This isnt actually my story this story was posted on storiesonline (dot) net by the author cazna rochester and was posted on xnxx by someone else but they didnt post the full story and i will be posting it all
Day 23 - Saturday

It's five o'clock in the morning when John withdraws from the last of the girls and turns to leave the pool. He stops as Brooke ushers in Mrs Lincoln and Mrs Bellingham with wide smiles as they take up position in the pool. Moving behind Mrs Lincoln he feels her up for a moment to make sure she's wet before he slides into her. This isn't the first time he's had sex with the two women as earlier in the holidays both their husbands gave him permission to fuck their wives, just as the wives gave the men permission to fuck the girls. At twenty past he's withdrawing from a very happy Mrs Bellingham when Brooke brings the two girls from last night to the poolside, saying, "Out of the pool now Uncle John. You have two virgins to train." He can tell both girls are both frightened and excited.

Standing in front of them he starts drying as he says, "Tell them how to suck cock." Brooke puts a hand on top of each of their heads and pushes down as she instructs them on cock sucking. While he dries the rest of himself the girls are licking and sucking his dick. They can't believe it's still stiff after spending the night fucking that long line of women and girls. In order to better instruct the girls Brooke kneels behind them and slips a hand into each of their pussies to play with them while she whispers instructions to them. They're both soon very wet and ready. When John can sense they're not so frightened or tense he tells them to lie on the grass with their legs spread. They quickly follow orders and are ready for him. Dropping to his knees between the thighs of Bob's sister, Rose, he kisses his way up her legs. On reaching her pussy he licks around it as he spreads her labia with his left hand. He licks up her slit and tongues her clit as she moans at his pleasure assault. Placing his mouth over her clit he sucks on it as she bucks her way through two orgasms before he stops. Kissing his way up her body he stops to suck on her breasts to elicit more moans of pleasure. Moving on to her mouth he kisses her as he slides a stiff 3M into her wet and waiting vagina. Her eyes open as she feels him enter her. Beside her Erin, her best friend and her brother's girlfriend, is finger fucking herself to another orgasm as she watches. John spends the next fifteen minutes gently fucking Rose to numerous orgasms before she passes out from a pleasure overload.

Withdrawing from Rose John looks at Erin and smiles at the look of lust in her eyes as she lies there with Brooke's hand in her with the wrist out of sight inside Erin. At his touch on her shoulder Brooke withdraws her hand and moves back as John moves to cover Erin. Slowly he enters her and gently fucks her to numerous orgasms over the next several minutes. She's almost out of it when Rose returns to the land of the living and starts playing with her sore clit while watching them. John withdraws from Erin and places the girls' hands in each others pussies as he moves to Brooke and enters her.

Knowing Brooke is more experienced he starts a fucking vigorous action with her to her pleasure. He expects the three of them to moan when Brooke reaches her first orgasm of this fuck but he's a bit surprised when he hears a dozen or so moans. As he rapidly fucks Brooke to another orgasm he looks around to see about twenty girls watching them as they finger fuck themselves or a friend. It's nearly six o'clock when he slows down and fills Brooke's womb. He's just withdrawing when he hears Beth say, "Cream pie, please." He comes again right at the entrance to her vagina. As he moves away Beth slides in to start eating Brooke's cream pie. Seeing this causes Rose and Erin to come again as Melody drops down to suck John's dick clean. With it clean she nods at Beth. John smiles and moves behind her. As he touches her thighs to spread them more Beth lifts her head to make sure it's him. Smiling, she lowers her head back to her task. John quickly slides into her and starts to give her a thorough fucking. Fast and furiously he fucks her to several orgasms while she eats Brooke to several more too. He stops only when Gwen walks up and says, "OK you lot you're late for your baths. Liz, your turn to get the papers and cop a feel."

Erin says, "What's this about the papers?"

Brooke says, "We've been having a nude pool party for the last two weeks. On the first morning someone wanted the papers and raced out nude to get them. The poor boy had a huge erection at the sight of a nude female and came in his pants when she got close. Since then we've been having fun with him by taking turns to get the papers nude. Last week we upped the ante by kissing him as well. Every day he gets an erection and loses it when we get close. Some of the girls like to grab hold of his dick as they kiss him and feel it go down as he comes in his pants. It's great fun, we enjoy it, he clearly enjoys it, and the neighbours enjoy watching the game, so it's no harm."

Erin laughs very hard, "Mum would have kittens to learn what you're doing to him." They look at her, "My brother James is your paper boy. We've wondered why he's been so conscientious about doing his run of late. I'm supposed to be at a sleep over with Rose this weekend, can we get tomorrow's papers?" Laughing, Brooke nods as everyone heads upstairs for their baths.

John takes his time over the baths and gives everyone a short two minute auto fuck as he washes them. Rose and Erin are last and are surprised when their turn in the queue has them watching as the three before them get washed while mounted on John's stiff dick. They're wet and ready by the time it's their turn. These two he gives a five minute auto fuck each. Brooke grins as she helps them out of the bath and lies them down in his bed after drying them. While waiting for their bath they watched from the upstairs windows as James got kissed and felt up by Liz and had a huge laugh at his reaction.

To breakfast and a briefing on last night. After telling the regular household what happened he tells Brooke about having to visit the dungeon later oday and why. With a grin Brooke suggests they take Rose, Erin, Bob, Belinda, Paris, Dallas, Houston, and Gabriela, with Gabriela and Bob as a mistress and master with a change half way through to make Bob a slave to Belinda. John laughs at the idea and agrees.



After breakfast is a trip to the shops with Wendy and Carmen as John takes them for their first supervised visits with their mothers. Brooke arranged for them to meet at the mall and do some shopping afterwards. They meet at a coffee shop in the mall and John has two tables near each other so he can be handy to either as required. Mrs Delling is hesitant at first and soon settles down for a good talk with Carmen after John explains what he's done and why. For the first time in over a decade mother and daughter are friendly with each other. Wendy's mother turns up with her new boyfriend and they have a good talk while John talks to the boyfriend. For the first time since Ruiz moved in Wendy and her mother can talk calmly to each other. All women are wearing happy smiles as the time nears for the end of the meeting and they pack up to go their own ways. John arranges for Mrs Delling to meet him at the Masters residence later to visit JT.

They stop in at Victoria's Secret for John buy a few things for all the household residents and staff. While there he chats with Elise. As he's leaving, she says, "See you later." Thinking she's dropping by for a swim later he nods and leaves the store. On the way back they collect groceries Gwen ordered and arrive back in time for lunch.

After lunch John looks for Gabriela. Coming up behind her in the pool he reaches around to fondle her breasts and pulls her to him as he says, "Gabby dear, how would you like to visit the dungeon again, this time as a mistress?" She gulps and and slowly nods. She knows she doesn't want to go as a slave again but that was the best sex she's had or heard of and she does want to enjoy something like it again. They get out and dried as Brooke gathers together the rest of the team for this afternoon's games. Gwen gets everyone else together to collect all the rubbish and put it in the skips while the designated group put on track suits and head down to the Masters' residence.

When John, Brooke, Rose, Erin, Belinda, Paris, Dallas, Houston, Bob, and Gabriela arrive they're shown in by Alice. They all wait in the lounge room where they watch the cleaning crew at work under Alice.

Shortly afterwards Mrs Delling arrives and is shown in. When she walks in the lounge room and sees JT in his maid outfit cleaning with his duster dick she bursts out laughing. JT is given permission to answer her questions truthfully. After she finds out he's just a fuck toy for some domineering women and gets no pleasure from the sex as they have a way of turning his dick on and off she laughs so hard she has to dash for the toilet. After spending about fifteen minutes with him she asks to speak to John before she leaves. At the front door, she says, "John, I doubt I'll ever come and visit my ex-son again. But I thank you for seeing he finally has a useful purpose in life. I also thank you for letting me see this as it's the best laugh I've had in decades. I'll call to visit Carmen again if I can as she's finally turned into a nice woman. Thank you for saving her." She gives him a hug and leaves.

Ten minutes later Johnson turns up with the prisoner and slaves. Once they're in the house John takes the new man aside into another room and applies his skill. He soon learns the man is much worse than thought and he has no concerns with programming him into being a slave. Shortly after that he leads the group down to the dungeon.

In the dungeon he tells everyone to get undressed. John sets out the order of things with the slave males as junior slaves, Bob is a master with Belinda as his personal slave, causing her a bit of consternation as she was expecting the reverse. He designates Gabriela as a mistress with Paris, Dallas, and Houston as her personal slaves and Brooke as a mistress with Rose and Erin as her personal slaves. He tells them to sit down with their personal slaves and get acquainted as they can't start the games until all the other players arrive and the auction is held. When they all look at him he points to the nine junior slaves and says, "These slaves are here for sale today." They all look at him wide eyed, "These criminals were to be executed and I chose to make them into slaves instead. Now I'm here to sell them at an auction Barbara is organising." A very happy Bob sits down and has Belinda suck his cock before sitting in his lap with his dick in her. Gabriela sits down with Paris eating her pussy while the twins suck on her tits, a very happy girl. Brooke has Rose sit in her lap while Erin takes turns licking their pussies. John goes and fucks Paris from behind.


Slave Auction

Alice shows in Elise with May, Daisy, Vanessa, and a pretty, petite young girl wearing slave collars; Elise has Daisy and the new girl by a lead each while May is leading Vanessa. Elise smiles and waves at John as she leads them over. As they strip she says, "You don't know how happy I was to hear some slaves were for sale and to find out you'll be here was a nice surprise. I hope to make some savings by doing some swaps, as do the others."

Smiling, John reaches out and says, "Hand me the leads while you examine the items on sale. The nine men standing up are for sale at $20,000 each." Elise hands over the leads she has and clips another to May's collar which she hands to John too. May is surprised and gulps when a lead is clipped on her collar. While Elise examines the men John talks to the girls and finds out May is a switch while Daisy and Vanessa are casual slaves and the new girl wishes to be a permanent slave; she's also a virgin and has only been with girls or women despite being eighteen years old.

Soon after Barbara, Deborah, and Julie arrive with two women in their forties who've four slave girls each with them, all late teens or early twenties and leads on their collars. They all strip and the two new women in leather mistress outfits hand John slave the leads as they go to examine the men. The three women are soon talking about the men and deciding who wants who. John quietly talks to all the new girls and finds out they're all virgins who've only been with women or girls and they love being permanent slaves. They know they're here to be exchanged for other slaves and wonder which woman will be their new owner. It's clear they think John is a senior slave there to control the merchandise. Smiling, John calls Brooke over and asks her to talk to the girls as it's clear six of them will be leaving with them as his permanent slaves. Her eyes go very wide and she goes to the girls to learn more about them as Barbara goes to talk to the women looking the men over.

One of the women says, "Mistress Barbara, I've brought four newly trained slaves, I'll exchange any three for these three men. Choose the ones you want and have your man prepare them for today's fun."

The other says, "Mistress Barbara, I've done the same and choose these three men. Please have your man prepare the chamber for fun."

Elise knows Barbara organised today's sale but is sure that whatever capacity John is here in it's not as a slave. She turns to see Brooke talking to the girls and a smirk on John's face. She glances at Barbara and sees her giving John a worried look. She's no slouch and is sure she knows exactly how things are run here. Turning to face John, she says, "Master John. These are the three slaves I'd like to take. However I'm concerned about this tall blond as I know him well and how much trouble he can make. I wish reassurances he's well trained."

John holds up his hand, "Mistress Gabriela, please take control of these slave leads for me." Smiling, she waves her slaves back and stands. Walking over she takes the leads out of his hand as she bows.

John walks to the city civil servant, "The slave has been domesticated and is ready to train in the sexual arts to the his new owner's preferences, as are all the men. They're all obedient." He turns to them, "Aren't you?" They smile and nod. "Alice, assume the ready position." She drops to her knees and sits with her body up and head bowed while grasping her ankles with the hands, forming an 'A' shape. "That, slaves, is the ready position. Assume it." The men copy her pose. John grabs a bunch of dick clamps from a table and holds them out, "Alice, prepare them for a full inspection." Grinning, Alice stands and takes the clamps from him. She kneels beside the men and goes from man to man as she plays with his dick and gets it stiff before placing a clamp on the dick. Soon all nine have clamped erections. John goes to a stiff 3M and goes to the blond. He places his dick against the man's mouth. He realises what's wanted and opens his mouth as he starts to suck on the dick. John slowly moves down the line and has them take a turn sucking his dick. "Alice, test the quality of their rim jobs." With a huge smile she stands in front of the first man with her back to him. As she bends over she reaches around to spread her arse cheeks wide and presents her rosebud for him to lick. He does so. She lets him take several licks before moving to the next man for a repeat licking. John turns and looks at Elise. The other two women are staring at John as they can't fathom him being in charge.

Elise smiles and says, "Will they be as obedient for me?"

John smiles, "Yes, once I've instructed them you have authority over them. You may then give them similar instructions and place others in authority over them. As has happened here when Barbara set Alice in authority over the other slaves she has acquired from me."

Terri arrives leading JT, Jim, and Thumper. She quickly hands their leads to Alice and drops to her knees in front of John to take his cock in her mouth as she sucks on it. Alice says, "I'm sorry Master John, I should have told you. Slave Terri knows the chain of authority here and is under standing orders to give oral pleasure to the senior Master or Mistress present when she enters the room. She's to do this the moment she enters the room unless the Master or Mistress instructs her otherwise. I also know slave Terri is a bit fixated on the Great Master's dick and looks forward to your visits." The other two women both gasp at this. John smiles and waves Terri to her feet.

When she stands he grabs her around the waist and lifts her up, saying, "Splits." She spreads her legs as wide as possible and reaches down with a hand to guide his stiff dick into her waiting pussy as he lowers her down on to his dick. "Legs around waist and arms around neck." Smiling, she wraps her legs around his waist as her arms go around his neck and she leans against him. Sliding his arms under her arse cheeks he starts to quickly lift her up and down on his dick but only about two thirds of its length. After a few strokes she starts her first orgasm. As she moans her way through her orgasms he turns to the women, "Are you all happy the slaves on sale are obedient and will obey you?" They nod. "Good. As they're not yet fully trained in sexual matters you can train them to your personal preferences. Because of this I'll give you a slight discount. I'll select only two of your offered slaves provided you agree to stay for the session under the normal session rules." Elise grins as the other two women nod.

Barbara smiles and says, "Oh good. Now I get to have one of my oldest fantasies carried out." She turns to the two women, "The usual rules for this dungeon are Master John is in command of everyone, even mistresses. You have to do everything he tells you and he fucks every female in the dungeon before he leaves. Now I get to watch you two being ordered about and fucked." As the women gasp she turns to John, "These are two of the biggest dykes in history. To the best of anyone's knowledge neither has felt a dick inside them. They both like having male slaves to watch them fuck others, usually other male slaves, and to enjoy giving them light whippings and good spankings. Nothing heavier than what you've seen here. You'll be their first known real fucks." John can see the women are considering trying to overpower him physically but they both watch how effortlessly he's quickly fucking Terri while standing and walking around.

By now Terri has come so much she's hardly moaning. John lifts her almost off his dick and drops her the full length so his dick head enters her womb as he changes to a 3MP. As he shoots his seed into her womb her head lifts and she says, "Oh yes. I love it when your dick goes through my cervix into my womb and fills me with sperm." He gives her another load and she comes again. As she collapses onto his chest he lifts her off his dick while reverting to a normal 3M. Walking over to the couch he lays her down on it and raises her legs up onto the arm as he slips a cushion under her hips.

He walks over to the two women, "Lie on the table and prepare for your first fuck." One looks at the other and quickly swings her fist at him. He reaches up and grabs it with his left hand as his right hand reaches down to her pussy. Grabbing her clit between his thumb and forefinger, "Any more trouble and you'll stay here as a sub-slave to Barbara's junior male slaves."

The woman stares into his eyes for a moment then gulps and lowers her eyes as she says, "Sorry master." He lets her go and she climbs onto the table. Once up she spreads her legs and presents herself for him to fuck. He glances at the other woman and she does the same. "Use your hands to amuse yourselves while I finish the other business. Elise, the next table is yours." She smiles as she climbs up and presents herself.

John turns and walks to where Gabriela is holding the leads. Brooke is standing behind all the girls as she reaches out and touches May on the head. John reaches forward and releases the lead as he says, "May, you're now permanently my slave. Do you accept this change of ownership?" She gulps as she nods, it's clear she never expected to be made a permanent slave. Turning to the others, he says, "As I release your collars from the clips I'm nominating you as my new permanent slaves. If you accept this change of ownership you'll say your name and step over to stand beside Alice."

As he undoes the next lead May walks over to beside Alice and the girl says, "I'm Nora master," and goes to stand beside Alice. Brooke moves along and touches four more girls on the head. They all go through the same routine and John learns their names are Iris, Isobelle, Nadia, and Marcia.


Let the Games Begin

Making a general statement, he says, "For tonight's games I'm making my new slaves the personal slaves of Brooke. None may touch them without the approval of Brooke or myself." Turning to the remaining girls, he says, "Daisy, go eat Elise to five orgasms." Touching two of the others that Brooke indicates, "Go eat your mistresses to five orgasms." They go to do as directed.

While they do that John goes to the male slaves as he takes the chosen men to their new mistresses and appoints the women in authority over the men. They all nod their acceptance of their new mistresses. The girls have all done their assigned tasks and all three mistresses are wet and ready. John assigns one of each group of men to eat pussy under the directions of the girl who just finishing eating pussy and the other two to suck tits. All three mistresses are soon writhing under the pleasure attack. He instructs the men to continue eating pussy until their instructor is happy with their performance and then they're to change positions until all three are properly trained.

Leaving them for the moment, he says, "The remaining mistresses and master may set up their personal slaves as they wish." The ladies start taking the slaves and organising them into devices as John takes the hand leads of the three visiting slaves not yet active. He notices Brooke has her eight slaves in a nice daisy chain with her. John has Vanessa lie on a table and one of the girls lies on her in a sixty-nine.

The other girl stands beside the table and plays with their breasts as John feels her up. When she's nice and wet John stands behind her and slowly feeds his stiff dick into her wet cunt. She moans and comes before he's all the way in. As he starts to slow fuck her, she says, "Damn, I never knew it could be this good. All my friends at school spoke of how much it hurt and I kept away from the boys."

John says, "It can hurt the first time if the boy doesn't know what to do and he just punches through your hymen too fast." After several minutes of orgasms she starts to collapse so he picks her up and takes her to the couch. When he lays her down beside Terri she starts caressing the girl's body and they kiss. Returning to the table he slowly slides his dick into the other new girl. She'd seen and heard what happened with the other girl and knows to expect this but she didn't expect it to be so good for her as she starts to come while he plays with her clit as he slides in. Several minutes and many orgasms later he lifts her tired body off Vanessa and moves her to the second couch. He returns to slide into Vanessa and thinks, 'dickman slom 2M, 4M, 10R, 480S.' She immediately starts to come and screams, "Oh, yes. Fuck my brains out again." When the program runs out she's a limp rag on the end of his dick and has a huge smile. He picks her up and takes her to the second couch. Looking around the room he sees Bob has Belinda bent over the device Carmen loves and is fucking her from behind. Gabriela is in the seat being eaten by Belinda while Dallas and Houston suck on Belinda's breasts and Paris is playing with Gabriela's breasts. John walks over and gives Paris, Dallas, and Houston a quick fuck from behind each for a few orgasms each. He orders Bob out of Belinda and gives her a quick fuck. Bob's reluctant to do as told but does. Smiling, John pulls out and tells Gabriela to take over Belinda for a while as he has other duties for Bob.

Going to the tables with the visiting Mistresses John tells Bob to fuck Elise while he mounts the troublesome one. Smiling, they wave the slaves aside and enter them together. They set about fucking them in unison. These women have had numerous orgasms and are very worn out from their pleasures. After bringing his partner to several more orgasms John changes to a 4MP and slides all the way in. The woman's eyes pop open as she feels him enter her cervix and her head pops up as he comes in her womb. He comes again and withdraws. Waving to Bob he moves to the other unidentified dominatrix as Bob takes his place with the first. They fuck them both to a few orgasms before John slides all the way in to come in her womb. He comes again and withdraws as she glares at him. It's clear neither expected to be fucked or to have him come in them let alone so deep inside them. He moves onto Elise as Bob moves onto the other woman. The poor boy can't believe his luck as this is the fourth mature woman he's got to have sex with today. John gives Elise the same auto fuck he gave Vanessa earlier. Withdrawing he picks her up and takes her to the third couch and orders her slaves to gather round and tend her. John also orders the slaves of the other women to gather round and tend them. As they do he takes time to give the two slave girls he hasn't had sex with a good fucking each. He makes sure their mistresses get to watch him do it and see how much they enjoy it. Going to Daisy he enters her from behind and gives her the same auto fuck. Elise comes twice just from watching how Daisy responds to the fucking. He'd brought Bob over to fuck Vanessa while he fucked Daisy.

Withdrawing from Daisy John loudly says, "I think it's time for a little change." They turn and look at him, "Belinda, you're now a mistress with Bob as your personal slave." Gabriela quickly releases her as Belinda calls Bob to her. He gives John a dirty look as he heads over. After some advice from Gabriela Belinda ties him into the device that arches his back over a vaulting horse and has both his dick and mouth ready for use. They soon mount both offerings and instruct him on how to eat pussy. After several minutes they change places. Watching them, John says, "Elise, it was clear May never expected to be on the block today. What's the deal?"

"She's a good switch and knowing you I thought you'd be in control tonight. I'd hoped you'd take her as she's been very out of sorts since you fucked her. The only times she's been happy since then are when you come into the shop. Something about being near you makes her happy. I couldn't think of any other way to get her into your household on a regular basis. I even spoke to Brooke about it. Then late last night Barbara offered me some slaves and I knew from Brooke you'd given her some slaves so I thought you might be involved. I spoke to Brooke this morning and we set you both up. Please keep her and make her happy. It's not so much the sex as being near you." John nods and walks away.

Crossing to the chains where Brooke has half her group hanging while the rest eat pussy, he grabs a stool and sits on it, simply saying, "Brooke." She turns to look at him, "May." She gulps as she walks towards him. He points beside the chair and she stands there. "Bend over." Slowly she lowers herself across his legs as the whole room goes very quiet and still. All those who know John well realise he's mighty pissed about something and are holding their breath as they wait to see what happens. Holding her down with his left arm he raises his right arm and brings it down. Spanking her very hard across both cheeks. It hurts and she screams. He speaks and he punctuates each word with another spank, "I said no more secrets about people and you agreed." After the last spank he lets go of her and she stands. Her arse is fire engine red and appears to be glowing.

She hugs him, "I'm sorry Uncle John but I thought this was the best way."

He shakes his head, "Best for you and Elise but about the worst possible for May. Do you have any idea how much she was hurt by suddenly being put on the block? Now go give her a hug and apologise to her." She does as told.

He follows her over and has Rose and Erin follow him. Taking them to where Bob is he whispers to Belinda and she grins. Gabriela and Belinda dismount as Erin mounts her boyfriend and starts to ride him hard. They'd only got together recently and this is the first time they'd done anything but kiss. As per her instructions she's going hard and has eye contact when she says, "Now Rose." Bob's eyes almost pop as his sister mounts his face and he has to concentrate on eating her pussy while the two girls kiss and fondle each other's breasts. Both girls have several orgasms.

Leaving the girls to their fun John goes over to Barbara and says, "I'm sorry Barbara but something has come up and I'm very angry. I need to go home to cool off before I go overboard."

She nods and says, "We'll pop by later. By the way Agatha and Esmay aren't on the pill, they're both still able to have children, this is very close to their fertile time, and neither knows a thing about contraceptive pills. Also none of us are going to tell them about the morning after pill. So it's a good chance you got them pregnant if you gave them a womb full of sperm. They've both been 'girl only' since they were in their early teens. They gave me hell when I got pregnant. I love my cousins but they can be such bitches. Oh, I met Elise some time back through a dominatrix club and have been helping her along since. I'm glad you know her as she nice people."

He smiles at her and walks around telling people he's leaving they can go or stay as they wish. They all elect to go. They dress and Alice puts on a coat to let them out. They all give her a kiss goodbye before they open the door and leave. Walking back down the street John calls May to him and has her snuggle up as he puts his arm around her. He calls Nora up on his other side as he leads the group home.


At Home

They're back earlier than Gwen expected and she can see there's some trouble between John and Brooke. As they walk in, John says, "Gwen, please have a talk with Brooke." He goes to the lounge room with his new slaves and takes time to explain the house rules as they undress in the lounge room. He says, "I don't know what your relationship was with your previous owners and I don't really care. But to me permanent means exactly that and is for ever. If you have existing activities you do outside this house you'll have to talk to me about them in the next day or so and I'll decide if I'll let you continue them. If they're any you wish to do ask and I'll decide. That includes work. If I don't like it you'll have to give up your jobs. That's all open for discussion right now. I won't make any changes until after I've had time to talk to you and assess the situation for each of you. If you're asked about sex decline any penetration until I say so, otherwise enjoy yourselves. Now go swimming and enjoy yourselves." He leads them to the pool and the five new girls gasp at the crowd of nude people in the pool. The neighbours have arrived and done the cleaning. John dives in and starts to swim laps of the pool, very fast and very determinedly as he rapidly goes up and down the centre of the pool. It's clear to everyone he's not happy, not at all.

Gwen talks to Brooke and gathers the full-time residents together as they discuss the matter as a group. The general consensus is she messed up big time. The main point being not keeping her promise to tell him everything that affects him or the house or people. It's hard for her as she's used to just going ahead and doing things on the quiet.

A little later John is swimming down the pool when he bumps into Rissa and Stacey standing in his way near the shallow end of the pool. He stands up and Rissa says, "Uncle John, have you cooled off enough yet to end Brooke's punishment or do we all have to suffer through much more of her suffering."

He's about to speak when Hilda walks over through the water and points at him, "You, with me, upstairs, now. The rest of you stay away." She turns and heads towards the steps. He moves after her as he wonders what she's doing here today. Her schedule calls for three hours counselling Monday to Friday. As they pass through the lounge room they meet Gwen and Hilda says, "Clear the top floor and keep everyone off it until I say otherwise while I sort him out." Gwen quickly precedes them upstairs and chases everyone out of the rooms and down stairs. She then sits down in the middle of the stairs and denies anyone access.

In John's room Hilda makes sure the windows and door are shut, and the cameras are off. She sits John down, "OK mister, you're very angry and upset the girl you love more than your own life has let you down by breaking a promise to you. Now get over it or make it easy for us by going down there and killing her. Put her out of her misery as she's all torn up about this." He gulps, starts to speak, gulps again, and just sits there. She sits beside him and hugs him to her as he cries. "I know it's been hard raising a girl on your own, especially when you had to start in your teens and had no parents to help or teach you. It's a wonder you've done so well. We all know you're trying hard to make everything right for everyone but you have to accept she's been helping behind the scenes for many years and is still learning she doesn't have to do things behind the scenes now. Despite what your designers say about your body, your heart and mind are human as are Brooke's. That means you both have made mistakes and will make more. You both have to learn about letting each other know of your mistakes and getting over them, something neither of you has had to do before." He sits there and nods. After a few more minutes she stands up and has him move up the bed to lie down. Leaving him on the bed she goes to the stairs to find a large crowd gathered at the bottom. She says, "Brooke, come here you silly girl."

Brooke walks up the stairs and Hilda leads her off to the other end of the house. Entering room five, she says, "You screwed the pooch big time, didn't you?" Brooke nods. "Know what it is you did wrong?"

She says, "I kept something secret when I shouldn't have."

Hilda shakes her head no and says, "Wrong, girlie. That's what you see as the problem but look at it from his perspective for a moment and then think about why that's tearing him apart right now." Brooke stares at her for a few minutes as she thinks and shakes her head, indicating she doesn't understand. Sighing, Hilda says, "He has a big problem because he lost control when he found out his perfect little girl, his perfect love, has a flaw and isn't perfect but only human. Worse than that he knows he lost control and hurt you. The physical pain he caused you is almost as much as the emotional pain your betrayal caused him. And to a man like that breaking your word is a major betrayal. It hurts worse as the rest of them don't see it the way he does and think he's being too hard on you. All that is tearing him apart. Now go to him and just hug him. Don't apologise, don't speak, just hug him. Right now he needs to be loved for himself and only himself. Name a few others that'll do that but leave out those he knows will do that because he programmed them."

Brooke nods, "Wendy, May, Nora, Beth, Vera, and Karen are all I can think of immediately. I'm sure there are others but some like Dallas and Houston he may see as programmed and I'm sure he'll see Paris as such."

Hilda stands, "He's in his room, go to him and just hug him, let him know you love him without any words or sex." Brooke runs down the hall as Hilda walks to the stairs, "I want Wendy, May, Nora, Beth, Vera, and Karen. The rest of you stay downstairs and away from those up here until I say so." The named people slowly walk up the stairs as they wonder why they've been selected while the rest go to the pool. She leads them to room five and sits them on the bed as she says, "John's in the biggest emotional crisis of his life and the biggest he's ever likely to have. He hates himself because he lost control and hurt someone he loves but who really hurt him when he found out they were only human and not the perfect person he thought them to be. He needs people to just love him for himself, no words or sex, just hugs, cuddles, and mental thoughts of unconditional love. Brooke seems to think that you all feel that way about John, do you?" They all nod and most are in tears about how he must be hurting. "He's in his room and I've just sent Brooke to him. Go to him and pile up on him and around him. No words, no sex, just bury him with your bodies and your thoughts of unconditional love. Now go." As a group they stand and hurry out of the room.

Hilda walks out and sit besides Gwen, saying, "Damn, I feel like I could tan that silly girl's hide right off myself because of this silly stunt. He's the sanest man alive and she has him at the breaking point due to one stupid little mistake because she hasn't mentally adjusted to their new relationship. I'd have a strong word with her except I don't think she'll listen to me."

Gwen smiles and says, "Don't worry. He almost spanked her arse off and we just about skinned her alive as well when she told us about it. The inner circle knows exactly what happened and why, they all place the fault with her, it's only the outer circle that think he over reacted. But it's about time they both realised the other is only human and liable to make errors." Both women sit there and smile at each other as they both think every storm cloud has a silver lining. A few minutes later they get up and head for the pool as dinner will be late tonight. Gwen stops in the lounge room to call in an order for a delivery Chinese banquet for 100 to be delivered about eight o'clock.


Dinner and Afters

A few hours later dinner arrives on time and is spread out on the pool area tables. Gwen sends Carmen up to get the group in John's room. When she walks in she finds them asleep in one huge pile. She can't make up her mind if it looks more like a pile of puppies or a football pile up on a loose ball. As she shakes them awake to send them down for dinner she notices they all have red eyes and dried tears on their faces so she sends them to have a wash first. Arriving in the pool area to find the Chinese food spread out they all grab plates and start helping themselves. Everyone is a bit tense when John and Brooke walk in but are soon smiling when they get their meals and sit down together at a table with their legs touching as it seems the heavy storm is over. Tensions ease right around the room, not all at once but over the course of the meal. When the meal is finished John gives Brooke a kiss and a cuddle before diving into the pool for a slow swim. He's soon joined by the rest.

About an hour after dinner he goes over to Brooke and says, "I'm taking my new slaves up to bed now, please come up for the night when you have the rest sorted." She turns and smiles at him as she nods yes. His asking nicely shows them all that he's over his anger about the incident. Heading towards the pool steps he calls May, Nora, Iris, Isobelle, Nadia, and Marcia to him. They quickly join him and follow him up to his room.

Once in his bedroom, he senses some of the girls are apprehensive so he leads them through to the en suite without stopping. The five new girls are wondering what's going on when he starts the water running in the bath and May says, "Oh yes please."

He sits in the water with a stiff 3T poking up. John points at May and waves to the water. As the rest watch she smiles as she gets in the bath and sits on his legs with hers around his body. He pulls her to him as she reaches down to open her labia. She's leaning back slightly as their groins meet and the other girls can see his dick now nestles along her pussy slit and is rubbing hard against her clit while she moans. He raises his knees for her to lean against while keeping the groin contact and washing her front. She comes while he washes her breasts, taking a few minutes to do so. During May's orgasm he glances at the others and can see they're getting aroused. He finishes washing her front so he picks her up and turns her around to wash her back. He picks her up again and hugs her close to him as he lowers her down. The girls can't see his dick is sliding into her pussy as he lowers her. He says, "Nora, please sit in the end of the bath and wash May's hair while I wash her legs." She nods and gets in while he lifts May's left leg and washes it. Everyone is watching Nora carefully wash May's hair. When he switches to washing her right leg Nora looks up at the movement and gets a good view of their groins, she gasps and grins. All the girls turn to get a good look at what she's looking at and can see his dick well embedded in May's groin.

A smiling Marcia says, "That explains her moans and lack of interest in external events." They smile. "I didn't see it go in. I bet we all get washed that way." They're still smiling but Iris and Nadia are also gulping a bit too.

When Nora finishes with May's hair he lifts May up and slides her up and down on his dick. She has several orgasms and collapses on to his shoulder. He lifts her up and out of the bath to hold her over the bath mat. He's about to speak when Brooke says, from the doorway, "Isobelle and Nadia, hold her while I dry. Nora, move forward. Marcia, get in to wash hair." The girls do as told and John smiles as Brooke brings a towel over. As they dry and shift May to the bed John repeats the process with Nora. When it comes to the point of lowering her down on to his dick he's very slow and allows her plenty of time to adjust. She's wet and willing as she's already had a few orgasms during the bathing. As their groins meet she comes. The movement of being laid back on his knees for the hair washing causes her to have another orgasm as Marcia washes her hair. Several comes later she's lifted out of the bath and Marcia moves into position while Iris takes her place. Marcia is a repeat of Nora and it's now Iris' turn for a wash.

John senses how turned on and how anxious she is so he makes a change. When he picks her up to slide her up his legs he lifts her a bit more than the others and she doesn't notice until he lowers her down onto his stiff dick. She's expecting to have it held against her clit and it's now sliding into her vagina. Her eyes pop open and she tenses so he stops all movement. John says, "Iris, relax again. That didn't hurt, did it?" She shakes her head no. "The biggest problem you face at the moment is your anxiety. Relax, let me do all the worrying as that's part of a master's job. You've now got enough in you to be classed as a non virgin so you may as well relax and enjoy the ride, literally." With a slow and hesitant grin she nods as she relaxes and he continues to lower her down. Once in place he proceeds with the washing ritual. When he goes to lift her off he sets about fucking her up and down on his dick instead. Several orgasms later he lifts her off and turns her around. When it comes time to wash her hair he pushes her clit up against his dick so she can know what that feels like. Nadia is next but is no longer worried as she saw how well he handled Iris and the others. Soon all his new slaves are well washed exhausted ex virgins and sleeping in his bed. It looks a bit crowded with the six young women in it. He smiles and pulls the covers over them as he takes Brooke's hand and leads her from the room.
Entering room two he finds Carmen and Paris waiting for them. Brooke says, "I kind of hoped you'd want to sleep with us tonight, just a nice comfort cuddle." He nods and climbs up the centre of the bed. Very quickly he's laying there with Carmen on one shoulder, Paris on the other, Brooke on his chest and the covers over them. With a nice breast in each hand he soon goes to sleep and the rest are soon asleep too. Quiet settles down over the whole house as everyone drifts off to sleep. Gibaldi and his people keep a quiet watch on the streets surrounding the building to ensure nothing untoward happens during the night.
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