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I could see him watching me as I laughed with my boyfriend. We were leaning by his car, my back pressed against the cold metal and my boyfriends hands braced on either side of my head. I saw his jeep pull up and couldn’t resist the urge. When he got out of his car and began walking our direction I wrapped my arms around my boyfriend’s neck. I stare at the man through his sunglasses and knowing he was watching me to by the way he stopped and stared. Never breaking eye contact I slowly kissed my boyfriend, our tongues wrestling. I almost giggled as the man licked him lips. My boyfriends hand trailed up my shirt to cup my breast, leaving warm in his path. I watched the man eye the exposed skin of my stomach, For some reason I found the idea of him watching so exciting. The bell rang and I gently pushed my boyfriend back. He groaned in protest but let me begin walking to the building. I glanced over my shoulder at my teacher; his eyes were glued on me. I gave him a small wave and turned away, trying to ignore the heat that coursed through me.

Fourth period arrived and the class was loud as usual as I walked in. My teacher was sitting at his desk, drinking his tea. He was thirty-eight but still very sexy. Broad chest, muscular arms, and what I imagine to be strong legs. His eyes were a pretty blue and his mouth was curled up in an unconscious smile. He looked up at me when I walked in and gulped loudly. When I was in the hallway I moved my shirt around so that a lot of cleavage showed without my breasts hanging out. My skirt was already short so when I sat down at my desk and pulled my notebook and pen out, it rode up. He walked to his computer which was diagonally left of me and proceeds in taking roll, every few seconds his eyes would flicker to my legs and chest and away. Towards the end of class I shifted subtly in my seat and gave him a great view of my red underwear. The class flew by quickly and every time I asked a question he stammered.

I went through the next hour trying to think of new ways to torture my favorite teacher. I made it to my art class in time for roll call and to set my stuff down before Ms. Davis called me up to her desk. I walked up to her with open annoyance.
“Yes?” I asked softly. She looked up and handed me a pass.
“Your biology teacher wants to see you,” She replied, instantly forgetting I existed after she’d done what she was supposed to do. I turned and practically ran down the hall to his room. I paused outside his door and took a deep breath. I opened the door, not surprised to find him seated at his desk again. I instinctively sat on the counter’s that lined the west wall. The lights were off, only sunshine streamed through the four square windows. I crossed my legs, aware of his eyes following my every movement. He stood and paced across the room from me with thirty desks in between us. He looked up and cleared his throat.
“Well, hi,” he said slowly, nervously. It was very amusing to see him nervous. He was always so in control and confident.
“Hello,” I replied quietly. My hands were shaking and beginning to sweat.
“Your boyfriend had nice things to say about you this morning,” he said slowly, clasping his hands behind his back.
“Oh? What’s that?” I responded immediately.
“That he really likes you and that you’re amazing in bed,” he snapped, jealously oozing out of each syllable. I grinned like the Cheshire cat and watched the muscle in his jaw tick.
“Well, no comment there,” I teased, blushing. He silently made his way through the desks until he was uncomfortably close.
“Do you fantasize about anyone in fourth hour?” He asked randomly. I gasped slightly and blushed.
“You,” I admitted softly. He leaned back on the nearest desk.
“How often?” he inquired.
“Two or three times a week. Do you ever fantasize about anyone in fourth hour?” I countered teasingly.
“You,” He breathed with a smile. I bit my lip and shifted in my seat. His eyes darted to my short skirt.
“Well then, how often?” I asked, crossing my arms.
“Every goddamn day,” He exhaled; standing and moving so close his thighs pressed against my knees. “When you imagine me with you what happens?” I sucked in a breath at the warmth pool in my underwear.
“Y-you wrap my legs around you waist,” I said shakily as he mimicked the action. I loved the way his groin pressed against mine and how I could feel his erection. “Then you, uh, kiss me.”
He grinned and curled on hand around my neck and drew me forward slowly.
“You do it roughly,” I added. Abruptly, he yanked me forward and our lips met in a hard embrace. He forced his tongue into my mouth and pulled me closer so my chest touched his. My fingers splayed across his hard chest and I arched towards him. He slowly kissed my jaw line, down my neck, and paused at the hollow of my throat.
“Next?” He growled, his breath heating my skin. I took a shuddering breath and tried to focus.
“You take my shirt off, and my bra,” I muttered. He leaned back and pulled my t-shirt over my head. His palms were slightly sweating as he caressed my stomach and inched upwards, savoring the feel. My abdomen clenched and my head lolled back. He reached around behind me and unhooked my red bra. He leaned back, as if he was waiting for my approval. I licked my lips and shrugged my shoulders forward, the bra slipped down to my forearms and he pulled it off. He hesitated and gently palmed my breasts. He was so nervous; like a boy about to lose his virginity.
“Then do I tease you?” he asked, tauntingly. I nodded and clenched my eyes shut as his tongue flicked across my nipple, sending spasms across my body. He nipped at the hardened tips and pinched the other one, softly kneading it till I groaned. I arched and gripped his shoulders. Suddenly, I shoved him back. He stood there watching me suspiciously. I took a deep breath.
“What do you imagine when you think about me?” I asked, nervously. He smiled.
“I imagine you taking my shirt off, slowly,” He replied easily and moved back to me. I curled my fingers around the first button and popped it open. I repeated the process down to the last button and slipped my hands under it by his shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I grabbed the hem of his white undershirt and pulled it over his head. My breath was lodged in my throat when I took in the smoothness of his chest. It was hard and muscled, just like I had pictured it. I ran my fingers over it, delighting in the sensations. I gently kissed his chest where his heart was. He was so warm and his heart rate was erratic. I licked one of his nipples and giggled at the groan that escaped his throat.
“What now?” I asked, stroking abstract designs on him.
“You lean back and let me take off your skirt,” he mumbled, shoving me backwards. He undid my skirt and practically tore it off me and stared at my sexy red thong.
“Jeez, when I saw this earlier today I thought I’d cum in my pants,” he whispered hoarsely. I smiled and cocked my head to the side. “Now, take my pants off.” He ordered.
I slipped off the counter and fell to my knees and licked his lower abdomen, letting the tip of my tongue dip in the waistband of his slacks. I slowly unzipped and unbuttoned them and slid them down, waiting for him to step out of them before I looked back at him. He was wear grey boxers with an impressive tent in them.
“Take them off,” He barked. I hesitated, suddenly anxious, and slipped them down to his ankles, watching his feet as he ditched the last of his clothes. “Look at me,” he whispered. I managed to look up at him without looking at his penis. I was nervous.
“Yeah?” I muttered softly.
“Suck on me,” He said spontaneously. I arched a brow and forced myself to look at him. Holy shit, I thought, his penis is so long and thick. Suddenly ravenous, I licked the tip of it and lightly let my fingers graze his shaft. Gently, I slid my mouth around it and began bobbing my head up and down. His hands tangled in my hair as he encouraged me to go faster and faster. I used my right hand to pump the bottom of his dick and my left to massage his balls. He was thrusting himself into my mouth in an urgent fever as his groans grew louder and his penis pulsed in my hand. I pulled back and stood.
“Don’t stop,” he whined adorably. His expression was priceless.
“Play fair,” I admonished. He rolled his eyes and lifted me up, only to set me down on a desk. He slowly kiss each of my breasts and moved south down to my underwear, His hands moved up my thighs as he got on his knees. He kissed me through the dampness of my thong and I almost came right then. With two fingers he pulled my underwear off and stared at my core. I blushed and looked down at the fascination on his face. His breath warmed me and he licked up the juices that had begun to slide down my thighs. He kissed his way up to my pussy and French kissed it. I gasped and leaned backwards so my head hung off the desk and my hair swung down.
His tongue darted in an out of me and slid around my clit. I locked my legs around his neck and pulled him closer until I felt every movement his mouth made. I felt like I was flying se when he pulled away I sat up with a cry. His lips crushed against mine and tasted myself on his tongue. He dipped two fingers inside me and wiggled them around. I closed my hand around his penis and pumped furiously. Reluctantly we both stopped and he picked me up again. He laid me down on the rough carpet and kissed me once more. I felt the tip of his head press against my vagina and arched my hips to meet his initial thrust. He stretched and filled me so completely I had to bite his shoulder to keep from screaming.
“God, you are so tight,” He groaned. He slid in and out while I contracted my pelvic muscles to match the tempo. I clenched my eyes shut and felt perspiration appear on my forehead. I planted my hand on his chest and rolled us over, never letting him leave me. He smiled and panted. I let him take hold of my hands as I began to rock a slow rhythm, with random bursts of speed. Within minutes I felt myself on the brink of a climax. He sat up with his legs outstretched and my legs wrapped around his waist. His strong hands grabbed my waist and lifted me up slightly and let me fall back down on him. I got the picture and got on my knees and bounced quickly.
“Jesus Christ,” he groaned. I bit my lip and let my head hang back. I snapped my eyes shut when I felt the spasms raked across my body and my muscles tighten as I came. In the middle of my pleasure he came inside me, filling me with warmth and intensifying my orgasm. I fell onto his chest and panted. His arms encircled me and I lifted my head up to kiss him. It was a slow passionate kiss that scared me more than having sex with a teacher. The jazzy bell rang, announcing it was the end o f the school day and I had been out of art all hour. I rose and began reassembling my clothes, watching him out of the corner of my eye as he did the same. I walked to the door when he finished dressing and paused. I spun to face him and gasped as he pressed me against the wooden door. He kissed me softly again and slipped something into my shirt.
“That was fantastic,” he breathed in my ear. I blushed again and shifted. He opened the door behind me and ushered me into the hall where an awkward silence ensued as the chaos of students rushing around surrounded us. I smiled brightly at him, comfortable in the public place.
“So, I guess I’ll see you on Monday.” I said numbly. His eyes flickered to the piece of paper he stuck in my bra, the paper that stuck out oddly against my black V-neck.
“Sure,” he replied, turning and walking back into his room to clean up the mess we left on the carpet. I turned and walked down the hall to my art class and gathered my stuff. I pulled the paper out and smiled. He had written his cell number on it and his address. I wondered if he wanted me to sneak over whenever his wife wasn’t home.

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