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my story comes to an end, you might complain as one has before about it being lame, but i have tried to keep it as fact and not fiction.
In a six year period Felicity and I had two sons, I was now head green keeper at the golf club, with the boys growing up I got them pushbikes and it was a regular occurrence that I had to fix them up, so I gained a good knowledge of their workings, I also fixed the neighbourhood kids bikes, their parents seeing me later to pay for any new parts I got, it came to pass I had half a dozen pushbike’s in the garage that my two had grown out of, I didn’t throw them out as they would come in handy for grandkids.

My youngest Andrew, now 15 was off fishing with some of his mate’s, I was on holiday planning on painting the out side of the house, I had everything ready when Andrew came dashing down the road, “Dad, dad, come quick” I went to the bottom of the path to see what was up, I could see up the road his mates coming towards us and the girl from over the road, Louise, 14, with them, I wondered what was wrong, “Dad, can you help Louise, she’s got her skirt caught in the chain” I took the bike from his friend and said to Louise we had better go into the garage where my tools were and hopefully I could sort it out for her, the boys asked if they were needed, “No thanks I think I can manage now” I knelt to see how tangled her skirt was, it looked really caught up, “It might be easier for me to free it if you took your skirt off” a look of horror came over her face, “What’s wrong”? “I’m not wearing any knickers” it took a second or two for me to take this in, “Oh I see, is that wise”? “Mom say’s its more hygienic not wearing any” she took a breath “I do wear them for school though, it’s only when I’m out playing and such” I sat back thinking for a while, “Ok I’ll tell you what I’ll do, if I get you a pair of shorts to put on, will that be OK”? “It should be” I went in and found a pair of my shorts, back in the garage Louise slipped them on then unfastened her skirt, she stepped out of it and I lifted the bike onto my work bench, it took a few minutes for me to free her skirt, I managed it without tearing her skirt, although it was covered in oil and grease.

She thanked me, put the skirt back on and pulled the shorts off, dropping them in my hand she left, they were warm from her wearing them and for a few seconds the thought of her young pussy being contained in them flashed threw my mind, I was brought back to the now with my phone ringing, it was Felicity, “I’m going to be late tonight, we’ve got a staff meeting, I’ll grab something here if you can sort out something for you and the boy’s” “No problem, see you later” I got busy with the painting and had the windows finished for lunch, one coat any way, I had a bite to eat and set to work again, about half an hour passed, I was kneeling as I was cleaning my brush’s, when I heard my name called, looking up Louise was right there, astride her bike, “Mom wasn’t very pleased with me dirtying my skirt, I’ve got a shorter one on now so this wont get caught, this was obvious and how she was sitting I could see right up it and there was her pussy looking back at me, she must have know I could see her, but she didn’t seem to be bothered.

She chatted for a few minutes then was off; I finished prepping the walls and cleaned up so I could cook our meal. The next day I was up the ladder when Louise came asking if I could mend her puncture, with this done she said her saddle was a little low for her and could I raise it, she stood to show me, I had her move back, loosening the nut I lifted it a little, she tried it, it was a little high, I said to step back so I could adjust it, she just smiled and told me I could tell better if she stayed as she was, this was standing over the saddle, I looked at the saddle and then into her eyes, she just shrugged her shoulders, slipping my hand under her, to the saddle, she giggled, then sat down, “Oh silly me, look what I’ve done” the warmth of her pussy on the back of my hand went straight to my cock.

My trousers tented out in seconds, only a blind man wouldn’t have seen this, Louise looked down, “Now look at what I’ve done” she wriggled her ass a little, her pussy rubbing against my hand, looking into my eyes she said “Mom’s always told me to finish what I start, so I better take care of this for you”, at that she dropped her hand to the bulge. There wasn’t a lot I could do to stop her as she still had my hand trapped, tugging the zip down she slipped her hand into my trousers and underwear, “Nice cock, “You know you shouldn’t be doing that” “I know, so what are you going to do about it”? “I could bend you over the bench and give you a good fucking” “OH yes please” she jumped up and bent over the bench, lifting her skirt up she cried, “Come on then, give me a good fucking” I moved to her unfastening my trousers, they dropped to my feet as I was standing behind her, I didn’t bother with any formalities, I shoved hard and fast, she took a deep breath as I entered her, my balls slapped against her as I reached my full length. “Oh God” I withdrew then pushed back hard, she groaned, then looked back, “Is that the best you can do”? I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me, then with strong hard thrusts I fucked her tight pussy, she gripped the bench, her knuckles turning white.

It took two minutes for her to have her first orgasm, her head came back and she groaned, I kept up my attack on her pussy, jabbing my cock into her for a further three minutes, I picked up my pace again, she had multi orgasms for the next four or so minutes shaking violently each time, soft squelching noises filled the garage, she looked back, “Come already, for Fuck sake, cum before my pussy set’s alight” a minute later she had her wish, I pumped my cock hard into her, my cock tingled and I shot five or six good wads of cum into her, she was shaking and trembling for a minute after I had withdrew from her, I reached for the box of tissues and cleaned my cock. As Louise calmed down I saw my spunk running down her legs, she turned around and leaned back against the bench, “you were true to your word, that was a good fucking” she pulled me to her, kissed me and asked where the bathroom was. She slipped in and I heard her taking a pee, then the water running, she came back out a few minutes later saying she had emptied my spunk from her pussy, with a hug she added, “I couldn’t go home with it running down my legs, mom wouldn’t have been too pleased” she grabbed her bike and walked down the path her legs still shaking.

The following day I was working up the ladder when Louise came down to see me, so she could talk to me she just walked straight into the house and cane up into the bedroom where I was painting the windows, she leaned on the widows sill and chatted for a few minutes, then she sat back on the bed and pulled her legs up to her waist, laying back she started fingering herself, looking at me as she did this, sucking her fingers a couple of times, before plunging them back in her pussy, “I couldn’t get to sleep last night from thinking about you fucking me, and I had to finger myself for half an hour before I dropped off” I was down my ladder in a flash and took the stairs three at a time, as I entered my room Louise had stripped off, now naked on my bed, her arms and legs open wide. I was out of my clothes in seconds and going down on her.

Pressing my mouth into her pussy I drank in her sweet smell, then my tongue worked up and down her slit, she was soaking wet so with a little push, my tongue parted her lips and I found her clit, sucking and nibbling this for three minutes, coming down a fraction my tongue went into her pussy hole, she came filling my mouth with her juices, I lapped it all up, she pushed my head away and told me to “Get up here and give me a good fucking” I was balls deep before she had finished talking, slamming my cock in and out of her she screamed, “Oh Fuck, Oh fuck, Fuck, Fuck, I’m going to cum” her muscles tightened and held my cock tight, she shook her head from side to side and groaned, her back came off the bed and she went stiff, as she calmed down I thrust hard into her, my cock twitched and I filled her womb with my seed. We lay cuddling for about ten minutes, she then kissed her way down to my cock and proceeded to kiss and suck my cock, cleaning all our combined juices off of it, naturally I was solid in a few minutes, she moved up and sat over my hips, taking my cock in her hand she feed it into her pussy as she sat down, dropping onto my chest she kissed me, “I love the feel of your cock, and never want another” very slowly she moved her hips back and forth, for ten minute she moved this way, then as she had yet another orgasm, she picked up her pace, and she was rewarded a few minutes later with a second load of my cum.

This was the start of our 9 year relationship, I don’t know if Felicity was aware of us, if she was she didn’t show it, I was keeping her happy in bed so I guessed she would give me a break and my bit on the side, Louise and I only finished our relationship when she married, I hadn’t know she had been seeing someone else, but I was happy for her as she could have what I couldn’t give her, a stable life. As she walked down the Isle on her fathers arm, towards her new husband, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as she had a pussy full of my seed, if they hadn’t moved more than a hundred miles away I think we would have continued seeing each other. I had a letter from her three months later saying she was pregnant, she didn't come right out saying the child was mine, but it was a good chance it was.

My family life settled back into a relaxed and comfortable existence. My boys married and gave Felicity and me grand children, we had a wonderful time, we were young again when taking them out on trips and just having them staying with us for a few days. I did have the chance of getting with a girl who came to the club on work experience, many times she came into my office in her shorts and bikini top, why I didn’t take advantage was down to her father being a senior police man, and I just couldn’t risk anything happening.

It was my 60th birthday the other week, as well as friends and family Julie, Diane, Becky and their family’s came, Louise had immigrated to Australia by now, so she sent a video with birthday greetings, Tony was there with his family, I knew these as we had remained friends all these years. I had photos taken with each family group, when it came to Becky and her daughters and grand daughter, she asked to sit on my lap, I thought nothing of it, she was 11 and the image of Becky. It was a long but enjoyable day and all these memories came back to me, which is why I thought I would share them with you. Looking back at my life, I was one lucky chap.


Or is it, Becky phoned saying her grand daughter hadn’t stopped talking about me and asked Becky if she could tell her a secret, Becky told her she could, “When I sat on Uncle Andy’s lap for the photo, I could feel his cock pushing on my pussy” Becky looked shocked, but not as much as when her grand daughter said “I know why men’s cocks get hard, it’s so they can fuck, Do you think he wanted to fuck me”? Talk about children growing up fast these day’s, she’s hardly out of nappies and knows about sex. Becky and her grand daughter are due here in an hour. I will resist, honest I will

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i like sex mmmgiggity

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