Maybe it was just a dream
Mother Nature had smiled down on the Halloween revelers this year. The clouds of the afternoon had vanished, and a bright full moon took their place in the evening sky. The children came and cleaned out the candy bowl he kept near the front door. It was fairly early, but he just couldn’t keep his eyes open.

He wasn’t sure what woke him. Was it the slight wind coming through the open window? Open? He didn’t remember doing that. Through his unfocused eyes he saw her sitting in the chair by the window. The sheer curtains blew over her body and the light from the moon cast an eerie glow over her skin.

“You came,” he said in a sleepy voice.

“Of course,” she murmured. Or did she?

A half smile came to her lips as she stood to cross to him. Her gossamer gown slipped off her ivory shoulders and seemed to float to the floor behind her. Her pale hair looked like silver threads in this light, and her eyes were dark as pitch.

It seemed like it only took seconds for her to float over to him. She reached the foot of the bed, and his blankets seemed to fall to the floor. With cat-like movements she began to crawl up his body. His legs opened and his cock began to twitch.

The mattress never moved under her weight. Her skin felt like silk when she touched his body. Her breath resembled a light breeze as she hovered over his core. The cock that began to twitch now hardened and rose, as if to make room for her. When she lowered her mouth, he bent his knees and raised his hips, offering her complete access.

She started at his dark crinkled hole and licked to just behind his genitalia. Hearing a moan escape his lips, she repeated the act. Over and over, licking along his perineum, she always stopped when she reached his balls.

“Oh please,” he moaned.

On her next pass, she continued up the line that separated his balls, stopping at the base of his cock. She began to cover his gonads with slow, sensual licks. While she draped them in the moisture from her mouth, pre-cum appeared at the tip of his shaft. One lone dropped rolled down the backside of his cock, towards his balls. She must have seen this, because she tore her attention away from his churning sacks to clean the salty residue.

He didn’t expect her to move back to his testes, but she did. She was far from through with them. Licking, and then sucking them into her mouth one at a time, she rolled them around with her tongue before setting them free. Occasionally, there would be a gentle nip, then a tug on his sack. No woman had ever spent this much time just playing with his balls. The anticipation of what was to come caused him to break out in a cold sweat.

All he wanted to do was run his fingers through her hair, but she moved away. He opened his eyes and she was poised, looking like she would pounce on her prey. There was a strange look in her eyes; not fear, but more of a wary look.

“It’s okay,” he said. “No hands, I promise.”

That seemed to calm her and she settled herself back between his legs. Round and round she licked, sucked and tugged. At one point, he could have sworn she rubbed her cheek against his jewels and purred.

He tried to stay calm, but it felt like a battle he would not win. He could feel his cum begin to boil. He fought, not wanting to ruin things and fire off too soon. He dug his nails into the palms of his hands and his entire body tensed. She must have sensed his need to calm, because she backed off and let him rest for just a minute. With his breathing returning to normal, he was able to relax his body. His legs dropped open and he raised his head to look at her.

“What you do to me,” he said in a hoarse whisper.

She didn’t reply, only blinked her eyes at him and glanced down. She looked up briefly and her eyes locked on his. He thought he saw a flame burning deep inside them. He could have sworn she ran her tongue along her lips before opening her mouth and lowering her head. His throbbing cock was completely engulfed in her mouth. When she began to move, he swore he felt his tip hit the back of her throat. Her head moved up and down while her mouth suctioned itself around him. Her sweet lips held him tight and he could just barely feel her teeth rub along his hard rod.

Up and down, he could feel her trying to suck future life out of him. The work she was doing was so intense. The muscles in her mouth were so strong as they held and released and sucked. His breathing became rapid and turned to gasps, which in turn changed to cries of relief. He gripped the mattress and pushed his hips up as high as he could as he felt the first hot spurts fire into her belly. She was relentless, feasting on each bullet his cock shot.

“Ughhhh, ugh, ugh…..” he rose up and screamed. “Damn it!”

Just as she released him, he fell exhausted on the bed, panting in a weakened state. He lay there just feeling his chest go up and down, and the muscles in his legs tremble. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at the vision curled up at the end of his bed. She looked at him through half closed eyes, with the just the hint of a smile on her face.

He turned onto his side to better look at her. She was calm and quiet; a vision in the moonlight.

“You do know that I intend to pleasure you until you can’t take any more, don’t you?” he asked.

She just smiled and rested her chin in her hands, staring at him with a sultry look. He suddenly felt tired beyond belief. He rolled onto his back and succumbed to the sleep that fell upon him.

He knew what woke him this time. Her knees were on either side of his hips while she bent over his chest. Her teeth were pulling at his left nipple, while her fingers pulled on his right. He hissed with pleasure, and his cock stood at attention once again.

She rose up and looked at him, like a starving man looks at food in a fancy restaurant. There was a serious determination in those dark eyes and she flattened her hands against his chest for support. Her hips lifted and he saw her hot, dripping pussy was poised over him, waiting to be impaled by his strength.

“But I want…” he began.

“Shhhh,” she silenced him by lowering herself at that moment.

While he expected heat, there was none. What he felt was his cock being pulled inside her and the contractions of her tight tunnel. She moved with the grace of a dancer. He could see her on him, but she felt weightless. He tried to bring his hands to her hips, to control her movements, but she waved them away. She glared at him and hissed, while increasing her speed.

If you saw her, you would have compared her to a jockey riding to win a race. He cried out as her nails dug into his chest and she started to move faster and faster. The intensity in her look almost frightened him. She threw her head back and it appeared that the wind had caught her hair. When she looked at him again, there was no desire in her eyes. He thought she almost looked maniacal.

It was the oddest feeling of having his cock pounded but not feeling the weight on his body. He imagined comparing it to a milking machine; pulling, squeezing, drawing his juice from deep inside of him.

Once more he felt his balls begin to tense. His legs stiffened and the veins in his neck began to pulse. His cock jerked and he felt heat leave his body and shoot deep inside of her. And again, he felt weak and drained. He closed his eyes in an attempt to compose himself, but sleep overtook him.

He didn’t know why, but he felt a sharpness and then cold. He opened his eyes and tried to move. His limbs were heavy, and although he tried, he couldn’t move them. He felt like he was being taken over by a fog. He struggled to gain control of his labored breathing.

He turned his eyes to see her sitting next to him, licking her fingers. When she felt his eyes on her, she looked at him intently and bent down. Her hair fell against his face and she nuzzled his neck. When she sat up again, he noticed that her lips were now a bright red. Her tongue came out and swept over them, cleaning them, removing the color.

He was confused. He was tired. All he wanted to do was sleep. She bent and nuzzled his neck one last time, and he felt the pulsing there begin to slow. There was a trail of red at the corner of her mouth when she sat up again. While he looked troubled, she looked victorious. The room that was bathed in moonlight began to darken.

No words came out when he mouthed, “What?”

“Don’t worry darling. You were purrfect,” she said. Or did she?
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