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I really fancied my Step Mother
School days.
I really fancied my Step Mother. I was fourteen and she must have been fifty. Maybe nothing special to write home about. Heavy built, like you imagine a fifty year old women to be. Big bosom, broad hips and sturdy legs; I'm not talking beauty queen here. She was blonde with a perm and her perfume was Yardley lavender. She gave me a hard on even when I was eating.
Let me put you in the picture. The time is about nineteen fifty two. My Dad is home from the war and has married again after the death of my real mum. I am brought from the convent where I have been living during the last two years while dad got himself out of the army and into a position where he could look after me. We live in south London, he has a job in a hospital and my step mum has a job in a different hospital. Dad works nights one week in three.
Me? I'm just an ordinary fifties kid. I spend a good deal of my time with other kids from school. We do a bit of shoplifting, and bit of running around the place just for the hell of it and a lot of wanking as we have all by now begun to get mysterious erections just when we don't want them. Girls? You must be joking. We occasionally get a glimpse of some knickers during playtime when the girls do handstands against the school wall. Some of them are a bit sloppy when it comes to tucking skirts up. Robbie tells us about his sister's fanny and reckons he has put his finger in it but the reality is that the five fingered widow is our only sexual outlet. Bicycle sheds are a myth.

In hindsight I suppose I was the most advanced having experienced an older woman's attentions. That was one afternoon in the cinema. The place was almost empty and I had stationed myself at the back illegally, my cheap ticket should have had me at the front but just the idea of getting a better seat made me creep up to the back without anyone noticing.
Sat there this particular afternoon and this woman came and sat next to me. She had taken her coat off and made a bit of a fuss about laying it over her knees. At fourteen you didn't say anything to adults in those days. If they wanted to faff about with their coats you let them faff about. We sat watching the film, black and white and totally incomprehensible to me. I became aware that she had moved her hand under the coat and pushed it onto my knee. She began to work on my knee and I sat wondering what my response should be. Given that I was at heart a dirty little sod the answer was clear. Nothing.
She must have realised that I didn't mind when I pulled the coat a little higher so that anyone glancing over couldn't see the massive erection that was now lifting my fly into some sort of circus tent. She got up there pretty quick and I helped her with the buttons. Both of us stared fixedly at the screen despite being oblivious to the actors efforts at entertainment. She now had my prick in a good grip and was beginning a lovely slow wank. I reached over for her leg and she parted and let me push up until I found the gauzy material of her knickers. She reached in with her other hand and pulled them to one side letting me into her juicy, hot cunt. We worked each other off, she expertly and me in the best fashion I could remember from Robbie's reports about his sister's pussy.
She used her right hand to direct my fingers and for the first time in my life I felt the hard nub of a clitoris. I rubbed on that spot like there was no tomorrow. My wrist ached but I kept at it and then felt a first time experience; a cunt in orgasm. It sucked on my fingers like a real mouth, I felt she could have sucked my whole arm up her. The seat creaked as she clenched her buttocks and urged her hips. Finally she pushed the coat down from my cock and really started to wank me. She was good and could feel me losing control. Just at the right moment she leaned down and took me in her mouth. I shot my load, once, twice, three times and she just kept on swallowing. I held her hair and worked into her throat. She took it.
And then it was all over. She sat up and straightened the coat and we watched the rest of the film. I did my fly up and I felt her urging her knickers into some sort of order. The lights came up at the end of the film and I turned to look at her. She had a long face and the thickest glasses I had ever seen. She was definitely not good looking. I never like to say people are ugly but she came real close. We said nothing and neither of us smiled at the other. She finally got up and left. I went to the pictures as many times as I could get the money on Tuesday afternoons but I never saw her again. I did wank for weeks on the memory of her cunt and mouth and in later life learned the old wisdom 'You don't have to look at the mantelpiece while you poke the fire'.
So, my first sexual experience under my belt. I never told any of the other kids about it. It was my treasure and I would share it with no one.

Back to my step mum.
Dad would work nights at the hospital one week in three and during the cold months we would spend the afternoons in the front room which was also my bedroom. In those days you didn't have your own room like the kids do now. My bed was in the front room and when I was not in it the room became an airy sitting room. It had the most comfortable chairs in the house and a side board full of drinks plus a cabinet with shelves for photographs. Sunday afternoons the fire would be lit and the three of us gather in that room. At about six, just after tea, Dad would set off for work and leave Mum and I to the fire and our own devices. No TV in those days so mostly we would read or perhaps play cards or listen to the radio which was of course called a wireless. When it got late Mum would order me off to bed which meant that I just cleaned my teeth, came back up, got undressed in front of the fire and retired beneath the sheets. A bit later she would do the same. When she came back from teeth brushing she would have her nighty and dressing gown with her and order me to lay on my stomach facing away from her while she undressed in front of the fire.
I longed, week after week to turn round and see her undressing. I almost broke out in a sweat fighting that urge. I could hear her clothes coming off.
Just turn my head, by accident maybe; impossible. Then I had an idea. I moved one of the photographs onto a lower shelf and angled it so that it reflected the fireplace. I got it set up and when she started her undress routine I was overjoyed to discover that I had a good view of her; backlit by the fire, cross lit by the standard lamp behind her chair. Skirt and blouse came off and for the first time I could see her bra; full to overflowing! Her petticoat came off and there she stood with her knickers and suspenders in full view of my reflecting photo frame. Then the knickers came down. She had a chubby mound at the base of her belly and I could clearly see the cleft of her quim beneath the cloud of blonde pubic hair. Then came the surprise. She pushed her finger down the cleft and parted her legs. With her other hand she unclipped her stockings and pushed them down her thighs. I lay dead still, my cock against my tummy and weeping juice into the sheet. She eased the belt undone and then reached behind her and undid the bra. Her big tits seemed to flow out of the garment, great teardrops of flesh with big nipples. I could scarcely breath. She carried on working between her legs and I then think she must have come. Her whole body went rigid and she hung on to the mantelpiece. Her hand slowed down and she reached over and took her knickers and wiped herself dry with them. She pulled her nighty on over her head and then slipped her dressing gown on.
'Right', she said, 'time for bed,' and she came over and kissed my cheek then put the guard in front of the fire and turned out the lights and went off to her own room.
I had a wank!. I would have to wait three weeks for the next performance. I would die in the mean time!

Die I didn't but I began to look at step mom in a different way. I could put shape to her nineteen fifties bosom. I knew what lay beneath her skirt, the vee with the blonde bush. Her legs were no mystery to me. I wanked myself stupid watching her frig her fanny and won all the competitions for coming that us lads had in the old bombsite. At fourteen I had unlimited stamina.

The Sunday night came. Dad set off for work. The fire crackled and mum listened to the wireless and read her book. I got changed for bed and had to face away as my cock tended to get hard at the slightest thought.
The time came, I turned away and focused my gaze on the glass front of the photoframe. Same as before. Skirt and blouse, then petticoat then knickers. Again she slide her finger down into the slit of her quim and began to work herself off. As she got more excited so she unclipped her stockings then the suspender belt and finally reached behind her to unfasten her bra. Her tits spilled out and she rubbed her quim harder. I could bear it no more. I turned over and pushed the sheet down to reveal my cock standing totally erect. It looked bigger than I had ever seen it before and I began to wank myself off.
Quite by accident I had chosen a moment when her eyes were closed. I was able to watch as she pushed her fingers into herself, making the lips of her vagina bulge. She went in right up to her knuckles. She opened her eyes and time stopped. Reality rushed in on both of us. She grabbed her night dress and gathered it up to her breasts. I pulled the sheet over my throbbing hard. We both stayed absolutely still.
The stepmother took over,
'What are you doing for goodness sake?'
The cheeky kid took over,
'Same as you, wanking.'
The clock ticked, the fire shifted in the grate then she came over to the bed and lifted the sheet.
'You're getting a big boy now aren't you?'
I think back now and smile; what a classic line but really the only thing you can say when you are almost there and get confronted with a cock as big as mine. I guess she figured that you can't go back from being caught having a wank. Most people would sooner be caught murdering someone, you have an outside excuse then. Being caught with your finger up your fanny or your fist round your cock says only one thing; dirty bugger.
She sat down on the edge of the bed and reached out for it. I thought I would die of pleasure, the top oozed a bead of love juice and she gently rubbed it with her finger over my swollen helmet. She let the nightdress fall so that I could see her tits. I put my hand on her thigh and she didn't object. She was squeezing my cock gently so I advanced my hand up her thigh eventually pushing my fingers into her wet pussy. We said nothing.
'Do you come?'
I told her yes.
'What do you imagine?'
'Have you ever done it with a girl?'
'No, I just imagine doing it with you'.
'Do you know how?
'I think so.' My confidence was based on two photo's that Robbie had got hold of. One showed a woman undressing and the other showed her with her legs in the air and a big guy with his prick just entering her. I figured that was how you did it.
'I'll show you, move over.'
She got into bed and hauled me on top of her. She was so warm and soft. Her tits were unbelievable. Soft and firm, the nipples hard. I treated myself to a handful. She still did not object. Then she was reaching down and to find my knob, I felt her rub it between the lips of her cunt then she reached behind me and pulled my bum in so that the length pushed into her slippery sheath. Instinct took over and I began to shag her. Here cunt was beautiful; hot and moving as if to suck on my thrusting cock. Her mound pushed against my own pubic bush. I wanted to get further up her. I wanted to get my balls into her. I shagged harder.
'If you think you are going to come slow down. Make it last.' she was breathing heavily as she whispered this into my ear. I slowed down and she pushed her nipple into my mouth. I had to slow down even more. My cock was close to coming, I wanted to come but sensed that she wanted me to wait. Suddenly I knew why. Her hips heaved beneath me and her nails dug into my back.
'Fuck me hard! Come in me! Now! Fuck me, fuck! fuck! fuck! ahhh!'
Her cunt began to suck on my cock and I let go. I have never come so much in my life. My first time in a woman and I seemed intent on filling her with every drop of spunk I could muster. We were both gasping and then she clamped her mouth to mine and sucked my tongue into hers. We French kissed for ages and her wet pussy dribbled our juice over my balls.
She rolled me off her and wiped herself with the sheet.
'We'll have to change these,' she said and sent me off to get clean ones then we remade my bed, both of us still naked. When we had finished she drew me to her and again kissed my mouth. My cock began to harden again. She knelt down and took it in her mouth gently lifting my balls as she moved her lips down the shaft. Her tongue never stopped moving and I came again. She swallowed and then sucked me clean.
'This must be our most closely guarded secret,' she said, 'no hint of this must get out to your Father or anyone else. No telling your mates, nothing. Understand? This is between us and us alone.'
I understood.

As step mum and step son we had been just ok. It is a curious relationship, entirely false really. You get dragged into a situation because your father fancies some woman. You may naturally like her or even more naturally hate her. The step relationship confers no special privilege on either side. We had got on just ok. As lovers we were fantastic. So fantastic that the situation became difficult. To be the step mum came hard when you loved the boy you were trying to discipline. She would touch me secretly when Dad was out of sight. She would kiss me while Dad read the paper in the sitting room. She would let me feel her tits and guide my hand up her skirt to give me a hard on then slip it out and suck me off. I would then have to get on with the washing up when Dad came out to see if there was a cup of tea on the go. When Dad was on nights I spent the week in her bed. We fucked each other to sleep, I would wake up in her so still had exhaustion rendered us. Other mornings I would be wakened as she fondled my piss hard, wanting it's unyielding tightness in her early morning cunt. I would fuck her on my full bladder threatening to piss the bed at every thrust.
She taught me how to lick her cunt, taught me how bring her almost to climax then give her my cock in her mouth so that we could come together; her wanking herself and working my tip into her hungry throat. I pumped her full of spunk again and again with all the virility of youth.
Then Dad found out.
Oh not about me fucking his wife. That we kept a deadly secret. No, he found out I was skipping school.
Whisked me to the recruiting office and signed me up for the army a month after I was fifteen. I was devastated. Six weeks away from home. Six weeks of being pushed from pillar to post. Six weeks of no step mom.
Had I known what was to come I wouldn't have worried quite so much. Up until then I hadn't met Mrs Dixon... but that is another story.


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Good story, but I wished you had made her a little younger.

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u spelled cum wrong u selled it come other wise good job jjout

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