This isnt actually my story this story was posted on storiesonline (dot) net by the author cazna rochester and was posted on xnxx by someone else but they didnt post the full story and i will be posting it all
Day 20 - Wednesday

Waking at 5.45 am John wakes his bed mates and they go to the en suite. He runs the water and gets in with a stiff 3M dick. Smiling, Carmen climbs in and opens her labia to push her pussy against his stiff dick as he washes her back. Laura watches how much she enjoys doing this. When it's time to do her front Carmen stands and turns around. She holds her pussy open and lowers herself onto his dick. He starts to wash her front and fondles her breasts in the process. She's soon moaning and coming. After her second orgasm he thinks, 'dickman slom 1M, 3M, 10R, 180S.' She thrashes about and comes for the full program.

After the program ends she leans against his chest and gasps for air, saying, "John, that auto fuck method is just too damn delicious. You made me come buckets." He smiles and helps her stand. Brooke helps her out of the bath and dries her as Laura gets in the bath.

She sits down facing John and slides her pussy right up against his dick, just the way Carmen did. She comes twice while he washes her back. Standing she turns around and prepares for him to do her front. Before lowering herself she reaches down and spreads her pussy lips wide while her other hand is removing the white ribbon. Brooke smiles and winks at John. He smirks back. Carefully she lowers herself onto his stiff dick. Her pussy slowly widens as his dick slides in and she smiles when she's fully seated. He picks up the washer while thinking, 'dickman slom 1M, 3M, 5R, 300S, ' as he kisses her neck and reaches for her breasts. She starts to come before he can touch her breasts. He washes her and fondles her breasts as she comes for the whole five minutes. The program ends and Brooke has Carmen help her hold Laura up when John lifts her off his dick.

As Brooke dries her she's sitting on a stool too exhausted to stand. Laura says, "My mum won't believe how wonderful my first fuck was. I was scared because she and her sisters all told me horror stories of the pain of their first fucks." They smile at her. When she's dried two of the girls help her back to the bed to recover.

John gives everyone a three minute auto fuck as he washes them, to their great pleasure. When it's time for Belinda's bath he's expecting her to not mount him. On the first day she said she didn't want to have sex with him and he's honoured her request. Both John and Brooke are surprised when she lowers herself onto his stiff dick as she gets in to have her back washed. John kisses her as he washes her back and gives her a three minute auto fuck. When that ends she stands and turns around to lower herself onto his dick again. He gives her a five minute auto fuck while washing her breasts. She comes continuously during both auto fucks. Surprisingly she has almost enough energy left to get out of the bath herself. She needs only a little help from Brooke to balance her while she steps out. While Brooke dries her, she says, "I've been a silly fool to miss out on that all this time. That was very nice, thank you, John."

Brooke says, "I guess you now believe Gwen and I about how good he is?" She nods and Brooke says, "Will you now believe us and try Candice and Tina?" She thinks for a moment and slowly nods.

He's taking his time today as he was so quick yesterday. He's so long Gwen brings him a breakfast plate and hand feeds him during the bathing. He's finishing the last girl at 10.45 am when Rachel, Sera, and Harry walk in with their partners to demand he washes them the same way. He looks at the boys and they nod. Grinning, he agrees but with a minor change. He does Sera first. He has her suck Barry to an erection before putting his dick clamp and a condom on. Barry sits in the bath on John's legs. Sera has an ear to ear grin when she realises what he's up to. She climbs in and slowly lowers herself as John reaches up and takes her weight. Carefully he lowers her down while she grabs both dicks and directs them into her. John in her cunt and Barry in her arse hole. With them both in her at once she feels full, not as full as last time they doubled up on her but this time her weight is on their dicks and it feels different. John kisses her and thinks, 'dickman slom 1M, 3M, 15R, 600S.' She comes for the whole program. Barry is smiling to begin with but her cunt muscles are also squeezing his dick in her arse and the motion of John's dick is stimulating it too. Very soon he wants to come and can't. He's moaning and groaning while enjoying the pleasure / pain sensation. Steve and Max have to help lift Sera out of the bath. She sits on the stool with Rachel holding her while Brooke dries her. John has Barry remove the condom and place his dick in Sera's mouth. When she starts to suck on his dick he releases the clamp and he comes in her mouth. He quickly grabs her head and holds it still. He seems to be coming for ages and she swallows it all. When he's finally drained his dick slips out of her mouth as he slowly slides down the wall to the floor, exhausted.

Harry is having second thoughts after seeing how tired they are. But Steve and John are waiting for her. It's a repeat performance for them and again for Max and Rachel. Luckily Gwen returns and helps Brooke take the tired players back to their beds.

It's just on lunchtime when John is finished in the bath, dried, and downstairs. He laughs when told how Inez got the papers today. She's of Hispanic decent and is petite with an olive complexion. She has very fine features and is beautifully proportioned. She's the only girl the same height as the paper boy, the rest have to bend down a bit to kiss him. As she gave him the money she rubbed against the paper boy and kissed him. During the kiss she rubbed his dick and felt him come. After telling John about this, she says, "I can't believe I did that, let alone enjoyed it so much." They all laugh and reassure her.



After lunch John decides to go into Preston Industries as Liz asked him to drop by today or tomorrow. He decides to take Carmen with him and asks Harry to drive for him. Both Melody and Gwen hand him shopping lists. Rachel and Max join the group as well. They drive off in the mini bus. When they turn the corner at the end of the street John notices a car parked in the next block as it pulls out and follows them, there are three men in the car. He notes the number and pulls out his mobile phone to ring Hedges to ask him to check out the car.

Arriving at the Preston Industries office they park in the secured car park and go inside. John waves and calls to people as he enters, most wave back as usual but a few are a bit hesitant. The truth about his body is obviously circulating through the company and some people aren't sure how to handle the situation. As they enter the elevator Isolde enters it as well. She's a statuesque redhead and the company flirt, she's also very blatant about it. She leans over to John and rubs her hand on his dick, saying, "It's a shame this doesn't work any more."

John says, "Who said it doesn't work? I'll show you." He hits the stop button as he pulls her to him. He places his mouth over hers and kisses her. She resists before settling into the kiss. Smiling, Carmen lifts Isolde's dress and slips her panties down as Rachel undoes John's trousers to slide them down with his shorts. Isolde squirms as her panties slide down as she didn't expect this and is trying to stop her panties being removed. Carmen lifts Isolde's dress up to her waist to give John access to her lower body. With them both ready for action John turns and holds Isolde against the elevator wall while he slips his knees between hers and pushes his legs outwards. Her legs are spread by his as his dick goes stiff with a 4M. Carmen grabs his dick and guides it to Isolde's pussy, rubbing it on her clit a few times before placing it at her vaginal entrance. John pushes in. Isolde's eyes go wide as she feels a very solid stiff dick enter her. In moments John's dick head is against her cervix while their groins aren't quite touching. He thrusts in and out a few times. When he breaks the kiss she lays her head on his shoulder moaning as she approaches an orgasm.

Grinning, Rachel slips Max's pants and shorts off. His dick is stiff so she slips a condom on it after giving it a good suck to get it nice and wet. She stands and moves Max close to John and Isolde, saying, "Uncle John, grab a good hold of her and turn away from the wall. That way Max can give her a good arse fuck as well." Isolde's eyes go wide as her head pops up. John does as asked and Isolde is starting to shake her head no when Max slides his dick into her arse. She was about to speak but doesn't as she realises it's now too late to stop him. She's having her first double penetration experience. In seconds both are deep into her body stroking in and out. They speed up as she moans and comes. She has several orgasms before John tells Max to pull out. John pulls out of Isolde and lowers her to the floor. Rachel takes the condom off Max and places his dick against Isolde's lips, sighing she opens up and sucks on his dick. In seconds he's coming in her mouth. She sucks him dry and he withdraws as John slips his in. Her eyes go very wide a moment later when John comes in her mouth. Coming a second time he pulls out so some of his sperm is on her lips and chin. He lifts her up so Carmen can redress her. Soon they're all dressed again and the lift is on it's way after a stop of several minutes.

Isolde is getting off at the seventh floor while the rest are going to the tenth floor. As she departs the elevator her clothes are a touch messed and she still has John's come on her lips and chin. There's a small group waiting for the elevator when the doors open. None miss Isolde's condition or the smell of sex coming out of the elevator. They all smile at the thought of the company flirt getting a bit more than she expected. A few get in to go up as the rest wait for the down elevator and Isolde walks off to the ladies toilet to clean up. She looks a mess but has a big smile on her face. In the toilet she meets a good friend who asks what happened. She replies, "I thought to tease John Smith. I got a lot more than I ever expected and the best fucking of my life." Her friend's eyes go way up in her head. She smiles, hoping Isolde may start to behave a little less blatantly now.

John and company soon reach Liz's office and are shown straight in. Liz is in a meeting with Janice and they continue their discussion as Liz waves them in. Max, Rachel, and Harry go sit on the lounge as John goes to the window and looks out. He sees a car that looks like the one that followed them, it's just a bit down the street and has a good view of both the main entrance and the car park.

A few minutes later Hedges calls back to tell him it's a rental car and the details of the renter prove to be false. John gets a bit worried. He hangs up his mobile phone just as Liz's meeting is finishing.

Turning to John, Liz waves at some boxes just inside her door, "Here's some more samples and some new brochures. Mary has those upgrades you wanted. If you call by she'll fit them for you." She pulls a folder out of a tray and hands it to him, "These are the latest figures on our orders. You may wish to drop them in. Current orders on hand now total just over $23 million and we've shipped $5.2 million worth. We've received payment for $4.1 million of that. I should have put you in charge of marketing years ago." She laughs as John collapses into a chair while he works out his 2.5% commission on $23 million dollars, even at the high tax rates that leaves him with a quarter of a million for this month already. He sits there, stunned.

Rachel says, "What's up Uncle John?"

Liz responds, "He's just a bit shocked to realise how good a sales person he is. He convinced me to start some whole new lines of products and he's been out actively promoting them in the right areas. We've just over $23 million dollars worth of orders and sales in those lines in the last few weeks. He gets 2.5% commission on them, that's $575,000 for him." All three listeners go very wide eyed as that's some income John has. "My best experts aren't sure how well the market is in the long term but they now expect to have monthly sales in the fifteen to twenty-five million dollars bracket for the next few years as a minimum. After we reach market saturation they expect that to drop to around the five to ten million dollars per month mark and that'll all be new customers." They all shake their heads, annual sales between 60 to 300 million dollars. That'll give John a commission of between $1.5 to $7.5 million each year. Both are staggering sums for doing so little. She adds, "Sometimes a little creative thought can pay off big." They all nod their agreement. Making shooing gestures, she says, "Now you lot go see Mary. Thanks to John I have a great deal of work to do." Picking up the papers and boxes they leave the room.

As they pass her desk, Diana says, "John, I'd make sure I wasn't in the building tomorrow if I was you. I'm writing an email to go out tonight. So many people are asking about you and what happened in court. The email will go out to everyone when they log in tomorrow after 7.30 am. It'll give full details of what happened to you, both the murder and the rebuild. It'll mention how you got us a reprieve from bankruptcy, gave us a new marketing strategy, and how well that's going. It'll talk about the formula for special bonuses to be paid out at the end of this quarter, based on sales. Estimates are that everyone will get somewhere between one to five thousand dollars depending on how sales go from now till then. If you come in we won't get any work done as everyone will want to thank you. So please stay a way for a few days." He laughs as he nods and walks away.

Down to Mary's office. The others wait outside while he goes in. She has him strip and lie on the couch. He activates the unlocking protocols and she removes his arms. Opening a box she takes out and attaches new arms and hands as they have different wiring. She removes his legs and attaches new ones from the box, new wiring too. She removes his dick and balls to attach a new set she has in the box. The balls are a bit bigger and hang a bit lower. At his look, she says, "I think you'll find some of the ladies will like the extra stimulation this'll give. The new design is used by adding 'P' to the size. The new Taser setting is activated by the command 'defib, ' got that?" He nods. Smiling, she says, "I've also added a size 6 and an XX width. I can't wait to see Peta try that. And all sizes now have a half size." She opens and removes his chest plate to connect a portable computer to one interface to upgrades the program to handle the changes while she adds a new compact box to his insides. "Boy am I glad we built you to be modular and left space for additions. This is your encrypted radio control unit. It also includes a multi-band two way radio. You can encrypt signals on it and send what you're saying, seeing, or hearing." As she waits for the update to finish she changes his head. With that attached she runs a set of diagnostics and everything checks out OK. With a huge smile, she says, "I want to do a field test of the new radio unit." He nods. She removes his head again and places it on her desk. When she holds out a pen to him he can see it and reaches for it with his hand. Because of the changed perspective he has a bit of trouble grasping it but does after a few tries. She smiles and says, "Well, that's the hardest of the things to do with the control unit and it works." She replaces the head and removes an arm. She holds it over her desk while he picks a few things up with the fingers. Replacing the arm she removes the hand and places it on the desk. It crawls to the phone. She replaces the hand and removes a leg. While she holds it the toes move. Good, he has control of all the radio links. She didn't expect any trouble with it but it's good to test it and prove it works.

With it all back in place he gets up and gets dressed. He's is about to leave when he says, "I like the idea of trying a 6XXP on you later."

She moans and slides down into a chair, saying, "Sheet, yeah," as she comes at the thought. Outside the office John collects his crew and they head off again.


On the Road and Home

In the bus John says, "Harry, hand one of your pistols and holsters to Rachel without it being seen. Carmen, Max, sit in an aisle seat. If I say 'contact' slip out of the seat, onto the floor and under it. Harry and Rachel, keep those guns where you can quickly draw them. Draw and look for targets if I say 'contact.' Harry, if anyone cuts us off assume it's an attack and respond as such. I know you didn't tell me this but I found out you're evasive driver trained and cleared as an armed guard." They do as ordered and John sits in the back seat by himself. When Rachel gives him an odd look he says, "We were followed from home. I checked the plate, it's a rental and the renter used fake ID, good quality but it doesn't check. It may be nothing but I won't bet on that." Harry smiles and moves her Glock a bit further around her waist for a quicker draw. Harry handed Rachel a spare magazine with the pistol as John hands over two more and Rachel puts them in a handy spot. Harry starts the bus and they move off with her driving (window open), Max in an aisle seat near the front, Rachel across from him at the passenger side window (with it open), Carmen in an aisle seat near the back, John on the back seat (with both windows open). They pull out of the car park, the tail vehicle soon pulls into the traffic behind them. John can see someone talking on a hand radio. He says, "Our tails are in communication with someone. Heads up."

The road in this part of town is six car lanes wide with three for each direction of traffic. Each side consists of a parking lane and two lanes for moving traffic. This used to be a high traffic density area and still is at some times of the day. For most of the business day it's now a low traffic area. Two blocks down the road a large moving van suddenly pulls out in front of them and completely blocks their side of the road by pulling out of the parking lane until it's almost broadside to the flow of traffic. A similar van does the same on the other side of the road and blocks the traffic in the other direction. Many cars stop and hit their horns. The sound of a light crash indicates someone couldn't stop in time on the other side of the blockage.

Harry swerves onto the footpath and hits the horn as John yells, "Contact." The few pedestrians in her way dive for cover as a number of men pop up around the vans and some jump out of them. They all have machine pistols in their hands. Max and Carmen hit the floor as Rachel scrambles for the other side. John leans out his driver's side window and opens fire on the armed men. The men were expecting action but may not have expected a fight. John drops three and Rachel is firing at her second before the men start to return fire. Harry is busy driving and avoiding people. In the few seconds it takes to go around the van John and Rachel have shot seven of the attackers. Both were aiming for the chests and scored good hits each time, that's seven down unless they have high quality body armour on and it doesn't look like they do. As they pull back onto the road on the other side of the vans John shoots both drivers as they're getting out of the trucks as that'll delay any pursuit. The tail car follows them around the van. John slides across the seat to the passenger side. Leaning out the window he aims at the tail car and fires six rounds across the front window. The windscreen quickly turns into a sheet of crazy glass with six holes in it. The car drifts left and slams into the parked cars. Some of the gun men are running onto the road this side of the vans. He aims at them and empties the magazine, dropping four as Rachel drops five more. That's a total of eighteen down plus any hurt in the car. That's a large crew for anything by anyone.

John and Rachel change magazines as Harry accelerates down the road. John pulls out his mobile phone and calls Deputy Commissioner Williams. When he answers John gives the location of the gun fight and says, "We just got jumped by two vans and a car of armed men. We returned fire and left eighteen down at the vans and some more in the car. You best get some armed officers to the scene to check it out. We're NOT waiting around to discuss it with anyone. I'm diverting to your office, see you soon." He also calls Steve and warns him of what happened. He puts the whole house on alert and gives Gwen one of his model 31Cs as she's the next best adult shooter.

Williams puts out the alarm and sends officers to the scene. He also warns the police garage to expect John and the mini-bus. They send an officer onto the street to direct the mini-bus into the secure garage as it's normally reserved for police vehicles only. He organises for Scene of Crime people to attend the scene and the police garage. He also sends some police vehicles to the Smith residence to check the area round it and ensure they're safe. As they drive to Police Headquarters John gets the box of ammunition out of his bag and starts reloading the used magazines. They quickly reach Police Headquarters and follow directions into the garage. Williams is there to meet them. So is Miller as she's directing the Scene of Crime people.

They park and get out. The Scene of Crime people swarm over the vehicle collecting spent cases and marking the four bullet holes in the vehicle. None of the occupants had realised the bus had been hit. No one was hit and no windows hit so they didn't know. In a few minutes they find the rounds embedded in seats.

Five police officers quickly take their statements. When asked to surrender the weapons John shows their licences and refuses as they'll be sitting ducks. They agree to go down to the ballistics lab and provide samples for them. Williams agrees with them and that's what they do. As they leave the lab the word comes through, sixteen dead gunmen on the road, two dead in the trucks (their pistols were still in their pockets), and three dead in the car. Two spectators are lightly wounded. John fired sixteen rounds, fifteen in the magazine and the one in the breech. Rachel fired nine rounds. A total of twenty-five rounds fired for twenty-one dead gunmen; the three in the car and one on the road have two rounds each. Witnesses spoke of another dozen running away from the scene before the police arrived. Williams tells them the preliminary reports shows all twenty-five of their rounds went into bad guys, killing them. So the spectators had to have been hit by the other side. It's at this point Rachel realises she's just killed eight men and she starts to shake with reaction. John holds her close and comforts her, handing her over to Max when he quickly reaches them.

The police are amazed that the two of them were so fast and accurate in such a short time, especially being jumped. Williams asks John about it and he replies, "Part of it is we've been down the pistol range twice in the last few days and part is the weapons themselves. The Glock model 31C is easy to use and accurate with very little recoil. You may not believe it but this is the third time Rachel has used a firearm as she was learning all about it a couple of days ago."

Williams shakes his head in wonder as he responds, "Her teacher must be damn good." John nods as he thinks so too. Most of her performance is due to Steve's instructions with the Glocks and John thinks he's very good. He tells Williams this and he nods agreement.

Ninety minutes after arriving the police clear them to go. They've got all the evidence from the mini-bus and them. Williams is worried whoever arranged this will try again and so is John. The house will now be under police observation twenty-four hours a day. As they leave John calls Hedges and tells him about what happened. Hedges will coordinate with Williams to find out what they can.

The next stop is an auto parts shop for some filler to patch the holes in the body work which is applied in the car park. Followed by the second hand equipment shop to get the commercial popcorn popper Gwen wants as the girls convinced her to get one. Harry, Max, and Rachel stay in the bus at these two stops as Carmen stays with John.

Rachel is almost recovered by the time they reach the supermarket for the groceries so they all go in as a group. The shift supervisor notices Rachel is a bit jumpy as John hands over the list. They make conversation while waiting for the staff to check the back stocks. The supervisor says, "Did you hear about the shoot out down town?"

Rachel jumps and turns. She sort of giggles and replies, "I haven't heard a thing about it." They'd had the radio off while talking things over with each other. "But I know about it as I shot eight of them."

The supervisor is stunned by this. She looks at John. He shrugs and says, "Don't expect me to complain. They were trying to kill us and I got the other thirteen scum bags." Her eyes go wide.

She's about to speak again when they get the word the supplies are ready. John pays for them as Harry goes to move the mini-bus to the loading dock. The supervisor walks them through to the dock. As the bus pulls in she notices the freshly patched small round holes in the bus. It also matches the description of the bus involved. She looks at John and he says, "We've been helping the police put away quite a few criminals. Their friends don't like that and lodged an objection. We out bid them with higher accuracy and faster responses." Shaking her head she shrugs and waves them good bye as they get in the loaded bus. The seats in the back half have been folded away and boxes of food fill their place. They return home just after 4.00 pm.

Everyone comes out to help unload. As they do this John notices a strange woman waiting near by. He walks over and is joined by Steve. She's introduced as Hilda Lorne. Steve phoned and asked her to drop by. John recognises the name as the best trauma counsellor in the city. John calls Rachel over and introduces her. The two women walk off into the house together, chatting. Just over an hour later Rachel reappears and Max vanishes. At 6.00 pm they both come down for dinner. After dinner Carmen vanishes with her to shortly return. Hilda is shaking her head as she lets Carmen go and leads Harry off. After Harry she spends most of the night talking to the girls having short talks about the things they've seen during the holiday.

Steve approaches John and says, "Sorry if she upsets you but Gwen insisted I get a counsellor in."

John smiles and slaps his back, "No problem, it's a good idea. And she is one of the best. It just caught me by surprise, that's all."

About midnight, Hilda walks up to John and says, "Think you're ready to talk to me now?"

He replies, "Why not, lets go upstairs."

They go to his bedroom and sit in chairs facing each other as she says, "Talking to Carmen was interesting. She's unperturbed about today. She says there's nothing for her to worry about as you do her worrying. What's the score, she acts like she's been brain washed?"

Smiling, John nods, "She has. She no longer has much will power of her own. She's my slave and happy to be my slave. I brain washed her some days ago. This is an advantage for her in these situations as she can't suffer from external emotional or mental stress of any sort."

She nods, "I'd love to know how you did that but it's not relevant to the current situation. She's not stressed so she doesn't need my help. Everyone else is OK and adjusted to what's been happening. But I think Rachel needs a few more discussions to regain her balance."
John nods, "During the attack she responded perfectly. But I think, from an emotional point of view, she was seeing it as a game or target exercise. It was only later that she realised she was killing people, scum bags, but still people. That shook her up real bad. What helped was the immediate reassurance, not so much from me as she expected that because I ordered her to shoot them. But the reassurance from Max and the police around us. Hearing the police officers declare the killings as 'righteous shoots' did a lot to help her accept she did the right thing."

Hilda smiles and says, "And how are you handling this?"

He grins, saying, "A lot better than I handled my own murder at first." Her eyes go wide and she nods at him to continue. "I don't know what you've been told but I was murdered several months ago. Spent a long time in hospital and now have a mechanical body to live in as there's too little of me to survive any other way." Her eyes invite more, "I got help from psych specialists with my company but still had trouble adjusting. Recently some of my friends helped me to put everything into a proper perspective. I look at today as a simple case of eradicating vermin. If they attack me then what happens to them is their fault not mine."

Hilda smiles, "That last bit is an interesting and very sane way to look at today's situation. I notice you do have emotional undertones in your voice at times and seem to have properly adjusted to your earlier events. I don't think I need worry about you, anyway not too much. I'll pop back tomorrow to see Rachel and anyone else who wishes to see me. Do you wish me to take any actions to keep the bill down?"

"You do whatever you have to do to ensure what's best for the girls. I'll pay for it."

She nods again and says, "Yes, I think I can see why you aren't too upset by things today. You're one of those few people whose main focus is external. You care more for others than yourself. You'll get all twisted out of shape about harm to those you care about but won't worry about what happens to you, well, not to worry too much. I'll stop worrying about your mental health and settle for worrying about your ability to pay my bill."

John laughs, "Bring some details with you tomorrow and I'll do an electronic payment of up to fifty thousand dollars as evidence of good will and capability." Her eyes go wide as she nods and leaves the room. He escorts her to her car and watches her drive off.

Seeing the police car watching the house he walks over and says, "Please do us all a favour and keep an eye on what's approaching you. It won't help us if some assassin can sneak up on you and kill you while you watch our front door. Find somewhere to watch from, a place they're unlikely to spot you and see to your own welfare first, OK." The officers nod and have a chat while John walks back inside.

In the lounge room he finds Rachel and Max sitting there, both looking a bit concerned. John checks the bedding roster. He nods and waves them up the stairs. He has Rachel lie in the middle while he and Max cuddle up to her. He says, "It's been too an emotional day for much. Lets just get some sleep with friends." They both smile and nod. Soon all are asleep.

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