This isnt actually my story this story was posted on storiesonline (dot) net by the author cazna rochester and was posted on xnxx by someone else but they didnt post the full story and i will be posting it all
Day 19 - Tuesday

At 5.15 am John wakes up and quietly wakes Beth. She moves over and lets him off the bed. He whispers instructions to her and she smiles. He climbs back on the bed between Anna's legs. Gently he moves her legs apart as he kneels on either side of her left leg, it's nearest the middle of the bed. Leaning over he parts her labia to lick her clit with his extended tongue, Beth is wide eyed at its length.

Anna softly moans and stirs to spread her legs more. He checks her pulse and respiration, she's still asleep but starting to stir. He moves her legs wider and curls his tongue into a tube as he lowers his head further. As he slips his tongue into her pussy he motions for Beth to be ready to kiss her. Soon he has most of his tongue inside Anna's love tunnel and she's rolling her hips slightly. She starts to stir more so John moves forward and clamps his mouth over her clit. Sucking hard he widens his tongue out and tickles around her g-spot with the tip of his tongue. Her eyes flash open as she starts to come, Beth is only a hand's width away from her face. She drops down and goes into lip lock with her. Anna tries to both kiss Beth and scream her orgasm but ends up screaming into Beth's mouth as she comes again and again. John continues to suck hard on her clit. After the seventh orgasm he stops sucking and pulls outs his tongue, having it rub the sides of her vagina as it slides into his mouth over her clit. She comes several more times. Rising to his knees he moves between her thighs and spreads them wide. The girls are still lip locked and having fun. He smiles as he rubs his dick along Anna's pussy and she squirms with the contact. He goes to a 3T to start with. Slowly he starts to slide into her wet pussy. She easily accepts him. He changes to a 3M and her pussy stretches a bit wider as his dick widens while she moans. Soon their groins are together and his dick is just touching her cervix. He starts to thrust in and out and she starts coming again. He speeds up and is quickly thrusting rapidly in and out as she writhes under him. At John's order Beth breaks the kiss and Anna gasps for breath as she comes. After several more minutes of orgasms she's exhausted. John slows down and withdraws. Just before pulling out he comes in her twice. He moves aside and moves her up the bed.
Seeing the cream pie Beth slips between Anna's thighs as John presents Anna his dick to suck on. She sucks it long enough to finish getting the sperm out and clean it up before she has to stop to gasp for air as Beth makes her come again. Moving off the bed John climbs on behind Beth. She knows it's him so she quickly parts her thighs to give him better access as he switches to a 5M and slides his dick into her from behind. When he's up against her cervix he thinks, 'dickman slom 2M, 5M, 10R, 300S.' The auto fuck soon has her coming as well. Both girls are moaning and writhing as they come. Beth has stopped licking Anna's pussy and is moaning into her pussy and clit. This is enough to keep Anna coming. When the program runs out John gently lies Beth on the bed beside Anna and pulls the covers back up.

He goes into the en suite and starts the bath to be soon joined by Brooke and the first of the girls. He has a lot to do today so he's very quick washing the girls and no playing. Beth and Anna are the last to be washed and he's finished by 8.00 am. Carly gets the papers today and is very excited about flashing and kissing the poor boy. By 8.30 am John is dressed and had breakfast. He's ready to leave with Carmen. They're riding in with Liz, Mary, and Janice. John tells them about the carry permits and they promise to get them organised. John and Carmen are dropped off at the court house early so they can enter before any press arrive, they hope.



John and Carmen are outside the court at 8.50 am and Hedly is there to meet them. They enter by a side entrance as the court isn't officially open but he organised this specially. They go to a room close to the court and sit down to discuss the case. While Hedly is giving Carmen instructions on how to behave and answer questions John is carefully reviewing the transcripts of the tapes Captain Miller is going to introduce as evidence. These aren't the full tapes and he wonders who doctored them as these are excerpts only. He soon picks out the pattern, these are only cuts of the matters that pertain to the Di Georgio activities in the city. He smiles. It's about 9.35 am when he turns to Hedly, "These transcripts aren't the full tapes. I've got copies and transcripts in my bag. When we get the chance to question Miller we must ask where she got these. I'll slip you notes on the way to go with the questioning as I want to keep the content of these tapes top secret if I can." Hedly nods his agreement.

They move to the assigned court room at 9.45 am to be on hand before the court sits. Shortly after they take their seats their support crew arrives. A few minutes later John looks about the court room to notice the Masters family and half the Preston office staff. He's surprised to see Police Commissioner Henry is sitting in the front row and keeping two vacant seats beside him. The room is almost packed. He laughs when he sees the media people arguing over who gets the last few seat that are free as they didn't expect such a turn out. At 9.55 am two women walk in and one obviously has Downe Syndrome. John recognises them and smiles at them. They make their way to the front of the public area and sit in the seats Commissioner Henry saved.

John stands and goes to them. He squats down in front of the Downe Syndrome woman and slowly says, "Hello Shauna."

She smiles and says, "Hello Yonnie." She can't say the 'J' correctly. Pointing at Commissioner Henry, she says, "Do you know my daddy."

John smiles and holds out his hand, "I'm glad to finally meet Shauna's daddy. She speaks well of you whenever I see her." Henry shakes his hand. Turning to Shauna, he says, "Shauna, I'm sorry I haven't been around to see you much in the last few months. I was involved in a major accident and spent several months in hospital. Only been out a couple of weeks and been getting my life sorted. I hope to be able to call in and see you again soon."

She nods, "Gemma told me you were hurt very bad. She wasn't sure you'd ever be able to come see me again. I'm glad to see she's wrong." All through this the nurse beside her is staring at John as if she can't believe it's him. He smiles and nods at her before returning to his seat at the defence bench.

Captain Miller walks in as the judge enters from behind his seat. All stand and wait for the judge to be seated except Miller, she rushes forward to her seat. This is against court protocol as all are supposed to stand still until the judge sits. He glares at her as he sits down and everyone takes a seat as the court is called to order. The bailiff reads the charges. Carmen is charged with several crimes as an accessory before the fact, several after the fact, and as a senior organiser of a criminal organisation. The formal charges are many and longer but that's what it summarises as. When asked Carmen pleads, "Not guilty." The jury is sworn in, the jury selection was held yesterday. Hedly managed that alone as neither John or Carmen were needed for it. It's why Miller wasn't able to come looking for them until later in the day.

Miller and Hedly give opening statements, both are very predictable. A key point in Hedly's opening statement is the inability of the prosecution to provide any witnesses to any of the charges. Once their opening statements are given Miller offers the tapes and transcripts in evidence. Hedly challenges the legality of them being evidence. These are the core of the prosecution case and without them there's no case to answer. Due to the validity of the evidence itself being contested the jury is asked to retire while that issue is dealt with. Miller takes the stand to speak about the tapes and how they came into her hands. She testifies about being given the tapes by a senior detective who works with the Special Crimes Investigation Team and how the transcripts were made. She swears they're true copies of the tapes. Hedly elects not to ask her any questions. When she leaves the stand and Hedly is asked to present his case to exclude the tapes he calls John to the stand. Miller smiles at the opportunity to question him on the stand and under oath.

John is sworn in and Hedly asks about the tapes and transcripts. He says, "I've no doubt the tapes Captain Miller has and wishes to use into evidence are the tapes given her. I've no doubt the transcripts are true and correct copies of those tapes." Miller is smiling. "However the bad news for the Captain is that what she has is a large selection of excerpts from the tapes that are missing much very important information. The original tapes are much longer and cover many hours. Having heard some of the uncut originals I can say these tapes have been specially edited to have only the information relevant to activities in this city by one group. They also miss the start of the discussions where the tapes were made. I say discussions as the tapes are NOT a record of an interview as Captain Miller seems to think they are. They're the discussions of a private citizen who was reporting some things she'd heard about. They were taped to make it easier for the officers to be sure of their notes." Captain Miller sits upright and stares at him during this part of his testimony. She leans over and has a few words with her assisting staff followed by one quickly leaving the court.

When Hedly sits down Miller stands to question him. Her first question is, "Mr Smith, how can you be so sure about what is or isn't on those tapes?"

John says, "About thirty minutes before Miss Bradley spoke to the police she became my personal servant. I set up security recorders on a desk in police headquarters and instructed her to tell the police everything she'd heard or thought she knew about the activities of certain criminal elements in this city and across the country. I know part of what I said is on the tapes and I have copies of the original tapes. Miss Bradley was never arrested or charged with anything and she volunteered what she heard as a good citizen. She was never read any rights about asking questions etc as it was not a formal interview, just an informer providing information." Both the judge and Miller sit up at this last bit about no rights or charges. That makes everything she said inadmissible as evidence. "It's because of this I knew the police could use anything she said as probable cause for other investigations but it would never be valid court evidence in it's own right. Do you wish to listen to part of the untouched tapes Captain Miller?" She nods at him and he motions to Hedly to get the tapes out of his bag. Placing the first tape in a player Hedly hands it to Miller with some headphones. She puts the headphones on and hits play to hear John say "My associate is going to give you all the information she can; however, there are conditions. Neither she or her brother will be charged or prosecuted. Do you agree?" William's and Hedge's agree and John says, "You'll now stay here and tell these gentlemen everything you know about unlawful or corrupt operations that go on in this city, all you know about Big Jim's network, and all you know about explosive fires in the region. You'll then tell them all you know about Franco Di Georgio's network and operations. You'll answer any questions they have." She doesn't hear any of the formal identification of who it is or the reading of rights. This tape totally invalidates everything she has as evidence.

She looks up at John and he says, "Ask Deputy Commissioner Williams, he'll verify that the tape is genuine. Examine it and you'll see it's one of the security ones that can only be recorded once and puts the time stamps on the side band for checking. All you have isn't valid admissible evidence in this case and if you put it forward only to have it thrown out after being heard it becomes useless for other cases as well." She stands there and glares at him.

She turns to the judge and says, "I'm sorry your honour, I have no tapes or other evidence to present to the court." She turns and looks at John, saying, "Why wasn't it done right, the usual way."

He replies, "Because I set up the discussions as for an informer not a criminal interview. In fact, when I set up the the discussions I made a point of having the reading of rights avoided so we didn't have to worry about any future court proceedings."

Shocked, she glares at him and snarls, "What is it with you and these two criminals? Why are you protecting them? What do they have on you?" He glares back, getting very angry, and it shows.

Liz yells, "Tell her John. Make her understand, give her a hand." She emphasises the last bit. John looks at her as she nods and waves her hand.

John looks at Miller and says, almost snarls, "You want to know why I'm working hard to keep Carmen and her brother out of court?" Many people are surprised to hear about the kinship. Miller stops still at the look in his eyes as she's standing right in front of the witness box. "I'm positive her brother is responsible for the deaths of my family, my parents, my brother, my sister in-law, and my murder." Everyone gasps at this, Miller's eyes go wide. "Yes, my murder. I was declared legally dead five times while in the ambulance and the emergency room. But I've no evidence that can be used in court. Should I let you bring him here for a slap on the wrist and let him walk. No way, I want him to pay for what he did, and that's what he's doing. Like Carmen, he's now a slave, yes a slave, and he's not happy about that. While Carmen is happy to be my slave, aren't you?" He looks at Carmen as she looks at him and smiles as she nods. Miller and the judge look at her and see she IS happy being a slave. "You have no idea how much I hate Big Jim, he used to be a friend. But if I let you have him you won't keep him long and he won't suffer at all. Also I have to let you have Carmen although she did nothing really wrong, I won't let that happen. I have them both and I'm keeping them. Big Jim will suffer, nearly as much as I have." Everyone in the court is shocked by the hate and venom in his voice. "You wonder how I've suffered. Liz said to give you a hand and help you understand. Well I will." With that he stands and pulls his left hand off to place it in Captain Miller's hand. He'd open the release while he spoke. Pulling his left arm out of the shirt sleeve, he says, "Do you want the arm to go with it? Or do you want a leg or two as well?" The whole court is stunned as he waves the arm about. The judge and Captain Miller are just staring at him, mouths open is shock, as are most of the people.

Brooke stands and says, "That's enough Uncle John. Calm down and put your arm back on please." She walks through the rail between the public area and the main part of the court. She takes the hand off Miller and holds it while he slides the arm back into the sleeve. A moment later she gives him the hand and he reattaches it. Brooke speaks calmly to the judge, "When he was killed at the Preston Labs and a three story building fell on him the doctor's were sure he was dead. But he refused to stay dead. Once they started removing all that was totally smashed they were left with little more than his brain, balls, and a shoe box full of working bits. Now that's safely secured inside a mechanical body and Uncle John is a working cyborg. This was made possible by some top secret work at Preston and wasn't to be made public." She stops to glare at John. "The work on Uncle John was made necessary by Big Jim's successful attempt to kill him. The doctors are still trying to work out how come he kept coming back from the dead as he did it without resuscitation three times. From what some of the medical staff heard him mumble I think he refused to die and leave me alone. Liz Preston felt such determination deserved help and provided all she could. Now he's their prototype cyborg and proof most of their new prosthetics work." With the last comment she finishes fixing John's clothes and walks back to her seat.

Miller stares at him for a moment and says, in a low voiced and emphatic way, "Damn." She turns around and goes back to her seat.

The judge looks down and says, "The witness is excused. No case to answer, case dismissed." As everyone is packing up the judge signals John over to speak to him. Placing his hand over his microphone, he whispers, "Off the record, what have you done with that scum bag Big Jim?"

Smiling, John says, "He's now the sex slave of some very demanding women I know. They have a lovely dungeon and he's the recipient of one of Preston's new prosthetics. His dick goes up and down at the press of a button and only at the press of a button. They love it, he hates it." The judge laughs and waves him away. John turns to walk out. Most of the public spectators are still seated with shocked looks on their face.

John goes over to Shauna and squats down. He's about to speak when she says, "Yonnie, you know I don't see things the same way as everyone else." He nods, "Your rainbow looks just the same as it did before. So what ever has happened to you hasn't changed the essential you, not at all. I know, I can see this, so can the angels." He squeezes her hand and nods.

Standing, he walks out with his household and party group following him. Many of the Preston staff just stare at him. As he nears the back door one of the Preston staff he knows well steps forward. He can see the tears in the back of her eyes. He says, "Please, no sympathy or tears. In some ways I'm better than I was before. Yes, it all hurt and still does at times - emotionally. Yes, I wish I was all flesh and blood again. But that's not to be. We all have to get on with life as it is. In a way, things have improved. This has made me wake up and smell the roses. Also I'm now much more physically capable." She gives him a weak smile and nods. He walks out of the court.

In the hall he meets Steve on his way to court as he's completed all he had to do, well, as much as he can. Steve says, "If you and Harry can come now, they'll issue your licences. We can also get some of the hardware now." John turns and talks to Gwen, she nods. He, Steve, and Harry dash off to another part of the court building. Ten minutes later they join everyone at the buses. The department that issues the firearms licences already has extensive files on John, Steve, and Harry so it's no trouble issuing their licences. John and Harry were previously cleared for security work. They head off for lunch.


After Court

John has them stop at a shop Steve knows well. They sell Steve's two hand guns and buy all five Glock model 31Cs he has, also the spare magazines he has, ten of them. The Glocks come in a set with cleaning kit, holster, and a safe storage carry bag. He also buys 1,000 rounds of ammunition for them. They place an order for another ten model 31Cs, twenty spare fifteen round magazines, twenty-five model 19Cs, twenty-five model 26Cs (not normally made as a C), twenty spare thirty-three round magazines and fifty spare fifteen round magazines for the 9 mm weapons, plus forty double magazine belt clips, holsters for each weapon, and twenty-five cleaning kits. The fellow can't believe the order as the number of guns is more than twice his usual annual sales and of the higher value types too. He contacts his dealer and promises to have them in a week or so. He also gives them a good lead on who can build the armoury for them. Back on the bus all three start to load magazines. Once all fifteen magazines are loaded they place one back in each weapon. Steve and Harry carry two guns each with three spare magazines while John gets the single gun with four spare magazine. Each now has seventy-five rounds if they need them. The girls watch very wide eyed. John looks up and says, "Next time someone tries to shoot at any of you girls we get to shoot back." There's a few ohs as most remember what happened at the Fatted Calf. Some of the girls are still giving John odd looks as they still haven't gotten over the revelations about his body. Those who already knew are talking them around to accepting him for what he is - a person. Gwen had arranged for a banquet luncheon at the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant so they end up there for lunch.

After lunch they go to the range and have some more pistol practice, John has all the household adults practising with the model 31Cs. Once Steve is happy with their accuracy John has the household girls practice with the model 31Cs until Steve is happy with their accuracy. All who use the Glocks mention how much easier they are to use than the range pistols. Probably due to the higher quality design, grip, and the compensator reducing the recoil a fair bit. Steve, Harry, and John put in a lot of practice with the Glocks until they can all rapid fire five rounds in a very tight cluster at twenty-five metres. The next lot that takes shots at them are in for a big surprise.

On the way back Marla asks for payment beside the bus as she feels she can't take another bonus payment. Her two brothers laugh as they remember how exhausted she was after yesterday's bonus. Laughing, John happily pays up and suggest she rides the other bus, which she does. They're not charging the normal charges for these trips with John and co. Her brothers would normally have to be out driving around and getting used to these buses at this time (they're different models to what they're used to driving), so having some paying runs helps. The reduced rates are because John gives them lots of leeway with times and routes, not at all like most commercial trips.

Back home in plenty of time for dinner. Melody left some roast on a slow cook all day. It doesn't take long to organise the matching vegetables and today's trenchers were delivered before they left. In short order they have trenchers loaded with steamed vegetables and roast beef for everyone.

The cleaning crew had cleaned the pool at lunch time and returned for a swim when the buses arrived. Everyone but the staff enjoys a fun swim while dinner is being prepared.

After dinner everyone sits about and watches the Mummy series movies. Much squealing and cuddling during the movies, almost as much as they laughter.

When it's bed time, John finds Laura and Carmen in his bed. Carmen says, "John, do you mind if we just cuddle tonight as I need a bit of comforting after the court today?" He looks at Laura and she nods agreement. He smiles and nods as well. He climbs into bed with Carmen between them as they cuddle up and go to sleep. He's beginning to like the non sex nights as much as the sex nights.

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