I met Jeff when I was 12, he was 16

Jeff and I became fast friends. One day while we were wrestling ( I'm sure you know where this is going...) I felt something hard against my crotch. He pinned me down and started rubbing his cock against me. I was embarrassed. This kid was huge, one of those early bloomers 6ft tall and well hung. And I was scared.
So I yelled and made him get off. The next time we were together, His father took us out to the Mississippi River to go water skiing we had a blast, Jeff asked his dad to drop us off on one of the secluded islands. We got off the boat Jeff with a back pack and I with just my swim suit. As soon as his Dad was out of sight Jeff literally jumped on me. Kissing me and holding me. I tried to fight, but he was so much bigger. His tongue probed my mouth and I gagged. He stopped and said "Fuck You ! you're mine now and know one can hear you" He layed out a blanket and a jar of vasaline. When I saw the jar, I got scared. I started to move away and he grabbed me again. He pulled me down to ground and started to grind into me again kissing me.

I couldn't help it I started to get excited. He noticed and said "See, I knew you would like it...I'll suck you first. He held me tight with one hand on my throat nearly choking me and pulled down my suit. He moved over me in a 69 position (his suit still on) and began to suck me holding my shoulders with his knees
and my legs apart with his hands. It did feel great. he slid his mouth up and down my cock, so slippery with saliva it was dripping over my balls and down the crack of my ass. With one hand he pulled down his suit and his cock fell free. It was huge.

7 inches and at least 2 inches thick. I tried to fit it in my mouth but could only get the head in and some of the shaft. meanwhile he had taken some of his spit and lubed my little asshole. he slid a finger in...It felt so good....he slipped two fingers in...I almost came....He rocked me back and locked my calves under his arms...and inserted 3 very well lubed, long fingers into me. pumping me. I wanted to scream...

"You're ready now" he said "do you want to be on your back or doggy style?" I must have looked at him with fear in my eyes because he smiled and said. "I'll be gentle."

He covered his monster cock with vasaline and stroked it till it was glistening the scooped out another glob and lubed my hole. He slipped in the head, I thought I would die from the pain, He pushed deeper watching the tears roll down my cheeks. His face very serious, concerned. he moved deeper inside me and slowly withdrew almost out and then ....back in. He reached my sweet spot and I moaned. He took my cock in his pumped me to the rythmn of his fucking...a smile slowly crossed his face as he watched my pleasure. He bent over to kiss me, this time not so violently, My lips, my mouth, my cock and my ass all being touched or fucked. I started to cum, all over myself.He plunged deeper. crying out, one long "YeSSSSS!" he pulled out squirting more cum all over me. "I knew you'd like it" he said. My poor little hole was pulsing, a kind of strange pain /pleasure

"Let's go swim and wash off" Jeff said.

As we got into the water we heard "Hello?" a male voice was yelling from the woods.

An older man came out carrying a fishing pole and smiling.

To this day I still wonder if the old man watched my initiation/rape or came out ....just in time.

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2012-12-20 19:15:15
Jeff Green, one of the editors, talks at letngh about the review process and how it broke down and allowed the review to be posted. And here is where the breakdown occurred, and here's where we can find fault. Because in my head, at this moment, I knew it still wasn't quite there. It was BETTER, a lot better, but it was still nagging at me and I didn't listen to my gut. Why? Pick your excuse. I have a million things to do. I can't baby every single article through the process. I had a new magazine coming out that I was trying to pay attention to. I had 20 phone calls to return. I had next month's cover story to organize. I had a new employee to hire. And, on top of everything else, 1UP still wanted this thing right now. And he concludes: Understand one thing: This was a lose-lose for us. We fucked up, and now we were gonna pay. We look stupid either way. Keep it up, and have an article that wasn't ready keep getting read AND then appear in print, making more and more people unhappy. P

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2008-07-05 23:00:24
i wish i is longer hehehehe


2007-11-18 11:44:53
fantastic story


2007-02-17 23:28:10
I keep reading it and cuming!


2007-02-03 20:13:25
Sucked. I'm guessing all of you are on crack. Mike, retake second grade, i'm sure they'll give you grammar lessons.

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