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Day 25 - Monday

Waking at 6.00 am John wakes his bed mates and they all get up to start the morning baths. Today he settles for a normal wash as everyone has work or school. This is one new routine no one wants to stop. John laughs when he finds Belinda, Melody, and Beth have walked across in their robes to be bathed here and get dressed as they're now living with Mr Stein, as are Steve and Harry. As each person gets bathed and dressed they go down to breakfast.

Life's still crowded at breakfast with the twenty-nine of them around the table. All too soon it's time for people to go to work and school. As per John's instructions May, Iris, Nora, and Marcia call in to their work and apologise as they won't be in today, Isobelle and Nadia aren't employed. Gwen soon puts the slaves to work helping with sorting out the house while Fred drives the mini-bus to take Brooke, Sera, Wendy, Rissa, Mel, Tina, Carly, Dallas, Houston, Paris, and John to school with the stop to pick up Peta, Lorna, Jacqui, and Paula at their house. This is a bit crowded for the bus but no one minds. At the school they go through the morning kiss routine as the expected crowd watches. The line grows when the rest of the soccer team and then the basketball team join the line as do many extras from the pool party. It's almost time for the first bell when John leads the bus group to the administration building. While they wait to speak with Principal Harding, Paris registers the change of contact details for Dallas and Houston, adding John and Gwen to the authorised collection list and John registers Carly. The staff are shaking their heads about the number of people now living at John's house.

In the principal's office, John says, "I know this is going to be an issue and I'm sorry it has to be but they've been a number of attempts to kill or kidnap members of my household. I've taken safety measure but it now comes down to the girls either being watched by armed guards or the girls go armed. I've chosen the second option." He hands over the girls' carry permits for Mr Harding to look at. After glancing at them he takes them out for one of his staff to copy and place on the files. When he returns, John says, "I haven't yet been able to get suitable guns for all the girls but several are already carrying and the rest will be by the end of the week. The girls will hand them over between each other as they needed to ensure each class they're in has one or more armed girl. If they weren't doubled up so much we couldn't have worked this out." Mr Harding nods. He's not happy about having armed students in his school and he knows his teachers won't be either but he also knows it takes a LOT of cause and clout to get carry permits issued to people under eighteen years of age as many of these girls are so the reason for the permits must be valid. John smiles and adds, "Don't worry, they're all almost rated as marksman and have been through all the proper training. In fact all the girls who were at the pool party were fully trained and many just have to apply for their carry licence when they wish to." Harding is a bit surprised about this but knowing John it makes sense to see all near him were protected and able to protect themselves.

Touching Carly's arm, he says, "Carly here is a runaway and has good reason not to return home. I can understand you'd want to get her record from her old school but I'd appreciate it if you could leave it for a while so I can get legal coverage on her staying here. If that means extra testing to evaluate her standing I'm prepared to pay for the cost of the testing. That way you can get casual or relief teachers in to do the tests without disrupting classes." Mr Harding smiles and nods as that would be the best way to handle things for Carly. Soon after that they leave the office with all the girls except Carly heading off to class with late slips in their hands. Mr Harding asks the staff to organise a few relief teachers to attend school for the day to test Carly's level of education. She'll stay in the office until that's ready. He also has one of the staff make a list of all the girls with carry licences and write up a notice to go around all staff informing them the listed girls are armed and it's legal and has approval of the school, all staff are to read and sign the notice. This is a bit of a shock but no big problem. As he walks back into his office his direct line rings. It's the regional director of education informing him of the departmental approval for a long list of girls to be armed while at school. A bit surprising to have this happen so quickly but not that much as it shows someone is pulling strings in high places.

Fred, John, and Paris leave the school and head home. They arrive to find some meetings going on. In the dinning room Gwen is sitting down with Belinda and the builder as they go over the plans on how to control the disruptions during the building. John sits down with them and explains he wants some more changes. The builder groans but smiles on hearing them. The first of the games rooms is to have an extra large doorway into the kitchen and is to become the main dinning room now. The planned extra floor is now to be built at the same time and they have to get with Melody and Belinda to design a new kitchen to their liking. None of these changes affect the works approved or the foundations so they can get started while processing the changes. John laughs when the builder mentions approvals have sped up since a troublesome city bureaucrat suddenly quit; they called him the Aryan Arse Hole as he was a big blond bugger and his desk was like a black hole until he was properly bribed. To John it sure sounds like someone's brand new slave. All the extra work makes the builder happy and he'll have full crews here to get started in the morning. As he stands to leave them to discuss kitchen designs John looks out the window to see the truck here to remove the skips they had for the party. He smiles when he sees they're also dropping off the skips the builder will use for his waste materials and one of the builder's men is there to have them placed exactly where they want them while some others are setting out survey pegs. Good work.

In the lounge room John finds Steve and Harry talking with a fellow about the armoury. John takes a moment to state if it's done while the other building work is going on he can dump his rubbish in with the other stuff. This should result in a quicker job. Steve takes time to mention the gunsmith called and the guns are ready. Also the temporary gun safe Harry ordered last week will be delivered today as well. John nods towards the stairs and walks out. Leaving Harry with the armoury man Steve follows John. In his bedroom, John says, "Doesn't all this fast action seem a bit too fast to you?"

Grinning, Steve replies, "Not really. You forget you've got the feds pulling strings to keep you and Carmen safe. You've got the state police and city council doing the same. And the strings they can't reach are being pulled by Guy Franks. This is the first time where everyone with any political clout are all pulling strings in the same direction. I'm even willing to bet some people have been waiting for the pool party to end to get here and get the ball rolling as they didn't want to disturb the party. While the system is flowing your way roll with it mate." John nods as he now understands why the red tape is evaporating all around him. They go back downstairs.

John lets Gwen know he's taking Fred, Beth, Carmen, Paris, Stacey, Melody, May, Nora, Nadia, Isobelle, Iris, and Marcia for some pistol practice and some shopping and they'll eat lunch out.

Once in the mini-bus John has Fred go to where May, Nora, Nadia, Isobelle, Iris, and Marcia used to live to collect any important personal items they have there. Since four of them used to live with their mistresses there isn't much to collect beyond a few personal heirlooms. Nora and May also limit themselves to similar possessions. Their small bags are easily stuck under their seats.

Next is the gunsmith to collect all the weapons and other items Harry ordered. John also orders more gear - one model 31C, ten model 26Cs, five model 19Cs, twenty fifteen round 9 mm magazines, forty double magazine belt clips, and ten cleaning kits. Then the pistol range. At the range he has Paris, May, Nora, Nadia, Marcia, Iris, Isobelle, and Beth go through the safety course. Beth has passed this but he wants her to do it again to reinforce it. Meanwhile the rest are having pistol practice. Carmen is against using a gun until John takes her aside and says, "Carmen, you must learn how to use a gun well and get a licence. Not only to protect yourself but to protect Brooke and the others. If they get hurt and you're the only one left who can shoot you must be able to use the gun to protect them for me." Finally accepting this is for her master's benefit and not her own she does her practice and passes her assessment for a carry licence, but only after stating her wish not to carry a gun at all. John also has some of the range staff help him check all the new pistols work OK by firing a clip off at various targets. They like the Glocks and love the idea of using a client's gun just to let a few rounds fly as a test fire. Soon the trainees are out and being assessed and all pass with high marks. Followed by a good thirty minutes practice each. Leaving the range they go for lunch at a fast food place.

After lunch they stop at police headquarters, parking downstairs. Because this is secure John has no worries leaving Fred with the guns in the mini-bus. He goes to the department handling the firearms licences checks and lodges applications for his six new slaves and a special for Carmen, this is to allow her to hold and use a firearm in an emergency only. This makes her happy and helps settle down the concerns some of the police have about it. He's surprised when they ask him to wait while they run the checks. He walks out of there with licences for everyone except Carmen as that one has to go up the chain for approval. He expected it to be an issue but didn't expect the fast action on the rest. He smiles as he thanks them for the fast work. He stops in another area to have the shoplifting charges dropped. They promise to do so once the various shop owners are happy and also promise to have the shop owners contact John about it. He thanks them and leaves. Back down to the mini-bus and he hands the licences out, getting a few surprised looks at the speed in getting them. Back home to drop off Beth and Paris with the extra weapons. Fred and John are now armed with two of the Glock model 31Cs each while all the girls have a model 19C and 26C each, everyone also has spare magazines. Then off on the shopping trip.

During all this driving John is taking his time talking to his new slaves and learning more about them as individuals. He learns all but May aren't fully functional on their own as they're all a bit like Stacey and they need someone to direct their lives for them.



John has a great time at Victoria's Secret to outfitting the girls. He takes over one of the private showing rooms and has May assist them in the choice of underwear and outfits for the others. Iris is first and baulks when she's handed a silk bra to put on because she feels it's too good for a slave like her to wear. Sternly, John says, "Iris, you're now MY slave and you'll wear clothing I want to see you in and clothing that reflects my status. Having my slaves wearing cheap clothes makes me look cheap while good clothes shows I'm a good and important master, understand?" Smiling now she nods and enters into the spirit of playing fancy dress up for her master. While she's being outfitted John has a short talk with Elise and gets the name and location of another shop that's in the mall. Once everyone is properly outfitted with several sets of underwear and clothes John has their old outfits placed in a bag to go to the opportunity shop. Elise promises to drop it in and he thanks her as he pays. May's credited with the commission on the sale, a good income for an impromptu day off.

A short walk away John finds the jeweller Elise mentioned. The girls look around as they walk in. A sales assistant approaches John and he asks, "Is Henrik available at the moment?" The girls turn towards him as they've heard of Henrik, he does special jewellery for slaves to wear. Some gulp as they've seen some his body piercing jewellery worn by others. They don't relish the idea of having holes punched in their nipples, labia, or clits to install the BDSM jewellery.

The assistant glances at the girls and nods as she says, "I'll tell him you wish to see to him. Who may I say is calling and who sent you?"

"John Smith and Elise recommended him. I'm sure you recognise her daughter May from her store." He waves at May as he speaks, "You may also contact Barbara Masters for a reference if you feel you need it." She smiles and walks through the curtain. Augmenting his hearing John hears her speak to someone as she rifles through a phone book. A moment later she's talking to Elise and then a call to Barbara before she shows an old man into the store.

He smiles at John and says, "I'm Henrik, how may I help you?"

John respond, "Good afternoon. I'm John Smith and I've recently acquired some slaves. I hear you're the best person to provide some special jewellery I require. I want thirteen not quite choker necklaces in sterling silver and one in a very durable gold. Each will have the wearer's name easily visible in it and discreetly visible will be the statement 'Property of John Smith.' They're to be of the type that can't be removed without destroying them. I'm told you can do this and I'd like to look at some designs, please." The girls turn to look at him. The man smiles and waves John to a closed cabinet. Opening the cabinet the man shows John twenty designs, all lovely, all highly priced, and all just what he wants. He picks out fourteen designs and states a name for each one, when he gets to the one for May, he says, "This is the one that'll be in gold as she'll be my senior slave and in charge of the others. I want the colour of the necklace to be different to show the higher status." The man nods. He waves a hand and the assistant steps forward to measure the girls' necks. Since John said not quite chokers she allows a finger space between the neck and the tape. Pointing at a fifteenth design, he says, "I'd like this one picked out in diamonds and saying 'Brooke.' Nothing about property as this is not for a slave." The man smiles and mentions a price. John hands over his credit card and tells him to bill it all now. As they run the bill up the man asks if John isn't afraid he'll be robbed and he says, "No, if you try to rob me you'll be found or dead. Between my contacts with the police and Guy Franks we'll find you." The man gulps at the quiet seriousness in John's voice. Smiling, he hands back the charge slip for the $60,000 charge for the necklaces. John signs and picks up a business card, "I'll ring through later with the sizes for the other necklaces. You can tell me how long then." The man nods. After leaving the shop, John says, "I like a crook but that man is too much to my liking." The girls giggle. "Not one word about this until they're ready for fitting, right." They nod. "Good, let's do some shopping." In another jewellers John has the staff help with choosing accessory jewellery for the outfits the girls have on. When one of the assistants asks why the extra help, he says, "The girls aren't used to selecting good jewellery or clothes and my sense of fashion is more suited to a hamburger shop than a jewellers." This gets a few laughs along with quality advice. Everyone is happy as they leave with some nice jewellery on each of the girls.

Fred stayed with the mini-bus to have a rest and he almost doesn't recognise them when they return. Next stop is more groceries but not as much as the last few trips. The supervisor is surprised to see John with a different bunch of pretty ladies and says so. Laughing, he says, "I've always liked collecting pretty things but I know nothing about paintings or object d'art so I'm starting a collection of pretty slave girls. Like my collection so far as I think they're a beautiful start?"

She laughs and thinks it's a joke until Nora says, "Master, can we please get some mango ice cream as it's my favourite?" He smiles and sends her for two tubs to add to their trolley while waving the others towards the freezer to select their favourites as well. It doesn't take long to pay and load up.

Back home and they have just enough time to unload before going to pick up the girls from school. With all the extras coming back for a swim it's squishing room only. But no one complains about it.

First thing to happen when everyone is inside is Harry lines them up and issues their weapons, noting the serial numbers as they sign for each gun, holster, and magazine - each has a number etched on the side. The regular visitors are awed but understand it. Carmen is the only household member not being issued with a gun. All the household ladies and Rachel are given a model 26C and a cleaning kit each. John, Harry, Steve, Fred, Gwen, Belinda, Melody, Janice, Mary, Liz, Marcia, Rachel, Brooke, May, Paula, and Lorna are given model 31Cs and cleaning kits. Everyone who has one gun but not two is given a model 19C while Peta and Jacqui get two of them, they'll exchange one of these for a model 26C when the others arrive and Lorna will exchange her model 31C for a model 26C then too. The rest of the ordered guns are spares. Everyone gets a magazine belt clip while John, Steve, Fred, Harry, Liz, Mary, and Janice get two, and everyone has one or two holsters. Those with a model 26C get two spare fifteen round 9 mm magazines while John Steve, Fred, and Harry get two thirty-three round 9 mm magazines each. Those with a model 31C get two spare fifteen round .357 magazines.

The rest of the magazines are put aside for placement in vehicles and the house. All magazines and guns are loaded with the spare ammunition going in the gun safe in John's Room and a box of each in each vehicle as well. Harry looks at them and says, "You're responsible for the guns, magazines, and bullets in your care. Keep them with or near you at all times. By the end of the week we should have an armoury ready with individual storage units where you can place the weapons etc that you don't want to carry with you. For now we only have the gun safe which is in my control and a lot of trouble to get in and out of. So think carefully about what you do and don't want with you and then get back to me to keep it for you. I know you all know how to look after them properly so I won't go down that path. Thank you."

As they head for the pool and a swim nicely attired in only gun belts and guns Rachel starts to laugh. Brooke gives her a hard look and she says, "I was just thinking if we have a nutter trying to shoot up the school they'll get a hell of a shock when the fourteen of us shoot back. Damn, I think our school will be better armed than some police stations are at mid shift." They all laugh. They hadn't discussed it but when they take their gun belts off and put them down they spread them out around the pool area. To simplify identification Harry had each person's name etched into the gun belt with their carry permit number so they can quickly tell which belt belongs to who. The cleaning crew are surprised to see the guns lying around when they come to do the cleaning. They just shrug and get on with the job before having a swim. A little later Erin and Rose turn up for a swim and go bug-eyed at all the guns on display. A few quick questions with long answers and they're not concerned any more.


Pool Games

John rings for Julie to pay him a visit and gets Brooke to follow him with a pen and paper as he takes neck measurements. By the time he's finished getting the measurements from the rest of those he wants in the house Julie has arrived to be measured. Brooke is a bit upset he won't say anything more than it's for a necklace each. She's a bit concerned as the group of people he measured doesn't make any sense to her at all. He rings the information through to Henrik and is told they'll be ready Wednesday afternoon.

The afternoon is spent having a pleasant day in the pool. As it gets towards time for Erin and Rose to leave John swims up behind Erin and fondles her breasts as he whispers in her ear. Smiling, she moves to the edge of the pool and leans against it. With a big grin Brooke nudges those near her and they turn to watch the action.

He switches to a 4MP as he plays with her breasts and nipples. When she's ready he slides into her waiting vagina and starts a slow in out movement with the head of his dick just sliding into her cervix when his groin is against her arse. She slowly builds to an orgasm and moans. When she starts an orgasm he thrusts forward to maximum depth and thinks, 'dickman slom 2MP, 4MP, 10R, 480S.' The sudden change in speed and action during the orgasm causes her to start another before the first is finished followed by another and another as she goes into constant orgasms. By the time he's finished she's almost unconscious and giving a small whimper with her moans as she crests into another orgasm. Her arms have fallen from the side of the pool and John is holding her up with her breasts cupped in his hands.

A smiling Rose had moved to take position beside them when Erin started to come but seeing her current state she starts to move away. As he pulls out from Erin John looks at Rose, saying, "You came over of your own freewill. Make me chase you now and you get an extra three minutes worth. I think that'll be much more than you can handle at the moment." Gulping, she moves back to the pool side. She glances to her right and sees the girls fighting for the next positions so it can't be too bad, she's just not sure about what happened to Erin. John is able to release Erin and move to Rose as Carmen and Gwen have come over to take Erin as he lifts her up out of the pool. They gently dry her and take her to lie on a bed for a while. John moves in behind Rose and finds she's already wet from watching him and Erin. He slides in and starts a slow fuck so Rose enjoys this and can't work out what happened to Erin until she starts her first orgasm and he thinks, 'dickman slom 2MP, 4MP, 10R, 480S.' Her reaction is almost the same as Erin's except Rose starts to whimper a bit earlier.
As he withdraws she moans and softly says, "Oh fuck, I couldn't have taken much more of that. That was way too much pleasure."

Brooke takes delivery as John lifts Rose up. She says, "Don't worry. The good news is after a few encounters you build stamina and are able to enjoy it more. The bad news is as you adjust he lengthens the time of the fucking. So you end up just as stuffed." All but Erin and Rose laugh. John moves down the line giving everyone but his five newest slaves the same auto fuck, he sees May as experienced and fucks her to a collapse. Some with more experience with this are still just viable afterwards but many aren't. Regardless of their condition they all have huge grins on their faces when they start to recover their breath afterwards. He smiles when he finds Mrs Lincoln and Mrs Bellingham in the line up. When he's near the end he wonders what happened to Gwen. Shortly she walks in to tell him she phoned the families of all those present to get approval for the girls to stay for dinner and it's been delayed so they can recover from his attentions. When he gets to Wendy, Rissa, Julie, and Carmen he makes sure to leave a load of sperm in their wombs. On the end of the line is a very confident Vera. As he reaches her she wiggles her arse at him. He's half way through pleasuring her when the the workers arrive home and join the staff on the end of the line. By the time he's finished he's fucked thirty-eight women and girls to varying stages of exhaustion and Harry, Janice, and Sera are escorted into line by their fiancés who get given blow jobs while the ladies wait their turn. His five new slaves are the only ones left out and are glad to be excluded as they know they couldn't take it.

Leaving the rest to recover he leads the five new girls upstairs. They're all gulping at his ability to still be moving when the ladies aren't. They're also wondering about what's in store for them now.

In his bedroom John turns to them, saying, "Don't worry, I'll make sure you're a lot more experienced and able to handle things before I involve in you in such casual encounters. Dinner won't be all that long and tonight we need to expand your education a bit further. In the meantime you need to become aware that I'm not as controlling as your past mistresses may have been. You're allowed to ask me for things or time to yourselves and you're allowed to seek out your own pleasures within the household when not otherwise engaged by those above you in the chain of command. If in any doubt about what you can and can't do speak to Gwen, Brooke, May, or myself. Do you understand?" Slowly they nod but they're not all smiling or happy with what he said. "Have no doubt I'm in control and have the final say but I'm responsible for twenty-nine people who live here and five other people who live at the Masters house. Of them I have fourteen full-time slaves and three part-time slaves. I can't manage every second of every day of you all. So I allow you a bit of freedom and have others with authority to assist me. But make no mistakes I'm in charge and you do as you're told by me. It's just one of my orders is for you to have fun. I get a lot of pleasure out of having people please me but, unlike some, I get pleasure when they please me by having fun with others or doing things they want to do. I enjoy watching my slaves smile and be happy. So I expect you to give me pleasure by you having fun doing other things where I can watch or hear about them. Understand?" They all have knowing smiles now as they've had experience with a mistress enjoying herself by watching slaves pleasure each other. It's not much of a leap to extend that vicarious enjoyment to watching people doing non-sexual things. Thus they can now understand his attitude. "Tonight I'll extend your knowledge of male female sexual interactions and I promise you'll enjoy it as my greatest pleasure comes from watching my partners have orgasms while with me. So I expect you to relax and really let yourselves go so I can enjoy watching you having fun." Bigger smiles all round. He's about to speak again when the doorbell rings.

He looks out the window to see dinner's here. He leads them downstairs and puts on pants to answer the door. Two people from the local pizzeria are there with arms full of pizzas. He takes them and hands them to two of his nude slaves. The delivery team are smiling and wide eyed at his maid service. One goes back to the car for more pizzas while the other hands him the account. John glances at it and sees he only has to sign it as Gwen's organised with them to run an account. It only takes a few minutes to have all twenty-four pizzas taken into the pool area and John hands the delivery team a ten dollar note each as Iris walks off with the last load of pizzas. He soon joins the crowd lying about eating pizzas with some helping recovering people to eat. The dinner conversation is on general subjects and quite interesting.


Evening Fun

After dinner the visitors are taken home by Harry and Steve as the rest dive back into the water for more swimming. Fred is currently 'It' in a game of pool tag when John moves up behind Nora and fondles her breasts. He chose to start on her as she seems the most receptive of the new girls to the idea of being allowed to enjoy herself for his pleasure. She smiles and leans back against him as she enjoys the contact. After a few minutes he moves her to the side of the pool and has her lean back on it. He has her hold onto the edge while he grabs her thighs and backs up while spreading her legs. He soon has her floating at the edge of the pool with her legs apart and his face in her groin as he eats her pussy. She smiles and moans while tightening her grip on the pool edge. Extending his tongue he slides it in her pussy to tickle the top of her love tunnel as it goes in. She'd closed her eyes while relaxing to the pleasure but feeling a tongue so far up her has her opening her eyes again as she wonders how he can do it.

Wendy and Tina are kissing and cuddling in the pool nearby when this starts so they move over to John and Nora and take up posts on either side of Nora as Wendy looks closely at what John's up to. Smiling, she says, "Isn't his tongue deliciously agile and long? It gets right up there, doesn't it?" Nora turns and smiles at her as she nods. Her eyes nearly pop when Wendy adds, "It's a real kinky turn on when he sticks his tongue out to lick his forehead." She loses interest in the conversation as John finds her g-spot and licks it while sucking hard on her clit. She soon screams her way through an intense orgasm and goes limp when he stops and withdraws his tongue. Standing up John moves closer as he pulls her thighs under the water and towards his groin. Going to a 3TP he slowly slides his dick into her ready vagina. She smiles as she feels him enter her. Their groins aren't quite touching as he enters her cervix. He switches to a 2.5TP and slides in until their groins are touching. She smiles and says, "Last time we fucked I thought your dick filled me up but this makes that seem like I was only half full. This is so nice."

John smiles back and says, "This time the head of my dick has entered your cervix and is in your womb." Her face shows her shock at learning this as he starts a slowly thrusting. A few minutes later she has another orgasm and he pulls back to the entrance of her vagina as he changes to a 2.5MP before sliding back in. She'd closed her eyes with her orgasm and opens them again as she can feel his dick widening her vagina as it slides back in.

Moaning, she says, "What have you done. That makes me feel a whole lot more fuller and is stretching my poor cunt."

"Unlike most men I can adjust the length and width of my dick. I just made it wider and am trying out how much of me you can safely take. Just relax and keep coming. The look on your face when you come is so delicious." His other new slaves have gathered around and they gasp at his flexibility and smile at his last sentence. He's soon rapidly thrusting in and out with this wider dick. He decides to leave trying a W setting for later as he fucks her to several more comes. Some minutes later her hands come free of the pool edge as she has a series of intense orgasms on top of each other and is too tired to hold on any more.

Expecting this reaction Tina and Wendy quickly reach under her to make sure her head doesn't slip under the water. John slows down and withdraws as Tina and Wendy move Nora to the edge and help lift her up for Brooke and Gwen to drag her up onto grass to dry her.

John turns to his other new slaves and smiles when he sees they're looking down into the water at his dick as they lick their lips. He gives a little cough and they look at him and smile. He smiles back as Iris moves to the pool edge directly in front of him and starts to float as she grabs the edge of the pool. Until now she's been one of the most reticent of the group, if she's this ready to act then the whole group must be advancing nicely. Her smile widens as he moves her legs apart and lowers his face to her waiting vagina. It takes him nearly two hours to fully pleasure Iris, Isobelle, Nadia, and Marcia. By the time he's finished with all five he's very happy with the fact they accepted their master giving them pleasure and they were all able to give in to their pleasures. As he hands up Marcia to Brooke and Gwen Brooke says it's bedtime and everyone moves to check rosters.

Sometime during last week Gwen had a large notice board placed on the wall between the lounge room doorway and the drink machines. The bed roster is posted there now. Part of the board is a whiteboard with a three column list on it in permanent marker. The left column has the bedroom or bed number and the next two columns have names written in them with an erasable pen. Brooke just wipes the names out and writes up the new order each day. As he walks out of the pool area John smiles on seeing his companions for tonight are Rissa and Carmen. He stops and waits for them to catch up with him before taking their hands and leading them off to the stairs.

At the stairs John waves for the ladies to go first, they smile and start up. Sporting a 4MP John steps up behind Rissa and grabs hold of her. She's on the step in front of him and slightly higher than him as he reaches around to grab the inside of her thighs right at the groin. He lifts her as he pushes her thighs apart and pulls her towards him. She lets out a slight yelp at the sudden grab and Carmen turns to see what's up. Smiling at her predicament Carmen reaches down and aims John's dick at Rissa's damp pussy. As he steps up the stairs John lowers Rissa onto his dick and it slides all the way into her from behind as she reaches up and backwards with her arms to get a hold on his neck so she won't fall forward too far. Once he has her nicely settled he thinks, 'dickman slom 2MP, 4MP, 10R, 300S.' He slowly walks up the stairs while Rissa shakes, moans, and comes during her auto fuck. On reaching his bed he continues to hold her while she orgasms and Carmen turns the covers back. When the program runs out he fills her womb and lowers he to the bed. Smiling she slowly crawls up the bed and gets ready for sleep.

Smiling at Carmen he climbs onto the bed and settles down with a stiff 3MP dick sticking up. Placing his hands behind his head, he says, "Carmen, do as you wish." With a huge smile she climbs onto the bed and settles down onto his dick.

After lifting up and down a few times she reaches behind her and pulls the covers up her back as she lies down on him and says, "Just stay exactly like this until we wake up in the morning." He returns her smile as Rissa giggles and they settle down to sleep with Carmen lying on top of John while still fully impaled on his dick. They're soon asleep.

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I am sorry guys. For those of you who loved the story, I have tried getting in contact with the original author to get the story finished with a proper ending but they have stated that the story is to remain unfinished. For those of you who hated the story.. Well it sucks to be you. Thank you for reading this far and no I wont be finishing the story either. Now shoo! Go read some more awesome porn!

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2013-08-14 01:59:44

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2013-06-21 00:26:09
Love it! Please write more or ask the original writer to write more and post it! I loved ALL of it!

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