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I awoke sometime in the middle of the night. Everyone had already passed out. Getting up, I managed to navigate my way towards the bathroom without stepping on any empty beer cans. Stepping into the bathroom, I flicked the light switch, only to ignite a headache. Somewhere between the beer bong and passing out, I got this migraine. After pissing, for what seemed to be forever, I leaned over the bathroom sink. I look up towards the mirror and opened it up, hoping to find a bottle of aspirin - but there was nothing. Peeking out of the bathroom door, I saw James, but he was asleep, passed out on the coffee table. It was his house, and if anyone knew where the medicine was, it would be him. After I stepped out of the bathroom, I walked over to my backpack. I unzipped my bag and pulled out my watch. It was only 2:30, but then again, the party started right after graduation which was at 3:30 in the afternoon. I was wasted, but gathering my senses back. Putting my watch away, I swallowed, and realized how dry my mouth was. The only thing down here in the basement was beer, so I decided to walk upstairs to the kitchen for a glass of water. Walking up through the dark house into the kitchen, I thought that maybe there was aspirin or something in the bathroom upstairs. So after grabbing a glass of water, I walked across the kitchen and through the foyer towards the stairway. Slowly I walked - step by step, up the carpeted floor. The hallway curved towards the right, so I followed it. As I gazed down the dark hallway, however, my attention was caught by the furthest room, and a lightened glow surrounding its gently opened door. I walked down the hall, passing the bathroom to my right. I had never actually been over James' house prior to this party, but I had a strong feeling I knew who was in the room.

I quietly reached the door and peered inside. I heard the television, and from my angle saw a bed. Slowly I saw two beautifully long legs, covered in stockings stretch out upon the bed. I slowly and with great caution began to open up the door. I was able to get a glance of the TV - on it was porn. After a few moments of being a voyeur, I began to hear faint feminine moans. I became curious. Who was that I wondered? Again, I remained quiet, but continued to open the door ever so more. After a half an inch of movement, the door's hinges creaked. I immediately stopped, but it was too late.

"Who's there," the voice yelled. But sooner than I could move, I was discovered. The moment I stood up from my previous crouching position, the bedroom door was flung open, but this gorgeous figure. There stood, not five feet away, perhaps the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in person. Standing level with myself at about 5' 7", my eyes became fixed upon this woman. She stood there in a black dress that was held up by two thin straps resting upon each shoulder. The dress was cut in such a way, revealing a third of her enormous breasts, which were adjacent to a large white pearl necklace. My eyes began to move downward, as I watched her dress stick skin tight to her curving hips and stopping at her upper thigh. Beneath that rested black stockings, which hid here plush skin. Her hair was dirty blonde, and mildly curly. It was all messy, but she stood there twirling it with here left hand and red nails. I began to stare at here face and dark green eyes, which were surrounded by dark mascara and red blush. Licking her fire red lips, she asked, "You must be one of James' friends?" I stood silent for a moment in awe of her beauty.

"Well are you?" she asked again.

"Um...yes ma'am, I am. I'm Michael."

"Ohh Michael. I didn't know my son had such handsome friends?"

Suddenly my heart began to pound even faster. This woman had to be James's mom, but she looked so young. Giving up on questioning my failing to have ever met this woman, I blanked out from what seemed to be drunkenness and answered, "I was looking for some aspirin or something. I have a really bad headache."

"You must have had to much to drink downstairs. You know what, I got something for your headache in here. I get it."

After walking into the room and taking a few paces, she turned around and said, "Do come in why don't you." So then I slowly walked into the bedroom. After managing to take my eyes off of her, I spotted the television that way playing porn. Giggling, James' mom said, "Oh, sorry about that." And she turned it off. Afterwards, she looked towards me and said, "You don't look so good. Just wait here. You'll feel much batter after I get you some of this." As I stood there, she walked towards a sliding mirror door, opened it, walked in, and closed it. After a moment of dizziness, I took a step to the side, and sat on the bed. I put my hands over my head and began to rub my face. "This can't be happening," I said. But just then I heard James' mom say, "Can't believe what is happening dear?" Just as I looked up, I saw James' mom standing in the doorway, wearing nothing but her black high heeled shoes, stockings, and her pearl necklace and earrings. I immediately got a hard on, but my jeans were able to hide is just barely. James' mom began to speak as she walked across the room. She did this while putting her hair up.

"You know Michael. I live here alone with only James. His father divorced me after James was born, and I get so lonely. I hope you understand. But I'm sure you do. You are a smart young boy. Young," she laughed, "Why you are all grown up, just like James. On to college in the fall. All of you boys have grown so much." Shutting the door she continued, "But you know Michael, I'm really curious to know how much you have grown. Do you know what I mean Michael?"

"I guess Mrs. Reed"

"Oh, you can call me Sandy"

"But anyway, I'm just really curious."

I continued to sit on the bed casually, yet with enormous nervousness. Sandy then walked over towards me. Her pussy was at head height to me. It was partially unshaved, but had a substantial amount of light brown hair on it. She moved her right hand over it softly.

"Oh, honey. I want you to fuck me so hard, okay?"

And before I could answer she leaned forward, wetting her red lips and we began to kiss. Out tongues passionately caressed each other's. We moved them back and forth. Sandy then retracted her head back, leaving my lips with red lipstick traces. She pushed my upper body back, so that I was laying on my back. She then slowly crept upon me. Our lips made contact yet again, and we continued to kiss. I cautiously moved my hands over her huge breasts as she moved one of her hands over my hard cock. After several minutes of kissing she began to move south. She gave me a small kiss on my neck, and as she reached my shirts, she picked it up and pulled it off over my head. She began to kiss my chest. I could feel her breast moving down my bare upper body. She sucked my nipple briefly, but continued to move downward. As she reached my jeans, she put her lips over the contour of my rock hard penis, raging to be released from my pants. She licked my pants up and down.

"Do you want me to suck your cock Michael? Do you want me to ram it down my throat? Me to gag on it, is that what you want?"

"Uhh...yes please."


She then unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, then grabbed my boxers, and pulled both articles of clothing down at once, exposing my hard eight inch cock.

"Well what do we have here." Putting her right hand over my cock, "It's beautiful," she said.

She then moved her mouth towards my mushroom head. Opening her mouth and wetting her lips, my cock grew even harder until finally, she let it slide into her mouth. I could her slurping noises as I briefly closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling. As I opened my eyes I sat watching Sandy give me the best blow job I had ever gotten. She licked my hard shaft up and down several times before taking the whole thing down her throat. She caressed my mushroom head with her tongue ever to gently. After a few minutes, she retracted her head, creating a string of spit connecting her mouth to my cock. She wiped it away with her hand.

"I love sucking cock. Do you like getting your cock sucked Michael."

"Yeah it's great. Especially from someone who does it as good as you."

"Thank you, but do you know what makes it better," she asked "When the cock is a big as yours."

Right after, she took my cock, and rammed the whole eight inches down her throat. She stood there, almost kissing my pubes, until she gagged slightly, and retracted.

"Ooh," she said, while standing up. "Now it's your turn."

Sandy then grabbed my arms and pulled me up off of the bed. As I stood there beside her, she jumped on the bed. While doing so, I began to take off my jeans and boxers, which lay near my feet. After taking them off, I looked up, only to see Sandy, sitting on the bed, with her legs wide open, exposing her bushy vagina. I crawled like a tiger on to the bed. When I reached her pussy after some anticipation, I took my index finger and began to slowly move it around her pussy.

"You have such a beautiful pussy Sandy."

I continued to move my finger around, until finally inserting it inside her, catching her off guard.

"Why thank YOU AHH," she said as I did so.

I moved my finger back in forth inside of her pussy. I moved my head forward and stuck out my tongue. I began to use it to rub her clit. I could be the roughness of her hair, but that didn't stop me. I took my finger out of her pussy and used to push up her hair, revealing a better image of her dark pussy. I continued to lick her clit, but then moved around in circular motions, reaching the whole circumference of her wet vagina.

"OOH, UHH, AHH, OOOOH," she moaned continuously as I ate her out. Then, after a few more minutes, I began to move my head upward towards her huge breasts. I liked her pussy, then her belly button, then her tummy, and all the way until I reacher her tits. They were so big. But I began to lick them like a crazy man. I liked them all over until I reached her nipple, when I began to suck on them ever so softly. I knew I was pleasuring her by the moans she was making, so I continued upward. Our faces met, and we began to kiss once again. There I was on top of her. I could feel her breasts against my body, as out tongues battles each other. I kissed her neck and she demandingly said, "FUCK ME, Michael. FUCK ME." So without any hesitation I stuck my rock hard juicing cock inside of her warm hairy pussy. Immediately I heard her moan, "OOOOOH."

I continued to fuck her as we kissed. Retracting my kisses, I watched her facial expressions. I fucked her in this position for several more minutes with the accompaniment of glorious moans of pleasure. "OOH, EEH, AHH, AHHH." Then finally Sandy said, "AHH, lay on your back." So I removed my wet cock from her pussy and rolled over onto my back. I could feel the sweat of hers on the bed. I knew she was enjoying this. Sandy then flung one leg over my body and sat on my cock, facing towards me. She directed it into her pussy with her hand, and began to bounce up and down, riding my hard shaft. I put my hands on her legs, as I fucked her. I watched her pussy ride up and down my cock and her tits bounce up and down all over the place. She and I were full of sweat, but we continued to fuck. She continued to moan and grown as she raised her arms. She began to rub her hands through her hair and then move them down towards her tits. She rubbed her tits while we fucked for several minutes. Then Sandy said to me, " you know what I love the most about...AHH AHH...fucking. It's...OOH...AHH...eating cum."

I smiled, "Well, when I'm almost there, I'll tell you" Then we continued to fuck in out current position, but her moans grew louder. I fucked harder. "AHHHH, OOOH, AHHHH. I'm gonnnnna cuuuum," she yelled. So then I fucked even harder as I watched her cum drip down from her pussy onto my lower body. She stopped riding my cock, with sighs of relief. She moved her head down towards my cock and stuck it yet again in her mouth. Watching the contour of my cock against her cheek, I cock grew slightly harder. I knew I was going to cum . I moaned, signaling her I was reaching my climax. She kept my cock lodged in her throat, while using her hands to jack me off. I could feel her soft hands rubbing back and forth, until, "AHHHHHHH." I shot a huge warm load into Sandy's mouth. She stopped jacking me off, but had kept her mouth over my cock the whole time. I saw her throat swallow a few times, and then some cum began to slip out of a small area between my cock and her lips. She moved her head back, exposing my cock. She wiped the cum off of her lower lip, and licked her hand. "AHHHH. I love cum," she said. She then licked my cock up and down, removing and traces of cum. It was softening, but it still felt so good against my ultra sensitive mushroom head.

Afterwards, she started crawling up my body. "That was by far the best I have ever been fucked." She then gave me a hard long open mouthed kiss. I felt her tongue against my tongue on last time, until she got up and walked away into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. After a moment of reflection, I sat up and reached for my boxers and jeans. I put my clothes back on and reached for the door. Just then, the bathroom door opened and Sandy stood there in her black dress again. She tossed something to me. I caught it. It was a bottle of aspirin with her phone number on it. I smiled. She just stood there while I took the bottle, put it in my pocket, and stepped out of the door. I shut it behind me and took a great big deep breath. My headache was gone.


2006-02-18 18:51:38
hay great story geezer keep writing A* quality story!


2006-01-07 06:30:37
that was really good


2005-12-25 03:07:52
killer fuckin story...i liked..kept writing brother...good job...


2005-12-11 04:46:49
everyone want's to fuck there friends mom(including me ^.^). next time go over your story, and put in some anal. by the way you got a 8/10 keep it up!!!


2005-08-27 11:05:52
great story man but i didnt get to finish it.

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