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Day 24 - Sunday

John wakes at 5.45 am. He gently wakes Carmen and Paris by fondling their breasts. They wake up and kiss his cheeks. The movement causes Brooke to stir. They're soon awake and in the en suite for the morning bathing ritual. This is the last day of the pool party so it's kind of special and kind of sad at the same time.

Today John takes his time with the baths and gives everyone a good auto fuck; not enough to put them right out but enough to have them wobbling about with huge grins as they walk out. All operations stop when they hear James coming near. Erin and Rose walk out to get the papers, both are nude and have their heads down while they talk with Rose in front. James walks up to near the door and is standing there with the papers as they near him. Rose hands him the money as she leans in to kiss him on the cheek. His eyes go wide when he sees it's his sister's best friend. He's starting to come in his pants as the two girls kiss him on each cheek while fondling his dick. Then his eyes almost pop out of his head when the second girl licks his ear and Erin says, "Not a bad hand full little brother." She giggles as the thought of having his sister holding his dick makes him come again. "Not a bad reaction to being kissed by your sister, James. Get a good look now because if I ever again catch you trying to peek at me at home I'll tell mum." Slack jawed he simply nods while he gets a good eyeful of Erin and Rose before they take the papers and return to the house. Everyone is laughing and giggling at his reaction because the girls had told everyone what they intended to do and the response was obvious to all. It's clear poor James isn't all that sure about what to think of the situation but he heads off with a huge smile.

It's a lazy morning of swimming and general playtime by everyone. Just before lunch Gwen has everyone strip the beds and lay out fancy clothes to wear later then they pack their bags ready to go home; few have opened their bags before now. Many need an extra bag to carry the extra clothes and goodies they got during the course of the party. Most have to take home more than double what they brought. Lunch is another new trencher concoction of mixed foods. They're not told what's in it but are enjoying it while trying to work out what it is. As they finish, Melody says, "Now that's a different sort of Taco, very filling and not as crunchy." Everyone laughs as they realise they've just had super sized servings of Taco fillings in a trencher.

After lunch everyone's cleaning up and making the place tidy. The doors are open to give access to the skips while the rubbish is taken out. Gwen had organised for them to be swapped again on Thursday morning so these are fairly empty, but not for long. After the rubbish is taken out it's time for the washing to be bagged and placed in the mini-bus with the seats down. Then it's everyone off to the showers for a rinse before getting dressed with this last lot of dirty towels being placed in a couple of more bags. Once all the dirty linen and towels are ready to go Harry and Belinda take it to a commercial washing centre in the next suburb and leave it with the woman who runs it for her to wash, it's open seven days a week, 7.00 am to 7.00 pm. It doesn't take long to drop it and return. It's nearly 3.30 pm by the time everyone is ready to go and all dressed to the nines in their best clothes. The buses arrive at 3.45 pm to take them to the Fatted Calf for a final dinner starting at 4.25 pm.


Dinner and Evening

The girls are surprised as the restaurant doesn't normally open until about 6.00 pm. When they walk in they get an even bigger surprise as the restaurant is nearly full with their families. There's some surprised expressions on parents as they see how sexy their daughters are in the new clothes they've been given. On command from Brooke the girls quickly spread out to sit with their families while the Smith household sits at a long table together. The table runs the full width of one side with everyone sitting on one side only and Brooke in the middle. All the other tables are set so the occupants can look at the head table, this is the layout they use for wedding receptions.

The main topic of family conversation for the first part of the meal is the new clothes followed by what they learned during the stay which causes some blushes and surprised expressions but mostly a lot of giggling. The meal is unhurried and almost over by the time the restaurant reaches its normal opening time. Brooke stands at the door as all her guests leave with their families, each giving her a big hug and a kiss before leaving. Outside one of the buses is still there to take the Smith household home. The new owner and one of his sons are standing by with the luggage area open so the girls can retrieve their bags as they leave and many parents comment on the way the bags have grown during their stay. As the last pool party guest leaves the tables are quickly readied for the normal evening's business and the Smith table compresses down as they move to take up both sides of the table and the Masters family moves to join them from their table with Erin, Rose, and Bob also joining them. They'd had a table of their own although they had no family there. The Smiths and Masters take another half hour or so having a nice chat and extra drinks after their meal before leaving. As they get ready to go the waitress who John warned about the gunmen on their last visit walks up and says, "Good to see you're better prepared to deal with any more trouble. Is nearly everyone in your party armed now?"

Grinning, John replies, "Just about, all duly licensed and very accurate. We do have a couple of people who can't handle guns at all and they aren't armed but the rest are. We don't want to be caught short again like last time." She smiles and nods in agreement.

This time Gwen pays the bus owner as the bus takes them home.

They alight from the bus just before seven o'clock and Gibaldi walks over to speak to John. The two move aside to talk while the rest go inside. Gibaldi says, "The boss said to let you know he doesn't expect you to have any more trouble from the old Di Georgio network. The word of Mallory's downfall spread quickly and the rest of Di Georgio's people are now either with us, in prison, or dead, except for half a dozen that are on unknown special missions. We've taken over all of his operations we want to and turned the rest in to the police to get them out of the way. Just to be safe while the word gets to the independents the contracts let by Di Georgio's people are now void the Boss wants us to stay on watch for another week."

Nodding, John says, "Thank him for both the information and the quick work. Also let him know if he has people he wants to get out of the way but doesn't want to kill them I have a safe way of getting them out of the way provided they don't have information that can hurt later. I programmed those nine men as sex slaves and sold them to some dominatrices. Just like I did with Big Jim. I can do the same with others but if they have damaging information I can't remove it or stop that coming out later, so be warned about that. Also I'll only treat them if I think they deserve to be treated by me."

Gibaldi smiles, saying, "The Boss loves what you did to Big Jim and Mallory. We sometimes come across scum like that big blond. We don't like having to take them out but we do need to get them out of the way as a sort of public service. What you offer is a perfect solution for us, no body and no trouble. I'm sure we can let you have the odd one now and then as they come up." They shake hands and go their separate ways, John inside and Gibaldi to his car. Inside John takes time to tell them he thinks the main trouble makers are dealt with but they'll maintain caution as time is needed for word to spread to the right ears. They all nod agreement.

The household members and staff set about doing the last tidying up chores for after the party. Including deflating the air mattresses and the beds being made. With twenty-nine people in the household now and twenty-four living in the existing bedrooms don't have enough space. Belinda, Melody, Beth, Harry, and Steve have arranged to live with Mr Stein and rent three of the four spare bedrooms he has.


And Out Again

The next order of business is seeing Erin, Rose, and Bob get home safely as they think some of Mallory's men might still be at the house and out of the communications loop. Using a limousine borrowed from Barbara Harry drives John, Steve, Erin, Rose Little and Bob Little to their home, they found out their name from Belinda. The kids are told to hide in the limousine until Steve or John comes to get them. They pull up outside the address about three streets and ten blocks away. Harry jumps out and opens the door for John as Steve gets out of the passenger seat and stands beside the car like a good security watchdog. John gets out and looks at the house. He can see some people peeking out from behind curtains in three rooms as he walks to the house and rings the doorbell.

A worried couple answer the door and John recognises them from Bob's descriptions as he signals for Steve to start talking. As Steve starts a lengthy conversation about their youngest daughter, Amy, misbehaving and causing trouble in the area John quickly and quietly moves into the house. Darting into the lounge room he finds a man holding Amy by one hand and a knife in the other. Before the man can react John has the knife out of his hand and is holding him by the throat as he thinks, 'Be quiet and sit down, do not move.' He's a bit surprised when the man does exactly that because John is used to having to verbalise the commands. He's glad to know he can operate silently as Liz thought he might be able to; in one of their talks she'd told him his thoughts alone should do the trick and it appears they can. John places a finger on Amy's lips and signs for her to be quiet as he scans the rest of the house with his sensors.

Steve is keeping the conversation going in the doorway as John moves to the kitchen. Quickly opening the door he dashes in and disables the man sitting at the table having a drink while holding a cordless phone to his ear. Taking the phone John can hear a ring tone so he hangs up the phone. Giving this man the same mental orders he moves him into the lounge room and sits him down with the first man, removing both their guns. Moving back into the main hallway John gives Steve the thumbs up as he swiftly moves up the stairs like a flying ghost. Upstairs he can detect four people in two rooms. From Bob's information he guesses his other two sisters, Lisa and Penny, are being watched over by another man each. Penny's door, the closest one, is shut while Lisa's door is slightly open.

He moves to Lisa's door and swings it open as he races in to grab the man watching Lisa. The man is sitting there expecting no trouble as he leers at fifteen year old Lisa sitting on her bed in only panties. Her eyes go wide as John enters the room and knocks him out as. All she sees is a dark blur as he's moving too fast for her to follow. John looks at her and smiles as he puts his finger to his lips for her to keep quiet while he disarms the man. Back to the hall and he stands opposite Penny's door, John uses his infra red sensors to detect a small person on the bed and a larger one standing beside the door. Since Penny is supposed to be only twelve years old he figures she's on the bed. Scanning the wall by the door John selects a spot and punches through the wall to hit the man with a Taser charge in his back. The man gurgles and falls to the floor. John walks in to find a naked Penny tied to the bed. Going over to her he undoes her ties and tells her to get dressed as he takes the man's gun. Picking up the man he carries him into the hall and drops him. After collecting the man from Lisa's room he picks him up again and carries one in each hand by the belt. Taking them down into the lounge room he looks at a stunned Mr and Mrs Little, saying, "Was there only four?" They nod as he drops these two beside the others. Drawing his mobile phone out of his pocket he calls Johnson and asks him to come collect the four men. By now Penny and Lisa have put on gowns and joined them.

John walks over and has a good look at their faces. Taking Penny first he gently turns her face to the side and down to get a view from a particular angle. Nodding he does the same with Lisa. Walking to Steve, he says, "Those two look familiar?" He goes and has a look as their parents watch. Standing in front of them Steve nods. John says, "Get the other three please Sidewinder." Steve nods and goes to the limousine. He walks back with Rose and Bob, Mr and Mrs Little are surprised. John says, "The man who took them and sent these four pissed me off and I've dealt with him." He points at Steve, "This is recently retired police sergeant Steve Katz, he's now one of my personal security team. We're private and not police." He turns to Lisa, Penny, and Amy, "Who else is part of your shop lifting gang?" They stare at him. "I asked you a question. We can do this the easy way and I'll intervene for you with the police or I can give the police your names. You'll be punished either way and it's only a matter of how publicly."

Reluctantly Lisa waves a hand in the air and says, "Maggie and her sister Dannie from next door." John nods at Steve and he goes to get them from the house Lisa is pointing towards.

The parents come in with the two girls and the father says, "John, what are you doing here?"

John looks at him for a moment and says, "I came to clear out the trash," as he points at the four men, "But find I've some other cleaning up to do too." He directs the two new girls to sit beside Lisa, Penny, and Amy. "Who's idea was it to do the shop lifting?" They all start to speak and he says, "Don't bother lying as I've a built in lie detector."

Mr Bradley, the man from next door who knows John because he works at Preston, says, "John is part robot and does have many built in sensors so don't lie Maggie, Dannie." Gulping, the girls admit to being involved in a lot of shop lifting over the last several months and it was Bob's idea. It was selling the goods that put Bob in contact with Mallory's organisation when he made contact with one of his fences.

John looks at the group, saying, "You can choose to be punished by the police or punished by me, choose." Taking a cue from their father Maggie and Dannie choose John, as does Bob. Lisa, Penny, and Amy soon make the same choice. "Right, I'll fix things to have the police charges dropped but you all have to go to the store owners to apologise. And no more stealing." They nod. "Come here and stand in a line." As they do he sits down in a chair and has Bob, the first in line, drops his pants and shorts then bend over his knees for John to spank him hard while saying, "I will not steal." He repeats it twice and has him stand. The girls are embarrassed to be spanked in front of their family and friends. None are able to sit down again right away. Their parents are both upset at this and trying hard not to laugh at their children's behaviour on being spanked so hard. Mr Bradley is just leaving with his daughters as Johnson arrives.

John waves at the men. The men are now tied up and awake. As they're lead out he silently gives them all instructions to tell the truth in answer to all the questions asked. He says, "Johnson, use what you can and pass anything suitable on to Deputy Commissioner Williams and Federal Agent Hedges via the contact numbers I gave you. When you're done give me a call and I'll have these dealt with like the others." A smiling Johnson leaves with his prisoners.

John turns to the Littles, "Have a good evening. Bob, you're banned from my house until a month after you've apologised to all the owners. Rose and Erin, you may visit and have a swim whenever you like. Erin, which is your house?" She points across the road at an angle. "OK, let's get you home." They leave the Littles and walk across the street. It doesn't take long to explain the events about Erin to Mr and Mrs Harris. Mrs Harris is almost hysterical while Mr Harris is just happy to have her back safe and sound.


Home Talks

They're soon back home and John goes inside while Harry and Steve take the limousine back. Once inside he tells everyone what happened and calls a conference for when Steve and Harry return. In the meantime he gets a drink of hot chocolate, taking May with him.

He asks, "May, how do you feel about being a permanent slave to me?"

With a weak smile, she says, "I was very angry when mother attached the lead and put me up for exchange. We'd never spoken of it but there was an understanding she'd never do something like that to me as I was only a part time slave. I was happy when I found out the new owner would be you but I would still have preferred to have been asked before hand. Now I'm happy to be your permanent slave."

He nods, "Elise said that since you were first here you've been unhappy except when I was around. Do you need to be constantly in my presence or will just knowing that you're mine be sufficient for your peace of mind?"

"Knowing that I'm yours and will be back with you tonight is more than enough to keep me happy. Plus you give me a good fucking now and then."

"Good, because I want you to continue with your work and I want you to do a special task for me. But you'll be off work for a few days while we get things sorted." She nods as they leave the room. They meet Harry and Steve as they walk back in from returning the car.

With everyone gathered in the pool area, the best place for a large group, he calls May, Nora, Iris, Isobelle, Marcia, and Nadia forward to formally introduces them the rest. Then says, "I wish to emphasise to everyone the command structure of this asylum. I'm top dog and the big boss. Next is Brooke and Gwen, I'll let them sort out if one is senior to the other or not as I'm too smart to try and tell either that they're below the other. Brooke is in charge of co-ordination activities like bed rosters while Gwen is in charge of the house and transport. Belinda is the head housekeeper while Melody is the head cook just under her. Beth is a general maid and I'll leave the sub command structure there up to Gwen and Belinda to sort out. Everyone will have some chores to do, assigned by Gwen and or Brooke. Those attending school will have their school work and studies as their main work. The other adults will have either external work responsibilities or be involved in household work. Stacey has some external work responsibilities but will fit in where and when she can as she chooses. Carmen, Paris, May, Nora, Iris, Isobelle, Marcia, and Nadia are all slaves with May as the senior slave and the other slaves are to respond to her as they do a mistress. They'll be available to help out when not doing other things as their assigned duties haven't yet been sorted out. The control chain for these slaves is myself, Brooke and Gwen, then May; no one else is to order them to do anything unless approved to do so by that special command structure. The basic household rules apply to everyone in all categories. I won't reiterate those."

He turns to Brooke, "Love, please make sure the slaves know and understand the household rules. And see to it they get fully trained in the lessons of the last two weeks. If they know anything not included see that knowledge is spread about too." With a huge smile about all being back to normal she nods. "Steve is head of security and drivers, and responsible through Gwen, with Harry and Fred as his assisting staff at this point. As things progress we may change some assignments later." He turns to Brooke, "Love, I'd like for some suitable people to be selected and signed up for child care courses. It would be best if some of the slaves without any external activities can be assigned to this but I'll leave that up to you to organise." Again she nods. "OK people, that's all I wanted to say tonight. Tomorrow is back to sort of normal with school so lets get some sleep." Although it was a very short and simple day it was also a very emotional day as the last two weeks have forged a lot of strong bonds and everyone is very sad about it coming to an end. So it's off to bed for straight sleep for most as tomorrow looks to be a long day with many tasks.

John retires to his bed to find Liz and Mary following him. He leads them into the en suite and asks Liz to start the bath while he places his pistol on the shelf at the end of the bath. Liz is bent over putting the plug in when he turns back to her. Smiling, he steps up behind her and grabs her hips as he kicks her feet out sideways. Liz gives out a small yelp as a grinning Mary grabs John's now stiff 4MP dick and aims it towards Liz's pussy. The situation is exciting her and she's just starting to respond to her arousal when his dick is rubbed against her labia and starts to enter her vagina. On John's command Mary lets go of his dick as now it's started to slide in he doesn't need the help and she climbs in the bath to hold up Liz's hips while she sucks on her breasts. John continues to slide into Liz while Mary takes her weight and he slips one hand to Liz's breasts and the other to her clit. Liz moans as the thin head of his dick gently enters her cervix and his groin meets the back of her thighs. He starts to slowly thrust in and out while he plays with her clit to cause her arousal to rise. Within a few minutes she has a number of orgasms. He holds still while fully embedded and shoots his sperm into her with his dick head well into her womb as she comes again. Withdrawing he holds her up with one hand while the other pulls her legs, one at a time, back under her so she can support herself. As she turns the water on she looks over her shoulder and says, "Bastard," with a huge smile plastered on her face.

He has Mary stand at the end of the bath while he climbs in. Once seated he switches to a 6XXP and says, "Mary, take a seat," while waving at this monster dick sticking up. With a smile and a gulp she moves forward and over his dick. Reaching down to spread her labia and aim his dick she slowly lowers herself onto him. Liz stands beside the bath and moans as she plays with herself while she watches her friend slide down onto this giant dick. Mary goes very slow as she's never had anything this wide in her before or anything this long. About a minute later the Penetrator head slides through her cervix without causing any discomfort but the shoulders of the dick are now nudging her cervix and she's not fully seated yet. John switches to a 5.5XXP and she feels him withdraw slightly, smiling, she lowers herself the last bit to be sitting on his legs and enjoys the feel of the dick head slipping through her cervix again. At his signal Liz climbs in behind Mary and they both start to wash her. After a moment John has Mary lean back a bit and rest on Liz as he washes her breasts while Liz plays with her clit and he thinks, 'dickman slom 2.5XXP, 5.5XXP, 10R, 300S.' Mary's eyes pop and she moans loudly while the auto fuck starts to send her into orgasmic orbit as she starts to come with the second repeat. She comes for the whole five minutes and is totally exhausted by the time it finishes and he fills her womb with his seed. Turning to the doorway, John says, "Brooke, do you have a sensor set to tell you when I run water in the bath?"

Grabbing a towel she smiles as she walks over and says, "No, but I should as I'm sure I've missed out on a couple of shows. Liz, can you organise such a sensor for me?"

Liz responds, "Sure, we can set up a little light above his door to go on when the water is running. Do you want a blue light for water or a red light for fun district?"

"Oh, a red light is best if we can organise for a few cameras to start recording at the same time. Then we can have red light to signify filming is in progress." They all laugh at the byplay but John is fairly certain he'll see something set up before long.

He smiles and says, "Why not leave it for now and have them included in the renovations about to happen?" Both Liz and Brooke nod at this idea.

Liz stands up and helps John lift Mary off his dick, he's left it at the 5.5XXP setting so Brooke can see what Mary was riding. As Mary comes free of his dick, Brooke's eyes almost pop and she says, "That's one size I'm NOT going to try." John and Liz laugh as Mary sighs. He lets his dick go limp as he gets out of the bath.

They're soon dried and in bed with Mary in the middle while Liz and John lay their heads on her shoulders and fondle a breast each. Brooke pulls the covers over them and heads to her room as they go to sleep.

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