This isnt actually my story this story was posted on storiesonline (dot) net by the author cazna rochester and was posted on xnxx by someone else but they didnt post the full story and i will be posting it all

Day 17 - Sunday

John is woken up at 5.30 am by Paris entering the bedroom. Going to the bed she pulls the quilt back then leans down and starts to gently fondle Wendy's breasts. John smiles at her and rolls over to do the same for Lori. Soon both girls are awake and smiling at their wake up method. Paris looks at John and says, "John, I have to give you your morning fuck, please make your dick stiff. Brooke suggests a 3W or 4M, whatever that means."

Grinning, John watches her smile as his dick goes stiff and grows to a 3W. Lori looks at it and groans, saying, "Fuck, that beast was inside me last night?"

He turns to her, "Yes and you seemed to really enjoy it too."

She smiles, "At the time I really loved it. I just find it hard to believe such a big dick went in my little cunt, even if it does stretch."

John switches to a 5X and says, "I'd love to see how you handle this one."

Lori's eyes almost pop out of her head and Paris' eyes go very wide as her breathing becomes a bit ragged. Slowly, almost reverently, she reaches out and touches it. She's on the verge of coming when John says, "Paris, suck it." She leans down and takes his dick head into her mouth. Her lips close over it and her tongue slides into his piss hole as she starts an orgasm. She comes three times as she tries to deep throat him but she can't get more than a hand full of his dick into her throat before she gags. He changes to a 5W and says, "Paris, stop that and slide your pussy onto my dick." With a big grin she lifts her head off his dick and stands up on the bed. Standing over his dick she lowers herself onto him and comes twice doing it. He stops her when his dick makes contact with her cervix as there's still about 100 mm of dick to go. He changes to a 4W and she moans as she feels his dick withdraw from her. On his orders she lowers herself until their groins are in contact. He thinks, 'dickman slom 1W, 4W, 10R, 300S, ' and watches her heave as her orgasms wash over her. "Isn't an auto fuck such fun and you don't have to get sore legs moving up and down?" With a big grin she nods as she continues to come. Beside them Lori and Wendy are coming as they play with each other's pussy. When the program runs out he has Paris lift off his dick and the three turn to enter the en suite to find a grinning Brooke leaning against the doorway with a wet pussy and thighs. As he runs the bath Brooke sounds the general wake up alert and people start lining up for a bath.
While he's washing Paris Lori is having an intense discussion with Brooke. He's finished with both Paris and Wendy before they finish their whispered talk. Lori gets in the bath and leans back against John as he washes her breasts. Brooke says, "Uncle John, how long were you under the water yesterday?"

He looks up and replies, "All up, sixteen minutes and twenty seconds." Lori can't believe the answer and turns to look at him. He says, "I had another 43 minutes left on my internal air." Lori gives him a puzzled look and he says, "Lori, I was killed some months back when the building exploded at work. Since then I've been in hospital while they built a Kevlar body around what was left of me. I'm a cyborg now and have an internal air cylinder for emergencies, etc."

All Lori can manage is a small and high pitched, "Oh." Paris is still standing in the en suite and she gives him a very surprised look.

He looks at Paris, "The organic me is little more than my brain, heart, spinal cord, and balls. Since my balls are OK and still working I can get you pregnant as I intend to." She nods as she thinks on this.

John laughs very loudly when Brooke says, "Oh, we have Dallas and Houston getting the papers today and they're to kiss both cheeks at once." That poor boy is in for a terrible week and John's sure he'll enjoy every moment of it.

Baths are finished in the usual manner and time so it's down to breakfast. Today it's a new invention of Gwen's - hot porridge in a trencher. The kitchen staff love the trenches as they save on washing up and the girls love the idea of eating their plate so they're trying new ways to use them. During breakfast they discuss what they'll do today. Brooke suggests they get some use of their new swim suits and visit the local aquatic facility as it's only a twenty minute walk away. It's too big to be called a swimming pool and not quite big enough to justify being called a water park. It has a number of pools with water slides and the like, it's called Water Ways. They walk there while wearing only swim suits, t-shirts, hats, towels, and sneakers. John dashes across to inform Mr Bellingham they'll be out for some time and too clean the pool when it suits them. He gives him the keys to the house.


Water Ways

They arrive about mid morning. The staff are surprised to see such a large group arrive. They're happy as this weekend is usually very light. Many people take their kids away for a week during the holidays, spending from Friday night to the Sunday night of the next weekend away. Thus the weekend in the middle is light as you have one group having left on the prior Friday and the first group haven't returned yet. There are a few of the local kids about, the ones who aren't going away for part of the holidays. Most are seniors, mainly boys who appreciate seeing so many of the girls in their skimpy swim suits. For the first time many of the girls are being spoken to by the senior boys and they all like the attention but doubt it will last pass the start of school when the senior girls are again available. They settle for a little flirting with the boys for now.

Two of the cheerleaders are there and they come over to speak to John about Rissa as they like the new improved head cheerleader but wonder how it came about. They witnessed his fucking her in the gym but are amazed one sexual encounter could make such a difference. They approach him and one of the girls, Missy, asks, "What's so special about you that caused such a change in Clarissa?"

He smiles, saying, "Nothing, apart from being a superman who can fuck her brains out." He grabs her hand and pulls her to him as he kisses her. When she opens her mouth he goes into full lip lock and internal air. She soon starts to swoon as her oxygen is depleted while their tongues dance between their mouths. He breaks the kiss and returns to external air. She lies in his arms gasping for breath. The other girl, Misha, watches wide eyed. Smiling, John slips his hand into Missy's bikini pants and starts feeling her up, she squirms and smiles as he rubs her clit. He parts her labia and lightly clasps her clit between his thumb and forefinger. He feeds a trickle charge through her clit as she's already aroused this sends her over the edge for an orgasm as she heaves and writhes. She opens her mouth to scream and he kisses her again to cause her to heave more violently. After three strong orgasms she's a limp rag in his arms and he stops the charge. He takes his hand out of her pants and helps her to stand. He holds her up by placing an arm around her, under her right shoulder and over her right breast. Fondling her breast he half carries her to a secluded section of the facility, a lot of the older kids sneak into this area for more privacy. Misha follows them. Once out of the view of the general public John quickly strips Missy and himself. Misha plays with her pussy as she watches John spread Missy's legs. Missy has a mild fear in her eyes as she watches his stiff 4W dick sway between his legs towards her pussy. This is the biggest dick she's ever seen and she doubts it'll fit but she has no energy to object physically or verbally. She relaxes in the hope it'll fit and she'll enjoy it. He opens her labia and starts to slide his dick into her. She can feel her pussy stretching to accept his phallic offering as it's stretching her to the limit but she manages to accept him and it's a very tight fit. Misha comes twice as she watches this big dick go into her friend's cunt as she knows she's next and wonders if she can take it. She's determined to try. John slides the full length of Missy's love tunnel and she comes three times as he slides in. He enjoys the tight fit and has only a few millimetres left to go when he touches her cervix. He stops and backs up a bit to start thrusting in and out. For several minutes he fucks her hard and fast, she has several orgasms. He slows down and withdraws.

It's several minutes before Missy can speak. She says, "That's the biggest dick I know of and the best sex I've ever had but it hasn't changed me, not the way you changed Clarissa." They both watch as Misha removes her one piece bathing suit and lies down beside Missy, clearly wanting her own fucking by John.

He responds to Missy as he feels Misha up, saying, "Ahh, but then you're not a control freak lesbian. And I didn't torture you by keeping you on the edge of coming until you begged me to fuck you. All that together busted Clarissa's psyche wide open, now I have to rebuild it and I'm doing it in a better manner." Both girls smile at him.

Misha is now ready and very wet but her vagina isn't as wide or as flexible as Missy's. He changes to a 4M. Missy is watching him and says, "Shit, how can you make your dick change like that?"

He replies, "I told you, I'm superman and he's not human. Neither am I, so I can do all sorts of things normal humans can't."

Missy laughs and says, "Yeah, right." Obviously she doesn't believe him but Misha has a very thoughtful look on her face.

As he slides into her vagina she's still thinking about other things despite her body responding to his entry. As he fills her cunt her eyes suddenly open wide and she softly says, "Shit, you aren't, are you? Mum's a nurse and she came home crying one night after helping the doctors cut a man down to nothing, that was you wasn't it?"

Smiling, he starts fucking her as he says, "Yes, and now you get the benefit of my new adjustable mechanical dick. Don't worry, my balls were saved so I can get you pregnant."

Missy can hear them talking but can't make out what they're saying as Misha replies, "Please, just fuck me as I don't want to be pregnant yet. And I know you won't want your situation bruted about as I've seen how some people react to people who're different." Smiling, he does as requested. He fucks her for several minutes and many orgasms. He stops and withdraws. Smiling, she says, "To be fucked like that each day I'll be anyone's slave." They all laugh as they get dressed and return to the main area. The girls go to lie down and rest while John walks around the various pools checking on everyone.

He nears one slide there's some jostling and arguing going on amongst the people on the small landing at the top. There's a scream as a smallish girl is accidentally pushed through the protective rail as she's just small enough to fit under the rail. There's only the one rail and it's about adult waist height. Everyone looks up and can see her hanging sideways out from the side of the platform. She has a slight grip with her left toes and hand. Her toes are just on the slightly raised lip as her hand tries to grip the middle rail but the rail is too thick for her to get a good hold and she's slowly slipping. Her scream has caused those on the platform to turn towards that side to see what's happening. The person nearest her hand accidentally knocks it and her hand comes free. With an ear shattering scream of fright she starts to fall. She's hanging over the cement just before the edge of a deep pool, if she'd been a metre or two further forward she'd be falling into deep water and probably survive. As it is she'll be hitting the cement at an angle after a ten metre fall, surely fatal. John had looked up at the first scream and started running when he saw what was happening.

Most people are standing around in fright. He knows if he catches her he can't absorb the energy in her body without causing her serious harm. In the seconds it takes to reach the slide he decides to take a risk. He jumps up and forward as hard as he can while still running. He hits her about three metres from the ground as his arms going around her body. The impact of his body on hers carries them towards the water's edge. He pulls her mouth to his and kisses her open mouth. With his arms locked about her and their mouths locked together he starts to provide her with air from his internal supply. They sail out over the pool and down into the deep water. The impact of his greater mass is sufficient to push her lower mass forward over the water. They hit the water with his back first as they make the entry into the water and sink to the bottom of the pool. Hitting the bottom he crouches and pushes them back to the surface. Breaking surface John breaks the kiss and moves to the edge of the pool as a group of people are gathering there. The girl's in shock and surprised to be alive as he hands her up to one of the centre staff. The staff member carries the girl to their little first aid station. John gets out of the water and follows them. An older girl is also hurrying towards them. In the first aid station the staff member can find no physical injuries and is saying she's OK. John consults his own instrument readings and the special medical information stored on a computer inside him. He shakes his head, saying, "Call an ambulance as she's going into shock."

The staff member is concerned about litigation and is shaking his head no when John grabs him by the shirt and drags the man towards him, saying, "Call an ambulance, now."

The man is shaking his head no when Steve walks up, "It's OK John, I've called it in on the police frequency. An ambulance is on its way." He still has his issue police hand radio. The man is surprised at this as John lets him go.

Grabbing a blanket John wraps the girl up and hugs her to keep her warm. Gwen walks over and takes over hugging and calming the girl. Brooke is nearby with the girl's older sister who she knows her from school, she's in the next grade up. Almost all in the facility are standing around watching. John turns to them, saying, "OK, the show's over. Please go on about your business. An ambulance is coming to take the girl away for a full check up. Please move away so they can have easy access." People start moving away as the facility duty manager arrives and also motions for people to move away as she unlocks a nearby entrance to allow the ambulance entry. A few minutes later the ambulance arrives. John explains what happened and reports her very high pulse and blood pressure for some minutes after the event. He informs them of his concern regarding shock and they agree. Both Gwen and Brooke accompany the girl and her sister to the hospital. The ambulance departs and everyone goes back to having a good time.

The duty manager closes that particular slide and calls the owner. Half an hour later the owner turns up and inspects the slide as he listens to what happened. He immediately orders it to stay closed until he can have a middle rail installed and he leaves to organise that.

About an hour after leaving in the ambulance Gwen and Brooke return. The girl is suffering from shock and is being kept overnight for observation. She's currently sleeping under sedation with her sister on hand. Her parents will be joining them as soon as they can. Brooke asks John, "Why did you kiss her?"

He replies, "Her mouth was wide open and she'd have drowned if I didn't seal it. I was able to feed her air from my internal supply." She nods in agreement. They both go for a swim.


More Games

Shortly after that a police car pulls up and two officers enter the facility. John watches as they check on everyone there. One points out Carmen then points towards John as both nod and depart. They sit in their police car and watch the entrance. A check by Captain Miller no doubt. Grinning, John quickly gets out and goes to Carmen. He has her get out and they both get dried. John tells Gwen and Steve what's happening and asks them to keep an eye on everyone as John and Carmen go for a walk. John makes a point of slipping out the little known and less used rear exit which opens up onto another street.

Water Ways is built on what used to be two light industrial complex sites. They were side by side with entrances from two streets, one at the south eastern corner and one at the north western corner which is the main entrance for the new facility. They leave by the south eastern corner entrance. Originally the facility had two major entrances but the building of a car park at one saw the other decrease in use and it was changed to an automated exit only. When bus routes changed to come around the car park side the use of the back exit dropped dramatically. Now it's only used by a few people who live on that side and for emergencies. Carmen and John take several minutes to walk to a shopping centre where they sit down to have an iced chocolate and some sandwiches each. They sit just inside the front door of the shop having their drinks and snacks.

About ten minutes after they leave Captain Miller turns up at Water Ways looking for them. She looks around but can't see them. She talks to the officers and returns to the water park. Approaching Steve, she says, "Where's Smith and Bradley?"

He says, "They were here enjoying themselves swimming. After John saved a girl from a serious injury he didn't feel like swimming any more and wanted to take his time walking home. Since the court orders require Carmen to be with him he took her with him when he left about ten minutes ago." He turns and points at the exit, "They left by the other exit as he wanted to do some shopping on the way back."

Miller swears and goes out to her police car. Both vehicles leave in a hurry. Steve waits a few minutes before using a public phone to call John's mobile and tell him what happened. They both have a good laugh. While sitting down having their drinks John and Carmen watch Miller and the other police car drive through the shopping centre car park checking out every pedestrian. They park and enter the main part of the centre. Several minutes later they return to the cars and drive away. Fifteen minutes later Mrs Bellingham rings John to tell him the police called at his house and she let them in to confirm no one was at home. She accompanied the single officer she let in. They weren't happy when they left. Another ten minutes and Captain Miller is back at the shopping centre checking out everyone she can see. John and Carmen have a good laugh at her inability to find them while they just sit there in plain sight. After she drives off again they finish their snacks and go into the main shopping centre. They spend a while buying a few things to take back, some DVDs, some t-shirts for Carmen, and some drinks to have on the way. Leaving the shopping centre they start walking home but take the long way so as to have a nice walk.

About an hour after leaving Water Ways John and Carmen turn into their street at the nearest cross road at the end opposite to the way to Water Ways. Two police cars are outside his house with both facing the other way. They walk down the footpath. Arriving beside Miller's car John lightly knocks on the window. Miller, who's talking on a mobile phone while looking down the street, is startled by the knock. She turns and jumps on seeing John standing there. She leans over and winds the window down, "Smith, I'd like to talk to you."

"Questions at the station or a short informal talk with me here on the lawn?"

She gets out of the car, "I've looked into your background and can't find any reason why you're associating with these criminals. What's in this for you? I don't understand why you're so against me on this."

John says, "Captain, I'm against you simply because I made a deal with senior law enforcement officers and I keep my word. Before making the deal I promised Carmen that neither she or her brother would go to prison if they gave the police every piece of information they knew about the networks. They agreed, I agreed, Williams and Hedges agreed. Two major criminal networks are being closed down and the majority of the members are being arrested with enough evidence to ensure convictions. Two people won't go before the courts but they'll never be a law enforcement concern again. Everyone was happy until you decided you could wangle a promotion out of getting them into court. I'm sorry, but I'm not breaking my word just so you can get a promotion. That's all there is to my opposing you. As to keeping Carmen and JT out of prison, that's personal."

Miller is surprised to hear JT is Carmen's brother, she mustn't have listened closely to the tapes of the interviews. Then it dawns on John maybe she hasn't heard the whole tapes but only selected parts. If that's so she may not realise exactly how bad her case is. Interesting, very interesting. Miller returns to her car and climbs in. She drives off as she obviously doesn't have enough time for any more games today. The other police car leaves too. John and Carmen go inside.

They find the cleaning crew at work cleaning the pool with the rest of their families lying about waiting for a swim. John and Carmen quickly strip and join them. They sit around while Carmen describes their morning. Everyone is amused by how easily they outwitted Captain Miller. Sometime later John organises an afternoon snack for them all. About 4.00 pm everyone else returns home after a fun day at the aquatic centre. Gwen takes Melody and Beth to the kitchen to get started on dinner. Which turns out to be another delicious meal served in trenchers. This time they mix cultures and serve up sweet and sour beef with fried rice in a trencher. A very interesting and tasty meal with minimal clean up needed. All the neighbours stay for dinner too.



Gwen has some DVDs for the evening's entertainment, all four Home Alone movies. Everyone has a good laugh, as was intended after the day's excitement.

When it's time for bed John finds Gwen and Carmen already in his bed. It's clear they had a head start as they skipped the last movie. As he climbs into the bed between the ladies, Gwen says, "I hope you don't mind we played without you. But you seemed to be enjoying the movies so much and we didn't want to disturb you. Also Brooke and I figure you'd need a night of comfort cuddle tonight."

He smiles his thanks and cuddles up. They're all soon asleep as it's been more of an emotional day than anyone expected or wanted.
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