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A man learns something new about women
This story is based on a true incident but has been enhanced a good bit. Few people think of a woman on her period as a sex object but almost anything can be sexual under the right conditions. If you think menstruation is replusive don't read any further.

Like most unmarried guys the only thing I really knew about girls having their period was that they got grouchy before it came and sex was off limits when they were on. The best you could hope for was a hand job or BJ while the pussy was out of commission. It wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s that I met a woman who gave me the wildest sexual experience I had ever had and opened my eyes to some things about women. I ended up marrying her but that’s another story. At the time this incident took place we had not been dating but a couple of months.
Angie was 25, about 5’ 5” tall and weighed about 130. She could have been considered a little plump but had nice tits and a nice round ass and I thought her body was just fine. Her face was beautiful and her hair was reddish-blond. We got along great and after a few dates we started having sex. She was very passionate in bed but she only had one hang-up, or what I considered a hang up. She would take my dick in her mouth and suck it but I always had to ask and she said she did not want me to cum in her mouth, even by accident. She loved it when I went down on her but she said she just couldn’t bring herself to taste cum. I was willing to accept that since she was great in every other way. I also need to mention that at this point in my life I smoked pot occasionally. Angie had tried it a few times but wasn’t really into it, although she didn’t care if I did it as long as it wasn’t too often.
One night we were supposed to go out but when I got to her apartment she was still dressed in sweat clothes and had a glass of wine in her hand. She said “Andy, I hope you don’t mind if we order Chinese and stay in instead of going out. I’ve been on for the last couple of days and have cramps and generally feel like shit.” I realized what she was talking about and said “That’s fine with me.” After we ate we were sitting on the couch and I said” Maybe getting high would help you feel better. I’ve got a joint with me if you want to try it.” She said “What the hell, it can’t hurt” We smoked it and she laid back and grinned and said” That is better. Thanks.” Pot makes me really horny sometimes and this was one of those times so I moved over next to her and started kissing her. After a while she said “ I’ve heard that having an orgasm will cure cramps. Why don’t you suck on my breasts? Just be gentle, they are a little tender.” She pulled off her sweat shirt and exposed her beautiful soft breasts with their pink nipples and I reacted like a starving baby. After sucking them a while I moved my head slowly down her stomach , kissing her as I went. When I got to her sweat pants I hesitated but it must have been the pot and my extreme horniness that caused me to do what I did then, which was to slowly pull her pants off. She looked startled and said “Andy, don’t forget I’m….” , but her voice faded out. When I got her pants off I stripped naked, with my very hard dick sticking out . I have almost 8 inches and every inch was ready for something . I told her to lie down on the floor and she did. Her eyes had a wild look and I guess she figured I knew what I was doing. I knew she always preferred to use tampons so when I pulled her panties off all I saw was that string hanging out from that lovely auburn pubic hair.. I carefully moved my face close to her and started using the tip of my tongue on her clit. There was no blood and no bad odor or anything like that, just a musty smell a little different from what she usually had but there must have been a lot of hormones or pheromones or something down there because I started feeling crazy. As soon as my tongue touched her clit she grabbed my head and started moaning in pleasure. After a few more minutes she gasped “ Andy, move over me so I can get your dick.” As soon as I did she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. I didn’t know what was going on but we were like dogs in heat. The more I tasted of her the more I wanted so I ran my tongue around her lips as well as on her clit. There was very faint salty taste of blood and it didn’t bother me at all. She was jerking up and down and holding on to my ass while giving my dick the best mouth fuck I had ever had and I was finding creative ways to stimulate her clit. I reached around and stuck my finger in her ass and that sent her to a new level. Suddenly I realized that I was blowing my load in her mouth and she was sucking and swallowing as hard as she could. At that point I was sucking on her clit and since both of us were stoned it seemed like we came for hours. Finally we exhausted ourselves and I rolled off of her and gave her a long kiss. I was tasting my cum and she was tasting her pussy and we loved it. We held on to each other and finally she grinned and said” That last orgasm almost made the tampon pop out.
We lay back on the couch and I said “What the hell just happened?” She smiled a little and said “ I always thought I was a little weird because I get really horny sometimes when I’m on my period but I found out it happens to a lot of women. When I asked you to suck my tits I never dreamed you would move down lower but when you did it got me going too, as you could see.” “I thought you didn’t like to have someone cum in your mouth?” “Well, I usually don’t but you were driving me so insane with pleasure that I wanted to make you just as happy. Let’s just say you are a special case. ” She had put her panties back on but I was still naked and she had been playing with my dick while we were sitting there. It was starting to respond and she looked at it and said “How long before he’s ready for some more action?’ “Not long. I said. Are you going to suck me again?” “If you want me to I will. “ she said. “I’ll suck you and swallow your cum any time from now on, but I had something a little different in mind. She handed me a tube of KY and said “ When you stuck your finger in my ass that was really good. I was thinking that if you stuck your dick in there it might be even better. Just lube it up good.” As she spoke she turned around and pulled the panties down. Her round white cheeks and sweet little asshole were waiting for me. My dick was ready to go by then and I spread plenty of jelly and put the tip against her. “Relax baby”. I said as I spread her cheeks and started it in. When it was halfway in she gasped “That’s enough for now Andy.” I started moving in and out and at the same time gently rubbing her pussy lips. Her ass was hot and tight and I went faster and faster. She was squealing with pleasure and when I came I was amazed that I still had that much cum left after what she had sucked out of me. By this time we were totally exhausted and decided it was time for bed. We showered and enjoyed washing each other’s bodies. She let me watch as she put in a new tampon since I had never seen it done before. As we went to sleep she said “You’re quite a guy. Are you going to be around next month if I need you?” And I replied “ What do you think?”

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2011-08-26 19:18:23
My wife and I used to do that when we were dating. I would have pulled the tampon out of her pussy by the string, before licking all round her clit and pussy, and then sticking my tongue right inside her and tasting her juices and blood - it is so horny. After i made her cum I would stick my cock into her and fuck her until I came inside her, amazing!!!

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2010-10-27 13:41:05
I did almost the same thing with my ex, except I put an old towel on the bed and put it right in her pussy. The extra lubrication felt good and she claimed that it made her period eaiser and shorter. By the the time we split we had a special stack of towels, we just called them pussy towels.

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