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Day 21 - Thursday

Brooke wakes them at 6.00 am and baths are deferred until after the newspapers arrive. The hall is full of girls looking out, as is the lounge room. At 6.15 am the paper boy arrives and a nude Candice goes out to get the papers. He's licking his lips as he admires her charms while she walks up to him. Smiling, she hands him the money, exact change, leans over and wraps an arm around him as she goes into lip lock while her other hand rests on his dick. She kisses him for some minutes. When she breaks the kiss the front of his pants are extremely damp and he's a limp rag hanging over her arm. She stands there holding him up.

Mrs Lincoln and Theo cross the road with grins. Theo takes the money pouch and the barrow of newspapers. He hands Candice the papers she's paid for and heads down the street. Mrs Lincoln takes the boy from Candice arm and says, "I better take him to my house. I doubt he'd survive yours at the moment." She turns and takes him to the seat on her front porch, setting him down to recover. Candice brings the papers in. Johns starts washing the girls. When it's Candice's turn she tells him she had a good hold of his dick and felt him come three times while they kissed. She's on a real high about this as her self image and confidence have never been this high before. The bathing doesn't finish until about 11.00 am as John is taking his time again today and having a short word with everyone to gauge their mental balance.

Mrs Lincoln takes him home and tells his mother he slipped near her house so she had Theo finish the run and brought him home. His mother is a bit concerned but Mrs Lincoln quickly calms her down, explaining it was a mild strain and he should be all right after a some rest. Theo finishes the paper run. He takes the barrow and money to the newsagent and goes home. Mid morning Theo comes in for a swim. Olive, one of the party girls, seeks him out. She knows him from school and has been interested in him for some time but lacked the courage to approach him. With Brooke's encouragement she finds him and asks if he'd like a reward for helping today. Expecting a kiss or blow job he nods yes. She takes his hand and leads him away. Brooke intercepts them and hands him a half dozen condoms while saying, "Room three is empty at the moment." Gwen gets a good photo of the look on his face as he realises exactly what his reward is going to be. Later Mrs Lincoln has a good laugh at his expression when she sees the photo.

Note: That's the start of a good relationship. Olive and Theo date for the rest of high school and go to university together. They later marry and have four kids. Funny how some relationships start.



John is almost finished his late breakfast when Hilda arrives. Gwen lets her in and takes her to talk to Rachel. They vanish to one of the bedrooms for ninety minutes. Hilda will spend the rest of today and tomorrow talking with the girls between giving Rachel, Max, and Harry a lot of her time. After having breakfast John rings up the Masters residence and asks if Julie is free to drive him around town today. She's happy to walk down and drive him around in the mini-bus.

John is leaving with Carmen and Julie when the phone rings. Deputy Commissioner Williams tells him they've identified the majority of the dead gunmen. The man in the back seat of the car was the right hand man of Di Georgio's senior sub-capo and the others are known Di Georgio men. When asked, John's assured he can have a copy of the whole file. It'll be ready by noon for him to collect from Police Headquarters. Thanking Williams John promises to collect it shortly after then.

Julie and Steve load the Preston boxes and papers as John processes an electronic payment of the retainer invoice of $25,000 that Hilda gave Gwen. He writes the receipt number on both copies of the invoice and hands one back to Gwen to give to Hilda. With the bus loaded John asks Steve to keep an eye on things and to share the firearms out as far as he feels safe doing so. John leads Carmen to the bus. He sees someone has painted undercoat over the patches of body filler in the bullet holes. John has Julie place her firearm where she can easily get it while he sits on the back seat with Carmen beside him and both back windows open. John gives Julie the address and they head for Meredith's store.

At the store John takes in a demonstrator of the Uncle John and the UJ Penetrator, the new unit with the cervix penetration capability. As they walk in David sees them and goes to let Meredith know. She meets them half way down the store. Smiling, Melinda joins them as David goes back to serving a customer while the rest head into Meredith's office. In the office John opens the two new demonstrators and puts them through their paces. He says, "We have a new width and length setting and a new capability to make it easy to penetrate the cervix without damaging it badly. These new capabilities are available only in the Uncle John. All the older setting capabilities are being installed in the John Boys. When we run out of the current materials we may issue a John Boy mark two with the new width and length ability or we may not. The Penetrator will only be available as an Uncle John variant." He now has the newest unit at the 6XXP setting. Melinda sways at the sight of the huge odd shaped dick.

Meredith smiles, "I can't wait to try these out. And I know several customers who're dying for me to get some Uncle John's for them to try. In fact one is in the store right now." Going to the door Meredith calls out to a woman at the counter. She invites her into the office.

Standing in front of the new demonstrators, she says, "Juliette, this gentleman is the local sales agent for the new range of dildos I was telling you about. He brought me samples of their two latest units. If you don't mind giving us a show you can be the first client to try an Uncle John or its deluxe version the Penetrator." She gives Meredith an odd look for a moment then looks at those in the office. Blushing, she slowly nods. It's clear she's not happy about putting on the show but really wants to try the new unit. Meredith continues, "Here are both the new units at their maximum width and length settings." She steps aside to give Juliette a clear look at the two units stuck to the corner of her desk.

Juliette's eyes go wide as she licks her lips and reverently say, "Oh fuck."

Stepping up to her John slips a hand under her dress and cups her pussy in his hand. Feeling her wet panties, he says, "Hurry up and strip so we can see how well you fit on it." She glances at him and blushes as she slowly lowers her handbag to the floor while a smiling Carmen undoes her dress. With Carmen's help Juliette is soon standing there nude with a very wet pussy visible. John moves both demonstrator dildos to different ends of Meredith's coffee table. This table is a solid wood 'U' shaped unit that's about a metre long and 200 mm wide, just wide enough to hold a couple of cups of coffee. He has Melinda strip as well. Returning both units to the normal setting of 1T John explains exactly how the controls work. As he does this both Julie and Carmen are enjoying themselves by playing with the bare breasts available to them. He gives Juliette the choice of which unit to use. She selects the Penetrator and Melinda gets the normal Uncle John. Both ladies approach John to accept the control to the unit they'll be using and quickly mount them. They both set them to a slow vibration as they try out the different lengths and widths. Juliette stops at a 4X as she can feel how close it is to her cervix. Melinda goes as far as a 5W. John explains how to set the auto fuck capability and both set for a variation between their current settings and a 1M at a frequency of once a second for five minutes. Both are soon coming. They sit there smiling as they get a slow auto fuck from the dildos. After two minutes, John smiles and takes the control off Juliette. She watches as he activates the penetrator ability and she can feel the dick head isn't as wide.

He resets the auto fuck to be 1M, 4.5XP, 1R, 300S. As the first of the new 4.5XP lengths occurs she shivers, moans, groans and comes. Within seconds she starts to quietly say, "Oh fuck yes, fuck yes," over and over again. When the program ends she sits on the dildo unmoving and eyes hardly focussing.

He turns to Meredith, "These almost require a health warning label. I'd recommend no person use one by themselves for the first few times."

John lifts Juliette off the unit. As he lowers Juliette to the couch Meredith strips and mounts the penetrator, setting it to run the same program again. She's soon writhing as she comes for the five minutes. When the program ends she's still viable but needs Julie's help to get off the unit and go to the couch. After seeing that response Carmen and Julie both have to try it. By the time they're finished Melinda is recovered enough to give it a go. All have a good time and need to recover. Carmen and Julie need the least recovery time, after all they're used to John doing that to them so it's just the penetrator ability that's new to them. John gets them cups of hot chocolate to help them recover. They're sitting around the office chatting about the experience when Carmen looks up at John and smiles, saying, "Please tell me the new sizes and capabilities are included in your latest upgrades." He nods as Juliette gives them an odd look. On seeing his answer Julie gives a wide grin as Carmen says, "I can't wait to see Peta deep throating a 6XX." Both she and Julie come at that thought. They get cleaned up and leave at 12.25 pm after John hands over a bundle of the new brochures.



They go to Police Headquarters and pick up the copy of the file before going to Guy Franks' house. At John's request Carmen reads the file while they drive there. The security staff recognise him and they're allowed in after Mr Franks approves their entry. Parking in the front drive they enter the house.

John shakes Guy's hand and gives him the file, saying, "As you know by now we were involved in a shoot out down town yesterday. This is a full copy of everything the police have on it as of 11.00 am this morning." Guy flicks through the file before handing it to one of his men to read in detail as John continues, "There's not much the police can do from here but I thought you might find it interesting reading. It seems a certain section of what's left of the Di Georgio network is a bit short handed on heavies at the moment. I figure you could make use of that information and once you do a certain problem person shouldn't be in a position to make me any more trouble."

Guy says, "Yes, knowing who's a bit short of muscle will make it a bit easier for me to convince his people to shift allegiances. Thank you."

John smiles and replies, "No, thank YOU. If you can quickly neutralise the one behind this the less risk my people are in. Given the choice between them or you I'd rather have you in the area." Turning to Carmen he says, "Carmen, is there anything more about the people behind this you can tell Mr Franks? Anything that may help him to deal with this much quicker?"

She nods and says, "Certainly John." She proceeds to tell Guy Franks everything she can about that sub-capo's hideouts and people. Both Franks and the two men with him make notes as they smile widely. Carmen is very succinct in presenting her information.

When she's finished, Guy says, "Thank you. With this I can soon neutralise this threat for you. And I'll quickly have him too busy with other matters than you." They shake hands again and John leads his people out.

Down the road they stop for a lunch of sandwiches and drinks at a take away shop. They go and eat in a nearby park. As they eat, Julie says, "Well that visit should quickly deodorise that stinker from yesterday." They all laugh at her joke.

Grinning, John says, "Talking about smells, especially a sweet one. I've got some paperwork for Masters, remind me later we have to visit your home." Julie grins and nods. Being near the main shopping centre they head over to Victoria's Secret and John enjoys watching Julie buy some new clothes at his expense. He also pays for the clothes bought for the orphanage students and staff. Elise tells him about how happy the orphans were about their new clothes. Elise laughs, saying, "Mother Superior had trouble believing you gave them an open budget with no restrictions at all. She really loved seeing the girls so happy. So did we." They spend some more time in the mall wandering around the shops. John buys a few things for Brooke and Gwen that are suggested by the ladies. The afternoon is almost over as they head for the mini-bus to go home.


Builder's Helper

A little later they're driving down a street past some buildings covered in scaffolding when some of the scaffolding starts to shake and collapse. Part of the front of one building falls with it. As the material falls John can see people hanging onto the scaffolding. He says, "Julie, stop and let me off. Carmen, call emergency services and get them out here. I'm going to see if I can help. Julie, take Carmen home and stay there, I'll get a cab." Julie stops as Carmen makes the call on her mobile phone. John gets out and is crossing the road as they drive off as there's nothing more they can do to help here.

Approaching the scene John can see the other workers on site are responding to the collapse. They're already pulling injured people out of the rubble. Using his sensors John can tell the known injured are either reasonably OK or in need of serious help from the paramedics and there's nothing more he can do for them. However there are people hanging from precarious parts of the scaffolding. This section beside the collapse has had some of the lower supports knocked out and is now leaning at an angle of about thirty degrees from vertical. It's hanging there without anything to stop it from falling as the building wall it was secured to is gone. Several men are hanging from it by their arms, dangling over long drops to the ground. A fall will result in serious injury if they landed well or death if they landed badly. Moving to the scaffolding John takes hold of a section that's wobbling and seems about to collapse. Holding a bracing section above his head height he sets himself and steadies the scaffolding that's still standing. It slowly stops to wobble as he absorbs the vibrations. John calls out, "Quickly, someone get up there and pull those people to safety."

One man looks at the situation and says, "That lot's about to fall as well, anyone going up there is likely to finish it off and be caught too." The scaffolding is clearly very insecure but is now holding still.

Another of the building workers, Bob, can see a scaffolding joint at John's waist has given way. John is now holding the whole weight of the scaffolding and the seven men hanging from various parts of it. Bob can't understand how John can take that weight as it should crush him but it's not. Grabbing some ropes Bob slings them over his head and shoulders, saying, "Keep it there mate and I'll get some ropes to them." Quickly he scrambles up the scaffolding like a monkey, moving from bar to bar he goes up the last part of the scaffolding that's still fully secured. Reaching a point higher than the highest man in danger he ties three ropes to a secure point.

The rest of the workers are too scared to go near the dangerous scaffolding despite their fears for their mates hanging out over the rubble. Working his way along the unsupported scaffolding Bob lays the ropes out and drops them over the side at points above the men in danger. He lowers the ropes over the side so the highest three men can easily reach them and climbs down to be alongside the first man. With one hand he pulls the rope over and secures it to the man's safety harness. On seeing this the man lets go of the scaffolding with one hand and grabs the rope. Saying his thanks he lets the rope take his full weight as he transfers his other hand to the rope and starts to lower himself to the ground. Bob quickly climbs down to the second man and repeats the process. A few minutes and he's helping the third man to clip to the rope. Moving down the scaffolding, he reaches the fourth man. The ropes are out of reach now. The first man has reached the ground and looks up. Seeing the problem he takes hold of the rope he used to get down and walks towards the scaffolding until it's pulled back at an angle and beside the man being helped. The rope is quickly clipped to the man's safety harness. He takes hold with one hand and quickly grabs for a hold with his second hand. The man on the ground had forgotten to keep the rope held tight towards the scaffolding. The man being rescued swings out into space as his weight acts to pull the rope straight up and down. Realising what's happening he doesn't panic but starts to quickly lower himself to the ground. As he goes down the rope he swings like a pendulum. Bob moves to the next man. Those on the ground have a rope beside him and this man is soon safely secured. This time two of those on the ground hold their end steady under the man so he can come down at a slight angle without the pendulum effect. Bob is quickly beside the lowest man who's about four metres off the ground. These are the only two left on the structure. However the movements of the others has put vibration into the scaffolding that John can't dampen. Knowing they may not have much time now Bob attaches another clip to the man's safety harness and quickly attaches the rope through both clips. He tells the man, "We're out of time, you'll have to risk rappelling down. Can you do it? I'll follow you." As the man nods Bob clips his own harness to the rope in two places. Transferring his hands one at a time the man starts to quickly slide down the rope as he controls the slide. He's only a body length down the rope when Bob leaves his place on the scaffolding and follows him. In a few seconds the man is on the rubble and releasing the clips as he scrambles for the secure ground. Bob is only a couple of seconds behind him.

The scaffolding is oscillating more than John can absorb due to the shifting of weight as the men move off it. The area around the scaffolding is quickly cleared as the rescued men and Bob run from the danger zone. John checks the area is clear and heaves with all his strength, causing the dangerous scaffolding to fall against the building wall and have most of it collapse against the building. As he moves away from the danger zone he pulls the bottom part of the scaffolding with him to further ensure the fall in the other direction. After three quick steps he lets go of the scaffolding and sprints for the edge of the building site.

The ambulances have arrived and are treating people while the emergency rescue service get their equipment out to check if anyone else is buried in the rubble. The site foreman is checking off names on his work roster. John walks towards the rubble as he activates his sensors on full and aims them at the rubble. Reaching a particularly large spot he points at it, saying, "There's two people trapped in there. Still alive but in need urgent medical help."

Bob had followed John over. He looks to where John is pointing, saying, "That's about where the elevator was. If they're inside that it would have taken a lot of the impact. But they could be having breathing issues." Both look at the large amount of rubble piled up against the three metres of wall remaining upright. The rubble is about two and a half metres high and about three metres deep. John can't sense anyone else alive in the rubble.

Turning to Bob, John says, "Grab a couple of paramedics with their gear and meet me on the other side of that wall." Bob nods and races off. John turns to the foreman, saying, "You've two people trapped against the wall under that rubble. Is there a way to stabilise the wall above them if we punch a hole in the other side to get them out?" The foreman nods and turns to issue orders to his men.

The foreman leads John, Bob, two paramedics, and five workers with gear around to the other side of the wall. John leads them up to the spot nearest the trapped people. The foreman looks at the wall and issues orders for braces to be put in place. They're quickly set up but the final securing to the wall isn't possible as they have no working compressors. They were all damaged in the accident. The foreman says, "Without being able to secure the braces to the wall that's the best we can do. It won't be very stable or hold for too long."

John looks at it and says, "Where are the bolts to hold it in?" On man holds up a bolt from the pouch around his waist. John says, "Hold it where it has to go." The man gives John an odd look then shrugs his shoulders and places it in the bolt hole in the brace. John walks over and sets himself. He swings a full body punch at the bolt. The men gasp as the bolt is punched into the brickwork. A few minutes more and the braces are securely bolted into place. Kneeling beside where he can sense the people John takes careful aim at a spot beside them and punches with an open hand. The brick is punched through the wall. Reaching in the hole he grabs another and pulls it out. Working quickly he pulls bricks out of the wall as the foreman points at the ones to be removed and the building workers quickly move the bricks away from where John is working. It takes but a few minutes for them to clear a big enough hole in the wall. They can see two badly injured people trapped in what's left of the elevator cage and it's wrapped around them. John half climbs into the hole and grabs hold of the bars nearest him. He braces his feet against the cage and pulls the two bars towards him. The weld points at the top and bottom break off. John repeats the process with two more bars and again. With six bars out of the way he moves aside to let the medics at them. He says, "Check them over. If you're happy they can be moved I'll pull them out." The medics nod and one climbs into the remains of the cage. He soon has their vital signs and has stopped the worst of the bleeding. After splintering three broken limbs he gets out and motions John in. Very soon both are out of the cage and onto stretchers.

As the workers follow the stretchers around to the ambulances the foreman says, "That's some impressive strength you have there friend." It's clear he and his crew know something is up but not what.

John says, "Some months back I had a whole building fall on me when someone blew it up. I was killed, crushed beneath the rubble. About the only thing still working when they got me to hospital was my brain. My boss gave me a new body, it's harder than steel and has a Kevlar outer layer. It was originally designed as a search and rescue service body with a lot of sensors for finding people. It's handy in certain situations." They nod and thank him for saving their mates.


Long Way Home

Leaving the site John flags a taxi. He gives his address and climbs in. The taxi takes off. John is sitting there when one of his sensors tells him the air is contaminated. He switches to internal air and sees the driver has a mask on. Mentally smiling he pretends surprise and collapses. The driver turns and looks at him sprawled across the seat. Through eyes almost shut John sees the driver smile and pick up a microphone to speak into it. John keeps track of where the taxi is going. A short time later it pulls into a warehouse and the doors are closed. Two other men approach the taxi and open the back door.

As they pull John out the driver says, "The gas worked as planned. He should be out for another two hours. Plenty of time for the boss to see what she wants to see." The men place John on a stretcher and carry him into a side room. Through an air lock and into a sealed room, a 'clean' room. The room is full of cameras and electronic equipment and a woman in a smock. The men place John on a table in the centre and reach under the table. As they do he lashes out with both legs and an arm. All three men are thrown to the floor.

As John slides off the table to stand beside it he draws his pistol from the small holster in the back of his trousers. When he moved the woman grabbed for a gas mask and a bottle of gas. Before she can open it John points the Glock at her, saying, "Go ahead if you want to lose a kneecap." She glances at him and goes very white as she stops dead. She drops the gear and places her hands on her head. The men are on their knees as they start to rise from the floor. He waves the pistol at them, "Stop right there guys." They stop. "Now undo your pants and push them down to your knees." They comply. "Now push your shorts down as well and take your shirts off." In a moment the three men are kneeling there with their pants and shorts around their knees and the rest of their clothes on the floor. He grins, "You can stand and finish stripping." The embarrassed men do as told. John has two of the men kneel while the other one leans on the table. He's soon secured to the table with one of the cables the men were going to tie John down with. A few minutes later all three are tied to the table. Smiling at the woman he says, "Your turn, strip." Gulping, she quickly undresses. He grabs some cords from a side bench and ties her hands behind her back. Using more cords John ties the men's hands behind their backs and releases them from the table cables. With the men sitting on the floor he questions them. The men are hired thugs from a security firm known to do illegal work for their big clients. The woman is Marcia Jennings, a scientist with a company in competition with Preston. She knew John had to be breathing normal air and figured she could gas him and he should have been out for two and a half hours, she can't figure out what went wrong. She intended to have a close look at his construction and copy his software while recording it all on cameras. This would enable the company she worked for to duplicate some of the work without incurring the research costs.

Smiling, John says to Marcia, "Well, I think you need punishing. And I know just how to do it. What sort of contraception do you use?"

Marcia replies, "A Dutch cap." John motions her to the table. Once she's on it he spreads her legs apart and slips his hand inside her vagina to find the device and remove it. She glares at him as he holds it up for her to see it's been removed.

He resets the cameras for a better view of only the table. He strips and goes to a 4WP erection. All the kidnappers gasp on seeing it. He pulls her down the table to him and slowly slides his dick into her. He enjoys the feeling of her jumping slightly as he enters her cervix and the head of his dick penetrates her womb. Holding it there he plays with her clit and left breast, passing trickle charges through both hands. The stimulations is too much as her eyes go wide and she yells, "Fuck you. How are you making me come while you rape me?" He smiles back as she has an orgasm. On her third orgasm he starts to thrust in and out. Several minutes later he thrusts until the head of his dick is making contact with the top of her womb. He comes in her as she comes as well - twice. His sperm is shooting straight into her innermost depths. She can feel him coming in her womb. He pulls out of her and looks at the men. They all have huge erections.

Moving to Marcia's head he places his dick on her lips. She turns her head away. He turns it back and pushes his dick into her mouth. She keeps her teeth clenched shut. He says, "Open your mouth and suck my dick. Or I'll shove it through your teeth and you can suck it with a mouthful of broken teeth. Your choice." Crying, she opens up and sucks his dick. After a few minutes he comes in her mouth and she swallows it as she wants no more trouble. Pulling out he leans down to look into her eyes and says, "You'll do all in your power to see this child is born healthy. When you go into labour you'll have someone call me. I wish to be there when my child is born. Do you understand?" She nods. She doesn't know why but she'll do as told.

To the men, he says, "If you want to fuck this bitch and come in her you have to do these things. Suck my dick until I come in your mouth. Suck one of the others until he comes in your mouth. Fuck one of the others in the arse. Suck one of the others to an erection so he can fuck your arse. Then you get to fuck her and come in her." He looks at them as one after the other they nod. John dresses and releases one of the men. Making sure he's in a good position for the cameras to capture the action John waves to his dick. The man stands and walks over to John. He kneels and sucks his dick. John comes in his mouth. John motions for him to stay there as he releases the other men. The second man stands there as the first gives him a blow job and the third sucks on John's dick. Several minutes later each man has swallowed two lots of come and been sucked erect again. John films them as they do a round robin of fucking each other's arse; one in two, two in three, three in one. They cleans their dick with some antiseptic that's on hand. John ties a piece of cord around their dicks and lets them take turns fucking Marcia's cunt and mouth. All three men enjoy this bonus. After they've all had a good fuck and are bitching about not being allowed to come yet John motions them to the bench. With them backed off he turns Marcia over and soaps up her arse hole. She starts to cry as the men move in and fuck her in the arse. When ready each is allowed to remove the cord and come in her arse. He promised they could come in her, not where. When they've finished filling her arse with sperm he ties their hands behind their backs again. He ties them to different legs of the side benches so they're about two metres from each other. Returning to the table he rolls Marcia over and strips to give her another good fucking. He makes her come numerous times before again penetrating her womb and coming in her twice. He pulls out to get dressed and releases her, saying, "You can do anything you like to your henchmen. As long as it isn't permanent damage. I suggest you make them eat you to several orgasms each or they can suck their sperm out of your arse. Have a nice day." While talking he walks around the room removing the tapes and cards from the cameras. Pocketing the recordings he leaves.


Evening Games

Outside the warehouse it takes him several minutes to find a taxi to take him home. He arrives just as they're finishing dinner. They expected him some time ago and were getting worried about the delay. He soon settles their concerns and promises them a good show later. He has dinner.

After dinner John asks Liz, Mary, Gwen, Brooke, Fred, Carmen, Janice, Julie, Peta, Paris, and Lee to join him on a trip down the street. He explains to Lee he's going to a dungeon for an orgy where he'll be tortured. Lee laughs at what he thinks is a joke as he nods. As they head out the door John tells Mary to drive the mini-bus. He's not walking tonight as he's worried about a possible attack. If he didn't need to talk in a very secure environment he would have asked Barbara to visit him. He knows the Masters' playroom is about as safe as a vault. He has Harry give him one of her guns and has it handy for Brooke to draw as she's beside him. If they get jumped that gives him three armed people to return fire, Brooke, Julie, and himself.

They arrive at the Masters' home without incident. Alice smiles on seeing them at the door. As he walks in, John says, "Alice, please ask mistress Barbara and Mistress Deborah to join us." They wait in the entrance. Barbara and Deborah soon join them. John says, "Barbara, who in your household are licensed to carry firearms?"

She replies, "Julie, Deborah, Alice, Johnson our yard man, Landers our driver, and myself. Since you've had Jacqui, Lorna, Peta, and Paula trained, I'm applying for special licences for them. Why?"

He says, "Please warn all your people to be extra careful. We've had five incidents with armed armed men in the last three weeks. I don't want to risk any accidents. I also need to speak to you before we start any games."

Turning to Alice, Barbara says, "Alice, warn Landers and Johnson that John thinks we may have to tighten security whenever John or his people are here. I'll let them know when we can relax back to normal. Also contact security and have them increase the exterior guards. Then join us." Alice nods agreement and departs to inform the others as Barbara leads the rest to the playroom.

As they enter the room and the lights come up Lee's eyes go wide and everyone laughs when he says, "Hell, you weren't joking about a dungeon." John waves at the couches and everyone sits down.

John says, "First the bad news. Some of the low level bosses in the criminal organisations we've been helping the police with have tried to kills us. I've taken action to have them neutralised. The main threat is an organised crime group and the local leader of another is going to take them out for us."

Barbara's eyebrows go up. She interrupts with, "You have clout with Guy Franks. Hell, if I'd known that we would never have tried to pressure Preston Industries. He can play rough."

John laughs, "Franks and I have had an understanding for nearly two decades. He keeps away from drugs and keeps the garbage out of the city and I leave him alone." Barbara's eyes go very wide. "The main trouble is from the Di Georgio network which we helped bust. Some of the surviving sub-bosses have a dislike for Carmen and I for turning her father's network over to the police." That gets more wide eyed stares from those not in the know. "Today I was kidnapped by people from Amalgamated Prosthetics." This causes everyone else to sit up and pay close attention, "Sadly for them they thought a good dose of gas would put me out. My foul air sensors alerted me and I turned that against them. The end result is there's a number of armed people out there with bad intentions. I want all the adults in our family to be trained, licensed, and armed a.s.a.p. I want them to carry firearms at all times. I want the older youngsters to have licences and armed as well. I'm working to get that done. But I felt you should know as anyone can see how close our households have become. They may choose to strike at us through you. I'll keep you appraised of developments." Barbara nods agreement, as do Liz, Mary, and Janice. He hands over the folder from Liz, "Now the good news. Preston has $23 million dollars of sales on hand. Shipped $5.2 million and got payment for $4.1 million already. So you're getting the loan money back faster than you could have done it by stripping the company. That should make the other board members happy." Barbara smiles and nods as he turns to Brooke, "My commission on that is $575,000. After taxes that should be about a quarter million for this month. So please don't get concerned about my spending." Gwen, Fred, and the youngsters stare at him. Slowly they nod in shock as the others grin. He stands, "Julie, please get a few of the junior slaves down here. Time to get undressed people." As they undress Brooke talks quietly to him, he smiles and nods. Julie returns with Alice, Big Jim, Thumper, Jim, Terri, and Steve Masters. As Alice turns the slave boys' dicks on John explains the general rules and announces, "For tonight's games those I don't name are general slaves. Junior slaves: Big Jim, Thumper, Jim, Steve. Mistresses, Julie and Barbara. Special slaves to free radicals, Paris to Brooke, Janice to Fred, Peta to Deborah, Liz to Gwen, Carmen to Mary, Lee to Alice. Have fun." Alice smiles on hearing this.

Barbara, Julie, and John start securing slaves to devices. Steve to the device with him bent over backwards. Thumper on the table with the sliding bench above him. Big Jim to a flat table with his legs well spread. Jim is placed on a table with his legs in a splits position.

Alice walks over to Lee and takes hold of his erect dick, a natural response to seeing all the lovely females and says, "Oh good, my own toy boy." Taking him by the dick she leads him to the device where a chair will fuck her onto him. She soon has him strapped in with a dick clamp in place. She mounts the chair and sets it moving at a slow pace. Lee isn't happy about being tied into the frame but loves having her juicy pussy sliding up and down his dick while he sucks her tits.

Carmen speaks to Mary and is quickly taken to the vaulting horse with the chair in front of it. Mary ties her in place and mounts the chair. Both are enjoying Carmen eating Mary's pussy. Deborah takes Peta over to Steve and they both mount him. They take turns on both ends. Gwen and Liz double team Thumper in the same manner while Brooke has Paris doing the same with Big Jim. Brooke adds a twist as she knows Paris comes hard with pain. So while Paris is riding his cock Brooke reaches over and twists her nipple hard. Paris comes so hard her cunt squeezes tight, almost flattening his cock. This makes him scream into Brooke's cunt and makes her come so much he almost gags on the pussy juices. Brooke is coming hard with all this. Fred secures Janice to the wall chains and starts eating her pussy but he slows and stops just before she comes. He keeps this up for some time. After about fifteen minutes she's begging him to let her come. Smiling, he stands and enters her. She comes very hard as he slides in and keeps coming for the several minutes he fucks her before releasing the dick clamp he put on when he undressed. When he finishes filling her with his sperm she's hanging there exhausted.

John has Barbara lie on a couch while Terri eats her out. Moving behind her he switches to a 4WP and enters her. Terri moans as he slides in. She gets a surprise when she feels him entering her womb without the amount of pain it did last time. He fucks her to several orgasms while she eats Barbara to several orgasms. He comes in Terri and has her lie down on the couch. Barbara stands and walks across the room while John waves Julie to mount Terri's face, she does. John goes and mounts Carmen from behind. Deborah sees the sperm dripping out of Janice and orders Peta to go eat her out.

Both dismount and go to the wall as Gwen leads Liz over to take their place. Steve's face goes white as Gwen slides down his dick. She waits until Liz is astride his face before squeezing his dick so he screams into Liz's pussy and she comes from the vibrations. Gwen isn't squeezing as hard as she did with Jerry but she's hard enough to ensure he doesn't enjoy the fuck while she enjoys it. Some minutes later they change ends as Barbara mounts Thumper for a good ride. After getting Fred's permission Deborah is watching Peta eat Janice's cream pie while Janice sucks on her breasts. She jerks as Fred enters her from behind. He pushes her hard up against Janice as he fucks her hard and fast. Peta's head is caught in the middle of this. Janice's pussy is in front of her while Deborah's left thigh is against her right ear and she can look sideways into Deborah's pussy. Smiling, she continues to eat Janice as she watches Fred's dick fuck Deborah. The situation gets to her so much that when she sees Fred coming in Deborah as she comes and Janice comes from her pussy eating, Peta comes as well. All of them collapse as their orgasms end. Janice is held up by the chains at her wrists and is dangling from them as the rest collapse in a pile on the floor.

Brooke sees what happened and dismounts, taking Paris with her. They soon have the four of them on the couch to recover. Paris leans over Peta and makes sure she's sitting up, John comes up behind her and enters her. She doesn't know how she knows but Paris knows it's John, her master, she sighs and comes twice during his entry. The first thrusts are short and not the full depth. Then he's in and through her cervix as she comes hard. After several more thrusts he comes in her, triggering a huge orgasm for her. She collapses onto Peta, totally exhausted. Smiling, Peta pulls her up into her lap and cuddles her, saying, "Oh, a cuddle blanket just for me. Thank you Uncle John." All within hearing laugh as she starts to play with Paris' breasts.

John looks around to see most have retired to the couches. Alice has Terri sucking her tits while Lee eats Terri's pussy. Carmen is on the lounge with Mary eating her as Liz eats Mary and Gwen eats Liz. They soon have a chain reaction orgasm, Carmen's triggers Mary who triggers Liz who sets off Gwen. John turns to Brooke who sees what size dick he's sporting and smiles. Walking over to John she reaches her arms up and around his neck. She jumps up and grabs hold before lowering herself down onto his dick. She soon has all of him in her as she says, "Oh that's so nice. I love the feel of having you all the way inside me but don't really like having you open my cervix too much. This is nice." He gives her a five minute auto fuck by changing the length between 1WP and 4WP. She comes for the whole five minutes before collapsing into his arms.

Fifteen minutes later everyone is recovered enough for the visitors to get dressed. As they do this Barbara says something to Terri. She smiles hugely and races over to where Steve is. She mounts him and fucks him hard and fast for her own pleasure while his groans of discomfit are as loud as her moans of pleasure. Julie moves over to Thumper and mounts him again as Deborah mounts Jim. Barbara waves Alice back to the fray, saying, "Go have fun Alice, I'll show them out." Smiling, Alice goes and mounts Big Jim. Everyone is smiling as they head up the stairs while Barbara puts on a light smock.

Barbara opens the front door to find one of her security team standing in the shadows by the door. He says, "There's a car with two men parked opposite. Been there since you lot arrived."

John waves the rest back, "Thanks. I'll ask if they're lost." He walks across the road. As he nears the car the rear driver's side windows goes down. A man leans forward, saying, "Hope you don't mind. The boss wants to make sure you stay safe until he could sort everything out. We've a number of cars in the neighbourhood keeping an eye on things. You've made the boss very happy so he wants you and your people to be happy and safe."

Recognising the man as one of Guy Frank's sub-bosses John smiles and says, "Thanks. If you see anything I should know, just call me on the cell phone. Don't risk your people by sending them into help. Feel free to deal with anything on the street but don't enter my property. I'll kill anyone I don't know within the property line." The man nods and waves to one of his men. He passes it onto the others by radio. John returns to the house. They're watching him so the door opens for him. "They're nothing to worry about. Franks is worried about our safety and has a number of men in the area keeping an eye out. They won't enter our property but will warn us of any danger and deal with anything on the street." The security man's eyes go wide at the mention of Guy Franks providing security for them out of concern for their safety. John sees this and says, "He owes me a few favours. More importantly he's scared of me and knows he can't touch me. He's also smart enough not to try." This just causes the security man more concern but he just nods as he wonders how this is so.

John's crew quickly forms up and get in the mini-bus. Fred takes the wheel to drive them home. As they drive back, Lee says, "John, do you think they'd mind if I visited Alice on her days off?"

Smiling, he replies, "No, I don't. In fact, I think Alice would like that. Why not ask her out to a movie or something?" Lee smiles and nods. John and Brooke both grin as they think about the people and the age difference. They both decide it'll be good for both of them.

They arrive back to find everyone lying around the pool watching movie credits on the TV. Brooke gets her bedding roster worked out.

John is assigned Helen and Carmen for the night. Helen is very nervous as they head to the bedroom. John can tell she's extremely scared. Arriving in the bedroom John has Helen lie on the bed on the side nearest the en suite. He climbs onto the bed in the middle and reaches an arm around her shoulder as he pulls her to him. Holding his other arm out for Carmen he says, "Carmen, please turn off the light and snuggle up. I feel like a nice night of cuddle and sleep only." He turns to Helen and adds "I hope you don't mind."

Almost sighing with relief, she replies, "No, I don't mind." She snuggles closer and goes to sleep lying on his shoulder. Carmen turns the light off and lies on his other shoulder. They're soon all asleep.

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