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A mom in her desperation, finds her girl's death very exciting.
Laura was crying at the bus stop. Her long red hairs were falling over her shoulder and her big green eyes were full of tears. They told her she was just a carrot; they told her they could never have her as friend and she should be ashamed of herself about think she could be popular like they were.

Middle school environment can be very competitive between preteen young girls and when one of then, like Laura, wasn’t developing hips and tits at right time with her classmates, she was immediately put out of the circle of the popular girls.

Suddenly an expensive black car stopped and a sophisticated woman asks her:” Are you Laura?? Want become popular much more that the stupid chickens who joked you this morning??”

The poor Laura answered.

Francesca, Laura’s mom, was starting to get worried. She arrived at home at 7.30 pm as usual but she didn’t find her daughter. She was wondered where she could be without money or friends where to go.

Doorbell woke her up from her toughs and, when she opened the door, she just found a box with her name. She opened the box, almost chocking for some dust that came out, making her sniff and sneeze, and found a DVD, a vibe dildo and an envelope. With curiosity, thinking about some stupid joke, she wanted open the envelope but she read on “OPEN AFTER THE VIEW”. She started the DVD reader and the happy face of her daughter appeared.

“Hi mom!! Soon I’ll be very popular. Someone said it will be a little painful but it will worth a lot and for you too. They say you will be very proud of me too. So see you soon!”

The image faded away replaced by a masked woman: “Welcome again to Snuff Show, Ladies and Gentleman . I am your Katya and here we are with another young star, Laura. She’s 12 and want be very popular. I hope very much you will not delude her with your cheering. For the moms who are watching: Thanks a lot for their kid’s donations and we encourage new ones to donate theirs too. Enjoy yourself because I will.

The scene changed again. Laura was there with fine lingerie and high heels, her hair well combed and with a very light make up just for enhances her face. She was still smiling but the masked woman was keeping her hands away from her cones and pussy. She brought the girl on a big bed and two men were waiting her.. They were touching her and she didn’t stop them but just moaned. Their cocks were visible and one of them was rubbing her daughter’s little pussy. Francesca was astonished. It was disgusting but her little girl seemed enjoy what was happening.

The woman’s voice said: “Moms and girls, and men if they like, are now allowed to use the vibrator or, for the luckiest ones, allow their partners to fuck their brains out”

In the mean time the girl was sucking the big one while a smaller man was fucking her virgin pussy. Their cocks were moving in and out of the girl and suddenly the girl screamed and jolted in what seemed an orgasm. Francesca felt tears from her eyes but she wasn’t able to understand if they were from disgusts, commotion or they were from the fact her little girl enjoyed to become a woman. She felt herself strangely excited for it. Her nipples were so hard and brushing on the blouse fabric and she was feeling her pussy wet.

The two men were at the verge of the excitement: now they were fucking hard, without worries about the little girl’s body, her pussy and her throat. They fucked her, without stop, for around 10 minutes until they froze when they ejaculated inside the girl mouth and pussy.

They rubbed the girl hairs, kissed her on the lips, kissed which the girl returned hungrily, and they left while the masked woman came into the view and said: “It was the rewards for Miki and Marco for gave us their son and daughter in our shows of months ago. Thanks again guys. Now it’s time for Sasha and Tania for the rewards. You surely could remember the last pregnant preteen star. For this, Sasha, will be honoured to end our show and get Laura and immortal Star.”

Francesca was there. Sited on the couch, in disbelief, she was there crying but unable to not look at the screen. The camera was going from the woman; beautiful and acted like an actress, she tough for a moment, to her poor girl’s pussy. It was well opened, with cum and her cherry blood coming out . Watching astonished her little girl: she was clearly excited and rubbing fast her clitoris and nipples. She was watching the screen while she was feeling butterflies in her own stomach.

The camera zoomed back revealing two women in their 30thies. They were wearing fine lingerie, nice hair comb and nice make up. One of them was wearing an enormous strap on. The other sat on Laura’s face and started to moan immediately, like if Laura was licking her, then grabbed the girl’s legs an pulled them up, leaving to the other woman the full access of her pussy and anus.

The Camera zoomed over her pussy and butt and Francesca was wondered how her baby’s anus could be showed so pulsating. Suddenly part of the dildo came in view and starting to push on the sphincter’s muscle. A muffled scream roared from the screen as reinforcement to the sight of the damages the enormous strap on was doing on the sphincter. After a moment where the muscle seemed to be able to resist, the intruder won its battle and came all inside, ripping all the flesh and sliding all in until the girl’s butt was covered from the woman’s hip.

Zooming out, the camera, showed the full figures and the whole sexual act scene. The woman, all sweated and moaning, was thrusting with all her forces, rubbing her breast with one hand, inside the poor anus while the white blanket was becoming red from the blood. The other one, started to yell to Laura, to lick her faster and harder, naming her with obscenities and she was moaning like if her words were having a sort of effect. Both of the women were at the verge of their excitement and, when the woman sited on Laura’s face, started to shake, the other woman, watching her, started to thrust faster and faster until they both froze and embraced each other panting and mixing their sweats. After some moment they both left the unconscious Laura, descending from the bed. The enormous strap on was still inside of the poor rests of the girl’s anus.

Katya came in the scene, while the camera zoomed out, and hugged both of the women, kissing them passionately on the lips. Thanking especially Tania, while the camera back for a moment on the bleeding girl’s butt, for the good job she did with the strap on. The woman lightly smiled and blushed and she resisted for while when Katya French-kissed her. The introducer whispered something in her ear and, pinching her nipple, motioned her to leave.

Francesca was openly crying, watching her poor girl forever ruined but still clearly alive. Her breath was regular and her smeared face in peace, like a state of bliss, her eyes closed and her hands over her little cones. She knew she was probably drugged and her pain limit was very high, but it didn’t console her from watching her abused daughter. In her confusion she also didn’t realize, while watching, where her hand was: under her skirt, rubbing her wet pussy and keeping her in a constant state of excitement.

“Now Tania is gone, here with me there’s Sasha. Sasha, you like her little tongue in your, isn’t it?? Remember when you were crying because we destroyed the little pregnant whore’s womb of your daughter?? By the way, do you realize now she was just a worthless whore and her fate was just what happened to her and pulling you out from a lot of trouble? Wasn’t nice now?” Tania blushed a lot but smiled, nodding her head like a girl in a candy shop. In the mean while Francesca was able to see a nurse injecting something in her daughter’s nipples and in her clitoris. ”Sasha, at the time, was crying like all good moms should do when they are loosing their kids but we gave her a lot of relief. She was so relieved her life was going better, she didn’t mind to be fucked in her ass by her husband while we were cutting her, still alive, girl’s womb, extracting the evidence of her sin. She got a wonderful orgasm. Now: a last question before Laura’s preparation for the final act will be ended. I bet you and your husband got a nice life with the million of dollar you find in the envelope” they moved close the bed, where Francesca was clearly able to see how her girl’s cone were doubled of volume, her hard nipples were engorged of the blood and her clitoris was sticking out from her pussy like e little penis. “What about your kids, Sandra and Tony?? Are they addicted now to have sex with you and your husband?? They are so smart and, I can add, your girl’s tongue was devilish over my pussy. Are you ready Tania? It’s time for give to little Laura her moment of celebrity she always wanted.” She picked from a table another strap on. Very long but thin but rigid, and she fastened it on the woman’s hips.

The scene changed showing Laura on the bed: sheets were changed and someone cleaned and cauterized where, one time, there was her little and rosebud poo hole. Her tits were still growing obscenely and, in final, they exploded in a bloody rose, making the girl scream while she was still rubbing her own little penis.

Katya was close to the little girl. She bent over, she gave her, and automatically returned, a French kiss and turned her in doggie style. Tania positioned herself just on the girl back and, very slowly, she started to penetrate the little pussy. Laura was moaning while the strange phallus was still coming inside her, without stop. Just some thrust from the woman was giving, to the spectator, the idea of some obstacle was reached and a thrust needed for go further in. Katya was keeping the girls body in a perfect position, creating perfect angle with the phallus position. Laura was starting to cry but seemed something was able to prevent her from scream again. The woman was now thrusting with all her forces without worrying about the girl’s conditions. The phallus base was brushing against her and her victim’s clitoris, giving to both of them a permanent state of excitement. Katya was caressing the poor girl’s hair and whispering in her ear how everything was going over. A little smile in the girl’s face was contrasting with the waves of pain and pleasure from her destroyed body.

After some moment Katya positioned the head in a perfect angle and, with a push, made the girl’s mouth opened. It should be a sign because the woman pushed all the way the strap on inside the girl and, when Katya touched her bracelet, Laura started to shake and a pole came out from her mouth.

At same time Tania got a massive orgasm!

She disengaged the strap on from her hips and help to turn the girl, revealing the engorged and pulsating clitoris. Katya showed a scalpel and, cutting the big clitoris, made Laura’s body jolts and shakes for some moment until she finally died.

Francesca was astonished; her tears were flowing out. They just killed her babygirl but, for some reason, she wasn’t feeling desperate nor was going to puke. She now was realizing she was touching herself and she felt so close to a nice orgasm. The same kind of orgasm she was used to feel when she was in her just died girl’s age.

Finally she started to sob while the orgasm was flowing, shacking her body and making her feel more miserable than she always felt. She had an orgasm watching her daughter tortured and killed!

She didn’t realize the video was still on until she ears her name.

“Mrs Francesca, We have to thank you for grow a so nice girl and we met you in your feeling for her lost. She was a great star!”

Francesca focused again the screen, seeing again the face of the masked woman. What hell would you want for her again?? They killed her babygirl.

“If you open the envelope you will find banknotes for 750.000 dollars and a certificate of propriety about a big house in another state. I guess you and your family need to relax. We hope we will be able to re contact you for your other kids and you will find the opportunity to work with us again. Lil John, in particular, could be very nice impaled or fucked by our stallion. You surely could like it and in the way his little penis could stick out. Anyway we will discuss about it for sure. Bye for now.”

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2016-12-11 08:45:07
Was ok just hard to follow

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2015-12-17 04:40:23
Great story. I have used hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in small amounts on my willing slave (wife) The peroxide reacts with the carbon based molecules in the flesh to produce water and carbon dioxide, giving off a great deal of heat. In small amounts this boils the water and locally cooks the flesh, causing extreme agony (never gag your slave or victim during torture, their screams give me a much stronger orgasm) Used on the skin or in very small amounts Injected subdermally it has the permanent effect of cooking and killing the flesh. Injected in larger amounts, say 5ml+,deeper into the flesh I believe the CO2 production and significant steam generated by the heat would likely cause the explosion of the flesh described. Although difficult to procure, I use a very strong 20% solution for my rare torture play with my wife, recovery of her skin takes along time, with heavy scarring. If anyone tries to recreate flesh exploding on a joint of meat or animal please leave a message here. BigMAC.

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2013-02-20 20:10:51
WoW Love this i would love to watch my own little girl with them,it would be fantastic as she is 4yd and nice and plump they would be able to work on her a long timeWOW

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2011-07-05 07:34:48
Dear HillaryT I liked your storie about little young Laura. I would also like to know what the nurse injected into the little sluts nipples and clitoris to make them swell up so nicely. I would like to have some to use on hot little bitches myself. It sounds like a great way to abuse some under age baby slut and even some older bitches. I use hose clamps around young girls breasts and that dose a great job but I like the idea of using a syringe and needle to inject a substance throw the nipples and clit causing as much pain to the bitches while you are doing it as possible. If you know of any substance like this please post its name and some info about it. Thanks.

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2010-12-19 22:50:52
i loved this it was a good story

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