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when home for the weekend, sex gets dirtyer and kinkyer than ever,
FRIDAY 22/08/10
After a week working in Devon I arrived home at 6 o’clock to find Shelly (my wife) in the shower, she looked absolutely gorgeous with her long red hair wet and stuck to her back and her large 34DDboobs covered in soap that was running down her body till it passed her freshly shaven pussy and onto her beautiful thighs. I quickly stripped and joined her, after five days without sex we were both a little frisky, as soon as I entered the shower Shelly took hold of my hard cock and started to jerk me off as she stuck her tongue into my mouth. I had to stop her before I shot a week’s worth of cum over her shaven pussy, then turning her so she faced the wall I slipped my cock between her legs and pushed it straight into her wet pussy as I took a good grip of her heavenly tits and tweaked her nipples which wear hard and the size of a baby’s thumbs, after fucking her in this position for a few minutes Shelly told me to pull out as she wanted to taste me, Shelly got to her knees and took my cock into her mouth and started to suck me off like she had gone without for years not 5 days, Shelly is very good at oral and I ended up shooting what felt like gallons of cum in her mouth and over her face,
As soon as the last drop of cum was dripping from the end of my cock Shelly said “seeing as were in the shower, I want you to rinse it all off with your piss” this was a treat to me as Shelly rarely let me urinate over her face, normally I would piss over her tits or ass but I loved pissing in her face especially after covering it with sperm.
My amber piss jetted out of my cock washing most of my cum away instantly, and when she opened her mouth and let some of my piss go in to it I became erect in seconds. When I had finished Shelly got to her feet and spat my own piss into my face and told me she still had not cum, I slipped my cock between her legs and Shelly started to rub her clit along the length of my cock and I reached around her and grabbed me two hands full of her perfect ass, Shelly always comes to a large climax when we do this and it only took a few minutes for her to start to shudder as she climaxed and her juices run over my cock and down my legs, It was enough to start me to cum again and spurted my second load of the night from between her legs and all over the shower wall.
After we cleaned ourselves and the shower up we went into the bedroom and started to get ourselves ready to go out for a meal and a few drinks.
All through the night Shelly kept flashing me her stocking tops and telling me she had forgotten to put her panties on, at one point I just had to find out if she was telling the truth and I slipped my hand up her dress and felt her pussy in all its wetness, she defiantly had no panties on and after slipping my finger in between her pussy lips I brought it out and sucked her juices of my finger. Several times that night I felt her naked pussy and each time it was wet and ready for fucking.
By the time we got home Shelly was very drunk, so drunk in fact that she flaked out on the sofa, after having a hard on for most of the night I felt a little disappointed and decided to lift her dress to reveal her juicy pussy so I could look at it as I jerked off. Unfortunately I did not stop there and within minutes I had my hard erect cock in hand and my face buried in her wet folds licking her to a state of high arousal. She did not wake up and I got carried away and eased the end of my cock between her succulent pussy lips and after a few seconds buried my cock to the hilt inside her.
I was in a sense raping my own wife but I was so turned on I could not stop and I began to fuck in and out of her shaven pussy slowly at first, but picking up speed as I neared my climax, soon I was fucking her as hard as I could and could not believe she did not wake up. I felt the pressure building in the base of my cock and decided if I shot my load in her pussy she would know on waking what I had done so pulling out of her now well fucked pussy I jerked my cock till I sent ribbon after ribbon of cum all over the carpet.
Saturday 23/09/10
After carrying my beloved wife to bed I slept like a baby having just emptied my balls and a belly full of alcohol, I awoke before my wife and looking at her still partially dressed I felt a little guilty at what I had done but also turned on at the memory of my secret fuck. I decided to make her breakfast in bed and was soon climbing the stairs with a tray with fresh orange juice and bacon, egg, sausage, and beans, with toast and even a couple of ash browns. Shelly enjoyed it and afterwards we cuddled up and eventually started to make love, this is when Shelly asked if we had fucked the night before to which I told her I think so but was not sure. Shelly was still wearing her stockings and suspender belt and after removing the suspender belt she used it to tie my hands above my head and to the bed frame then she used her stocking to tie my feet to both corners of the bottom of the bed.
Once Shelly was happy with her first bondage attempt she took hold of my hard cock and started to jerk me off, when I thought I was going to shoot Shelly stopped her hand job on me and left me tied to the bed telling me she needed to pee. I could hear her pissing in the toilet and then the sound of it flushing, but my wife did not return straight away, 5 minutes later she came into the room dressed in a fresh set of red stockings and suspenders and black boots with a very high heels and nothing else, her large breast’s bobbing up and down as she walked towards me.
I expected her to mount me and ride my cock as I lay tied to the bed but Shelly had other ideas. When she was by my side she held my erect cock in her hand and slowly jerked me till I thought I would explode all over the place but before I could she stopped, then after checking I was securely tied she left me with a straining hard on and unable to do anything about it. After about five minutes I started to call her name hoping she would return and Finnish me of or at least untie me so I could jerk myself to orgasm.
Shelly returned but not to untie me, instead she picked up the panties she had worn the night before and pushed them into my mouth then from the bedside cabinet she produced a roll of duct tape and proceeded to tape over my mouth so I could neither speak or push her panties out of my mouth then once again she held my cock only this time she lowered her mouth and started to suck my cock, her mouth felt wonderful as she sucked I could see her cheeks hollow and I was fast approaching the point of no return. Then just as the pressure in my balls was about to hit critical she stopped and pinched the base of my cock stopping me from reaching the orgasm I so needed.
Shelly repeated this several time, bringing me to the brink of Cumming then stopping, I needed to cum so badly. After being absent for over half an hour Shelly appeared through the bedroom door and removed the duct tape and her used panties from my mouth and lifting my head she pushed one of the Viagra tablets we had bought a few weeks back into my mouth then allowed me to drink from a bottle of chilled water, when I had swallowed the little blue tablet and drunk enough she pushed the dirty panties back into my mouth and again taped over my lips, and as if this was not enough she pulled from her clothes draw a black silk scarf and blindfolded me, she then took hold of my cock and instantly got me hard as she jerked me she told me she was going out for a couple of hours but not to worry as her sister Kelly would be here in a minute or two to look after me,
I was I shock, her sister Kelly was Like Shelly, Kelly was about the same build as Shelly but the main difference was Kelly was pregnant being gagged I could not voice my worries about the humiliation of being bound gagged & naked in the bedroom whilst her sister walked round the bed looking at my hard cock, then once again Shelly stopped her jerking of my cock before I could cum and after complimenting me on having a good hard-on she put the headphones to my i-pod in my hears and switched it on, all I could here was the soft music that was playing, but I could feel the vibrations of her footsteps as she left the room and seconds later the front door opening and closing.
After what felt like hours but was probably only about 15 minutes I detected footsteps Cumming up the stairs and into the bed room, it had to be Kelly, I was still naked and my cock was as hard as it had ever been, I didn’t want to be seen by my wife’s sister in this predicament and struggled against my restraint to get free but to no avail, there was giggling that I could here over the music playing in my ears and then I felt Kelly sit next to me on the bed then take hold of my cock and wank me slowly.
I had fantasised about fucking Kelly especially when she got pregnant (a little kinky I have) but this was not how I pictured it and I was so embarrassed about my nakedness but due to the Viagra I was still fully erect and her fingers felt good going up and down the length of my 7” cock,
Kelly stopped jerking me but unlike my wife she did not leave me on the brink, she took me into her mouth and sucked me till I erupted deep in her throat, pumping stream after stream of thick white cum into her welcoming mouth, and she swallowed every last drop of my sperm.
The relief of finally being allowed my orgasm was unbelievable and Kelly swallowing every drop I shot was just an added bonus. But thanks to the Viagra my cock remained stiff and erect. Kelly then straddled me pulling her skirt up and panties to one side she impaled herself on my very stiff dick, she felt amazing all hot and wet and she proceeded to ride my cock bouncing up & down and having orgasm after orgasm on my stiff cock till I could take no more and blasted her insides with the content of my balls, and arching off the bed with the force of my climax. I had cum deep in her pregnant body,
As I lay there in the afterglow of one of the strongest orgasms of my life the only thought going through my mind was what will Shelly think when she finds out I just emptied my balls in her sister. Then the tape over my mouth was pulled away and my wife’s used panties were pulled from my mouth then Kelly leaned forward and kissed me like we were old lovers, next the headphones were removed and at last the blind fold untied and removed and as my eyes became accustomed to the light I realised it was Shelly all the time.
Much as I had fantasised about fucking Kelly I could not have been happier than when i found out it was my darling wife that had taken a belly full of cum from me.
Shelly untied me and we showered together and still having a major hard on from the Viagra I gave her another load of cum after we fucked in the shower for nearly twenty five minutes. My hard on stayed with me for at least another hour and a half.
Sunday 24/09/10
When I awoke on Sunday Shelly was already up and about, as I got out of bed my cock was sore but the memories of the past two days were worth a sore cock, Shelly informed me that she needed to go shopping as we were running out of wine I decide to get my own back on Shelly, so before she returned from her shopping trip, I gathered the items I would need to put my plan into action, one nylon washing line, we always had a spare some in the house, the duct tape she had used on me and the full collection of sex toy’s we had collected over the past few years of our marriage.
Shelly returned around three in the afternoon and I told her to go get a shower as we had friends coming round at five for a meal and a few drinks, she was a little annoyed at the sort notice but like a good girl she stripped and got in the shower for me. When she was nice and clean she stepped out and walked into the bedroom to dry of, I took her towel and began to gently rub her body, drying her as she stud naked before me. Then as she was relaxing and enjoying the attention I pushed her over the bed so she was face down and bent over the side then using the nylon washing line I quickly bound her hands & arms together wrapping the washing line around her and forcing her to stay still, Knowing what Shelly liked I Used plenty of sex lube before I inserted a small butt plug into her anus she was shouting at me to untie her saying we didn’t have time to be playing around if we had friends coming over
I had to laugh at this as it had all been part of my plan to get her clean and naked, ready for my turn to abuse her as she add me the day before. Only where she had kept me at the brink of climaxing for ages then tricked me into thinking I had fucked her sister, I wanted to make Shelly orgasm till she was so wrecked with pleasure she could not stand or do anything.
After I had managed to tie her feet together and carry her into the living room, where it was much warmer in front of the fire. I placed her over the back of the sofa and secured her in position, she was helpless but she kept on telling me to let her go. One of the toy’s I had at hand was a ball-gag which came in very handy to keep her quiet. The next toy I removed from my bag was a large vibrator about 12” long and three inch in diameter. This I placed between her legs and using the duct tape I fixed it so both ends were visible but the middle of the vibe was held tight to her clit and wet pussy lips. By this time Shelly knew what was going to happen next which was me turning the vibrater on and leaving it to buzz away as I played with her erect nipples that must have been a good third of an inch long and fat as a baby’s thumbs. She was struggling at first but soon gave in to the pleasure of her situation. It took about three minutes for her first orgasm to hit her and it was a strong one, her body shuddered from top to toe and her juices flowed down her legs.
I was loving my role as the dominant one and decided it was time to cool her down a little, so I left her hunched over the sofa with the vibrater still running against her pussy and went into the kitchen to obtain some ice cubes from the freezer and returned to my darling wife who by the looks of it she was again in the act of climaxing, I loved the way her arse cheeks wobbled at the power of her climax.
When her orgasm had subsided I removed the butt plug and the duct tape that held the vibrater in place and then inserted six ice cubes into her arse hole and six more into her pussy then I slipped the butt plug back into her ass and taking hold of the vibrater I started to slowly push it into her now cold wet pussy and fuck her with it nice and gently.
Shelly was climaxing again with the shock of the freezing ice and the thrust of the vibrater this one was powerful and her body seamed racked with the bliss that was cursing through her. But this was only her third orgasm and I wanted at least twice that from her before I released her from her bounds.
I needed to force her to climax at least another three times and decided it was time to up my efforts, so I took the last of the toy’s from the bag, it was a large rabbit a vibrating jelly like dildo that was about 9” long and had a clitoral stimulator attached to it that both vibrated and moved in a licking motion back and forth. This would do the trick, standing behind Shelly I removed the vibrater from her well fucked pussy and replaced it with the Rabbit,
At first I just thrust it in and out of her until I could get it buried in her pussy to the hilt then I turned it on and watched her body tense up as the vibrations and the licking effect of the stimulator did there thing and brought her to another very powerful orgasm, her juices and the melted ice were running down her legs like she had pissed herself and my cock was straining at my shorts waiting its turn on this very sexual woman.
Shelly’s latest orgasm surprised me and watched as she went into multiple climaxes, I had achieved my goal or forcing sexual bliss upon her, now it was my turn, I quickly stripped naked and lubed my cock up with baby oil then removed the butt plug from her ass and replaced it with my hard 7” cock, after the butt plug had stretched her ring and the lashings of baby oil on my cock I slipped in her to my balls with ease and after holding myself deep in her shuddering body for a few moments I fucked her as hard and fast as I could till with what was more of a roar than a groan I unloaded stream after stream of cum deep into her bowels and all the time Shelly was racked with multiple orgasm.
After I withdrew and removed the rabbit from her pussy I sat back and watched my cum as it leaked from her arse and run like a river down her legs mixing with her juices, I could not resist getting my phone and taking a picture.
Monday 25/09/10
Back to Devon till next weekend…X

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