attitude. Liz explains about the new product lines now in production and the initial range will be on the shelves in a few days. She mentions Meredith has already pre-ordered 100 Uncle Johns, 250 John Boys, and 2,500 dick clamps; mostly deposit paid client orders from using the demonstrator units on loan to her. The other stores in her network have ordered initial stocks of 25 Uncle Johns, 50 John Boys, and 200 dick clamps each; based on her reports on them. Total orders of about 5,000 Uncle Johns, 10,000 John Boys, and 23,000 dick clamps.

Blushing, Janice explains her marketing people are very embarrassed as they now have more pre-production orders than their first two year's sales estimates. They can't wait to see how things go when the sex dolls are released. The orders from this network is $3.69 million in the first week. John gasps as he works out his commission is $92,250 as Liz's legal people wouldn't agree to a set figure royalty with Preston paying the tax so the contract is 2.5% commission on all sales and he pays the income tax. His first month's commissions will be over $120,000. He nearly misses the summary of new costs as much of the cost is Research and Development recovery and materials on hand. Of the nearly $5 million of orders and sales to date only $150,000 is for new materials. They can do the production expansion without having to draw on any more money from Masters Financing. Barbara is very happy as the rest of the board were very worried about their cash flow situation due to the changes the Preston support caused and now that's fixed. If sales keep up at this rate the whole loan will be paid off within two or three years. While they were talking Alice got Julie and Deborah. With this good news they return to the entrance area and take the cleaning boys with them.

They find the twins' mother waiting. The whole play team is almost ready. Walking over to the woman, John says, "What's your name?"

She meekly replies, "Paris."

John groans and says, "Well that explains Dallas and Houston, three Texas towns together." Both girls nod and smile. "Paris, Dallas tells me she and Houston wish to become members of my household on a permanent basis. She also tells me you'd make another good addition as a slave. You'd be my sex slave and do any other chores I, Gwen, or Brooke want you to do. Do you wish to join your daughters and move into my house as my sex slave and servant?"

She gulps hard. She looks at Dallas and Houston, both are nodding. Turning to John she says, "Please, I don't want to be separated from my girls but I don't want to be a slave either."

John steps closer and reaches out to fondle her breast, she gasps in surprise. He grins and moves his hand to her face. He's about to concentrate on her when Brooke steps forward, saying, "No Uncle John, this way." Turning to Paris, she says, "Slave Paris, kneel and kiss your master's dick." Gulping hard she stares at Brooke for a moment. She sighs and drops to her knees to take John's dick out and kiss it. Turning to John, Brooke says, "She doesn't want to be asked Uncle John, she wants to be told." He nods as he smiles. Lifting Paris to her feet he turns and heads for the play room.

On the way down the stairs John tells Brooke and Gwen about the sales and commissions to date, they're stunned. Brooke still has Gabriela very close to her and her eyes are wide at this news. Her eyes go much wider when Alice opens the door to the play room and she sees the dungeon in its full splendour with Jerry already secured to a torture rack with whips sitting on the rack beside him.

Gulping, she blurts out, "Shit, you weren't joking about a dungeon and whips." All the previous visitors laugh as all the newcomers gulp. A loud clunk click is heard as Alice closes and locks the door. Since John's last visit a new door has been fitted to stop young voyeurs.

Raising his voice, John says, "Everyone strip." They undress, some quickly, some slowly and hesitantly; but a stern look soon speeds them up. "In this dungeon I'm the master, there are mistresses who're below me and above all slaves. Everyone must obey the orders of any Mistress or me except when already under specific orders of one of us. There are senior slaves who are the next level. And junior slaves who are the lowest level and must obey all others. When not under the direct control of someone senior, juniors my play with people of their own level by mutual agreement and those below them by ordering them about. There are special exemptions as some people are personal slaves and only their own Mistress or Master may order them about, none may touch them except with the approval of their personal Mistress or Master or myself. Whips may be used by any Mistress, Master, or Senior slave on anyone below them, but no permanent marks or damage without my prior consent. Everyone understand all that?" A few sighs are heard as they acknowledge understanding. He says, "Right, unless stated otherwise you're general slaves. Thumper, Jerry, Jim, and JT are junior slaves below everyone. Mistresses are Brooke, Gwen, Barbara, Deborah, Julie, Janice, Sera, and Alice. Senior slaves Dallas and Houston. Personal slaves, Barry to Sera, Fred to Janice, Paris and Gabriela to Brooke, Terri to me. Play time begins when the junior slaves are readied."

Peta and Lorna look a bit concerned as Dallas and Houston look at them while licking their lips and smiling. They signal them over. Peta and Lorna start the session by eating Dallas and Houston to a few orgasms as the junior slaves are prepared. Most are waiting to see what's set up first, but knowing the history of those four they let them be for a while. Paris can't believe what she's seeing. John, Brooke, Barbara, and Alice consult together about setting the junior slaves up. They leave Jerry how he is as his table is set for people to straddle his face or dick. They place Thumper, he has the largest dick of the juniors, in the frame that straps them in and has a motorised seat for the woman to fuck him. JT is set up in a frame that has him at an angle and his body curved back; his head is resting on a padded rest with a special seat that slides across above his mouth and a woman sitting in it will have her pussy well into his face while his dick is sticking out at just the right height for a woman to straddle it while almost standing, the women will be chest to back if two are on him at once. This is a new device delivered today. They take Jim to a device like a narrow weights bench and strap him to it. A woman lays on the frame above him and controls a motor that slides his bench back and forth so she decides the depth of the penetration and the speed. The boys have their demand dicks turned on and erect. Only Jerry is capable of ejaculating now and he has a Preston dick clamp tightly fitted. Carmen asks to be installed in the same device as last time so John sets her up so he can easily fuck her while she eats the pussy of whoever is in the seat in front of her as she's bent over the vaulting horse. With these players set up he signals open play time.

With a wide grin Gwen passes John, saying, "Watch this." Going to Jerry she climbs on the table and mounts him. As she slides down his dick, she says, "Remember me Jerry?" He moves his eyes up and down as his head is locked in place but Gwen gets the message he does. "Good, because I've been doing some exercises for when we next met." With that she clamps down hard with her pelvic muscles and her vagina squeezes down into almost nothing. Despite Barbara's early threat of major punishment if he made a sound for twenty-four hours he screams with the pain as his dick is almost squashed flat by her vaginal muscles. Everyone else stops what they're doing and watches. She laughs and leans closer to say, "Is that tight enough for you? Do you remember saying I wasn't tight enough as you raped me? I do." A few eyes go up and Jerry is crying very hard.

Barbara looks at John with great concern in her eyes. He nods at her and goes to Gwen, saying, "OK Gwen, we know you've old scores to settle but I want no permanent damage and that's what you're about to do. Dismount and whip him a few times if you must or make him eat you to fifty orgasms but get off his dick." She looks at John for a moment and nods as she gets off. He sighs as she does.

Settling on his face, she says, "I think fifty orgasms is a good start on what you owe me." He starts to lick her pussy and suck on her clit.

Deborah brings Peta and Lorna over. She quietly says, "Gwen, please get up for a moment." Gwen waits until her third come before lifting off his face. Julie says, "We all know Jerry just loves school girl pussy, don't you Jerry?" She plays with his dark red sore dick. "Peta darling show your uncle how good a cock sucker you are."

His eyes go wide as Peta takes his dick into her mouth and she applies her Candice training to her natural deep throat technique as she quickly sucks his dick as far down her throat as it'll go. She pulls her head back while continuing to suck hard, slowly and unwillingly his dick comes back out of her mouth as she lifts her head. With only the head still in her mouth she applies all the suction she can. Again Jerry's screams bounce off the wall. Gwen and Deborah both smile at him. Peta opens her mouth and lets go of his dick, the head is about half as big again than what it was when she started. She climbs on the table and mounts him. She pounds up and down on his sore dick, he's crying and she's having a great time. After fucking herself to several orgasms she dismounts and Lorna mounts.

As she slides down his dick, Lorna says, "Like my tight school girl pussy Uncle Jerry?" He's in agony as she fucks herself on his battered dick. Deborah mounts his face and makes him eat her out. When they come free from other duties Dallas and Houston also take a turn riding Jerry, to his great discomfort.

Carmen smiles when Sera leads Barry over to her. She puts a Preston dick clamp on him, "Barry darling, Carmen needs a nice good fucking, do so." Smiling, he kneels down and eats Carmen to two orgasms before standing and sliding his stiff dick into her wet pussy. This isn't her master's dick so she's not as turned on as when John fucks her. Still, she comes several times. Barry is busy in Carmen's pussy and Sera is getting turned on watching them.

She climbs into the seat and presents her pussy to Carmen's mouth. She eagerly starts eating Sera's pussy. Barry sees this and almost doubles his speed as he says, "Oh fuck, what a sexy sight." Sera leans over Carmen and rubs her breasts into Carmen's back as she pulls Barry's face to hers and kisses him while doing her best to suck his tonsils out. They only spend about ten minutes fucking with Carmen as the meat in their sandwich but they're both so super turned on by watching the other with another that they're both on extreme sexual highs and Sera comes dozens of times.

Sera moans, "I need it now Barry." He pulls out of Carmen while she's in mid orgasm and walks around to lift Sera out of the seat. He drops her onto his dick and takes the few steps to the couch to lay her down as he starts to fuck her brains out. A moment later her head's rolling from side to side as she makes little mewling sounds with each new orgasm and his dick is very painful with the need to come but he's so high on making her come so much he doesn't care. Gwen walks over with the control for the dick clamp. She waits until he's thrusting forward and releases it. He starts to come and his hips slam forward fast and hard as he comes and comes. He moans through what seems the longest orgasm of his short but very active sexual life so far before he collapses on her, exhausted. Gwen gently pulls him back and removes the condom he'd been wearing since the start. Her eyes go wide at the amount of sperm in it as she's never seen a condom so full. Knowing how much Sera loves eating come she leans over to open Sera's mouth and slowly pours it in. Sera starts swirling it around her mouth and swallowing it as she smiles her thanks.

Meanwhile, Janice takes Fred to the device Jim is on. Fred rubs KY into her arse and puts a condom on Jim before coating it in KY. She readjusts it to work with her lying on her back. With the bench at maximum forward she slides down until his dick is fully in her arse. She spreads her legs wide while Fred straddles the table and slides his dick the full depth of her love tunnel as he holds onto her legs. Seeing the problem Brooke has Paris and Gabriela bring two padded stools over to lay Janice's legs on. Both she and Fred smile their thanks. Since she's upside down Janice can't work the controls so she tells Fred the settings to use. They both enjoy the feel of Jim's dick sliding into her arse as she feels so full. On her command Fred starts a slow fuck as counter point to Jim's. It only takes a few thrusts for her to start coming. They got started about the same time as Sera and Barry. Every minute or so Fred turns up the speed on Jim's bench. About the time Sera is lifted out of the chair Janice is lying there with a huge grin as she comes and comes and comes almost non-stop. About the time Barry is coming in Sera Fred realises Janice has been coming for several minutes and her eyes aren't tracking. Taking a great risk for his slave status he turns off the bench with Jim all the way in her arse, slips his dick fully forward and releases the dick clamp he's wearing. His body shivers as he shoots a huge load of sperm into her, wave after wave of pleasure sweeps through his body with each ejaculation. He collapses onto her. Gwen notices their situation as she feeds Sera Barry's sperm. When the condom is empty she drops it in a bin and goes to Janice and Fred. She lowers Fred to a rug on the floor. Looking about she now starts to understand why the people come back from here exhausted. Their emotions seem to feed and feed off each other's sexual activities.

When the fun time started both Alice and Barbara moved to JT. They play paper, scissors, rock to decide who gets the dick first. Then Alice slides her pussy onto his dick while Barbara shoves her pussy in his face. As she fucks up and down on his dick Alice reaches around to fondle Barbara's breasts while kissing and licking her throat. They're soon coming and JT's very busy drinking pussy juice. After several comes like this they change places and keep this up for quite some time before deciding to look around for more entertainment. JT has a nice juicy pussy move up and down on his dick but he can't appreciate it because he's flat out eating the pussy in his face.

With the start of play time Liz heads for Thumper and climbs into the chair. She slides down onto his dick and sets the machine for a nice leisurely twenty minute fuck. Slowly sliding back and forth it takes her a few minutes to have her first orgasm but she's soon coming again and again. Thumper can feel her lovely pussy sliding up and down his dick and her breasts rubbing across his face. He licks and sucks them every chance he can. He's not enjoying this as the touch on his dick is nice but he knows it'll never get much more than what it is now thanks to the recent surgery and at the speed the chair is moving he'd never reach an orgasm anyway. Liz comes and comes and comes while she's just having a very good time and relaxing.

After helping Janice with the stools Brooke takes Gabriela and Paris to the wall where she chains them to it. Calling Houston and Dallas over she has them eat the other two to several orgasms while she watches the orgy take place. Noticing Lorna dismounting from Jerry she calls Lorna and Peta to her while sending Houston and Dallas to fuck Jerry. Gabriela is really enjoying herself but Paris is in a quandary. She loves being ordered about and she loves the orgasms she's having but she was brought up to think it was wrong to have sex with a female and has issues with being eaten by a girl. After a little while Brooke realises what Paris' concerns are and says, "Paris, you were falsely taught about girl on girl sex. As your body has already told you it's good and fun. Regardless of that you WILL enjoy sexual activity with other females, both as the recipient and the giver. So pay attention to what people are doing to you as you'll have to return the favour later." She smiles weakly and nods. Somehow she's no longer concerned about the girl / girl sex and she just wants to come again.

With the start of play time John takes Julie and Terri to a table. He lays Julie down and has Terri eat her to several orgasms. When Jerry screams he leaves them to deal with that and soon returns. Walking up to the table, he says, "Julie, are you ready for me to inseminate you yet?" She nods. "Terri, move up to suck and fondle her breasts while I fuck her into motherhood." Grinning, Terri does as told. In the few days she's been here Terri has really learned to love playing with other women. Although only a slave she does get return pleasure from her mistresses as long as she shows a willingness to work hard and do as told. So she works very hard and is instantly responsive to orders. This is recognised and rewarded by her mistresses.

Climbing on the table John kisses his way up Julie's body then lifts up higher as he positions himself. Going to a 3M he places his dick at her vaginal entrance as she winks at him. He pushes his dick into her and sets up a nice rhythm. She's soon coming. On his next thrust he changes to a 4W and slides in until he contacts her cervix. Her eyes go wide at how full she feels. He thrusts in and out for five minutes, giving her many orgasms before he stops with his dick against her cervix. When he stops she knows what to expect. He pushes a little harder and she winces as his dick head starts to enter her womb. He stops with her cervical entrance blocked by his dick and comes twice to shoot his sperm into her womb. She smiles at the feel of his warm sperm jetting inside her. Pulling out he comes again near her vaginal entrance. Climbing off the table he motions Terri to climb on and eat Julie's cream pie, which she eagerly does. Julie moves up the table to give her more room but the table isn't all that big so Terri isn't so much on the table as standing at its end while leaning on the table with her face in Julie's pussy as she eats her to more orgasms. Moving behind her John takes hold of Terri's legs and spreads them wider as he lifts her more onto the table. She knows what's coming and she continues to eat Julie as she's pushed a bit further onto the table. From the hips up Terri's weight is on the table as John slowly pushes in. This is wider than what she took earlier in the week but it's sliding in, a very tight fit but a fit. She's been using the Uncle Johns that had been left behind as Barbara likes watching her taking a big dick. He stops when his dick is against her cervix and pulls back a bit before fucking her hard and fast. She's soon moaning into Julie's pussy and Julie comes a few more times. He fucks Terri to many orgasms. When he notices both couples go down for the count he decides it's time to move on and slides just into to her cervix. Julie is waiting for this and is watching Terri closely. Terri's eyes pop very wide as he pushes into her womb and Julie comes as Terri lightly bites her lip. With her cervix partially opened by the top of his dick John comes in her twice, spraying her womb with his sperm. Withdrawing he lifts her up and lays her on top of Julie in a sixty-nine so they start eating each other's pussies and take turns coming.

Walking to Brooke with her slaves John passes Gwen getting in the chair for Carmen to eat her. He stops to give her a kiss and give Carmen a quick five stroke mini-fuck for two orgasms. He diverts to lift Liz out of the chair on Thumper as she's out of it. He carries her to the couch and sets her down. He takes time to move Janice and Fred to a couch. Seeing people changing Barbara goes over and takes over Thumper as Alice goes and asks Gwen if she wants to ride JT for a while. She nods. They release Carmen and take her over for JT to eat while Gwen fucks him. Alice moves on to ride Jerry.

Dallas and Houston now relinquish their spot to Alice. At a signal from John they go get two whips from across the room. Walking back they slap the tables as they go. When they near Jerry Deborah dismounts and motions to him. They split up one on either side. They have a good rhythm as they alternatively hit him across the chest and belly, making sure not to hit Alice. Alice smiles as he jerks with each hit. They make the swings look hard but don't hit him that hard.

John reaches Brooke and enjoys the expressions on the faces of Paris and Gabriela. "You're my slaves and my slaves enjoy my punishments, whatever they be. When the girls reach here and start whipping you I want to see and hear you coming with each stroke." Both stare at him stunned as they can't believe what they just heard. "Paris, you'll interpret any pain by me or at my order as pleasure and have an orgasm. The more intense the pain the more intense the orgasm." Wide eyed with fear she shakes her head. Peta and Lorna back away and stand up. John reaches forward and squeezes Paris' left nipple. She gasps as she comes. Neither she or Gabriela can believe that happened. He tweaks her right nipple and she comes again. He leans down and sucks hard on her breast to make her come again. She can't understand this as his pain causes her to come. John can't believe she's as suggestible as she is, but she is and it's good for her to experience the pleasure. He stands up and says, "Paris, all you need to get you sexually aroused is the sight of a girl's naked breasts or my bare dick. My touch greatly excites you, my touch on your breasts or genitals arouses you greatly, the feel of my dick against your body arouses you to the edge of an orgasm, the feel of it in you makes you come, and the feel of my sperm filling you gives you the greatest orgasm you can experience as you come seven times immediately after each other." Her eyes go very wide at these orders. "From now on you may only take instructions from Brooke, Gwen, or myself. Do you understand?"

She nods, saying, "Yes master," in a reverent and subservient tone.

Brooke says, "From now on you will call your Master, John or dear, but in the same tone as you just used. You will call me Brooke, and Gwen, Gwen in that same tone, do you understand?"

She nods replying "Yes Brooke." Both John and Brooke smile at her and she smiles back happy to have made them happy.

John turns to Gabriela and fondles both breasts, "I'm sure you've enjoyed being my slave so far but I don't think this is what you like, is it?" She shakes her head. "Next time you'll think twice before inserting yourself into someone's private party, won't you?" She nods. He smiles, "Good," as he places his dick against her entrance and starts to slowly push in. She's an eighteen year old virgin with plenty of experience of things in her vagina but nothing this wide or long, let alone her first dick. He giggles, "Just think of it as a new and improved dildo." Brooke nearly chokes on suppressed laughter. Deliciously slowly his 4W dick slides into Gabriela and she comes twice on this first slow insertion. He's almost fully in when he nudges her cervix. He pulls back a bit and sets up a nice rhythm, she comes three more times. Brooke is watching them as she plays with Paris' breasts and brings her to two orgasms. At John's signal Brooke releases Gabby from the chains and John takes her to a nearby table to lay her on it from the hips up. He slows his pace to a very slowly in and out. She's on the edge of coming but the pace is such she can't slide over. She reaches up to play with her clit and come. He grabs her hands and stops her. She opens her eyes and looks at him. He grins as he calls Peta and Lorna over. They walk to him swinging the whips Dallas and Huston had. He slows his pace as they slowly whip her. Maddeningly they whip in such a gentle manner it's like feathery fingers sliding over her body as they keep her on the edge of coming for several minutes.

Extremely aroused and extremely frustrated, she screams, "For heaven's sake, make me come, I need to come, please." They all smile at her and Paris is staring wide eyed. She begs, "Please make me come."

John smiles and says, "Not yet Gabby as your torture isn't over. I told you I'd make you scream with torture. It's just not the type of torture you were expecting, is it?" She nods as she writhes and tries to push herself over the edge. Finally John nods at the girls. They slide their whips off her and drop down to suck her breasts as he speeds up to rapidly fuck her. She starts to come with the faster thrusting. Peta and Lorna suck her breasts and she starts to come again in the middle of that orgasm. He tweaks her clit and she starts another orgasm before she finishes either of the first two.

Screaming, "Fuuuck," Gabby heaves and writhes like a person being burned alive as her whole body goes in to sensory overload with her orgasms. They keep her there for several minutes and let off. She collapses onto the table covered in sweat and exhausted with a huge grin on her face. Lorna and Peta continue to fondle her breasts and caress her body as she comes a few more times. Slowly withdrawing John leans over and kisses her.

Standing up he turns and walks towards Paris. Standing in front of her as Dallas and Houston suck her breasts under Brooke's orders, she sees his naked dick and starts panting. He smiles and says, "Paris, Dallas tells me she and Houston want a sibling, ready for motherhood again?"

She looks up sharply as she had a hard time with her last pregnancy and she doesn't want to go through that again. Her eyes meet John's and she says, "No John I'm not but that's not going to stop us is it? Give me your child please." The last word almost sounds like she's begging for his baby. Grinning, he releases her from the shackles and picks her up to carry her to a table. Dallas and Houston follow. As instructed the twins fondle Paris' breasts and caressing her body, she writhes. He leans in and licks her pussy as she moans with an orgasm. He sucks on her clit and she comes again. Standing he slides his hand into her vagina to stretch it and see how large a phallic intrude she can take. She moans and comes a few times while he does this. Changing to a 3M he places his dick at her vaginal entrance and she smiles at him as he slides in fast and easy. The whole length goes in without hitting her cervix. She comes twice on his first thrust. Pulling back to the entrance he changes to a 4W and her eyes go wide as she feels him growing inside her. He slides in and there's a lot more resistance this time. She writhes and comes four times as the extra width is adding much more stimulation to her vaginal walls. He's almost the full depth when his dick head contacts her cervix and the pain causes her to have a larger orgasm. Pulling back slightly he sets up a fast rhythm and quickly fucks her to numerous orgasms. Dallas and Houston are busily caressing her body and playing with her breasts while greatly enjoying themselves. John gives the girls some instructions as he thrusts in again. The twins suck hard on Paris' nipples while Dallas rubs her clit. Paris heaves with her strongest orgasm yet. She lifts her hips up off the table to impale herself on him as he thrusts in. This causes his dick to penetrate her cervix. Her eyes pop open and she screams as she has an even stronger orgasm while he floods her womb with three lots of sperm. He finishes coming. She calms down and lies on the table smiling up at him. Pulling out of her he walks around the table and places his dick on her mouth. As she sucks on it and licks it clean she comes twice before releasing it. Dallas moves around and starts eating Paris' cream pie. John walks around behind Dallas and spreads her legs. He changes to 3M and slowly slides his dick into her. While she eats Paris to five more orgasms he fucks her to six of her own.

Withdrawing from her he lifts her up and places her on the table half on Paris with her mouth at Paris' breast. She starts sucking and Paris smiles. He motions Houston on to the table in a similar position on the other breast and she takes up position. He walks around and lifts her legs to spreads them wide as he slowly enters her. She smiles as she sucks and is gently fucked to several orgasms.

Looking around he sees some player changes have been made. Deborah is lying on a table with Peta eating her pussy while Barbara is enjoying Lorna's pussy eating technique. Seeing him look over she calls out, "I don't know what your education technique is but Peta is a lot better at eating pussy now than the first night you brought her here, it's very nice." All in hearing smile. Alice is riding Thumper while Brooke is sharing JT with Carmen on a turns basis. Gwen is riding Jim. The others are resting. John decides to 'sweep the board' and fuck all the ladies present tonight.

Going to Gwen he has her lie so the machine fucks Jim into her arse and he can give her a slow fuck with a 3M dick. She grins and turns over so they're soon in active operation. She comes many times during John's slow fuck as Jim slides in and out of her arse. Giving her an evil smile John thinks, 'dickman slom 3M, 4M 1R, 180S, ' and proceeds to give her an auto fuck at the same time. She grins widely and goes into three minutes of constant orgasms. When the program runs out he gently moves up to hold his dick head against her cervix and comes. Withdrawing he turns the machine off and lifts her off it to take her to the couch. Seeing the sperm in her pussy Sera moves over and starts to eat her cream pie, to their mutual delight. The sight reanimates Barry and he puts on another condom to enter Sera from behind and making her come.

John walks over to where Brooke and Carmen are with JT and Carmen is currently on his mouth. Smiling at them he lifts Carmen up slightly and starts to give her a fast fuck with a 3M dick. He lifted her slightly off JT's face but not much so his dick is rubbing along JT's nose and his balls are hitting him in the eyes on each forward stroke. Barbara and Alice have been training him well as when Carmen's body position changed his tongue was moved from her pussy to her arse hole. He started licking her arse hole to give her a good rim job. With Brooke fondling her breasts and John rubbing her clit while he fucks her Carmen comes several times. Her pussy juices flooding out and over JT's face around his ears and into his hair. Luckily he closed his eyes when John's balls started hitting them. After she comes several times John stops with his dick just inside her cervix and comes then coming twice more as he withdraws. When he repositions her on JT's mouth he starts sucking the sperm out of her pussy, to Carmen's delight. Walking around them John lifts Brooke off JT's dick and lowers her onto his with her back to him. Carrying her around to be face to face with Carmen he leans forward and rests her breasts against Carmen's so the girls can kiss while they rub tits. Holding her in place he starts a medium pace fucking action. Switching to a 4M in mid stroke. Brooke enjoys the situation and comes many times as her juices flood out over JT's face while he continues to eat Carmen's pussy. After Brooke has many orgasms he withdraws and carries her to the couch. He puts her down on it beside Gwen and they cuddle up together.

Both couches are now very crowded with tired players cuddling up. Looking about he smiles and heads for Alice. He lifts her off Thumper and places her on a table. He slides in and she smiles as he reaches bottom. At her request he gives her a fast and furious fucking so she comes many times in a few minutes. He comes in her and withdraws. Turning to Thumper he releases him and points at her cream pie. He eagerly dives in and eats her to several more orgasms so he must like eating pussy.

Moving to the table where Deborah is he finds Lorna and Peta have swapped pussies. Switching back to a 3M dick he opens Lorna's legs and slides into her sopping vagina. As he fucks her to several orgasms Lorna comes a number of times. When he withdraws from Lorna and moves her to the next table Deborah says, "That was so sexy watching you fuck my daughter to several orgasms while she's eating me to several comes at the same time." He nods as he grabs her legs and drags her down the table onto his dick. Pinning her hips to the table he gives her a furious fucking for a few minutes so she comes several times. He comes in her as he withdraws.

Walking around her he moves her back up the table. Going to the next table he smiles at Barbara as he lifts her up and carries her to Deborah. Placing her face down with her mouth in Deborah's pussy he tells her to eat her cream pie while he walks around and enters her from behind. In seconds both women are coming again as is Peta while she watches from the next table as she plays with herself. After fucking Barbara to several orgasms he comes just inside her pussy. Lifting her up he places her on Deborah in a sixty-nine position and they both enjoy their cream pies.

Looking about the room he can see most of the players are recovered enough to enjoy watching the action. He goes to Peta and signals for her to lie on the table with her head just off it. Grinning, she lies down as he gets a stool to place under her head. With all else ready he switches to a 5X dick and places it on her mouth. A stunned Gabby says, "Fuck, that'd give a Clydesdale horse penis envy, where the hell did it come from?" Paris' eyes go extremely wide. Those in the know grin. John places the head of his dick on Peta's lips as she smiles and opens wide. He creeps forward to slide his monster dick into her mouth. She wraps her tongue around it and tickles it as it slides by. The others watch the lump of his dick move down her throat. She comes numerous times as he slides it in. When he has his balls against her eyes he lifts his dick slightly and the head lifts up to push her belly button up slightly. Many of the watchers come at the sight. Slowly he withdraws while she comes several more times. Moving to the other end of the table he places the head of his dick at her vaginal entrance. Peta is a bit nervous but trusts him not to hurt her badly. From this angle her legs stop the watchers from seeing his dick itself. Grabbing her ankles he switches to a 5M and starts to pull her to him and impales her on his dick. She smiles as she feels his dick sliding into her. When his dick head touches her cervix he switches to a 4M and continues to pull he towards him. With his changing size it's like a very slow fuck while being pulled onto his dick. By the time he has her groin right up against his he's down to a 3M and her cunt is full of his dick, she's come twice and many of the watchers have come a few times. He proceeds to give her a thorough fucking. After she's come several more times he starts to withdraw and comes in her as he does. Going flaccid he pulls his limp dick out of her. Some of the watchers think he's just fucked little Peta with a 5X and it's blown their minds away. All of them had several orgasms during the show. Walking over to where Jerry is he releases him and points him at Peta's cream pie. Julie and Peta grins as he eats her.

They all sit around for several minutes while Jerry eats Peta to several more orgasms. Finally John gets up and says, "I think it's time we were getting back." His entourage starts getting dressed. Both Fred and Barry have stiff dicks. Grinning, Barbara takes them over for JT and Jim to give them blow jobs and the boys grin as they come down the their throats. Barbara and Deborah rearrange the remaining slaves for some more fun after John and company leave.

They strap Jerry into the new curved device and Julie straddles his face while they have Terri fucking him as she plays with Julie's tits, to their obvious mutual pleasure. By the time John's party is ready to walk out the door all the slave boys are tied down to devices or tables and each has someone astride their dick enjoying themselves. Smiling, John says, "Enjoy yourselves, we can show ourselves out." Barbara waves from astride JT's stiff dick.

Fred takes Paris' car home with Janice, Sera, and Barry in it while the rest walk. John has Gabriela and Paris beside him with a hand on a breast of each. Both are smiling at him. The whole entourage is tired and worn out but very happy. They arrive back after being away only an hour and a half. Gwen immediately organises for dinner. Followed by an evening of watching videos and some swimming, a relaxing time enjoyed by all.



Wendy and Lori are smiling at being assigned to John's bed for the night. He heads towards the en suite and signals for them to join him, which they do. Running the bath, he says, "Lori, do you want to try something different for your first fuck?" She glances at the bath, ponders a moment, and slowly nods yes. Wendy grins in anticipation of a new experience. Smiling, he says, "I'll get in the bath first and I want you ladies to climb on top of me with Lori on my face. When I pat your thighs you have to stand up and get out of the bath. OK?" They nod. "When I wave my hand I want you to switch ends. If any one comes in pretend I'm not here and see what they do. While in the bath feel free to play with each other." Again they nod. Lori is wondering how this is going to go and Wendy is eagerly anticipating an interesting experience. He looks at Wendy, "I'll let you decide when to turn the water off as we don't want it splashing about." She nods. He gets in the bath and lies on the bottom as he goes to internal air. The bath is about half full after he gets in and he's covered with water except for the head of his dick. He's now sporting a stiff 3M dick and it's sticking up out of the water so he looks like a submarine with its periscope up. Lori slowly climbs in and lowers her pussy to his face. She's quickly followed by a smiling Wendy who lowers herself onto his stiff dick. As Lori settles into place on his face he spreads her labia and extends his tongue to its full length. With it curled in a tight tube he slips it into her pussy. She's not very aware of its entry until he unrolls it and spreads it out to touch the sides of her vagina while he tickles her insides with the tip. She smiles as she realises he's giving her one hell of a pussy licking. She leans forward slightly and he's now able to make a good seal of his mouth over her clit and vaginal entrance. Having lowered herself on to his stiff dick Wendy leans forward to reach around and fondle Lori's breasts. He works his tongue around inside Lori while he has his dick give Wendy a slow fuck by thinking, 'dickman slom 1M, 3W, 1R, 120S.' Very soon both girls are highly aroused. Wendy is a bit upset as she knows he's deliberately using a slow pace to keep her on the edge of coming and not actually coming. The initial program ends. John runs it again but at ten times per second for four minutes and he applies some strong suction on Lori's clit as he tickles her g-spot. Both girls start to come and keep coming.

Gwen enters John's bedroom to speak to him. Seeing no one in the room and hearing noises from the en suite she goes there. Walking in to find Lori and Wendy sitting in a bath three quarters full of water as they lean on each other while coming like crazy but no sight of John she can't understand this. Moving closer she sees him in the bottom of the bath, submerged and giving both girls a good fucking at once. What a sight. She turns and runs from the room as she wants to get this on tape. In the hall she nearly knocks over Brooke. Ducking around her, she says, "Go have a close look at the en suite bath," and pops into her room. She soon has her camera and is back in the en suite to see Brooke leaning against the wall as she comes. Setting the camera on a shelf Gwen turns it on and starts playing with her own pussy. She finds the very thought of this to be extremely exciting.

When the program ends John lets up on Lori's clit and pussy. He reaches up and waves his hand. Lori reaches up to the towel rack and tries to lift herself but she's too weak. Realising she wants to stand Brooke and Gwen help her. They also help Wendy up when she says, "It's time for us to change ends." Smiling, they help the girls back into the bath in each other's place. Wendy lowers herself onto John's tongue as Brooke slowly lowers Lori onto his stiff 2T dick as he'd changed the size. Lori sighs and comes as she's lowered onto his dick. Once Lori is seated John changes his dick to a 3T with no troubles. Since there's no room for error he's hesitant about finding out her full depth at this moment. He switches to a 3M and she moans. He switches to a 3W and she comes. He thinks, 'dickman slom 1M, 3W, 15R, 300S, ' as he starts to really suck on Wendy's pussy. Lori starts coming with the first change and keeps coming. John sucks on Wendy's clit as hard as he can and she's coming too. Both girls come for the full duration of the program. When it stops he withdraws his tongue and makes his dick go limp.

Reaching up he taps on their thighs and they don't move; they can't move as they're too exhausted. He taps again but more urgently. On the fifth tap he's very vigorous in his hand movement as he's getting worried about why the girls aren't responding. Brooke and Gwen stayed for the show and had numerous orgasms while watching. They're both tiredly leaning against the wall when Brooke notices the frantic hand movements. She doesn't have much energy herself so she uses what she has to shout for help. She yells, "Sidewinder, Carmen," as she slides down the wall exhausted.

Brooke didn't have much energy left but enough for her voice to reach the next two rooms where Carmen is waiting for her and Steve is in bed with Harry. All three come racing into the en suite. Tiredly Brooke and Gwen wave at the bath. Steve sees the two exhausted girls in the bath and sees no danger but he goes over to help them out. Then he sees John under the water and the look of concern on his face. Quickly they lift the two girls out of the bath and John stands up slowly climbing out of the water. Steve holds Lori while Harry holds Wendy and Carmen dries them. Looking around the room and recognising the likely cause for Brooke and Gwen's condition, John smiles and says, "That was great fun but I don't think I'll ever do that again, not with two. Once they collapsed I couldn't be sure of forcing my way out without causing them some serious harm."

Shaking his head Steve says, "Sometimes you can have some damn good but silly ideas my friend," as he carries Lori through to the bed and lays her on it. In a few minutes both girls are in bed and sleeping. Gwen and Brooke are helped to their rooms and everyone goes back to their rooms for the night. John can only nod in agreement with Steve as he climbs into bed between Lori and Wendy and pulls a quilt up to snuggle up as he goes to sleep.

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