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A busty raven haired schoolgirl gets some sex eduation from her perverted Father
This is the story of Louise, whose life has been made the way it is now by a series of events which led to her becoming a cock hungry slut desperate to be domineered by men for their own deviant pleasures. Louise is a very curvy raven haired beauty with a lot to offer to whoever wants to take it.

These are my interpretation of some of Louise’s true life events.

This story contains underage sex and incest. If this offends please do not read this.

I welcome all comments both good and bad so please feel free to leave them. Or if you prefer email me direct on with your comments or ideas for stories.

For Louise with love

The Education of Louise

Aged 19

“Oh, fuck, I need to cum now, oh god, I'm so close!” Roger groaned as sweat dripped down from his graying hair. Louise heard him speak but simply sucked harder running her tongue round the round the large cock head that was filling her mouth. Seconds later she was removing his rock hard cock from her mouth and licking from his balls upwards along the bottom of his shaft. She used her teeth expertly to gently bite the underside of the shaft and head tasting the saltiness of his precum.
“Fuck, you are one dirty bitch!” Roger said as he leaned forwards to rub the swollen, hot glands on her big soft luscious teenage tits. Louise was having none of that and grabbed the thick shaft back to her mouth wanking it copiously as she dipped her head and licked his balls as he jerked his hips back and forth leaking more precum down over her nipples as he reached down aggressively to maul her young breasts. “Tha’s it you fat titted little cow!” He snarled excitedly as he felt the wonders that the young daughter of his friend was doing to him. And then Roger felt the familiar tide of orgasm rising. It had been a long time since this had happened in his 51 years of age and it felt so perfect with the 19 year olds’ raven hair bobbing up and down on the end of his cock. Louise clearly sensed it too and lifted her face holding the thick shaft with both hands tightly as she jolted it up and down. Roger, now unable to hold on any longer, shot his full load onto the teenager’s fat breasts as the cum splattered the globes dripping down over the nipples and Louise, with a giggle on her pretty lips, rubbed it in as her tongue frantically flicked from his balls to his shaft and to her own sticky fingers.
“Dirty little cunt!” Roger said down to Louise’s smiling face as she looked up at him. “You’ve trained her so well Peter!”
“Thank you……………….. Uncle Roger!” Louise grinned, her eyes sparkling.
With the old cock starting to wilt he moved away and looked at the other men in the room, having almost forgotten that there was an audience that had watched Louise give him the treat of his life. “Who’s next?” He asked……………..!

4 Years Earlier

Louise was home from school having complained of a stomach ache, which she didn’t have but was bored in the Science Class. Now having forgotten her stomach ache and enjoying the heat of the Summer day she skipped along the path to her house. A white delivery van passed with two men inside and one wolf-whistled out of the open window at the young dark haired busty girl in the tight white school blouse and short grey skirt. She turned to look at them, wondering what they were whistling at. She smiled and waved innocently.

Once inside the house Louise called out and hearing no response quickly ran upstairs to her Father’s bedroom. She had been thinking about what she wanted to do all day and this had distracted her from her lessons. The day before she had gone into her Father’s bedroom to look for some school papers in preparation for a test she had and happened to come across a box under his bed. Intrigued, she had lifted the box and opened it to discover a large number of adult magazines all featuring a familiar theme, big breasts! She was just about to start looking at them when she heard the noise of a car driving up to the house and quickly returned the box under the bed just in time to see her Father enter the house.

But now she had the perfect opportunity to take as much time as she wanted looking at her Father’s magazines. But she was just about to enter the bedroom when she heard a noise coming from within the room. She gently pushed the door open to peer inside. Louise’s eyes widened with a mixture of surprise and horror as she looked in at her Father who lying completely naked on his bed with his cock (and Louise hadn’t seen many) rock hard and red in colour in his hand. She noticed the cock seemed to be gleaming at the end as if it was leaking. Her Father’s other hand was on a magazine as he flicked the pages over.

Louise quickly and quietly stepped back on the landing but instead of retreating to the safety of her own room (as a good girl would have done) she stood and watched. Her Father was stroking the big red veiny monster in his hand as he flicked through the magazine and Louise could see sweat appearing on his forehead and manly chest. Louise recognized the magazine as one she had found the day before. And Daddy was clearly enjoying himself in the comfort of his bedroom! Louise was mesmerized by the sight of the huge veiny cock as he Father’s hand slid up and down the shaft slowly and delicately and she noticed him flick the mushroom head with his thumb as he reached the top, noticing the liquid ooze out as he did so and running down the shaft under his hand. And then she felt her panties start to get damp at the front and her pussy lips start to tingle. She had felt his before but had not touched herself like that for a while, but she knew watching her Father, naked and rock hard jerking his cock as he looked at the big breasted models in the magazine, she wanted to. But the curiosity of watching her Father naked turned her on. Moving back against the wall she leaned back and eased her left hand down to her naked thigh and then up and under her short skirt. Her fingers felt good as they delicately brushed her swollen pussy lips and she felt the dampness on her fingertips as she pushed them against her lips through the thin lacy material. Almost immediately she felt her nipples start to tingle and glanced down to see them showing themselves through the thin material of her bra and the blouse.

She continued to touch herself gently as she watched him stroking his cock that seemed so big and hard. She wondered what type of pictures he might be looking at and was fascinated watching his foreskin retracting back and forward as he moved his hand around his shaft and the liquid continued to ooze from the tip and dribble down the shaft over his hand. With his free hand, he propped the magazine up and leaning over his cock dribbled down onto the top of it and his spittle ran down around over the throbbing member clearly providing lubricant. With his now free hand he touched his big fat balls and scrotum very slowly.

Louise could feel the excitement of the impending climax of both her Father and her as she eased her fingers inside her panties and slipped a finger gently inside her wet pussy lips and flicked her clit with her thumb, a trick her older cousin Susan had shown her when they were camping a few weeks ago (but that’s another story!). Louise was now transfixed as he watched her Father moving his hand faster up and down the wet shaft and suddenly he let out a loud moan and Louise watched for the first time ever a real live cock explode with cum shooting high into the air before coming back to land with a splat onto the Father’s round belly with some splattering the magazine. He continued to wank his cock gently before lying back on his back and closing his eyes. Louise decided it was now time to move and quickly and quietly slipped along the carpeted floor into her own bedroom closing and locking the door behind her.

Her hands were trembling as she slid a finger back into her soaking pussy and seconds later she buried her face in her pillow to stifle he own excited moan.

The next day

“Louise, it’s time for school, honey.”
Louise stirred hearing her Father’s voice. “C’mon you’re going to be late!”
“I don’t feel well!” Louise lied. “Remember I had a pain in my tummy yesterday?” She turned to look at her Father who was standing in her bedroom doorway in his work clothes. “I feel sick!” She lied again.
“Okay!” He said kindly. “Give them a ring and let them know you won’t be in then. I’ll see you later on!” He turned to go and she heard his footsteps going down the stairs before hearing the door opening then closing. She lay perfectly still in her nightie until she heard his car start up and drive away. But as soon as it was out of earshot she dived out of bed and ran hastily into her Father’s bedroom looking under the bed for the box. Grabbing it she ran back to her own room and jumped onto her bed excitedly sitting cross legged on the bed with the box in front of her. Almost giggling excitedly to herself she opened the box to see a copy of ‘Gent’ right at the top. She recognized the cover as the one her Father had been reading the night before and flicked it open to see the big breasted models staring back out at her. Already feeling the excitement in her body she flicked further through until she came across a dark haired voluptuous model in a school uniform, with a tight white blouse and grey skirt. Just like mine, Louise thought and giggled. Turning the page she noticed they were stuck together and started to pull them open to see the tell-tale signs of her Father’s cum all over the picture of the big breasts. She felt her nipples harden and tingle as she looked at the picture but then, and only then, Louise felt her world fall in on her as she heard her Father’s voice.
“What are you doing Louise?” He asked as he looked at his busty young daughter sitting in a short pink nightie and matching panties, cross legged on her bed with his big breasted magazines spread out around her. She simply looked up at him, her eyes wide in terror!

His eyes ran from her terrified face down around her bare shoulders and over the plumpness of her full developing breasts that were clear to see through the thin material of the nightie and his daughter’s nipples were pushing through the material attempting to make themselves seen. And he could see them. His eyes drifted down to her bare legs and soft creamy thighs that were parted as she sat cross-legged on the bed with the thin material of the matching panties stretching over her young pussy. And was that a damp patch on her panties? He felt his cock starting to harden in his trousers and diverted his eyes back to her terrified eyes. “Get your school uniform on!” He shouted and walked out of the room slamming the door behind him.

Louise felt her eyes well up with tears and felt them roll down her cheeks. She felt so embarrassed she didn’t know what to do. But instead of upsetting her father more than he already was she started to dress for school and as soon as she was ready she opened her bedroom door and stepped out onto the landing.
“I’m in here!” Her Father’s voice called from his bedroom and Louise gingerly walked towards the door. He spotted her through the open and smiled affectionately. He was still in her work clothes but his shirt was off and he now sat on the bed in his trousers and a vest.
“I’m sorry Daddy!” Louise mumbled. “I’ll just go to school, shall I?” She turned towards the stairway.
“Wait Louise! Come, sit down on the chair. We need to talk!” Her Father said and Louise obediently sat on the chair opposite her Father on the bed feeling her short grey pleated skirt ride up her thighs as she sat down. He Father looked at her as she dipped her head slightly feeling too embarrassed to look at him. He ran his eyes over her blouse, undone at the neck and noticed the tightness of the thin cotton around her massive young breasts that left little to the imagination. His cock started to stir again. “I saw you, you know?”
Louise looked up at him quizzically. “What?”
“I saw you…………….yesterday!” He let a smile cross his lips. “When I was in my room, um, playing………………and you watched me!”
Louise felt her cheeks redden and she dipped her head looking at her lap again.
“It is okay you know!” He continued as he rose from the bed and Louise looked up to see her Father coming towards her. “And no, you’re not going to school today………………..!” He smiled. “You have a tummy ache remember?” Louise grinned at her Father who was now standing over her looking down at his pretty daughter.
“But……………….but…………….!” Stammered Louise as she looked up at her Father! “Why did you tell me to dress like this?” And then Louise realised exactly why she had been asked to dress like she was now as she watched her Father sit back down on the bed opposite her before grinning and undoing his belt buckle before sliding the zipper on his trousers down to expose his very full looking boxers.

Louise’s eyes were now locked on her Father’s boxers as she watched them being slid down to expose his swelling cock. “You know what turns Daddy on?” He said firmly as his eyes drifted down over his daughter’s curvy body. “Now be a good girl and make Daddy good and hard. Show me those jugs of yours! Strip slowly for Daddy and I’ll wank while I watch you!” Louise noticed a bead of sweat run down over her Father’s temple and felt her cheeks flush again. “Fucking do you cock teasing bitch!” Her Father suddenly said and as he spoke Louise watched his cock swell to full hardness and she trembled slightly as she stood up in front of him. Suddenly as she looked down and saw a bead of precum slip from his cock she felt her nerve endings start to tingle and her nipples started to harden again. “Show me, now!” Her Father demanded and slowly Louise lifted her hands to her blouse. She pursed her lips and smiled down at him. “Does Daddy like my tits?” She cooed grinning.
“Daddy loves your tits!”
“Dressed like this?” She grinned again as she lifted her big breasts through the material of her school blouse, brushing her thumbs gently over her hardening nipples as she did.
“Oh fuck yes!” He smiled back at her. “The best! Now be a good girl for Daddy and let me see those beauties!”
Louise slowly eased the buttons down popping each one by one before turning her back on her Father and glancing back over her shoulder to see his hand firmly clamped around his cock and balls. Once she had opened the blouse fully she turned to expose her white lacy bra that was overflowing with her young breast flesh.
“Show me more!” Came the next demand and Louise reached up between the cups to flick the button at the front and seconds later her big soft teenage breasts were tumbling forwards and out of the bra cups, her nipples now rock hard and pointing at her Father who was jerking his cock fast on the bed.
“Come here, come closer!” Louise Father’s voice sounded raspy as he tried to control his hand movement to avoid cumming too quickly.

Excited by the actions in the room Louise willingly leaned closer towards her Father as he panted his eyes locked on her fresh young fat breasts.
“I want to lick them!” He demanded and Louise shuddered with excitement at the thought of it, having never experienced anything like this before. She leaned closer to his face as he pursed his lips around a juicy nipple. Louise nearly hit the roof as she felt her nipple being licked and sucked so expertly by her Father. He licked the nipple with a slow, upwards stroke on the flat of his tongue, then ran his tongue in circles round the erect bud trying to keep it firm. The nipple itself was now in his mouth and he could feel its gorgeous texture, so tempting as he closed his lips and sucked gently. Louise was now panting and moaning almost continuously as her Father ate her breasts, his lips caressing the areola, his tongue dancing on the hardness of the fat nipples while his free hand supported, stroked and squeezed the pale golden flesh of the whole breast; his other hand rubbed his cock furiously and Louise closed her eyes as the nerve endings sent pulses all around her young teenage body. His mouth was dribbling saliva all over fat breast then he swapped and rubbed the other breast as his hungry mouth encased her other more sensitive nipple.

Her Father released his throbbing member and grabbed his daughter’s other fat breast mauling the soft flesh as he did so. With his hands both full of teenage tit flesh and his mouth busy on Louise’s very responsive nipples she glanced down and could see that his cock was close to bursting. Tentatively she reached down between his legs and closed her hand around his massive hot throbbing veiny shaft and felt a thrill of excitement curse through her body. Her Father couldn't help but let out an almost pain-filled moan. “Oh fuck yes! Wank Daddy!” Wank Daddy hard!” He groaned.

Louise held the throbbing cock tightly in her grip and started to move her hand up and down watching the head intently as it spilt it pre cum watching the sticky fluid slide down over her fingers. “Daddy?” Louise asked.
“Yes, yes, what the fuck is it!” He practically gasped in reply.
“I want it on my tits. Will you please rub your hard cock on my tits!” She panted excitedly. “Like the girl in your magazine!” Her mind shifted to the picture that seemed to turn her on more than most. It was of a very busty dark haired model in her school uniform with a massive cock stuck in her deep cleavage. Louise felt her panties that were now ringing wet. Without waiting for an answer she leaned down and let her big hanging breasts brush her Father’s cock head feeling the precum seep onto her soft skin. He shivered and moaned as he reached back to his shaft and held his pulsating member steady. Louise sighed in satisfaction and held her big soft teenage breasts together rubbing them hard across his rampant cock. She started moaning every time the purple-red head of his cock rubbed against her rock-hard, erect nipples as her Father helped to direct his cock. She started to literally fuck him with her tits, sliding his cock between them, then running her nipple along the bottom side of his shaft, then going back to rubbing the cock head across both of her tits. Her Father was in ecstasy as was his daughter. With one hand on the base of his thick shaft he eased the other hand lower and caressed his balls.

He had to use all his resources to stop himself from cumming just yet but Louise could tell he was incredibly turned on. Probably more than he had ever been while having sex. Not only was this exciting for him, it was also perverted and very dirty. He was tit fucking his teenage daughter and she seemed to love every minute of it!

Louise was now completely overtaken by her own arousal. She had never experienced anything like this and indeed loved it. With her eyes closed she was panting and moaning and could feel all the nerve endings in the most intimate parts of her body going wild with desire
“Cum on my tits……………………….Please Daddy!” She moaned and he simply grunted in response as he started stroking his cock shaft faster, pressing the head towards her massive fleshy mounds as she frantically rubbed her nipples on his wet cock head. It didn't take much for her Father to feel his hot cum rising in his balls; and seconds later he cried out as long, thick streams of sperm shot out of his cock and up onto her hanging tits. She was holding them tightly and pushing them forwards. Her nipples were so sensitive in their engorged and swollen state. Louise suddenly moaned even louder when she watched and felt his cum, and immediately began to rub it into her breast flesh.
“Oh god, fuck!” She purred as she tickled her nipples increasing the intensity of the feelings she was experiencing.

Her Father felt that he would never stop cumming, so much was the excitement of the situation. He continued to shoot massive long strings of sticky liquid onto her and seeing her rubbing it in with such a desire made him determined to squeeze every last drop out. Louise dropped backwards onto her Father’s bed with eyes were closed. He watched intently as she worked her nipples furiously with both hands licking her lips at the same time. Her Father was still in the semi aroused state of orgasm and couldn't decide whether he should reach between his daughter’s legs or just let her get on with whatever she wanted to do to herself. He was so tempted to slide a thick finger into her virgin pussy but knew that time would come at a later stage. Instead and led by his own deep desire for the gorgeous curvy teenager on his bed with the beautiful big breasts, he leaned down towards them and started to lick at his own cum. He started licking round her hand then between her fingers. Louise moaned louder and removed her hand to let him suck her engorged nipple while she concentrated all the attention on her other breast. Her Father licked and sucked with renewed passion and the salty taste of his own sperm had an arousing effect on him. It was less than five minutes after he shot his massive load and although his balls were aching now, he could feel something stirring below again.

He used his mouth in a rougher way now, and Louise seemed to respond to this. She pushed her big young tits into his mouth and pulled on the skin to make her nipples even larger. Her Father stopped licking altogether and was now sucking, with his tongue adding additional pressure and pleasure to the tip. With the growing excitement her breaths increased and her body felt tense. Knowing exactly what to do next her Father stopped sucking and gently bit the nipple with his mouth covering the tip of the breast, while squeezing his daughter’s hand onto the other breast, her fingers tight on her nipple. Louise’s body suddenly went rigid and she started to shake and scream as her Father continued to suck and lick her tits with now renewed aggression.

Finally Louise opened her eyes to see her Father lying alongside her looking down at her smiling.
“You’re a dirty little girl!” He grinned and she smiled back.
“Thank you Daddy!” She smiled then glancing down she noticed her Father’s cock was rock hard again.

“Are you ready for another lesson………………..?” He grinned as he reached over and ran his hand up his teenage daughter’s bare thigh.
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