This isnt actually my story this story was posted on storiesonline (dot) net by the author cazna rochester and was posted on xnxx by someone else but they didnt post the full story and i will be posting it all

Day 18 - Monday

5.30 am wake up and into the en suite to give Gwen and Carmen a bath. John runs the water and sits down in it with Gwen in his lap. Washing with one hand as he plays with her clit with the other. Using his trickle charge at the lowest level he grasps her clit between his thumb and finger contacts, Gwen moans. By the time he's finished washing her she has four orgasms. He repeats the process on Carmen, to her delight. With the other girls he spends less time playing with their pussy so he can have both hands to wash with for half the time.

When Laura climbs in facing him he notices she's wearing a white ribbon again. When he looks at it, she says, "I'm having second thoughts again. So I thought I'd opt out until I sort them out, OK."

He replies, "Perfectly OK with me. Whatever makes you happy."

After he washes her back she turns around and leans on his chest so he can wash her front. He starts washing her and leaves her breasts to last. After washing her breasts he fondles them for a while. Holding her nipples between his thumbs and fingers he activates his trickle charge, she moans. Softly he fondles her breasts while keeping his thumb on her nipple and moving the other contact about. She comes a few times during this. He stops and lets her out of the bath. As she's getting dried by Brooke, she says, "Damn you Uncle John. Now you've got me having third thoughts." All who hear her laugh.

He laughs when it's Heather's turn and she describes her encounter with the paper boy. He was sporting a stiff dick as soon as she opened the door. She was a bit late but he was waiting opposite the front door for someone to buy the papers. She gave him a quick kiss on the mouth. He left with a smile and no erection.

After breakfast Liz, Mary, and Janice go to work while the rest swim.

About mid morning John has a thought and speaks to Steve about it. Steve agrees with him and smiles as he gets out of the pool. He goes to the table with the phone to make a few calls. He tells John the call results, John goes to speak to Gwen and sends Steve for Harry.

Swimming up the pool John stops beside Gwen to ask, "What's for lunch?"

"Nothing yet, got something in mind?" Just then Steve and Harry join them.

He turns to Harry, "How soon can you get the buses here for a trip?"

She replies, "I need to check but I don't think they have anything on and can be here in about thirty minutes."

He grins, "Good, can you arrange that and we'll need them for most of the day. And don't forget to confirm our booking them for tomorrow as well please."

She swims away to go make a phone call. When she returns she says, "Tomorrow's all confirmed and OK. They'll be here at 10.30."

"Good. We'll go for lunch. Gwen, choose a fast food service and call them to expect us please. We should get there by about 12.30 pm. Ring and advise them of our arrival time Steve." Both nod and leave to organise their parts. John gets out of the water and calls for attention. They stop and some windows also open. He says, "OK everyone, a change of plans. We're going out for lunch and visiting the pistol range. You'll all be given instruction on firearms safety and be given pistol training. So please get out, get dried, dressed lightly as it is a sunny day and be ready to go by 10.30 as that's when the buses will be here. Thank you." The girls are soon discussing the trip. Pistol shooting is a novel activity for them.

By 10.25 am they're dressed in their shifts and panties as Gwen insisted. John has them waiting outside and they quickly board the buses when they arrive. 11.00 am sees them at the local pizzeria. Fifty large pizzas and drinks are loaded with orders to not touch yet. Five minutes later everyone, including the drivers and Marla, are sitting on the grass in the park eating pizzas for an early lunch. John takes the opportunity to duck to a nearby branch of his bank and withdraw some money, that takes about ten minutes. He takes Carmen and a pizza with him. The pizza is gone by the time they return, both his and the ones the rest were eating as they're a hungry lot. He thinks locusts have nothing on this lot.


Bus Fun

They get back on the buses and John pays Marla for the day as he'd booked the buses for the day. She smiles and sits beside him while she counts the money and writes him a receipt. She says nothing about him fondling her left breast with his left hand as she does this. She puts the money and her receipt book into her belt purse. She hands him the receipt and pulls his right hand onto her right breast as she leans into his shoulder. The surrounding girls all smile and giggle at her actions. One of the girls leans over and says, "Watch out, you may get a big surprise. And I do mean big." Marla's eyes go wide. Slowly, hesitantly, she slides her hand onto John's thigh and across to grasp his dick. She isn't too concerned by what she finds until he makes his dick stiff with a 3M so she has something to play with. Her eyes go wide and she gasps.

John lifts his left hand and turns her head to his. He kisses her as his right hand slides down her body to her thigh and under her dress to her groin. She opens her legs to give him better access and her panties are already wet. He breaks the kiss and smiles at her. He nods towards the aisle in front of him as they're sitting in the middle of the back seat. She stands and turns to face him. He reaches forward and undoes the buttons of her dress which does up the front. With the dress undone he has her kneel down. He slips his hands inside the dress and inside her bra to fondle her breasts. She looks up into his eyes for a moment and reaches forward to undo his pants and bring his stiff dick out to where she can see it. She gazes upon his dick for a moment before leaning forward and licking it. Tina stands up behind her and pushes her head forward so she takes it in her mouth. She sucks on his dick while sliding her head up and down. Tina takes Marla's dress and bra off. When Tina gently pulls her head back she releases John's dick and stands up. Tina slides her panties down and off. Marla locks her eyes on John's as she steps forward and lowers herself onto his dick. She sighs as she slides down and his dick spreads her love tunnel wide. She stops with their groins together, she's never felt this full before. He pulls her to him for a kiss as he thinks, 'dickman slom 3M, 1M, 10R, 600S.' Her eyes go wide as he fucks her while holding her tight to him. She's never experienced anything like this before and she soon has her first orgasm which is followed by many more. She breaks the kiss to gasp for air as she continues to come. When the program ends she lies there tired and very happy. John stands and steps forward. He waits for two girls to vacate a seat before lowering her across the last double seat on the left. As he pulls out Tina smiles and says, "Thanks Uncle John," before lowering herself to Marla's pussy. During the remainder of the trip to the pistol range a dozen or so girls taste Marla's pussy, to their mutual pleasure. As they turn into the range car park John has the girls leave her alone and holds her up while Tina redresses her. When they get off the bus they leave Marla lying across the back seat, dressed and totally satiated as she's too exhausted to move.

Getting off the buses they form in a double line to enter the management and training building of the range. Inside they're broken up into four groups and taken to classrooms. In the classrooms they're given training on the care, use, and safety of firearms. While the others are getting this forty-five minute talk John and Steve are talking to the range manager to arrange for people to be assessed as firearms competent. This range can issue the certificates and they'll be needed to get firearm carry licences. All the adults and regular household members are to be tested. The adults will be issued with pistols once licensed and he's after special licences for those under eighteen, to be allowed to carry and use pistols within the house. If everyone is licensed it makes the storage of firearms simpler.


A Short Day


The Range

The forty-five minute talks are followed by a fifteen minute test. The tests are scored and filed, all pass with high marks. They move out onto the ranges. This is a very large range. It has two pistol only ranges and three pistol / rifle ranges, each range has twenty-five firing positions. The range has only three supervisor / instructors on hand today but Steve is also qualified as a supervisor / instructor / assessor so he helps out by instructing one of the groups on the range. They had four instructors for the theory side as two of the clerical staff are qualified to handle the theory instruction and testing but another qualification is needed to supervise and instruct on the live range.

On the ranges the staff go through the safety rules and requirements of a live range. They issue everyone with eye and ear protection gear. Once everyone is ready the instructors in each range place 9 mm semi-automatic pistols on five of the shooting positions. They select five of their students to step up behind the positions. Starting at the left they hand the first student a loaded magazine. The student has to check the weapon, load the pistol, and wait for approval before loading a round into the firing chamber, then wait for approval to shoot. Each student fires one magazine as single shots then repeats by firing another magazine in rapid fire. Once one student has fired a magazine they take the magazine out and put the safety on before putting the weapon to the bench. When both the magazines are fired they step back from the position. The instructors go down the line. They keep hold of the magazines except for the one the student is using to fire with. This ensures only one student on the range has a live gun at any one time and is under the instructor's direct care all the time the weapon is loaded. As they fire the instructor gives them extra advice on how to improve their firing. It take nearly ninety minutes for each group to go through their practice fire session.

To test for the certificates two assessors and a range officer are needed so the groups are rearranged. Those not wanting to be tested go to one range while those who need more practice go to a second range and those ready for assessment go to a third range. The first two ranges are managed as before whilst the third has two assessors and one of the clerical staff as a range officer. A range officer is different to a range instructor and all the clerical staff are range officers. In this case the range officer controls the shoot and issues the magazines of live rounds. They call each shooter to the line and hand them the two loaded magazines then give the orders for them to step up to the line, load the pistol, fire the first magazine, change magazines, fire the second magazine, and step back. Each is a separate instruction and the shooter must wait for the next command before doing it. Those being assessed can retry the test once that day. Two of the range assessors are doing the assessing. John, Belinda, Gwen, Harry, Fred, Melody, Brooke, Wendy, Rachel, Lorna, Jacqui, Stacey, Melissa, Clarissa, Vera, Anna, Jessica, Mandy, Dallas, Houston, Barry, Bernice, Karen, Eliza, Kira, Candice, Tracey, Jill, Fiona, Amanda, Kim, Patrice, Ruth, Tiffany, Peta, and Jasmine all pass on their first attempt. Beth, Sera, Max, Paris, Helen, Paula, Nataly, Georgette, Carly, and the two bus drivers pass on their retry. It's at this point John is aware they'd joined them, he just smiles as he knows this can be useful to them. The rest don't wish to be tested for a licence. They all passed as being range competent, which means they can now come back for practice shoots under the direction of a range officer only and don't need instructors on the range with them. The important things is everyone who lives with John or regularly visits is now certified as firearms competent except Liz, Janice, and Mary. John knows Barbara, Deborah, and Julie have firearms licences and they go armed at all times. Being certified means they can apply for licences. They'll all have to come back and put in lots of practice. While there Steve re-qualifies for all his certificates too. John has them do another practice shoot of two magazines to help reinforce the lessons learned today. They leave to go home after John uses his credit card to pay the bill.



Going home Gwen diverts them to a Red Rooster for an order of one hundred BBQ chickens, she placed the order by phone an hour ago.

They get home just on dark to find the neighbours swimming. Gwen and the staff start setting up the chicken on the tables near the pool while the girls swim. John and Steve retire to the play room. John uses a corner of it as his work place; he has a desk, a filing cabinet, and a computer there. They place the firearms certificates in the cabinet and discuss what types of weapons to buy. Steve is very conservative about what to buy. Finally John says, "Sidewinder, I'm a multi-millionaire now. So stop worrying about money, I want recommendations on the best hardware for us and the girls to carry and use. I'd also like to see about getting light-weight bullet resistant jackets for everyone. You pick out what's best and let me worry about the cost. OK?" Steve smiles and nods his agreement. "Tomorrow while we're in court I'd like you to take these certificates down and finish all the paperwork for the issue of licences for us all. And don't forget to do the armed security guard papers for you, Harry, Fred, and me." Another nod from Steve. Having sorted that they leave to join the group in the pool.

Dinner is ready and they get stuck in, even the neighbours. The Bellinghams are shocked to learn everyone had been out learning how to shoot a pistol. The Lincoln boys thought it was cool while Mr Stein, Mr Lincoln, and Mrs Lincoln thought it was a very wise move. After dinner they spend the time having a swim and play session. Steve and Harry vanish for a while. John thinks they've gone to be alone. He gets a surprise when they return to discuss weapons with him. Seems Harry did a short term with the military reserve at one time and she got the job of armourer. John's surprised but glad as she can re-qualify and get an extra allowance as their armourer. They've decided on what weapons to buy.

They see no need for for distance weapons but want two groups of hand guns. General use and light armour piercing guns. For the first group for everyone, they select the Glock model 19 (a good general purpose gun) and model 26 (the 'baby' Glock); these are 9 mm rounds, a good hard hit unlikely to punch its way through a target. The model 19 is a full pistol with a fifteen round magazine and the model 26 is a smaller version with a ten round magazine, easier to carry in and use from a purse. They want one of each for every licensed person and all to have two spare fifteen round magazines they're to always carry. They needn't carry both guns but it's recommended. For the second group, to be carried as a second weapon by John, Harry, Steve, and Fred with the possibility Gwen, Belinda, Melody, Stacey, Mary, and Liz may wish to carry them too; they chose the Glock model 31, a .357 high velocity round able to penetrate light body armour. This comes with a fifteen round magazine and be issued with four spare magazines to be carried when the weapon is. Each weapon to have a holster and everyone to have a cleaning kit. They want the guns in the 'compensator' variation. A special order for the model 26. They want all weapons from the same manufacturer and series to simplify maintenance and management, John agrees. They've chosen the Glock as it has a good reputation for reliability and quality. The Glock safety features means they're very safe to carry about and you don't have to worry about accidentally disengaging the safety as it's built in and disengages as you pull the trigger. Safety is a simply case of 'finger off the trigger until needed.'

They also wish to purchase concealed body armour from Pinnacle as they want the new Dragon Skin armour. The body guards are to have sets of the SOV Tactical Body armour carried in the trunks of the cars for severe situation. Each vehicle is to carry boxes of spare ammo. Everyone is to have small encrypted radio communicators and regular practice at the range. They see no point in having protective weaponry unless they practice with it. John agrees with this and also wants a good secure armoury in the house.

Smiling, John leads them to the stairs to show them the bomb shelter. Harry agrees it won't take long to build a secure armoury down there. They can safely store all the extra weapons, ammo, and security gear down here after they create the armoury, and still leave part of it as an entrance and storage area. John also wants extra firearms purchased so they have spares in case any are unavailable, they can be safely stored down here. While organising the licences tomorrow Steve can get names of firms authorised to build an armoury and organise for them to do some quotes. Having sorted that out they return to the pool and and the games going on there.


Pool Games

Diving into the pool John swims half way down and surfaces just behind Jade. Bringing his dick to a stiff 2T he rubs it against her arse and says, "Where, and how, the when is now."

Smiling over her shoulder, she says, "Here from behind." She spreads her legs and leans forward. Smiling, he reaches around and starts playing with her clit as he turns her towards the side of the pool. They move closer to the side until she can reach forward and rest her hands on it for support. Continuing to play with her clit he uses his other hand to spread her legs wider and push her feet a little bit forward. Her arse is pushed back and she's lower in the water. Stepping up close behind her he changes to a 5T. Slowly he slides his dick into her vagina. He encounters no hymen but he didn't expect one after all the lessons as it should've been long gone to a vibrator by now. Gently he slips his dick in until he touches her cervix. He has a bit over 100 mm still to go so he reduces to a 4T and continues to slide in until his groin is right up against her arse. She's smiling, moaning, and humping her arse slightly. He starts to thrust in and out, very soon she has her first orgasm. After her third he stops with his dick back and just his dick head inside her. He changes to a 4M and slides back in. She moans as his wider dick spreads her pussy wider. Each thrust is now causing her to come and they both love the feel. He speeds up. She starts to thrash about as she comes. He's going so fast the new orgasms are starting before the previous one finishes. After several minutes of near continuous orgasm she can't stand it any more but does she want it to stop. He slows down and stops. She's exhaustedly lying against the pool edge. Carefully he lifts her up and off his dick to place her on the tiled walk area around the pool. A smiling Gwen and Brooke walk up and wrap her in a towel as they lift her up to carry her to a mattress for some rest.

Ruth swims over and looks into the water. Her eyes go wide and she bites her lip as she places her arms around John's neck. Lifting herself up she kisses him. She lifts higher, saying, "Place that lovely dick at my cunt so I can lower myself onto it before I change my mind." Grinning, he does as told. Slowly she lowers herself onto his dick. She stops when he's hard up against her cervix and still has 60 mm of dick to go. Grinning, he changes to a 3M and reaches up to pull her further down until their groins meet.

Wrapping his arms around her, he says, "Now you're in for it." He kisses her while thinking, 'dickman slom 1M, 3M, 15R, 600S.' Her eyes almost pop out of her head as the auto fuck sends her straight into orgasmic overload. She comes for the whole period before collapsing onto his chest. He lifts her up and places her on the side of the pool. Again Gwen and Brooke bring a towel over to wrap her up. They place her on the same mattress as Jade.

John climbs out of the pool and follows them. Brooke looks up, saying, "They'll be all right Uncle John. But you really must take more care." She grins as she sees what he's up too.

Gwen is bent over checking Jade as John quietly walks over behind her. Placing a hand on her back he starts to slide his dick into her from behind. Feeling the contact she drops forward and rolls over, saying, "Do me properly you bastard," as she spreads her legs wide. He drops to his knees and quickly slides his stiff dick into her waiting pussy. She moans and starts humping at him so he speeds up the tempo. She starts coming as he goes faster. He's giving her a real pounding and she's coming on every thrust. After several minutes of this he stops and comes in her. He pulls out a bit and comes again.

Sera is first in line for a cream pie and Barry is waiting with a hand full of condoms. When Sera is happy between Gwen's thighs he puts on a condom and enters her from behind. All three are happy and both ladies are already coming again as John turns to walk away. The pool area is an area wide orgy, even Saul is being fucked as Bernie is riding him for all she's worth. Luckily Tom Lincoln had already gone home to watch his favourite TV show.

Mrs Lincoln is playing with herself as she sucks on Mr Lincoln's dick and watching John. As he goes to pass them Mr Lincoln says, "Give her a good fucking with that big dick. I've always wanted to see her fucked with a big one." She looks up at him and glances at John.

He changes to a 5X and says, "What about this then?"

Mr Lincoln replies, "I said a big dick not a monster dick."

She releases his dick and says, "Please, not that wide or long." John changes to a 4W, she gulps and nods.

Smiling, he drops to his knees and reaches forward to grab her legs and pulls her too him. Instead of lying down he kneels there pulling her up and onto his dick. It's wider than anything she's had before but it goes in. He pulls her to him and all can see the big dick vanishing into her pussy. She moans and comes when he's about half way in. She comes again when his dick reaches her cervix. He looks down at her and says, "Now to fuck your brains out with an auto fuck. My dick will shorten and lengthen within you to give the feel of being rapidly fucked." Both the Lincolns give him an odd look as he thinks, 'dickman slom 1W, 4W, 10R, 300S.' As the program starts her eyes go wide and she heaves but John pins her hips and legs down. She moans and comes, again and again. She comes for full period. She's wide eyed and exhausted when the program ends. John lowers her to the ground and moves over her. He starts thrusting in and out, she comes again but is too exhausted to move. Mr Lincoln is standing there watching this and playing with himself. Grinning, Brooke walks over and starts giving him a hand job. He smiles at her and quickly turns back to watching John fuck his wife. Mr Lincoln is near to coming when Brooke takes a tighter hold. Pulling back hard on his dick as she shoves her finger in his arse and plays with his prostrate gland. Moaning, he comes over Mrs Lincoln's face and breasts as John withdraws from her. John stands as Mr Lincoln slowly drops to his knees, both the Lincolns are worn out. Brooke has Melody help her take them over to a mattress and has them lie down for a while.



John turns to go upstairs as he figures it's bed time. Brooke pulls out her bedding roster and makes a few changes before she starts pairing people off to go to bed. She has to make some more changes in the process as she's reluctant to split up any pairs or trios still having fun.

He's having a bath when his companions for the night arrive, Beth and Anna. They join him in the bath and they have a fun three way bath. Both girls are very tired so he dries them and takes them to bed. They're happy when he says, "You two look very tired so lets get some sleep and have some funny early tomorrow." They both nod in agreement. He climbs into bed and they cuddle up on each side of him.

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