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My First Shemale Fuck
I am a 23 year old man and for a long time i had been thinking what it would be like to fuck a shemale. I was dying to try this so i decided to go online and try to find someone local to me. On a dating website I found what i was looking for. Her name was Christina and she didnt live that far from me. She had a gorgeous face, an amazing body, great tits but she kept her cock hidden in the picture. I sent her a message and a short time later she replyed. We then swapped phone numbers and began txting each other. We would talk about what I wanted to do and swapped pictures. We then tought it was time to meet so we agreed i would come to her place and we could have some fun there.
I arrived at her house and as i walked to the door i can remember that my hands were shaking I was so nervous. She answered the door and i was greeted by this gorgeous woman. She invited me in and we talked for a few minutes before going to the bedroom. I was told to undress and lie down on my front on the bed. I watched as she undressed and she was wearing a blue bra and thong set and just looked amazing. She got onto the bed and gave me a massage and while doing this pulled my cock back between my legs from underneath me. She said i was very big and we were going to have fun. Then she grabbed my cock and balls at the base and gave them a long hard pull. This felt amazing to me. I was told to turn over and she took off her underwear and for the first tine i saw her cock. It was about 7 inches and a nice thickness. She slipped a condom on each of us then told me to give her a blowjob. I eagerly opened my mouth and took her cock into it. She then grabbed the back of my head and began fucking my mouth. She was fucking my mouth hard and as deep as she could go, i was gagging but it felt amazing. We then got in a 69 and she sucked my cock and i sucked her balls and licked her asshole.
We did this fo a while then we lubed up our cocks and asses. She bent over and rested her hands on the bed and told me to fuck her ass. Of course i wasnt going to say no so i got behind her and lined my cock up with her hole. With one push i went as deep as i could. She told me not to dare cum and that i wasnt allowed to. So i started fucking her ass hard and fast.I kept this going for a while and she was moaning with pleasure i felt myself getting close to cumming so i stopped and she told me to pull out.

She stood up and said it was my turn to be fucked. I lay down on the bed so my ass was just at the edge and lifted my legs up. She stood and lined her cock with my ass and pushed it in slowly. The feeling of it going in wasnt sore at all and felt really good. She slowly started fucking me then without a word began pounding muy ass hard and i mean pounding. This felt amazing cause she was hitting my prostate with evey stroke. My whole body was in in a world of pleasure. I felt like i was going to blow so i tried to grab my cock for some release. She slapped me an said i wasnt allowed to touch myself. I was dying to cum but wasnt allowed to this was just amazing. She kept pounding my ass then all of a sudden pulled out ripped off the condom and came up to my face. She told me to wank my cock and cum cause she was going to cum on my face. She then came on my forehead,my lips and my eye with a massive load. As soon as this happened i blew my load onto my chest some even hit my chin. i was covered in cum and loving it.

We then went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. We jumped into the shower together and washed each other. As i was washing her cock it started to get hard agian so i decided to take her cock in my mouth again. I sucked and sucked and she was moaning in pleasure. I took two fingers and started fingering her ass and found her prostate. I started to Rub and play with it and she was moaning louder and i could tell she was getting close to cumming so i decided i was going to take this load of cum in my mouth. She told me to stop or she was going to cum but i just kept sucking until she started cumming. The first shot went straight down my throat and the rest built up in my mouth. she took her cock out and i swallowed every drop,I then got dried we chatted a bit and arranged to meet again sometime and i left.

This was my first time with a shemale and am hoping to meet up with this one again very soon like we talked about.This is also my first story so please go easy on me.Thanks for reading.

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2015-02-13 05:56:14
Was great

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2015-02-08 02:49:16
I never experienced it .but it must be so pleasure and memorial scene.

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2014-06-26 16:21:24
Have fucked a shemale it is better then great will do it many more times

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2014-02-28 20:55:10
xjaVSo A round of applause for your blog post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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2014-01-21 06:40:04
I would live fucking a shemale in her tight ass hole

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